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only newspaper published In
Newport News that receive* the
full news report of the Asso?
ciated Press.
VOL. XII. NO. 210
Creditors o( itie Fidelity Bank in
Cincinnati Want to Know
His Assets.
Union Iron and Steel Corporation
Which Has a Plant at Norton is
Controlled by Company for Which
a Receiver Has Been Named?Tem?
porary Embarrassment.
(lty Associated Prcasl.
BRISTOL, VA.. Sept. I. - Judge A.
K. Skoen, of tin- Unllcd Sthtcs Uottrl
ben- lodtiy appointed L. <>. Poltlt, of
Big Steine Gap, receiver of the Union
iron & Steel Corporation, of New
York; owning fnrnnet s in Virginia.
Ohio, Michigan and Now Jersey.
The receiver was appointed on pe?
tition of tin' Norton t'oal Company, of
Nortujn, Vn.. and no statement of
assets ami liabilities is obtalllblo at
this time, owing to the fuel that ? f
forts are' being made to adjust the
claim. For this reason other credi?
tors have not joined in the petition.
The Union Iron & Steel Corporation
Is an offspring of the Union Stool .v
Chain Corporation, the latter a JCOy
000;. concern. organized several
years ago by l?dward L. Harper, for?
merly of Cincinnati.
It is reported thai the receivership
is a plan of the creditors of 10. L.
Harper to uncover his assets. Ob?
ligations aggregating several million
dollars are held by Cincinnati and
Chicago bankers against Harper, as a
result of the failure or the Fidelity
bank or Cincinnati about twenty years
Harper wrecked this Institution in
an attempt to corner* the wheat mar?
ket. For this he was sentenced to
eight years in the Ohio penitentiary
and shortly after his release he merg
n number of furnaces and steel plants
Into the Union Steel & Chain Com?
pany of which he has since been
presidi nt.
About IS months ago Harper filed
a voluntary petition in bankruptcy in
the united State's Court nero, but
his right to release from the old ob?
ligations was successfully contested
by bis creditors. At the hearing be?
fore the referee, ho failed to estab?
lish that he was insolvent. It was
shown that he was receiving a large
Balary as president of the steel and
iron corporations.,
Edward L. Harper, Jr., general
manager of the company, has made
formal transfer or the business to
the receiver and the furnaces and
mines are. still in operation.
President Harper Is said to be hur?
rying to Virginia with a vlow to ad?
justing the matter and securing the
discharge of the receiver. ?Ii? tem?
porary financial embarrassment of the
company is parlly attributed to the
(bath of Treasurer Holmes, which oc?
curred in New York last week,
He Danced With a Former Sweet?
heart, She Berated Him?Next
She Was Found Dead.
(By Associated Press.)
ASHLAND, KY., Sept. Milton
Dlxon whose Pride of three months
was found dead as the result of n
gunshot wound in the head, at their
home in Oakland, near this city Mon?
day, was arrested late yesterday nn
the charge of murdering her. It is
charged thai Dlxon killed his wife
because she had berated him for hav?
ing danced With n former sweet
heart at a ball on the night preced?
ing I ho shooting. Dlxon declared
Hint his wife mad with Jealousy had
shot herself.
Four Hundred Girls Will Invade the
New York Department Stores
NRW YORK, Sept. 1.?The World
today says: From now on the strik?
ing telegraphers will seek temporary
employment In*Other trades. The 400
girls In this city will start this morn?
ing to get employment in dry goods
houses. They will si>ek employment
also as telephone operators."
Officers of the Telegraphers" union
said today thai the reports from the
West and South that the strikers In
many cities are becoming dishearten?
ed and reluming to work are untrue
und tiro being sent out by agents of
the telegraph companies to break the
ranks of the strikers.
President Joseph P, Ahcam of the
' - ' ? -' ..
ix. tt York Commercial Tolegrnphora'
Union today, advertised in Hio local
nailers for employment for 2,000 str x '
lug telegraphers at bookkeeping, |
clorlcnl or anything else oxco|?t for,
the telegraph companies.
Chcwlnk VII. Secure:! First Place In
Bilbao Content?Mnrblehead Sec?
ond Across the Line.
