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Violent Collapse of (lie Market on
Wednesday Still felt In
Wall Streel.
Quotations of Union Pacific Convert?
ible Bonds Take a Peculiar Turn,
But There Seems to be a Reason |
for It?The Total Sales and Clos?
ing Quotations.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, August 8.?The nor
veins temper of the speculation as a
result of yesterday's violent collapse
in prices was clearly enough In evi?
dence today and was promptly re?
flected In the heavy declines which
occurred In the first hour. The re
eovery which followed was not accom?
panied by any new development and j
was due apparently to the fast that|
urgent liquidation had run its cottrsi
for the time. Conjecture continued|
busy over the BOIlrcOs of tho heavy
liquidation and its motives. While the
identity of the sellers was not dis?
closed the motives were not beyond]
defining in the money situation and]
the futility of the campaign for the
advanco of the last few weeks to of
feel any distribution <>r stocks, i>-ft I
without artificial supporting measures I
the market was vulnerable Id attack]
and was Incapable of absorbing any
sales to take profits. The aggret
slvonoss of the hears sufficed It) de?
velop this situation and shake the
market. Such Is lite general view
Of the events Of the week in the Wall |
street district. It docs not escape no
tlce that quotations for Union Pacific
con ver?ble bond certificates which
had been pushed up to al.VJVO 02 com?
pared with tin1 subscription at 00, nl
which they hail boon offered to stock?
holders have disappeared from ifte
tape In the disorderly market of the
past few days. The reversion of *7I ?
000,000 out of 175,000,000 or these
bonds to the underwriting syndicate
was supposed to be the motive for at
tomptlng tn revive speculative Inter?
est In securities. Payment of $1;",.
onn.oon subscriptions to Southern Pn
cific preferred stock on Thursdnv of]
next week. The obligations together|
may ncconn for some of the pressure
to secure resources by stoc'.t morsel i
The course of the Interior' exchange
Is another clear Index of 'lie source
of growing pressure. Deposit* at thi
suh l reasury were made today of $600.
000 for telegraphic transfer to San!
Francisco and $500,000 to Chicago ]
Published warnings from Western |
bankers are finding their way jhti
Wall street at tho same time. lhat|
over trading und high prices for la?
bor nnd material, uot to speak of ex?
travagance in more general exnondl
tares have brought about a condition]
of Inflated eretlils and given QtYtspCCl [
of a close money market d oing th"
fall. With the relief afforded by tie
liquidation stocks were able to con
tend with the unfavorable factors In |
the situation and to maintain tho re?
Heilerts from Washington of the
Intended criminal prosecution of heads]
of offending corporations kept alive
the uneasiness over flint subject.
The Xew York Central reported a
heavy deficit below the dividend re
quircmcnt for the half year ending I
with .luno ami the Increased dividend |
requirement for the quarter cndlltu
witli the same dale was hut litt I -
more than met by the incrense for
that period in the earnings avallabli
for the dividend. The market was so|
far oversold, however. Hint those oh
Stades were overcome oh the recov
ery and the market closed ttroiK
nnd at net advances or the day.
Bonds dull und easy. Total sales j
par value $1.212.000, United Sintis 4's
advanced quarter per cent on call. To
tal stiles stocks today 010,000 share*
including: Copper, 90,::a0; Smelting.
53.000; Sugar. 3,500; Tobacco. 900: j
A. 6. L\, 1.900; C. & O., 3,700; St.
Paul, 25.(100; L. & N., 1,700; N. & W.,|
1.100; Rending, 171,000; Southern Pa?
cific; -1:1.900; Southern Kail way, 2.000;
Southern Railway, pfd.. -iOQi Union]
Paciric, 1S:!,70I); Steel. 101,500; V. C.
C. 400; Northern Pacific; 33,000; Sloss
Sheffield, 1,000.
