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Business Men Willing to Pay S3,
50 and S2.25 for Bell Sepylce.
Committee Named to Visit Business
Men Generally and Secure Tliclr^
Signatures to the Pledge Not to
Pay More Than the Above Sum.
The mod im; of Um Subscribers to
the telephone hi Hampton drew sixty
business men Ln lite Young Men's
Chr'ailhn Association last night when
the proposed Inerease in the rales
was discussed at considerable length.
Tim question was debated In its
every phll&C ami it was filially decid?
ed (?( name a committee to call upon
the business men und I he telephone
auliscrlbra and ask them to endorse
a. petition au.Inn In pay $3.fifJ per
month for business 'phones and $2.215
per month for residence phones, l'n
less the telephone company agrees
to th s compromise the Indications
are ithnl there will bo n number of
ll*< subscribers who will cease to use
the telephone.
The connnllce to draw up the paper
Betting forth Llio compromise indicat?
ed was Composed Oi Messrs. .lohn
Woymouth and William C. L. Tulla
ferro, while .Messrs. It. L. Tennis.
Herbert Wilson and 10. It. Sindbis.
W.Ore named as the committee to vls't
the business men and secure their
I luring the evening a number of
speeclt's were made. Most of tho
speakers opposed Hie raten. but
M?SSrn. .lohn Woynmuth, George A.
Schmelz, v. P Holt, .lohn W. Howe
und Others, thought It unwise to at?
tempt, to do away wllh their 'phones,
unless another system was In poor
lit Ion here. Mr. Schmelz argued (Hit
the 'phone was a necessity Wtth hihi,
Iis did Mr. Howe. Mr. Howe, how?
ever, stated that If all the wholesale
dealers n Hampton would agree to
cut out their 'phones, he would do the
name. Mir. Woymouth thought, be
could do without the 'plihnn If all
Other lawyers did the same thing.
My. t\ H, t'heyne, Mr. It. L. Tennis,
Mr. George 11. Wood and Mr. DlggR.
favored a. resolution that all the sub?
scribers to the service refuse to agree
ito the new tariff rates and that they
agree- to cease to use the service.
The telephone people acut ft loiter
In which they stated that the com?
pany could not afford <o give service
in Hampton ohqHpcr than Ms for
bus'ness 'phones and fllf. for real*
The meeting adjourned to next
Thursday night wMcn the report or
the committee named last night will
bo received.
State President B. j'. O'Hnra Will
Come Tthhj Evening.
Mr. H. .1. O'llara, worthy Stale
President of the ?aglos, will pay
an official visit to Hampton Aerie,
No. Im'-', this evening. The meeting
w 11 probably he largely attended and
tilt" local birds are expecting it big
time. Mr. O'llara has recently recov?
ered from bis broken leg and this
will bo his first official visit to Hamp?
ton Aerie.
Plans for the Grund Actio mooting
lit Norfolk, will ho taken up and d's
cussed and all together an evening
of sport and fun Is promised the UlOlh
bers of the Aerie.
Sale of
at Little Prices
An extra pair of Trotis
er? will prove a npcfiil ad?
dition to your wardrobe
n o w. Three lines of
Trousers in this Bale at
little prices.
$6.00 Trousers, for $4.50
$5.00 Trousers, for $?.5)0
$4.50 Trousers, for $8.50
$4.00 Trousers, for $8.00
$3.50 Trousers, for $2.75
$3.00 Trousers, for $2.25
$2.50 Trousers, for $2.00
Frankel & Elsenman
Complete Outfitters,
"Hampton'? Bait Store."
Ribbed Vests
August Clearance Prices
Vou c-nn never havo ton many
changes of uiiilorwbar, ho buy
these while yiut can go) i hetn
at lesH than rogulur prlcoH.
Pure White Silk Halo, VobIb,
lustrous and WtOor?2GC. grade
20c. Swiss lllhhed Vests, with
tloop lace yoke in fiont and
hack, uiso plain lisle, hand
crochet finish
12 l-2c.