R1LIVAO, SPAIN. Sept. 4.?The
American sonder ?das? yacht Crowli?;
viii. won the first race today in the
International coiitesl for llio Mario
Christino cup, distance 7 1-2 in I his;
Ilino, two honr:i II minutes 11 BoCbnds,
The American yacht Marblebead was
second and the Spanish yacht Dorla
was third. . The American yiichl Spo
kane finished bovi nth;
King Alfonso witnessed the start,
hut did not tidlow the race on account
of a portion id' the rigging of the
Knyal yacht having been carried
away. His majesty congratulated the!
winner and drank lo the health or
the Americans in the chill house,
which rang with cheers for tile vic?
torious American yacht.
One of Men Who Bribed San Francisco
Supervisors Will Have Time to
T.blnk it Over.
(By Associated Press. 1
j Louis P. GUsSi vlco-presldcni of Ilm'
I Pacific states Telephone a;- Tele
I graph Company, convicted or halving
I bribed Supervisor Lonernn lo vole
against granting .v franchise to the
llbirio Telephone Company, was to-,
day sentenced by Judge Lnwler to
(fixe years' Imprisonment in the stale1
? prison at San Qucntln.
President's Deprture Now Fixed Fori
September 25.
OYSTER RA V N. Y.. 8opt. 4?11
was announced today ihat President
RooSOVOll will leave Oyster Ray for
Washington on September 27< Instead
of September 2:'. as previously
It was also announced that the
President will go to Washington for
a day before starting on his West?
ern and Southern trip, on September
29, although such was not the origi?
nal plan. The necessity of consider?
ing several executive manors and
gelling the working force of his
office installed is the reason given
lor the change la plan .
Sterope Sails Today.
The Italian naval collier Sterope,
which has; been anchored in the har?
bor for several days probably Will]
sail today for Italy. The vessi 1 has
a cargo of about 5,000 tons of coal
aboard, which she loaded here.
Polilical S&nsailon Caused in City
by Grand Jury Indictments.
Charged With Alleged Tax Frauds,
Fradulent Registration and Voting
and Conspiracy to Issue False Re?
(By Associated Press.)
PITTSItritC. PA., Sept. 4.T-A poli?
tical sensation was caused here today
when it became known that the grand
jury had indicted four prominent poli?
ticians of Alloghany City In connec?
tion With alleged lax frauds in that
The men indicted are Elliot Rodg
?era. member of the Slate Senate, of
Pennsylvania, and former common
pleas judge of the Alleghany courts;
Samuel (irccnot, director of the de?
partment pf safely of Alleghany; Wil?
liam Hngcl, member of the Alleghany
council; William Lamb, a leading Al?
leghany politician. In tho indict?
ments are allegations of conspiracy
to procure false registration and fra?
dulent voting; the procuring of tlte
false registration and fradulent vot?
ing and conspiracy to issue fradulent
lax receipts. The charge, R Is said,
are based upon the November elec?
tion of 1906, and ate the outgrowth]
of a crusade waged by the voters
Civic League of Aljegbany.
All of the ncciised today gave bond
in the sum of $2,000 each. Several
months ago the x'oters' Civic League
employed lawyers and detectives to
gather evidence and it is claimed that
about 7no or SOU affidavits were se?
cured from persons who used the nl
logod bogus tax receipts, which they
claimed were given thorn by men
Identified with political affairs In Al?
legheny. When the evidence had been
collected the League transferred the
matter to the district altornoy.
mrs. phillips can
solve wjxm
Cleveland Police ol the Oploioo
lhat Wie of Dead M Has
St?ry to Tell.
She Has Been Almost Pror.tr.itcd
Ever Since Her Husband War. Sup
pored to Have Been Killed by Bury
lars?While Husband Was Dyintj He
Asked to Sec Wife Alone.
(liy Associated Press.)
CLEVELAND, ollio. Sept. I.?De?
velopments In the investigation Into
ih denlh of .lohn J. Phillips, coal
operator, broker, banker and cluoillltn,
took a sensational turn late this ill
I ornoon when Mrs. PiVlllljis, widow
of tin deceased was taken Into cuslo-j
dy. Mrs. Phillips has bee,, III a 1>'kTi y
nervous slate since tllO tragedy.
