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only newspaper published
Newport Ncws'thnt receives
full news report of the At
elated Press.
vol. xii. no. 170
Sends from His Cell the Names
of Wien Hb Wants on Board
of Supervisors.
Claims That Taylor Hasn't Legal!
Right to Act as Mayor and That'
Many Tangles Are Bound to Result.!
Bitter Because Taylor Opens His
Personal Mail.
fBv Associated Press.)
Eugene E. Schmilz, the convicted may '
nr. today made appointment* to filli
the vacancies created by the forced
resignations of fourteen members ofl
the board of. supervisors. SchmittsI
Chtlmlllg tin. right of appointment on
the ground that he is the rightful
mayor of San Francisco.
In giving out Iiis appointments May?
or Schmitz made the following com?
ment on tin' municipal situation: "I
am exceedingly sorry to see this su?
pervisorial tangle, for It Is likely to
cause a deal of litigation for the city,
and county of San Francisco for years
to come. My own course is clear.
Acting upon the advice of my attor?
ney, which l believe to he absolutely
legal. I hold that I. as mayor of San
Francisco, have the sole power of up-,
polntiucntn to vacancies in municipal,
office and that the appointive actSI
of Edwin B. Taylor are void and Incap?
able of legal support."
Mr. Schmitz complained that his
private mail is l/airig opened by Mayor I
Taylor. He exhibited several letters
addressed to "Hon Eugene E. Schmitz, I
San Francisco, personal," which haVo|
been slit open and marked in indcl- '
llllo ppncil "Opened by Edward R.
Taylor." Schmitz said: "This is
Minn-thing that no mimwttl stund for.
I shall lake It. up Immediately with
the authorities at Washlngjon nod
press the complaint to the limit
against Mr. Taylor."
"Next Fiicndu" Beaten In Their Ef?
forts Not to Suspend the Taking
Of Depositions.
(Ilv Associated Press.)
CONCORD, N. II.. July 30.?After
a hearing lasting all day, Magistrate
Edmund S. Cook, before whom the
depositions were to have been taken
in connection with the suit to secure
an accounting of the property ol Mrs.
Mary Maker Eddy, the Christian
Scientist leader, decided to suspend
the taking of these depositions in or?
der that an appeal for advice on the
technical questions involved might he
taken to Judge Chnmborlln of the
Superior Court or to the masters ap?
pointed by him. This was a victory
for counsel representing Mrs. Eddy,
who contended 'hat the right to lake
di positions in an action Is suspended
during tht^rial of the action before
tin* masters.
Counsel for Hie "next friends" the
plaintiffs in I lie original mill, opposed
Hie motion for suspension vigorously
and there were some lively tilts be?
tween former t'niteii states Senator
William E. Chandler, senior counsel
for tin' "next friends," and General
Frank S. Strei tet-, of counsel lor Mrs.
Senator Chandler during the hear?
ing tlopounced General Streoter as ;\
The ruling of the magistrate post?
pones all proceedings In the cases
lu re until next week.
The Victors Aoc the Independent Fac?
tions United and They Won
(By Associated Press.)
MANILA, July 30.?The Indepen?
dence faction thafuniteri in the cam?
paign under the name of the Nation?
alists seem to have won the general
election held throughout the islands
today. Incomplete returns from 60
out of K0-districts show thai 31 Na?
tionalists wore olectod, ten Progres?
sive, eight Independent candidates
and one Catholic. In Manila the Na?
tionalists won by a large majority In
both districts. Domlnndor Gomes
claims the election in the first dis?
trict in the city while Jtisto Lakban
contests the election of Lot it Inde?
pendent candidates:. li probaoly
will be top days or two weeks before
the complete returns are reclved.
Senator Pettus' Funeral.
(By Associated Press.)
SELM A, ALA.. July 30.? The fun?
eral of the Into united States Senator
Pettus, who died Saturday night at
Hol Springs, N. c, look plnce hero
ihis afternoon from his kite reshleiico.
Intcrinont was in |,lvo Oak cemetery,
whore loss than two months .-mo his
Into colleague, Senator John 'P. Mor?
gan was laiil to rest.
Believed That Fashionable Society
Will Be Invited to Attend the
Weddiiuj in Autumn,
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, I? O. July 30.
