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[T'jnrK'O'? 6UBB ITA ? ?TO A A o A A A A t1
DURING tha past week (ho work
of squelching trio knockers bus
til-oil Kolgu steadily forward mid,
whllo tho Job Is yet far from
complete, tho knocking contingency
lias been made to sit up ami take no?
tice ami tho Monsters Chill Is on Its
feet as a popular movement. of
course the pessimists and hammer
handlers are still in evidence, for
they are too '-set in their ways" to
he cured, silenced or driven out In a
week's time, hut the boosting move
mem is bearing fruit hud Nowpdrt
News Is gaining from It substaiitial
and material benefit,
Tlmi the iioosii r.i' Clnh Is recog?
nized by people who have the Interest
of the city uilc] i.t Ion nt heart Is
proven by Hie list of members pub?
lished this morning. Some persons,
to the credit or the city be It suhl
that they are few and far between,
have stood upon what they Imagined
t<> he their dignity and scoffed nt the
Idea, ilcollnlng to enroll their names
willi the booslers. When such peo?
ple as Mr. Walter A. Post, general
munagor of tin- Newport News Ship?
building and Dry I lock Company,
Mayor Samuel It. Duxton, the rash
ieis of the city's banks, loading Im si
in ami professlolllll men, cit y Olli-j
e is and, in fuel, people prominent|
in all walks of life, have Kindly placed
their names in the Monster honk mill I
given hearty mid cordial promises or)
support tor the movement, It is pe?
culiar, to say the least, that anyone I
In the city should feel himself so im?
portant ami dignified as to be above)
b'livlng his name appear on the list. I
Poll Hah:- nnd Knockers.
Unfortunately there are n few of
these Pooll Halls to be foil II tl III
every community, ami the very fact
that they do OCCIIpy positions of
more or less prominence makes them
dntiiforoiiH to a certain extent. They
should he classed with the knockers,
even though furl her evidence nguilisl
Ihein is lacking, but in nearly all
such Instances It would be easy to
make out a case of chronic kiidckltlR.
lb- who is not a booster must be n
knocker, and as knockers are going
to he in had order around here in the
Inline, it will behoove anybody who
happens to be Bitting on the fence to
climb down on tho booster side as'
quickly as possible.
The manner in which Its bleu ofj
putting the knockers down and out
has in I ii received is gratifying to the
Daily Press. l-'rinn people whose
opinion is Valued by Hie paper, only
tlie must fuvorublo conimonts have
been heard. Several well known clt-i
Izons have taken occasion to address
loiters to the editor, expressing tholr
views on the subject, Among those
wns Mayor Hnxtoil, who Is mid bus
always been In the front rank of
boosters, ami the mayor's letter, with
those of Mr. T. I.. Earrar, secretary
of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr.
A T Moore ami Mr. A. I,. Powell uro
roproducod in these columns today.
Tin- Division of Exploitation of the
Jamestown Exposition has also made
it a point to communicate with tho
Dally Pros?, mentioning the fad that
the booster movement has been
watched' with Interest at the Exposi?
tion, and offorhiK to contribute "t
every possible way to the success of
the effort.
Prime Object of Club.
The prime object of the Monsters''
Club, us set forth In these columns
be t Sunday, is to lie up the tongtlos
of pessimists and grumblers who are
forever, with or without reason, suy
ing unfavorable things about the
Jamestown lOxpositlou, Tidewater
Virginia or Newport News. If this
can he done, and the result of n
week's trial Indicates that the move?
ment can be successful lo a gratify?
ing degree, then the Monsters Club
will have accomplished n Brent anil
real service for the Exposition, city
and section.
That the Exposition and Tidewater
have suffered on account of the
knockers Is only too well known.
Traveling men passing through the
section have been heard to remark
that they had been very favorably
impressed until they heard some of
the local people talking. This Is n
sad commentary upon the civic pride
nnd common sense of Tidewater peo
pie. Such a state of affairs should
not exist, and if the purposes ol the
Cordially Received.