Monday when announcement was
made thai her husband had been shot
and IllOrifilly wounded by :> burglar.]
sin- collapsed and was nol abb- to
attend the funeral. It was Bliortly
following tli?r lhat. after a conference
with Deputy Coroner HoilCkj who bad
conducted the Inquest, the widow was
taken Into custody.
Deputies will guard her in her home
till she recovers sufficiently to be
taken to court. The police believe1
Mrs. Phillips enn give facts concern-1
ing the tragedy which would solve tho
mystery. At the inquest today Dr. C.
L. Richardson testified that hi- hail
not been summoned until four a. hi;]
more than three hours after Phillips]
was shot. He hud been called by tele-j
Mrs. Phillips admitted him to tun
house She exclaimed: "Oh! doctor
something dreadful has happened. Mr,
Phillips has In en shot by a burglar.'
Talked With His" Wife,
lie found the wounded mau in bed.
He called Dr. Rhode?. After thoyi
reached the house Phillips asked then,
to leav< the bedroom a minute as'
he wished to talk with his wir.-. llus-j
band and wife Wbro together alone
for perhaps two minutes. Ho said
ihere was a trace of blood on the'
stairway. The bed In which Phil?
lips .was found was much stained
by blood. Phillips told the physicians
lhat In- wanted us little notoriety ns
possible connected with the affair. |
The police ransacked the Phillips']
home todny In search of the revolver
or other evidence In connection With,
the ease lull as far as is known no
revolver was found.
Phillips secretary reiterated today
his belief that with the life Insurance
policies left by him the estate would
be abb- to pay off all of Phillips' debts,
und possibly leave something for the
Lat. tonight Chief of Police Starn?
berger made public a w.-tVrant charg?
ing Mrs. Phillips with the nun der
of her husband. The warranF was
Issued on nil affidavit made by Starn?
berger und charges second degree
murder. I'p to a late hoii'r tonight
MrS. Phillips, who collapsed about the
funeral hour this afternoon, bad not
regained consciousness.
Ali Trace of Him Had Been Lost But
His Conscience Compelled Him to
Give Himself Up.
RADFORVJ, VA., Sept. 4.?Because
he could not endure the lashings of
a guilty conscience longer, a young
man of tin- name of Greenwood, of
Carroll county is shortly to be tit.
for murder. Hp was safely out of,
hat ill's way. but be could not get away
from the "still small voice," which,I
as Longfellow says of pain, is "swifter
than k< el is or canvas."
The young follow is only twenty
years old. and two months ago en?
listed in the United Slates Marine
Corps in S:in Krancisco.
Suffering from tho guilty con?
science, he brio day told his captain
that he was suspected of nun dor in
Carroll county. As a result of his
confession, the authorities were com
miiulcntcd with, and Sheriff lilunk
enshlp went for him and returned last
week with his prisoner, lie was sllii
In tin uniform of Undo Sain when
he passed through Radford,
Tho crime for which young Green
WOd stands suspected was the murder
of a man of tho name of Phinkctt,
Who was shot from ambush two years
ligO. . About this time Greenwood ills
<yppen>ncfl, and suspicion poln'{n| io
j him, but no trace of him was found
Until, by his self.confession, ln> was
located and brought back last night.
Ills trial will take place at the Sop.
tern bor term of the court at Hills.
| vllle.
I Hutchinson Succeeds Thornton.
M A NASS AS, VA.. Sept. 4.?The
j first official act of Judge' Thornton,
?. VA., i?URSDAV, S
us Judge of Prluoo Wllllmn county,'
\v:is In appoint It nip ' A. Hutchison
as commonwealth attorney ror this
county, lo fill out the uno.xplrod term]
of Mr.'Thornton, who linn boon attor?
ney for the Conununwcaliii for fifteen
He Is Charged With Entering Into a
Conspiracy to Procure by Fradu?
lent Means Timber Lands.
HOISR, I PA HO, Be|it. 4.?The In
dietment returned Insl A|irll l.y ihr
Podort.l grand jury agahui Senator
William E. Ilornh; and o'bei proint
nent -lien charging conspiracy to do
fraud the United plates s-iveinmont,
was served on the' dofom'.uu'< today.
!!? Hides ilornh, Die Indictment In?
cludes Prank Martin, attorney gener?
al of Idaho under Governor stoencn
here's administration; .1. T, Harber
and Rummer C. . Moon, millionaire
stockholder of the Harber Lumber
Company, residing In Wisconsin; .1.
