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Youig J?iilus Llpscomb Dangerous,
to Wounds Negro Boy.
Shooting Occurred Near Site of O'd
Rest House When Algic Hardy Was
In the Act of Filling Basket Willi
Alglo Hardy, a negro hoy. sixteen
years old, was shot and dangerously
wounded last night about 7 o'clock by
?liintus Llpscomb, also about sixteen,
the son of Mr. OnorgoJ Llnscoml.*, nj
well known huckster w'.m lives nl 1031
Thirty-first street. As the little ne?
gro was in (ho act of stealing potn-l
tors belonging lo Mr. Lips-comb at the.
llnio iho shooting occurred, the mnt
tor was not reported to the police,
department and no arrests were made.I
For some time Mr. Ltpscomh has
t)e< n missing potatoes for his field
jusi outside th.- northeasterly limits
of the city. Last night young JuulUS.j
with a loaded shotgun, was placed Uli
guard al Iho Mold, with instructions!
lo shoo) any thieves that appeared.
.lust after dark', u silent form ap?
peared al the potato patch and. from
bis position .liinlus COUld see the visi?
tor busily engngod In filling a large
basket with potatoes, nnd he pro?
ceeded to blnxo away with his sho{
gnu. The thief dropped to the ground,
and I hero the white boy found him
groaning pitifully, with a great,' ugly:
wound in his hip.
Alglo leid where be 'lived. 1318 I
Twenty-ninth street, ami to this num-j
her he was carried by young JunlllS,
a wheelbarrow bolns used as an am?
bulance. Doctors William Hosklns
nnd T. .1. Protlow were called to at?
tend Iho Injured toy. They found.'
that the .hip Wits shuttered by the j
shot. The wound was of such a na?
ture that no operation could be per?
formed, as the physicians feared the
patient would die from loss of blood
Dr. Hosklns said last night that
the llttl ? neuro was dang? rouslv
' hu t., and that the wound might prove
Friday, October 11, 1907.
Steamer William Ohisholm, Perry
Providence?to Chesapeake and Ohio
Coal Agency Company In ballast.
Steamer Joseph W. Fonlnoy, Ijiv
erge. Sabine I'ascs?to Chesapeake
slid Ohio f'oai mil poke Company for'
bunker coal
Schooner .lames pierce. Vail. Ran-,
vor to White Oak Coal Company In.
Schooner Joseph W. Hawthorn.'
Hoffsos. R?ckisn''?to White Oak Con! i
Comnany In ballast
Schooner William H. Yerkos Wade !
Portland ?to Warren and Monks Con!
Company in ballast.
Steamer Crown of Aragon (nr.),
n-lndiby. Rromerjon?Smokeless Fuel
Rnrec Foster for l all River?White
Oak Coal Company.
Barge City of Montreal for Provi?
dence!?Chesapeake and Ohio Coal
Agency Company.
Steamer Sangstad (Nor.). Form.
Colon: frown of Arragon (Rr ). Qrlnd
lev. Rromertnn nnvy yard. Pud gel
Sound; .lospeh W. Ko dnoy (.diverge,
Schooners Sarah W. Lawrence.
Moore. Boston; Rsteiie Phlnney,
Keone. Ilangor.
S-Mi iIroh ?.f.: 10 a. m.
p.-n bo's.'..",: X\ p. in.
High water .1:20 p. m
Low water ....0:67 a. in.. 7:1!? p. in
Sangstad Steams for Colon.
The Norwegian steamer Sangstad
sailed yesterday for Colon. Panama.
Buy Clothes Rig!:!.
$1.50 to $4.50
& Co.
26th street and Washington
avenue and 220G JefferRon ave.
with a cargo of G.ns;! t?n? of coal
valued at $14,741.
Maryland Leaves Dock.
The Now York. Philadelphia and
Norfolk railway pass, rigor steamer
Maryland was floated out of d V dock
No. t. nt tlic shipyard, yesterday af?
ter having her hull below tho water
line cleaned and painted.
The British stemm r Crown of Ai-j
rngoil sailed yesterday for the Urem
ei len navy yard, Budget Sound. Wash-1
liigtbn, with a cargo of 1,831 tons of
coal, valued at $14.010. This Is the]
second cargo or coal shipped from j
this port to this navy yard this week,
the British steamer rtncen Elizabeth
taking 5,027 tons for the yard Thurs?
