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only newspaper published in
Newport News that receives the
full news report of the Asso?
ciated PrccB.
VOL. XII. NO. 203
All Over Virginia the Effort tn
Humiliate Harry St. George
Tucker is Deprecated.
Leading Papers Freely Criticise Direc?
tor General's Step, and Mr. Tucker's
Return Is Expected to be Signal for
Contest?Govtvnor Say6 He is Not
In Muddle,
Everywhere in Virginia the action
Ol Director Qonoral .lames M. Purr
in depriving President Harry SI.
floor go Tucker of bis duties und |iow
era as director of corbmonlos at the
Exposition. Is attracting adverse
coin.nt. Mr. Tucker's personal
friends are not the only ones llldlg
mini over the action. The lending
newspapers of the slate have freely
condemned the director general's
Step, ami there seems to ho every reft
son to believe that tho mutter will
urn be allowed to drnp without an
effort to prevent the humiliation <il
the Virginian who lias heretofore
playing tho pan of host at the Ter?
Mr. Tucker i-; still at Portland; Mo.;
where lib went last week Id attend
tho American liar Association, and It
is probable that nothing will he dune
until he returns. In the meantime
Mr. Rarr Is having nothing to Bay In
regard to his action.
This trouble, which Is said to have
been brought on directly by a dispute
as to social precedence between Mrs.
Barr and Mrs. Tucker, seems to have
been the culmination of Mr. Barr'S
efforts to "clean-out" all traces of
the furnier management of tho Expo
Billon. Since he took charge the
director ifenornl mas steadily been
lopping off official heads, some of
which undoubtedly should have p en
lopped off before, and now he has
taken the final step, depriving the
president of tho sole rights and pern
galives left to him under the new
The action bus caused a general
discussion of Mr. Hair and his meth?
ods, and some of the criticisms are
anything bul favorable. Develop?
ments will be awaited with interest,
especially in Vlrglnln.
Wbo Mr. Barr Is.
In an article discussing the situa?
tion, yesterday's Richmond Journal
had the following reference to Mr.
"In 1901 Mr. Harr was the junior
vice-president of the AtchlsOn, Topeka
and Santa Fe Railway. U,. was given
the position of vice-president an I gen
oral manager of the Seaboard Air
Line, and came to Richmond to under?
take his new duties in the spring of
that year. Four years later, in a
pamphlet published by the Seaboard
president, Mr. .lohn Skclton Williams,
of this eiiy Mr. Rarr was accused o"
"mismanagement, blunders and de?
ceptions.'' Charges were made at?
tacking his veracity, and his manage
ment was characterised as "a record
'?of scandal and incapacity.'
"Mr. Williams offered to submit
fills controversy to a board of arid
trators for adjustment, and offered to
make public an amplr retraction and
apology for his remarks should ho be
found to im wrong in his deductions
Mr. Ran- remained silent and did not
challenge the president's charges.
"In Ill8 circular Mr. Williams
i "'So far as Mr. Rarr is concerned
the facts, figures nnd documents pro
Rented seem to us to prove him so
Incompetent and reckless, so regard?
less of Ihn truth, that his statements
nnd predictions und estimates are
Unworthy the serious consideration
of business men. Every charge we
have made against him is proved.'
"Mr. Rarr resigned his position
with the Son hoard, and was later
dropped from the board of drect?rs."
Governor Not In Muddle.
A report was circulated to tho ef?
fect Hint Governor Swansnn bad be?
come mlxedlip In the muddle, hut
this the Governor emphatically de?
nies, in the following statement, given
oni yesterday in Richmond:
"The statement that I have parlicl
paiod in the matter In any way is ab?
solutely false nnd without any foun?
dation whatever. I hay,, not inter?
fered with or concerned myself In
the management of the, Jamestown
Exposition. Roth AH-s. Swunson and
myself have had all wo could do at?
tending to the Virginia fontnros of
the exposition and have had no lime
or disposition to go outside of this.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Rarr and Mr. and
Mrs. Tucker have been uniformly In?
vited to all entertainments given by
us. and wo have attended entertain?
ments given by Mr. nnd Mra. Tucker.
