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VOL. XII. NO. 243
Chance's Wen Take Ihe Fourll)
Successive Game from Dtt'oit
? In an Easy Manner.
He He'd TifjcrE Dawn to Seven Scat?
tered Hits and Gave Only One Base
co Balls?Cleve ? Base Running by
the Cuba Virtually Won the Game
for T.iem.
(By Associated Press. 1
DETROIT, MICH.. Oct. 12.?Tie
OH cusp National League baseball
t< am this nftemoon at Rennett park;
won the world's championship, de
t itiiig ihe Detii.ii Ante.lean League
ietttll by the score Of 2 t? i 0,
ll was the fourth successive vie
Ibrj for the Chicago team in us many
days. Taking udvantage of every slip
hihde liy the Ideal players ami running
the 1,'tsea ei?vefly. they scored two
i uns in the Ust two innings, whilo
the Detroit team did not succeed In
lu lling one man over the home plate.
it was a disappointing day for the
!pc)ll 'cam in more ways than one.
The weather was raw und cold, entire
ly unfit for baseball, and less than
lifilf of ihe expected 16.000 to 18.000
people, attended the game. The offi?
cial count of the attendance was 7 ?
!|,70, The temperature was bolow 60
rleg cos and a raw wind swept across
the field throughout the game.
MltllIn and Rrown both pitched well,
lint the Chicago mini received strong?
er support from his team mates.
prowii..wa?. ?jao,AteaAinr4bAaJMuUli!?.
hiving but one base on balls to Mill
lln's three, one of which developed
into a nin In the first inning. The
local team reached third hut twice
during the game, and each time Brown
held Ihe succeeding batter safely. In
nn effort to check ITie base stealing
of Chicago, Manager Jennings sent in
Ills colt catcher. Archer, to receive
Mulllii, hut the Chicago men succeed?
ed in stealing four bases from him',
stolen Pases figuring materially in the
Scoring of both their runs. Tinker
and Evcrs made n fine double steal
lit the second Inning. .lones and
Coilghiln succeeded In stealing bases
this afternoon from the clever Kllll?,
?whoso throwing to bases aided so
largely in Chicago's victories.
Detroit. AB. R. HYPO. A. Ei
.Lines, ir. 3 0 1 1 1 0
Rchaefer, 2b . 4 0 o I s o
Crawford, of . i o 1 o 0 0
Cohh. if . I 0 1 I h 0
Rossman, ib.-I o 2 1.". 0 o
Couch I in 31'. . 4 n 2 i i I
A rcher, e.3 n n 4 I o
O'Leary, ss..", o n 3 2 o
Mullln. p.:t n n n 2 o
Schmidt ?. l o o o 0 0
Totals .23 0 7 27 10 2
*Hnltc:l for Archer in ninth.
Chicago. All R. H. PO. A. P.
Single c . I 1 1 3 0 0
R'locknrd. If. I 0 1 0 1 0
Howard, lb.4 0 111 0 0
fOelnfeldt. 3b. . 4 o 3 2 o o
Kling, e. 4 0 0 5 1 0
Kvet-s. 2b.4 1 0 1 f! 0
RlV'lte. rf. I o i i 0 n
Tinker as. .'. 3 a 1 3 3 0
P, own.' p. 3 0 0 I 1 0
Totals .34 2 7 27 12 0
Score by Innings:
Dot roll.no oon oooo?n
Chicago .1 1 0 0 00 oon?2
Two Inse hits?Crawford, Cobh.
Three biso hits?Slelnfeldt. Stolen
l-'ises?Jones Coilghiln, Staate. Kvers,
Tinker, Schulte, L' ft o;i bases?De
lioit. ft; Chicago, s. First base on
boPs?Off Mnllin 3: off Rrown, 1.
Pltsl base on e r irs ?'Chlonr.o. 2.
Struck out?Bv Mnllin. .1; !?? Rrown,
?I Time. 1:45, Umpires, Sheridan
and Q'Day.
