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W Best Years.
Copyrighted, l?07, by E. C. Pnrcctla.
Winifred Lnno and Joslab Dout bad
beou lovers since their A BO days.
For ieventoon years now she bud worn
the ring bo bad sold Ids llrst colt to
buy. Togotbor they had "stood up" Cor
bor brotbor Dick and Eliza at Dick's
lirst wedding, while all the assembled
company commented upou them and
looked forward to another wedding.
Her father's falling health had
brought the first postponement. Then
Dlek came home a Widower and his
delicate baby became "Aunt WIuuIo'b"
charge. Hick's second marriage bad
brought a gleam of hope. But Julia
Itebeccn declined to live on the farm,
and Hick bought a place in another
town, leaving to his sister the caro of
her mother and the farm. Six years
later Mother Lane ami Julia Itebeccn
had both died In the same week, and (
Dick, cheerfully consigning his orphan I
brood to his sister's care, bad taken an
extended trip west.
Through It all Joslab had waited pa?
tiently, declaring always when Wini?
fred offered htm Iii? release Hint there
was but one woman In the world fur
him, and Winifred bad settled down to
Cheerful performance of dally duty,
brightened by the "souio day" that
would yet bo hers.
The patiently awaited day seemed
nonr at band on this dull November
afternooh. lib-hard Lane bad unex?
pectedly appiHircd at his sister's homo
accompanied by bis third wife, und
without any unnecessary delay bad
taken his children to the western town
in which ho was located.
Miss Lane stood on the front veranda
and watched the loaded wagon drive
away. "Dick hasn't had any kind of
luck with wives so far, but I've a no?
tion this will last," she said aloud as
she went slowly indoors.
How still It was! The children's
voices seemed to echo through tho
empty rooms. Winifred's eyes tilled
with scalding tears.
"Yes," she said lit n tone which held
both regret and relief, "they're gono
for good, and I s'pose I'm free at last.
Of course he'll hear," shu continued
presently. "Maybe he'll bo over to?
night. I'd better tidy up."
Miss Lane lit the parlor lamp and.
nfter a little hesitation, pinned on her
best lace collar. "It'll do no barm
even if nobody comes," she argued tu
But the clock Struck 8 and 0, and no
one Cable. "He hasn't heard yet," she
assured herself us she went to bed.
?The vigil van repeated the next even?
ing and the next. Winifred became
"When Dick married his second, Jo
slab was here before tea time," she
reflected. "But I won't begin to worry
until Sunday," she sensibly determin?
ed. "Joslab 'II be at church, and he'll
hear about Hick."
Sunday was ushered In with a driz?
zling rain, but In the afternoon the sun
shone 'bravely. Miss Lane went to
evening service attired In the neat
gray dress and bonnet which bad been
purchased for her brother's second
wedding, twelve years ago. reeling
lonely, she gladly accepted an invita?
tion from the minister's wife to a sent
in the front pew. She could not see
Joslab, but she fell his presence two
pews behind, and his deep voice In the
by tuns sent thrills of pride to her lov?
ing heart.
With pardonable coquetry, she lin?
gered a Utile going out, A casual
glunee through the open door assured
her that he was waiting in the entry
ns of obi. She had nearly reached
htm. In another minute she would
have slipped her hand within bis arm
with the fond assurance of'ownership
When a blond bead, surmounted by n
bright ted turban, came between them,
r.M\ Joslab went down th^ steps with
pretty Nettle Scarles clinging to bis
Miss Lnno walked home through the
starlight alone. Lighting the lamp,
she went directly to a mirror and
gazed long and thoughtfully at tbc re?
flection within, comparing It with the
girlish prottlness of the face beneath
the red turban. The glass refused to
Hatter. The angular form, the care?
worn brow and hollow cheeks, the
lines about the patient mouth, all spoko
of burdens borne and labor accom?
"It Isn't to be wondered at." Wini?
fred said, with a sigh, as she stirred
the low fire and settled down to retro?
spection and consideration.
