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Testlles Concerning Certain Trans?
action With the Late Ir?
win locker.
Ltst Evidence for the Depositors WIM
he Taken Next Tuesday; Then the
Defendants Witnesses Will be Ex
nmined?Case Goes to Judijc In
About Three Months.
Former Postmaster Fred Read war
thp principal witness yesterday In tho
suit of the depositors <>f ihb Savings'
Dank of Newport News against the
officers and stockholders of that In?
stitution, his testimony relating lo n
certain controversy between the Into
president of the bank, Mr. Irwin
Tucker, and the Post'offlce Depart?
ment over a shortage in Mr.
Tucker's accounts with the depart
mint. Mr. Head was called to tho
stand in tho trial of HiIh suit BOVerul
Ohles, Hit declined to testify until in?
structed lo do so by the Postoffice
Mr. Read'? Testimony.
In reply to questions from Attorney
v.. c. Borkcloy, counsel for the plain?
tiffs, Mr Retui said on the stand yes?
terday thai at one lime Mr. Tucker
had been short in his accounts at the
local postnfflce to the amount of $1,5(1
and tlinl for sometime he refused to
lu-ttie tho account, claiming that the
shortage resulted from a stamp rob?
bery at the poslofflce. After the lust?
ier had been In dispute for some tithe
the department ordered the bill col?
lected ami It finally was paid by Mr.
Tho only witness .heard yoatorday
was Mr. Arthur Dec, assistant cashier
of dho First National liauk, who |os
lifted that Mr. J. W. Ayler, Jr.. who
ban boon examining the books of tho
defunct Institution, Is an expert book?
keeper Mr. Aylpr was oil tho stand
sometime ago, but was not i.ailed
yesterday, counsel for the defense
announcing that they had no deslra
to cross-examine tho witness.
Continued to Tue?day.
Yesterday afternoon the inking of,
depositions In ibis case was coutlnuodl
until Tuesday, when the plaintiff will)
close their case BO far as the taking
of depositions Is concerned. Among
tho'witnesses who will be examined
Tuesday will bo Miss Lllllo 0. Blow
art, who was bookkeeper In Urn
wrecked bnjik; Messrs. E, It. Vaughan
nnd B. W. MllStoad, slockholders of
thit look, mid Receiver Allan D.
Tho defendants probably will be?
gin taking tho depositions of Its wit?
nesses next week. This Will, It Is
expected, require two or three months
time ami tho case probably will not
go to Judge Ingrain, who was appoint?
ed by Governor Swanson to try the
Btilt, until November or December.
Seward Heldelbach President of the
Concern, Disappears Mysterious?
ly Over Month Aflo.
CINCINNATI."o.. Sept. I.- Because
of the mysterious disappearance In
New York of Seward Heidelbach,
president Of the Fabian Manufactur?
ing Company In this city, M. E. Much
was today appointed receiver of that
concern and placed under a bend <.f
$(?(10 QUO.
Tho petition for the receivership.
In addition to sidling forth the tacts of
tile disappearance of Mr. Heidelbach,
states that the action is taken with
the consent of the largest creditors
Olid Hlso one of tho two defendants,
Stanley S. Roub. tho other defendant
being Mr. Heidelbach. The Fabian
Manufacturing Company Is known
over tho entire country in clothing
Seward Heidelbach, disappeared
lost month while In New York city.
He bad returned but h few days pre
ylous with Vvs. Heidelbach from nn
extended stay in Ruropo, On the
day when ho was last iVn by bis re
latlves and friends in New York ho
secured from the New York financial
ngeuls of the Fabian Manufacturing
Company drafts for $1.000 saying he
had to pay accounts con tract oil while
in Europe. He started for" an express
nfflcn anil since then has hot been
heurd from.
Youno Richmonder Comee to Newport
News for Bride.
Miss Oplmlii, K Walker, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. E. T Walker, of 551
[Twenty-seventh street, and Mr liar
vey Smith, of Richmond, were quiet?
ly married nt D:30 o'clock last night
by- Rev. A. A. Butler pastor of the
Calvary Dupttsk church, ai his home
In North End. The ceremony was
Witnessed ' by tho parents of the
bride nmi a few friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith left last night
for northern cities, where they will
spend their honeymoon. Tluv will
live In Richmond, where Mr. Walker
Is a division Superintendent of the
Virginia Passenger and Power Com?
Death of Mrs* Ware.
