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Then This Roanoke Man Took His
Own Life with a Knife.
T. J. Winuficld Used .1 Gun on the
Woman and Then Severed Hii Own ?
Jugular Vein?Leaves a Note Tell?
ing Why He Committed the Crime.
(By Associated rrenn.1
UOA.nOKI:. VA . Aug. S.? T. Ji
Wlugllold, HBcd 25, toilny Bliol and
killed his wife, aged 28 and commit
lid sulcldo beside hor hotly In the
Wingllcld liomc In Northwest Ken
iibke. Wlnglleld lefl a not,- ilnted to?
day in Which In- .-aid In' Would hill
his wife and himself, giving ns his
reason for the art that another man
had Invaded his homo. Tin- collide
quarreled en a bach iwrch ami attqr
going into the dining room, Wlngflold
fired two shots through his wife's
brain. He picked up the body and
carried h i" a bedroom, where hoi
lilaeed it on a hed Standing over
the hotly ol the woman Wluglluld Cid
his throat, the knife with which ho
severed his Jugular vein dropping
on the cheek ol Hie wife.
The couple caine hero a week ago
from llngerstown, Mil, Wlngflehj had
been employed us a brnkemnn on iho
Baltimore & Ohio Knltroad.
War Between Japan and Run
BiaSeoms To Have Sealetl
Ks Kate.
? The war between Japan and Itussln
In regarded h>' some authorities as
having sealetl the fate or the drum. |
Tlie victorious Japanese armies moV:
ed from first to last silently, save rot
the occasional sound ol a bugle. The
drum was absolutely absent. AI rend)
It bad beep ulXilitihod from some Kit
ropenu armies; bill no great war had
before been fought without it.
Military men have been us a rule
great partisans of I lie ''spirit stirring
drum." , Marshal saxe, one of the
greatest Generals of the eighteenth
century, the conqueror of Kontenoy,
declared IliaL the measured sound
made by the drum and file was India
pensable lo make men march well. As
IUI Illustration of the effect ot music
in sustained physical movements, he
"Almost everyone has seen people
dance all night, leaping ami swingin:'
couUttimlly. Bill let anyone try to
dance for two hours without music,
mill see how miserably lie will fall.
it Is thus with marching, it makes
no difference what air is played, pro?
vided It Is in ilutlblu or treble time,
no that the drums ami fifes can lake
It well, lint some r ucli air is ncceS
Ahothor great General. Wellington.
Contended that without the bI rains ot
music Ii was Im possible lor troopa to
make BUCCUSSftll charges. Wanting
music, Hie men WOtlld COIU0 Up ragged
and open against the enemy.
Napoleon was an ardent defender of
the drum. As lung ago as bis lime it
was urged-by some military men Hint
it was a barbaric Instrument, which
dulled the most sensitive ear by list
monotonous sounds, and that It bail
not proper place in modern warfare.
"The drain," nnswercd the Corslchti,
"Imitaten the cannon, it is the best
musical Instrument In the world; for
It never gels out of tune."
It is a mistake to assume that the
drum is unmusical. All musical au?
thorities have agreed that when used
in the proper way it is thoroughly
musical, The common snare or side
drum Is freely used in musical com?
position. A Inrgo number of drum?
mers performing simultaneously out
of doors produce good music.
Berlin/, the composed said thai n
sound which was Insignificant when
beiit'd singly. Bitch as the clink of one
or two muskets at shoulder sinus, or
the thul as Iho butt end came to the
ground at ground arms, became hill
Haut and attractive n performed by a
thousand men simultaneously.?Now
York Tribune.
, Italy's Convicts.
Italy has 230 convicts to the million
inhabitants, which is Hie highest rec?
Cofertor] Hotel.
Wu arc going to tako cnro or
our home people at most reas?
onable rates. Come and satisfy
yourself that this ;lu an abso?
lute ract. Special rates will bo
offered young men. Cuisine the
"liest Ever." Services all you
ran desire. Kontos cool ami
airy. See us at pneo.
M an ao Kit
Ambassador White, iiccohipautod
by ills sou, has left I'arls for Calls
bad, where he .will tako tho cure.
