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it Contains Sensational Statements
Against Caleb Powers.
Spcci.il Judge Robblns Hears Argu
mcntB As to Why He Should Not
Preside at the Trial and Then Ad
. Journe Court Till Tins Morning.
i rity Astfoclatod Press.)
"Wlu n the trial of Caleb Powers was
rcsuint'd today tho Slate nskotl for
further limo to consider the uilldavit
(lied by the defenso to have .bulge
Kcbbins removed and court adjourn
cd um l| afternoon.
The deposition of Mrs. Henry Yoilt
r,n, llled hi tho Suprctn? Court iu
the ('.ileb Powers trial contains sen
national matter pcrtnlnlng to the
treatment of hci husbnnd in the pom
ilentiary before ami nftor bis confes?
sion to the mui'di r of Corbel. She
nays thai Col. Ulllard, warden of the
prison loh) her that her husbaml
could jjci ,"" " ''e told what he
Knew. The slab an nt wns also
mndo 'o the effect thai her husband
admitted to Powers in the Ceorgo
liiwn jail Hull he would commit per?
jury If he testified against him.
Arguments to have special Judge
Itohbhis vncate tho bench In the trial
of Powers were completed this alter
noon ami coin-! took Iho mallet un?
der advisement, adjourning until in
o'clock tomorrow morning.
The Nile.
Every morning from a little room
of n great while house on the eastern
Shore of the Nile, at Assouan. Is
elicited by tulegrnph tho question,
"How much water?" The answer
comes bo many thousand gallons less.
A hill Ion Is pressed, the water Which
flows under tho Iron bridge at Cairo
is increased or diminished with the
telegraphic answer, and the Interven?
ing valley between Assouan and Cairo
has a little more or a little less water
on its surface. The man at the button
may bring Joy or sot row to thousands
id little farms, It Is all according to
the message he receives.
Prom the great white liotiso there
extend;, across tho river n granite
wnll or dam I fit) feel high. Halt way
up Ulis wall ami stretching Its entire
length a line ot shutters opons or
closes by a pressure (>r the button. In
the winter months a huge lake ex?
pands to the southward, which has
?vory appearance or being a flood,
for, iu certain places the tops of palm
trees are dosccrnlhlo above tho sur?
face und Hu' summits of inundated
ruins apparently mark tho sites of
BUnkon cities. As the days go by nnd
Cairo demands more and more water
the palm Ircos and I ho ruins seem lo
rise from their watery beds, until in
June ami early July the river Hows
freely with all Iis historic indolence.
Silll Iho cry tor water is insatiable,
nnd now the ICO reel ,,r granite wall
will be Inngthcnnd In- 23 rect, wh eh
will double the power of the man at
Crab Feast!
The public In cordially Invited to
nttond n Crab. Feast In Colobratlon ol
tho first anniversary of tho roi'Elt
TON HOTEL, Wednesday Night. July
::ist. Come and enjoy yourself.
The Cof erton,
the button, and after that no more
palms or ruins will unfold tin tie elvi s
as tin' hot months Com? from tho sur?
face of the lake. The palm trees will
not be missed, but what of the ruins?
That Is the tribute of the past which
modern agricultural Egypt Is called
upon to pay.
Wives Who Never Speak.
The Coreiih woman who speaks or
event nods on her wedding day Im'mo
dlately becomes dh object of ridicule
and loses caste, says London Til lilts
Neither threat nor prayer must move
her, for the whole household Is ever
on the alert to catch a single mutter
od syllable. Her period of sllonce of?
ten lasts for a week or more nnd
when complete silence is broken she
only uses her tongue for tho most ne?
cessary uses.
Some sixty years ago a native of
Pennsylvania undertook for a wager
of III) pounds to remain mute fur the
first month of her marriage. Her
husband, not being In the secret, left
her. only to return later when he was
npph'sod of the real reason of bor si?