I. Wells, P. II. Downs, .lohn Kin
eald, i.. M, Prltchard. William
Sweet Albert M. Palmer ami n. s.
The IndHmont charmthai these
persons on'ored into a conspiracy in
Soptembct. 1001, and at various other1
limes >li procura by fradulenl entry I
llinluy lands In IlOlse county. Sena?
lor florah hns been accorded tho
privilege of n separate (rial. The
ease for I lie government will I/o eon-1
ducted by R. M. C. Ilurcli of Den-1
VOr and S. R. Hush of Omaha, Bpo-|
elnl assistant aliorney general ropro'
Routing tin; Department of Justice, j
Notnlners for County Offices.
ARCANUM, VA.. Sept. I. Kollow
In:: i:i a list of candidates who were
deelnrod nominees of (ln> iiarly at at
meeting of. the Democratic county,
committee yesterday.
For commonwealth's attorney, 10.
W. lluhUird; for sheriff, Lewis Wil?
liams; for treasurer. James L. An?
A prominent. Republican here says'
that Flipnln, the Rejiuldlcaa nominee
for the lealRloturtv^-trrts declined to
inn. If this Is trubj ibis leaves judge
A S. Hall without Opposition.
Colonel It. T. Hal liard has an?
nounced his candidacy for the office
of attorney for Hie Commonwealth.
McCraw and Grlgg are Independent
candidates for sheriff.
Today's Exposition
Eaole1!' Day.
New Hampshire Day.
Special Features of the Day.
s to it a. in.?Drill Twenty
third United states Infantry.
11:00 a. in.?Exposition Band
Coocort, .Machinery anil Transpor?
tation building.
I p, m.? Piano and violin Re
dial. I'M win M. Shonert and Karl
J. Pfotlts, And turtum.
2:30 p. in - -Motor Boat Races,
off Government Pier.
?I p. m.?Organ Recital, Claude
P. Landl, Auditorium.
4:16 p. m.?Cnmnrdnl's Slide for
4:30 p. m?The Flying Ban
vards. War Path.
fi:00' p. m.?Dress Parade, re?
viewed !?>' Governor Floyd of New
i iampshiro
I 6:00 p. hi.?Eagles' Day Corcmo
' nies, Auditorium.
6:30 p. m.?Drill "D." Battery,
i Third United States Artillery
0:00 p. in.?Drill Twelfth United
States Cavalry.
I X:i>0 p. m.?Fireworks, Lee's Pa?
8:00 p. m.?Special Concert, Au?
8:30 p. m.?Grand Bull. Conven?
tion Hall.
9:16 p. in.?Cameroni's Slide for
Life-- Warpath.
9:30 p. m.?Tho Flying Ban
vards, War Path.
Stated Program Every Day.
7J30 a. m.?(laics Open,
in a. m.?And hourly thereafter
Exhibition of weather bureau,
Earthquake recorder, Government
Building A.
II a. in.?Preparation of large
weather map from reports from
all sections of tho country, Gov?
ernment Building A.
11 lo I a. m.?Session of Chil?
dren's School Farm.
It:30 a. in.?Mexican National
Band' concert
1:00 p. in.?Biographie and sire
optican Exhibition, Scenes on In?
dian Reservation With lecture. In?
terior Department, Government
j building A.
2 p. in--Biographic Exhibition
j and lecture; Scenes In Y?SOmltd
Valley. Government Building A.
2 lo I p. m.?Phlnney's United
Slates Rand. Auditorium.
2:30 p. in ?United States Lifo
i Saving Service Drill at station.
.". p. m.?Illustrated Lecture,
"The Land Thai God Forgot,'' by
C. .1. Rinncliard, U. R. R. S. In?
terior Department, Government
Building A.
4 p. m.?Illustrated Icoturo "Yel?
lowstone National Park." by Mr.
E. C. Culver. Interior Department,
Government Building A.
5:30 to 0:30 p. m.?Mexican Na
1 lional Band Concert, Reviewing
7 to 0 p. m.?Concert Phlnney's
United States Band, Raleigh
lEPTEMBEil o, 1 ???;
Porchose o( the Steamer ftlaury
and Other Unanticipated Expenses
Exhaust the Appropriation.