W.ishinotrn Caoital Interested In Com?
bination of Mcllhenny Plants.
NEW YORK. Oct. 12.'?Announce?
ment is made that an Important deal.
Involving Hie combination of some
large Southern packing and cnniilng
Interests; Pins Ji/t been completed
through George W. Young und as?
sociates. The deal Involves th,v acqui?
sition by the Mctihenny Company of
the tabaSCO sauce business of E. Mc?
llhenny'; Son and the canning and
packing business of the Mcllhenny
t?aiining ami Manufacturing Company,
which Is said to operate one of the
largest modern canneries in the United
1\ \. Mcllhenny will be president
and Frederick Kopf vice President.
Mr. J<opf. In speaking- of the enter?
prise. ..lid:
-Tlie company's land and factories
nre situated on Avery island. La., and
it has offices |n New York, Ohlcngo.
San Francisco; Portland. Montreal,
and London. In the production of Its
specialties tho company will operate
n Heel of fifty boatit aiitl upward, ami
will employ over l.tMJO haiids."
Officers T.-ke In Eirhteen Dusky |
Sergeant Mitchell. Detective Pear
son and Patrolman Pnrrls tabled a
"crop".' joint tit "III Jefferson nvenue
about midnight last night, and cap?
tured i ightccn negro men.
Seventeen of the men are Charged
with "shooting cnip," while the other
one. \v. Hi Williams, is charged with
unntnc tho place. Williams was
hailed ley .lustlee Clements, but the
others were locked up (6 await a hear |
lag he fore Justice Drown in the pb>
lice court tomorrow morning.
Kilpatrick in Poi t. .
I Tho transport Kilpatrick a:rived 111
pon yesterday from Havana. Cuba.
.and Is anchored In the harbor, where
she will bo* examined preparatory to
undergoing repairs. She will he" re?
placed in the transport service be?
tween this port and Havana by the
tinnsporl Sunnier, which came hero
from New York some time ago.
Young White Men Men Held at Police
Station on Serious Charge.
W. I). Smith and E. I.. Pulley, young
while men. were arrested and locked
up at the police station yesterday on
the elm ige of robbery from tho ner?
ton. The men are charged with steal?
ing a diamond ring from Eddie Woods
and a watch from a young man named
TTie watch and fing were recover?
ed sllOItly after they were stolen. It
is alleged that the pair slipped tho
ring off Wood's linger while he was
sitting In front of a bartior shop and.
after being forced to return the ring,
took tile watch from Hundy's pocket
while the three were standing at the
bar In Chnrles Weidenieyer, at Tliirty
i ixth-st root and Washington avenue.
Mr. Weidenieyer notified the police.
1 ' Docked for Repairs.
The four-masted schooner William
H. Yorkes was floated Into dry dock
No. '2. at the shipyard, yesterday
morning to have her hull below t <?
waTorltttt cleaned mill Mtatfff^TfM&H*
loading 'n cargo of coal here for New
England ports.
i_ _
Season's First Mcetinr for Men at the
Y. M. C. A. This Afternoon.
Tho first of the fall and winter
I meetings lor men at the Young Men's
: Christian Association will be held this
afternoon at :! o'clock. Prof. A. W.
Hawks. "Sunshine" Hawks, will !??
the speaker, and a special musical
program has been arranged.
President of Telegraphers' Union
I Asks Locals to Vote on Question.
Treasury Depleted and No More Funds
I Are in Sight?Requests for Relief
I Heavy and ^Urgent, But Appeals for
! Aid Cannot Be Granted.
