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only ? newspaper published In
Newport News that receives the
full news report of the Asso?
ciated Press.
Great Concourse of Feop'e Greets
Itie Dlsiisgtad Ntursskan
at (lie State Capital.
People of This Country are Beginning
to Look Upon the Jeffcrsoni.m Idea
cf Conducting Affairs With More and
More Favor?Pokes Fun at Presi?
dent Roosevelt.
RICHMOND, VA.. Oct. I.?"Bryan
Day" was ushered In with idea; woa
thor conditions?azure skh's, bright
.sunshine and a balmy breeze, which
made it delightful in bo out of tloors.
The distinguished Commoner arrived
over Hie Ohernpeakc ami Ohio rail?
way from Cincinnati at V: 10 this morn?
ing and was escorted to the Jefferson
Hotel, where a largo number ol peo?
ple wore ready to greet him. In tho
in--intime preparations wen- being
mndc for the parade to the fair
grounds. Ii was m arl II o'clock when
the procession, headed by a platoon
of police under Chief Marshal II. It.
Pollard. Jr., began to move. In the
lirst carriage were the Hon. William
.1. Bryan, Mayor McCarthy, ox-Oover
lior Montague and President II. V.
Stuart, of the Virginia state Fair. Be?
hind followed over a hundred repre?
sentative citizens In carriages, Kess
nich's band was In line, mid the pro?
cession was closed by a platoon of
police. It was II when tho parade
reached the fair grounds, where sineo
;? o'clock people had boon entering
ill u steady stream. At 1 I o'clock tho
entire grandstand was- lilled to over
Mowing, and by the time . tho uis
tlnguishcd guesl arrived there woro
fully ?0,000 people on the grounds. |
Before the spenklng was over tho
crowd bad Increased to at least 25,
Bryan's Arrival.
Tho arrival of the carriage contain?
ing Mr. Bryan >Vns tie- signal for a
tremendous hurst of applause which,
overspreading the grounds, brought
hundreds from the attractions on the
opposite Bide on Hie run. When Mr. '
Bryan arrived ;'i tho press stund tho
space between that and the grand?
stand was literally a sea of human
faces. Hundreds crowded around hlm
and shook his hand at the foot of the
slops leading to llie speaker's stand. I
Pres. Stuart Introduces Montague.
President Stuart called the assem?
blage to order and Introduced ox-Gov
ornor Montague, who in turn Intro- J
ducud Mr. Bryan.
Mr. Bryan, after expressing gratifi?
cation at his reception mid the useful-,
if s of agricultural fairs, said in sub?
stance at the State fair today:
"The greatness of our nation Is not!
monsurcd by the products of the farm'
or factory, hut by the manhood and'
womanhood produced for tue follow?
ing of high ideals. Tilings tending
lo advance our government can never
be out of place. 1 was told thai H po?
litical speech would bo acceptable
here. yet. 1 do not like to make a purely
political speech. -,v partisan speech. I
shall take as- my subject The Aver?
age Man," and shall show how nilini
eroils he ir? antl then connect him
with government nnd with public prob?
lems, ami if. when 1 am through, you
have a suspicion that this average
man of whom I speak Inclines to lie
Democratic; just remember that the
average num. if lie knows what ho is.
cannot he anything but Democratic." |
Loud laughter followed this political
sally. I
Our Great Averanc.
"Our average man." added Mr.
Bryan, "is the biggest average man
in ihis world, in some countries', you
cannot ||n(| an average man. for the
average man would he somewhere be?
tween the extremes ami be is not
prcsenI in the flesh, lie is an imagin?
ary character. The common people
are the people of Ihis country. |
"1 waul lo make this ela.'-s of peo?
ple .so popular." added Mr. Bry'nh, "that
everybody will want to get into it.
And I am going to show you who those
pnoplo are. for the respectability of
the classes Is determined largely by
those who belong to it.
