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only newspaper published in
Newport News that receives tlio
full newc report of the Asso?
ciated Press.
Virginia Slate Firemen Elecl Offi?
cers ant Dispose of Their Busi?
ness for Year at
One Session.
Mayor Welcomes Visitors and Gives
Them Possession of the City, for
Three Days?Big Street Parade
This Morninc;?Keystone Chiefs
Arrive?Arrangehicrits for Cham?
pionship Reel Race.
10:00 a. m.?Street Parade.
12:00 m.?Visitors inspect plant
of Newport News Shipbuilding
61 Dry Dock Company.
4:00 p. m.?Visit plant of Old
Dominion Brewing and Ice Com?
pany. Firemen assemble at the
city hall at 3:30 o'clock.
8:00 p. m.?Clam Bake on
River Road between Twenty-third
ctrcct and Twenty-fourth ttreet.
Firemen assemble at city ball at
7:30 o'clock.
Rlisincss for the year was disposed
of last night by tin- Virginia State
Firemen's Association, which began
its twenty-first annual convention in
Newport News yesterday afternoon,
When the final meeting wits called
to order at K o'clock by President W.
K. Slow, nearly throe hundred fire?
men wore gathered in the oily ball
and the session proved to he 0110 of
the most harmonious and successful
In the history of the Organisation.
The annual election of officers re
iSllltod as follows:
/^-President?Col. O. 11. Roller, mayor
'of Harrisonburg.
Senior Vice ?President? .lohn P. Fra
ley; Ragle Rngtuo Company No. 3,
Newport News.
Secretary?Gcorgq O. Cumtlllngs,
chambers Company. Portsmouth.
Treasurer?Thomas J. Williams,
chief of the Charlottesvlllo depart?
Statistician?J. n. Dwyer, of llar
At Harrisonburg Nex.t
llnrrtsonburg was selected as the
meeting place for the twenty-second
convention of lite association in Au?
gust. Kins. Mayor Roller, of that
city extended the organization a cor?
dial welcome to his city and promised
a royal entertainment to the visi?
tors. Mis invitation was greeted with
a burst of applause.
The final business session lasted
for more than two hours, numerous
reports of committees' and resolutions
being adopted. Secretary ClimmillgS
made a lengthy report on the condi?
tions of the association and announced
thnt the Rost Covlngton Kire Com?
pany and the Colonial Beach Com?
pany had been admitted to the as?
sociation. Ho also reported that the
Wuynesboro and Basic City compa?
nies had been suspended during (lie
past year.
Old Committee Retained
By unanimous vote, the association
decidedo to rclhln tho bid legislative
committee on the two per cent. In?
surance rate hill for the l.vnoflt of
the sick and injured firemen of the
stale at the coming session of the
legislature of Virginia. Captain
.lohn H. Redford, of Richmond, ten?
dered his resignation as chairman of
tho legislative committee, but it was
Resolutions of the Ragle Engine
Company, this city expressing the
regret of the association at the un?
timely death of R. Eddie Klidings, of
this city, who was killed during the
fire at the shipyard lasl Christmas
Hay. were adopted by the convention
and a copy of Hie resolut ions will
be forwarded to Hie mother of do
The convent Ion also adopted resolu?
tions expressing the regret of the as?
sociation on the death of Chief Pul?
ler, of Richmond, and Mr. J, Bristol
Brathwail of Harrisonburg.
Dr. George (J. Williams und Alder?
man L. Suinpter Davis, of this city,
were elected honorary members of
the association.
Visitors Grateful.
The following resolutions were
adopted by tho association:
"Resolved that a vole of thanks
of this association he. and the same
Is hereby, oxtonded to the citizens
of Newport News, the honorable
njnyor the city council, the various
committees of the local fire compa?
nies and business men In charge of
the entertainment, the newspapers of
the city, mid the retiring president,
\v. K. Stow for Iho pleasant enter
taliimenl arranged for Iho association
"WJierens, Tho citl/.ons ami firemen
of-the city of Newport New.-. Have
arranged a pleasant program f?>r I lie
entertnlninenl of the Virginia Stnte
Firemen's Association, be it
"Resolved, Thai the Virginia Stale
Firemen's Association in regular con?
vention assembled (bia day docs here
by lender Its (hanks and assure its
hosts of its heartfell appreciation.