They were at the dinner given In
Prlnro Wilhelm, occupying seats of
onor til Prlnco Wliheim'a Inble. I
have only seen Mr. Iiarr once since
ho has boon director general, and thai
was Romn weeks ago in collection
with conditions at Pino Ucach.
"This nintter Is entirely ono for
the exposition company ami one in
which I have had nothing to do, have
no: had ami will not have anything
to do. Mv relations with Mr. narr
ami Mr. Tucker are pleasant, ami I
will continue t<> cooperate to make
the exposition a success and a credit
to the state.
"I have pot hud and will no; have
anything to do with any dissent Ions
that may exist In connection with the
management of tho Jamestown ISxpo
Rilloii. The entertainments and hos?
pitality given by the exposition com?
pany are wholly separate from those
given by mo and the members of the
Virginia commission. I have no
knowledge of any differences or mit;
understandings except such as ap?
pear in the papers."
Ordnance Bureau Refuses Details of
Stcnfftebcn's Tclctjraph Device
for EKploding Torpedoes.
WASHINGTON, D. C. Aug. 27.? So
crocy is maintained at. the Bureau of
OnUrrrthco. Navy Department, rogard;
lug tili" new telegraphic device for
exploding submarine mine:; which
Marry Stonfftcboii ,a Kreuch subma?
rine expert, today submitted to the
government for its consideration Mr.
Stcnfftebcn, who arrived in New York
on tie- Tournlno y.cstorday, came di?
rect to Washington to arrange tor a
si t ies of tests which is to he made
at Newport In the near future, lie
has come here at tho request of prom
In. til naval officers who are con?
vinced that his invention lias consid?
erable merit ami should bo careful
l;> examined by ordnance exports.
Further than to say that the device
was to be tested and that the de?
partment was Impressed with its sim?
plicity, ordnance officers would make
no comment today. Tne fact that Mr.
|St< nffteben has come here at lite re
M of the government and that
in 'ther ordnance Officers nor Mr.
Sti nffteb.-n himself will divulge his
1 kins argue that his Invention is at
least luing Beiiouslv considered.
Inventions and devices of this
[character are received weekly In largo
limbers at all the bureaus of the
Navy Department. There is seldom
any hesitancy on the part of the offi?
cials to explain the impracticability
or no-slide value of these inventions
li Is only whi n the government ro?
an Mts special investigation Into somn
device that tho bureaus feel that ab?
solute secrecy must be maintained.
I Daughter of Dr. J. W. Ayler Passes
Away at Chevy Chase.
Mrs. Fanny Ayler Dnnlop, wife or
Mt. George Dlilllop, died yesterday
morning at her home, chevy Chaso,
Washington, D. c, after a lingering
illness. Mrs. DuIIlop's mother, Mrs.
I W. Ayler, 'if this city, was Calle?
to Washington last week on account
Of her daughter's lllnosa ami was at
the bedside when the end came. D\
I W. Ayler. lather of tile deceased,
lofl last night for Washington.
Mrs. Dtmlnp lived here with her
I parents bofore her marriage and had
wide rlrcle of friends in the city.
IShe IS survived by her husband and
I two little child ten.
Thanks Heaven Backed by Troopi.
WASHINGTON D. C, Aug. 27.?
'Southern Republicans do not like Hie
Candidacy of Secretary Taft for the
Presidential nomination in inns," said
internal Revenue Commissioned Ca
s in reply to an inquiry. The Re?
publicans of the South are for Theo?
dore Roosevelt, and insist on his re
nomination next year."
In view of the recent activity of the
Secretary of War and the known fact
>f his candidacy for the nomination,
Ithis statement from a Southern Ro
I publican is Interesting.
Thanks Heaven Bcked by Troops.
RERUN, Aug. 27.?Empcrior Wil?
helm, in replying to an address of
wi h omo by the burgomaster of Han?
over yesterday, said: "We have to
thank the gracious dispensation of
heaven and also the swords of our
I rusty troops that It has been possi?
ble to maintain peace so long."