Against Three-Term Proposal. <
Th ? speaker contrasted the broad
poliilc.il vjows of Jefferson nnd the
narrow ideas of Hamilton, after which,
in discussing tiie permanency of demo?
cratic ideas, he Bald: "No President
has ever dared to violate UVo two
term precedent. So strong is this Idea
in this country now that the President
of the United Slates recognizes It. Ho
said on the evening of his election
thai he regarded this term as n SCO
I nnd term and would not bo n cnndl
\ date for a ihjrd tbrm, So the Pros!
v dent recognizes it. my friends. If I
j\sald; I would n?' bellovo the protea
* Itntloiifi of friendship of any member
(Vfof my parly that assumed 1 would
Uchnhgcj my mind on such ?'? quoBllpn.';
JAdiroat applause.)
v\ A momont, later the Nobraskan de
clarcd himself In favor of electing
United states 8onatora by tho people.
Tlio present plan is too "Hamilton
Ian," said ho. The most popular re?
form Is I hut which hits for Its object'
the election of United States Senators
by direct vote of the people.
Touching further on the now nl-|
most obsolete theories of Hamilton.
Jcffersunian Idea Growing.
Mr. Bryan said: "The Hamlltoitlan!
Idoa is the decaying idea: the Jeff er-1
soiilntl idea is the growing idea..
Everywhere in the world tho Demo?
cratic party is growing; the nrtlsto-l
cratlc party is the dying party lho:
world around. We must bring tho gov?
ernment down to the people. The
Democratic doctrine Is that the slat.'
Bhoultl lake care of its own affairs
and tho federal government should
take <ate of the affairs in which wo,
are Interested in common.
vThe question has been raised in I
two ways recently. In one way the
federal courts have attempted to sus-i
peild the laws of the states, and then
soon a- the people think about it then
begin to express themselves in demo?
cratic terms. Tile attorney generals,
of the states- of the United States met]
at SI. I.ouls less than two weeks ago:
and they propnred a memorial to be'
presented to Congress, and what Is-'
it? It is a rennest that lite power]
of tlie lower federal courts to sus?
pend the laws- of the state shall bo,
taken away, so that these state laws
may lie enforced, leaving those that
object to pposoeuto appeals from tho
Supreme Court of tin- State lo Ihoj
Supreme Court of the United stales.
Now that is Democratic doctrine,
though a majority of the Attorneys
general who prepared tke mcmorlnl
were Republicans."
Thinks Well of Roosevelt.
Many were the good humored
thrusts which Mr. Bryan took occa?
sion lo aim at the President? though
he was careful to wold saying any?
thing which COUld prove offensive even
to persons differing from him in poli?
tics. Indeed, be declared that ho
thought well of Roosevelt and had
oven been criticised advprsely for not
attacking hint with more severity. The
Nebraskan commented on Roosevelt's
tendency to borrow good things from
the Democratic platform?a process
Which Mr. Bryan described aa "nib?
In this connection, the speaker said
that for years he had borne in ills
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Francis Joseph of Austria-Hungary
Pass'ng Througli Crliiua! Siagi |
Aged Monarch Whose Death Means
Much to all Europe, Kept Alive by
Hie Wonderful Constitution?Atten-'
dants Much Dep etscd.
VIENNA, Oct. 12.?This morning
(Saturday) is a critical one for Pram
eis Joseph, the aged emperor-king of
Austria Hungary.
His majesty's physicians are visibly
becoming more anxious. Kovor. which
has lasted ten days, seems- to have ex?
hausted the wonderfully trained sys?
tem of the monarch and the symptoms
of Indentation of the lungs are grow?
ing. Elve times dining the course of
the day bis- majecty remained for half
^iin hour in a stale of almost complete
apathy, while at other times he was
III a state of somnolence.
-Depression has taken he'd of Iiis
irinjosty'a entourage ami hi- Is- watch-'
ed with the greatest anxiety.
Robert Bacon Makes Heroic Rescue.
BOSTON; MASS.. Oct. 11."{(Assist?
ant Secretary of Slate Robert Ilaeon,
figured in a llprolc rescue on tho
Charles river late today whon he
jumped overboard from the Harvard '
launch Vorhtas anil swam to tin; res?
cue of two boys who had been cap?
sized in a canoe and succeeded in sav?
ing the life of one. The second boy
was alBO rescued.
