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N?vefc. 1 Has Been Fixed as
Hu Da'e by Tercentennial
Mayor Buxton Probably Will Hold
Conference With Councilman and
City Officials This Week for Pur
pore of Discussing Question of
What Is to be Done by the City.
November 1 ban baotl BOt by tho
management of tho Exposition ns(
Newport News Pay at tho Terci ntou
ulftti and arrangements u ? bolng
made to provide an espi?elallv In?
teresting program for tho occasion.
Some time ago the matter of Inn?
ing a special day for tills city at the
fair was discussed. I'it no action has
over been taken by Iho city officials
und for a time the subject was d op
pod. Now, however, the Expos'tIon
nhtiuiinces that tho day has been set.
that the full- will do Its part towa d
making tlie occasion an enjoyable
one, and that It is "up lo" Newport
News to do Its part.
It is p'obnble that tue mayor will
hold a conference with a number of
councilmon and city officers one day
tills week for Hie purpose of discuss
lug what steps the cltv government
shall take In regard to this inport
nut matter
If the city is to appear to advam
taue when Its day its celebrated It
will be necessary for tha cbunoll to
appropriate a small amount of money
lo cover expenses.
No ve y great amount will be need
r>d. however, as the Exposition will
provide practically the entire 'pro-,
gram, and the city simply will have to,
furn sh sneakers for exercises at thoj
Auditorium, and n crowd.
Nea lv evorvhudv In Newport News
lins boon to the Kxnosltlon a' Ichsl
olio" o- twice. Pit If the weather Is
food on November I. it Is estimate.I
llitit not loss than ten thousand pop
i?b? from this < Ity and vicinity will
biurnev over lo navtlclnato 'n Hie
Newport News celebration.
Annual Convention o! State Society
Bcf Ins at First Presbyterian
Church Thursday.
The Virginia Slate Christian Eta-1
deavor Society will hold Its annual
convention in tills oily Thursday,
Satnrdav and Sunday. Several hun?
dred delegales are expected to be n
nltendanee, and the meeting p oinls >s ?
to be the most Interest lag and suc?
cessful in the history of tin! a'ssocla ;
Tho onenlng session will be held
111 the F|n! Pr.'sbyterltin elm? eh at
7: in o'clock Prldliy night, and at Us'
conclusion the convention will adjourn i
to meet at the Expos tlon l-iidnv
when the National Christian En?
deavor Association Will be ill session
nl the Tercentennial,
The State association will meet
be:e again Satnrdav and will wind up
the business ()f the convention on 1
Sunday. All of the sessions will be'
lield in tin- P'l,1 P"osb'vtorlnn church.!
Callahan Lcave6 This Week and the
General I se and General Putnam
1 Take Her Place.
An agreement bus been entered Into
between the Chesapeake and Ohio
Hallway and Captain It. P. Mel lorney,
manager of the stenmors (.one al Leo
and Genornl Putnnm, wherel.'.v those
steamers will replace tin- double i n 1
ferry steamer Callahan In the passen?
ger ferry service between the Chesa?
peake mid Ohio passenger depot here
soul Pine Beach and Norfolk on and
after Tuesdav. Tho Callahan will
leave lor New Yo'k either i",ils week
or earlv next week, and she will bo
engaged In tlie ferry Berylce of the
l.ackavvanna railway between liobo
hen and New York city.
The Qenornl Los aa l Giberai Pat
mini will change the r place of laud
In!; here from Old Dominion pier A
to the pier ai the passenger depot
and Will haul tha passengers brought |
he.e by the Chesnneako and Ohio
trains for the Exposition. The steam
ors will, it Is understood, maintain
tho same schedule as h iretoforo,
Alleqed Shoplifte o.
Hester Perkins. Rosa' S? Irick and
Jordan Medley negroes, were arrested
in Woplworth's f ve and ten cent
sUvo Washington nv?nuO nrnr Twen
iv-fifth street, last nicht by Pafrolipan
riheWnlne on the elia j:^ of larceny.
Tt Is alleged that the no?roes were
shop lifting In the store. The prison?
ers were locked un at the sta'ion
bouse to awtilt n hearing before Jus?
tice IVown in the police court to
morrow mo nine.
A Criminal Attack
on an inoffensive citizen is frequently
mnde |p that apharentlv useless little
tube called tlv "annendlv." It's gen
?>i-illv' the result of p otrncted con
situation folloi-'np live- tornor. Or
King's New Life Pills regulate die
lp-nr prevent nnnnhdlcltls. and ea
talltih roculnr habit* of the bowels
?Sc. at nny drug store.