West Virginia Ranks Second. ]
The most Important change in tho
order of the eoal-pro.luciim States ri
sultiim from conditions which existed
In lltoi; was lh-6 replacement of Illi?
nois l'y West Virginia as the second
State in rank. Per several yea s the
production Of West Virginia has been
creeping up on that of Illinois, aim
in 1900 the State lobk the position
held by Illinois since )S7ti. linder or
dlnary conditions this displacement
would have occuircd within a year or
two at liny rate, bat it was possiblv
hastened by the suspension of mining
In tho spring of 1900 In those States
where the mine workers an organiz?
ed. It Is true that, notwithstanding
Ihu almost complete shut down of tho
Illinois mines for a pu lot! of aboti:
eleven weeks, that State exhibited a
normal Increase over I90S, and It Is
claimed that the production would
not have boon any larger had there
been no Interruption to mining oper?
ations; but it is also true that during
the sit it down in the other Stales
mining in West Virginia was excep?
tionally active, and in addition to the
Increased production at tin- operating
mines, new territory was opened up
and much new development work was
stinted. As a result of these condi?
tions West Virginia In 1900 made n
larger Increase In production Hum
anv other State, and took second
place. In view of -he developments
made and In progress It Is not likely
Hint West Virginia will !?> supplanted
by any other State.
The only other changes in rank.
among tho ten lending Slates was the
resumption or fifth place by Alabama,
which had been supplanted In 1908 by
Indiana (now sixth), ami the sup?
planting of Kansas by Tennessee as'
the tenth State In amount of p. mine j
lion. I
Tlie r?cd d for 1908 shows that
Pennsylvania's output has once more
fnlhn below fill per cent, of the lo?
th) production of the I'nlted States,
in the combined production of anthra?
cite and bituminous coal. Pehnsyl
vannl as recently as 1S80 was credit-,
Od with two-thirds of the total coal
output o I'the count:y. but (he pro?
portion produced In that Slate has
t'ieil gradually declining, and In four
of tho'last five years the percentage
lias been less than 5tt. In 1000 Penn?
sylvania produced 48..4 pe ? cent, of
the total. 17.2 per cent, being repre?
sented by the anthracite and 31.2 per
cent, by the bituminous production
Of ISi i other important States. West
Virginia contributed 10.6 per cent., Il?
linois 10 pe ? cent., Ohio U.7 per cent..
Alabama 3.2 per cent, and Indiana 2.0
per cent.
The Stales rang as follows at the
close of I90G!
Hank of coal-producing States in 1900.
Rank. 1
State or
(short tons)
1 Pennsylvania:
Anthracite . 71,282,411
Bituminous . 129.203,206
2 : West Virginia . . . 43,290,350
3 I Illinois .1 41.480,104
I Ohio .! 27.731.640
5 I Alabama .i 13,107,96.1
ti Indiana . 12,092,560
7 Colorado . 10,111,218
8 I Kentucky .' 9,053.647
0 ! Iowa .j 7.260,224
111 Tennessee . Ii.250.275 |
11 Wyoming . ii.l33.9.v;
12 I Kansas . 0.024.775
13 ' Mir.viand . ?.435,453
14 Virginia .' 4,254.8701
15 I Missouri . 3.758.008
16 Washington . 3.276.184
17 i Indian Territory .. 2.sen.200
IS 1 New Mexico .' 1,964,713
19 ' Arkansas .I 1,864,268
20 ' Montana .! I.829,92j
21 I Utah .? 1.772.551
22 1 Michigan .1 1,346,338
23 I Texas .1 I.:il2.87:i
21 ' Georgia .1 332.10,
25 ' North Dakota _! .?105.680
2? ! O egon .' 79.7.11
27 I California a n d '
I Alaska .1 ' 30.831
28 I Idaho .' at;,:65
1 Total .' 111.157.278
a Includes p'oductlon of N< v'ada.
An advance chapter from "Mineral
Resources of n... Up!ted SiAtfifiLfiLhlLJ
oaf Year, unm." on the Production of
coal in 1906 by B. W. Parker, Ohio!