Announcement was made today
the engagement or Miss Kditli Root,I
only daughter of Secretary of State
and Mis. Ellhu Rootj to Lieutenant
lily 80S s. Grant, III f. S. A., son of I
Major Gcnornl Predorlck Dent
Grant, commniidlng tin l)opnrtmcnl|
of tho EnBt. and grandson of the into
President Grant. No dttto has ybt.
been set for the wedding, bin it is I
probable that it will occur in the ear?
ly autumn. I,leu tenant Grant litis |
hi i n one of the military aides
President Roosevelt ami' tho social I
duties of that place Hist brought!
about his acquaintance with Mis
Will Have Conference With Railway
People to Discuss Alleged
fHv Associated Press.)
RALEIGH, X. C.. July 30.?In reply |
to a letter from Governor Glenn the
leading railroads of the State agreed]
today to meet with him and tho Cor
potation Commission August Otll next I
to discuss the frolghl rate discrlr.ii-1
nation against various points in the
Stale. The last legislature appropri?
ated $10,000 to defray the expenses
of an Investigation. Governor Gleim|
declared that he is seeking an ami
cable settlement without litigation.
Governor Glenn lias as yoi received I
no assurances from the Louisville &
Nashvillo ami the Carolina ami North
Western railroads that they will obey |
the state 2 11 cent law. He said to
night that unless this speedily came
lie would proceed against those roads
A letter tonight from the Loillavlllt
& Nsliille says as they have only
thirteen miles In 'his . state tin v ,r.iii
at n'lns"s lust year, l ite Hovernor lih<;
referred this to the State Corporation
Club Membership List Closes Tonight)
and Will Be Published for Last
Time Tomorrow.
Tho membership list of the Booster's
Club closes tonight, and all who hav<
not joined the club ami who dosln
to join in tin- anti-knocker movement
should call at one of the hanks or
hotels today and sign n booster hook
The roster will he published In tin
Daily Press for the last time tomor?
Steel Corporation's Big Earnings.
fHv Associated Prcsas.)
NEW! YORK. July 30.?-All record
|of tho United States Steel Corpora?
tion in the manufacture of steel were
Shown to have been broken today
when the company's report for the
quarter ending June 30, 1907, was
made public after a meeting of the
board of directors. The report shows
thai the company's total net earnings
for tho spring quarter were $45,60.t
To."., a high water mark record for any
single quarter In the compay's his?
Becme Insane on Train.
(By Associated Pressl.
NEW YORK. July 30.?Frederick
Ford, of Philadelphia, bocanie Insane
Jin a New York Central Express train
after leaving Albany today and made
several efforts to kill his two-year
Old daughter by throwing from the
window. Ford also tried to make a
way with his life by leaping from the
Autoists Begin Endurance Run.
fHv Associated Pressl
NEW YORK. July 30, Fifty five
automobilists started today on a
twenty days endurance tun from New
York to Providence. It. I. by way of
Poughkcepsle, Springfield and Wor?
Two Woitfn Strangled.
(Bv Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. July 30.?The two |
Women hearing the marks of strang?
ling on their throats have been found
hero within the hist L'l hours and tin
police today have cast a dragnet over
the city to catch the strangier. The
police believe that one man commit-[
ted both crimes.
Fatality on the Wilmington,
mv Associated Press.l
WASHINGTON. D. O, July 30,?A
I dispatch received at the Navy De?
partment today from Commander
P.oush of the gunboat Wilmington at
I Shanghai, says a holler lube of the
ssel burst yesterday while the ves?
sel was at Naking. Three men
.were scalded, one of whom, Flromnn
i Philip Hind, subsequently died. Tho
other two were not seriously burned.
Wife of Would be Slayer of His
Two Brolhers and Iwo Sis?
ters Secures a lawyer.
Brother Alonzo's Condition is Said to
Be Extremely Critical, But the Two
Sisters Are Out of Danger?Henry's
Mcnt.il Condition is Far From
(By Associated Press. ?
VERSAILLES, July 30.?Tito "in
oral of Major Henry Alonzo Hunting
ton. who died ftl Ids residence here
yesterday unaware of the murderous
uttael; made Sunday night by his son
Il.ciiry, upon his two brothers ami
two sisters, will take place next
Thursday a: the English church, The
body will he place,i temporarily in a
vault und later ihti tied in some
Kreuch cemetery, it will mu be
sent to the United SItUob. Many
messages of condolence have blnon
recolvcd by tlx- rnmlly from the Unit
? d states. England ami Franco.