Want to sell Real Es?
tate, and some have
great bargainB. Why
don't w? buy them'{.
Well, wt! oan't buy
tilt*iii all; wo want
our ulieutB to take
some of them. Please
allow us to show you
what mo have paying
from 8 to 1 2 per c?tit.
Powell Trust Co.
Rents & Real Estate
Briquettes Made al Fxposillon to
be Teste-,
Admiral Evans is Greatly Interested in
Problem, and Trials Will Be Con-'
ducted Abard His Flagship In
Hampton Roads.
Within n row days tho United 8tato?
navy will begin n test o( brlquottcd
ceils nn our <if Its War vessels. Four
cur loads of briquettes' ntanufneturou
at tin- government fuel-testing plant.'
,11t tin- Imposition nie ready and the
tests now nwall the arrival of the bat?
tleship Connectlent with Adntlral P.v
.nns. who Is deeply Interested In the
' fuel problem for the navy.
I 'I lie Connecticut Is to stop here be?
fore she begins her trip to the Purine
conti with the remoliior of the fleet
and a day or so will be utilized in giv?
ing a thorough steaming test to the
brlquettos. ( i
These tests upon the part of the
navy are to lie followed up by the
technologic branch of the United
States geological survey, which In-1
tends to demonstrate what the bri?
quettes can do on torpedo boats- und
other smaller naval craft, ?
Made from Waste.
lliiquetu-s are made from wasto or
low grade fuels, as tho slabs or screen?
ings of bituminous coal, culm or dust
of anthracite, peat, lignite or coke
breze. The brlquettos that have boon'
innde for the navy are of coal slack
mixed with six per cent of water gns
pitch ns a binder, pressed together
{Into round cakes be muchinerv. I
The technologic branch of tho geo?
logical survey, under the direction of
J. A. Holmes, us chief, and H, M. Wil?
son, as engineer, bus been experiment?
ing with In iuuettrs for some time and
nlroadv has demonstrated that it is a
valuable fuel, and one superior to coal
Itself. 1
Practically Smokeless.
C. T. Malcoqier, engineer in charge
of the technologic division of the sur?
vey, in speaking of the results obtain?
ed, said yesterday: "We have demon?
strated that briquettes when burned
proporly. nie practically Bmpkoless,
thee produce less clinkers than lump
coal, tin' cleaner and more easily
handled. Used in house boating fur?
naces they hnve shown twice the effi?
ciency of anthracite coal on the calm
trie value of the fuels. In locomotives
they produce less cinders, a much
liner ash. easily stinken through the
mate, thev respond more readily to
over-capacltv demand on hollers und
are easier to place on tbc lire than
the coal generally used. BrlSQUettes
also seem to stand the weather better
I linn coal. Prlrrpiottes weathering
eighteen months showed no appreci?
able sinn of disintegration, while
lump coal from the mine mine would
not stnud the test of six weeks. I
"The navy onahl to tlml n valuable
fuel in these brlsquettes. Some time
ago Aditi'ml Evans complained of the
use of soft coal bv It's shins, declaring
that Downy nearly lost his battle at
Manilla Ray because the enemv **W
the black smoke pouring from the
runnels of his vessel before he bad
reached them."
H->rd Times in Kansas.
Tho o'd dnvs of rrasshonber* and
drouth are p'mOSl for''otte-i In th?
j ernsnorous Kails?? of tndnv j,l.
though a citizen of Coden I'ln I Sbanv
burg, has not vet forgoMen n hard,
time he rneonnte-ed. He snvs: "1
was w-orn out and discouraged bv
roughing nlehl mid rtaV. end could
*<n,\ po r'H'f till > Irina Or. KIkc'sI
N'ew iiUeovery. it took less than
"?in bottle to e^mn'etel-' core in""'
The safest nod pimi reliable eo-if?'il
nirl cold remeitv nnd long ?bei thron'!
henle- ever discovered. Guaranteed
bv ill TVtiirirlni*.
30c and $1.00. Trial bottle tree.
Beats Randolpr.-Macon in Prelll'y
Played Game.
Orange and While Ooys Showed Ex?
cellent Training and Treated Grid-'
Iron Warriors
Great Surprise.
William and Mary College triumph
ed over Rnndolph-Alacon College in
their annual football battlo on I .a fay
el to IT. Id, Norfolk, yesterday after
npon hv :t mtirgiu of i l? ?. The lone
BCOl?0 of the gnntU was made early in
tho Ural half when Fub.leln, the speedy
little quarterback of tlie orange and
white oleven, kicked n beautiful goal
from the Held.