?oTHMinoM?flitss? pTfjmnnnnr<nn v
Boosters' cinii arc carried <mt, there
will he n change.
Co After the Knockcrc.
There are sonic liinllcloiiB knockers,
hui all knockers are not malicious
ami many of llichi will gel Oil the
right side or the fence If the inalter
Is put t.i thoni In the right way.
lOvory uieiuher of the llooslers' Chili
should (|0 something lieshles sign his
or her name ami refrain from knock
lug; there should he a campaign of
offense as well as of defoilBo. When
you hear anyone knocking, ii you
can do so without being Imporllnonl
or otherwise putting yonrselt In a
had position, as thai person "Why?'
'and call his or her attention lo the
fact that knocking does no good ami
may do harm.
.lusi a day or two ago a well known
citizen was using his hammer, vig?
orously against tin' Jn'mcsiown I' v
position, tolling what the manage?
ment hnil and had not done and ex?
plaining why the fair was "a failure,
as he expressed It. Before the con
vcrsal Ion was over, II developed that
the man doing the knocking had hol
paid Hie subscription on his stock in
the KxposltIon company and had been
posted as a doHnipicnt. Sonic people
may have good reasons for not pay?
ing subscriptions on slocks, bill il
Ihey have hucIi reasons and do not
make the payments, it certainly he
hooves them to keep very (pilot upon
the subject of bow the (Exposition
has been managed or mismanaged. |
Everyone Should Sltjn.
In another week the Dally ProHH
expects lo see the membership of the
1'ioosiers' Club more than doubled,
ami In-fore (he month of July has j
passed the name of every man and j
woman who has the Interest of (he |
city a) heart should appear on the
membership list. I; costs only a very
little trouble to join the unique or?
ganization- -all one lias to do Is I?'
sign his or her name to one of the
blanks appearing In Hie Dally Press,
or sign one of the hooks which may
be found at all the hanks and lead
lug hotels.
The names will be published every
Sunday, ami when the campaign Is
over the Daily Press will publish a
souvenir booklet, containing n brief
history of the Booster Club ami bs
work, and ihe names oi the mem?
Roll of the Club.
Following Is ihe present roll of (he
W. A. Post, Samuel It. Rlixton, 11. 1?.
Holmes, .1. II. Craves, It, It. Blood,
\v. w. Rnmes, 0. \V, Pierce, P. I\ Pa?
len, It. I.. Mnrston, .1. T. Keel, J, It.
Johnson, P, M, Unporto, 13, B. Cross
ley. S. .1. Bradshaw. W. 10. Rouse, W.
D. Kahn, C, L. Maffott, Ceo. M. John?
son. IM. N. Rubnilk, W. S. Hill. John
Fitzgornld, J. W. Wlngflold, I.. Wag?
ner, Mrs. A. Wagner, .1. lt. Wagoner,
I.. .1. Boiling. I.. R. Boiling, l.. A,
Wynno, Mrs. R. M. WagBtan*, W. II.
Rohrbucll, C. II. Tall, Mrs. P. (!. Ilau
eock, Henry Uvorllng, Mis. II. Uv
erling. Miss Nellie Roberts Kerlln.
Mrs. Lou Hartman, Miss Janet Ker?
lln. I,. I-'. Ilarpol, 10, May Leader. Mrs.
M. V. Troutman, Miss Kosa l.ee Troiit
mnn. J. A. Vandogiift, Miss M. A. Vnn
ilegrirt, Mis. 18. U. Glldnor, Pred R.
Qildnnr, II. A. Council. J. It. Jones.
Mrs. P. P. Ware. Mrs. T. M. Ware, A.
P. Caw. .!. H. Wright. Mrs. GOOI'gO
Kopp. Mrs. May Kopp. James Walker,
Mrs. Agnes Wlllkor, 1*. P. Davis, (ho.