Pending Special Appropriation Ar?
rangements Made to Continue Work
as Uaual?Oyntcr Industry Steadily
InciMatlnu, in Side and More Money
is Needed to Protect It.
RICHMOND, V A , 8opt. L?Con?
siderable talk in ami o?I of official
circles lias boon hoard ?'f lain aloni;
tlto lim- that tho appropriation avail
.ildo for the state oyster navy litis
l.i. n exhausted llius far in nilvnnco
of tho end of tho presold fiscal year,
and some apprehension as 10 whether
tin- hoard of flsheriics will he nble pi
cuntlnu ' its Important work ponding
the mooting or the Legislature.
It is a fact that lor reasons easily
explained the appropriation has been
expended, hut under an arraitgoinoill
which is tlnorouuhly satisfactory to
all parlies eoneernotl, and It In be?
lieved by all thai the Legislature will
he ipiick to meet it with a special
appropriation early in the coin lug hob
bIoii. Owing to extraordinary con?
ditions the nxptJtStjS <>f Ute board for
the prcM-nl year Will exceed those
of 11100 by about 120,000. This was
not anticipated by the last legislature
anil thus tho fund has booh exhausted
ibefore another appropriation has he
come available.
The Reasons.
' The new flagship of the oyster navy,
tin. Commodore Mnury, hnd been only
partially paid for up to llio present
lyoar, when she was completed and
1 pill Into commission aud operation.
I The sum requisite for this purpose
[?undo a considerable hole iu the fund.
|aud wheie it had cost only $150 to
I$500 per month to operate tin old
j hull which the Mnury sii|icrnndca, It
.costs n boil I $ I.unit to run the Mnury.
Again, Hie "boat bus been at the
dlsposl of Governor SwniiKon as com
iiinndi r-lii-chlel of the navy, and it
was the only craft In- could use In
connection with various Exposition
fund Ions.
It was entirely proper fur the Gov?
ernor to use the Mnury for convey?
ing parties back and forth to the Ex?
position, ami it Is a matter of pride
that the State had such a creditable
boat fur these purposis. Still, all this
bus cost money, and when in use by
the Governor, of course there was no
charged to the Stato by the board.
Have Far.t Coats.
It Is pointed out, loo, that the oya
tor Industry is growing rapidly each
Iyear ami that the cxpbnsofl of policing
Ithe rarlbtis waters in which there are
I valuable rocks has likewise Increased.
jWntchboats have been stationed at im
jportant points, nnd have bud to re
I main sometimes for many days at
given points, to prevent the absolute
,desiruction of these rocks. It Is Bald
that where a few years ago pirates
used sail and rowbont, they are now
operating steam nnd gasoline
launches, making It necessary that
tiny shall In pursued by boats of
equal or greater speed.
It was reported that the board had
pun based a costly launch to be used
in conveying state parties lo ami from
the larger boats. Kor this there is
no foundation. Not long ago tho
board was confronted with a condition
which was difficult to meet. The old
?Maines Itlver" was about played out,
:and hud either to be abandon) d or re
I paired. To repair her hollars and over?
haul her properly would have cost
151,500 and this sum was not avail?
able, or rath 'r could nut be spared.
I The territory on which the boat was
Operating was in need of protection,
ami tho board pul hor out of com?
mission, nnd purchase^ In her Blond
e; fast going little craft called the
j Greyhound.
j The boat cost $500 or $000 I OS than
I (be sum the repairs of the 'Mailtos
jlilver" would have required. It is not
even Ritggostcd by those who know
the sltuntl en will that the hoard has
I been extravagant, and It Is believed
I lhat with he same dogrco of care and
economy that has been heretofore ex?
ercised, the nrangcmcnin recently
made will guarantee the full protec?
tion of the stall's Interests In the In?
terim between now and the assemb?
ling of tho Legislature.