Adams Express . 1">0
Amalgamated Copper . 78%
American Car & Foundry . 40VS
American Car & Foundry pfd.. 99%
America}) Cm ton Oil . 83%
American Cotton Oil pld .85
American Express .210
American Hide &. Leather pfd.. 1.8%
American Ice . 00Mi
American Linseed Oil pfd. 19
American LocpmoUvo . 65%
American Locomotive pfd .105
American Smelling & Rcfng ..10.1%
American Smelling ? Rcfg pfd I'M-V,
American Sugar Refining .11r?? ^
American Tobacco pfd COrllf .. 80
Anaconda Mining Co.58%
Atchlson . 80%
Atchlson pfd . 90
Atlantic Coast Lino . 8f>Vi
Baltimore & Ohio . 95%
Baltimore &. Ohio pld . 8:t
Brooklyn Rapid Trnnsit . 51%
Canadian Pacific . 171
Central Leather . I?5i
Central Leather pfd . 90%
Central of New Jersey .175
Chesapeake & Oh|o . 34%
Chicago Croat West, i n.II?..';M
Chicago At Northwestern .lift
Chicago, Mil. & si. Paul .i--1.;
Chicago Tormina! * Trans CVi
Chicago Tcrininnl & Tunis put 12
G. C., C. & St. Louis. ?;;t
Colorado Fuel & lion. 27%
Colorado & Soutlicm . 24%|
Colorado & Soutlicm 1st i>fii . r>7
Colorado & Southern '.'ml pfd .11
Consolidated this .112
Corn Products . l."<%|
Corn Products plil .70
Delaware & 11 lid BOH .L0G% J
Delaware. Lucka wall nil & West 40G
Denver & Rio u runde. 2?%|
Den vor ,\t Itlo Grande pfd _ cs
Dlutlllers' Securities . 00%
Kile 1st pr.l . ftti%
Kile 2nd pfd . 38%
Goiioral Electric .i::???/i |
(beat Northern pfd .l-<>
Illinois Central .136
lulcrborough Metropolitan . 13%
liUcrburough Metropolitan pfd 88%
luturnatlonal Paper . l'-t
international Paper pfd . 72%
Internat iniial I'll iii p . 23
International Pump pfd . 73%
Iowa Central . 17
Iowa Central pfd . 37
Kansas City Soiilie'Tu . 2u%
Kansas Cilv Southern pfd .... fj6
Louisville & Nashville .101
Mexican Central . 211
Minneapolis & SI. Louis . 40
Mill. SI. P. A: StP'il Sie M .... '.Hi
Minn.. St. I*. Ji'i mil Si M pfd 130
Missouri Pacific . 7i%
Mlssgurl, Kansas A: Texan .... 3l!%
.Missouri, Kansas Texas pfd lift
National Ll ad . 51%
National It. It. of Mexico pfd .. 4il%|
New York Central .109%
New York Ontario &. Western . Xl'/j
Norfolk & Weslcrn . 72
Noriolk ,\- Wicstcrn pfd . 73
North American. liU
Northern Pacific.124
Pacific Mall . 2:.
Pennsylvania .120%
People's Has .
Plttsburg, c. C. & St. Louis .. t>7
Pressed Sleel Car . 29%
Pressed Steel Car pfd . 88
Pullman Palace Car .158
Reading . 901
Rending 1st pfd . 80
Reading 2nd pfd . "7
Republic Sleel . 24%
Republic Steel pfd. 80%
Rock Island Co. 201
Kock Island Co. pfd . 4ft
Sloss Sheffield .ft"
St. Louis & San Kran. 2nd pfd 32%
St. Louis Southwestern . 19%
St. Louis Southwestern pfd .... 4<
Southern Pacific . 8ft%|
.Southern Pacific pfd .111% |
Southern Hallway . 18%
Southern Hallway pfd . til
Tennessee Coal ii Iron .110
Texas & Pacific . 28%
Toledo, St Louis & West .20
Toledo, St. Louis & West pfd *'i
Union Pacific . 132%
Union Pacific pr<l . 79
United states Express . !??"?
United states Really . 52
United states Rubber. 311
United States Rubber pfd .95%
Culled Slates Steel.33%
l ulled S!ateH Steel pfd .97%
Virginia Carolina Chemical ... 23^
\ Irginlp Carolina Chemical pfd 100
Wabnsll . 12 %
Wabiish pfd . 23
Weils Pargo Express .2K0
Wostliighousc Electric .143
Western Union . 77:'
Wheeling A Lake Erie . 11%
Wisconsin Central . 1">V
Wisconsin Central pfd .