All (if ntir Misses 1111(1 Cllll
dreu'h Itll.-heil Vents that mild
from 12 12c. In 20c; titzCM
rnngo from Infinit? in Voting
I The Coming and Going of the People
j You Know.
Mr. ami Mrs. ('has. K. Btnnton have
bven visiting friends lu Madlows
! Messrs. Cecil and Bruce Wood have
returned from Suffolk, where they nl
! tended a house party gtvon by Miss
('apt. and Mrs. Charlos 10. Ilowlps
and Master Ned llowlns havo re?
turned from a visit to Mt. BlllOtl
springs and Orcoiiwood.
I Mensis. H, P. K.lani and Moncliro
I Hope left yesterday for a visit of a
few days In the mountains, Including
Staunton and other points.
1 Miss Molllo Hope has lofl for :i visit
of it few weeks with Miss Maggie
. Daniels, In Washington.
I Mr. and Mrs. .lohn W. Rowe will
leave tomorrow for a stny of Bovcral
weeks in the mountains.
Mrs. W. 11. Push has left lor Balti?
more, where she will enter her daugh?
ter In a College for the winter. Mrs.
Hush will reside in Baltimore so as
to he near her daughter.
Mr. Klllott lllckmnii hits returned
from a visit to friends In Franklin
Mr. Kdward Oiciiand and the Misses
Ruth mid Rlsle Clollaud, of Lynchhurg.
tiro visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hoheit
Co Vor b ton, iii Pulton street.
I Mr.-. P. .1. Ford, accompanied hy
her children, has left for u visit In
- friends In Hlchmnnd.
Messrs. Thomas Illaekmorc and
Phillip Blnckmore have gona to Barn]
slahle. where thoy will spend some
', time.
Mr. and Mrs. Loxley Loo, of Phlla
dolphin, with their two children, are
the guests of Mr. Lee's mother, Mrs
Bakor V. Lee, in Fast liampton.
Miss Mildred Lon Collier, of Sails
htirg, Md.. la visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas \V. Konton, in King street.
Giver, Up the Position of Treasurer So
Ag To Return to His Former Place
With Iowa State Home.
Major B. A. Reason, for the piist
five years treasurer nl the National
Soldiers' Home, has sent his resigna?
tion to the hoard or managers With
the request that he he relieved of Iiis
work here on the tenth day of Sep?
Major Reason has determined to
return to Iowa to become the treas?
urer of the Iowa State Soldiers' Home.
He was the treasurer of this insti?
tution before coming to Hampton
Major Reason's resignation will ho
greatly regretted hy the officers of
the local home, as well as the mem?
bers of the hoard of managers, llej
Is regarded as an exceptionally good
man for the place he has filled and;
everything possible was done lo keepi
him from resigning the tronsurship. |
which is a position of great trust.
lie has made a number of friends
among the inmates of the Home, as
well as among the outside people.
The hoard of malingers will selcot
Major Reason's successor, hut so far
no one can even surmise as to the
Mr. Willis in Richmond.
Hon. .lohn M. Willis, superintendent
of schools of K\'zahoth City county,
la spending n few daytt in R'cam'ond.
Whbu Kir. and Mis. Rurhrhlgo ro
it timed homo from lM.ii- outing it
was noticeable to tlu. sight or all
?ion that Mr. Kurhrldgc won- HlloK a
sheepish manner 'hat lie almost look?
ed pastoral, while as lor Mrs. Ihirv
bridge, that lady hm| the appearance
or one who could bile I he flukes off
a man of war's anchor lust as soon
its look at it. Seohig this, tic neigh?
bors ran in at mice ami sat around
rollclllng (he homccomors upon their
safe return, until ai last the expected
happened ami Mrs. liurbridge lifted
her voice ami sniffed:
Lands sake!" (Aip cried, "It Isn't his
fttull we an- home!"