"Itesolved further. Thai the thanks
uf tins association be tendered ("hier
W. K. stuw for taking B?ch good
Care of the racing reel so kindly
presented this nssoclatloii by Its Rich
mond friends,
"Itesolved further, That a copy of
these resolut Ions be forwarded to Iho
proper Newport News committees ami
Chief Slow ami a copy he spread
upon the minutes of this meeting."
Afternoon Sesr.ion.
When iho afternoon session of the
convention began at !:!!<) o'clock yes?
terday afternoon about seven' hundred
firemen were in this city and many
of them w. re gathered at |the city
Tho convention was called to order
by President Stow and Mayor Samu?
el It. Iluxton was introduced as tin1
first tip'alter. The mayor welcomed
the visitors to the city In a graceful
little speech. Ho eulogized the lire
men and uttered many words of praise
and encouragement for the members
id' the Virginia association. His
speech whs greeted with n thunder Of
Mr. It; W. Withers, of Suffolk, re?
sponded to tho mayor's speech on be?
half of the association, thanking Hie
city. Its fIronien and its citizens for
the elaborate entertainment ami the
genuine hospitality accorded the visit?
ing fire lighters'. The speech-making
was concluded by Attorney .1. Win?
ston Read of this city, who made a
I pleasing, address on behalf of the
local firemen.
Bin, Parade Today.
Incoming bo.-.ts nml trains this
morning will bring 'mnny more fire?
men to this city und when the par?
ade* the c-rowning feature of the en?
tile convention, starts at 10 o'clock
this morning, between twelve hundred
ami r in rt c 'ii blind rod lire fighters
will he within the city's gates. Phoe?
bus will come one hundred strong
and will bring all of its apparatus
ami tho baud of Port Monroe. Hamp?
ton will bring between eighty and a
hundred moil,
The parade is oxpocti d to be one
of the in st ever held in Newport
News and 'lie city will no doubt be
out ill force to witness it. The pin
i cession will form on West avenue ho.
jtWOOIl Thirtieth street and Thirty
fifth slrei t anil will move south on
West avenue to Twenty thitd street,
cast over that street to Washington
avenue, north on Washington avenue,
to Thirty-eighth street, i ast on that
strict to Huntlngon avenue, north on
Huntington avenue to Forty-sevt nth
street. Thorn the parade win coun?
ter march ami return on Huntington
: avenue to Twenty-fifth street, east on
that street to Chestnut avenue, north
on that avenue to Twenty-sixth street,
west on thai street to Roanokc ave?
nue, south on that avenue to Twenty
fifth street, west on Twenty firth
street to Jefferson avenue, north on
titat avenue to Twenty-eighth street,
west oiljji lant street to Huntington
avenue and south on that avenue to
Twenty-fifth street, where the parade
win disband.
Formation of Parade.
Tin- following! formation for the
parade was announced last night!
First division Marshal W. ('. Har?
ris, division to form at Thirty-fifth
Street and West avenue? Port Mon?
roe hand. Phoebus department and
apparatus; MiiBsnuuttcn Company
Strasburg; Clifton Forge company.
Clifton Forge.
Second Hi vision?Marshall A. A.
Moss, division to form at Tlllriy
fourllt street?Alexandria hand, Reli?
ance company. Alexandria; Sliennn
doali company, Woodstock, Phoenix
company, lAitiolk. and Lexington do
Third Division- Marshal J. 13. It.
Stuart, division to form at Thirty
third street Norfolk navy yard band,
Portsmouth Hook and Ladder com?
pany No. 4; Columbia company, Alex?
andria: Colonial Reach company; P.oo>
ford City company; Danville company.
Fourth Division?Marshal W. 13.
House, .division to form at Thirty
HCCOUd sin el- Soldiers' Home band,
Hampton company; Harrisonburg
Hose company. No. I ami Charlottes
villo company.