"My best years have gone and I've
got dull and unlhtcrcs'tln' in all this
Her first thought was one of renun?
ciation. Tho freedom she bad offered
In years gone by she Would freely give
now. Bnt she thought of the future
nnd hesitated. Not on her own behalf!
?self bad been put entirely out of the
question from the first. But us she!
remembered tales of Mrs. Scarles'
housekeeping and the flippant remarks
she bad heard from Nettle's Hps she
felt suddenly Impelled to warfare on
Joslah's behalf.
"Red checks and dimples can't In?
sure n comfortable home." Miss Lane
decided sagely. "If It was any nlco
girl that's been well brought up I
wouldn't hesitate n minute. But nil
Bloomvllle knows that Nettle's reputa?
tion for dressing and flirting far out?
does her skill in housekeeping. I've no
right to shrink from trying to save
Josbtli from a miserable home. Ills
one hope Is in my holdln" him fast to
our engagement, und, talk or no talk.
I'm going to do It.
"I'll spend the winter with CoudIiji
UininU," she decided. "There ain't a
soul in IMuoiuvJllu knows her address.
Dick Kays she don't look within a
dozen years as old as 1 do. and she's a
year older. She always was real tasty.
Maybe I can pick up a few hints from
her. Looks and dresses und general
up-to-dateness makes lots of difference
to a man."
All the next day she tolled steadily
setting her h >uso In order. And Tues?
day morning while waiting for the ex?
pressman she penned a note to her
recreant lover:
Dearest Josiah?T write to Inform you
that l am well and oxpect to inend thin
winter In the city. 1 leave today, bo I
shall not have the pleasure of teeing you
before I tn>. nut you will bo constantly
In my thoughts, and your tins, as always,
will bo my reminder uf our engagement.
Yours until death. WINIPUBD.
"It will show him thnt I'm holdin'
him fast." meditated Miss Lane as the
train SpOtl cityward. "And as 1 didn't
give any nddress, he won't know where
to write, lie Isn't one to go very far
with that Scdrles girl until he breaks
with inc. And he can't break with IUO
until he Quds out where to send a let?
? ? ? * ? ? ?
nidoinvllle was golden with dande?
lions ami white with apple blossoms
when Winifred I.ane came home to her
own. "Not a EOllI knows I've come,"
?die reflected as she unpacked the new
trunk. She sighed suddenly. "Well,
by tomorrow 1 shall know, lie's hail
the winter to consider In, and If he's
.still set upon it I'll k1v<' htm up."
Josiah Dent came up the church steps
with a look of discontent upon hit
comely face. In the mouths that hail
passed since Winifred's disappearance
he had nursed a growing sense of In?
*' 'Tain't fair," he complained, "keep
Ins a fellow on the fence so. Her best
years have been spent for Dick any?
how, ami a woman age's faster'n a
man. if she'd given me her nddress,
IM have settled it mouths ago."
Josiah went up the aisle to his own
pew. Above the high back of the min?
ister's -pew there arose a white sailor
hat. swathed with an airy muslin scarf.?
Beneath It soft waves of curling hair
rippled aeross a brow from which nil
traces of curb had been resolutely
smoothed away,
Josiah. watching with some curiosity
until she turned her bead slightly,
caught the clear profile and noted tins
soft color In her eheck. It was Wini?
fred! All at once there dawned upon
him the truth that immortal youth Is
not at the mercy of added years ami
that better than the passing beauty of
girlhood Is that womanliness which
shall outlast the ages.
'Tin glad I didn't know whore to i
write," thought Josiah, with a sense of
narrow escape and a growing feeling of
Winifred was unaware of Ills pres?
ence until she heard his voice In the
closing hymn. As the last notes ceased
she turned to him, smiling straight up
Into his anxious face.
"Well, Josiah." she said.
And Josiah wondered why bo had hot
known before that raiment, whether It
be the unbecoming gray of past years
or the crisp muslin that Boomed to give
back to him the love of his early years,
was hot worthy of a passing thought,
it was the old Winifred who smiled up
at him out of those clear eyes. Nettle
Sonrles and tlie throng about them
Were alike forgotten. Ho only thought
of the woman before him the only wo?
man In the world for him -and all
nioomvlllo had its answer to a long
winter of speculation and comment ns
he stooped to kiss her in the crowded
church. Winifred Lane's best years
were yet to come.