Statistician of the United Slates Geo?
logical Survey, will soon be ready for
distill-itlou by the Survey.
Steamer Berkley Will Make Special
Trip Todiy.
Por the accommodation of those de?
siring to attend the memorial services
aifd pilgrimage ?r the 1 louse of Uisti
oils at Jamestown Island todav. the
Old Dominion Line steamer Berkley
will make n special trip, leaving pier
A at 10 o'cock this morning. Return*
lug. the Berkley win leave Jamestown
at It o'clock, arriving at Newport
News about .">::I0 n. hi.
It will 1)0 a pleasure for those de?
siring to make the trip to James town
bland to know that the Old Dominion
Line has provided for their accommo?
dation such an elegant steamer as the
The pain in Ma's head has gone.
She's happy as can be
Her health Is right, her temper bright
Since taking Holllslor'S Rocky
Mountain Tea at niaht.
J. C. Gorauch & Co.
Organization of Ice Coal and Wood
Company Planned.
T. E. Penrsc. C. C. Smith, W. H. Kel?
logg, J. W. Kellam and Jasper Morti?
mer Behind the Movement?Busi?
ness on Bin Scale Contemplated.
Soyornl well known local buslicaa
men have launched a movement hu'/
ing for its object (in- irganlxntlou of
a cooperative association to he known
as (he General Supply Corporat*0%
which is to opOrttte a general Ice, e(,,i
and wood business in Newport New.)
and the surrounding territory. It is
the Intention or the protuolors to con?
struct nil Ice plant of large capacity
here and lo lake over the buainC|SS of
the City Coal ami Wood Company and
probably other local coal and wood
it Is proposed to Organise the c< m
pntiy with an authorised capital of
$1,000,000, divided into 1,000,000 ihares
of a par value of %\ each, the stock to
bo Issued full payable and nonassess?
able, fifty thousand shares will be
set aside for organisation purposes
and '.tr.n.onn shares will bo placed In
the treasury of the company us sur?
plus; for carrying on the business.
The parlies applying for the char?
ter who will likely lie named In the
chatter as officers and directors to
act the first year are us follows:
President, C. C. Smith, of the fir in of
C. C. Smith ami Company; treasure
er, W, H. Kellogg, cashier of the New
pott News National Hank; secretary,
J. \V. Kellam. manager of the City
Cotil ami Wood Company, and Joseph
Mortimer, a machinist at the ship?
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mind the memory of a striking pie
lure, which represented two newsboys.
Opto had an apple which be had gen
erOUSly allowed tin- other to partake
in part. The Inscription was "Ilitc
bigger, Hilly.' And that, said Mr.
Bryan, was the Way he felt towards
the President. He wanted the Presi?
dent to bjte bigger: to lake still more
of our plat foi in. for just now he is
"Democratic only In spot^:., Tuts
anecdote created great mirth, as did
all of the speaker's witty sallies.
Shortly after this and In the same
connection, Mr. Uryiin began t<> give
bis views about railroads and govern?
ment ownership. Said he:
"li (government ownership) is a
pretty good threat to hold over rail?
roads, tor If they don't get out of
politics, they will have to get otit of
the railroad business. And, my
friends, when you come to the effective
(regulation of callroads, why, that's
what the Democratic party has been
lighting for for years. The qu sston
of government owner.-hip has never
been an immediate question. It is only
an ultimate Issue?an ultimate remedy
?and Is dependent upon the effective?
ness of regulation. ? Hut today wnon
we propose regulation, we lind some
people opposed even to that."
Youngster was Bady Frightened but
Not Hurt?Negro Driver
While riding past the corner of
Washington avenue ami Twenty-sov
ohtll street on bis bicycle about 7
o'clock yesterday evening, .lohn Hack?
ney, a messenger boy of the Postal
Telegraph Company, was knocked
down mid tun over by u wagon of the
Virginia Transportation Company, He.
yortd u bad fright and a few bruises
the boy escaped injury, but his bicy?
cle wai badly damaged by the wheels
of the wagon.
William Itrowit. tin- negro driver of
Hie diay, was arrested by Patrolman
ShottjOn on the charge of reckless
driving. He was afterward bailed for
bis appearance In tin- police conn this
..At; tho ttrno .of' the'. wvohient tbo
wagoii was entering mo uvenue lrom
Twenly seVenth sheet, and it is' ill
leged Hint the negro wns driving his
wagon at n trot around tin- corner, ill
violation of a city ordinance.