Fifth Division?Marshal A. L. Pow?
ell, division to form tit Thirty-first
street ? Eaglo Engine Company band.
Rescue Engine Company No. 1: Res?
cue Hook and Ladder Company No. I;
LaFrance Engine Company No. 2;
Eagle Engine Company No. 3; mi or
this city. Wllllatiisburg Company with
gasoline fire engine ami all of tho ap?
paratus /if the Newport News do
> paiInn tit.
Mr. Massie Chief Marshal.
Chief Marshal .1. A. Massle will
lead the parade and will be followed
by a platoon of local police. Next in
lino win be carriages bearing Mayor
Ruxton and the visiting mayors of
I ot hot- cities ami bciiiild those car?
riages will |>e Chief Stow and Col.
(Continued on second page.)
newport nkw
Resolutions Censuring Mr. Boose;
vb!( Raise a Row in American
Bar Associalicn Ming.
(Alton a. Parker, President of the As?
sociation, Asked the Mover of ttic
Resolution-; to Withdraw Them, But
He Would Not?Echo of the Beef
Trust Case.
(By Associated Pres.)
PORTLAND, Ml-:.. Au?. 28. A reso?
lution criticising Prosldenl Ito?sovoll
for commenting upon the trial of tin
breof trust ease in tue Northern ills*
iriet <>f Illinois, a year a ?<>. ami ad?
versely criticising the presiding judge
ami his rulings, was introduced at thd
final session today of the American
Mar Aa -oc tal ion, by Otio, Whllolock
of |tulllinore. Ii met with lnstuiil ?II -
appioval from all pans of the hall
and Prosldenl Parker repeatedly asked
Mr. Whltehick to withdraw It, hut Mr.
Whllolock iiiaistcd (hat ii he acted
upon. A mo!ion (o lay it on tin- tahU
Wim Carried.
Tim ovenl of i In. con vent ion was
tin- annual address of British Ambas?
sador James ?U'rycu on ''The lmhi
en.if National Character and His?
torical Environment on tho Uovolop
iii.-Hi of iho Common Law."
During u business session after Am?
bassador llryco's address, Arthur
Stewart, of lUilllmore, presented tho
report of the committee on' the pro?
posed copyright bill.
Tin- following pfDcers wore elected:
President, .1. M. Dickinson, Chicago;
sucrciury, .loan Hinkicy, Haltlmore;
treasurer, Frederick B. wndhamd,
New York; executive coinnilttooi tho
president, sjacrotavy and treasurer,
Alton it. Parker New York: Charles
Monroe. |,?s Angeles; Ralph W. Hock
onrldge, Uiiiahn; Charles V. Llbby*
Portland; Walter Ueorge Smith, Phil
ndeipliia ami Itdino ?. Drown; Min?
neapolis. ^
Tin- convention then adjourned.
Horrible Accident Overtakes Party
Out on a Little Pleasure Ride.
Bodies Fearfully Crushed.
(By Associated Press.)
HOCHRSTIiR, N. Y., Auk. 28 -Ah
nutomobllc run by Dr. Oeo. Wnldron
of Rochester, was Rtrucx by a Roches?
ter and Blastem trolley car at a
crossing near Cannndnigiia, tliis after,
noon and four persons. Dr. Wnldron,
Mrs. William Scanlln^ and Mrs. Jane
llobb!-. of ilopowcll and Mrs. Knthor
Ino Parnsworih, of Rochester Were
instantly killed.
Dr. Wnldron went to I lopeweil this
morning with his daughter, to visit
at the home of Mrs. Scahllllg and had
tho three women, all of whom wore
more than 8? years of ago, out for an
automobile ride. Witnesses <.f the ac
cidi ut say that as the machine ap?
proached the trolley tracks it was
Been by tho molorman. According to
tie m the molorman me.de a signal
and Dr. Wnldron slowed Up, bill start?
ed on again. Tho bod?es were trlKht
ftllly enisl ed.
Rev. R. T. Wilson Dead.
pkti-JUSltritH. va., Aug. 2S.?
lt. t. Wilson, presiding elder of tho
Richmond District, died at I0:sa
lock ibis morning ai bis country
home, in Dlnwiddle county, near litis
city, nee,! fitly nine years. Dr. Wil?
son had been in billing health for
some time and recently was nnuor
treatment .*? a Richmond hospital.