W. Bnicher, Mrs. 1.. Van pelt, Mrs. .1.
P, Wiegel, Mrs. T. 11. Wnlsoii, (). O,
Herring. Oeo, A. .Schmelz, Saxon \V.
Holt. 10, M. Braxton, 10. s. Bl?hton,
.1. I. Proctor, J. J. Chendle, John W.
Read, Mrs. .1. It. Jones. C. A. Sinclair.
J. W. Allen. I,. S. Coltrell, T. C. Pat?
terson. F, I.. Norment, P. W. drove,
Jr. w. B. Colonna, p. it. Bartlottc,
James L, West. A. (1. Taker
T I.. Fiirrnr, W. C. Morton. T. M.
Smith, l.eroy Jenkins, (5. A. Froincs.
.1. K. Mngler. W. It. Avlett, 0. W.
Todd, W. T. Glenson, W. U. Grnff, K. J.
CratT. W. B. Vest. 10. W. Mllstead. W.
O. Heath, 1'. S. Duncan. W. S. Brond
wcll. A. c. Peachy, B. West Tnhb, W.
10. Barren. W. T. Webb. T. A. Fowler,
10. D. Boot. W. II. P. lOnOB, .1. 10. T.
Hunter, l.onisa Read Goddnrd. K. C,
Kline, W. 1*. I'owell. .1. Ilampdcn
Jones. Anne U. Pinch, Mrs. M. A.
Pinch, lOliznhelh Pinch, Maxlno
Pinch, J. A. Willelt, J. w. Ayler, M. D.,
A. P. Blake. Jos. 'I'. BllXtoit, Ceo. N.
Wise, .i. w. Qulick, A. c. Peachy, Rich?
ard Warren, .1. T. Gregory, H. B.
Hanger, Morris lOllas, S. .1. Cauunel,
Your vacation outfit is incomplete with?
out a good supply of shoes. Cool and
stylish Tan Court Ties for walking;
Dressy Patent Kid Pumps and Qibsons
for evening wear. $3 50.
White, blue pink and gray canvas Ox?
fords to match your gowns, $2.5J.
We Fit Feet,
?nii'irinnfinsvir^vrsis vis vmrvsvi \ vrs"
:lub ani
j.C. 0, SI tin ?Held. 3. 1). Cnsaadn, E. B.
Man-is. .1. C. Cllnc, W. U Tulib, W. II.
Kellogg, .I. W. Davis. J. 10. Heath,
Krank C. I*cius, Abo Koine. J. ll. Ash?
ley. <i. Albeit Lenz. A. I). Engelhardt,
Ceo. c. Iilaml. t). w, Beeker, J. J. Dar
I den, II. Hl, Robinson, H. M. Sob lor,
i loo. It. Mould. W. S. tlrloker, A. T.
Moore, W. J. Mingle, W. T. Hopkins,
I 10. M. BonniltgtOU, II, O. Head, Jr.,
H. S. ninghlini, I.. I). Daniels. Ceiranl
I Pricstmun, W. 10. Bheeloy, Powell
I TrilSt Co.. A. I.. Powell. Newport Na
I tlonnl Hunk, Hank nt Poquoson, Vit.,
(i. it. A. Hooker, \V. I.. Cooko, O. II.
Hansom, A. I.. Uorry, 10. W. Itoblnson,
P. I). Cunnlllgliain, II. P. Moore, (). 1).
Butcholor, A. S. Tanner, 10. M. Orni?
thin!, I., it. Boiling, Bllxabetli H.
Moore, Elsie II. Gontly, A. M. Hamll
i ion. W. s. (inoch, W. D. Portlock, W.
Loo Powell. .1. A. Huxtoii, 10. W. Huff
iiian, .1. 10. VVurreii, \V, T. Chnplu, r.
V. Klridll. .1. L. Hosier, Sol Peyser, M.
I lamllesmau, .1. Sinner, Hales Co., A.
s. Plowers, .lames Dotiert y, .1. 1-'.