Three Blacks Lvochcd.
TUNICA. MISS. Get, II.?Three
negro men were lynched tbdny for,
a seiics of burglaries. Two were,
hanged to a telegraph polo;and the
OtllO; was shot to death.
Ten to One Shot Won.
(By AsForiatod Press.)
RELMONT PARK, N. v.. Oct. ||.?]
In an evening rinlsh Baby Wolf, a
in to I slipt, wbh the Manhattan j
handicap at Bolmoni Park today, de?
feating Dr. .latin s bv It nose with I
.lack Atkins, third, n nose aw.iy. Ken-'
lucky Beau won Iho Dlv Oil dale stak ?
at the mile in the fast time of 1:33 2-5,
President Leaves Camp.
.(By Associated Press.)
I 8TAMBOUIC I.A.. Oct. it. Roose?
velt camp at the Monlicello crossing
i.f the bayou Ten8SS, p-'ss -d Into his
lory today, The President left the
place a' six o'clock this morning, ami
j when he turned h's hack on Hi" camp
j it was witii the determination not to
i retti m again,
Resolution on Subject Offered Be?
fore House of Bishops de?
ceives Consideration
MucS Mooted Phrase the Subject ot
.1 Long Dircussion?at Yesterday':;
Session cf the General Convention?
Bishops, Clergy nnd Laymen Will
Visit Jamestown Island Today.
RICHMOND. VA.. Oct. 11.- Geater
activity in restricting the marriage
of divorces, n more widespread move
meat against the rhihl labor evil. and.
the ndiiptlun ot the much mooted j
phrase, "this Amor lean church'! In fti
preamble to the constitution, wo:c
among ih<> measures urged in today's
proceedings of I bo triennial conven?
tion ot the I'rolostnhl ICplscopnl
Clltircll of America. Itoth houses
?er.- in Bosslon and tin- nuxllary or?
ganisations held meetings, The con?
stitutional prcainbh was voted on by
dioeeses and adopted by the house o?
deputies nftor an hour's discussion.
The proaml'lo w:is reported by Dr.
Huntington from the cotumitl.in
aim ndments to Ihe constitution.
The preamble was fie subject of n
very vigorous controversy among tin
clergy nud lay delegates. Ihe advo?
cates taking the position that the
phraseology "this Arne lean church''
does not Involve a change of name
and the opponents tu th ? contrary.
The resolution Of child labor was of?
fered in the house of hlshons by
Rlshon Oreor, of New York, it was
as follows:
"Wlii reaa, the ovll of child labor is
apparently on the Incvettso in the
United Stilles und is known that IllO
employment cf children in factories,
mines and shops reduces Wagbs to
Ihe child's standard, disintegrates the
family, deprives Ihe child of natural
lights to a period of training, and
dep esses the human stock, ami
"Whereas, we recognize the pro
found responsibility of ihe church for
our ethical as well as our spiritual
standard, therefore we call upon em?
ployers ami parents to exercise their
influence toward better legislation
ami better enforcement of the laws
to the etui that the exploitation of tho
labor of children shall become Impos?
sible In this Christian country.!'
The resolution will be presented to
the house of deputies tomorrow morn?
Want Dioeerc Divided.
In the house of l'ishops it was de?
cided to divide the diocese of Oregon
the Cascade mountains to be the line!
A message " ill ho SOIll IO Ihe house
of deputies on Mini.lay asking con
Cut rone.-.
The e will he no session of cither
house tomorrow, us the ?ntif? con?
vention will go on their hllgrlmnge
to Jamestown, as guests of tin- diocese
of Southern Virginia.
Although the Total Enrollment in
Schools iE Greater Than Ever, Many
Advanced Pupils Have Dropped Out
Although the enrollment or pupils
in the city public schools tills session
is the greatest in the history of the
city, the attendance in the High school
Is not Pearly as- huge us the school
authorities had expected it to be. only
M'.u pupils being enrolled in the school
at this lime.