She nodded the back of itscr lead
towards her liege lord and master
with an air of frightful scorn and
derision, as though he were not worthy
of being recognized more directly, and
tie n. as If thinking hi tler or lids, she
maidenly spun around, placed hor
bauds upon her hips and faced that
unhappy man. shouting:
??Whenever I think of it?"
"Hut you mustn't 'kink of It, Mary."
bogged Mr. Ilurbrldgo, blinking Ilia
cy s. "You mustn't think of it. you
know, ii upsets you so.
"Mustn't!" sheared Mrs. Ilurbrldgo!
"Mustn't! \tftl\ may you sll there and
loll in.- that 1 mustn't! Ughl When?
ever I think or II?"
"Poor soul!" murmured Mrs. Flnchoy
while tire otiv.'i- women clicked their
tongues hgnltisl the roofs of their
mouths with a comforting nolno, or
llfiid Iholr bosoms with commiserat?
ing sighs, meanwhile trembling with
Impatience for Mis. hiirbrhlga to tell
them all tn* details.
"We gol on the train lo com.' back!"'
cried Ilia I Injured lady, "and settled
ours Ives back In our seat. I iltkldu't
had the bent of times, either, for
mother bad two of my sisters and
their husbands there and the bouse
was full, but he?" sli'e indicated the
miserable Ilurbrldgo again with that
same scornful gesture with the hack
of her band ami mimicked his voice
horribly, crying, "Make the bot-.t of
everything! Make the best of every
lll'lngi my dear. No use worrying!"
"Poor, ilenr soul!" breathed Mrs.
PlneW'y hi the voice of one who can
sympathize with a sister who lias also;
suffered, "Poor, dear, dear soul!'
"And so we got on tile train," cried
Mrs. Ilurbrldgo, aftor sounds of com 1
I fort bad unveiled around the olrclo.i
"and jusl after we had settled yonr
solves In our seals- the conductor,
came along rind walked right past us,
[thinking he bad taken our tickets be?
fore. So I up nnd says to lhirbrldgv
Shaft Being Erected on Jamestown
Island Will Not Be Com?
pleted on September 11.
(By Associated Press.)
NORFOLK, VA.. Aug. 22.?Lieuten?
ant Governor .1. Taylor P.lly.-on, act?
ing president of the Association for
the Preservation of Virginia Anptpil
lies, announced today that the un?
veiling of the monument to (.'apt John
Smith, being erected on Jamestown
Island, by the Dulled States govern
incur, will necessarily have to be post
poned. the Contractors giving notice
that It will not he completed on Sep?
tember lltb. the day set for the ox
Preises. Ohcorta'nty ns to whr-n 'ho
shaft will be completed, prevents the
naming of a future day. I
In the Police Cpurt.
W. I. Rollins, 22 years old, a young
white man. was before Mayor Jones
yesterday to answer the charge or
drunkenness. Ho was flucti
Warner Robertson, OS years obi, col?
ored, was fined $4.30 for tin. same
Mr. Holston Resigns.
Mr. IL K. Holsten, who Mas been
the manager of Mr. John 11. Klniber
ly'S store at Old Point, has tendered
his resignation to accept a position
with the Deep Water Pier Company.
Mr. W. Tt. Hush will probably be?
come the successor of Mr. Holsten.
Wbat'a In a Name?
Perhaps you may have bennl of the
celebrated divine who could movo a
congregation to tears simply by repeat?
ing the word "Mesopotamia." It was
In the sound. Some words) have Indi?
viduality of their own. Yon cannot
twist "Mesopotamia" to mean any?
thing but n sleepy, sun-klsscd land.
You could not, for Instance, endow
those soft vowel sounds with the rug?
ged quality of another unmistakable
word, Saskatchewan!