Mrs. W. 15. II. I.eeky, the widow or
the distinguished historian, is proimr
lug a inomolr or lior husband.
? l'arndlas, the palutor of Trieste,
ha), found two hitherto unknown pic?
tures by Titian in a clinch In the vil?
lage of Trad, Dnliuntln. One repre?
sents the Magdalen ami the other the
descent from the cross.
Theodore W. lllchnrds, professor or
chemistry at Harvard University,
i who is one of Hie exchange professors
with the University ?>r llorlln, has
closed hi-; leciurcs at llorlln an dwlll
rot urn to America at once.
Cal l llucus, Hie German consul gen?
eral at New York. Is tu lake a long
leave of absence abroad, alter which
I he probably will rotlllU lo New York.
It is denied thai h,' Is lo receive a
I diplomatic appointment,
Mrs. Harry I'nytto Whitney has
Joined the artists colony In Mncdnug
al Alley, New York, und has taken a
stable In thai neighborhood, which
she expects to lit up as a sculptor's
studio on her return from Europe,
where she is now trnvellm;.
Mrs. llnrcotirt, the .wire or "Hie
baby of the cabinet," as the English
term Lewis Vernou llarcourt. Other?
wise and commonly called "Lnla"
llarcourt. Was Miss Mary Ktllel
I turns, the only daughter or the lute
Walter Hunts, of New York, and a
niece or .1. r. Morgan.
Dr. .lohn II. Watson, professor or
physiology In the University of (idea
go. Is said to have made the discovery
thai seagulls have a language of their
own and think as well us talk. Dr.
Wat-on has Just returned from a re?
markable trip of rescued In the Dry
TortilgllS Islam), off the lower coast
or Florida, where lie made the dis?
King1 Kdward carries a gold key
i that has no duplicate. Il opens his
private writing disk. Every time the
King quits Ills personal ap;l lineal
conti nts ol the wash-basket, the
blotting pads and even Hie wrappers
id i lie newspapers that conic from
every capital of Europe. Ills Maj?
esty takes no risks of spying eyes, and
it Is an unwritten law Hint private
secictai les shall not Indulge III gos?
sipy diaries, after the manner of Sam?
uel I'opys.
Accused Captain of Tug Released
Norfolk. Aug. 8.?Captain II. II.
Ilickmun. of the tug Margaret, who
wtis arrested here yesterday at the
Instance of the authorities of Alex?
andria, Va.j upon a charge or grand
larceny?towing away a crart that is
alleged to have been libeled in the
courts ut Alexandria?today gave
bond before Judge llnnckol in the
sum or $1,000, with L. Mclltlgh und
II. N. Pago surety. Captain Ilickmun
was released trotn further custody
Cures Indigestion
and Sour Stomach
Do not suffer longer. You can be re?
lieved immediately by Hicks' Capudinc.
It induces the proper How of gastric
iuicCS and cures the distress and acidity.
Try it; It's pleasant to take- It's liquid,
Cures headache also. At ull druggists.
The "Mt. Vernoit"
, Call und sou our new and truly beautiful Sterling Silver Pattern
The "Mt. Vernon"
Acknowledged by nil to lie the prettiest niece of Silver ever made up.
It "a elegance of design and rich, lint simple ornamentation never fail
to appear to pcoplo of taste and refinement We have It made up in single
pieces from $1.50 to complete ehest at $100.00.
2704 Washington Ave.
Berlin Chuckling Over the Extrava?
gance of the King ol Siam.
They Were Rewarded for Their Ent?
erprise as the Kino Took About
Half of All That Was Ottered to
Him?To Leave Berlin.
(By Associated Press.)
iikki.in. auk. 8.?King Chulnlong
korn will leave ilerlin tomorrow '<"'
Cassel Whore he will be I he guest "f
the Herman Emporor and Empress.
Stories of the extravagance of the
Siamese king continue to excite nod
amuse Iterlln. It Is considered cer?
tain Hint be has bought $3,000,000
worth of diamonds und gold ami sil?
verware. Two gold services among
Iho selections cost $NUll,imh) each.