"The March of tho Men of Harloch."
In military music the march occupies
a prominent position and has been
employed not only to stimulate cour?
age, but also from about tho middle
of the seventeenth Century to Insure
the orderly advance of troops. One ot
the earliest instances of rhythmical
march is the Welsh war strain, "The
March of the Men of Hnrleeh," which
Is supposed lo have originated during
the siege of Flarlccb castle In 1408.
In England the military inarch was
of somewhat later development. Sir
John Hawkins In his "History of Mu?
sic" tells us that Its characteristic waB
dignity and gravity, In which res|.t
It differed greatly from tho French,
which was brisk and alert, and apro?
pos of this subject tho snmo author
quotes a witty reply of an Elizabethan
soldier to the pfoiVcti Marshal Blron's
remark that "the English march, being
beaten by the drum, Is slow, heavy
and sluggish." "That may bo true,"
ho said, "but slow as it is it has
traversed your master's country from
one eutl to tho other." ? Chambers'
Jon ran I. i
The Tragedies of Paris.
Prom 1,000 to l.GtM) bodies are re?
ceived In the morgue In Paris every
year. These represent suicides and
murders and not the deaths that occur
In tho ordinary course of events. And
of these self slaughters nearly half aro
drOWUlugS, which means that every
day at least two persons jump Into the
Seine] two poor wretches who have
failed to find life worth living. In
tho months of October and November
suicides by drowning in Paris are dou?
ble what they are the remainder of tho
year. The prospect of having to Ruf
fer tho hardships of another winter,
begging about In the cold and sleeping
out in the snow, Is too much for many
a fate cursed wanderer. An Interest?
ing fact revealed by the suicide1 statis?
tics of Paris is that women show u do
elded dislike to drowning as a moans
of violent death. Pour times as many
men as women aro flshed out of the
Seine. The records show that asphyx?
iation is the favorite way with tho
weaker sex for ".shuffling otf this mor?
tal coll" wheu It has ceased to be bear?
able. ?raESz iir
Lesson I.?Third Quarter, For
%mt July 7,1907.
Text of tho Losson, Ex. xvi, 1-15.
Memory Vorso. "1?Golden Toxt, John
vi, 51?Commontnry Propared by
Rov. D. M. Stonrns. ,? .i
[Copyright, r.?7, by American Prow Auoclttlon.]
Tho history of Israel In the wilder?
ness ou their way to tho promised land,
while literally (rue, is also typical ?l
the Ufa of Hin believer from tho day of
bis redemption till he enters Into tin;
rest and Joy and fullness which are bis
lu Christ Jesus. This all believers
might do very quickly, but ns a rule
many are slow to cuter In, and some
never do. Rend I Cor. x, 0, It, and
context and Heb. Hi, 12, to Iv, 11, ami
give heed to the {Spirit's testimony
concerning Israel's misconduct and to
UN warnings to us not to tall Into the
sumo sins. In poetry Canaan Is often
taken to represent heaven and .Ionian
death, but this Is not tho teaching of
Scripture, as there are no foes to over?
come nor lighting to be done in heav?
en. The Passover plainly teaches re?
demption by the blood of the Lamb;
the overthrow Of Pharaoh's hosts In
tho Red sea suggests our complete sep?
aration from the world, the world cru>
eilled to us und wo to it (Hal. vl, 11).
while Jordan, with Its muiuorlnl heap
in the bed of the river ami another on
the Caiman side, speaks of death to
self, cruclflcd, burled and risen with j
Christ (Gal. U, 20; Horn, vl, 0-11; Col.
iii, 1-1).
Last week's lesson was all victory
and praise, but the first unpleasant
thing, the waters of Marah, set them
all murmuring. How like them wo
are. See how by a tree the waters
nre made sweet, and consider how tho
lost ax was recovered by n piece of n
tree also (11 Kings vl, 0). The lost re?
stored and the bitter made pleasant by
a tree-what can it mean but Himself,
the tree of lifo of Eden and Revela?
tion, the green tree of Luke xxlll, 31?