New York Money Market,
NEW YORK. Auk. S.?Money
call steady, '.'.'.i it ft; ruling rate 4%:
closing bid 3; offered :t%. Time
loans firmer; sixty days 5%; 90 days
ii; six moutllB 6% <*(? 0%. Prime
mercantile paper t! to' <>%; slerllng
exchange easy with actual business
in bankers' bills 48G.4G for demand
and at 4S2.7.'. for (in day bills. Com?
mercial bills IS2%. liar silver Ii9%.
Mexican dollars 55%. Government I
bonds firm; railroad bonds dull and |
Baltimore Produce Market.
BALTIMORE, MD., Aug. 8.?Flour
-dull, unchanged.
Wheat- dull, spot contract 87%
'a ss New Southern by sample 80
|<SP 83.
Corn?dull, spot 59% <L?> South*
I em while corn ;?'"> <fl? 00.
Out:: - firm; No. 2 mixed 5ft Qp %.
Rye?quiet, unchanged.
Butter, eggs, cheese nud sugar, un
Char.. M. Schwab's Mcanu for Win?
ning a Husband.
Learn to cook a perfect meal.
Learn to dam.
Learn lo sew.
Learn to sweep.
Learn to wash dishes.
Learn to replace shirt buttons.
Learil to make beds.
Lcnrn to soothe man's troubled
Don't cry for n career. .Men do not
like brilliant women.
Don't adopt n business or profes
SlOnal life. Man's love Is won by the
quiet homebody who can cook and
darn and wash dishes.
Don't study (I reek and Lnlln
sculpture and music ami Hie higher
arts and sciences. A study of domes
lie science will Will a husband When
everything else fails.
Don't cultivate aggressive qualities
Gentleness Is the most essential pi
all trails in woman.
Don't despise cooking, sweeping,
sewing ami Hie homely accomplish?
ments, They are the proudest nhj
woman can boasl.
if you would really impress a man.
don't talk Ibsen and Maeterlinck or
ask him If lie prefers Beethoven tc
Hrabms. Tell him. Instead, that yon
can broil n beefsteak, make prime
coffee and darn socks to perfection.
-?New York American.
Tho gciitt? nian mosquito may easily
he distinguished by his whiskers,
which rolutlvo, to his size, are largo
ami Impressive uppoiidagcs. if you
will look on your bed room window
early on a summer morning, you nie
likely to boo perched Oil the UUtsldo
of tho wire screen at leas! two or
thrcu mosquitoes of (he iiinscuiine
persuasion. It is not a habit of theirs
to enter human dwellings simply be?
cause they do not bltO. They are not
able t<> bite, indeed, being unprovided
with the necessary cuttlug ami flood
sucking apparatus.
Those perched on the outside are
merely walling lor the lady mosqul
toes to come out of the restaurant,
so to speak. One might Imagine them {
Here am I waiting on the screen ?
Walling on the screen?
Waiting ou the screen.
And liny of us might reply:
ills Wife she nte mo!
As n ma I tor of fact, however, the
gentleman mosquito cannot sing a
note (Ids being another point in
Which thi> female of his species has
the advantage of him. It is asked
For what purpose Is the vocalization
of the lady insect intend) dt The
answer is that It Is undoubtedly to
attract (he mnle. Any notion we may
have entertained to the effect that 11
Is meant to delight our own ears with
harmonious sounds in the still watches
of the night is a mistake.
Ears In His Whir.kers.