I NEW YORK, Oct. 12.?Following
the visit to this city of Labor Com?
missioner Neil, President Snnill, of
the Telegraphers union this afternoon
took decisive steps to close the tele?
graphers' strike. He sent the follow?
ing telegram to nil the leading cities
of the country:
i "Prominent New- Yorkers appealed
I to me to call the strike off. All efforts
at negotiations are exhausted and the
Companys' officials say they will light
lo a finish. The treasury is depleted,
and no more funds are available*. Ro
! quests for relief from all sides are
heavy 'and urgent. The general as
I sembly cannot help them. The strike
having been ordered without the presi?
dent's sanction, I recommend Hint lo
' cals vote on the proposition."
Lieutenant Allan Lewort Arrested on
Forgery Charge in New York.
NEW YORK. Oct. 12.?Allan Lefort,
n first lieutenant of the coast artillery.
United Slates army, has been arrested
In the King Edward hotid. 1.",.", West
Forty-seventh street, after a scuffle
with Lieutenant Barney McCbnvllie
and Post-office Inspector Nelson, antl
taken down to police headquarters,
where bo was locked up on a charge
of forgery. According to the police,
Lieutenant Lefort fleeced Norton nnd
Co.. loan lookers, of Wheeling, W. Va.,
out of $l,?nO by forging the names of
brother officers to" applications for
Norton and Co. have been niuking
a business of lending nnnv officers
money on their salaries, ami, it is al?
leged' Lieuttnant l.efo.t took advant?
age of this to get himself out of some
financial scrape.
_ I
Kale, Harvard and Princeton Make
Most Creditable Showings Against
ihe Smaller Colleges.
Rolls of 40 Points Against the Eleven
Which Georgetown Bnrely Defeated
?Annapolis and Vanderbilt Play a
Tie Game, Each Securing a Touch
down and Goal.
I Tho hin colleges are getting nearer
I ami nearer to each other on the'gridi?
ron, yesterday some of ihe big 'var
sitles inol supposedly strong elevens
I of the Bninller institutions and tho in?
sults wore generally surprising. The
friends of the University of Virginia
find much thai is encouraging in tho
game with Qalluudet. Georgetown
was aide to defeat the Washington in
stltutlou by a very small scoro, and
. the VlVginia ndiiorants did not look
I for the overwhelming victory which
was won. Yale piled up ?2 points
against Holy Cross, nod did not have
its goal lino crossed. Tho Massa?
chusetts college was Bttpposctl to bo
unusually strong this year, ami either
YnlS must have n wonderful team or
Holy Cross bus been gently over?
estimated. Harvard's showing against
Williams was most creditable-. Wil?
liams has for several years past been
in the habit of crossing the line of
I the Crimson but was until ?ie to do
so yestorday. Princeton shows every
evidence of being entitled to the
cedit of having one, of the best
elevens on the gridiron U>>s iu|l. Hoi
sweeping victory over "the BtrOili;
, Buckhell team cannot help but be n
source of gratification for nil the
I Tiger rrmtors. Co:noil did not show
I up us strong ns was expected, as Col?
gate was unusually weak this year.
, but then the Ithaca Institution may
I have had a pack of substitutes In dur?
ing n large portion of the gnnie.
1 Either Vanderbilt must be very
strong a? Annapolis a trifle weak for
the two institutions have-, no lie. n v
to play 0 tie game unless a fluke
figured in the result. University ot
, Pennsylvania had eight points scored
against it by Swarthmorc, on eleven
which lias defeated the red and black
within recent years.
The Results Yesterday.
The results of the most Important
games played ?yesterday are as fol?
At Richmond?A. & M. College. N
C., 7; Richmond. 4.
At Wusliltigion?Western Maryland
College, 12; Georgetown University. 0.
At Lexington, Vn.?Virginia Mili?
tary Institute 27; Navy Ynrd, Wash
ington, o.
At Charlottesvlile, Vn.?University
of Virginia, 40; Gallaudet, Washing
I ton, D. C, ?.
At Ithaca?Cornell. 18: Colgate. 0
I At Cambridge?Harvard, 18; Wil
'j Mains 0.
AI West Point?West Point. 12:
I Trinity, o.