Tllghmnn, T. N. Iliumicult, W. li.
Williamson, George f. Clin pin, .1. .1.
Ward, W. S. Green, II. .1. Ivos; .lohn
It. Morton, T. N. Harris, llendrlcks
Goodman Hardware Co., W. \V. Wash
burn, Garner ?<? Co., Abe llnrwltx, ,1.
It Slone. M. II. Lnsll, O. T. Newblll,
Ceo. 10. Via, CohtlI'll K- Coolie, T. A.
Ho won, Porgnsson Music Co., Lyric
Music Co., W. .1. Naw, .1. P. Shellhouse,
10. W. MllStotld, Louis Loel.. Fred Mai
lander, W. II. Blllloy, Gco. S. Dames,
W. D. Thomas. C. C. Deal. Harry G.
I Smith. 101 Ins Peyser. .1. lOiseutnan. .1.
A. Will, ll, Jr.. Proctor & Cornelius,
A. V. Smldt, 10. s Itoblnson, J. c. Cur?
tis, W. S. Henley, Hull K- Hull. W.
Mel). Williams, A. (1. Maney, W. D.
Strnllmnn, J. (*. Hebdltch, N. W. Bry
?nt, J. L. Mttrye, Ohl Man Brauch, s.
8. Pohnybacker, .Inn. lt. tacke, P. XV.
l?den, .lohn c. I., M. b\ Nicoini, T.
(I. Bubnhk, A. B. Burcher, lt. N. Brld
gors, B. .F. Powell. ('. K. Illindlev.
.lohn i. Coltroll, It. M. l.ett. Theo.
Utax, T. I). Iii.ville. YV. B. Spruill,
(i. A. Qunyle, .1. ll. Sprugito, ('. P.
ItOOl, A. II. Applewhite, W. I.ee PoW
? II. B. IlOher 18, Meyers Pros.. .1. B.
Magier, A. B. Clements. Toy T.
\e\ i s, \v. .1. Pnrkor, C. P. Bowman.
Nannie XV. Young, N. D. Smith.
C. (1. Nelms. Werbholmer R Co.. (J. A.
Ashby. .1. A. Mlissio, R, 1). Ilolloway.
I'loyd A. Hlidgins, .1. J. Palmers
Sons, .lautes W. Davidson. .1. A.
Hayes. II. P. Plummer, .lames A.
Sommcrvlllc, Win. c. Stuart.
? j-fl'j MAYOR BUXTON.
July r.th. 1007.
Bditor of Daily Press: 1 respect?
fully request thai you enter my name
as a member of the BOOSTEKS'
CLUB. This organization meets, in
my opinion, a long fell waul. There
has been ton much knocking und too
little boosting. If 'he creed of Ihn
Club Is lived up to and the members
are true to their plodgo, every knock?
er should be greatly benefited and
everybody will he happier. Newport
News has done much for the Exposi?
tion and she ean do still more If her
citizens will give the proper support
to the Roosters' Chili. Membership
in this club. 1 am persuaded, means
a greater Exposition and a greater
0 (I U W O V V V VV VVUOVWHU VU V V i ** " "
Newport News. 1 trust every citizen
will join.
Respect fully,
~"~ A. L. POWELL.
Rdltor Daily Press?No one appre?
ciates your efforts in trying to rid
the community of knockers more than
I do. yol since Newport News lias
grown in population since I came
here thirteen yours ago from U.000
to live times six. I am persuaded that
the knocker contingency must. lie
greatly in the minority. Without the
knocker, I am prepared in say our
population would bo 00,000 instead of
30,000. In every community, you
will find knockers by way of excuse
for not. doing well. Often one shows
his or her hand in this way and It
makes It hard for them to gel credit,
and they remain in the old rut so
lung that knocking becomes chronic;
We do lots of business with knock?
ers and they are not always to ho
blamed, as they speak thoughtlessly.