Tho king is occupying nearly the en
lire Hour of one of the principal ho?
tels, several apartments ()f Which
have been given up to exhibition ot
the Jewels und precious metal work
which wore brought hero from Lon?
don, Paris nnd elsewhere by dealers
expecting to sell most of the wares
and who were rewarded for their
enterprise as the king took about
half of all that was offered to him.
Experience is Not Confined
lo the Person Who is Be?
fore Public for First Time.
The nervousness known as Irema.
or singe fright, is not confined to the
tyro, but sometimes attacks export
onced artists, liven orators, nccus-i
tomod to "a soo of upturned faces,"
have been known to stand on tue plat
form with trembling knees. The ner?
vousness often stimulates the speak?
er. "Why. Canning," said a friend
to tho wit and orator, as he was about
lo speak on an important question be
fore the House of Commons, "your
hands are cold and clammy! You are
"Then I shall make a good speech!"
exclaimed Canning. And he did.
it lias been said that or all those
whose accomplishments are evidenced
upon Iho stage, musicians are the
ones who suffer most from trema, it
makes one artist tremble, another
perspire, the third have a headache,
the fourth a thirst. Its most fearful
manifestation, chiefly among the
strings. Is detected In the nervous
trembling of the bow in long, sustain?
ed tones.
There |s perhaps no great violinist
who does not suffer from trema. The
great Vsayo does protty often. Kube
lik lias II. not only in Iiis hands bill
also in his legs, bo that frequently
on the platform he has fell himself,
according to Iiis account, "pushed for?
ward by some visible power without
being able to chock It."
Clanlsts, singers, and Instrumental?
ists all suffer similarly. Some have
it In the fingers that run away with
themj others in the throat; still oth?
ers In tho lips.
At one time Pa'dercwskl suffered
greatly from this nervousness. It
went so far that when he once had
to play in n concert In New York he
vanished from the artists' room a
short time before the time set tor hU
appearance, and it was only arter con?
siderable search that he was found
and induced to proceed With his part
of Hie entertainment.
Rubinstein was another great snt
foror from trema, even in the /enitli
of Iiis powers, lie was known on
more than one occasion to have fore?
gone the profits of lucrative engage?
ments because or sudden attacks of
tins form of nervousness.
Albert ('.running, brilliant Vien?
nese pianist, on the days of his eon
certs used to make plans for his fu
Hire. He would decide to settle down
In some village in Austria, tench the
country youth the rirst principles of
piano playing, and devote the remain?
der of Iiis time tt> digging potatoes
and tat tentng ducks for the market
" Thus.'' ho declared, "1 shall lead a
quiet existence that cannot try my
nerves. I shall never play again |0
public. Today I? the last time.*' Then,
if Iho concert was unusually success?
ful, and there were no other engage?
ments f,,r the next few days. Criming
felt himself to be the most uni'nrtu
nnto <>f men.
Among great singers then- may be
cited as distinguished sufferers from
trema tin- do Rc.sxke brothers, Jean
ami Edouard. They were woni to de?
clare that at times only tho respective
encouragement they afforded each
other prevented the direst or failures.
One evening at the opera In Paris, it
was with the greatest difficulty that
Edouard induced his brother to go'Oil
at all. so nervous and despondent wan
the latter. Yet the critics averred
that on the evening in question, when
the tenor sang "Lohengrin" In French
for the first lime In his career, .lean
was absolutely perfect.
It has been said thai Plnncnn lias
stood in the wings, wailing Ills turn,
quivering like an aspen leaf, and
crossing himself time after time.
Aloys Ander, the tenor, died mad.
The nervous stage fright. It is said,
bad no little to do with Iiis tragic
fate.?N'ow York Tribune.
Argentina Land Unoccupied.
Argentina lias 345.000,000 ncrog of
unoccupied land Which is suitable for
cattle grazing.
A recent report shows that co-op?
erative farming la making great head?
way in Germany. At the dose of 1906
no Jess than 17,in:: co-operative form?
ing associations were in full swing,
With u membership of over a million
Columbus, O., Railway and Llghl
Company has voluntarily Increased
the wages of all conductors and Dio
tonnen. numbering nearly 600, olio
hair cent per hour. The higher cost
of living is given ns the reason for
the company's action.