At Princeton?Princeton, 52; Ruck
nell, 0.
At Annapolis?Naval Academy, 0;
Vanderbllt, G.
At Phlladelohla?University of
Pennsylvania, 10; Swarthmord, 8.
At Buffalo?Carlisle, 14; Syracuse
' AI New Haven?Yale, r.2; Holy
Cross, n
At Athens. Cn.?University of Ten?
nessee |5: University of Georgia, o.
i At Blackslr.iVg?Vjlrginlrtj Polytech?
nic Institute. 18"; Hampden-Sldnav1, 0
At Mneon. Ga.?Mercer Onlver
sltv of Florida. 0.
At Atlanta. Oa.?Georgia Techs, 70;
Daliloncgn, 6.
Local Enthusiasts Expect to See Vir?
ginia Win From Carolina
With Ease.
A large number of local football en
I thusiasts are planning to go to Rich?
mond on October ji", to seethe annual
football game between tue University
of Virginia and the University of
Notth Carolina, which will be played
at Broad Street park, that city. Caro?
lina played here lust Saturday again at
Washington and Lee University and
those who sow the work of the team
in that gnnie expect Virginia to defeat
the "Tarheels" with ease.
Quite a number of local lovers o(
the gridiron sport journeyed over to
Norfolk yesterday morning to see the
elevens of Willinm and Mary College
and RAridolph-i>iacbn College buttle
at Lafayette f ield in the afternoon.
Death of George W. Gwynn.
Mr. George W. Gwynn dle.l K.iday
mcrnlng nt 4 o'clock at his home, 1043
j Twenty-fourth street, after a long 111
ii(.8b. Funeral services were conduct
in ilio residence Friday afternoon
nl i o'clock by Rev. Mu duck w
Butler, and tlio b0d> vviih Interred nl
Grueuluwn ceirtetory Mr, Gwynn was
l ? >tii In NnnSemoiid county Vlrglnln.
Jiil) is:,:,, lie served in the Con
fedorato nrmy throughout Mio civil
wa . lie had been mnrrl.Ml twice, und
Ii in widow and five clilidn n Kiirvlve
Ii im. Mr. Gwynn. (nun- lioro r oiu Nor
full, county ?in years ago to make
Iiis lioine.
Woman Who Waa Ejected from White
House lo Hopelessly insane.
ST. KOt'IS. MO.. Oct. 12. Mrs Mi?
nor Mi.nl>. of Washington. 11. ('., has
been pronounced hopelessly Insane
ami committed to tin- State Insane any
lutii at Fnrinington, Mo.
After her arrival hero several weeks
nun. she denounced President House
volt for her alleged forcible ejection
I from the White House a year or more
I ago. and was then, by request ol rela?
tives, taken to the city hospital and
j held for observation until shortly bo
rore President Roosovoit passed
through here on tin- way to the Mem?
phis waierwnV convention, when she
I was taken to a private sanitarium at
[Jacksonville, III . whore she was con
1 lined until yesterday.
Washington and Tennessrc Start for
Sao Francisco.
The United States armored cruisers
Tonnes.-co and Washington, which
have been loading coal ami supplies
In Hampton Heads for over a week.
W< ighed anchor about noon yesterday
and steamed out to sea on their long
journey through the straights of Ma?
gellan to San Francisco.
Tin- vessels passed out of the t'apes
at 1:110 o'clock In the afternoon ami a
short- time later they turned their
I noses southward.
Monday's Exposition
J .O. OF U. A. M. DAY.
Special Features oi the Day.
9:30 a. in.?Concert. Exposition
(jRFBnini.' Main Entrance Stund.
10:30 .i in. lo 12:30 p. in. Con
cert, Phinney's U. S. Hand Main
Entrance stand.
ll a. in. Concart, Exposition
Hand, states' i:\iiii?? ?Court.
1 p. in p and Recital, J. Phil?
lips Rowland, Auditorium.