Alonr.fi Huntington, who was shot
through the lung. Is still In u pre?
carious condition, The bullet lodged
near the heart and has not yet I.n
ox traded. ICdlth lluntlnglon's con?
dition is still serious, but she Is not
in dangor. The ball lind by her
brother traversed both her breasts.
It was erroneously sinteii yesterday
that Klfzaheth had beep shot In the
breast. Kllxnbcth was shot in the
arm. "Mrs Huntington, the mother
is still completely prostrated. Henry
Huntington was examined by a doc?
tor today and found talking at ran?
dom. The examining magistrate, M.
Hirsch, has decided to postpone I
the investigation regarding Henrys
snnltv unljl ufter the funeral, of his
farrier. The inaKlslrafe necllnen ? m
permit the corn Bpondenl of the As?
sociated Press to see the prisoner on
the ground that la his present condi?
tion be was not responsible for what
he said. Henry's wife told the cor?
respondent thai she had engaged
Mail re Labor, one of the best crimi?
nal lawyers in Paris, to defend her
She said his defense will he provo?
cation anil that she was going to her
summer home to procure certain
menacing letters written and sent to
her husband by his two brothers and
his sister Edith.
Hardeman Prohibition Bill Adopted by
the Lower Branch of the
State Legislature.
fflv Associated Press.1
ATLANTA. CA.. July 80.?Tho Har?
deman prohibition hill passed by the
Georgia senate several days ago was
adopted by the house today by a vote
of 130 to 110. Two amendments adopt?
ed to the bill will make it necessary
for the measure to no back to the sen?
ate for concurrence or WHICH Ihere is
no doubt, and the bill then will go In
Governor Hoke Smith for his signa?
ture, which has been practically
pledged and prohibition will become a
law in Georgia.
The amendments today permit the
sale of pure alcohol by retail Py drug?
gists on the prescription of a reput?
able physician, and also allows whole
sale druggists to carry pure alcohol
in stock for sale only to retailers.
Tho hill prohibits the manufacture
or keeping on hand in any place of
business, the sale or giving away to
indue.- business within the state of Itnj
liquor that, may produce intoxication.
The new law Is to become effective
January l. 1908.
Mit. Elizabeth Fairfax Ayrcs in Pub?
lished Letter Says Roosevelt
Commended Man He Dismissed.
WASHINGTON. D. C, July 30.?
Mrs. Kli/.ahcth Fairfax Ayrcs, In a
communication to a Washington pa?
per, says:
??Colonel Ayroa saved tho command
of the President on the night of -Inly
2, IS'.in, on San Juan Hill.
".Captain Ayrcs' Tenth Cavalry laid
out his rille pits, armed many of his
Kims. The President had said tn
three different men. since he was
made President: 'If ever I light
ngfiln, I hope it will be under Major
Ayrcs; he is the most splendid, mag
nlftcont man on the battlefield I ever
1 ? lie sits by now. silent, after all
his professions and promises. Those
private loiters were published With?
out my sanction, hut they are true, as
arc a most, remarkable series of let
pair on Wednesday and Thurs?
day with Myhl winde, mostly
Noithwest to Nortfli.
WS- VA., WEDNESDAY, ?I?LY 31, 1907.
icrs from Roosovolt which i have,
[mid whh-h fortunately I kept. II?'
liuiuiiI Unity thorn, us he did Mario
IStoror'a toilers.
?The overcoat Incidtui was iho ro;
nil It of years of porsfculloii, in fact
|il has bOOU OVOr since lie was so con
i|ilcuoUHly gallant' on San Juail lllll.
id' then commanded |lhp brigade lit
lug line for sovcntivii dayii and
nights. composed of IllO First and
Ton 111 United Stales Cavalry ami the
I Hough Riders.
? it wns the stund Captain Ayros
[look, and his appeal to the llrlhg line
|in stand hy him, whict prevented otir
?treat there alter a conference of
I Hi ncral otlieei s. wliq decided to re?
al, and alter lite wagons were run
Ia? on lop of the hill t<> carrj off Iho
ammunition Oohornl ,!oo Wheeler
heard the men cworing Cnpluill
\yrcs ami si nt up wml, 'We will
hold these trenches.' t
"The point oi lh>i whole West
Point controversy win that Limiten
ant Colonel llo.vse i>i|Vt)tely and pub
Inly accused iho of 11 \ lug to the
press the "overcoat llucldcnt;' nc
tilsoil me or the wlioe thing, which
was false. I told hin his statement
was :v malicious falsolpod, and made
with the intent to lijute mo nuil
mine when my husWnd was 10,000
inihs away.
