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is the only newspaper
in Newport News that
receives the full Asso?
ciated Press report.
VOL. XII. NO. 24
Believed Thai District Attorney Je?
rome Will Begin Address to
the Jury Today.
Two Mere Jurymen Secured Tocay
But a New Panel of 100 Had to Be
Drawn to Work From When Court
Convenes This Morning?Unexpect?
ed Events Likely to Happen.
I uy Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, Jan. 30.?There was
but a single vacant chulr In the
Thaw jury box when court adjourned
today and it is believed that tomor?
row afternoon, at the latest. District
Attorney Jerome will begin bis open?
ing address to a completed jury.
Then the defendant, bis wife, and
all the members of his family which
are able to be in court must listen
to the stor of the roof garden trag?
edy to listen to all its dramatic de?
tail and as simple as the prosecution
can make it. Length and breadth of
the ground the district attorney -W?5
cover lias not been disclosed.
Just bow far back be will de.ve
into the history oT the principals in
the famous case no one but Mr.
Jerome knows. He has not related
the plan of this opening address ta
nuyotiOj.'thojigh \i has boon intimat?
ed aulhorliativeYy Mint' the direct"
evidence of tho prosecution will be
o? the briefest possible character,
dealing only with the incidents iea<?
ing up to the killing and the story
of the tragedy itself as seen by
eye witnesses.
One or two witnesses may be
beard as to the alleged motive for
the crime.
It remains for the defense to open
the way to testimony which has to
do with any details,' of the relations
which existed between Stanford
White and Evelyn Nesblt prior to
the slaying of the architect. Thaw's
attorneys probably will not reply to
Mr. Jerome tomorrow, reserving
their opening until the state nas
finished its case.
New Panel Had to Be Ordered.
Two jurors were added to the trial
panel today, making eleven In all.
In an eTfort to complete the jury,
the attorneys exhausted the second
special pan:'l of talesmen summoned
for the trial. A new panel of 100
?was ordered and will be in court to?
morrow. Tfio twelfth juror will bo
chosen from the new list. Sixty
live talesmen were exhausted today,
breaking all records of the trial.
Tho highest on any previous day
was 50. One juror was secured dur?
ing the morning session and one
near the close of the afternoon ses?
sion of the court.
The New Jurors.
Harry C. llrearly, an advertising
agent, thirty-five years of age, and
married was the first talesman to
qualify today. He took his place as
juror No. 6, the chair made vacant
by the dropping of Harold H. Faire
from the jury yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Brearly told the attorneys for
the defense that he had no prejudice
whatever against a plea of insanity,
and that In judging such a plea he
would bo guided by the principle oi
allowing the defendant the advant?
age of every reasonable doubt. The
afternoon juror. Henry I. Kellnberg
er, a sillc merchant, forty-two years
old und married, said be know very
little about the subject of insanity
and would have to be guided by the
instructions of the court In arriving
at a conclusion on such a idea. lit;
did not think his judgment, would be
unduly swayed by sympathy or emo
Looks Like Defense of Insanity.
The manner In which Thaw's av
torneys continued to dwell upon the
subject of insanity in their examina?
tion Of various- talesmen seemed m
indlcato that a plea of temporary
insanity, which would be a legal de?
fense, will eventually be entered, in
developing t.lie claim that Thaw was
insane at tho t.lnio of the tragedy
the defendant's attorneys may bring
in several details they rind <ho
prisoner believe will Influence sonic
of the men who may have an undo?
11 it?*<l belief in the socalled "unwrit?
ten law."
There is much speculation as to
what course Mr. Jerome will pursue i
If Thaw's counsel begin to develop
these pleas* of temporary iusan|ty.
lie is prepared to combat tltolrallen
lsts. hut ,thero Is a possibility that
he may bring the proceedings to an
abrupt halt nnd apply for tho ap?
pointment of a coriiml8?ion to decide
whether or no; the defendant Is m-|
s.iue at the present time or hol
mav let the matter be fought out in I
opt n court, expert for oxport. r.i
that event the trial will drag out
to a great length.
Mother Not in Court.