Conductor Nunnally Dead.
CIIRSTI3R, VA.. Aim. 27.?Thomas
[S. Nunnally. who'was in the employ
or the Tidewater railroad, as a con?
ductor some time, died fills morning
in the home of his father, Richard
Nunnally, of consumption. Conduc?
tor Nunnally was held in high esteem
by nil who knew hint. He was about
20 years old.
Prominent Irishmen Arrested.
fRV Associated Press.l
James P. Farroll, Irish Nationalist
I monitor of Parliament for North
Longford and forty others were :.r
rested today and hold for trial today
on the charge of Inking part, in "an
nil'.awful assembly likely to cause a
Kilp.-.trlck in Port.
Tho United Slates arniv transport
Kll pat rick arrived in port yesterday
morning from Havana, Cuba, with Ofl
passengers including a number of
enlisted soldiers whoso terms are
about to expire.
Parly of Siiahls Make Sharp fit
lack on the Camps But Are Re?
pulsed by Artillery.
Large Force of Native Cavalry Said]
To be Surrounding the Seaport
Towns?In Engagement the French
Did not Suffer Any Lots?French
Sending Out Cheerful News.
(riy Associated Press.)
CASARLANCA, Ann. 27.?A sharp
onghgcmcnl between the French and
Ihn .Moors took plan- yesterday nfter.
noon about six inllca from Gensrnl
Drude's camp. A rocoimolterlng part}
or Shnhls came lit touch ?villi the
enemy, who opened a heavy t on
the cavalrymen. Tl"' hUbv replied
with effect bill retreated. Reinforce
mints with artillery were forwarded
tu the scone of the fighting and the
Moorish force was driven back into
tho hills. N<> loss ?in tho French
sldo was reported.
The Moors began b> form f-?r(
another attack when alum: 11? ? ? * mllp'i
away, but n row well directed nholls
quickly dispersed them. As a result
of tho reconnaissances made hy Ocu.l
Drude, the Arabs have en 11 rely drawn
off and normal conditions In Caablan
ca nro balug resumed.
Bearing Down on Casablanca.
fRy Associated Press.)
MORROCCO, Tangier, Aug. 27.?It
Is declared here that a large body of
native cavalry have been seen boar
lug down nil Casablanca from the
direction of Morr?cco City.
Mclnlntn, the fanatical priest, has
left Siiafl and it is reported thai ho
I Is going to Fez.
published his opinion
to silence the clamor
JUdgc Jones Says That Boact of Ala?
bama Officials To Defy Law
Caured Him to Act.
Judge Thomas (i. .bines, of the Fed
oral court, has Issued a signed stale
meat lo a newspaper in which ho de?
fends Iiis action in tho celebrated
blanket injunction in the Louisville
and Nashville railroad case. Judge
Junes charges newspaper reporters
with having dime him Injustice in
their reports of incidents in COIICC
tion wIth his Injunction.
"A grave injustice lias I ???on done
me, and the cotirl over which 1 pre
side." says the statement, "by the
publication of a story from this city
dated August 2-lth. This story is a
report of what tho attorney general
of Alabama said as to a case being
improperly prejudiced by an opinion
published on tho granting of the re
slraining order before the day set
for the hearing of the preliminary
"The court not being advised that
the power of a court of equity over
criminal prosecutions was in niiy way
denied when tho preliminary Injtino?
tions were mantel in an elaborate
opinion dealing with tho main issues,
contented Itself with citing a few lead
itiK authorities.
"Under these circumstances the
court felt it an Imperative ditty to file
an opinion and glvo it to the press,
which would tend to remove clamor?
ous Impressions which had boon ex?
cited by the boasting of local offi?
cials that they would defy the orders
of this court, and In this way
strengthen respect for the law. it
did so. in ihe opinion complained of.
justifying these late orders.