In order that he may hea> and en?
joy the sweet song of his mate, the
gentleman mosquito is provided with
the highly developed whiskers afore?
said, which are la reality auditory ap?
paratus. Experiments were made not
long ago Which pioved that the hairs
of these antennae, as scientists call
thum, will vibrate sympathetically in
response lo certain musical notes,
strung with tuning forks. This, it Is
believed, Is what happens when u ladv
mosquito is in the neighborhood, her
song conveying to (lie mnle In the
mtitmer described a knowledge of her
A curious fact is that mosquitos ol
dlfferoiii species sing in different
keys. Thus the much dreaded Ano?
pheles, which Is solely responsible foij
tho distribution of malaria; pilches'
iier voice milch lower than the yellow
fever mosquito, Stegomylnj so that
the music of tho one is easily distin?
guished from that of the oilier. To
the disturbed sleeper It Is gratifying,
of course, to know just which disease
Is threatening him at the moment;
but It seems likely that this arrange?
ment has an Important usefulness in
enabling each gentleman mosquito to
recognize the call of the lady of his
own species.
The song of the mosquito is produc?
ed not by her wings, ns used In be
Imagined, hut from her throat, it U
a true voice. She sings just as a ca?
nary bird slugs. Hut even the volume
of her voice depends largely upon the
species to Which she l."lollgs. Some
species of mosquitoes, like those
found most plentifully at. Capo May.
do very little singing, being "strictly
Never Has a Square Meal.
Among mosquitoes It would seem
lo be a misfortune to be of male sex,
Inasmuch as the gentleman insect
does know what It Is to ket a square
meal during his entire lifetime. Iillt
it should bo realized that a diet of
blood Is not necessary to him, where
as It Is something the female cannot
got along without. She is obliged to
lay eggs, nnd for them she must pro?
vide substantial material. H is for
i this reason, and not through mere
I greed for gore, that she uses her Ian
I cct.
I The lady mosquito lays upon the
surface of still water a boat shaped
muss of eggs which weighs sound hing
like one fifth as much as her whole
body. She must have stuff out of
which to make tliom, and the requi?
site material Is furnished by a single
good sized drop of blood, which some
human being or other animal Is ex?
pected to supply. When we are bit?
ten, therefore, wo have the stitisfue
llnn of knowing that we are proyldihy
substance out of which a fresh l/rood
of mosquitoes will bo hatched.
Mosquitoes aro very ancient in?
sects. They liav'O been found fossiliz?
ed in rocks millions of years ol I I'll
eluding one species called Culex dam
lUHortlin fgnat of the damned), which
was of extraordinary size, in so great
a length of time, during which only
the females had any use for blood, the
long disused biting organs of the
males have become mere rudiments;
so that the gentleman mosquito of to?
day could not possibly perform, even
if he so Wished, the difficult surgical
operation by which his mate procures
a supply of gore. Mo does feed 11)1011
Ilm juices of plants, and Is often
found reposing Inside of flowers
which afford a sustenance adequate
for his purposes,
The s<> called bite of a mosquito,
however. Is not, properly speaking, 11
bite at all, hut a sting. She is pro
vldod with n beak nearly half as long
ns her hotly, which contains, neatly
packed away, a wonderful little set ol
surgical instruments, Inconceivably
sharp Those consist of a lance, far
filler nnd sharper than the smallest
camt/rlo needle, and the capillary
blood vessels lying; beneath; so as t<
allow the blood to flow freely. In ad
dltlon to the slabber and the <;nw<
there Is a long grooved tool, down
which flow oily drops of pnisnnom
fluid from the venom glands, to dilllti
the blood ami make It your out rapid
The venom glands tire two In hum
her; ami In Hie bark on the Insect'i
head Is a sort of hull, apparatus. I>\
which Hu- blood Is pumped Uli nut
into the Ihmat nnd stomach. If on<
walls unill Ihn operation is complete
practically all of Hie poison will hi
pumped out of the wound, and the bltt
win have merely Iho hpiH'uriinco of ?i
small fed puncture, without Itching
Mm ir n ship destroys tbo mature
while she is engaged in the perform
unco, inn only doos inoro or less of
(In1 venom remain, Imi tin llttlo saws,
euch of which hau forly-two serrn
tloiiB, nro likely to bo broken beuenth|
the i:kin. remaining in cause uilditlon
nl Irritation.
He Doesn't Like Gore.