"I wrote the Pr< shHit ami Oouoral
Hell every word 1 toll him. ami ash
od thorn for protect bp against his
false accusation. Tloy sent I.leu
tenant for Colonel Mils and he white?
washed the Whole uttlilr."
Accused Murderer of Clareno C. Gist,
Union, S. C, Says Anothr Man
Fired the Shot.
HEARD iff ppOII^
Address of Jose de Diego Feature
of First Virginia legislature
Anniversary Celebration.
afternoon and will he participated In
hy entries from Die Twenty third In
fa 11 try, Hie Twelfth Cavalry und Mat?
tery n, Third Field Artillery. Among
are potato race, mounted
mounted wrestling, ton'
seue '.race, vaulting ami
hurdlu conest, horseback, Roninu
Roman standing race and exhibition
COSsabk riding hy Sergeant Umpey.
Exposition Notes.
Aeronaut Meachey. who made a Hilm
tier of asct nslotlR In lil> airship at
the Tercentennial several months ago.
will return here tomorrow and will
make 080( m Ions Thursday, Friday and
Republican Central CommiUea
Adop's Resolution Endorsing
Former for Presidency.
dlai E. Stevenson and J. Warren
Kcifcr, Among Speakers of the Oc?
casion?Sigma Chi Fraternity Meets
and Elects Officern?Woman's Build?
ing Is Dedicated.
(My Associated P'.'i.)
UNION. S. C, .Inly .ID.---miming to
hnvo obtained evidence tit Arthur
Davis, n negro, charged wli tho mur?
der nt Carlisle this Stale f Clarence
c. cist, grandson offovne Governor
Hist, of South Carolina ,hl not 11 rod
Iho shot as supposed h> that Gist
hud been killed acclrtcntay during a
fusilnde of shots bjj son one "is \
an order was secured'fronconi ? to lav
for (list's body to bo ilmme.l and
examined by two rcpuinl/ physlclnns.
This was done bv DitctnfSnrrntt nnl
Hamilton, and the toll'1 was located,
but results of m. '^Utlnatioti arc
? in,,., mi. i Mf f.?' conn s op -i-'\i
Monday at a Stocli Icrm of court.
Today's Exposition
S'.gn Chi Day.
7 to S a. n-Drlll, First S. C.
7:30 a. m.-uardmountj Twou
ty-thlrd In fan.
S a. m.?tin; open.
S a. in ?Hi Mattery 1), Third
s to *j a. n-Drlll Twenty-third
in a. in.?A hourly thereafter
I cxniblllon i weather bureau
I earthquake rrder, Government
Building A.
10:30 a. in. 12:30 p. in.?Mex?
ican Nationnland concert, Ho
viewing Stain
10:30 a. in. 12:30 p. m,?Ses
bIo'u "f Model pool.
II a. in.?haratlori of large
weather map un reports from
all sections che country, Gov
eminent Rull? A.
11 a. in?tin Recital, Ed?
ward .1 Napi Auditorium.
1 p, in.? Maphic and Stere
opticon Exhtlh, Scenes on In?
dian Uesorval with lecture. In?
terior Dept., eminent Duildlng
1:30 io 2:4 m.?Piano re?
cital, Mr. Jos Maorz, Auditori?
2 p. m - Maphic exhibition
and lecture, 'cs ill Yosemitc
Valh y, Governt Duildlng A.
p. in.?lae on aerial navi?
gation, Mr. iiw and Captain
I Lovelace. Abrjtlc building.
2:30 to i:i. in.?Phlnnoy's
[ United S'atesnl. Auditorium,
2: p. in. lied States Life
Saving Servirrill at. station.
:: p. in?llhlod lecture, "Re?
claiming the ft," by MiV J. C.
Watt.-.. I-, s. s.. interior De?
partment, (ioiieni Building A.
I p. m.-dialed lecture
? Yellowstone onai Park." by
Mr. 10. (i Cut Interior Depart?
ment, Covet it Muilding A.
ball games.
?I p, in.?Annd Navy liase
4:30 p. in. eroni's Slide for
Lift?on tlie Path.