A nrussels couple named Do pout
rjunrrcled so bitterly on their wedding
day that Hie wife vowed that her
husband should never bear her voice
again, ills entreaties went for noth?
ing ami to her ilying day she kept to
the letter of lief oatll.
A nrunu woman whose husband was
In hiding from Hie authorities Inad?
vertently betrayed bis whereabouts i<>
a police spy. As a result the tuna was
taken and reccf.vcd a term of Impris?
onment. So much did she take tc
heart this misfortune, brought about
by heir gossip, that she resolved ti
remain mute to the end of her life.
Oog's Done In Human Body.
N ne Inches of a dog's leg hone In
serted in tlie leg of Danny Murk, nlni
years old, of l<os Angeles, has prov
ed a success In surgery after nearl>
a year's work. The doctors have pro
pounced the healing process comploti
and have given tho boy permission li
throw away his crutches.
Capital Dry Goods House
On Sale Today
see them in our window. Correct Summer Stylos, not a
lint in tho lot worth less than $3.00, most of tliem worth $4.98, all
go, at each $I.*?S.
just a few left of those pretty embroidered whlto lawn
drr-HK.-s Hint wo red need to 51.69.
bathing suits, that were $;?.oo. reduced to $1.98. Those that
were $2.50, reduced to $1.50,
new lot of extra good long Fslo Gloves at pair 93c.
Wedding Invitations and
Visiting Cards.
If you aro thinking of having a new plato mndo or need anything In
this line, lot us attend to it for you. , \
;Wo do all kinds of copper plato .works and turn out nothing hut the
?Tory finest work in this lino. t .' i \ In ;.'Sj*e-i ? , >*K..y*
2704 Washington Ave.
milSLl&i****^ Est. ??2. JLi._jL 1. k'i:-H'ii^:3&k>
Opposition Throughout the Country
to Increasing President's Power.
Corporation nnd Citizens Alike Find
That The Constitution Protects
Them From Injustices?Occasion
Rife Also to Make Tariff an Issue.
WASHINGTON, July 30.?Though
the) North Carolina COSO has been ad?
justed in u way to avoid a more ser?
ious phase of the conflict of authority
bolWCCU Slate und Federal courts, it
appears certain that the incident will
have an Influence upon the political
Issues of the next Presidentini cam?
paign. It is one of innny things re?
sulting from n period of agitation dur?
ing Mr. Rooaevi it's administration to
the fact that many loose ends of rig?
ging are flapping In the gale and that
the ship of state may require a prac?
tical and thorough overhauling. ?
The rational suggestion from all the
many evidences' of political dlstractin
Is that It is time to turn back to the
Constitution. Mr. \V. J. Bryan has
said that the campaign cry should be
"Hack to the people." But he bus In?
dicated that by this he means the
adoption of the "In'tiatlve nnd refer?
endum" In n wny to make a still fur?
ther departure from constitutional
methods, only through the Constitu?
tion can the government get buck to
the people without converting the peo?
ple into a many minded mob. The Con
slltntlon provides its own methods of
Initiation and reference, not subject
to the wh'm of every Idle hour.
Provides For Equal Justice.
A campaign cry of "Hack to the
Constitution!" would comprehend
much that Is now particularly desir?
able. || would mean opposition to
centralisation, the preservation of the
rights of the States: a resistance to
the tendonc'os toward paternalism:
the protection of both men and cor?
porations in their rights, without spe?
cial privilege to either corporation or
community to prey the one upon the
other, it would mean protection of
rights, not of special privileges; sta?
bility of business Intorests and secur?
ity of the individual against all en?
croachments, ns well as a prohibition
of his encroachment upon others. It
would mean a check to both socialism
and corporation control of the Gov?
ernment. It would be the clearest and
truest nntl-truBt cry, for the Constltu
tlon recognizes no favored classes and
contemplates the collect :<m of reve?
nues for legitimate purposes;
A pledge of stability of administra?
tion, of restraint of trusts and of hon?
est tariff would be comprehended in
the shibboleth: "Hack to the Consti?