Daughter of Wealthv Man Burned to
UOANOKR. VA.. Oct. II?Miss- Del?
ia Harvey, daughter of H. O. Harvey,
one of th.. wealthiest citizens of Kloyd
county, was liuiiied l0 death. She
went to the kitchen lo light Hie (Ire,
and when found she was found lying
oft the fireplace with be? clothing
burned off.
Catches Negro in Room Where Wife
Was Asleep.
ItOANOKB, VA . Oct. 11 Mrs. G.
K. Klngry, who lives in the subuibs,
was awakened hy n noise in her room,
she asked who Intruded, and a man
said: "Two women, to one man, hy
-." A young woman who was
sleeping with Mrs. Kingry. lighted a
match; The name disclosed a negro
sluing on the trunk near the bed.
with few clothes on. Mrs. Klngry
, roicanied and the girl ran out of the
room. Mr. Klngry, who was in another
I room, ran In with a gun and captured
the negro.
People ( f iBolat (1 Nation
Cutliiig Thoir Hair und
Dressing Like Westerners
Reform stalks abroad throughout
Corca. says tho Seoul corrcsiiondcnt
Of tiio Now York Herald Tho bul?
warks of canaoryatUm are being snv
ligcly attacked, and one by one they
The now Emperor announces that
he has abandoned the hlstntle prnc'
I lee id drinking human milk.
He has agreed, to separate himself
from the distinctive Corean topknot,
and bis subjects are under pressure
to follow tae Japanese example.
Halber than submit to enforced ;
pa ting with their topknots hundreds
of the elders among Ihr Con an gen- j
try have left Seoul for those parts |
of the country where for the present
at least, they are safe from the shears
of the inrhcrs to whom the Imperial
example dias proved n blessing and ill
boon. For while the older men InslsU
upon retaining their traditions and'
their hair, many of the younger ones,
especially I'toao who hold government!
Jobs or hop,, for them, are submit
ting to the process. Which mentis pro?
gress In Hie eyes of tile Japanese and
tin' Cabinet Ministers, win. are lliclr
Heretofore with the exception ?f a:
little handful educated abroad, hut
two classes of Corcnns have belonged
to the short haired frntornllv. There|
were the soldiers of the little nrutv ,
now defunct; It was looked Upon as.
nil right for a soldli r in Ills modem
uniform to cultivate the modern 1
(hough graceless fashion of wearing I
no bair to speak of. for it has been
so decreed hv His Majesty. Resides
ih" soldiers there wore the members
er the II Chin Hoi.
T)n> II Chin Hoi Is n political organi?
sation whose name under translation
becomes slmelliing high sounding,
like Ever Progressing Upward Bocl
? iv. It was organized under Japa?
nese Influence Just I "fore the war
wi'h Russin as an offset to some or?
ganization that (be Russians control?
led. The special marks of II Chin Jloj
membership ate dropped beads ami
dinky little sl'aw lints sold them by
enterprising Japanese merchants at
good, fat profit.
Looked Upon as Thugs.
The ineinbershln of the II Chin Hoi
consists principally of poonlo who in
any land would be looked upon as
thugs and toughs?the scum of lie'
country. A few men of some slniol
lug here In Seoul have .allied them?
selves with the socldty! In order to
use It for the p'omollon of their own
nolitlcnl ends. Just as II. has been used
hv the Janahcse; but as an organiza?
tion it is llstlnctly disreputable.
The wiser heads among the Japa?
nese have seen the danger thai mav
bo Involved in running counter to the
practices and the prejudices of tile
Corean beonle. for they have not for
trotten the fiasco of the Irjiduyo readme
.im i after the China-Japanese regime,
when the representative of Japan
scored litter failure here through Ills
Insistence upon Interfering with the
oersonal life of 'lie noople?their tra?
ditions, their prejudices and their cus?
toms. So firmly convinced were the
Japanese at Hint time that there
could be no progress without ?ho
adoption of Western externals that
there seemed no ?onc for Hie Coreans
until thev were sheared. And nc
cordlna to the nnlnlon of some Japa?
nese historians, the .lapnnise ndvanci
in Corea was delaved a decade by tin
mistakes then made.