Mrs. Martha H. Ware, aged 52
years, died nt her home. 1030 Twen?
ty-seventh street, nt 7 o'clock last
night nfler u short Illness The fun
eral services will bo held nt Ihe
Beventh Day Adventlst church at 10
Want to sell Kcal Es
tat?*, and Borne have
great bniguiiiB. Why
don't we buy them?.
Well, we can't buy
them all; wo want
our clients to take
nome of them. Please
allow us to show yon
what we have paying
from S lo 12 per cent,
Renis & Real Eslale
o'clock thin morning, conducted by
(bo pastor Flov. Mr. Ilaboock. Inter?
ment will tin made at Green lawn.
Mrs. Wnro wnH ilm widow of tho Into
Mr. J. e. Wnro und is survived by
um' tlntightor, Miss llolonn Wuro.
Social-Personal &
Misses Anno nnd Pago Hoy till, of
Richmond, Hin spending tho week wltn
Dr. and Mrs. Willlntn Rpuno AydloU.
Miss Pago itoYiill will I),, tho hostosa
nt tho Virginia building next wcoK.
Miss Lewis Stcnraos has rotnrnod
from Pulaskl, whoro aim spool tho
Mrs. II. T. Sty 1| Is visiting frlcnos
In lioiirhlnnd.
Mr. uu,| Mrs. R. Ixjo Davis will
loiivo today for Hot Springs Va.,
whole I I y will spend two weeks.
. Mr. Thomas P. Duncan has returned
from an oxtondod vnontlou, spent on
tho Fast em Shoro, and a business
l. Iii North. , , ^-,(81
Mr. William Sprakel-, formerly of
this city, now of Italtlmore. Is spend?
ing a few days In the city Blinking
hands with obi friends.
Mr. .1. II. Lindsay, editor of Ilia
ChnrloUosvlllo Progress is mnklng
Xewpnrl Newa bis headquarters
while visiting the Exposition.
Mr. and Mrs. A. It. Wllmlnk. o!
Grand Rapids, Mich., are guests at
llotei Warwiek Mr. Wllmlnk for?
merly wus a prominent business man
of Newport News. He now operates
I one of the largest bakeries In Oratld
Mr. and Mrs. ('. II Candy, of Dor?
chester, Mass., are visiting their
daughters, Miss Cntuly. of this city,
and Mrs. T. K. Search, of Homestead.
I Hampton.
Mr. und Mrs. Phil Siegel and sun
loft last night for a trip to New
Miss Florence Christopher and Mrs.
Harness, who have been the guests
nf Mr. ami Mis. .1. N. T/oator en For
tyseventh street, have returned to
Lexington, Ky.
Fire Chief of Dayton. O., Murders
Person Who Eloped With Wife.
Now a Maninc.
(ltv Associated Press.)
DAYTON, OHIO. Sept. I? Fire
Olllof Ii. II. Miller, of Franklin. OulO,
shot and instantly killed .1. II. Lit?
tle, who recently eloped with his wife
mid was returned tu Franklin las;
Jllgllt for trial. Miller entered the po?
lice station and going directly to Lit?
tle's cell fired two shots which lodg?
ed In the victims breast. Miller is
now a raving maniac und is under
Mis Miller eloped with Little about
n month ago. She is a handsome
woman nud belongs to a prominent
family. Jt was because Little bus a
missing thumb that the detectives lo?
cale,! the pair. When the pair were
placed under arrest Little denied bis
Identity, but Mrs. Miller said she was
the runaway wife and that she wanted
to return homo, but Little would not
let he-. ^ ^
Death of Young Girl.
Miss Ida llneluh Prince, aged PI
years, tiled at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. John A. Primmer. 323 For?
ty-eighth street, yesterday afternoon
after a lingering Illness. The funeral
will take place from the residence at
4 o'clock this nfternoon. services be?
ing conducted by Rev A. A. Iluller,
pastor of the Calvary Baptist church.
Interment will be made at Groon
Lieutenant Goes to Sea Aboard
the Namesake o! His
Native State.
Din ing Sp.inir.li American War He
Attracted World wide Attention by
Carrying Message to Cuban Com-'
niander and Securing Information
Inside tho Spanish Lines.
Lieutenant Victor nine. u. S. N.,'
who Came Into national promt.too
in tho Bummer <>r istis by his hero?
ism during tho Beige or Santiago, bus
been assigned la duty on the now
Culled Hintes armored cruiser North
CarolItin when that vessel |s deliver?
ed to the navy department by her
builders, tho Newport News Ship?
building & Dry Dock Company. Lieu?
tenant Hille has been Inspector of
ordinance hi the local shipyard tor a
number of years, but Is at present at
Ids old home in North Carolina. ?