The occasion Is ripe for such an Is?
sue. Many who had acquitted the ha?
bit of looking w'th contempt upon con?
stitutional restraints, because Ihev
saw In such restraints only a hind?
rance to their selfish alms, now find
occasion to turn to the Constitution
for protection .and they see now the
pood that lle? in an Instrument long
disniscd by them. Corporation mag?
nates no longer shrug their shoulders
and smile when they hear that instru?
ment discussed. It Is spoken of re?
spectfully even In board meetings of
the trusts.
Danger In a Departure.
It has been discovered that such a
disregard of the Constitution as will
permit paternalism will also allow op
presa'on .and that such "Interpretation
nnd const ruction" as permits the rob
bery of the public for the benefit of
favored classes may nlso render the
Constitution Ineffective to prevent
Conditions now seem favorable for
convincing all classes of people that it
would be the part of wisdom to get
hack under the shelter of the Consti?
Constitutional revenues, const'tu
tlonal control of corporations, consti?
tutional limitations of executive pow?
er, recognition of the constitutional
rights of the States, Independence of
the judlclnrv nnd of the legislative
branch of the government and the
test of all laws hv the wr'tfen Consti?
tution not amended by legislation or
construction or executive nsstimptloh,
would offer n Rholtor to all who find
public and private Interests threat?
ened by the present prevalence of
political "Hind staggers."
Confiscation is no worse than rob
bery; discrimination nga'nst has as
much warrant as discrimination In
fnvor of. nnd flexibility In a constitu?
tion permits it to stretch one way as
well as another.
M.-iy Not Confirm Rate Laws.
It Is by no means certain that the
Supremo Court w'll sustain the act
conferring the ratemaklng nower noon
the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Ily to the agitation of public owner
\n adverse decision win give activity
lo the a g'tut Ion of pttbllo ownership
and. with Mr. Bryan ns the accepted
candidate of the Democratic parlv that
would Inevitably become an Issue. If
President Roosevelt succeeds In hav?
ing the Sunreme Court ndopt his the?
ory that the Constitution can be
amended by legislation and construc?
tion, the preservation of the rights of
the States will become a lively 'is?
No mailer what mav happen, the
tariff nnestIon cannot he Ignored In
the eamnalcn and Mr. Roosevelt, with
bis faculty for raising new questions,
Is likely to attract attention In some
unexpected direction before the enm
pnlgn 's on. No Issue that Is not]
broad enough in comprehend the whole
nuestlon of ratinnalltv versus radical?
ism can be expected to hold under the
kaleidoscopic evolutions of Mr. Rons?
veifs administration. He may make
anything from race suicide to war. a
topic for public attention. The only
Buch conditions in one that combnts
?issue that can haw stability Under
radicalism in general and demands
ordof instead <?r disorder.
Numerous issues have arisen and
win arise during this administration
to distract attention, bill the whole
question cornea hack to that of radi?
calism of conservatism?whethor the
w hole form of government is be chang?
ed by Construction, legislation and
executive assumption or whether the
Constitution, un tampered with, shall
What It Can and What It Cannot Say
to You.
Music is called the universal lan?
guage; and yet when you are strug?
gling to understand what a composer
Is trying to sny, always remember
that he Is speaking a primitive lan?
guage Hint frames' vaguely a senti?
ment, or a mood, or a tangled fabric
of sentiments and moods.
"The best definition i ever heard
of music.- says Rupert Hughes In the
August Delineator, "Is that of T.lllte,
'Music is n cry,' and?to my thinking,
at least?the best music is that in
which, to the largest degree, each
note represents an outcry, lint then
a cry may mean so much or so lit?
"The spirit of brooding music may
be found in tin. story of Roheit Schu?
mann and his cherished friend, Kran
Voigt. One Summer evening lie took
her out. In n rowbont, shipped the
oars and sat Tor nn hour In complete
silence. When they landed again.