The contest wan hard fought front
start lo finish; both teams playing a
fast and snappy game and snowing
froquor.t tiaahcH of brilliant form that
would have been a Credit to them In
contests later In Hie season. Ibe
elevens were evenly mulched In
weight, but tho warriors of William
ami Mary showed better training than
did the Ahhland boys.
Itaiulolpb-Maeon kicked Off to Will?
iam and .Mary und so strong was tho
defense Of the Ashland loom that the
ohingo and white were forced to rc-'j1
sort to the punt lug game. The Wlll
Ininsburg uoys clearly outclassed their
opponents lu this department ami fol?
lowing tin Interchange of kicks \\ ill
lam and Mary forced Kniidnlpli-Macon
back down the Ib id near its own goal.
The Ashland boys attempted an on
stdu kick, but William and Mary re?
ceived the ball on the twenty yard
line. Finding the llnndolph-Mneoii de
tense prhctlcnlly Invulnerable, Fill
steill made li pretty drop kick for goal,
scoring the only points of the match.
Referee's Mistake.
Following iho drop kick, the referee
carried the ball out ami forced Rait
doiph-Macdn to kick to William ami
Mary from the former's twenty live
yard line, whereas Hie rules require
that the ball should have been kicked
Off from the center of the Held. This
mistake possibly had n bottling on the
-eoii'. for after recovering the ball
from WMIInni and Mary on a kick, the
Randolph Mason team carried it down
the Held for sixty yards by end inns
and line plunges, had the klckott I.n
from the center of the (leid, the Ash
laud boys might have scored.
During the second half William and
Mary seemed to be content with
keeping the Randolph-Macon warriors
from scoring, for they seldom attempt
ed to carry the ball, resorting to the
kicking game almost every time the I
ball was In their possession, (in the)
other hiintl the Randolph-Macon teanii
continued to ping away at the orange
an,) white line, but every time they got'
within the danger /.one, William and l
Mary held safe, leceUed tllO ball on)
downs und proceeded to kick out of
Good .Judnment Shown.
William and Mary showed oxceloilt
Judgment at all stages of the match
and played with a snap and a vim
that ?surprised and baffled their op?
ponents. When the team is a little'
more (reasoned it win be a match fort
any of Its weight In tlie State and the
indications are that It will give Hieb-1
nu ml College a great battle on tue'
Casino gridiron Thanksgiving Day.
The Line-ups.
W. and M. ( I) Position Ft. M. <U)
Sevniour . Drowery
Hlght end.
11. Dovell . It. Woodhouso
Right tackle.
McDonald . Rldgway
Right guard.
Hall . S, t.oodnouse
Patterson . Rush
Left guard.
Taylor . Irby
Left tackle.
Halber . Howe
Left end.
Fulateln . h.slmp
Joynes . Randolph
right halfback.
Conen . Sealer
Left halfback.
Dovell . Harris
Pullback. i
Coal from field?Fulsteln. Roforeo?
pat Barry, (leorgetown. Time of
halves ? '27, minutes. I
Tho Lion In the Jungle.
Frederick Scions, the African plo
peer, says in one of bl< books that leg* ?
UlnV habits and high living agree with
lions and other brutes and that those
exhibited In menageries are much
handsomer than those Hie hunter
meets In tin jungle. Then their hab?
its are net so creditable .is people In
civilized conn trios suppose. They will
be shocked to burn that the lion
feeds on meat in the in.sl advanced
stage of decomposition because he Is
loo limy to bunt lor fresh meal. They
have taken it for granted that the
king of the fores! carrier u high bead
:is be sweeps along over the plain. Imt
Scions va.-.s g(. n-,,ts along with bil l
head behind bis shoulders like any i|
common cur.
Miss Singer?-I wonder if that rich
uncle of mine remembered me when
he made his will'.' I used to sing to
Cynical Friend -He must have; he
hasn't left you anything.?Nebraska
State Jon run). I
China and Japan prodnca l?.r.0ti
tons of silk annually; but about Ci)|
per cent, of tills is retained for home
use. i
Young Dixan Says Gillock "Hid;
no Vengeance".