2 to 4 p. in.?Concert. Libcratl's
Military Hand. AnultotIura.
4 p. m.?Organ Recital. Dr.
Percj J. Stnrnea, A'udlto luni.
? to 7 p, m.?Concert. Phlhnoy's
U. S. Hand. Reviewing Stand.
li to 7 p. in.?Concert. Exposi?
tion Hand. Raleigh Court.
7 to '.' p, in.?Concert. Liberates
Hand. Raleigh Court.
5 p. hi.?Military Surgeons of
the United States. Inside Inn.
8:30 p. in.?Concert, Phil ptno
Orchesl a. Auditorium,
Stated Program Every Day.
7:30 a. m.?(intes Open,
i 10 a. m.?And hourly thereaf?
ter. Exhibition of Weather Bu?
reau Earthquake' Recorder, (!ov
eminent Huildlng A.
in to 12 a. m.?Demonstration
of Heading by the Blind. Social
Economy Building,
j 11 a. in.?Playgrounds, n great
Educational Movement Lantern
Photographs, Miss Maria Ersklne,
Social Economy Building.
11:30 a. in.?Preparation of
large weather map from reports
from iall sections of the country.
.11 a. m, to 1 p. m.?Session of
Chlldrcns' School Farm.
11:30 a. in.?Illustrated Lecture,
"Reclaiming the Desert," by Mr.
C. J. Bianchardi U. S. R. S., inter?
ior Department, Government
Building a
12 m.- Child Labor and the Ro
? public. Lantern PhotOg aiilis, Miss
Marl.- Hunterri, Social Economy
1 p. m.?Biographic and stere
optlciin Exhibition. Scenes on In?
dian Reservation with lecture, In?
terior Department, Government
building A.
2.01? p. in.?Biographic Exhibition
and lecture. Scones"*111 Yosemite
Valley. Government Building A.
2 p. m.?Story Telling to Chll
dren, Miss Gertrude Andrus, So?
cial Economy Building;
2:30 p. in.?United Stntes Lifo
Saving Service Drill at Station.
3 p. m.?Illustrated Lecture.
"The Land That God Forgot," by
C. J. Blanchard, U. S. R. S. In?
terior Department, Government
Building A.
5 p. in.?Illustrated Lectur,
Yellowstone N'ntionnl Park, by
' Mr. E. C. Culve.', Government
Building A.
4 p. tn?Children's Farms and
Gardens. Henry Grlseotn Par?
sons, Stereoptlcan, Social Econo?
my Huildlng.
4 to C p. m.?Free. Public Play?
ground, near Mothers and Chil?
dren!-.' Huildlng.
G to 7 p. m..?Concert, Exposi?
tion-Hand. Raleigh Court.
li to 7 p. m.?Concert. Exposi?
tion Hand, Italelgli Court.
OCTOBBii 13, 11)07.
The General Board of ttie Navy
Recommends Very Heavy In?
crease of Fighting Vessils.
Would Also Have Six Torpedo Boat
Destroyers and Four Submarine Tor?
pedo Boatc?Need of Colliern and a
Repair Ship Brought Out by the
Voyage to the Pacific.
inu (he diplomatic na woli uh the tac?
tical arguments in favor of tlto rapid I
unbuilding of the navy, (ho general
buttrd, of which Admiral Downy Is the
prcfjilcut, has made liberal rccomihen
datloas for now authorisations by
Congress at its next session.
Pour battleships arc the backbone
of the rccommondatlon, ami tho board's |
memorandum calls ror the most powt
fill or this typo ye| projected, which, lu|
the American navy, is the Dqlnwnrt
clttss, with Us .-Ingle calibre battery,
high spee,| and grout steaming radius,
six torpedo boat dostrpyors, th'n
scout cruisei s, ronr submarines, one
repair ship and several colliers com?
pbie the rccommcndntlous.