Lieutenant Blue is a native of the
tibi North state and was appointed
to the navy from South Carolina on
September 6, lSSa\ At the outbreak
of the Spanish American war he was
serving in Admiral Schloy'H Moot and
when lhat fleet, with Admiral Snilip
uoii'h Warships, was blockading Santi
ngo harbor he was sen I ashore to as?
certain the number and positions of
the ships of Admiral Cavern's squad
rnn In Santiago harbor. After being
landed on the CiiIo.ii coast. Lieutenant
llhie ttavclcd past the Spanish lines
to the camp of the Cuban insurgents.
and the Commander of those foroea
accompanied Ihe lieutenant lo a hill
overlooking Santiago harbor where
with Ihe ubl of a telescope, the Ameri?
can officer was able to gather the de?
sired Information relative to the
Spanish squadron. Lieutenant nine
then made his way back to Ihe const
and reported to Admiral Beb ley. The
trip whs fought with danger and
hardships, and Lieutenant BIllO was
advanced In rani; for his feat. |
Sine,, entering the service. Lieuten?
ant Mine has served nearly fourteen
years at sen and about ten years on
shore duly, lie In one of Ihe most
widely known and popular of'.lcerfl in
Iho service. |
Tho Boele Pursuit In Most Game? U
to Drive a Ball.
Some iVuy there will arise a patient
Investigator who will work out this
problem, Why are most sports but the
Variants of one object, the propulsion
of u siibere V i
Dllilardn, baseball, polo, golf, sling-'
lug, marbles, squash, handball, foot
I hall, rackets, cricket, hockey, bagatelle,
i?nn|s, Shooting, polota- the basic pur?
suit In each Is to drlVO n bull, the pro
pubdou of a sphere. |
Tipcat, shuttlecock and top spinning
nre the employment of modifications of
tho sphere, and archery la Isil another
method of propulsion.
It la a strange limitation of form,
und there must be n reason. Those who
delve Into origins tuny ascrllio the
whole motive of sports to Rome long
nrnied, hirsute ancestor who first
threw a pebble at n fellow Cave dwell?
er jlil'tj found It great fun. I
Or It may lie poor mortal's attempt
to gel lu u small fashion Into the tre?
mendous scheine of the universe,
which Is the everlasting movement of
the Spheres. Or It may be that sports
tire framed In inevitable obedience to
some Irresistible law of nature. I
At any rate the fact Is sports nre
bused on the propulsion of the sphere. I
ami some one ought to lind n reason I
therefor. - New York American.
Wych Hat?), Not Witch Hazel.
The correct mono for Hamamelis vlr
glnlca Is not witch tinsel, but wych
liniiol. Our plant has no connection
with the magic of the water hunter.
The blackthorn of England, Prunus
(tpJnosn, wns the wood used In these
divinations, or whatever these super?
stitious practices may be termed. Ha
;-.'-l hail u very wide inclining In the
Pillen times, pud tho elm us well as
the nut now known us such was hazel.'
One of these elms, now known us Li?
mns montnuo, was the favorite wood
for making wyebes, or provision
chests, und was therefore known us
tho wych hazel. In the present day It
Is the wych elm. Our baimimells re
eelved from the early Bettlers the nnrue
of wych hazel from tho resemblance.'
of the leaves to those of the wych ha-|
7.0I or elm of the old v.orhi. Longuago
reformers Imagining that wych should
bo spelled wllc'i nie responsible for the
confusion. Wych baicl In the correct
term for our plant.
Health in Canal Zone.
The high wages paid nuike It n
mighty temptation to our young nrtl
snns to join the force or skilled work?
men needed to construct Ihe Panama
('anal. Many are restrained, how-eVef.
lv the fear of fevers and malaria.'
It is the knowing ones?those who
have used Electric Hitters, who g<>
there without this fear, well know
lug they are safe from malarious In
tlitonce with Electric nil tors on hand.!
Cures blood poison too. biliousness,
weakness und all stomach, liver and
kidney troubles. Guaranteed by all
Druggists. GOc,
Reminiscence of a Notable Thoatrleal
nerberl Kelcey tells ? story that
establishes a now record fur refined
tnallco. The lust previous mark was
fixed by the Eihprcss Josephine, who
smilingly Invited u rival beuuty to sit
beside ber on a green sofa which ab?
solutely klllud (be effect of tho vic?
tim's blue gown.