But the Japanese of today, how
ever, much they may understand tin
lessons of the past, must In some re
sno ts pater to the tnon who as Mln
islers of the Cabinet have I'lOn th<
instruments through whom the now
status has been brought about. Tie
? present Cabinet was constructed Im
foe Janancse. but Ciov have bad i<
I place (heir chief reliance upon iwi
of its eight inenibers. The other:
t would never have had the nerve t
go counter to Conan public sentiment
i and especially to the wishes of lie
obi Emperor, had not t'lose two fore
. ed them to It.
The two who have given bnckhon
i<> Iii? Cabinet uro Yl Wan Yong, Hi.1
Premier, und Song L'lung Chun, who
holds the post ol Minister ol Agrlcul
turo, industry rind Commerce
Song was taken into tho Cnhluel In
order to olV.hln tho Influence o| i-lio
II Chin Hoi. of which ho was the
heml. Ho luid never liefore hejd t|
government post of any importance
Ho was a magistrate of local admin
Istrnt?r several years ago, hut ac?
cording to Core an class ft lent Ion he
docs nid rank high. Apparently ho
Is a shrewd pollllchin; ho has cor
tnlnly used (he II Chin Hoi to his
own personal advantage und profit.
Octwrcn Two Fires.
Following the escape or Coresu sol
dlors into tIn? Interior the members
ot the II Chill llol fated badly. As
their lender was accredited with play
lug a lending part, in (lie tragedy of
t io "yolOnliiry" aliillcntloii of the old
Knipetor, they had oven before that
had a pretty hard time. Ml mhers id
the organization, especially those
holding official posts secured for them
through the Influence ol their loader
in Seoul, were mobbed au I killed b)
ludlglllllll Cm cutis. Then eanic' the
Japanese troops hunting for the es?
caped soldiers it was an exceedingly
had time tor a man to be onught with
out a lop I,not. as members of the 11
Chin Hol who lived t.II the ttllo
rbun I to tin Ir sorrow. A Cm-can wltli
a sheared bond was Immediately sun
pect cd or I''lug one or tho mutinous
soldiers w in had lieen shooting down
Japanese au I often no time was giv?
en lor explanation.
The members 0f Cabinet Minister
Song's political outfit Were literally
between two fires, The Conans mob
bed or kl|lei| them because they w> re
of the ii i hin Hoi in many Instancon
the Japanese killed I hem on the as?
sumption that they were soldie'i-.
The proud distinction <>f being
Khnrtvinlrotl they wore, therefore, per
feet Iv w illing lii share It was tllli)
reeding which Inspired .Ministe- Song's
lusistepce that the new Ihn pel or par'
with his lop kliol and Hull by Impe
'lal edict all the peo|de BllOUllI ho I
01 niinnnded to follow the imperial nx
ample T'io Jnpanose would not per?
mit the edict to go to the length of
a entnimm I. fi firing Unit such a step j
would precipitate universal upheaval, |
bit! they COIISMltod to tin- Kllipo'ni's
helm: persuaded to set an example'
? and. of course, this lOllipcmr can
be nerauaded 10 do anything that Ihn
Cnt'.iict. with its backing of the Jap j
nnesc Itcsldoncey Opnorol und Jniia
nose government, suggests.
So Mr. Song lias hat bis wav und]
the pith of the II Clin Hol Is not |
as hard now as it was. The imperial '
notion In tho hair cutting Hue lias
not enhanced tin popiilnrlly of (hol
organisation or Us membership among I
Corenns, but it has had the effect of
making the Japanese look twice he
fore ihey shoot; the absence of hair
cannot now bo taken as sufficient ,.\ :
donee of anil Japanese sentiments on
the part of the owner of the head.
It Is likely that tho promoters of
"Advanced Vaudeville" will send our
a big raveling company made up of
well-known nets, beaded by Vc atn Vfc- ,
1 min. which will play in cities when
there is no regular Vaudeville theater, j
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Jamestown Island
Fol Hi,, benefit of those wishing to lake pail in
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The (). I). 8. H. Co. will operate Un it palatial
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