One reason advanced for the small
enrollment in this school is that only
a very small percentage 61 the pupils
who failotl Insl BOSSlon applied for
enrollment this year. Another reason
is mat ihe class which entered the
gchool from the grammar schools Ibis
session was un unusually small on .,
there having been a large number' of
failures In the upper grammar school
classes lust yenr.
Superintendent of Schools W. ('.
.Morion is endeavoring to strike upon
sonic plan to keep the pupils- who fall
in the seventh grades and the High
school .In Cue schools. For several
years pupils who fail in those grades
have been dropping Oil I of school ami
th" Bupcrlnfohoenl is- endeavoring lo
impress upon the minds of the parents
the necessity for Ihe Children to con?
tinue their studies.
A large class will enter the High
school when the second half of the
prc&ohl session begins in February
I nnd the present enrolment will be In?
creased lo 170 or 180. A class will
: graduate in February, but it Is not
half as Inrgo as the one that will enter
! Hie school.
Raiford Dew Guilty of Double Murder.
1 WILSON. N, I'. Oct. II -The jury
In the' ease of Raifonl Dew. charged
with killing his wife and brother Sept.
7. Ins! night brought In u verdict of
murder In (he second decree. Dow
caught his wife mid brother In the
woods anil killed them both, The kill,
log occurred near tne home of Henry
Three Randolph-Macon Warriors are
Guc3ts of Mr. Curtis.
Three members of the Randolph
Macon College football team, which
plays the eleven of William and Mary
College at Norfolk this- afternoon, ar?
rived In Iho city yesterday afternoon
and were the guests Insl nlghl of Mr.
Prnnk Curtis, who is attending the
college and who accompanied the play?
ers here. The players are Rowe, left
end. a Hampton hoy: Woodliouso, cen?
ter, and Chaplain, ipturtei hack. The
other tnemliers of tho team continued
to Norfolk.
Rice Warren. Hie famous Virginia
end of two seasons ago. |, coaching
the Randolph-Mason team and .Urn
Hnrr.v, who was Wnrren's running mate
on tin- Virginia eleven, Is coaching
William ami Mnry. The latter school
will meet Richmond College on tho
Casino gridiron on Thanksgiving day.
Captain Johnson Found Dying in Burn?
ing Home.
ONANCOCK, Oct. 11.?Captain .lohn
W. Johnson, master of the Sixth Unit
ed States Life saving district, dropped
dead in his home in Wtichnprnguc,
Wednesday from apoplexy. He had a
lighted lamp in his hand at the time,
from which the house caught fire.
The blaze soon attracted ?relatives,
who extinguished the Qamcs ami dis?
covered the dying man.
Ran t"> Catch Car and -Dropped Dead.
running to catch' a Capo Henry car
on tin- Norfolk and Southern railway,
Stuart Moore. 56 years' old, of Dia?
mond Springs. Va.. a sufferer of asth?
ma, dropped dead last evening nboul
0:30 o'clock in the old Atlantic Termi?
nal shed on City Hall avenue.
High School Students.
The High School Llteratv Sochi*
held i's regular hl-weekly niecllue
In the assembly of the High school at
1 o'clock yesterday ufteitiooii. After
the regular business SC'Ssioll an In?
teresting literary and musical pro
gl am" was rendered.
Today's Exposition
Special Features of the Day.
10:80 a. in.?Organ Recital. S.
Frederick Smith, Convention
II a. in.?Concert. Exposition
Hand Food Exhibit Building.
2 lo I p. in. Concert Libotatl's
Military Hand. Auditorium.
2 p. in. Tilling Stories to Chil?
dren. Miss Oc (rude Andrews, So?
cial Economy Building.
:: p. in -ilow to Decrease Tu?
berculosis, 13. II Rotltzaith, Social
Economy Building.
:i p. in - Base Bali flame.
I p in - Organ Recltnl. Win.
Wall Whldtllt, Auditorium.
Stated Program Every Day.
7:.'to a. m.?Gates Open.
0:30 to 10:30 a. m.?Concert.