The horn of Mr. Kelcey'S tide of woe
is a New York customer who harbored
? grudge against Lawrence Barrett
In the famous ull star testimonial per?
foruiuuee of "Hnmlct" at tho Metro?
politan opera House, Mr. Barrett was
to play tho ghost and Mr. Kelcey
Now, Barrett was tailor In art than
In Inches, while Mr. Kelcey la a good
at* feut The cos turner provided Ber?
nardo with a glittering l/diongrln suit
of mull, with u dragon lopped helmet
of portentous altitude. Tho majesty ,
of buried Denmark looked like a tin I
soldier, though if the audience could i
have measured htm by the height of
bis piisslnn he would bare been colos?
If Mr. Kelcey was hoist with prldo,
however, be met with the proverbial j
full, in the entire performance tin ;
had had only one Hue. announcing to
tho king the return of Hamlet. But
the king was faking his lines' and out
bill the one. After waiting all evening
in Ills hardware shop, Mr. Kelcey was
That porforrnnuco, given ns a testi?
monial to one of the most artistic of
American actor managers, I<ester \Val
laelc, was In fact a monumental exam?
ple of the futility of nil slur oasis.
There were only three rehearsals, and
Bouth, who played Hnudet, foresaw
tho catastrophe, as appears In a letter
he wrote to his daughter before It fell.
11? insisted on casting for Horatio un
actor who was neeusloinod to play
With hllh, and ho saved his own bucon, !
If not the play of Shakespeare.
lie was, however, the solitary sur?
vivor. Mr. Kelcey, whose sense of
humor Is delicious, Is voluuiluoua in
anecdote of the fatalities. All the
lending theaters In New York were
closed iu honor of the occasion, and
the actors swelled the crowds on the
stags to hundreds.
Do Wolf Hopper wore u costume sev?
eral Mixes too small fur him, und Mar?
shall Wilder drugged about garment!
proportlouatoly Inriju. It wus about
the least successful effort cither of
them ever nnide lo conceal the fact
that they are born COIuodlOUS, The
stage, which was of the old klud,
raked backward nt u ten Uli: angle.
At the burial of Opholla, as they
wore lowerlug Mine. Modjuska luto 1
tier grave, .Mr. Hopper sank to bis I
knees and, wringing hi* bunds, loudly I
moaned out: "Heaven help her!
They're burying her on the side of a \
hill! They're burying her ou tho side :
of a hill!"?Saturday livening I'ost.. |
Tho Champion Elactrie Sign.
The biggest electric sign in tho
world is bung ou the western expo- j
sure or a building nt Eprlug and Mac- [
douc.nl Htroots. Now York. Flushing
lt.-, light across the Hudson, this ulgu
may bo read miles awny on the New
Jorscy side, and so deceptive are Its
dimensions to those lu Jersey or the
millions that cross tho river by day
und night that Cuw routine the urea '
over which the glittering letters are ',
distributed The Initial "It" Is sixty
olgbt foot blub. This approximates
the height of an ordinary live story
building. The smaller letters com?
pleting Ibe word oro fifty foci high,
each letter covering on a perpendicu?
lar Hue at least four ordinary stories.
The letters are llv-j feet wide, and n
full grown inau could nlmust lie down
hotweeu tbu edges, About 1,400 elec?
tric lights are used for the illnminn
tlou?this approximating the number
of lights used In the entire Illumina?
tion of many small towns. It requires
practically all the time of one man to
replace the burned out lamps, and It
Is Interesting to watch him as he
works up.>ii his swinging scaffold,
hundreds of feet In the air at times.?
New York Post.
A Now Problom.
It Is reported that more than 1.000
Hindoos have crossed the Canadian
border Into the stale of Washington
recently and have become coniptttltura
lu the labor market of the state. Men
of their race, who present a strange
und ein Inns type to most Americans,
may be seen at work now ou the rull
roada of California, 'ijey are made
conspicuous even at a distance by
their turbans. A gang here and there
makes an Impression on the traveler
without being noticeable because of Its
size. Hut there Is a population of
204,301,000 lu India, aa area of 1.70(1.(11'.!
iipi.no miles, us against a population
that Is probably considerably less than
?UW.iKm.ooo on an men of 1,632,420
square miles lu China, and a popula?
tion of 47.ooo.tiO0 on an area of l-i7,('..Y3
squiirc miles lu Japan.?Chicago Roc*
Vanishing Old London.