Me is survived by Ills wife, who was
Miss Resale Onrland. or Ampicrs:
county, and eight Children; Mrs. Lil?
ian Martin, of Herkley; Richard, Jr..
Onrland, Samuel, and Misses It083f0,
Daisy. Leigh and Helen Wilson, nil
of this clly.
Lived in Style on $r>5 a month.
i xioni own. pa., Aug. 28.?John
H. llcnlrd, agent for the Adam.: I3x
press Company at Ibis place at a
salary of $55 a month, has been ar
ri d ? ti the chrge of embezzlement.
According to the officials of the com?
pany llcnlrd lias misappropriated $!,?
TOO in the last thre,. months. Hcalrd
Occupied an elegant suite of apart?
ments. When the officers searched
tho place they found a piano, an oil
painting of llcnlrd, sixty neckties,
twenty two hats, twelve suits of
clothes, scores of pairs of socks ano
many stills of silk underwear.
Cleveland Still in Bad Health.
NEW YORK, Aug. 28.?Attention
has been again attracted to Cx-Proal
dent Drover Cleveland by the an?
nouncement from Princeton. N*. ,T., ihn*
he had given up all hope of leaving
his hom)j liiere for his customary
Bummer vacation In New Hampshire,
because of the state of his health.
Mr. Cleveland has been troubled with
attacks of acute indigestion for a
number of years, ami paeh attack bus
been moru severe tlian the one that.
Aas before.
Mrs. Cleveland, who hud none tu
New Hampshire with the children, re
Inno d to t'rliicelrtii yont< rdo;
Stop Collection of Inheritance Tax
WVTIIVILLB, VA.'. Auk. 2S. Mrs.
Nannie Wttdloy, liy her nttoruey,
Krank lluehauan. of Marlon, ha asko.;
the circuit court oC this eounty for an|
Injunction restraining the treasurer
ol Wythevlllo rroin collecting an in?
heritance lax from fioj. Mrs Wad
ley hy Hie death of her aunt, Mrs.
Kinuia .lohnston, sohie months nun.
he. atiie heir to property In Wytlievllle
amounting to some" "jr...I. The
town seeks to collect this inheritance
tax. which amounts to ov? r $2,20U*
Runyon Dlamrs the Woman.
(Ily Associated Pr< as.)
; NRW VOR IC. Aug. L's Chester It.
[Runyon, the former pnvlm-. l<-llci who
stole nearly $100.01111 hi cash U 1,111 I lie
j Windsor Trn .1 Company, last .luiie,
1 told in tie court of general 1 ?
today the story of his downfall. Me
charged that Laura \. Curler, commit
t. d for trial for receiving tin money,
led him astray.
Teddy Let's Lnoce a Peace Dove'
President RtiosiiycH and Pn ildoutl
Idas simultaneously; imve tel.graphed|
u. lea to the presidents of the five
republics of Central America offer
in? Hie good offices of the United I
[Siatos and Mexico in bringing ohnut
a confei nce of t|iv? republics for ai
discussion of plann to maintain peace
Aged Woman |r Victim of Fire.
FLOYD, VA.. August 2S.?W. Scott's]
large .storehouse and dwelling was
totally destroyed hy fire about mid?
night, with stock of'go..,Is and house?
hold ami kitchen furniture. Mrs. Su?
san I*. Lawrence, an aged lady who]
was sleeping in the second story of.
the building; was burned. She was]
aroused by some one of the Inmates
and answering the call, said that she
would 1." down In a minute, but fall
e.l to get out.
Earthquake in Martinique.
[MARTINIQUE, t\?IU 28.?A strong
i-urthqunhc shock was felt here at
110:511 p. in. yva'c, . TiU ? No damngo
(has been r^fiorlcd.
Rev. Robert Smith Dioa at Age of 89
MOKESV1LLE, VA., Aug. L'S. ? Rev.