Whllu keeping In mind the limits to
which national policy places upon nn
\.il expenditures, the genernl hoard, as
a rule, gives merely Its professional
opinion cd the needs ot the service,
having detal|s of construction largely
loihi'bureaus of tue Navy Department
which are responsible for the bul la tug
or vessels under conti net. l-'or this
rea on |i will not be possible until
-..il btl.'.rd- on construction has
I commented .on the recommendations
I to state the characteristics of the hew
ships desired, The Secretary of the
Navy and the President will decide
I what Congress shall lie asked to au
Needed for Protection.
The gonernl hoard has been mindful
In drafting this recommondatlon of
Its Official report, rendered several
years ago. Hint adequate protection
of the coasts and commerce of the
United Stntes required a hayy based
ui".)u an effective floei of fortyeight
battleships, twe'ily-four nnnor?'d cruis?
ers, fortyeight torpedo boat destroy?
ers ami forty-eight scouts, with other
war crafl nnd auxiliaries in proportion.
The recommendations this year are
pitched upon ii scale which would
I bring Ilm navy to the desired battle
I ship strength In BOVOn or eight years,
allowing for a certain measure of do
11, i lin .it ion in ships already built,
i Th<- year the general hoard outlined
its views as to the naval program
I Congress authorised the construction
I of live new battleships. For the last
two years only one litis been authoriz?
ed nt each session of Congress, This
was largely due to President Roose?
velt's agreement with Senator Hale,
Chairman of the Semite military nffiilrs
committee', (hut one new battleship a
year was n sufficient Increase. That
understanding has been thrown to the
winds since the President has recog?
nized the oommanuing necessity for
sending a large naval force to the Pa?
cific and has seen how the movement
denudes the Atlantic const of its
heavy protection;
Presldeht Roosevelt's rccommondn
ions to Congress- will recognize the ne?
cessity of having u navy large enough
for the protection of both the Atlantic
and Pacific coasts-. To bring the fleet
to this stage will require liberal ap
proir-iations from Congl'oss. The
propriations from Congress. The
amount of the annual naval appropria?
tion bills for the last? four years has
l.n around the $loo,oon,ono mark.
The United Slates navy now consists
Of twenty-nine battle ships built, build?
ing and- authorized. This does not In?
clude the battleship Texnsr. now rank
d as obsolete, but does Include the In?
diana clijss. some of which lire being
rebuilt and the Iowa, which is in re?
serve. If the four ships- recommended
by the general hoard are authorized
the total will be thirty-three battle?
ships. Seven are still on the builder's
There are nine 'armored cruisers
ilther In service or undergoing re?
pairs, nnd three are under construction.
The three scout cruisers, the Chester,
tin- Birmingham und the Salem, the
only ones of their type projected In
the American navy, are nearly com?
pleted, and If the recommendations of
tin. general born stand, their number
will be raised to seven. While th^ total
of torpedo boat destroyers will ad
vance from twenty-six to thirty-two.
and that of submarines to twenty-font.
Without a Repair Ship.
At present the nuvy Is without a re?
pair ship, nuilt as such, but the auxil?
iary cruiser Panther is being sonvert
ed into one for the cruisse of the At?
lantic lleet t? the Pacific.
This erulse hau strikingly empha?
sized the poverty of the navy in col?
liers. For the fuel supply of the fleet
It has been necessnry to resort to for
idgn bottoms, M lias beert suggested i
thai tku working force at Eastern navy I
vaiils. whit ?III nilss Hit' Bill pa Of th'< !
Atlantic Heel, which annually requires
large repairs, might profitably bti em
I'loycii in building colliers, i
Recommendation!! of the general
board malte no reference lo armored
iTulsors, because It is deemed more
Important in build battleships at pies
ont, Moreover; (bo Increase of speed |
item the eighteen knots of the Connec?
ticut class tu twenty-one knots for the
Delaware und the Ninth Dakota Is
regarded as having drawn to the lint
He hip i he principal advantage of the
armored cruiser. I
If He- oplhloit of the general hoard
Is followed the new torpedo hont des
Iroycrt will bo somewhat heavier In
hull than ihose heretofore built. The
craft now in service, while speedy,
are held lo be too light lo withstand
hind service without frcipicut repairs.