Schumann pressed her hand in fare?
well and said:
" 'We have understood each other
"There |K the message of contem?
plative music In a nutshell; WO have
understood without words; and witli
words we could not explain.
"Mus:c cannot even hint at a glo
rlous contour or n ripple of muscle
which sculpture can make immortal;
nor suggest the color of a landscape
or a woman's eyes, which painting can
give to posterity: nor spin out skeins
of thoughts well-chosen and deftly
arranged as poetry and prose are
wont to do. It cannot, with n ges?
ture, grip your heart, or. with a
grimace, make you laugh as Drama
can. It cannot narrate a romance,
nor indulge in the whimsies of nn
essay. Hie patriotic fire of an oration,
tho fact-mosaics of a history, the
massive flights of architecture.
"Music is eternally debarred from
even attempting any of Huso fields.
And yet it finds compensation in be?
ing allowed to nestle a little closer
to the heart of things in themselves
and emotions as emotions than any
other of the muses that make tin'
world worth while."
You W?ll Find Them All Resplendent
at the Races.
It's not the medicinal waters?only
tourists drlrik them?that makes Sar?
atoga: It'n the races. After the
luncheon, the great hotels are emp?
tied. All the world makes B rush for
the racetrack?Mme. Modiste like a
princess royal In her perfect victoria.
The society women sit at the right
hand of tho enormous stand, facing
the track?at the end near the club?
house. Clarence Mackay, always im?
maculately dainty, with wh to trous?
ers and blue coat, watches the start
from the Judges' stand. August Bel
moht, too. is often up there. Mrs.
Joseph Wldener, the little beauty from
Philadelphia, who loves to plunge;
Mrs. Clarence Mackay, who looks am?
iably tolerant or it all; "tailor-made''
Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock, Jr.. who
never placed a hot in her life, though
her husband's horses, with their tails
are tied with green ribbon, are fa?
mous; and gentle, auburn-haired Mrs.
Herman R. Duryen?these are some
of the well-known matrons you meet,
says the August Delineator.
There Is a wild cry, "They're off!"
and the great stand creaks and throbs
with the madness of it all. There is
a rush of men like black ants surg?
ing toward the fence close" to the
track. The bands play with a crash
that sends notes like brass cannon
Hall? Into the air. After the races,
there Is the drive to tho polo
grounds, or to the restaurant at the
lake?seven miles from the grand
It Is the Critical Point In the Lives
of Husband and Wife.
With the advent of the children a
new element enters the home, a new
transforming power for I jotter or for
Worse, hut a factor that never leaves
conditions unchanged, says the Au?
gust Delineator.
The mother, nhsorlied and concen?
trated In Hie loving care of her child,
which has become so nearly all lie '
world, may let motherhood eclipse
the tenderness of w'fehood. She may
some day wake to realize that she Is
missing certain customary graceful
attentions and caresses?the bciHI
coin of love?that the good-bye kiss
In the morning is forgotten or be?
come perfunctory, and finds many
other little beads of attention missing
that but a short time ago made bright
spots of memory on the golden thread
of her daily living.
She may miss the old conferences
and confidences and feel in a vngue
way that It Is all his fault, thoroughly
unconscious thai, on repeated recent
occasions svhen he had told her little
enres and worries as of old, tried to
win her enthusiasm to some new plan
of hiB, or some new dream of ambi?
tion, she bad only half heard, her in?
terest was slight, her sympathy unex?
pressed, her thoughts wandering as
she walled for a pause and side-track?
ed bis confidence with the latest in?
stance of the marvelous Intolloctunllty
of Hie baliv. She may not realize
that the child that began ns n real
reason for dropping familiar customs
nnd - habits, acLi of thought ful?
ness and-attentions, baa now
become but an-.
Saving the Remnants.