It Ik, however, not the lady itmuqiil
to who Ik under discussion hue. 1)111|
her mate. Certainly It Is a matter
congratulation that he in Innocent ol I
an uppetitte for gor?-, else wo might|
suffer ihuch more seriously Ihnn wi
do. II. Ik a harmless existence tlintl
he leads? save for the fact Ilm) he la!
responsible for the porpetuntlon ol a]
pestiferous race?ami inasmuch as he
does n"t enter houses, save rarcj) itmll
by accident, ho is nut in a direct way"
an annoyance.
As for mosquitoes in generali Ii is|
not to he dented that in one way the
have an Important usefulness thai |
is to say. In purification ol tlt^mllug
water. Their larvae food exclusively
upon decaying vcgutuhlo mailer, mull
thus act as scavengers, if proof of|
tills Is Wanted, place side by nldu twt
harrehi of water, one covered with]
gauze net. ami the other uncovered
Al ter a few days the uncovered barrel I
will be found full of "wigglcrs," but]
sweet; (lie other will be foill and
tensive to the siuqll.?Rent) Dnclio, lit |
New York TrlbMne.
Not a Gambling House Is Open ln|
the Town.
Governor Hughes is in Hie Adlron
ducks, itiitl, ho far us it is knownI
he is giving himself no nioro eoncorn [
about affairs in tills lively village
than about tho affairs of any other
muuiclpallty In tin- State. Nevcrllio
less, (inventor Hughes' methods seem
to he extremely popular here. Kvcry
gambling-house In Saratoga is ready
to tlo busbies, but not one of them is
open, and not a soldier ol fortune
knows whether the wheels uro gninv
to go round or whether.they aren't.
In former years there lias been
some sort of council of lite powers
that were a day or two before Hie rac?
ing began to determine wduil should ]
be the policy regarding gambling. Thin
year there ban been nary a consulta?
tion. The general opinion iihont Iho
hotels tonight seems to he Unit never
again will there be gambling here
the obi simon-pure, wide-open Sarato?
ga variety. On the other Itnml, Hie
general opinion seems to l.v that, he
ginning tomorrow. If u man wnilta l?|
cavort on the field or the cloth of
green, If hi- looks bin d enough mid ls|
well enough known at some place, hi
may find, he may enter therein mid!
listen lo the soft, seductive music
whirling spindles and turning wheels
and the lisp or the cards as they fall |
from the deal box. in oilier words,
there may be. und probably will he,I
gambling in Saratoga this summer, as|
there Is In Albany, under the v
shadow of tbo Capitol, anil as there
Is and always will be In every larg,
city or the Culled States, hut II w ill |
be hidden under u rose with expand
in gaud impenetrable petals. AI nil)
rate, the lid is down toillgOt. It ma\
lie lifted u llttlo tomorrow.?-SaratogaJ
Dispatch in New York Sun.
Spoiled It.
"Did you enjoy the ball game yes?
terday?" /
"No; tltf? umpire was absolutely
fnir in his decisions."?-Detroit l-'ree
Press. I
Not In His Class.
Mistress?I waul n girl for general
housework; someone who Is strong
and willing and will do everything.
Bridget?Do yoss take m'o lor a Taft'
?The Wlisp.
I;:: *
The Greatest Conve?
nience of Modern
Hampton, Va.
& &
My house lind lot No. 112 Armlstonfl
nvdnue, Hampton, Vn. Lot 50x226
fool, u rooms, hot and cold water.
Bloc trie lights, i;;ih installed for book?
ing and heating. Apply to
Wines and Liquors
I belong to tho lost ItPio that stray?
ed away from Dublin before Hoses
sailed on tho Rod Bon. I'm a price
butter, l in a money-maker: I'm the
one that Holl-i nil straight. Whiskies
retail at wbolcsalo prices. Tho fol?
lowing high graue lOu WIiUMoh I
Sell for Be a ilrlnk: P?hl Jones l'uro
Ityo, Bhorwond Bio whiskey, Carroll
Springs, pur?, Maryland ltyu Whiskey,
Ovcrholt ltyo Whiskey, Park wood Byo
Whiskey. All of tho above named
Whiskies aro strictly high grade;
watch my prices It you dare, boot
me If you can, Wulrjkoy In hulk at
following prices:
Old Nick l'uro Ityo, % pt., 26c;
Leonard's Favorite, % pt, 20c;
Hunter's Bnltltuoro Rye, % pt.,
2Go; gallon . 4.00
Maryland club, Vi pt, 25c; gal?