The Council of the Yorkshire, Eng.,
.Miners' Association held a meeting
recently when, amongst other sub?
jects tiio question of a further ad?
vance in wages was under considera?
tion. A resolution was passed author?
izing the general secretary to make
formal application for an advance of
6 per cent.
Injunctions have boon obtained by
the UnHed Garment Workers of
America against u number of dealers
in Jersoy City, restraining them from
the fraudulent use of the workers' la?
bel. The New Jersey Slate Lal'i Agi?
tation Lciiguc obtained Hie ovldenco
upon which tho injunctions were
The horscshoors of St. Paul. Minn.,
havM prepared a new scale, it rates
floormcn at |3.60 and firemen at 11
a day, and provides for half holiday
on Saturday. Under the old scale
floormcn got $^.7f> and firemen |3.26
per day, and all worked nine hours a
day, six full days In the week.
The railroads centering In Chicago,
III., are now considering the advisa?
bility of establishing an employment
bureau to secure a better grade of
operating employes. It Is stated that
the labor organisations are opposed
to such a bureau and declare that it
WOUld amount to a blacklist.
The annual convention of tho In?
ternational Typographical Union,
which Is to convene In Hot Sprigs,
Ark., August 12, for a weeks' session,
promises lo ho n great event in the
trades union world. -There Will he in
attendance about l.SiKi delegates, re?
presenting the various typographical
unions of tho United States and Can?
The strike of the shell platers a!
the Teeslde and Hartlepool, Eng.,
shipyards lias terminated and tho
matter In dispute are to be sottlld by
a conference of the employers and
the representatives of the men's so?
ciety. With respect to Iron founders'
wages, the application of the men for
mi advance Is to he settled by arbi?
Or. Jones, chief surgeon of the Cn-I
ion Pacific, urges 40 years as the age
limit for employes ns u precaution
against wrecks and greater care In
the selection of men. His recommen?
dations are lo be considered at a
meeting of the superintendents of the
In the Departments of the pns do
Calais und Alsne, France, iiO.nno per?
sons nre employed In the tulle factor?
ies, and two-thirds of them are women
and girls. Over half the persons em?
ployed In the weaving and throwing
Of silk are women and children. The
employment of all these women and
children has driven men out of the
business on account of the reduction
of wages and has materially deterio?
rated the artistic character of the
' German copper workers 6n strike
have had a stroke of luck which rare
1 ly falls to any body of men In such
circumstances. It Is stated in Berlin
that the banking house of Offenbach
recently received from a person whose
i name Is not to be divulged a check
for $2r,n.ono, with an Instruction that
It was to be placetl at the disposal of
the selected representatives of the
copper workers on strike, and to be
managed for the benefit of the men
in their struggle.
The Union Dartondera of Memphis.
Tonn., will in future run their organ?
ization on strictly business principles,
and if tho action taken at the last
meeting is carried out no applicant
enn become a member of tho Union
until he has stood an examination be?
fore a board appointed for the pur
pose. The union accepts responsibil?
ity to the employer for the notions of
its members, and will protect the em?
ployer as well as the employe in the
event that any controversy should
arise between thcni from any cause.
The organization guarantees that
when one of Its member secures a
position he will be capable of /Illing
that place
Members of Reiunlng Families Who
Have Withdrawn from ihe World.
The latest member of a reigning
family to embrace a religious life is
the Prince of Locwonsteln-Wcdthelm,
who has just gone into a monastery,
lie is well known through his long
activity ln opposition to duelling. I Ii?
is now 71. ami when one considers
liow powerful an attraction monastic
life has had for his family, It does
not appear surprising that he took the
top His only sister and two of his
daughters took up conventional life
long ago. Hip sister, Princess Adel
held Locwenstoln; is the widow of in?
fante Miguel, once a pretender to the
throne of Portugal. Ills son, the Duke
of Drnganza, lias Just announced that
he will also make a claim to the
throne of that disturbed country.
Among fit her religious members of
nlgnlng families Is Prince Mnx. of
Saxony, brother of tho reigning King,
who Ik professor of canonical law and
liturgy at the University of Freiburg.
With tho exception of those named
only side branches of tho reigning
families arc to be found in religious
life. Tho consistnrlal counsel of tho
Cathedral of st. Stephen in Vienna l?