Exposition Band, Main Entrance
10 a. m,?And hourly thereaf?
ter. Exhibition of Weather Bu?
reau Earthquake Recorder, Gov?
ernment Building A.
10 to 12 a. m.?Demonstration
or Reading by the Blind, Social
Economy Building.
II a. m.?Playgrounds, a great
Educational .Movement Lantern
Photographs, Miss Maria Ersklno,
Social Economy Building.
11:30 a. in.?Preparation of
large weather map from reports
from all sections of th'e country.
II a. in. lo I p. in.?Session of
Chlldrcns' School Farm.
11:30 a. in.?Illustrated Lecture,
"Reclaiming the Desert," by Mr.
0. J. Blum-hard. v. S. R. S., Inter?
ior Department, Government
Building A.
12 tu.-Child Labor and the Re?
public, Lantern Photographs, Miss
Marie Huntorh, Social Economy
1 p. m.?Biographic and store
oplican Exhibit:-.;-::. "?>-Xtfa_.
dlnn Reservation with lecture. In?
terior Department, Government
building A.
2 to -t p. m.?Phlnnoy'a Unite i
states Baud. Auditorium.
2.00 p. in. Biographic Exhibition
and lecture. Scenes In Yos.-mito
Valley, Qovcrnmcnt Building A.
2:30 p. m.?United States Life
Saving Service Drill at Station.
?'! p. ni.? Illustrated Lecture.
"The Land That God Forgot,"' by
C. J. Blancliard, U. S. R. S. In?
terior Department, Government
Building A.
I p. m.?Illustrated Lector,
Yollowstone National Park, by
Mr. k. c. Cuivc . Govorhmcnl
Building A.
I p. in.?Children's Parins and
Gardens. Hairy Qriscom Par?
sons, Stercopllcnn, Socinl Econo?
my Building.
?I to i; p. pi.? Free Public Play?
ground, near Mothers and Chil?
dren.'-.' Building.
fi lo 7 p. in..?Concert, Exposi?
tion Band. Raleigh Court.
7 to 0 p. ni ? Concert, Phlnncv's
United States Band, Raleigh
Court. ,
\ OOtOBBll 12, 11)07.
national Leaguers Never Give Hie
Americans a Look In During
Ihe Fooriti Game.
Chicago M.ulc Only SU H t; Off Don
van. But His Two Oases on Uallsl
Were Expensive Affairs and Erroit>|
M.ulc Dchincl Him Were Costly
W tat the Players Received.
IM'.TKOIT. MICH. Oct. II.?In the
first game of tlio world's sortes on
tholr own field. th?> ,-Dotroll Atherl'
can League loam wok beaten this at
lornoon by the Chicago Nationals bJ
the sco c of I! to I. It was n Wrt>]
donnrved victory for the Chicago team
as it played superior baseball through
out the game. There were sevo-al er
tors of omissions on the pa t of the
Del roll team. I "Hide Ihe two errors
BCprod against them which figured In |
the Chicago tun matting It wns any
thing lint hasehall wonlhor this af?
ternoon, The lomitorntuio ranged bc-|
tWeo.ii l'i nnd BO dogrobs during the
game with a cold 12-mllo Wind from I
lite north blowing across the diamond
Detroit looked dangerous and I
bunched hits In hut one inning, the
fourth, when, with two out Cobh'a flue
Ihren htig'.'er wns followed by two
singles which, howavnr. scored, but
one run. O'l.onry striking out with
the buses full.
Rcasmati continued his fine worn
at firs' Rvd drove in Detroit's only
run with hl? single, aftor C0K1 had
Irlnled. ',
Donovan gave only two bases on
l-'il's. hill bntll developed Int., nuts.