Neither (Mts. William Thaw, the
prisoner's nmrher nor his sister, thej
I Countess of Yarmouth, was in court
j today. The day opened stormy after
a heavy snow tall and as- Mrs. Thaw
and the Countess are nursing colds, j
Ibey .decided no! to risk their health
today by being in court during the
dull process of selecting a jury. j
"Tell the newspaper men," Thaw
said to one of his counsel "that
I advised both my mother and my
sisters to stay at home today and ,
take care of themselves.** Mrs. Car*
riegle disobeyed the injunction, how?
ever, and was present. Evelyn Nes
blt Thaw and ? her companion, May
McKenzie, were early in the court,
Artists Can Sketch No More. |
Justice Fitzgerald threw something
of a bombshell Into the camp of thn \
' newspaper artists in the court this
, morning by announcing through the
court officers that no more sketches
should be ninde during the trial.
This came as a complete surprise.
Artists from most of the principal
cities of the east have been in court ,
from day to day and have not been i
restrict*.i hitherto in any way what?
I Evelyn Talks With Husband.
I When Clifford Hartridge, Thaw's
leading counsel, came into court young
! Mrs. Thaw extended her hand and
greeted hini cordially. After a brief
I dial Mr. Hartridge escorted Mrs.
Thaw and her companion into the
prisoners' pen, where there was a
touching scene between the accused
man and his wife. The two were to?
gether for ten minutes or more ex-1
changing confidences and the woman
had not returned to the court room '
when Justice Fitzgerald took his place
on the bench. Mrs. Harry Thaw >
again visited her husband In the
prisoners' pen during the luncheon j
recess, while May McKenzie ate and (
talked with Mrs. Carnegie nnd Ed-'
ward Thaw. Thaw carried a telegram '
in his hand as he entered court arter !
' luncheon and tossetl it on the table i
in front of him us he sat down and ;
; removed his heavy brown plaid Ulster
l *
' coat.
j Corruption Story Not Credited.
I There was a wild story going the
rounds of the Criminal Courts build
' ing today to the effect that there was j
a fund of 5100.nno for use in corrupt-j
ing a juror. It was given no credence1
whatever in any responsible quarter. |
It was also stated that the tales-J
men who are yet to be. examined are
under the surveillance of county do- ]
tectives, hut this could not be veri?
Faire Wants to Know.
The statement of Harold It. Faire,
one of the jurors excused yesterday, j
that he could offer no explanation nsj
to why he was replaced in the juryj
box waa reponted on many sides to-'
.lay and It was rumored that lie might !
demand in court explanations of thej
action taken in his case. For the
first time talesmen called today were
asked specifically if they had been
approached by anyone in connection |
with the case since being summoned.
Heretofore talesmen have been asked
whether or not they had discussed tho|
case with anyone after corning into!
court. None of the talesmen said he I
had been approached in any way. J
Thaw said today that be had good |
hopes that the real business of his!
trial would begin on Thursday, lie!
is anxious for the taking of testi-i
mony to begin and especially anxious
for the testimony of witnesses in his
own behalf. Thaw was especially an?
noyed by the excusing of Harold
Faire, the broker, who had made a
good impression on him. By advice
of his counsel Thaw refrained today
from reading any of the newspaper
articles giving explanations of Fairc's
removal from the jury, and accepted
(Continued on Page Seven).
>HT NEWS, YA., Til
Administration Kot Sure Bot That
it Will Give up the Contract
Plan Entirely.
Says Th.it the Idea of Letting Out
the Contract Was to Assemble a
Large Number of Specialists, But
That the Object Wao Not Attained^
Oliver's Chances Slim.
(P.y Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, l>. C, Ju'li. 30.-~
1: is Kttil |K)Sbll>ls that the udmiuls
trutlon may determine |o d!g the
Panama canal. placing (he work In
l.he bands of Chief Engineer Ste?
vens, instead of having it done under
contract, The flrtnl decision will
depend with the President und Sec
rotary of War and on their opinion
as to whether the administration I?
justified in accoptips the bid to do
it by contract.
it was pointed out today on high
authority that the government has
net promised to accept >lho hid oi
W. J. Oliver, who has been given nn
opportunity to associate himself with
two other contractors to do the w?rh
at bis bid of 0 3-4 per-cent. Till
President and Secretary Taft feel
that the question of contract docs
not belong alone <o Oliver and that
tttt'v may he JnstT.ied in declining tr.
enter into a contract to dig Ute
canal If they fell that the govern?
ment's interests would he subserve.?
by not doing so.
Locb MakeG a Statement.