I Robert Smith, Nil years old. on., of
I the oldeal ministers 6J tin- Methodist
Episcopal church. South, died in his
I home in Mantissas vest, relay of heart
Today's Exposition
Special features of the Day.
S to 9 a. 111.?-Drill Twenty third
10 a. m -lleptasoph Day bxor
clsofl at Auditorium,
10 a. Uli?Special Piano ami vio?
lin Recital, Mr. Shorter! and Mr.
j Pf?rns, Convention Hall.
j II a. in. to 12 III.?Conceit. Ex?
position Hand, Pure Food Rulid
I p. 111 Violin and Piano Recital
Mr. Earl J. I'loiits and Edwin M.
Bhoiiorl, Auditorium,
I pi m.?Basket Ball, Athletic
1:30 p. in.?Wllhmgton Zouaves,
War Path.
! I p. in.-Organ Recital. Mr. T.
M. MnsgVova Auditorium.
: p. in.?Drill Battery D, Third
I Artillery.
j r, p. m. -Drill Twelfth Cavalry.
9:30 p. 111.?Withlngton Zouaves,
War Path.
Stated Program Every Day.
7::>o a. m.?Gates open.
'.'-..In to 10:30 n. in - Concert
Ex|K>sitlon Rand. Main Hate.
10 a. in.?And hourly thorenftor
Exhibition of weather bureau,
ICnrOqunkn recorder, Govdrninent
Ruilding A.
10:30 to 11:30 a. m.?Concert,
Phinncy's t'nlted States Hand,
Raleigh Square.
II a. in. -Preparation or large
weather map from reports from
all sections of tho country. Gov?
ernment Lull.ling A.
11 a. in. lo 1 p. m.?Session of
Children's School Farm.
11:30 a. in. to 12:30 p. m.?M.-xi
can National Rantl Concert, Ra?
leigh Court
I'J 111. to p. in.?Session of Mo?
del School.
1 p. m.?Biographic nml St.-re
optlcou Exhibition, Scenes on In?
dian Reservation with lecture, In?
terior Department, Government
Ruilding A.
2 p. m.?Riographlo exhibition
ami lecture, scenes In YoBcmltO
Valloy, Government Building A.
2 to 1 P- III.--l'binney's United
Siat.-s Band, Auditorium.
2:30 p. 111?United States Life
Saving Service Drill at station
3 11. 111. - Illustrated lecture "Rn
clnlmlng the DosortT by Mr. C. J.
! Blrtnchnrd, U. S. R. s. interior
Department, Government Building
4 p. m? Illustrated lecture "Yel?
lowstone National Park.'- by Mr.
B. C. Culver, Interior Department,
Government Ruilding A.
5:30 to (5:30 p. 111.?Mexican Na?
tional Rand Concert, Reviewing
7 to !i p. m.?Combined Hands,
Reviewing Stand.
AlHiliST 29, 1907.
Probable Adverse Effect on the
Prosperlly of Roads Feature
of the North Cero?na Hearing
Comptroller Plant Expresses Belief j
That If There I? a Panic North
Carolina Will lie Responsible?
Southern Cannot Make Necessary
City Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, l> t', Aug. JR.?
The probable adverse effect of Blatt?
legislation on the prosperity of Iho
rnilr.is and Hto jieople or the coun?
try, was tin- feature <>r tbo toallmony
indny of Comptroller Plant of tho
Southern Hallway In the Ninth Caro
linn tale hearing oase. lb* pointed
out that if a panic should result from
Iho lowering of passenger rules, tho
State nf Ninth Carolina would have
to share the b?rden of responsibility.
Disciisslnii hi this phase of the con?
troversy' whs brought about by a qucs
ihm asked Mr Plant hv Mr. Justice,
speaker nf tho Ninth Carolina Legis?
lature, as In whether there was con?
gestion im I lie Southern Railway lines
in North Carolina.
Mr. Plant replied thai congestion
had been relieved to Romo extent dur;
lug the lam six months by means of
improvement a to the Bonthorn syn
U'tii. Asked if he attributed the con?
gestion in the recent act of the North
Carolina Legislature reducing passen?
ger rates Mr. Plant replied that the
more rn'o legislation the less con
gestlori there Wlllllll he because legis
bit inn WOUld have a tendency to de?
crease business in the country as ll,
What Mr. Plant Meant.