." p. m.?-DParadO, Twenty
third Infantry
r, p. m.?Lj mi aerial nav?
igation. Mr. w nml Captain
Lovelace, Acflcal building. 1
5:30 to 0.:3p.?Mexican Na-j
tional band Prt, Reviewing I
(! p. in.?Hy Twelfth Uni- I
tod States C;.
6:40 p. ni.ss Parade First I
South Cardll/antry.
s p m.-r-Plfs United States I
Maud conccrillorlum
There will lie a base ball game oi
Athletic Field tomorrow afternoon a
|2i30 o'clock bei ween tile teams of the
Hamilton Y. M. O. A. and the Army
ami Navy Y. M G. A.
There will bq a basket ball ratne
on Athletic Field at r. p. in. Th?r?
day between tile South Carolina mil?
itia team ami Hie U. S. R. C. Exlitbfl
A party of fifteen young indies from
Rlliaholh, N. .1 . arrived 111 the exposl
lion today and will remain here for
, several days. They are the winners
(Prom n staff Corrcspjiiident.) ()f r t(, ,,?, ,,x,?,slilou
JAMESTOWN EXPOSITION. July w,,,c? wor? ??,.,.?,, ,)V ?,,. Daily Jour
'"' lwo hu"'' *?t 1 'i'.V nn' Of that city,
eighth anniversary of the First \ Ir- _
ghlln Legislature, hehl at Jamestown Mm. Grace Kenns. dramatic soprano
was celebrated at the Imposition to j ((/ N(,w y,,,.,. ,.||v w|? R|V|, ? n,citn\
day with elaborate cerein.mh s. I" ? Salin .luv. A?p|,| ?, ,, ,,i. in
eluding speeches by Hon. Adlai H ,,?. nudltorlUm. She will he aSSlstOlj
Stovenson, ox \ h e president of Iho ,,v Prof< Jost.pn M?eri.
United Slates, ami Hon. J. Warren _
K. lfer. cv speaker of the House of ,,,,,?,, rarpenter of Wilmington;
Representatives. I Del. will give the organ recitals nt
Iho feature of the day, However. ,,?,.,..ntohriini, August nth, Olli and
was the address of Jose de Ill-go, , ?,?, A ,,.is|?,t smith, Ol Water,
?.peal;. ,- ,,| t|?. House of Hologntoa ))U1.V <.,,?? w||) p|nv oil the stll, '.Mil
who Is recognlr.eil as !U11,- ,,?,, There win ,,]?? )lc. ii spe
olal organ reoltal August fith by Geo,
Taft PcO|)lo Introducn Resolution to
Effect That It is Not the Intention
To Eliminate Either Senators For
nker or Dick From Ohio Politlca
And It Wae Adopted.
of Porto Ri
the greatest orator of his country
Not being able to speak a word of
Knglhh himself. Mr. de DIogp had his
address translated by an Interpreter.
It was, ii. verlholOSS, a literary and
intellectual treat nml met with the
Inartiesl enthusiasm. The other ad?
dresses were both of essentially his?
torical character, but were most clo<
ipient. On account of Hie unavold
able al'seiiee of Speaker Cardwell, pi
Hie Hons,, of Delegates of Virginia,
Hon. Harry St. George Tucker, Presi?
dent of the Exposition company acted
as presiding officer.
Tho fiVst assembly, which met at
Jamestown on July 30, 1019, was com
Inirhnm of Mroeklon. Mass
Section of New York State's Big
Waterway Dumped Into Creek
and Much Damage Done.
RYRAOUSK. N. Y., July 30.?Tho
aqqucdlict currying the Erin canal
over Onomlaga cri-ek In this city, fell
out this afternoon, the. great suction
of tlie water drawing Into the voHex'
?lrt?^StS ?M?I L..SH -no n vv. mourn.
clove,, Plantations the,, in the colony.)?*, a??H" ?f "'" Bmplrd Flouring
They remained in session four days, ? Mills and the or.iwny brewery, ail
0:30 p. ni.-etoni's Slide
Life?on thobath.
11 p. m.?'nth closes.
passing very Interesting laws, many !
of which ore to be Boon In the orlg-|
inal at (he Exposition, In iho Virginia
Historical exhibit.
Sigma Chi Convention.