Ras-katch-c-wnnl Spoken ob though
It (nine always from the full ridged
chest of u tall red man, thin la the
flank; bard In the leg, spoken as
though with the exhalation of lungs
full of rugged northern ntr. What
word In the glossary of rivers sur?
passes this In the virility of Its sheet
I sound! It recks of klnnlktntc and
dried white llsli and smoked breasts of
wild geese and service berry and pom
ralcan. You cannot avoid seeing dog
sh dges, or help bearing the ho'jk of
wildfowl, or refrain from noting the
I blown breath of men tunning in tbo
cold, when yon bear the mero namo,
wild, mysterious, of this river, ono of
the trails of the young men.?BnwrjMB
Hough In Outing Mngazlnc. ta
A system i>r treating low ?l*aHo
Iron ores in an electric smelter with
graphite as a reducing medium. In?
stead or coal, has been Invented by n
Mr. Hlorth of Norway. The Iron nnd
steel institute haa awarded lilm a
right away, ?Tail's tho first hit of
luck we've had this n ip.' 'What?' say*
hi-. 'Why, (h<> conductor didn't sec us
says I.. '1 didn't havo my tickets <nit.'
says he, 'I'll catch hlin the next time
lie cofrH s through.'
" William Burhrldgo!' says 1. "Mo
you iirean to say that you nrb going
to sit tliere ami deliberately give him
Whose tickets when you might Just as
well keep them in your pocket? If
so.' says I. 'I wish to tell you plain
and straight that, you \Vill hear front
me, good and hard, tod-^gootl and
" 'nut,' says he. 'they're only re
turn tickets and-'
"Only net urn tickets!' says I
'Don't you know that you can redeem
tin in for cash?' Ami Jus! then the eon
title.tor came along again and I had
stop, hut I kept my eye on him and
he didn't dare to give those tickets
up. I saw hlin wiggling, ihough!'
" 'William llurbrldge,' says l. 'if you
(lure to give thbso tfekcts to that man
I'll make It hot for you!' i don't want
to steal a ride," he growls, 'I aln'l no
thief!' 'Thief!' says I. Thief! ir a
man thai rohs his family ain't a Uttcf
I'd like to know who is?" lie says noth?
ing, hut he curls his lips in a way that
well I know, so I up und says to hlin:
'Now. William Burhrldgo, for l.H'o last
time. 1 warn you!"
"Around came the conductor again
and what did this this fool do hut
put his nrnis out and stop him.
'Didn't I get yours?" says the
'No.' aayn ho. 'not yet,* And ho
feels In IiIh pockets! And he finds that
lie had lo.-t |)*n|o tickets! Oh. laws! Oh,
laws! I could have struck him down!'
"Lost them?' says the conductor.
"Guess 1 have." he says, smiling
sickly like.
"Two?" says the conductor.
"Two.' says he. 'yes.'
"Seven dollars ami ninety cents,
please,' says the conductor, and oh, I
nearly fainted."
Tho circle grnnnod in sympathv.
Mrs. Plneltov lending the refrain, till
Mrs. Riirhiidgc stopped them with a
sudden gesture.
"And he didn't have lie money!" she
exclaimed In Inojcprosslblo tones, "and
he had to borrow it from me!'
And in the 'chorus of groans that
followed those words, no groan was so
full and yet so hollow, so strong and
yet so pitiful, as Iho mighty groan
tluil hurst fro inthe heart of William
Bdrbrldgc, ISso... the husbnnd of his
wlfe.tlie victim of his conscious an i
tho man who had booh warned! ?
l'.venlng Sun.
Authors Worried About Tltloa.
Nov. lists spend a deal of time over
their titles. Dickens worked through
thirteen before he found the fourteenth
In "Hard Times." Hamlet's famous
soliloquy, as Mr. 0 ribbln reminds ur.
has one sentence that has given three
writers their titles. W. D. Howclla
hns employed "Tho Undiscovered Coun?
try." Roliert Purr i'From Whose
Bourne," while David Christie Murray
and Henry Herman twist the tall of
the quotation by employing "One Troy,
elor Returns." Rut Is the title of auch
Importance? asks the London Chron?
icle. It Is delightful to know that
novelists search the Scriptures und
rend their Shakespeare In the ?inest
for tlth-w. Rut one recurs to tho meth?
od of I.ytton when he wanted to dis?
cover whether bis name or his nature
was the attraction. Why should not
all six shilling volumes be entitled nlm
ply "My Novel?"