Obedience to Him brings health to
body and soul and gives us Hilm in?
stead of .Marah (Kx. XV, 23-27).
How short lived was their peace!
Just a few days farther on their Jour?
ney and again they murmur bcotlUSO
there Is nothing lo eat (xvl, 2). Did
our Lord have this In mind when He
said: "Take, no anxious thought for
your life, what ye shall eat or what yo
shall drink (Matt, vl, 'jr.). "Seek not
ye what ye shall eat or what ye shall
drink. Live not lu careful suspense.
? * * Your Father knoweth that yo
have need of these things" (Luke xli.
20, 30, margin). No doubt, for it was
lie who said to Moses, "I will rain
bread from lieu veil for you" (verse -1).
who afterword said of Himself, "I am
tho Living Bread which came down
from heaven" (John vl, 51).
He gave them llesh also, for in the
evening tho quails en mo up ami cov?
ered the camp, and lu the morning
when the dew was gone the ground
wus covered with mnhhn, which they
gathered, BOIUO more, some less, every
miin according to bis eating (verses
12-18). This bread from heaven with
which lie fed them, so suggestive of
Htinself, the True Bread, had to bo
gathered every day, the portion of a
day In Ills day (verse 1, margin). In
connection with this hist phrase see
11 Kings XXV, 80: Jer. Hi, 31, margin,
and be sure that the same Lord Is n|>
pointing your portion of all things
needful every day, and He would hnvo
you without full gal her your portion
from His Word every day, for "man
doth nut live by bread alone, but by
every word that prococdotli out of the
mouth of tho Lord doth man live"
(bellt, vlll, 3; Matt. Iv, -1). Be would
have us eat His Word with rejoicing
mid esteem It more than our daily
food (Jer. xv, if.; Joli xxiil, 12).
We must also accept nil the events
of life ns His best portion for us and
never murmur, for all our murmurlnga
ure not against people or circum?
stances, but against Hod Himself, and
He hoars every murmur (verses 8-12).
Having food and raiment, let us bo
therewith einteilt. Bo content with
such things ns ye have, for lie hath
said, "I will never leave theo nor for?
sake thee" (I Tim. vi, S; Heb. xiil B).
Tho manna was to bo gathered fresh
every day and not kept over, yet here?
in some disobeyed (verse 20). They
were to keep holy the Sabbath day
nnd on the sixth day gather enough
for two days, being assured tbnt that
would keep, yet herein some trans?
gressed also nnd went out to gather it
on tin- seventh day, but found none
(verses 27-30). A golden pot was to bo
filled and kept for future generations
to see how Hod provided for their fa?
thers. This pot of manna, with Aaron's
rod that budded, was at nun time kept
In the ark (which Moses afterward
made), with the tallies containing tho
Ten Commandments (rieb, lx, -1). It is
not for us to question the commands
of Cod, but meekly receive Ills Word,
hold It fast and cheerfully obey it. Ho
who redeemed us will certainly enro
for us (Rom. vlll, 32), and It Is our part
Joyfully to trust Film. Hidden manna
Is one of the things promised to the
ororcomcr (Rev. it, 17). May we some
day know tho full significance of It!
We may if wo will. Tho manna tasted
like honey (verso 31). Hnvid may
have had this in mind when he wrote
Hint tho Word of Hod wns sweeter than ,
honey or the honeycomb (Ph. xlx, 10).
All Hie dealings of Oed with Israel
were Intended to make them know
Him ns the Lord their Cod, that
through them others might know Him 1
nlso (verso 12; Josh, Iv, ii-l). It is tho
? 8OUI0 .With, ua, rtV.ffrifllM^T: .? ?I
$2.00 ONE WAY. - - $3.50 ROUND TRIP
From Foot of Main St., From Foot of Jackson St.,
Tuesdays Thursdays, Saturdays. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.
Lv. Norfolk . 7:30 a. m.
Lv. Old Point . 8:30 a. m.