Tlio Nntlnnnl fraternity of Sigma
Chi. one of tho oldest and most hon?
ored Grook b tter organizations In tlie
donnlry, began Its annual convent Ion
this afternoon at the Inside Inn. The
meeting which only lasted a little
more than tin hour was devoted to Ins
Iness entirely, ami resulted bi the ap
? ?ointment of a credential committee
which will serve during the period or
the convention. Lieutenant Govornor
J, Taylor Ellyson; u inemher of the
organisation, presided at tlie afternoon
The social session of the fraternity
held last evening at the Inside Inn
was to have been the occasion of the
reading of a fraternity poem, by Geo
Ado the famous American humorist,
also a member of the organization,
bavin- joined the Unlvorslty of Chi?
cago Chapter, while a student nl that
place. On ncconnt of an unavoid?
able delay, however. Mr. Ado will not
arrive at the Exposition until tomor?
row, ,
The program last evening included
an address of welcome from Grand
Praetor Trlrikle, of Virginia, which
was responded to by Grand Praetor
Allen of Austin, Texas. The conven?
tion will bo in session- until Friday
evening, when it terminates with a
banquet at the Chnmborlln hotel.
Officers Elected.
At the afternoon mooting the follow?
ing officers were elected to serve dur?
ing tlie period of the convention:
Lieutenant Governor J. Taylor Elly?
son, consul: Dr. F. A. Smith, of Mil?
waukee, wis., chairman of credenti?
als committee, Mr. Walter N. Mottay,
of annotator: and Mr. W. S. Davidson,
of Austin. Texas, custos.
Sigma Chi was founded at Miami.
Ohio, in IS it! nml has sonic ?? active
college chapters and 20 alumni chap?
Woman's Building Dedicated.
The Woman's building at Hie Tor
centehrtial was formally dedicated to
day with appropriate ccromonles.
Mrs. Knie Barrett, hostess of Hie
building, welcomed the guests nml
the principal address was delivered
by Mrs. D. E. Levy, of Norfolk, who
is connected with the National Coun?
cil of Jewish Women.
The guests Included representative.-;
of the National Council of Women, the
National Council of Jewish Women,
the W. C. T. C. the King's Daughters.
Hie National Florence Crlttondcn Mis
slon ami th'1 Lady Maccabees of the
More Military Athletics.
Uncle Sam's Soldier boys will put in
some of th'oir best turns Friday after?
noon on Lee Parade when they com?
pete for prizes offered for various ath?
letic i vents. Tims- who witnessed
the dismounted contests on July 29,
?were ih llghtfnlly entertained and the
mounted events will no doubo lie as
interesting and possibly more so.
Tho sports will begin at 2:30 Friday
juoont. Fifty feet of the Umpire mill
fell in and the brewery. Which Is nil
immense structure, may cave-In m any
No loss of life Is reported. The
stoppage of the channel of the creek
Is flooding collars to the sou til and the
flood of water pouring from the cn
inil is doing damage to the property
north of the canal .
Entrenched Themselves In a House
and Did Not Give up Till 30
Were Killed.
(Hv Associated Press.)
ATHENS, July 30.?Thoro has been
a pilch, d battle between Turkish
troops and a small hand of Creek In?
surgents wlio had Olltrepched them?
selves In n house In the outskirts of
Seres, European Turkeyf. fifty miles
northeast of Saloniki.) The hand was
completely wiped out. I.mt thirty men
were killed before the soldiers, aid, d
by artillery, succeeded In charging the
miniature fortress. During tho fight?
ing over a hundred houses were I II
laged and a number of Greek build?
ings In Seres burned.
Sfiot Himself in Store.
(Hv Associated Prosit.)
KNOXVILLE, TBNN., July 80.- An
Unknown mail, supposed to be II. S.
Long of Plnipicmlno, La . committed
suicide in a gunsmith store in tills
city today. The man entered the
si,no and asked to see a pistol. He
selected one. and placed a cartridge
in ;> chamber, apd llrod Into his tem?
ple. _ _
Father Died for His Boy.
(Hy Associated Press.)
ROOEN, IOWA, July 3?.?George
Tinier, and his fourteen-year-old son
were drowned today in a well on a
farm near Luther. Tho boy had been
sent down the well on aropc, hut
the rope slipped and precipitated him
liO feet to Hie wilier. The fallier went
down to rescue him und both were
,-v .., j
(Uy Assocluted Proas.1
COLUMMUS, (HIM), July III).?Sec?
retary Tali's friends won handily to?
day at Urn mooting of tho State Re?
publican Conti nl Committee, n res?
olution being adopted endorsing Tatt
lor the presidency by a vote of U? to
0, An amendUIOlH proposed by tho
friends of Tan ami opposed by the
friends of Foraker, was adopted by a
vote of II to 10 Buying III effect that
tioii' is no Intention to eliminate
Senators FornkOr or Dick fioni poli?
tics in Ohio.