lon .4.00
Paul Jones Pure ltyo, % pt, 20n;
Star A. Rye, gallon. 2.0Q
Mosa Hose, gallon.2.00
Larkwood Pure Rye, gnllou.2.00
Jefferson Pure Ityo, gnllou. 1.75
Kentucky Bourbon, gallon. 1.40
Doublo Slump Qln, gallon.2.00
The following brands of Califor?
nia Wihos, Port, Sherry, Ca
tawtm, Claret, Blackberry at
25c por qt., per gallon', 7Co.
PrldO of North Carolina, 4
years old, gallon. 2.00
Kummoltl, per gallon. 2.00
Carroll Springs, gallon. 2.50
XXXX Baker ltyo, gallon.2.60
Barrel And Bottle House
10 AND 18 MELLfcN ST.,
Phoebus. Va. TliDnt 280.
Off Sale
Which IS causing lall; over the
Virginia Peninsula continues nt
RcmomDcr thai GO 2-3 cents I
will buy n dollar's worth now. BJ
This reduction in gout's turn ?
I lilugs Is a thing to be rcmeni- I
?3 ig?
Croat sale commencing today and
lasting two weeks. Richmond Furni?
ture CO., Nu. 21 W. Qubeil street, will
sell nil goods for one font 111 off Of
original price. Ali goods new ami up
lo-dnto. Wc must make room for out
FALL GOODS. Never before has sucli
inducements been offered in Hamilton
for swell goods. Call ami inspect
goods whether you buy or not.
Freight paid On out of town sales
21 West Queen St.
'Phone 297.
(Lindsay's Old Stand.)
a \<-iy desirable suburban homo, situate directly on LnSallo avo
iiiic at Iii?' Junction of the two cur lines. , Dwelling comparatively
new. of two story and ImsoniOlll Willi in well arranged rooms. Kili-Ii
eu und dining room In Uisoinout. City waler connections. Largo
lot. tu toot limit, running back to an alloy. Prlcu $'jsnn. Terms
$llnn i .e.lt. balance easy. The two adjoining Iota can lie bought ut
it low rlg?ro, jg'.
(In account of owners desiring to go west, I um offering Tor sale
u very desirable rurih on nig tlnolt Itlvcr within 2 tulles of Hampton.
Land lays well and situated on a beautiful river point, anil could ho
widl cut Into two tlver In rill B. Twosiory house or S rooms, barns
ami out buildings. Kino luwn with large shades troos', Good ulxod
orchard, if) acres or tiinhcr. Price $71100. Terms ouo-lhlrd cash,
balance easy.
The Phillips-Lackey Co.
IS Fast Queen Street . HAMPTON, VA.
Souvenir Letter
Containing id views or the Virginia Peninsula. ' J 1
Send one to your friend. & JSTJj.
Schraudt's News Stand
42 West Queen St. - Hampton, Virginia.
Electric Chandeliers
In stock. Conic in and have a look.
S. J. Watson's New Store.
10 Quecu St. L'hbuea 100 and 841. Hampton, Va.
priceH, for summer delivery.
Hy ordering now you get ad- I D
vantage of newly mined Coal,
just unloaded, as well as lower
prices. GoodClkan Coal. All
Sizks. 2,240 Las. to tiik T?n.
? The Helf ellinger Co., Inc. S
8PHONE, No. 23. O
i Foot o! King St. HAMPTON, VA. M
President. VIce-Prealdent.
The Bank of Hampton
Hampton, Virginia
Capital, .... $100,000.00
Surplus and Profits, - $125,000.00
The only designated Depository In tho State of Virginia In
KnBtcrn Virginia. Wo mako loans ou Real Estate?NOT PRO
IHUITKD?as are the National Danks.
NELSON S. GROOME, - - Cashier.

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