Ono Way to Trap a Bear.
The Ways Of trapping hear are nu?
merous, hut there Is one old fushlouod
way that amuses uinny. It is the sys?
tem of getting a molasses barrel and
driving spikes around through the out?
side near the open end with the points
of the spikes protruding downward
toward the bottom on the Inside. A
bear will force Ids head Into the luir
rol lu the center of the circular row of
spikes and cat all the molasses he can
dud, but when he comes to pull his
head but the points of the spikes catch
lu the fur and skin of the neck and
head and he cannot get rid of It. The
barrel prevents his seeing. He Is help?
less and sure to get rattled as soon ns
the situation dawns upon htm.?Dul?th
Tales of the Derby.
Whep the Duke of Quccnsbcrry ("Old
Q ") was eighty-six and in very feeble
health, his friends tried In vain to dlfl
BUsde him from going to Uie Derby of
1810. "Not gu!" was his Indlgmiut re?
tort. "Why, 1 haven't missed a Derby
for thirty years, and I'll go If I die on
the road." He went, but It was for the
last time, for be died before the year
was out. Year nfter year Lord Palmer
ston redo down to Epsom on Derby
day, until In isofi tho weather com?
pelled him to drive down. "If the for?
eigner wins I shan't survive n year,"
ho said to some friends on the course.
Oladlntour ("the foreigner") came in
first, and In the following October l'al
merston was slopping In Westminster
abbey. -Westminster Gazette.
The ladies of Central Methodist
Church will hold a lawn party in the
yard of the parsonage tonight. The
public s Invited. It
ynwl or canoe preferred. Address
Box 90, Hampton, St.
soda fountain, in excellent condi?
tion. Apply KIMBERLY'S STOR12,
Old Point Comfort, Vn. 8-ll-tf.
Mercury in the Orient.
JftjIMkn and China now uso more
mercury than most of,'the other conn
irics and (Iiis Is ahout llio only metal
l he price of which has decreased of
late. In the I-'ast it i.< useii for making
vermilion, and In Japan largely in Ihn
compounding of a secret explosive
Disease Spread Over Whole Body
Face Was in Awful Condition ?
Itched So that Baby Could Not
Sleep?Doctors and Home Rem?
edies Failed?Mother in Despair.
"I take groat pleasure in dropping
you ft lino t" tell y>u what a (loiUcnd
CuUcurn Homo*
dies were for my
baby. Ho was
Buffer in g from
that terrible tor
lure, eczema. It
was nil over his
body In patches,
but the worst was
on bis face and
bend. His face
was awfully bail;
the oazoma ox
tended up to tho
lower eyelids and I wan jiir.1 about t-iek
for fear it would get into his eyes before
I got it stopped, lie cried nnd scratched
till the time and could not sleep night
or day from scratching. I took him
to tho l>est doctors, nod one of them
said that ho would keep the dtscosu till
ho got nil of his tooth; but if 1 had de?
pended on the doelors, I guess my boy
wot?d have been laid at roil by this
time. My friends told rho to try innny
kindn of remedies, nnd I pestered the
child to death with oil the different
things, but could son no Improvement.
Finully I got discouraged, ami was just
about to givo up all hope of hi- ovqr
getting cured, when 1 rend about the
wonderful Cutioura Remedies, which
camo just In time to rave my baby
from the terrible torture. I used Cuti
eUra Snap und Cuticura Ointment, and
gnvo him Cutioura Resolvent, and 1
euw an improvement in |throo days,
and in throe weeks bis skin was as
clear as It e<iuld l>e. That was six or
seven months ago, and I have not
seen any return of t he disease since. I
should have written long ago, but I
Waited to siv> if it would return. I shall
recommend tho use of Cuticura from
one end of the world to the other. Mrs.