I while neither of five nil's gifts was
.lust before tho play was called nt
2 o'clock. Manager Hugh Jennings
" as call 'tl to tho plate, where Mavor
ThomnSOn presented to him. from lo
cjiI admirers, a life also floral Hg'i
"i I a HOld watch. The total t< c?lots
this nfle noon woe SI7.2Nf?r,n. TIlOV
were divided as follows: Tho plnv
era $<? TU. I?- (),,? National ("..nunl
? '? >,. SI.7:'sami the hnlroll and
Cblcnno club owners, $3,111.30 onell
Sore: '
Detroit. AtV R. IT. PO.A. IB,
.Times. If.?> fl n :t ft' u
Redactor. 21..:t n n rt ? n
rtrawford, of.t ft n ? n u
f'obb. rf.I I I i n n
Rossmnn, lb.t ft ?? ~ i n
f'oughlin. ::h.1 o :; i i ft
Schmidt, c.:t n n .i :t n
'>'l.ea'y. ss.t 0 o :i Jj i
Donovan p.:t 0 o n | I
Totals .:il I n VI. TO 2
Chicago. AR Ft. H PO, A. K.
Single, ef.r, 1 1 2 0 il
Shcckard. If..r, ft 2 I n V
Chance. n>.:t ft 0 11 ft ft
Stolnfcldt, 3b.I ft 2 3 2 ft
Kline, e.I ft ft fl 0 ft
Fivers. 21' .t I ft 2 o
Schulte rf.?'? I 2 I I)
Tinker, ss.2 2 ft 2 :: 1
Overall, p: .3 ft I ft ft
Totals .:i:i t; 7 27 il 1
Scnr/l by Innings:
Detroit .ftftftlftftftftft?1
Chicago.tl ii ft n 2 ft :i ft i?n
Three base bits?Cohb. Sacrifice
hits?Jones. Sehaofer. Tinker, Over?
all. Stolen hrtso?Chance. Plrsi
has,- on balls?liv Donovan 2: by
Overall. 2 Hit by pitche ? llv Dono
van. 1 Fir*' base on errors?Detroit
I; Chicago 2. l eft cm bases - D troll
7- Cblcaco, (5. Struck out ? RV Dono
van. bv Overall, fl, DonHo nlavs ?
Tinker, unassisted. Time |:|ft. Uin
iilns. Sheridan und O'Duy. Attend
Virginia Authoress Said lo be in Poor?
er Health Than Usual?Now
In Sanitarium.
NRW YORK. Oct. ||.--Anteile Rives,
now the Ptlncess Trouhetskoy, the
authoress of "The (}ulek ami i.;r
Dead."' arrived with the prince on t.e
Hamburg American line steamer
Mnlthe. Such was Ihe state of hor
Over delicate health that she bail to
bo carried from her cabin on a stretch;
or. An ambulance coach was wailing
and she was Immediately luken to a
West Side sanitarium.
Cleveland Gut Again.
NBW YORK. Oct. II. For the first
time since his recent illness, ox-ProsI
Jdonl Orovcr Cleveland Is in town. He
plainly showed the effects of Iiis III
nesi . He walked with a cane, on which
lie leaned heavily, and he appeared to
Havo aged perceptibly since his lust
appearance in New York. Mrs. Cleve?
land accompanied him- Mr. Cleve?
land's visit Is- understood to be In ic
lilt Ion to the affairs of (ho Association
oi l,lto insurance President*) of which
ho is chairman.
Float Breaks Away From Bridge at
Bad Time.
As the result of another accl lent al
the Chesapeake A Ohio car ferry slip
near pier s. three cars, two of them
loaded with civil and the other with
stone. He at the hot loin of James river
at I ho end or the idlu.
The accldeiu occurrtill yesterday
nioriilttg win n a string ot ears was
holug loaded on n car flout for ship?
ment to Norfolk. .lust as the cm
loaded with lit one was hclng s'.invcil
on the rioal It broke In two In the
middle, railing into the water and
?Pugging the two ems with It. A dor
rick has been put to work raising
the emu and the work will he com
pleted within u dm or two.
Doctor Said Boy Might Be Cured.