The "Old Curiosity Shop," In Ports?
mouth street, ami other contiguous
property lending into Lincoln's inn
Fields, an- being demolished, the free?
hold having been sold, and a block of
business premises will be erected. The
ipiolnt looking building, which bus hud
ii great fascination for American tour?
ists. Is said to be more than 300 years
old, dntlug back to the early days of
JainCS I., hut the fact has never been
established that this was tho "Old
Curiosity Shop" Immortalized by Dick?
ons. The lucrative attraction of the
name of the great humorist will there?
fore come to an end. but the tenants
of tho shop have received compensa?
tion and will carry mi their printing
business In Ureut yucca street.?Pull
Mftll Uaxette.
Library Paste.
Wot a cupful of Hour, previously
dried In ('.von, with a pint of cold
water, nibbing K smooth. Hare ready
three ?opinis of hulling wuter in n
saucepan. Pour gradually upou |he
paste, working it well until you havo
u smooth batter. Add more bulling
water should It thicken too much.
Flpur varies inueh In the matter of
thickening. .Sot over the lire and stir
for three minutes. After the boiling
point I- reached pour It out, and then
It Is lukewarm beat Into It u teaspoon
fill of oil of cloves or of cinnamon.
Carbolic add I? better still unless the
odor lie objectionable. I'ut up in
small, wide mouthed bottles and cork
tightly. _
Headache and Insomnia.
For severe headache and neuralgia
the application of a cloth wrung out
111 hot water Is good, but one Wet In
very < obi witter will prove still more
Immediate In Its good effects. The
chill deadens the nerves, nnd the pain
is soothed. For Insomnia a touel fold?
ed In four wrung out In very cold
water. Iced If possible, and applied to
the spine will usually put the wakeful
one to sleep. If one towel does Hot
effect tin1 desired result, try a second
ami even a third one at lifteini minute
Intervals, placing n heavy bath towel
between the bed and the wet applica?
Cleaning Matting.
To clean matting sweep It thoroughly
tlrst with a stiff broom, following care?
fully the grain of the straw ; heal up u
soft broom in warm water and brush
across the grain. Finally wash the
matting off with warm water In which
a handful of edit bus been dissolved.
If light In color borax will aid In
brightening and preserving the shade.
Remove Lines In Face.
Tired lines can be removed by dip?
ping1 the lingers Into a good skin food
and running theill over the lines with n
gentle movement. When the Hues
come from old ngo there Is nothing so
good us almond oil. which gives mois?
ture to the skin. When the lines tire
premature It is always best to use u
food which nets ulso us u stimulant.
Handy Throod Cuttor.
The thread cutter herewith shown
was designed especially to do uwuy
with scissors for cutting the tin eiul. It
comprises u pair of pivoted blades, the
handles of w hich are set ut an angle.
At the end of one handle U n slot and
In the other a lug. to limit the move?
ment of the blade-". In use the thread
cutter Is placed In the palm of the
blind, being belli In position by n loop
which slips over tho little, linger. It Is
claimed thut It can be kept In the palm
of the bund without Interfering with
the operation while sewing, there l>o
lug perfect freedom of the lingers at
all times. A slight twist of the lingers
Is nil that Is required to operate the
cutter to break the thread.
Air Cushion Substitute
Cut two circles of cloth eighteen
inches in dlnmetcr, Cut the center out,
leaving the circle six Inches wide. Sew
tin- Inside circle together. Take cotton
(sitting, roll snugly until you have a
roll large an your band Is wide, place
pudding In circle of cloth and sew out?
side seam. It la as good nud some?
times better than tho ulr cushion.
Iodine For Bruises.
A small bottle of Iodine und n camel's
hair brush may be added to the sum
Hier outfit of medicaments with pro?
spective advantage. A bruise painted
With Iodine loses Its soreness In very
short order. One pulntlng Is usually
BUfllclcnt, but If there Is soreness re?
maining the second day put ou a sec?
ond coat.
To Make Clothes White.
To glvo clothes thut bluish w hl tonen?
so bard to obtain under ordinary cir?
cumstances souk them the night before
washing In blue water. Then the
next day do not use bluing ut all, but
alter washing rinse them In dour wa?
ter only. This will do ttWOy with tho
yellow appearance so annoying to most
To Clean Black Chip Hat.