Tlie resolution ohd?jf?lng Taft ror
president was as folloWH: "Wo be?
lieve thai the groat majority of iho
people ol Ohio convinced of tile high
character, great .ability and dlstiiTi
glllshcd sei vices of Secretary Taft,
endorse his candidacy for the Presl
d< ncy and further,
"Wo declare that Hie R?pilplioans
et' Ohio overwhelmingly desire that
the name of Hon. William Howard
Taft bo prosetitod to tlie nation as
Ohio';, candidate for President and
that the Republicans of oilier Ktat-ti
tiro Invited to cooperate with tho Re?
publicans nf Ohio to secure ills Uom
Iniulon In U.IOK."
Tho npiotidmont to Ihn resolution.
waiijOfforod nt once, it Is to the et
M,'?j? thut It. Is not tho Intention to
01.ffthMte oil!;-.,. .Ks-pntO? I'otV.Uvr- *.!???
Senator Dlek from polities In Ohio.
Tills wan offered by the Taft people
lllld was bitterly opposed by the
Pornkcr oloincnt. The amendment
adopted by a vot,. of 11 to lo and
tin- resolution was then adopted with
the amchdinOlti by a vote or 15 to (!.
Foraker Looks to Convention.
W hen United states Senator Foraker
learned of the action of the Republi?
can siate Commit too ibla afternoon
lie gavo out the following statement:
i cannot add anything to what l
said in my opoulng letter published
this morning, I wrute Hint letter fore?
seeing the result and feeling that It
was my duty to give notice liefere
hand that I would not bo bound hy
any such unauthorized notion. Tho
next State convention will have au?
thority to speak and by tho action of
that convent ion It will ho tlie duty
oi every good Republican to abide."
Put Bat-' on the Stove,
fllv Associated Press.)
OS WEG O, N. Y.. July 30.?A drunk
en Pole, a stranger in this city, en?
tered the home of Charles Leonard
hero today, took a seven months' old
baby from a crib whore it was asleep
ami plac, d it
Wife of Stanford White's Slayer
Making Arrangements to Return
To Her First Love.
-Evelyn Nes>
NEW YORK, July 30.
bit. Thaw Is making preparations to
return to tho stngo, and It Is now
regarded as certain that she will
have a singing part in a Broadway
production io open early In the sea?
For a month or more she bus been
spending several hours each day in
tlie studio of Carl Mleinierilian, a
teacher of vocal music. In tho Cen?
tral Park studios, nt 15 West Sixty
seventh street. Site lias made no
secret. In talking with her frlonds, of
her Intention lo return to the stage,
although It Is known that Harry
Thaw ami ills lawyers have Violently
opposed tills courso.
Within a short time, It is said, she
will begin the study of dancing, and
as she made her lirst lilt In New
York with a Spanish dance she Is
confident thai she can turn her nat?
ural grace and skill to lie ncipilred
to exe. Pent advantage. Sbo lias de?
termined to go back to Hie Htago and
has Insisted thai nothing that sbo
can do can possibly injure her has
hand's chances.
Brother Accurcs Bicther of Theft.
fBy Associated Press.1
Nuncio /erglus was arrested here
tonight by Central Station detectives
i red hot kitchen Ion a warrant Issued nl the Instance
stove. The cries of the child brought
tlie mother. Tlie police were cnllctl
and the man arrested. The baby was
badly burned.
U. S. Asks MexicoV. Aid.
/Rv Appoelnted Prosa.)
f his brother, Emlll? Sergius of No.
221 Thompson street, New York,
charging him with tho theft of nn
lii|iie Jewelry valued at $30,000.
$300,000 Fire in Chicago.
(Hv Associated "Press.i
CHICAGO. ILLS., July 30.
The Slate Department has taken up plant of tho Chicago, New York. Ros
?vitii Mexico the subject of checking ton Refrigerator Company at Flfty
tho Immigration of Japanese coolies first street and Central Park avenuo,
'??to >he United States across the wns damaged bv Uro today to the ex
Mexican border. I tont of $300.000.

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