Count Arnold zur Lippe, u cousin of
tho rolgnliig branch of that dynasty.
Among the members of tho famous,
although politically unimportant,
wamlly of Llcbenstetn in Viennn, who
have gone Into the Church, are Prince
George, who, ns Father Idleson. has
become a member of the Uenedictino
Oriler at Pr?mie, und Princess lien
riefte Llchensteln, who under tho
came of Adclgundls, has gone Into the
Uenedictino Convent at Smlchow In
Among the so-called mediatized
families there nre many more exam?
ples, although they nre always Catho?
lics. One must search In vain for a
Protestant dignitary who has gone In?
to the religious life. Prince Frederic
do Croy, who was not long ago a very
lively young officer of the guard at
Potsdam, Is now u priest In tin- ser?
vice of the Pope. Two members or
tho Hohenlohe-Schllllngsfuerst?both
princes?have recently become
priests. One. Philip, who formerly
held a high political post. Is now a
Benedictine father, and Prince Karl
Egon, who Is barely out of his teens,
has become a secular priest In the di?
ocese of Siebenb?rgen. There Is. of
course, i long list of young women
who have taken tin1 veil ami among
the most recent Is the beautiful Ma?
rie Schwnrtzcnberg, daughter of the
Prince, who has become u llonedlotlne
nun . Sister Maria Wolslawa, the
daughter of Prince Lohowltr., has Just
entered n convent, and so have three
sisters of Prince Isenburg-Blrsteln,
Whose mother was tho Archduchess
No Two Ships of Same Name.
NB\V YORK, August S.?An edict
just issued by the English board of
trade bids fair to cause nil kinds
of confusion temporarily among Brit?
ish shipping. The board, which
speaks with authority on the BUbject.
has decreed that hen-after no two
British vessels shall be registered un?
der the same or similar names. The
new rule Is to take effect at once.
There nre lew ports In the world
where the change will bo more notice?
able than In Now York, where craft
of British registry predominate, and
"liest guesses" as to the future names
of two of three Virginians, eleven
Vests, six Normans, four Occanlcs,
two Cedrles, six Majesties, five Mai
las, two Mallards, two Malagas, elev?
en Rescues, six Resolutes, three sr.
Lawrences, two St. Ixitiis, etc., are in
order. As yet plans for the change
have not been completed formulated,
but it is expeeled that among vessels
of any one name the vessel of the
heaviest tonnage will be permitted to
retain its present designation.
Swaying of Chimneys.
A chimney I1G reel high will sway
10 Indies in n high wind without dan?
Reaching the Spot.
It Can Be Done, So Scores of Newport
News Citizens Say.
To cure an ncblng back, . . - .
The pains of rbeumntlsm,
The tired-out feelings,
You must reach the spot?get at
tho cnuse.
In most cases 'tis the kidneys.
Doan'8 Kidney PIUb are tor tho kid.
Goo. R. Abbott, carpenter of CIO
2Mb street, Newport News, Va., Bays:
"I had rheumatism in my legs so
noute some days tbnt I could scarce?
ly walk. It struck me that If Doan's
Kidney Pills performed half what
they promised and were a specific in
removing uric acid from my system
they might help to tide over tho last
attack and I was readily induced to
go to Allen's drug store for a box.
If they had not performed exnetly
what they promised I would bo tho
last resident of Newport News to
publicly recommend tho preparation."
For sale by all dealers. Prleo f>0
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, solo ngents for the ?United
Remember tho nnmo?Doans?and
take no other.
Office Purchasing Commissary, U. S.
Army. New port News, Va., Aug. 7, 1007.
Sealed proposals for furnishing mid
delivering subsistence stores In this
city, nnd at Camp U. S. Troops,
Jamestown Exposition Grounds, Vir?
ginia, for tlie mouth of September,
1907, will be received In this office
until 11 o'clock n. in., on August 20.
19117. ami then opened. Information
furnished on application. Envelopes
containing bids should be marked
"Proposals for subsistence stores to
be opened August 20. 1907." addressed
to CAPTAIN J. N. KILIAN, Commis?
sary U. S. Army.