Black chip bats may !>o successfully
cleaned In this way: First carefully
brush the straw; then with n soft
brush apply a little sweet oil all over
tho hat. rubbing il In well. Now pol?
ish the Btraw with a piece of black
cloth, and the hat will look almost
Rendering Lcrd.
If. when rendering lard, yon add a
half cup of milk you will Had II: will
inalto the bird smell sweet and puro
and make It as white as snow.
A Great Roast!
Over a ton of Arbuckles' Ariosa
Coffee is roasted at a time, in a large
revolving cylinder, which drops the
coffee through heat again and again
until each bean is uniformly roasted.
i No other coffee is in suffi?
cient demand to afford such
scientific and perfect prepara?
The sales of Arbuckles* Ariosa
Coffee exceed the sales of all other
packaged coffees combined, and this
scientific roasting, which no other
coffee can afford, by its very magni?
tude, reduces our cost to a minimum,
and enables us, with our other advan?
tages^ givebetler valuein Arbuckles'
Ariosa Coffee than is possible for any
one else.
Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee is
the cheapest good coffee in
the world, and the best of all
for you.
AUIUTKI,!? imos., New York City.
Mint Juleps.
Will dissipate that weary feel?
ing. Nothing more bracing
No Exposition prices. Every?
thing iu
John E. Mugler's
& Family Liquor Store
2312 Washington Avenue!
with its round of calls, dances,
theatre parlies and social func?
tions suggest Hie need of your
Laundry being properly Latin
drod. Have your work done
by tlio top notch of your city;
best work guaranteed.
Hotel Warwick
Both .'Phones No. 10.
After olhan f2il,thcGrimjnTrcitmriit I? the only curs.
Pnf. G. F. THEEL, 527 gift,' s?
4S^& Prhtti Ofeuassi a^fL^^
Cbtcki In ? tw.ui- w?&?QmP
Cvrcc tho facmn difficult uiti to tbree dav?. by
fcoipkaU <t>d'clinic*. Sold by t
304 O. I*. aTfOtKT. NORrc ,A. V*.
IO?j w?<h<xaTOH AviNut. miomhi HiMtAi
Storm Damages Crops.
ATLANTA. CA.. Sept. 4.?A heavy
wind ami rain storm with blinding
electric flashes passed over Port
Haines, da., late last, night. All wire
communication was ent off and no
word WIW secured until nearly noon
today. The slorm prevailed over a
wide territory but lib loss of life has
been reported'. Great damage Is re?
ported to crops.
Lost and Found.
I?ost. between 9::!0 p. m., yesterday
and noon today a billons attack,
with nausea and sick headache-. This
loss was occasioned by finding at all
Druggists a box of l>r. King's New
Life pills. Guaranteed for bilious?
ness, malaria and Jaundice. 2f>c.
Fine Stationery.
Lends tone to your IsibI
?>> SS lind creates 11 favorable
Impression. Wo make good
impressions on stationery ut
prices consistent vvltli good
We carry tliu following well
known brands of paper:
Honda ? llousatonlc, Dur
rlngton, Danlrer, Cambric, j
Carthago. .
Plat Writing ? Windsor,
I van hoe. Palo Alto and River?
Wo represent one of tho
best engraving bouses In tho
United States and guarantee
Quality und prompt delivery.
Our specialty, nil kinds of
commercial prln?'ng.
Warwick Printing Co.
211 Twenty-fifth St.
Bell 'Phone 123.
Fall Season
is here, and it Is now In order
to begin making select Ions of
articles that will add comfort
and COZlnOBS to the homo.
Rugs m3 Druggets
Wo have them In great
quantity and In great varieties;
for bedrooms, parlors, halls,
oil li es ; in oriental ami floral
designs. Prices start In Hugs
at GG cents and In Druggets,
Ox4!!! ft., at f?.UO. All sizes now
in slock.
Up-toDate Lines
of Bedroom Suits, Parlor Sulta,
Parlor Tables, Dressers, Chif?
foniers. Library Tables, Morris
Choirs, Extension Tables,
Chairs of all kiutls. Brass and
Iron Beds, Couches, Daven?
ports, Etc.
Prices and Terms All Right
Buxton & Paiker
liquid '0 Cta
r- Rolluvci Inclbf.flit.,,,, i>?i?B ?i,*,
Regular iUo tic & ?c at dt uaiflute.
Coal for Curacao
The Norwegian steamer Aladdin,
Captain Bogh, sailed yesterday morn?
ing for Curacao with a cargo of 4,174
tons of coal, valued at 111,178.50.

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