"No man has greater cause than
I to love jho people of Alabama. My
whole life. I hope, proves that I have
appreciated and to the best of my
ability repaid their trust. When a
youth I freely shed my blood in its
service, and at different times for
twenty years risked luv life at. the
head of its Citizen soldiery.
"The good will of the people of Ala?
bama Is my cherished possession."
Failed to Tell in His Aff.davit Where
He Started From When He Went
to Chicago. ,
(By Associated Tress.1
CHICAGO, ILLS.. Aug. 27.--.Tolm D.
Rockefeller is having his troubles lo
collect 57.1.00 from the United Staler,
government for his (ravelling expens?
es and witness fers in the recent
hearing in (he-Federal court before
Judge Land Is./ in making applica?
tion for the amount duo htm, Mr.
u. roller declared thai In- ha,| nav
oli il 11 lU miles to attend ill.' i ion
of llio conti. II'- tlhl ?ol say,however,
whether h<- oanio finni I'ittsriold.l
Mas . or Cleveland, phi" \eiuallv '
1'itlto.l States Marshall I toy knows
that tin- claimant caulk rrom Pitts
riehl. hut offlolally ho-fi'Oes not know,
aiiii Mr. Hook' roller wfll not got lit*
money until tin- iituiahpll obtains oi l
rielnl Information oij tin ibjeot.
Protect Negro Proiri Lynching '
HASTON, <PA? Aiij;. 27.?Thiero
was much excitenieiit about the coun?
ty jail at three o'clock.'this morning,
due to a rumor frouKMsouth llothlo
In in that a party of determined Iron
workers hit" lofl to come to Ilm coun?
ty s. at ami take Wiljbim llamly, a
South Carolina negro, from jail ami
lynch him Warden Colin, a ton soil
am) arme?l all the deputies ami Irutt-I
lies. |iut the iloilhle b.U on all the
outrnucoH to the prison ami hail the
i utile police lore, stalihtle.l about the
jail. After walling, until ilsiWn for
the arrival of the supposed lynchers.
th,. offlct i wore dtsnrfl U
Took Her Pup to 8ee Prince
KKW YORK, Aug. 2T,?Mrs. Aurel
llalniiyi, formerly Mrs. "Burk,. Itocho,
swept on the Newport' tennis court
carrying in her nrnis' n big white
SVinnt'ili whose nook Was enclroleil
with a high starched hollar studded
with diamond pins.
The famous Casino courts wore
crowded, all the Princq Wilhelm hos?
tesses being on liand except Mrs, <>?.;
lien Goclqt, who Is said to have been
im, fatigued after the reeoitl high
ti nsloii to attend any functloiis for a
.tames G. Pcno Dead, i ^.?'
(fly Associated Press.) r
DANVILLE, VA.. Aug. 28.?James
G. Pent), a wealthy tobacconist and
capitalist, of this city, died at his
homo in re today after a long illness
from a complication of diseases, Ho
was til years of age ami was closely
Identified with tho large cotton mill,
the mnutifncturliig and tobacco Inter?
ests ot till; city.
Disturbances in Ireland.
City Associated Press)
DUBLIN, Aug. 27.?Tonight's Issue
of the official Gazette Contains pro?
clamations by the Lord Lieutenant
in-conned, declaring that certain
counties nud districts lire in u state
of' disturbance, and empowering the
Lord Lieutenant to order ex ia lorces
of police to those parts of ttm coun?
try. W\U
Today's Exposition
Convention-.; Meeting.
American Osteopathie Associa?
Firemen of Virginia.
Sigma, Sigma, Sigma.
Special Features of the Day.
s to ? a. in.?Drill Twenty third
Infant ry?
iu a. m.?Mcptnsoph Day exer?
cises at Auditorium.
10 a. in.?Special Piano and vio?
lin Recital, Mr. Shonert and Mr.
I'foiits, Convention Hall.
11 a. in. to 12 in.--Conceit, Ex?
position Hand Pure Food liulid
I p. in.- Violin and Piano Recital
Mr. Barl J. I'foiits and Edwin M.
Shonort, Auditorium.