"I mean to say." added Mr. Plant,'
"that tho greater Ihn nghntlbn ngalhfll
tin. railroads of the country, the
greater the probability of a decrease
In general nude."
The roneon why the Southern Rail?
way does not increase Its facilities
for moving traffic faster ihn it now,
Mr. Plant explained, was that the
Southern has not Iho cash to pay for
such additional facilities. To got tllQ
money for these Improvements, it
must go Into Iho money markets and
sell its BOciirlUes.
"If cannot,?? he said, "find n market
for securities in the face of stale
Inglslatlon lending lo reduce |la rates
below the point where it can barn
the money to pay for the necessary
Sayr Road Wants to be Fair.
"If the ran ; In North Carolina arc
exorbitant do you think the Southern
Railway Company ought to criticise
the state of North Carolina for mak?
ing an investigation and'fixing iho
rates lo what it thinks are proper"
asked Mr. Justice.
"If tin. rates are cxhorbllnnt," re?
plied Mr. Plant, "and can be shown
to lie, I do not believe the Southern
would hesitate to consider their ro
Asked ir lie thought the railroads
and not Ilm North Carolina legisla?
ture ought lo Tix the rates. Mr. Plant
replied that personally ho believed
there should be a mutual understand
ing between the railroads and the
public, as he foil thai the railroads
ami the public were copartners.
"When oni- prospers." lie said "Ilia
oilier should prosper, and there should
he mutual understanding ami an
equitable arrangement as to rates.
Slayer of Man in South Carolina Two
Years Ayo Makes a
(Fly Associated Press.)
CHICAGO, Aug. 2S.?The old say
in:; "Murder will otit" came true In
an unusual way wlu-u Policeman
Walsh nwakened a man who was
asleep In a doorway of (he Illinois
Hospital, Washington Boulevard and
HnlStCd Street.
The man opened hi?, eyes, saw the
policeman's star, and leaped to his
feel willi a shriek.
"Von want me for the murder! You
are a policeman! he cried, as he
st.l dazed before Walsh, a moment
afterward be collected his wits and
ran. lull the policeman, drawing Iiis
revolver, forced the man to stop and
led him t? the station.
Ai the station the prisoner after?
wards denied being a murderer, but
later broke down and confessed to
Lleutenani O'Connor that he is
Charles P, niirhage, wanted In fireen
leaf, R. C, with a man named W. P.
T. Rawley, for the murder of Uns
Tanner, u negro, two years ago.
Tormor Covcrnor James Campbell, of
Ohio, Heara That Such
Is the Fact.
"Si tncwhul in my aa ton Iah ni< nt, t
louhicd while in Now York hint week
thai Judge Allna lt. Barker was con?
sidering being a candidate for tho
Democratic iioiiilnatlou for President
a na tu," nah) foriudr ClOvOrnor Clovoi
nor JniiiCB I*. Cumpboll in an inter
vlow l. "At first I liollovotl Hiera
wan nut him; serious In Iho hows, hut
later i Wim assured that it was in
iinsoly hi>, nml that Judge Pafkor hi
110 HI oil >>i the Opinion that ho will
in' oiico more chotidn at Ilia hoa? Ol
tin- patty In tin' uatloui"
Unvniiinr Camjiboll mailo no com
in. ut i? 11<'11 iho situation, Bavo in Bay
th.it he got tin- Information from a
Koureo that vvtiH luiliH|iutnhlo as to
M.r.r. Laura Pouli.on Nurses Fever
Patient, Contracts Disease.
Mis.i Lama Poitlson, lad nineteen
.war-old tlauKhler of Mr nml Mrs.
.v.Us PouIkoii, iiii'il lust Saturday in
ihi> hum,- ol hor brother JiibI wosl of
I he elty.
Mi.-. Pnulnoii, who ?was a young
holy of beautiful character, had nursed
her brother through a spoil of fovor,
conti ictiug (he dlndnsd (ram him. A
lind foatiiro of the cade la that nor
mothnr is In Bui-Ope ami knew notii
lug nt tin' death of her only daugh?