A gentleman who is In close touch
with the work of the board, and who
manifests a deep interest In the fish
and oyster industry, was asked
if it was the custom of tho
board to allow private parties lo use
the Mnury for cruising purposes,
and he promptly and emphatically de?
clared that It was not.
lb said it was true tlitit on one oc?
casion um) ?nie only, a party of Rich?
mond gi ntloincn had asked to |i0 al?
lowed to go upon the bout for a few
ilnys, while nho was doing her regular
The boat's Inlnernry for the given
period had alnsdy been fixed, ami,
Ii ? bad Important points tu irinko
each dhy. The ImuTuIbbIoii wiia gr?nt-,
til wiiii Du- illslliiel understanding
that Ulla Intlhornry was iiol tu lie In-]
erferod wih. ami thai there should
Iii- Uli cos! whatever lO UlO Slate. 'I'll ?
parly um itbouTd at Ibe slail. Hiudo
ihn rounds unsigned by Ibe officials,
ainl returned when Hie work for the
state was completed, tho itlolimoiidOrs
hearing all the expenses of provisions,
and paying fur (he coal consumed on
the ll Ip
Sayn That She Did Not Know Money
Runyan Gavo Her War. Stulcn
Till He Told Her.
(Hv Associated Pro8?.j
NKW VOIIIC, Sept. I. Laura M.
Carter, who Is charged with liavlll|t
received iicvoral IhoUBnnd dollars of
the fortune In hank notes stolen from
the Windsor Trust Company by Clu s
(er It. Runyan, went on the wlltioai
stand in her own behalf today, Hoi
testimony was almost a comploto de
nlal of the material points in the story
(old by liitnyaii when he appeared
n wll nens against her lust week. She
Said that tile first she knew of (ho
Trust Company robbery ami Itiinynii's
pail In II wan gained from the UOWB
pllpi is a week Softer Runyan came to
her nouso,
Mis. CltrlCr said that previous to
ibis Runyan bad given her $6,000 nay
I nr. be hail brought Ii lo her as a
present When she accused him of
the rohhory and he admitted his Iden?
tity, she told Ii I ii i dial he should lake
the imhi< \ hack lo the hank Ho Hint
he could Sipinre himself and that she
Would return the $5,000 he hail given
her. He refused, The next day sho
returned tie $5,000 ami went in ibe
police with the Information which re
suited In Rnuyau's arrest.
at of Sixty-Five Sails Maken a Re?
markable Catch?One Roat Gets
$25,205 Worth.
(By Associated Press.)
PORTLAND, Mi:.. Sept. 4.?Tho
mackerel fleet bf sixty live rails, com?
posed mostly of craft from II.in port
and Gloucester, Mass., Is now In port,
nonrillg Iho cin e of summer mackerel]
season, and report thai In the nggn
gale Ilm vOBBola have stocked $500,0001
worth of fish.
The Groyllng, paptaln Joseph Smltn,
of Gloucester, caught and Bold $2fi
worth of mackerel, liach man <
I the crew earns JCii? as his share of|
I four months' work. Captain bmlth|
at) four ami the oldoit sklppei
in tho/fl
I New York DeclectKves Have Des-1
wale Battle to Save Prisoner.
Then Mob of One Hundred Men and!
Women Attacked the Officer Be?
cause Man Arrested Had Cut a I
Storekeeper?Man Landed in Jail.I
(Ry Associated Press.)
NBW YORK. Sept. I?After a sen-1
national cliaso and dosporaito ?.IgDit
With an Italian desperado in the
llronx today half a dozen detectives
were forced to right Tor his life and
their own against repealed assaults
of hundred- or Italian men and
women who sought to deal out sum?
mary justice to the prisoner. He Is
Antonio Forgoo. He bad stabbed Mrs.
Lorenzo NIchoMno, in her little store
in Fast 153 street, almost severing
her right ear aller she had refused
to give him $100. As he dashed out
<S the store Mrs. Pophoro tried to
block his progress. A blow on the
face knocked In r down and Forgone
started on a wild run through the
crowded streets. The bloodstained
knife, whiSi he waved ns he s|?cd
through the crowd gave the fugitive
a fairly clear path ami a number of
policemen and detectives who had
taken up the chase wer,, being dis?
tanced. As a last resort they com?
mandeered a passing automobile ami
when the machine was abreast of the
man. sprang out ami attacked hlm.(
He fouglif. back and one of the de?
tectives was laid out Unconscious be-(
fore Forgone was subdued. Then for
nearly twenty minutes Ihn officers;
fought almost ns desperat? |y to pro
toot the prisoner from Hie mob. For?
gone finally wns lodged In the polic?