Mrxlrrn Htrvlt-p, with rnrftpl.prr.All? count to
nt.lliiK nip to kIta to my tmtrniii the licit o
ntlcnilon ?I ino-tcrMe prlCM.
Phos?, Office? Until Photifi No. 1,
Kcilil'enr* I'h..iic Mr. i Minn tl
Mr. Oferlou 0-16.
I bnve completed tho most up to
dato Undertakers' ostrubllnhment In
thn city, with a mortuary sufficiently
large for most funernls, it show room
equipped with tho latest Improved
show eases, enables me to display
a large linn of my clnss of goods. I
mnko a specialty of iho Undertaking
business, and give my entire time to
It, nnd with two assistants nnd two
licensed cmbnlmerH, and the most
modern paraphernalia, 1 am proparcd
to glvo tho very best of service to all
classes. Respectfully,
234-2,1(5 Twenty fifth stroot. Phones
51 office. Residence 110.
But there is No Risk
in Daily Press Class?
ified Ads. j& jm j&
If you nave a Room to Rent,
If you want Help,
It you have something to Sell,
Put an Ad In the Classified col
urns of the Daily Press.
25 Words 25c
Klmberly's Drug Department, Ohl
Point. Vu. 8 8 lit
genoral Iioiibo work, except wash?
ing. Apply Mrs. Percy Poarch Flf
tli'tlt street and Huntington avenuo.
8 7 :!t
clnss men for out of town. Must lie
utile to handle big boring mills,
lathes, simpers, planers and gear
cutters. Dig wages paid; open shop
system; permanent Job, steady work
Transportation advanced. Applv to
W. S. DEVEREUX, Colonial Hotel.
Norfolk. 8 3 Gt
pleasant rooms, 130 Thlrtyflrst
street. tf
hats to bo cleaned, blocked or re?
fitted with sweat bands and rib?
bons. Our work Is all dono nt
homo. TUB II till, Academy of
Music bldg. Doth phones. 5-23-tf.
chango furniture and stoves. C. W.
LEWIS, 2502 Huntington avenue.
wo nro buying and selling now und
second-hand Furniture. Mouslck &
Chendle, 2506 Huntington avenue, i
buggy; a bargain at f in cash. MIIt
LER & GLEASON, 28th street.
80 6 (it
horse. Apply 4313 Huntington ave?
nue. 8 3 tf
fir rnpatit?. RUp4.rlnt(MKlt*nti H?ll foremen TTp^tl.
,-nriMt In vRrloin, llni-i,. W.' nr.. Ai'MinK nntimtMT ?.f
employer* irba ih-pU such men ivt rci,t?on*ii>l* |>.>*I
tti>ni?r,?i.-r.iin.tvrUI iia.v$Ii,,i ?Vlunjcnr. A f. w
aeelrable opening! for m-n iiioin*.' money m im . st
? Ith th,-lr?-rvlo>'ii. I'oujr i>r OpportMHttfr* ilexrlti
lntt "Ikmi [..sin. frn- fur Iho mklur. Write in t.>
d*y alAtlnK nK?. i'xix'rl.'aco, via. onlc,.s In IZ ciUeft.
-HAPOOODS (Inc.) Brain Brokers.
1113 C:nB?v?iltb Iran Bllg.. rMliloptU
Of ear of com. Between Newport
News and Old Point or In Chamber
lln Hotel. Reward given if returned
to 121 Thirty-second Btrcot,
8 0 3t
Buckroo or on Boulevard car line, i
gentleman's Oohl Watch, strap fob!
with Initial "O", back of fob Inter?
national fair. Ran Antonio, Texas.
1!)0R. Liberal reward to finder
CHAS. A. OREANKIl. 227 Forty
seventh street, Newport News, Vn.
8 2 6t
let. name Lucy S. Collier Inside.
Reward, Hotel Warwick. 8 8 :tt
Twenty-sixth street and Dry IVck
main office on Washington avenue.
Metropolitan Life Insurance book,
Schmelz Bros. Bank Book und other
important letters. Addressed to J.
N. Prelims. Howard If returned to
Daily Press . 8 8 2t
Is one emblem of purity in musical
refinement and proof of an bob
the tic taste. ALLAN EDWARDS,
I local representative. P. O. Box -1 ~>S.