MT. HOLLY, N. .1., Oct. 11. ..dwlu
M. Watson and wire, charged with
manslaughter lor their r.illure to pro
Vide medical trvHtlUOhl tor their little
son. tliaiivle. who died from PIIUUIIIO
nla on May 2tl, after a Inlet Illness,
were round guilty by the Jury, which
recommended mercy. The Wiitsons
are Christian Scientists. A physician
Who was called in at the hist moment
lo see the silk chilli said III- HB
could have been saved had lie rOCOlV
ed trontmeitl.
Negro Dance Causes Tragedy.
ltOANOKi:. VA-. Oct. 11.?as n rr
suit or a negro dance In (be northWOSt
section or the city last night, Kugene
Stuart Is dead, .lohn Kggloston bndly
Hhot through the abdomen, und nno
ther negro, whose nnnio cannot be
learned, badly stabbed. The shooting
Is supposed to have been done by a
negro desperado of Hie name of 10.
Johnson, who was captured about :i
o'clock this morning.
Hnoi.trr . Attacks Woman.
Cl.AHKSIH ItO. W. VA? Oct.. 11.-?
Mrs, ICdward Johnson Is In a precari?
ous condition as Die result of an at?
tack made U|sm her by a game roost?
er. Wlille reeding chickens It flew III I
,her face, und wllh long spurs cut her
[face, severing il largo vein, from which
I she nearly bled to dcntli. Her re-]
ebvbry hi doubtful.
I Vanguard ol Battleship Fleet Ready |
fop Trip lo 'Frisco.
I Steaming 400 Knots a Day, the Wash?
ington and Tennessee Should Reach
Their Destination Before First of
Hear Admiral Selnee's special ser?
vice squadron, consisting or tho big
new armored cruisers TonnOKSOO and
Washington, will pet to sen from
Hampton Beads at 10 o'clock this
morning on a Journey or sixteen thou?
sand miles to San Francisco, Cali?
fornia, where eighteen great halt'. ??
ships and six big armored cruisers
ami many smaller craft of war arc to
[assemble parly next year.
The Tennessee and Washington are
Ibeing sent around iKo Horn to 'Frl?CO
I lu advance of Bear admiral Eva'is'
Atli. title licet of B'.Xteon battleships
land six torpedo boat destroyers. The
I cruisers will make their Hist slo,i at
1'ilnidad, on tlie inn'.hern coast of
IBolltll ^America, lo load bunker coal
and provisions, No set sailing schedule
hs :.u inappod out lor the (loot, but
slops will be made for coal and pro?
visions at Bio Jnnnrlo, Vnlimhalson,
Callo. and the Bay of Magib-b ua. A
or tho Journey v.ill lio kept by
|lhp officers of the i misers and at
?re11 port at which they stop Inol
? i'.'i.Jr. nin.altii
imv> tloportnioni tor use oy aoiuiiiii
Kvans' fleet in Hs joirney to Sin Frar
eis? 0.
Four Hundred Knots a Day.
The Washington add Tonness ?<? -vili
u'.tlko about iOO kno s each stunting
lay and should complete the lotirnoj
iii about two mouths and a batf This
would give Iheni about forty days In
which to load coal >il provisions at
tin various potts it which tlioj will
The Washington ami Tcnnosa?o wir?,
iomplo'ted this year anil following the
(polling of the Jamestown Exposition
they went lo France 10 roproso.u the
United states at the liiterriatlona' ox
position held in that country this
Shins Rcadv for Trip.
Tlie vessels returned to this country
last August and have since undergone
extensive repairs and a general over?
hauling to lit them for this triu. They
?ire of 14.600 tonnage and are 502 feet
long 72 feet 10 inches oroad and have
i mean draft or 2"> feet. The eruls
?rs are propelled by twin scrov, liti'le
oxpanalon engines and nave' a speed
>f 22 knots- They early t'.S guns ? acb.
Including four 10 inch guns and 20 3
Inon guns.
Fair and colder Saturday;
Sunday fair and . continued
cold, fret.li west winds.
ESTye .mo
foiipg Broker of Philadelphia Says
Kb is Husbairl of GM Who
lias Disappeared.
Mtin Supposed to be Young Clarkson
Leaves Ship at Liverpool Under
Suspicious Clroumctancei?He and
Woman Companion Dca ded the
Boat at Quebec.