Loc.il showern Thursday, ex?
cept t.i11- In Southweut portion;
Friday fair; light to fresh
winds, mostly r.outh.
boTaparte does not
know sis' reason
Attorney General Says He Has
Not Been Informell Why Famous
Letter Was Not Head.
However It Has Every Confidence In
tue Prosecuting Attorney at Chicago
and Believes He Has Good Reasons
for Not Telling Why He Wanted
Case Put Over Three Weeks.
? ? i a
fRy ABBOOlUtOii Tress.)
LKNOX, MASS.. Sept 4. ?Attorney
General Charles J, Bonaparte tonight
Issued a statement regarding tho
Standard till ease In the Illinois
courts. The Attorney General's state
tu. at Is us follows:
"On August 14 Judge Lnuills asked
In imbalance that the Department of
Justice consider portions or tho trans
script of testimony in the case of tho
Culled Stales ngnlnst tho Standard
oil Company of Indiana in order to
determine whether the Chicago K
Alton Roll road Company, Us officers
and employes, were entitled to the
huneflls of an agreement assuring It
and them or Immunity against crim?
inal prosecution in connection with
the granting of certain rohntos to the
Btandnrd oil Company,
"Tin- Department. In compliance
with the desire of judge Lundls ex
mplriod the above mentioned records
nnd carefully investigated the entire
subject und as a result or auch In
vestlgiitlori the Attorney Gonernl on
August in wrote Edwin W. Sims,
United States attorney at Chicago In?
forming him In substance that the
agreement was shown to have been
made In .Inno or July l!)wl. by C. B.
Morrison, Mr. Sims* predecessor In
office, thai Mr. Morrison's action ap- ?
pears to have boon duly authorized
tit the time by the Department; that
in tho opinion or the Department the
arrangement bad greatly facllttaod
the Indictment and conviction of the
Standard Oll Company and lhat while
certain portions of tin- evidence might'
be fnlrly open to unfavorable com?
ment the Department regarded tho
government as bound In good faith
and also us a matter of public, policy
to give effect to the agreement.
Why Sims Did Not Read Letter.
"Mr. Sims wns Instructed to rend
this letter when the grand Jury re?
convened in September nnd to take
such further notion to tho foregoing
end as might seem to the court nnd
Ito himself us proper In the pfemlaes.
"Tho Department loams that MY.
Sims did not comply with those In?
structions by reason of his having
bad called to his attention very re?
cently certain new. and. In his judge?
ment, mntctlal facts, which he
thought should he submitted to the
Department for Its further considera?
tion, before its conclusions should bo
finally announced. For this purpose
he asked and was grnnted by the
court n delay of threo weeks. Tho
Department Is hot na yet advised aa
to what are the facts thus ascertain?
ed by Mr. Sims. It bus grent con?
fidence In his sound Judgement and
devotion to duty and its awaits his
report before taking further notion
in the premises. Inasmuch, however,
as the circumstances iff the case may
ho liable lo misconstruction It is
deemed proper to Bubmll new tho
present statement to the public.
Sad to Relate, However, the Manu?
facturers Say There is No Danger
of a Famine.
(Dv Associated Press.)
NEW YOHK, Sept. 4.?The Itrat
strike In the "Teddy hear" trade baa
occurred In this city. A strike of
"Teddy hour" makers took place yes?
terday Inthe factory of the Itruln
Manufacturing Company. Only the
Bluffers quit work, the leg. arm, trunk
and bead artists refusing to strike
I In sympathy.
The strike was against 'a reduction
j of prices paid to the stuffors for pleco
. work. The manufacturers say there
Is no danger of a "Teddy bear"
Farmer Gored by Wild Steer.
AUVONIA, VA.. Sept. 4?.1. Taylor
1 Morris was gored by a steer on tho
j farm of General T. M. Logan. Mr.
Morris bail bought a lot of cattle on
the place and one of them being loo
! wild to drive, be had it tied to drlvo.
, when It ran at him. Ho was severely
( hurt.
Suit For Damages.
i Suit for $1.0(10 damages wag filed
in the clerk's office of tho Corpora
lion Court yesterday by J. M. Swoet
zer against M. Joo. Attorney Allan
D. Jones Is counsel for tho plaintiff.

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