Newport News. 8G12t
cash or easy payment plnn, accept
second-hand pianos or organs as
part payment on new Instruments.
Tuning nnd repairing a specialty.
All work guaranteed. Ferguson
Music Co.. 2H0 Thirty-first stroet.
Cit. Phone 95. 7 10 lm
St fat I
Twenty-third session beging SEPl
formation concerning State Scholar**
rooms, electricity .gas and water lo
family with no Hinall children.
Price rcnsonable. Address 313 l"th
Btrcet. 8Stf
Private family, modern convenienc?
es, 225 29th stroot. 7 2 tf
parts of Hie cltv. Call and Rot
CO.. Hotel Warwick building.
fer; offices C. St. O. Wtation.
?Phones. Bell Not. 401 and 185;
Cits., No. U.
to $1,000 at 8 per cent. Merchants
Mechanlco Savings AHsociatlon, Al?
lan D. Jones, Secretary and Attor?
ney. First National BnnV iiufldlnR.
Lexington, Virginia.
Sth year, state Military, Belentlllc nnd Tech?
nical Beta mil. Tin rousn com set ol general inn
applied Ch?nil-try mid In r.h-drlral nn-I Civil
Krntlneerlnsj Desrea of Rraduslo in academic
ntnr.c, mi.I ir. ?. . , of Hm-hi'lur of SVk-nco In
Technical CoSnes. All exnenaea, Incllidliii
elatblns ami Incidental*, provided nt rale hi
BMA per Hiiiiuin, ??* nn averaaefor ihe four years,
exclusive of iiutilt. For information, ??Mn ??
E. W. NICHOL8, Acfg Supt.
7 10 Cw?eod
(State Agricultural and Mechanical
College) nt Blacksburg, Va.
Fifty-four Instructors. thoroughly
equipped Shops, Laboratories und In?
firmaries. Farm of eleven hundred
acres. Steam-heating nnd electric
lights. In dormitories. Degree courses
j in Agriculture, Horticulture, Civil. Me?
chanical and Electrical Engineering,
Applied Chemistry, Applied Geology,
Preparatory Medicine and Veterinary
Science and General Science. Shorter
courses In Practical Agriculture and
Pracl leal Mechanics.
Total cost of session of nine
I months, Including tuition and other
fees, board, washing, text books, uni?
form, medical attendance, etc.. $L." 17.
40. Cost of State students, $107.40.
The next session opens Wednesday.
September IS. 19U7. For catalogue
nnd other Information, apply to
8 1 3t President.
This Calltse conform* lo the StamlnoU
fixed hy luv; fir lMedicnl Ktlncntion. Scud for
Mullen n No. II, which tcllH nhoul It.
Three tree calalntuea - Specify Department.
Richmond College.
p.irhmoii'1 Celleg? Um juM rolobratod
in VMii anniversary with a greater en
doirment, Dikit fm-uliT, honor c,|iilp
merit, more department* of a'udy, Hint
mors -oi'Icmi- than pv,-r heforo In IM
long and honorable. hlMnry. Aniong re
rent idfll 1? a vilnrrljitlon of IIMI.KKI hy
Ihn (ic*or*1 Kdnratimi Hoard ol few
Ynrk, which In the lainr.-l gram iiia.ln |,y
Ulli Moaril lo mir Rnutlici n Institution
Course* of ftttsfy lend to degree* of II.
A . Ii. B., M A., niol 1.1., it. Particularly
strong courses in Srjleuce nuil la l.nw.
Sa-liolniahli? for worthy Hilden'?, Sc?
?Ion hoiilm Sept. pi. Addrc.*-, I'rci. K.
w liuA l WKIUHT, Itlchmond, Va,
Hampton College
Classical School for Girls and Young
The eleventh session will begin Oc?
tober lnt, 1!I07. Miss Fitcbett will he
at home any morning to those desir?
ing a personal interview. For cata?
logue, ftc, address,
Miss Fitchett
Hampton College, Hampton, Virginia.
MOM HER, Ith. For catalogue and in
ilps, writ* to J. L. JARMAN, Pres.
, Farmvllle, Va.

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