The following. statement was made
public at the White House tonight
by Secretary Loeb: "Reports in the
papers seem to indicate a belief thai
the canal contract has been condi?
tionally awarded to Mr. Oliver. This
Is tot SO. NO decision has been
made even t'tiat the contract will be
awarded to any of the bidders. Mr,
Oliver's bid was so hopelessly defec?
tive that it could not be even consid?
ered, a?d time was given him to
complete it. in shape that will en
(Continued On Page Bight.)
dr. ?ff is 'ousted
He is no Longer Superlntendarit ol
the Eastern State Hospital.
Attorney General, However, Holds
That Judge Tyler Had No Juris?
diction in the Matter and the
Board Acted Accordmgly.
RICH.MONI), VA., Jan. 30.?Circuit
Judge Tyler has issued a writ pro?
hibiting any further proceedings in
the case of Dr. Poster as superin?
tendent of the Eastern State Hos?
pital for the Insah". The general
board sought to remove him and
the writ carries the case Into conn,
for review.
The asylum board tonight, how?
ever, removed Dr. L. ri. Foster "frewn
the superintendency of the Williams
burg hospital for neglect of Iiis olll
clal duties," the resolution says.
This ac ion was taken after it
had been decided by a vote of 0 to
2 to proceed with the matter In
hand under an opinion from the at?
torney general that Judge Tyler's
court had no Jurisdiction in the mat?
ter pending.
Dr. Foster and bis attorney Col.
J, T. Lawless, withdrew from the
presence of th3 hoard in its deter?
mination to proceed in spite of the
ccurt order
The vote of removal was 7 to 0.
Two members asked to be exeusou
front voting. Two, Messrs'. Turk and
Dlahd had withdrawn front the pro
ceodlngs, and one member was an
? sent.
s|| no Harm Would Come to
?ericai) People if There
Were Two or Three.
All Raw Material Should Be Free
From Duty But All Goods Manu?
factured. Would Have to Be Ex?
ported to Foroio" Countries?Noth?
ing for Local Consumption.
I By Associated Press.!
CONCOHl). N. H.i .Inn. :!".? Sec?
retary Shaw spoke before the B?hm
i 'ti.de hero tonight <m the sub
j p|, ''Koretftii Marl.et for American
1 ?hor." Durio the couroo of jijs ad-,
? i.-s Seerptnry Shaw dovoloped an
Idea of .boh led faotorlos on a large
.i tile. lie .'aid: "Merchandise can
!;i-\v hi' produced from Imported ina
\nf\n\ in bonded factories. It seems
to be sale and wise to carry the
kglc of tills iprovlalon one step
? ..itlier and h.ive bonded or free
,'ortn. ? ?
'Without nitempUpg a lengthy
elaboration of the Idea 1 content my?
self with throwing out the sugges
lion. Suppose Instead of a bonded
factory wo bond a >wcil deflued sec;
tl(fn of. land (ii.itaiuing. if you please
(i 'v<'.al thousand acres. Within fais
guided territory all ' kinds of i.i<:n
rles i onlld be built ' and fn'o 'h.'se
all kinds of nuv material could be
entered without the payment of duty.
This- porl should, ol courso, contain
no dwellings. I would allow lice
eo.il and every el.?men: of manufac?
ture except labor, to be i uteri d tree.
"In oilier words this free port
should b>- a grcnl ccusumer of Am?
erican labor, i in- product of which,
under the mosl encouraging condi?
tions should In. for export and for
export only. If ii whs removed from
the pbrl lor the purpose of domestic
consumption it should pay the same
duty as if imported from abroad.
"I do not ECC wherein (lie Anier.
j can people could be hnrmod by
Isuch a policy and it would result la
furnishing employment lo> those who
Exciting Testimony to be Ottered
at the Dr. Town-send Inquest.
Inspector Schmittberger Says He Has j
Never in AH His Career Run Across
a Man Like the Accused?Brother
Makes Confession.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. Jan. 30.?The exami?
nation of the police on Stnlcn Island
of persons supposed u> have know?
ledge touching on the murder of Dr.
C. w. Townsend early Saturday
morning, was continued throughout
hist night and until three o'clock this
morning. As a result two sisters, a
brother and a brother-in-law of .lohn
Bel), the suspect, who is now under
artest, were under $1,000 bonds to
appear as witnesses. Police Inspec?
tor McLaughlin said today:
"Howard Bell, a brother of John
Bell, broke down and made a full
confession to District Attorney Ken?
ny, in which he told how John had
confessed to him that he had entered
Dr. Townsohd's house and shot him."