Thi> funeral took place Sunday nr
loi'noon at four o'clock from ttio
Methodist (hiticli ami Was largely at?
tended. Tin- R"v. ?I. S. Ki'iinaril con?
ducted ili?' Borvlce i,
One Woman Tries to Kill Another.
BRISTOL, VA. August 28.?Roxlo
Ferguson, a young woman, mint,
tlospcruto nltempl to kill Mrs. .lames
Ferguson hi her own limine on State
Street. While endeavoring to break
through the door, which was heilig
held by Mrs. Forgusqh? the Intruder
(trod Ihroo shots lino the house, two
nt' which mriick Mrs...Ferguson, ono
lodging In her elbow and the other
striking In her lofl hip. Roxle mi?
ni it s having tried to kill Mrs, Fergu?
son, saying that It was because tho
latter had robbed her of the affection
of a young man who was In the house
til the time. Mrs. Ferguson denies
havlllg received any attention from
the man.
Graded School to be Opened at Toano
W1LLIAMSBUR0, VA.. Aug. 28,?
The .Inmen Oily county hoard of Sil-!
pcrvlRorfl met heie Monday and inaoe
the b vy for the fiscal year. In Pow
lintau und Stohehoiiso districts the
levy for school purposes was placed
til the maximum to enable those dis?
tricts to build and maintain a graded
school. The now school will bo lo
(and at Toano.
Williamsburg Buys $3,100 Fire Engine
I ho ollj.Illicil at its mooting last
night purchased u new engine tor the
fire depart meat i paying tor Iho same
$2,100. The William- burg volunteer
fire cnni|uiny has just been reorgan?
ised with Colonol .1. T. Christian chief
and Jeromo Casey assistant.
Shooting Affray on Train.
ROANOKB, VA.. Aug. 28.?Norfolli
ami Western Freight Conductor Sid
liey Rolton was shot and probably
fatally wounded Monday night by a
negro, who was beating a ride on Bol
ton's train, near W?mme, W. Va. The
n? gm was probably mortally wound?
ed by Rolton. The conductor ordered
the negro off the train and the negro
fired on the conductor, wounding him
in iho ami and stomach. Rolton
fired on Hie nogro, shooting him
through the hotly.
Mirsinq Boy Dead Under Lumber.
-'Frank Berry, who mysteriously dis
appeared from his home last night,
was found (bad this morning about
i'ii o'clock under a large pile of lum?
ber. Hie property of W. s. Bmbrey.
It Is. supposed that the little boy bad
been playing about the lumber, which
Is placed near the railroad depot, ami
that the lumber fell over on him and
crushed "in his life.
Serious Charge Against Lover
ROANOKB, Aug. 28.?Miss Ida Per
singer, of Bototourt comity, came here
yesterday ami swore out a warrant
for the tint st of tirover Volt, her
lover, on a serious charge. Volt was
arrested and lodged in jail, lie will
lie lokett to Flncnstld for a prelimi?
nary hearing.
Gamblinq Crusade Brings Convictfon
DAN VILLH. VA.. Aug. 2S.--.I. Ed?
ward Williams ami .1. II. MeDani Is.
who word charged with being connect?
ed with the gambling business ill this
city, have been discharged.
Lee Childless, who was .arrested in
tin- gambling raid, was fined $100 and
Woman Dead of Lion Bite.
PITTSBURO, PA., Aug. 2S.??Mrs.
Anna A. Hucke, wh o was attnokod at
Luna park, an amusement resort, yes?
terday by'n large Niimldlnn lion
Which escaped from one of the side
shows, succumbed today from her In?
juries. Mrs. Ilucke's lung was pene?
trated by a tooth of the lion and
several of her ribs broken.
Partly cloudy Willi an ocean
lonal shower Wednesday; Thura
d.iy fair, not much change in
temperature; light variable
Autumn Practice off Capo Cod
Will Be Under Conditions of
Actual Warfare.