The Atti.ictlons and Attendance Were
Way Ahead of Wb.it Had Been
(Special to Tbl- Dally Press.)
RICHMOND, VA.. Cel. 12?The an?
nual state fair came to mi end this
afternoon, tin- racing card for the day
closing tin; exhibition. The fair prov?
ed a greater iaccess in the character
of attractions and attendance than had
been expected. The weather was per?
fect during the entire week, with the
except leu of Tuesday. The rain on
that dny made the race track film
and free from dust.
The Interest displayed by tin- dinn?
ers was general. Tin- display of farm
mneblnory was by far tin- largest the
Slate bus ever KCOn, There |.voro
ninny sales of mneblnory for the farms
of the Stale, the machines to take tile
place of the Inferior negro labor. The
cattle, stock und swine departments
were all tilled, the awards going lo
Ideal animals In each Instance. The
attendance today was the nnullosl of
the week. The racing fields were nlso
Immense Landslide Dams a River and ?
Does Great Damage.
. L'AltlS. Oct. 11.?A big landslide Is
occurring In the Department of am
rioebo. The movement of the earth Is
ascribed to springs. A hillside, com?
prising nearly a million cubic meters
of land, lias been nioviilR for Iwen-1
tv-six hours, in which It Iiiih Clivers
ed liulf a mile.
It Is now traveling "fifty yards an
hour und has dammed a river, caus?
ing a large lake to form, demolished
ii road, and carried away two bridges.
The d "lartiiK in Is el-vi Buffering se?
re- elv fi.i floods, The railways nro
etil in fifteen places. There have t
been several fatalities.
Ml Other Work At tiiBNavy Yards
is Ordered Postponed
(Secretary Metcalf Takes Action To
Insure Completion of Repairs Order?
ed by the First of December?Com?
manders Ask for Many Repairs.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 11.?Secretary
Metcalf today uoiitied commandants of
the navy yards at Portsmouth, N. n.,
New Vork League Island and Norfolk
that all work which may In any way
interfere with getting llio Atlantic
fleet ready by December 1 be suspend?
ed. Work on the floct Is to be given
clear Held.
Tills Is another decisive step toward
guarding against any possible delay.
The problem of getting tue fleet in
readiness is twofold. All work must
hu completed by December 1 ami the
battleships must start for the Pacific
in prime condition, as if they wero
steaming to meet an enemy. Under
no conditions is (lie dale of departure
(December 15) to be Changed. Tho
ships alter leaving the navy yards
must take on provisions and coal, and
the time between December 1 and
December 15 Is so short that in order
to sail on the latter date nil repairs
must bo completed by December 1.
Sinei- the return of Secretary Met?
calf from California he has recognized
that there might be some difficulty In
getting tho lieet started, ns some of
the battleship-, needed considerable re
pairs before Marling on the long
cruise. The Navy Department then
decided to extend the time allotted
for repairs to -r>0 (Ib>s. with the stipu?
lation that nothing be begun which
could not be Mulshed before December
I. Commander? of ships, following or?
ders of (lie Navy Department, then be?
gan sending in requests dint repairs
be authorized. It was found that prac?
tically every ship needed some work
in equipment or ordnance work or
BtCnm engineering repairs, enough to
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Fair and sl.fjhtly colder Sun?
day; Monday fair light north
west to north winds.
:lne Steel FreljK Cyp ess Found?
ers h Lake Super ;o. Bui Cause
Is Nol Known.
He Is Unable to Tell Why the Vessel
Went Down and the Mystery Will
Not be Solved TIM He Recovers?