Thirty-five 8tltches Were Required to'
Clooe Ugly Wounds, nnd the Assail?
ant lr at Large, Uut the Injured
Party Seems Satisfied. I
The following remarkable cOmmunl
cation was received by (he editor of
Tho Dally Press ) !? rday:
"I wltdi to correct what has boon
"I nut not in such ;i condition as has
lioen reported: i
"l was not cut it represented;
"\V. P. Gillock lind no vengeance to-'
ward ilia for we jm\ boon friends, i
am uhle to bo up and about?went to
Hie shipyard to gel my pay today. j
"Vorv respectfully,
"228-44 St. VV.M <: DOXZON."
What Hr-ppencd.
DIXEon was cm nnd badly Injured
last Tuesday night by young Dlllock.
The cutting tool; place ill 228 Forty
rpuith tttreet, wh. both men lived
\cccrdlng to Dr. c s. Butts, who
Iresi'W tho vyoiipds, Dlxxoii's thrbal
was cut and then' was an v.gly wound
under the left arm. Twenty stitches
were required to close Ilm wound hi
he Ihro?t, und 1.1 were taken in the
:ut ibenentli the arm. The doctor said
ruosdny night thai he hoped to bring
the mnn around all right; hut thnt at
lint time lie could not tell: that the
inllcnt was In a very serious condi?
Gillock a Fugitive.
After the culling Hillock escape I
from the city and Itnr not been cap?
tured. He was accompanied as far
is Norfolk by his aged mother, Mrs.
Illlock returned Tlmrs?ay, ami whoii
Detect hie Pearson sailed upojn (her
Continued on Page Ui)
some Newport News People Have
Learned How to Gi-t Rid of Doth. |
Dackachos and kidney ache tire twin
n ot hers. j
You can't separate them.
And you can't get rid of the back-]
icho until you cure the kidney ache, j
If the kidneys are wo|| and strong.!
tin- rest of the system Is pretty sure to'
be In vigorous health.
1 loan's; Kidney Pills make strong,
healthy kidneys. i
Win. M. Taylor, living at 221 PJtli
Streot, Newport News, Va., says: "1
have used I lean's Kidney Pills nnd
derive,! the most beneficial icsults
from them. I suffered for years from
kidney complaint and was unable to
bid nUything that would giv^.juioro
than temporary relief, although rfftod
a number of romedles nnd Vns treat?
ed by physicians. There was a con
slant pain across the small of my
l?ack and at times when stooping or
Iftlug, sharp pains would pns-s
hro'ugh my loins and cause me the
nost intense Bufferings I also had
leudnchcs and occasionally suffered
from dizzy spell-. My kidneys were
llsordoTcd, the secretions being too
frequent in action nnd many times
;ndslng me to arise during the night.
While fooling very miserable I haIV
lionod to re.id about Doan's Kidney
Pills and deciding to try them. I pro?
cured n box at A. 10. G. K|or's drug
?tore. They cured in- ami 1 have not
ind nny trouble since."
For sale by all dealers. Price, SO
?outs. Fostor-Milbum Co.. Buffalo;
s'ew York, sol,, agents for the United
Remember the name?Donh's?and
ako no other.
Wo 11avn this reason
tlie most complete assort
ment of Brncot? we have
ever show ui
Many nuitjUO dcsigl H,
and i>i i cm ranging fr m
$3 to $50
For an acce, table gift
we Buggest a
R. Sprague
Jew. 11 r
Carbon Paper, Ribbons
and general office
Typewriters Repaired
The Kodak
Where They Make Pictures.
2909 Washington Ave.
Mr. David Bispham.
Tho eminent baritone who ?il>
tain'd unqualified praise from
press ami puld c (hiring bin your
jihron.fi, lliltl wlui never fails l<>
eha ni ail audiences, recently
returned to hinke a tour of ihe
United Slates, and lias been se
cured "'v ' ono of ids cele?
in the Auditorium of ill'- James?
town Exposition,
AT 8;-30 P. M.
This win he the only oppor?
tunity of hearing this great
singe- in this vleiuty.
P anist.
To Washington and Riclunodn
TO RICHMOND: "Queen Anne',
will make regular trips between ilia
above points, leaves Norfolk, Camp?
bell's Wharf Korr; Dock. Tuesday.!
and Thursdays ht 7:30 a. in. and Sun?
days at iL' in. Pino Reach Pier, Ex?
position ('.rounds 6:00 a. m. and N'-w
j?ort News 9:00 a. in., w'edk days: I
Sundays I2.U0 and 1:16 p- m.. will
leave Clyde Line Pie-, Richmond, at
s a. m., Mon.lavs, Wednesdays and
Fridays. |
Hy this route tin' annoyance and de?
lays of stopping at all river landings
Is avoided. i
Regular meals or nice lunch ser?
vice an may be desired.