Maggie Smith, 314 W. Crosier St..
Akron, O.. July 24 und Aug. 11, 1000."
Complete Ivitrnml and Internal Trrnimcnt lor
Kv.'ry lluninr ol lt>Unt;i. OilMn n. ni.-l A.l'ilM r.in
?taM ?t i.*uii>-uki Soup ejSc.i 1.1 rti-anv! UM Skin.
Oltktirn Olnlmrnt ir.Or | to llcnl Ilm Skin Mill
emt'-tiru ftjflliitil iWV t.tOf in tin- t.inn uteiioru:nle
c.iiol raw, .'.'.c pur vi?l ..r eoi io i-uniy t|i? uu?d.
H.iM ttiniiichnui itm wi.rM I'.aicr Drue ft i -i.. 1-1
Corp.. Sol.. Pr.ip.-i. nirtinii. Mnsi
im-Mm : ? . C'uticum Uuuk on 6Va i .'? . .?,
The Greatest Conve?
nience of Modern
Hampton, Va.
jt? !* St S*
All Summer
Suits at Re?
duced Prices.
We hnve an excellent assort?
ment to select from
$12.50 Suits Now $10
They cannot be duplicated
S. Marbach
The Raltlmore Tailor.
Corner Court and Queen 0t?
I ^eCjose at Saturday Excepted j
50c. Jean Drawers 39c. j
Tho kind Hint sells for fifty cents
the pair every where. A fill] range
of BI7.C8 for lall, short. Btout on.I silm
39c. Rair
^ SSampion, Virginia. ^ j
Five lotn and nice cottage on ear line near Rlovorvlow. Will
cell very cheap for cash.
A largo lot on Myrtle Streit near (he Boulevard. I.ol SI hy MO
feet deep to 20 feet alley a'tld 20 feet alley on Bide. Can he llO?ght
for $360.00.
Two excellent np todate homes on Newport News Avenue. Can
sell you these at rock-bottom prices.
f6r RENT.
C-room dwelling. Rlvorviow . $ 8.00
fi room dwelling, \ji Salle Avenue . $ 6.50
t; room dwelling, Lnuderdale street . $12.50
One side of double cottage, Phoebus . $ 5.0U
20] West Queen Street .,. $10.50
152 K. Queen Street. $12.50
North King St.. either side. $ 6.00
9 and 11 North King Street. Phono 60. Hampton, Va.
Sale of Lawns
12 1-2C ^WNS THIS WEEK $ |_2c
8 and lO West Queen Street
V, P. I. Cream and Milk. That's just wliut you get when you buy
FROM? "L^t-jLvi ..*?.-.* l?oJ^
Cor. Curry and County Sts. Phoebus, Virginia.
Phone 177.
Tho V. P. I. Milk is absolutely pure as the cows are examined by
an expert votornnry every week. We use fruit in our Strawberry
cream. |1.2C Gallon; 05c. half gallon.
Rlx-room cottage Iji Salle Avenue, $l,nr.n.00. ICasy terms.
Modern home Newport News Avenue, $11.000.00.
Forty acre farm, twenty acres Oyster grounds; fruit of all kinds,
Hampton, Virginia. 18 8. King Street.
i" '
Houses for Rent or Sale in all Parts ot the
?Phone 13?
Come to the Fountain of GARDNER &HUDGINS
We served the famous Montnuk Crenm nnd there is no oipial to It.
Our soda is the beat to bo found. Then we will accurately fill your
North King street. HAMPTON, VA.
For Plumbing Steam and Hot Water
I i <h . jrfj' "i SEE if N ; \ t- .
of Hampton.. Vs., ^ '
The reliable plnmrvr, who carries the largest stock of Plumb?
ing. Stcahl arid Hot Water Fixtures on the Peninsula. All wor..
guaranteed. Repair work promptly attended to. 'Phono 173, Cor.
Court and Queen Streets.
Get Ready for v.inter Now.

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