Plates May Have Opened, Causing.
BAU LT stk MAR IB, Ml('i).. Oct.
12.?Round down front the head of tho
hike on the cocond trip she had niudo
since being launched at Lnralno, Ohio,
on August IT. last, the lino steel
freighter Cypress. 440 feet long and
owned by the Lackawann'n ? rauuportn
i inn Company of Cleveland, foundered
lust night in Luke Superior, off Deer
I'm It, taking down with her twonly
two niombom of the crew.
Second Mate C. J. Pitt wnahed
a; hoie lashed lo a life raft. Is the only
person loft alive of (he ship's crew
and his condition Is so critical thnt
since he was found on the bench, bo
bus only been able to St?up out tho
naine of the sunken ship and tho fact
that l"j lives wore lost.
Pitt Is suffering from the dreadful
exposure In the Isy water Of Lake
Superior, In addition to the buffeting
he received from the breakers. Until
he recovers sufficiently to tulk tho
Story or the wreck nnd the nxnet cause
of the steel ship foundering will not
be definitely known.
Deer Park Is about thirty miles
south of Gaud Marls on the shore of
Llike Superior.
Several bodlen from the wreck hnvo
washed ashore nnd two nre known to
bo those of the first mate and tho
Murine men suggest as possible ox
plnnatlons of too foundering that the
engines became disabled; thnt tho
plates opened nnd Hint the ship sprung
n lenk nnd that the hatches tuny not
have been eenrely battened, permit?
ting the Steamer to fill with water
from yhe waves washing over her
New Donationr to Chice-3 University
CHICAGO. Oct. 11.?T o University
of Chicago ppth'rrl?le<- announce a
new gift of ?330,00(1 from John D.
Rockefeller and the founder's nromlso
to treble future donations |p the Wil?
liam Rulnoy Harper Mento'lal Libra?
ry fund to the amount of ffto.nOO.OOO.
making the aggregate of his latest
benefaction $000,000, The gift assures
the erection of the libra v in honor
or the Into university prr ilrU lit.
I Dr. Thomas W, Goa lupoid, regis?
trar of the university. Did secretary
of the board of trustees, declared that
the Memorial Library would bp plan
' ned to cost between $600,000 nnd
I The Rockefeller gift w?s announced
. to the beard through .lohn D, Roc!ie
| foller, Jr.. who for sev'rnl. years has
i acted as his father's Ptjent in his gifts
j to tho Mldwnv school.
The $330 000 announced today as
I Mr Rockefeller's ulft rtnrcsents his
fulfillment of ;? promise tii treble t"io
amount raised from otlie- sources,
Which has been $110.000. glven qV tin
pill Me In snvill amount i, Dr. Good
speed and President Juds-n-will besln
? a personal canvass to raise an addi?
tional $00.000 needed.
Big Cruiser Is Ninety-two Per Cent
; Completed and Will Have Dock
Trial Shortly.
1 The forward 10 Inch gun turret was
installed aboard the new United
States armored cruiser North Caroli?
na, by the big electric crane Hercules
at the ship yard yesterday afternoon.
The armor will he placed on the tur?
ret within the near future, Many of
the "guns for the North Carollnn have
arrived nit the shipyard and tl o work
of installing them will soon begin.
Tho cruiser is now about ninety
two l>er cent completed nnd she will bo
given n dock trial within tho next few
weeks. No date has been set for _r
official builders' trlnl, but It probably
will take place in Decent oer. The ves?
sel Is to ho delivered to tho govern?
ment on January 3, 1908.
Little Negro Accused of Stealing Dia?
mond Ring.
Robert White, a LVyearold negro
boy was arrested In Rocketts yesterday
[afternoon by Detective Pearson on
the ehnrge of grand larceny. It Is
alleged that the negro stole a watch
valued at *6F>, a diamond tinR and a
signet ring from C. Gordon, a tailor. (

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