I ti. in. Ilaskct Hall. Athletic
4:30 ji. m.?WltllingtOn Zouaves,
War Path.
I p. in.?Orga,, Recital. Mr. T.
.'.!?. Musgrovo Auditorium.
? p. in.?Drill Uattory D, Third
ti p. m.?Drill Twelfth Cavalry.
0:30 p. m.?Wlthington Zouaves,
W?r Path.
Stated Program Every Day.
7:30 a. m.?Hates open.
0:".O to 10:30 a. m.?Concert
Exposition Hand, Main Gate.
In a. in.-And hourly thereafter
Exhibition of weather bureau,
EnrHwptako recorder, Government
Rutldlng A.
10:30 to 11:30 a. m.?Concert.
Plilnney's I'nltcd states Band,
Raleigh Rquaro.
il a. lit.?Prepaiotion of largo
weather map from reports from
all sections of the country. Gov?
ernment Uiiilding A.
II a. in. to I p. in.?Session Of]
Children's School Farm.
11:30 a. m. to 12:30 I?. m.?Mexi?
can National Rand Concert, Ra
lolgh Court.
12 in. to 2 p. m ?Session of Mo?
del School.
1 p. in.?lllographlc and Stere
optlcoil Exhibition, Scenes on In?
dian Reservation with lecture. In?
terior Department, Government
Du tiding A.
2 p. in.?Biographie exhioillon
and lecture, scenes In Yosemito
Valley, Government Building A.
2 to 4 p. in-?Plilnney's United
States Rand. Auditorium;
2:30 p. m.?United State? Lifo
Saving Service Drill at station
:: p. in.?Illustrated lecture "Rn
Clalming the HesertT' by Mr. C. J.
Blntnchard, l?. S, It. S. Interior
Department, Government Building
I p. in.?Illustrated lecture "Yel?
lowstone National Park,'' by Mr.
B. C. Culver. Interior Department,
Government Building A.
0:30 to 0:30 p. hi.?Mexican Na?
tional Rand Concert, Reviewing
7 to 0 p. m?Combined Hands,
Reviewing Stand.
, AI Hi Li ST 2H, l(.H)7.
Comptroller Plant o( Company
Presents a Table Giving an Es?
timate of Me Road's Receipts.
Former Congressman Woodward,
Counsel for North Carolina, More
Than Pressing in His Questions?
Inter state and Intra State Traffic
Again Playing Important Part.
iitv AsBoolntod ProsB.)
WASHINGTON l> C.. Ann. 27
Tho dtroct testimony ?>r Comptroller!
Plant; of Ihn Roiiili?rii Hallway. Inj
tin- Norih Carolina mi? hearing, watt
completed (Inlay and considerable,
progress wait tnndo in Ihn cross-i
nmlnatlon which was conducted by]
former Congressman Woodward for
the Slat.- of North Carolina.
.Most of tho rifternoon session was
laheu up with questions hy the North|
Carolina state counsel <put to Mr.
Plant concerning I ho reports inndn
hy III in In IhO North Carolina Cor?
poration Commission of Iho 6poniilona|
of the Southern railway In that ?tat?
Mr. Woodward pressed his one;
Hons so strongly lb Mr. plnnt Hint]
the latter said he f. H railed WPOM to
ask tin- protection of muster In I
chancery agnlnsl Hie slate's leading]
counsel, Mr. Plant nsBorted that Mr
Win tlwiiril a sited him ipiosllbna fori
the evident purpose of drawing
rnnentis conclusions, which ho sald|
he did hol propose to answer.
Mr Woodward asked Mr. Plant]
whether upigi any of the quarterly!
reports made to tho North . Cnrolfnal
Railroad Corporation for the four;
ipiarlers ending .Tllho 30, lOOtl, Ihon
was any statement that the oporntlllg|
expenses Intrn-fiinto bllRlness v
"The reports were not made by
me." replied Mr. Plnnt.
"They were attested by mo."
"Are thoj not sworn lo by yon,
Mr plant?" h" was naked.
"Thai Is line" replied the witness.