"In all my experience." said Inspec?
tor Schmittenberger, "I never hnye
seen a man exactly like this man Bell.
He is a monomaniac, and the subject
uppermost in bis mind is a most
startling one. There is a big sensa?
tion in this, but it will not come out
until the Inquest."
Boiler Explodes; Two Killed.
Olv Associated Press.|
Pennsylvania railroad locomotive boil?
er exploded here today, killing the
engineer and fireman, Injured n
1 "I'lonni nnd demolished the freight
train of 20 stock cars. The train wat
running 3d miles an hour when the
i holler exploded.
;u, 19.0 t;.
? !uh> !<> |j\\ Ii;.".''i'.U our Mag, con.
HUtht; u'li' .products mill' work nl the
American real" ol wages. i
"A'.) in kmc la 111] \Vi>ii|(C ho !;>?4oni-:
cd by siii.li u yuJcl somewhere hit the
North ..Hantle eoaM. A similar 'ppr?
should be" established ..in tho vicin?
ity i>r No-.Tblk mill another on 'tie
Conried Says That It Must be Pro?
duced at Metropolitan or
Not At All.
OU' Associated Prosit.)
NEW' YOIIK. .Ian. .10.-A decision
to discontinue the presentation of the
Slrnusi; opera "Salome" at the Metro
pull tan opera bonne was rendered to?
day at n conference between directors
of the con)puny performing the optit'ui
It lid the representative;, of the Metro
polllau Opern Coin pan y which loaabH
the building. The conference was the
result of a letter sent by thn directors
of the owning coniiiany. protesting
against further presentation or the
Air. t'onrled announced later that
lie had, decided not to give "Salome"
in Hits city at ally theatre.
It lias lieen suggested Mint he might
produce tile opera a' HOnlO other house
than the Metropolitan, but HiIh be
does pot parts to do. No decision bus
been readied us lo the performances
of "Salome" scheduled for otlter j
First Thought That Hutiband Might
Have Done Crime, But Police
Change Their Views.
Tiv Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. 1). C.j Jan. :iu.
William C. Copley, u clerk In the con
Nils office Is held at the Ninth pre j
duet police station, pending an Inyos-,
tigatlon to tli^ dentl) of his wife and ?
child lust nl'Jtht. . Shortly after mid?
night Copley culled on Dr. John K. ,
Horsey. telHng him that his wife bud
iiitemptod to comnt|| suicide.' When;
'the 'pliy.".|cittn' -uv lvfti-i?i ikeOoul'-y. |
residence. I,i i'h Ml'b, Copley and the
three months old itbv were dead.!
both having been shot through tho I
head. II" notified Ihn police and iih j
a result Hi" husband und father vim
lodged In the police Station, lie wn.-t t
subjected to a severe examination ill
tin- station, but Insisted (but bis wife
had killed herself. ConloV mim II I oil
Mint lie said bis wife bud quarreled :
In Ihe eniiv pari of the night, Lieut.!
Peck, of the Cnntrnl police station, j
tonight said that after a thorough In?
vestigation be line concluded Mini
Mrs, Copley shot and killed tho hnby
and then committed suicide.
Senate Inquiry Will Begin Monday
and Arrangements Are Being
Made for It.
fPv Associated Pressi.
WASHINGTON, 1). C, Jan. !IQ.
Sonator Warren, chairman of the
Senate committee < > military affaire j
S nalor Poraker and Secretary of <
War Taft today conferred In regard
to the investigation of the Urowus
vllle affair, which will begin noxi '?
The conference was for the pur?
pose of coming to an agreement bo
Mint the demand for certain wit?
nesses won!.I not. coilfllcot with a
similar demand for the same wit?
nesses nt a court martial of officers
of tho battalion which court will i>c
iu session at the same time. They
went over the list of witnesses with
Colonel ttahsdell, toigeant-atarms of
the Senate and it was dually ar?
ranged 1 hut the witnesses wanted
for the court martial should first
testily rit Brownsville nrid then come
to Washington n.< early as possible.
The Inquiry by the Senate 'iitnlt
tec will begin with the examination
of the enlisted men and hcni-com
missioned officers of tho discharged
negro battalion,
Charleston's, (S. C.) Leading Lawyer
Passes Away While Delivering
An Address Before Women.