Rates:?Straight fare. $1.25; Hound
Tri|i, good fo.- :!u days, $2.00.
Special Hound Trip Rates from
Rlchmcnd on Wednesdays and Fri
davs. 8-day limit . $1.50
"Montauk'' ? Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. I
Leave Norfolk, Campbell's Ferry
Dock. 7:1.", a. in.; l?-ave Exposition,
pine: Beach Pier 8:15 a. in.; Leave
Old Point Comfort', S.t:> a. ni. Arrlv
log W.ashlngtoni Rliey's Wharf, S:00
p. in.
Round Trip Go d fzr 30 Days. .. .$2.50
Straight Far.-. $1.50.
Through Fast Line. No tiresome
stops at river landings. Regular
meals or nice lunch service as may
bo desired.
For Information, anply lo RICHARD
WALKER. City Ticket Agent. H102
Washington Avonuo, Newport News,
Va. (Hell 'Phflhe Hill).
121 2Cth St.. Opposite Postofflco.
The bonuty and charm of the face
is in the oyes, and the selection of
Eyeglasses intimately suited to tho
nose should be made before any oth?
er featuro of pe.'sonal adornment can
lie considered.
The "SO EASY" Eyeglasses Is the
embodiment of styb; and beauty. They
are mad.- In n largo variety of meas?
urements to conform with tho eon
lour of tho nose, resulting In a per?
fect fit In each Individual case.
Wer others fall, the (Urrnxn TrSweniTt"tl?'only cur?,
" Pnf.G.F.THEEL,627i(Vu;lti:
11.11. i.'|.:.li. I'.. -V. Ii..iL.I.. ...u" II .I, l-.r.
. Hp-rt-.ll?! I. A w.rl-.j. i "ir-.,li? In .... ?I?.
? all I'rl.nl. UlHO..-. >>.--?.s Uws lt.t?
. i-~.S:tW IVI.t.iUulV.r. ii,'I|?ii?<. ll.-l.IHIx,
l~l Xarl.,vl,0.a,-r, Va-trx-l' ? ?Irl.lail.t-iolll-c', In
- I .il. -. -I.e.. L. :i ii. ^ h-.ll. i.:.c I'S ...r '. hl-1.. S\
/?.... !',.!-?.. Oalx ???? tA .ura- fr-ik ?a?~ ,> I to III .lax-*
MjMIV pravtUal k (I ?i,-.' bo. jiIim t... i ii ,rr In Hi i * ,.-).
V ?4 far'-flona..",.!!. all. -.po-li.? ?-nl,al A.I-ri-laaL
^ ?????1-7 tal-?^^,.? fraan. Sx-wj- |?>?*j|fffl| fUgj
tizcEss w E*/AMD V/CE y ERSA
coFTn,qMr iSoC r?r. uuiTf* ?*ow,i r?r.,?c
Do you not wish mew harness for. your?
self? you will TRoT better. IF YoU GET it.
we can rig you OUT FRoM the .skin OUT.
men'S ribbed underwear FROM 50c To $ 1 .00
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men'S wool underwear FRoM $1 To $2.50
men'S fine suit.$10 to $30
men'S fine black suit. $6 To $25
light top overcoat.$loTO$30
fine black overcoat. $ 1 0 To $25
HoV/ard hats.$3
ertheimer & Co.
26th St. and Washington Ave., and 2206
Jefforson Ave.
We Are Going Out of Business !
Men's and Boys' Fall
Winter Clothing, Shoes
and Gents9 Fur?
At nnd below cost, aa our stock must he sohl quickly, and if low
prices will accomplish this result tho stock will slay lino only a
short while.
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$2.00 and $2.50 Working Pants. Sale
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1 .24
$3.50 nnd $-1.00 Drees Shoes. Pat.
Leather, Vici Kid and Gun Metal;
ell rtyles. Sale price, $2.48 and..
Shoes. Sale price . B
50c and 75c Drets Shits. Saie
price .\.'
Wool Fleece Underwear; 85c suit
',3c garment.
One lo! of Hoys' Suits; worth from 82.D0 to $3.00; while t'.iojf
? lot of Hoys' Overronls; sizes to S; worth $:t.r,n i,, Sl ur.
$1.48 und .
jojo wash. aw:. bet. aotii; and :;ist streeti
2nd Door from Loxington Hotel.
DatKy Press, JO Grots a Week

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