Ar. Dnltimoro . 7:30 p. m.
For partlcul:ir:i apply to H ' "^fci'-i
J. N. SMITH, Union Ticket Office, Hotel Chambci lin, Old Point.
-The Steamers
"General Lee" and "Genera/ Putnam*'
"The Steamers That Pass the Warships" and the Quick
Route Between Newport News and the Exposition.
fussing ilw Oreal C. A 0, tioni Plors. Utndlng In Sicht of. Uta
Shipyards In Ilm (Sroutesl Sliipl.ul Min - City in t|io world and at tho
Pino Donch Park Plor, Urn bout|t'k tlroaloai Pleasure Resort, :t
scenic ami Historical ionic, unexcelled, [Visitors' should not inhia It.
Leave Newport Newr. Pier A. Leave Pine Qeach Pier:
0:30 a. in. 11:00 p. in.
7::to a. m. 4;00 p. in.
s:30 a. m. 0:0,0 p. in.
0:!li) a. m. if! 6(1 p. in.
10:30 a. m. 7:00 p. ni.
lltlfi a. m. 8:00 p. in.
12:00 in. 11:00 p. in.
I :00 p. in. 10:|M) p. m.
2:00 p. in- 11:00 p. in.
30 a. m. \ :p0 p. m.
8:30 a. in. li'fOO p. in.
J:30 a- >?>- fl:00 p. m.
10:30 a. in. 7:00 p. in.
tl:1G a. in. 8;0O p. in.
12:00 in. 0:00 p. in.
1:00 p. in. 1<>:uo p. m.
2:0,0 p. m. 11 too p. m.
3:iio p. ni. 11:45 p. 111.
Schedule Subject to ChntHjc Without Notice.
?mamaMunuw^.. . m * Ceiieral Manager.
" $5,000 IN GOLD
To anyone in tho World to compete
with him. Possessing more power
than any four mediums contblnod<
No Card, Trance or Hand Humbug.
Greatest Hindoo Medium
In thu World.
ho can tell you while In a dhlKroyaot
Htatd, all you wish to know without
a word being spoken, ; 1 t
Cotno nil yo broken hearted wives,
all with low spirits and let him lift
the bunion from your aching and jeal?
ous heart. Ho challenges tho world to
compete with hint In causing a Speedy
marfingo with the one you love?; unit?
ing the separated ami luring hack tho
lost one. Traces lost or stolen goods.
Unearths hidden, treasures. Romovcs
evil Influences, ('fosses, Spells, III
Luck, (lives luck and Success In all
you undertake?cures the T?rcacco and
Liquor Habits, allows the captlvo to
he set free.
lie is tho caily ouo that will give a
Written Guarantee to comp??to your
business or refund your inonej. Are
you sick? Do you know what the
trouble is with yon? CO.MK AND CON?
tism, Insomnia, Hysteria and all Dis?
eases Cured.
He will tell you whom you will marry.
Will yon he happy? lie will tell you
who your friends anil enemies are.
Can yon toll'.' Don't lake a leap In
the dark, hut ho advised by this won?
derful man. Greatest Prophet in ex?
He always succeeds when others fall.
This iB the chance of a lifetime?don't
let is pass you.
Hundreds of prominent Newport
News and Peninsula people have been
wonderfully pleased with the work or
Prof, nruce. Call and see him, and
you will he more than pleased.
330 30th Street, near Huntington Ave.
Office Hours: 0 n. m. to '.1:30 p. m.
Sunday: 2:30 l/i /:30 p. m.
N. It.?Our consultation fee Is fJOc.
Settings, $1.00. All letters containing
$1.00 will be answered In full.
Exclusive Days for White People
i Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
OKI/en's Phono 119.
Appointments can he made over phone.
Allst others fail, thf German Trealiaern is (tit cnlv cure,
tfS Prof. 6. F.THEEL, 527 st':
I-MI? lrl|.M?.|-i. "1C? lit ill >, 1.1.- Knir <l?l) ?!(.?.
V JStL J?|irfUII?t In Anirrlr*. ' i :.,?nl.. ? In tu?*n>?