It Is Interesting to note the care
with which Americans are turning Ni?
vard the saving of remnants of what
wns once found in (lie country tn
groat abundnuco. Whether In (lie ah.
Inini or vogctnblo kingdom there is
noted the same activity. The wan?
tonness of u former day wns natural
because there wen- comparatively fow
people and u multitude pf animals,
bids and trees. To build a bouse out
of fine walnut logs was not an extrav?
agant proceeding because the logs
were everywhere available. To kill a
buffalo was not a crime with the
prairies full of the animals. The
prodigality of early years only em?
phasises the importance of all the
movements now in progress for the
preservation of types of animals and
plants which have had much value In
the past nnd whoso usefulness In the
future is the more npproc nted as the
danger of their extermination seems
I Pearl Hunting.
Twenty years ngo a pearl craze
started In Wisconsin. Everyone dug
claims. Mills stopped and the water
was drawn from the mill ponds thai
the people might get tlie mussels
more easily. Previous to HfcfJS, ac?
cording to the government report.
$300,00 worth of pearls were found in
Wlscons it?Sugar river alone yield?
ing lin.nilii before becoming exhaust?
ed. At that time river pearls were
not valued as highly as "Orientals,"
bat now they ate eagerly bought by
lowelers. s> vorn I years ago button
factories were established ui various
points on the Mississippi river. Men
collected clams and sold the shells
to these factories to be made into
pi ail buttons. Some pearl; wen1
found ami another craze soon started.
Men flocked lo the river ftom nil
walks of life. While men, red men.
black men, brown men ami women,
all came, though after a month ot
sun. wind nnd river water coffee, ra?
cial characteristics were not conspic?
In the summer or 1902 It was sai.l
that twenty thousand men were
clamming on the Mississippi and Its
tributaries. In the spring of tin next
year the rush was even greater, but
this did not last long. Ow.ng to the
oycrflshlng or the previous season
the market was already overstocked
and the price of shells had dropped
so low. that by .inly comparatively
fow boats were at work. Many enor?
mous beiis that were thought Inex?
haustible had given out. the buyers re?
jected so many (only about a quarter
of those caught) were gnluMe even at
the jailer part of the senson the riv?
er was almost deserted.
The Only Livlnn Apostle of Science
of the Mysteries.
$5,000 IN GOLD
To anyone in the World to compota
with him. Possessing more power
than any four mediums combined.
No Card, Trance or Hand Humbug.
Greatest Hindoo Medium
In the World.
ho can toll you while in a ClaH-roynot
state, all you wish to know Without
a word being spoken. I l
Como all yo broken hearted wives,
all with low spirits and let him lilt
the burden from your aching and Jeal?
ous heart. He challenges tho world to
compete with him In causing a speedy
marriage with the one you love; unit?
ing Ule separated and l/rlng back tho
lost one. Traces lost or stolen goods.
Unearths bidden treasures. Removes
evil Influences, Crosses, Spells, 111
Duck. Gives luck and Success in till
you undertake?cures the !V?cacco and
Liquor Habits, allows tho captive to
bo set free.
He the only one that will glvo a
Written Guarantee to complete your
business or refund your money. Aro
you nick? Do you know what the
trouble is with you? COME AND CON?
tism, Insomnia, Hysteria and all Dis?
eases Cured.
He will tell you whom you will marry.
Will you bo happy? He will tell you
who your friends and enemies are.
Can you tell? Don't take a leap In
the dark, but bo advised by this won?
derful man. Greatest Prophet In ex?
He always succeeds when others fail.
This is the chance of a lifetime?don't
let ir. pass you.
Hundreds of prominent Nowport
News nnd Peninsula peoplo ha\\J been
wonderfully pleased with the work of
Prof. Bruce. Call and seo him, and
yon will he more than pleased.
330 30th Street, near Huntington Ave.
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N. P.?Our consultation fee la r>0c.