When asked if It was not his duly
to make these reports to the Corpora?
tion Commission. Mr. Plaut sab) II I
was his duly to see that they wen
prepared and filed.
"They were sworn lo by mo as cor?
rect to the best of mv knowledge nnu|
I lb f," Mr. Plant added.
Reverting again to his first quc
lion as to the reports lo the North I
Carolina Commission, Mr. Woodward!
asked Mr. Plant If there wnH any?
thing In the report of tho operational
or the Nor'.ll Carolina Railroad innde|
by the comptroller for tho year end?
ing September SO, 1005. Indicating!
thai his statement of the operatliig|
expenses Incldenl to Inlrn-atato liiisl
nesa was an approximation. Upon]
exnmlng tho report Mr. Plant said
Iho report did not show any notation!
on It Hint Hie figures were approxi?
mated. He added Hiat It was prac?
tically imnnsslhlo i<> determine wlthl
mallrematlcal accuracy the toiai|
amount of expenses lo do Ihtrq-slnH
traffic as lilsllngiilshcd from all traf?
Mr. Plant Dircusscr. Aliened Discre?
Mr. Plant discussed hn aliened dif?
ference of fICMtiR In tho earnin;
of Iho Southern Railway in Not til I
Carolina for the year ending .Inno 30;
100(1 as contained in the report of
North Carolina Railroad Corpora* Ion
Commission and as slated In Mr.
Plant's testimony yesterday.
Mr. Plant exnlnincd that the dlf ]
ference nnpnretitly was attributed to I
the r.ict thai tho commission's report |
made no mention of the Intra-slntc
business on the Atlantic and Danville
nor of Ihn traffic hauls of the North I
Carolina Railroad, nnd that, there?
fore, the tabulation did not ' include I
nil earnings for which the Southern I
Railroad Ins made reports to the
corporation commission.
Mr Plan) contended that the pr|e>
of labor on the Sontheim hns In?
creased very mnlerlnlly during Hie
last five or six yens and th.'.l wage
concessions bad lieon made mince
Juno "u. 100(5, to the employes of that]
Statement Presented by Witness.
Mr. Platil -presented a tnbuhlt?'11
statement giving an estimate of the
increase In wages to employes in
lOOC, as compared with the previous
vpar, which aggregated $1,044,000.
The increases were for the en'.in
Rvsfom. hut Ihpy applied equally to I
North Carolina.
Mr. Plant detailed the oarnlnes
nnd operating expenses of the South
orn Railway for iho vear ended .Inn
HO 1007. and stated that Dm decrease
In (he net earn lues as compared with
luftfi was ?l.fino.r,S7 ot- 13.77 per 0 silt.
jTI?p balance over fixed ohargou fcr
1007 was $2.200.121 compared with
$5,229,OCG in 100C, a decrease of 5C.2
per cent. In reply t<\ a quosHotl Hi'
Witness Bald Dial there was lint
PlHMIK.li halanee uVOr fixed Charges
to ileelare a live per rent dividend
on ihe preferred block er the South
? rn ami that thnl rate ?I dividend
hail mil I.n declared dm lue, the
present year.
neimudcz Jiidejmcnt and Other Ques?
tions May Lead to a Disagree
menl with Caracas.
WASHINGTON. I?. C. au-, ti.?
ItcliilIons with Vcnc/.ucln have again
lit lived in such au acute stage that
Hu- policy of the United States must
he shaped liqiic?forwufd by President
ItnoHovelt ami Secretary ltoot. The
Acting Secretary of state. Mr. Adoo,
Itna rocolvod from the AlilUlicnn '?In
later, Mr. Itu-oll. at Caracas, eon
tii mat ion of tin. press dispatches
tolling of the Imposition of a ?5,000,
000 fine upon tho New- Volk and Her
mudox Asphalt Company tor aiding
the Mates rOVolullojl,
Moreover, the Vonoxuolnii govern?