Somo people get. In the habil of say?
ing "I am right well." when sick and
others "poorly" when well. I only
hope Mr. Rdltor you will keep it up,
as a hint to the wise is not always
BUfliciciit, it should he repented until
Ihoy realize that no one likes the
knocker, who simply knocks ami does
'nothing lo belter the condition.
Yours very truly,
.Inly 2. 1007.
Rditor Daily Press: Hearty con
grill illations ntnl earnest support
should ho oxtonded the management
nt the Dally Press, by every citizen
of Newport News, for its organization
of the long needed "Booster?' Club."
This Exposition means much to ua
all and can Uo made a great success,
if the pledge or the club Is supported
by the entire community,
Very truly yours,
. A. T. MOORE.
Editor Daily Press: ?I desire to
congratulate you most, heartily on the
inauguration of the "Hosiers' Club,"
and to express my appreciation of
your ihough!fulness ami courage In
undertaking a task fraught with so
many difficulties. The idea Is a most
commendable ono und I hope and
believe that nil public spirited citi?
zens, men and Women, will vie with
leach other to occupy llrsi place in
I the line of "Boosters." Let every
citizen's motto ho "Don't knock your
home town?Boom it."
i With sincerest wishes for the suc
,cess of the "Boosters Club" and the
Daily Press. I beg to remain.
Yours most rnrdiallv,
Secretary Chamber of Commerce.
To Attend Convention.
Mr. P.. A. O'Ifnra left last night for
Atlantic City, N. .1., where iu. will at?
tend the annual convention of Ute
Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers
I Association during this week.
Mammoth Clearance Sale Begins
After Fourth July.
Unquestionably the most striking array of values?the most sensational quoting of little
prices ever known in the history ot MEYERS BROTHERS, are combined in this great Clear?
ing Sale. It isn't a "Clearing Sale" in name only?but abounds with countless bargain offers
that are ahead of all produced by any and all competition.
With smaller expense for conducting business, stocks equal in size and quality to those
found anywhere, we are in a position to easily name prices. Positively the lowest in town.
Clearance Sale ol Women's Suits. A Sale Without a
A Sale With Marvelous Values.
Ladies' Coat Suits In white, light blue, tan and natural linen. Coats
are made "Prince Chap," 24 inches long, with lone or short sleeves, turn
back cuffs, turn over collars; have three pocket*, und are trimmed w.tb
largo pearl buttons. Skirts are twelve gored, plaited models, cut very
full, with deep plaits and warranted to hang correctly. Thcoe <p C r.n
are special values for . ?JlUiUU
The new Knaki Cloth Suits in two lengths, 24 and 30 inches, correctly
made, perfect fitting garments, just the thing for Exposition OK OH
wear. Per suit, $6.00 and. ?j>OiUU
White Mercerized Rep Coat Suits, made Prince Chap. Skirts full plait-]
ed back, coats have Black Taffeta Collars and Cuffs. These
are especially new and pretty. The suit .
Ladies White Jumper Suits, the new models, trimmed with light blue,1
pink ,green and lavender lining. Skirts have two deep folds around the']
bottom and are piped with colored linen to match the jump?
ers. Special .
75c Men's Negligee Shirts, 50c.
Coal stylo, black and white pat?
terns, sl/.es 14 I?) 10 1-2; attached
.".He Men's Underwear, 25 c. Long
or short sleeves, white and ecru.
I Bo Black and Tan Hose, 12%o.
Three different weights, seam?
less, fast color.
Men's Wash Ties. 25c. Plain
colors, neal pfalds. checks, stripes,
dids, figures, etc., four-in-hand
Nainsook Underwear, 50 c. Short
drawers .shirts made In coal style,
all sizes.
Pine assortment of silk Ging?
ham in nil colors, blank, white,
brown and green checks, 25c.
Only four pieces of these beau?
tiful Silk Mulls loft; they will go
at halt-price; regular 50c value
for Monday only 25 c.
Ask to see the material suitable
for bathing suits, only 15c a
yard; positively fast color.