ArTij,'') 1'rl.aK- III..-.. ... ICtn***, e.i.1... ? ???
?k>IL.-?J ?,..,.,|l|??.l l-nlM.n.r,.ll.rr.,w,i.^."'?? Or Milt/,
Iml H>n|iiKi,l,la,iri r, Vlrl.nrrli /, ... . . - i. ? .? . I t> ?
dOrlnpairnl. A Shrunl rM U.. ,,.,l?ViYl ? lll.rn.rn Ul.lHlm,
U~n, Dial... tlnlj U. u.mr- Ir, .1. .a-. In < la in .- ., ?
40 |Mr.' r rr,ti:<-I * il yrnr?*koM.lUI. \ rlrnr. In (I. rnianj-.
' ," 1' '' lt...iL,".. M? ?II. t, ?l.,?,?rj ...??I...I.'.I.O.I??%
? ^* """,f/*-'"fr'u-1''? ^t,ii,S!S?dJ&?t
Effective, Sunday Juno 30.
Hftj^uaii via .. . al/i
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry.
Tivo Fast Daily Trains to Richmond.
..Leave Newport Newa. 7:15 u. m.;
10:00 11. u>.; 12:10 p.m.; 6:30 p. in.;
and 8pin p. in.
Pullmans or Parlor curu on all
ijocnl Irnlns for Richmond have
Newport News 0:15 a. m. dally und
5:40 p. m. daily.
Pullman Sleepers to Louisville, Cin?
cinnati, elm .kii> and St. Louis. Leave
Newport News 12:10 p. m. and 8:45
p. m.
Ohio Central Express for Charles?
ton, Columbus and Toledo with
throucjh Pullman Sleeper to Toledo
Via Gnuley and Ohio Central Linea,
Leave Newport News 7:45 a. m. daily.
Trains arrlvo Newport. News 7:15
a.m., 0:ij; a. m.. 0:35 a, 111., 10:30 a.
in., r.:.'!?> p. in., 0:00 p. in., 7:20 p. m.
Leave Newport Nowa 7:50 a. in.,
0:40 a. in., -,10:36 u. in., 3:50 p. m.
5:::.ri p. m., GiOG p. m.. 8:45 p. in.
Leave Newport News 0:15 a. in..
7:5u a m., 0:40 a. n?., 10:35 a. in..
3:50 p. in. Ii:05 p. in. Leave Pine
Roach pier 7:00 a. in., K-.50 a. ill,
11:20 n. in,, 4:45 p. m., 8:00 p. pi.
Tha best nnd oh$ap?Bt. Bee as
about connecting your building.
Knto, 20c ?er J.00O watts, subject
to our usual terms aud discounts.
Power house and plant, Twenty,
fifth Htreet and Virginia Avenue. Of?
fice, Thirty-first and .Washington
Both 'phones, No. 15. Night 'phono,
No. ?08. Citizens.
The "So Easy" TCyo (Unas In tho
culmination of many years of effort
to produce a mounting which would
be nbBOlut'oly Incohuplcnoils (by the'
elimination of all superfluous metal
ami tin- detail of mechanical com
struction), at tho snmn time posses?
sing rigidity, and security. This has
been accomplished with tho utmout
(h llcaoy.
121 26th STREET, OPP. P.O.
Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
Tho now nnd powerful: iron Palaoa
nl ?ninor?. Now ?ort Nuwb, Wuahlugtua
und Norfolk will Uave dally, a* <ul<
IdWiti i?ui*'ld.j
Leave Pttrtamouth, foot ol
North Btreot . 1:909?
Leave Norfolk, foot of Wa?
ter street . 9:99 pm
LeaVe Old Point Comfort 7:00 pm
Arrive In Washington .... 7:99am
Arrive In Philadelphia,
Penn. It. It.??19:|0aBa*
Arrive lu Phlladolphm, it.
& O. K. R.??11:19bbj
Arrtvo In New York, Penn.