ment slid remnhin obdurate in Itio
race or a i hint requoBi from Urn
Cnited Stales for ttrhttrntloii of the
1 ending disputes between the two
governments, It is stated timt in the
third answer sent to Mr. Russell. V0U<
e.-.uela simply recalled his nltOlltloil
to Ita second answer to the sugges?
tion of arbitration and stated that
Vein siieln could not nrhltrnte the
Ipicstlon Involved, one is the dispute
of tit,. New York ami Rormudos Coin
pauy. Another lK that the deslfii of
On Culled BtntOH that the award
made by the Dutch umpire Ol the
mixed tribunal which adjudicated the
claim of the Orinoco Steamship com?
pany he l ev iSUll.
since tho third ntlempl to obtain
acceptance ?l the principle or arbi?
tration has tailed tho question has
now passed into the hands of Presi?
dent iloOBOVOll and will he one or I he
questions to lie Bottli d this rail. In?
dications ate that the government In
on the verge of another rather dell
cate disagreement with Vein xueln.
Resolution Was Introduced by a Boa
ton Lawyer and It Created Con?
siderable of a Stir.
(Rv Associated Press.)
Shortly beforu the adjournment of the
American Mar Association today, a
decided stir was caused by the Intro?
duction by ilttnry s. Dowoy of Don
ton. of ;< resolution poutnlnlng ar?
ticles of faith with reference to the
Unwritten law. The resolution which
wan Indefinitely postponed, was in
part, as follows: " i he American liar
At oclatlon In convention assembled
dec lares the following articles or
faith, namely:
?That the ever living Cod Is the
supremo judge of the world.
?'That this ABBOC.atiOn leaches that
every good law Is In harmony with
the unwritten law. so-called.
"That the unwritten law, so-called,
Is the word of (lod.
"That the real foundation of the
common law or RSnglnnd, so-calletl, Is
the tut written law. so called, and that
this unwritten law is the real foun?
dation of all good laws since the be?
ginning of the world, the foundation
of common law. common sense, com
mon justice throughout the universe."
Southern Telegraphers Ask President
Small of tic Un.on to Make
Such a Move.
(Ry Associated Press.)
Ni:W YORK. Aug. 27.?A proposal
loTJnil out all the telegraph operators
employed by brokerage firms, ro
gnrdlcss of whether these firms have
signed the union scale or not is the
latest in the strike or the telegraph
President Small today received a
mossago from Southern Telegraphers
urging that this step be taken. He
replied that the men must remain at
work until lit -> had received further
inslructions from (lie governing body
of the union and at the same lime
called a meeting of all the men em?
ployed In brokerage houses In Now
York for tomorrow afternoon at which
tiiiie the question of whether they
will join the strike will be discussed.
Prospects of a mutually satisfac?
tory settlement of the strike appear
to be no mon promising today than
they were a week ago.
Washington Bucket Shops Closing,
fltv Associated Press.?
WASHINGTON, D. C. Aug. 27.?
Several <-r the proprietors or broker
ag, concerns, which have been under
the suspicion ol' doing a "bucket shop"
beiinss have Indicated to the dis?
trict attorney their Intention to (Its
continue business ami dose their
offices. Assistant District Attorney
Given said toiay that by the end Ot
the present week no bucket shop
would be in operation in this city.
Nelson Morris Dead,
fltv Associated Press.)
CHICAGO, ILL.. Aug. 27.?Nelson
Morris, the wail known packer, of this
City, died today after an Illness ol
'?several weeks. Mr. Morris was n vie
Itint of In art disease complicated with
kidney trouble.
Partly cloudy with an occas
lonal shower Wednesday; Thurn
day fair, not much change In
temperature; light variable
Cruising at mat Rate Decided
Upon as the Most Economical
for Fuel for tt)9 Ships.
Assistant Secretary Ncwberry Wlnheo
Navy Had Twenty-five More Col
llcrc Than It Has?President Ex
poets to Ank the Next Congress
for Largc AddllionB to the Navy.
WASIirNOTON, H. C, Aug. 27.?