1,000 yards of fine Kimono
Lawns, Dress Lawns and Batiste
In checks, dots, stripes, flowered
and oriental patterns We bought
this full lino to sell for 19o;
to close out at 15c.
Glasgow Linen Finish Suiting,
nil colors, 15c.
White and Colored Dress Linen,
regular .1!)e value; special for this
sael to close at 25c.
3C, Inch Cream Serge.50c
.'IS inch Cream Sorgo, all wool, 50c
44 Inch Cream Serge, all wool. 7?o
40 inch Cream Serge, all wool, S9c
A complete line of Cream Serge
for Skirst and Suits.
Children's Black Cotton Hoae,
double knee, heel ami too, sizes
from 5 to 7. two pair 25c; sizes
7 to ;). 16c pair.
Children's Black Hose, double
knee, full seamless, extra fine
quality, regular 2 for 25c. Our
price 10c. ?
Just received a ease of Mercer?
ized Table Damask, will be on
sale Monday only. This Damask
is one of the largest bargains ever
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wide in beautiful floral designs,
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Inch Damask (union) floral, 10
different styles. A good value for
.10c. Special for Monday, 25c.
One lot of Towels In plnin and
rod borders, 30x18. Our regular
12Vje values. Special nt, per
dozen, $l.oo.
Two pieces of All-Linen Dam?
ask in Flour do Lis and Holly pat?
terns. 72 inches wide. These spe?
cial patterns are worth $1.25 per
yard. Will be on sale Monday
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For Monday only wo will sell
our 15c red border Huok Towels,
size 20x42 inches, at $1.50 per dqz.
Only In dozen lots at this price.
A lot of :?0 inch New Percale
and Madras, worth 12'.Ae the yard.
For Monday only we will sell
them at 10c.
Misses' Lace Hose,
and sizes; regular
For this sale.
Children's Giilizo Lisle
lor this sab; .
Ladies' extra size Pants, trim?
med with lace. ,<nee length, 25c
and .29c
Ladles' Laco Hose, tan and
White, regular 25c value. For
this sale, only .15c
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sertion, wide and narrow, some
pieces with open work and neat
patterns, value -lilc, to close out
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Torchon Lace edge; and Inser?
tion to match, value, Sc, to close
out this lot .5c
45 Inch French Lawn, value
35b, our price .29c
40 inch French Batiste only one
piece, cannot duplicate at ..20c
-s inch Doited Swiss value 15c
our price .12'/2C
Checked Nainsook, value 15o;
our price .12'/2c
4S inch White Organdla ..25c
Clearance Sale in Silks
One tine lot of assorted nlllts
in Black Taffeta Rajah and Pon?
gee at .39c
Clearance Sale Housefurnish
ing Department.
The Climax Lawn Mower is
guaranteed to give satisfaction,
wit Ii I! self-sharpening blades;
regular ?2.50. For this sale,
only .S2.25
Something all houses should
havo. Moth bags; positively air
tight, two sizes.50c and 75c
Two burner
stove; regular
this sale, only
blue frame oil
$1.98 value, for
. $1.50
Mason Jars, qnnrt size, 1 doz.
to a box; regular 09o value. For
this sale only .,.....59c
The finest made Blizzard Ice
Cream Freezer, 3-quart size, reg?
ular $2.:i0 value. For this sale,
only .$2.00
Window Screens, largo size ex?
tend to 36 inches, made of fine
wood and flno wire netting; reg
ular 38c value. For this Bale,
A Bargain in
2.000 yards of fresh crisp Rem?
nants, Including white and col
orod LawiiB, Madras, Batlsto,
Dress Goods, etc., at less than
cost. On Monday only.
White Waists
Our White Waists Salo is still on
and we are Riving extraordinary
values; $1.00 Waists for 69C
$1.25 waints for 79c, $1.50 waist
for !)5o and $2.00 waists Tor $1.19
All sizes and doxen of stylen to
select, from. ?

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