Settings, $1.0?. All letters containing
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Exclusive Days for White Peoplo.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
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But there is No Risk
in Daily Press Class
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grounds Intelligent white young ]
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tativf will moot nppllcnnts at Infor
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S::i() and 9:30 mornings. JAMES
ATION. 7;il3t
perforred, Apply VIRGINIA GUAR?
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pleasant rooms, 130 Thlrtyflrsl
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? >l^'n)iiKi ll-l..I f..r htiu.lr.'.lr ..r.Mpalila in. n nml run
hi-ip roans Uwhnleiil Hrn-inat? a lopotlUon* In which
thry nifty Kiiln .??|?*rlrnr? ntul i-arn rapid u?lvnnco
Intnl. writ.'u. t'xlay btuttui; i-m^tIv-iicu rully.
HAPOOODS fine.) Brain Brokers.
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of mncout atmhrMiM
-n ..............? y?inli-,i. and not ?Urin
T?ttHtfY?HSCnt*ilCUC<). ??nl or pol.unuoii.
CHICINIUTI.OKH? ?Ol?'by ?rnislolfc
l- B i. TMP ot >?nl In pl?lo ?rr?r>j><f.
Lr ??pt???. pr?r?'i?. t"*
? I .00. it 3 bottlcl II 7?
Olf JlJM W?t ? WM*
U. S. Rubber Imports.
The value of the India rubber Im?
ported into the 1'n.ted States during
the last year In the crude form ag?
gregated $r,t),oon,ooo. Brazil is the
chief source ot supply.
Twenty third session begins SKI"
formation concerning Stato Scholars!
small business. Free for whorl time
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iner'vlllo. President. Guy p. Murray.
Secretary. , 7 2:1 lm
to $1,000 nt 6 per cent. Merchantfl
1 Mechunics Savings Association, Al
lnn D. .Tones, Secretary and Attor?
ney. FlrRt NnMonal RnnV- imildlnir
J I have completed the most up to
, dato Undertakers' ostmbllshmont In
I tho city, with n mortuary sufficiently
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show cases, enables mo to display
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tmiko a specialty of tin- Undertaking
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Modern Rarvlce, with Paraphernalia emuil n>
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Bttonlton iu moderate prices.
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Mr. Overtoil 046.
Lexington, Virginia.
sib year, state Military, Rclenllllc anil Tech?
nical school. Tharnngfi coniiea of ri -neral nun
aiipltu-l triiMiiMry himi ta RloetrloAl nnd Civil
Kaslncorins'. Degree of gradnate in Beadeiiile
eoiiraa. and degreee of liechcloc of Science in
Technical Courses. All oxpeusfs. Including
elotblnK and jiuddanlala. provided nt rata of
ascit per anttiiiti, an un average for the tout year*,
exclusive or nuuli. for Information, atldrcM
E. W. NICHOLS, Act'g Supt.
7 10 Cw?cod
Mend or State Public School RyMeni. Letten,
BcteiicS, Law, Ucillcluc, Knglneerlng.
SlO Covery All Coyt/
to Virginia ?IikIvjP of fee ami billion in
cither of the academic depart.lilt; lowe-l
ehargra In the South. Next teuton beglm
September 12. Bend for catalogue.
Cliarlottcijvlllo, Va
Thh College ennforma to the Btandnrda
!fixed by law for Mi. Itcal Education. Send lor
Iiullrlin No. 11, which telln about it.
M tree attatoguet?Specify licnarimcnt.
Hampton College
Classical School for Girls and Young
The eleventh session will begin Oc?
tober 1st, 1907. Miss Fitchctl will he
at home tiny morning to those desir?
ing a personal Interview. For cata?
logue, ftc, address,
Miss Fitchetf
Hampton College, Hampton, Virginia.
TEMPER, Ith. For catalogue and In
lips, write to J. L. JARMAN, Pros.
Farmvlllo, Va.

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