With ib.- rot urn to Washington of act?
ing, Secretary of tho Navy Nowberry
the work nf preparing for tb,< cruise
id the battle ship fleet mid the tor
podn flotilla from Hampton Rohda to
San Francisco is now being pushed
ahead wlltl Vigor,
Pn iildout Itooseveli has written a
lottor giving his views as to soiliu
? if Hie nrrangi incuts he thinks desir?
able, and Die bureau chiefs in direct
charge of tin; preparations have been
shown thin letter.
So far as possible American col?
liers will he chartered. Tho scarci?
ty of American bottoms nt reasonable
prices in so groat, however, that for?
eign bottoms may be fOrOOd upon tbo
government, Tin- perennial dirriculty
which tin navy encounters with tho
Collier question prompted Mr. Now?
berry lo remark:
' I sincerely wisli the navy could
have twi nty live new colliers. If I ,
had my way I would llUVo a collier
laid down to every navy yard that
could build one. They are bailly
Prom this time on the preparation
of the Panther, which ia to bo equip?
ped a s a repair ahlp to accompany
the fleet, and the ciaclor and the
Culgoa, which will go along ns>inip|ily
ships, win he preBBOd. Tho Culgoa
ami i he Ulnclor will carry enough
fresh beef lo last tho fifteen thousand
officers and men from Hampton
jltoads to San Francisco.
The 'ank ship Arothusa will convoy
I the torpedo flotilla on its cruise to
San Francisco, which will be over
la course closer to the coasts of South
America than that of tho battloshlpB,
The destroyers will coast from coni
merclnl establishments at the varloua
ports of Call. Tile battle ships must
be coaled entirely by colliers. It I?
estimated that with four largc col?
liers in each pori a division of four
battle ships may he coaled each day,
the disagreeable operation requiring
Ilms four days for the entire fleet.
Liberty will be given freely to the
men at ltio Janero and Callao.
Secrecy as to Coal Supply,
li was Hlatoi) today there will be
considerable secrecy as to tho ooa.1
Klipply at each point, as well us Iho
IfacillliCB of tho government for Irans
'pollution, in order lo prevent any ad
Ivunco in price which contractors
I might ask If they knew there was a
!shortage of available iransiiorta at
any point. Tho oatlmato or 100,040
Ions of coal required for the voyage
means an initial expense of more
than f90O,u00 for fuel nloue.
II is frankly admitted that no plans
have yet been made for the return
of the fleet from the Pacific. An Itin?
erary which would tnke tho battle
ship., entirely around the world was
submitted to the President, but it was
mil adopted.
Many persons here Interpret this
as me.ining Hie President Is not nt aft
sure the ships will return from tho
Pacific. These persons believe that
after some tlm0 on the coast, tho en
lit- hnltlo b"M|i fleet probably aug?
mented by the new batik- ship Ne?
braska, will cruise 7,000 mllcu to the
President Ilnosovelt is expected to
' ask the next Congress for unusually
huge authorizations for increase of
1 the navy. It Is believed In naval cir?
cles the transfer of the battle ships
lo tflie Pacific -,t\\i\ ijlio eivisequent
stripping of the Atlantic will be an
object lesson to Congress of the de?
sirability of a navy large enough to
defend both oceans ??t the same time.
Advocates of the "two ocean stand?
ard" the expected to seize tho oppor?
tunity to urge u liberal increasu of
naval strength.
Tobacco Plant Shuts Down.
(Hy Associated Press.1
NEW YORK, Aug. 27.?Officials of
the American Tobacco Company stat
ed today that the shutting down of
? the company's factory in Cincinnati
' is permanent. It is claimed that tho
closing of the plant Is caused by tho
? unsatisfactory condition of the labor
i market. Many of the employes will
be sent to oilier points.
More Yellow Fever In Cuba.
(Bv Associated Press.')
WASHINGTON. D. C. Aug. 27.?
i Five now cases of yellow fever have
' broken out nt Cicnfugocs according
? to a dispatch received at the War
i Department todny from Chief Surgeon,
'i'ayior at Marlanao, Cuba._j

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