(Ry Associated Press);
LIVERPOOL, Oct. 11.?A young
couple travelling under tho name of
Mr. and Mrs. Cunnliig*.iaiii, but whoso
nnnioa do not appear on the passenger
list, Inndttd hon lodil) from (ho
steamer Empress of Itrltaln. It wait
lent nod thai llioy bud boarded the
liner at tho last moment at Quobeo.
They waited at Liverpool mull nil tho
ot bor passengers hud gone ashore.
Thoau anil oilier circumstances l<>ii to
the aUBploloii that they nru Mr. and
Mrs. Ramtiol Clarkson, nlthougli thin
Blntoincnl canuoti bo mado with co>
Inlnty, Tho couple at once left hero
for London.
Malooey Girl Hps Husband.
NEW YOltK. Oct. ii. The mystery
surrounding tho'disappearance more
than u week uro of Helen Malonoy,
dnughtor of Martin Malonoy, tho
Phllndolphla millionaire was glvcn.it
highly sensational turn today, At
the time of Miss Malonoy'a dlsnp
poa nnoe Samuel CliirkHon, a young,
lOnuiiHiiinau. win, had paid her mark?
ed attPinion, also dropped out of sight
and It was reported and generally iib
llovOd that the eouple bad eloped mid
been man led Last night camp tho
pews from Montreal that the missing
pair had been man led by n Roman
Catholic priest In that city, and' thou
returned to New York.und sailed for
Europa Following directly upon llto
heels of the Montreal announcement
comes the publication hero today of
an unqualified statement froth Arthur
llorhert OHl'irne. u young broker of
this city, that Miss Malonoy Is his
wife. According to Oslmrne'n state?
ment ho und Miss Maloiie.v. were mar?
ried on December 28. 1905; nnd tho
ma. ringe never has been annulled.
Although secrecy wnn Hoilght to bo
maintained, the fact (hut the mnrrlago
bad taken place became known ac?
cording to Oaliorn'c and ho asserts
i Hint among I hose who learned of Iv.
was young Clarkson.
IShe Remained Out Late and Pitts
I burg Judge Said Parent'g Pun?
ishment was Justifiable.
PITTSIHTRG. PA., Oct. ll.-^Misu
Paulino Law, thirty-five years of ago.
Who lives with her father. William
Law, sixty live years of age, on Friend?
ship avenue, went out lust night w.ltli?
mit telling her father when; she was
going and remained until 1 o'clock thla
morning, When she reached homo this .
morning her father; who was -waiting ?
for her. look off one of tils slippers,
placed her across his lap und sjranke'd
her. Miss Pauline had hllh nrrcsted
for nssnult ami battery. Tho enso
was beard before Magistrate Klrby.
The father was discharged and 'tho
costs, amounting to $10, wore plnced
tin the young woman, "Your father
has a perfect right to spank yoir so
I long as you remain under his roof, A
lyou are disobedient," ruled the court.
nw n in? w i ii lamer w,tit*g*UM?**t?(x** imvK+n Vrt v 1 aft w m
Hudron Bay Company Employees and
Indians Driven to Horrible
? Acts By Famine.
WINNIPEG, MAN.. Oct. 11.?J. A.
Osboruo, editor of the Fort Francis
Times, bus returned from a trip around
the east shore of Hudson's Hny. At
Moore's Factory he met n young man
who had (led from his uncle, nil In?
dian chief, who. during the last few
months, had <-iiten eight human beings,
and bad made preparations '.to eat
At the same place Mr. Osborno met
In stiuaw who had eaten two of hor
jchlldroki, owing to the scarcity of
food. Last winter the snow was? deep
I or nnd the cold more IntoiiKo than
vor. and Hi'' Indians were unable to
get food us usual. A Crco village on
the Main river, consisting of sixteen
jpersanf--. was completely wiped ont by
starvation last winter.
' In another locality on tho shore of
Hudson's Ray, a family fond was re?
sponsible for tho death of thlrteeu
pcrsouB. _ ......

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