Work of Selecting Fuel Supply Vea
sein for Cruise to the Pacific ll
Taken Up?Dellcved That Hospital
Ship Will be Necessary on the
WASHINGTON, ?. C, Aug. 28.?
rtornro Hit Atlantic battlouhlp Hoot
starts Its lour, cruise via the Straits
of Magellan for Ihu Pacific coast It
win have the most arduous lest to
which It has boon subjected since tho
battleships were mobilized In tho At?
lantic. This will be the battle target
pi act lee which will begin In Cape
('ml bay mi September 15th. It wan
in have started September Hill, but
owing in delays In the preparation of
targets it was postponed.
Panic target practice, in which tho
fleet never In fore has Indulged ap?
proaches Ihn requirements of actual
buttle more nearly than anything yot
attempted In the yearly routine. Here,
tofore the target firing under com?
petitive conditions each spring hau
been at slated langes with buoys to
mark the distance. The autumn tar?
get practice has been more diversi?
The battle target practice will be
uidortakon without buoys to Indicate
the distance. The officers will have
to estimate the range at which kliey
are (old 10 fire, and Instead of gunn
firing singly or by pairs in turrofci
the ships will fire all gnna at tho
sight 'Just as If the target were nir
em my. Thin will put officers, men
and guns to a greater strain than ever
To Take Up Coal Question.
Acting Secretary Nowhorry la nboiiw
?to open negotiations for the coal ami
the colliers needed to supply the fleet
with fuel during Its cruise. The Do
pai l meat already has received prof?
fers of many vessels, but no selection
yet bus been made.
Attention has been called liy somo
officers of the fleet to tho fact Hint
the navy Is without n hospital ship,
which would ho most desirable on
this cruise. The enlisted personnel M
somewhat susceptible to occasional
epidemics of mild diseases, such as
measles ami scarlet fever. Last win?
ter tho Connecticut had n large num?
ber of cases of typhoid fever. It bo
enmo nccossary to semi the ship north
with the patients. Had the Atlnntlu
fleet at that lime in West Indian wa?
ters been accompanied by a hospital
ship tho cases simply could have been
trnuiiferred and treated In those wn
lers or tlioy could have been brought
north without requiring a battleship
to leave iho winter work.
Secretary Molcalf, who has been
spending the summer In California,
will visit the Pugol Sound navy yard
before Ills return to Washington.
Hear Admiral Cowlos, chief of tho
bureau of equipment, will return here
on September 1. The Improvements
already authorised at the navy yards
at Mare Island and Pugol Sound will
be pushed ahead as rapidly as possi?
ble. In order that such repairs as are
needed by the battleships upon their
arrival may be given.
Mo Plans for the Return.
Absolutely no thought Is being
given by Acting Secretary Nowhorry
io the route by which the battleships
may return from the Pacific, and this
strengthens the conviction of the well
Informed Dial they will not return.
President Roosevelt announced at
the conference at Oyster Hay last Fri?
day thai the question of Hie return
of tho ships was one which It was
not worth while to discuss at pres?
ent, since it would he determined en?
tirely by circumstances following
I heir arrival upon the Pacific coast.
It can be stated that If the iihipH
do return it will not be by Capo
of Cond Hope but by the Suez, route
The President has made up his mind
as to that. The course tho vessels
will follow In cruising from the Pa?
cific const lo the Phillippiues Is nlso
n matter not considered, hut they nro
undoubtedly will touch at Honolulu.
While the changes In command of
lite battleships of the Atlantic fleet
have not yot been ordered, It Is gon
ornily understood that those captains
who will huvo only two years or less
In the grade of Rear Admiral will bo
replaced by younger captains, who
will have a greater period to remain
on I he active list and who will bo
therefore better able to give the ser?
vice the benefit of the experience
thoy will gain In this cruise. Cap?
tain W. W. Kimhall, now command?
ing the New Jersey, Is one of those.
Gives School Building to Wise
BRISTOL, VA., Aug. 28.?Henry
K. Mrlfarg. the New York railroad
mngnnte, has juat announced a gift of
a $12,000 public school building, which
will be erected at Toms Crook at onco
and presented to Wise county. _w

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