R. B.l:19?m
ArrlTo In New Tork, D. Sc
O. It R.?8:09 pm
Lv. New York, Penn. H. R., 11:09pni
Lv. Now York, 1). & O. It. It. ?Ltiupm
Lv. Philadelphia, Penn. It. It. 2:06 pro
Lv. Phlln., 11. Sc O. R. R....: 2:08 pin
Ar. Washington, Penn. R. It. f.: 10 pin
Ar. vv'ash., R * 0- R- R..??0:00 pin
Vir. Washington .'6:!0pm
Ar. Old Polut euro tort... c ?7:00 a in
Ar. Norfolk . ?8:00am
Ar. Portsmouth ."8:30am
?Pally. ??Dally except Uunday.
The trip down tho historic Pntomao
Ulvor nnd Chosnpvako ihty on the
elegant ateamers of this company la
unsurpuHBod. Tho steamers ure corn*
paratlvoly now, having hoen hullt In
1891, and are flttod up In the most
luxuriant manner, with uleotrla lights,
call bells and steam heat In each
room. The tables are suppllof with
ovary delicacy of tho aeuuun from
tho markets of Washington and Nor
folk. |for tickets, reservation ol
staterooms, and further Information,
apply to D. J. GALLAHAN, Agunt,
Norfolk, ya. . . 'tu
Clyde Steamship Co.
?teamera to Philadelphia t: ?\
8ATU RD AY. < ? fflU)
Pulling from Philadelphia, Tuesday,
Thursday nnd Saturday.
Freight received and delivered dally,
at C. Sc O. Pier No. S. Office, River
Road. JAB. W. MoCARRlCK,
* Gen. Southern AgL
12 South Delaware Avenue, Phlladct
yhla, Pa. ?
HATtlKllA V.
Now Twin Horcw Hlciuiinlili?
Avomaii I'ai 7 l-'J day..
"Aetorla" and "Furnetala."
Vat rnlra nf hhIiiii, ipcolld rnliln or tlitrrbolaiv
iiaal.uo, Hunk nf Tollra anil author Information
apply tu UKNDHItHON lllti i l'll kkh, Now York,
in JAM KM rti:lUM(il?i)l!ll, Nuwpurt Now., V?
Tho Splendid Now Steamers )g
Sil1. , -?from'-. t lJ a &\
Leave Old Point for Pine Benoh: x
0:00 u. m. , jj 4:30 p. m. |
10:30 a. m. ffaf) 0:00 p. m. !
12:00 in. \\f$7:30 p. in. j
1:30 p. m. f| ..' 0:00 p. m. jj
3:00 p. m. 4]
Leave Pino Beach for Old Point: |
9:45 a. m. , 3:45 p. m. j
11:in a. m. \ V ? 5:15 p. m. |
12:45 p. m. . ' 6:4G p. m. |
2:1G p. m. m 8:in p. m. |
' ' j 10:00 p. m. '
Schedulo subject to change without
/ notlco.
Steamship Lines.
U Passenger St Freight, ?WW
II' - "HOT
Newport tyews to Baltimore.
ICr*ry Mon, Tluir?, KrJ, Sat,, mid Hun. 6 p. m
Fare 53.00 One Way, $5.00 Reuntf
Trip, Including Statoroom Berth.
Ktcketa to All Points. ,*D
-? MB
Norfolk to Boston.
Kvery Hun, Tuoi. w. i. ?ml Frl. I p, m.
Norfolk to Providence, . 3|
Kvery,Mon., Tlnir,. mid Hat. tip, m
for tlckotD ami further Information, ?ppl7 to
I). K. MoNKII.I., A
Norfolk Ferry Schedule
Pins Beach Rout*. Steamer Kndsavoa
Leaves Ivy avenuo pier for PIna
Beach or Norfolk *6;46. ??7:M, 9:00,
10:30 a. in, 12 m.; 1:80, 1:09, 4:19.
6:00, 7:80 and 9:00 p. m.
Leavei Norfolk, 7:30, 9:00. 19:89 a.
<n. and ' 12:00 m, 1:80, ?:0?, il:8?\
9:00, 7:80 and 9:04 p. m,
?Daily except Sunday, "?JBunda.j;
Hchedula subject to catnga .without

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