(iw Associated Press.)
CHARLESTON, S. C, Jan. 30.?
While delivering an address before
the City F?deration of Women's Clubs
in the St. John hotel, this afternoon.
Major Julian Mitchell, chairman of
the school board and the leading
criminal lawyer of the Charleston
bar, dropped dead from a stroke of
apoplexy. Mr. Mitchell was in Iiis
70th year.
During (lie war between the states
he served the Confederacy of the
Slaff of General II. S. Uipley. He Was
secretary of legation at St, Peters-1
burg uiider Governor Suinuel il.
* t r i- ; ;-: t^f4<t'4^?^
Fair Thursday- and . 1
Friday, ' Incro?slha ?
cloudllncas, followed -
by snow or rain, light S
northeast to cnot winds
Strset Fight Between a Negro and ;
Newsboy Nearly Ends Iii
a Lynching Bee.
Big Squad of Rocerveo Were Called
Out by Riot Call and They Had
to Use Their Night Sticks Freely
on the Men Who Wanted to String
Up the Negro.
(Rv Associated PrcBB.)
I'l ITKIIIJIUI. FA., Jttlli 110.?A'. A.
Jackson, u negro bleeding from
hiany wounds on the head, Is lock?
ed up in Iho' Contra] police station,
following an exciting and almost
successful at tempt to' lynch him to?
night by a crowd of several hundred
porsoun in the heart of the business
district. A number of unknown ne
grr.es who trii d to protect Jackson
were roughly handled by the mob.
Several , women who wore caught
in the rush were taken in their
bcues suffering, from nervous shock.
Th.- nimble stalled when it newsboy
asked the negro to buy n paper.
J,?.i ;>m);i shoved him roughly Into
the Htreot. The boy threw a stone
null struck Jackson on tin- head and
Uie negro choked thu UpV- In a ino
lueiU several men caught the negro
ami beg.m to be.u hfnj, , Some one
p'v4ed ??lynch the negro;'" and linn- ?
ilrl-da iff men i uHtcrt'Sipfm ..budwioiv
fane:., atones, rolled up newspapers
and lists wore the chief weapons
11 Ki d by the mob. Several other
negroes ?htloavorod to protect Jack
son. Immediately (here were cries
oi -l; noli Ilhorn" und "kill the nig
gera," and tin- Infuriated mon caught.
Rovcral of the nogrocs and humped
tlien- heads against t!io stone build
Police Saved Jackson.
Jit ikBOn bleeding and his clothes
almost torn oil. was temporarily
forgotten, and he ran down Fl ft1!)
nvbiiue, Bomobody cried, "the nig?
ger Is emapiag" and several hundred
persons look up the chase.
l)OWil Fifth avenue to Liberty av??
litte, nvn blocks and then down l.:v
erly avenue 10 Fifth street, ? .e
chase continued; Just below Fi Rh
street Ja'Qwnon ran Into the arms of
several policemen. The officers bur
11 .cd Jaek?on Into an alley and at?
tempted to hold In check bho crowd
?I h their niglit sticks. 'Phey were
fast losing ground, however, when
n t ireo of city flremi u from a neurby
engine house came to their aid. The
police nnd IlrCmoii guarded the en
Iranee t.i Iho alloy until the patrol
w'agon loaded with officers rospond
id t i a riot call. The crowd was
scattered by the free u.vc of night
slicks and Jackson was taken to tin."
central station and locked up on a
charge of disorderly conduct.
California Delegation in Congress
Have a Conference With Presi?
dent and Secretary of State.
Cnv Associated Prora.'*
WASHINGTON, D. C. Jan. :J0.?Af
tertwo hours conference at the White
House tonight regarding the Japanese
question on the Pacific, coast the Cal?
ifornia delegates in Congress author?
ized the following statement:
"The California delegation hud a
very full and harmonious discussion
with the President, the Secretary of
State ant) the Secretary of the Navy
en serious questions relating to the
Japanese on the Pacific coast. Thy
character of the discussion leads us
to feel confident that a solution will
lie reached satisfactory to all con?
"The result of the meeting is that
the delegation has tonight telegraph
id to the president uf the San Fran?
cisco hoard of education, and the sup?
erintendent of schools to come to
Washington at once for n conference*
with the President and Secretary of

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