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tfltc S3ai!g press.
(Except Monday)
?At the?
till Twenty-fifth Street, by tho
C. K. Thackor.. Editor and Publisher.
Ii. K. Pttgh.Advertising Manager.
The Dally Press Ik delivered by car
rliTs anywhere In tho city limits for
10 conts a week. Any Irregularities
in delivery should bo immediately re?
ported to the ofllco of publication. Or?
der? for delivery of the Dally Press
to either residence or places of busi?
ness may be made by postal card 01
(Payable Invariably In advance.)
One Month .$ .50
Throe Months .|1.2G
Blx Months .12.60
Ono Yenr .?5.00
Editorial Rooms. ..Doll 'Phone No. 14
Business Office.Boll 'Phono No. isi
No employee of the Dally Press
Company Is authorized to contract
any obligation in tho name of tlie
company, or to mnke purchases in the
name Of the same except upon order
sinned by tho PUBLISHER OP THE
Entered at the Newport News. Vu.,
Postolllco a? second-class mat tor.
There Is something the mailer with
the Tart boom, and it looks nit If
when the Secretary of War returns
to this country his portly form will
not havo a political leg to stand on.
Tbo political heavens are being dark?
ened with signs and portents that
clearly spoil serious trouble for the
moa who Roosevelt says he wants
for President. Tho more they think
about It, Uio more the people Object
to Rousovolt dictating who his sue
ressor shall bo. Teddy himself prob?
ably could have a rciiomltiotion. hut
when It comes to his naming the man.
that's different. It becomes, more evi?
dent evory day that ti formidable com
hlaatlou has been made to tiring about
tho nomination of such a "grand old"
apostle of commercialism an Speaker
Cannon or a conservative man like
Governor Hughes. There In n move?
ment to make Hughes take the second
place on tho ticket, but the New York
Governor in not the ?ort of a man
who will be the tall of any kite,
though former Congressman Dabrock,
of Wisconsin, claims that there Is a
working agreement between the sup?
porters of Cannon and the forces of
Hughcti, and that one of the conspira?
tors Is Senator Knox, of Pennsylva?
nia, Tho plan of (he autl ltooHovelt
conspltntorw Is to make the de'.ega
Hons of Now York, Pennsylvania and
Illinois the nucles of a combination
that will prevent tho domination of
tho national convention by President
?Rposovolt, end in tho meantime there
Itt to bo ?aruost opposition to Mr.
Thero nooms fc> be little doubt
hut that Ohio Is not as solidly for
Taft na It was before tho election.
Several newspapers which supported
brni havo flopped to the Foraker side
and the sentiment of tho people gen?
erally of the Buckeye state is chang?
ing. It is very evident that something
of tho first Importance is batching
In tho political wind, and it Will be
developed when the Republican Na?
tional committee meets In Washing
ton next month to select a place for
the meeting of the national conven?
In the meantime the Democrats
havo nothing to do with the tight but
to watch and enjoy it.
It In a very melancholy lalo that Is
told in the ugly figures of tho accl
dont bulletin that Is being sent out by
tbo interstate Commcrco Commis?
sion, noting the casualltloa tiint oc?
curred on tho railroads in the United
States In April, May and Juno, show?
ing that 1,065 wore killed and IS.GIf.
Injured. Tho number of employes
that met their deaths in coupling and
uncoupling earn and engines in this
rjiiarter shows an lucroase of ten as
r.ompari-d with tho number reported
In tho preceding bulletin. The total
n?mb?-,- of collisions and derailments
Wae 3,777, or 1.80C collisions and 1,971
derailments, of which 220 collisions
and 221 derailments affected passen
gor tralnti. Tho damage to cars, en?
gines and roadway by these accidents
?mounted to $3,233,673. This showa
an Increase of 814 In the total number
of collisions and derailments over the
numlior reported In the preceding
three months. By far the worst nccl
dent In the present record, cawdng
the death of 33 persons and Injuring
-', 19 Is reported as duo to a dorailrnent.
tho cause or which Is undiscovered.
This bulletin com plot ou the publica?
tion of the UCCldent records under the
low of March 3, 190). for the your
ended June W, 1997, und shews the
total number of casualties to have
been 81,list;, or MOO per.ions killed
and 70.280 Injured, during the pas!
year by railroads. These llgures
ouly Include accidents to passengers
an,i to employes while actually on
duty on or about trains. The num?
ber of CasUqHicB for the present year
shows the Increase in the total num?
ber to be I0.;!.*i2, or 755 In the num?
ber killed und 0.557 in the number
Injured, as compared with the num?
ber reported one year ago. There
I? a decrease of nine In the number
of employes killed In coupling and un?
coupling cars and engines for the
present year an compared with the
number reported olio year ago.
The nnllctit facts In the figures for
the year are. first, that Iber.- have
been heavy Increases In all of the
items, except accidents lu car coup?
ling and from striking against over
head obstructions; and second, that
Ilm number of passengers killed ami
Injured In collisions aud derailments
has Increased to an alarming degree
In thin Item the very la .-Re total re?
ported In 1005 1? now exceeded by 17
per cent. Tho comparative smnllnoss
In CommltleS In coupling and uucoup
liiif; enrs Is undoubtedly due in large
measurement to improvement in the
maintenance of cars with automatic
couplers and to the Increased use of
air brakes on freight trains. The
disastrous record of casualties In train
accident:, (lie) killed Is due to In
a large measure to leu accidents,
nearly all of which were caused by
enroll nsuoss of employes, or the.
negligence of the railroads on which
they occurred.
It Is strange that there should be
nucll largo Increases- in deaths and
Injuries ou rallioads when the lac'
Is Considered that the roads nro all
the time spending enormous sums to
prevent, these very catastrophes. It
Ik true that more people are travel"
ling than formerly, but the proportion
of killed nnd maimed Is larger than
lu the days when railroads wen' not
so universally resorted to. There Is
certainly food lor reflection In the
llgures given.
Oh. you kissers, beware! Here Is
the latest: A London physician says
that the disease known n? pyo. rhen
nlvcolarlB Is duo to the prevalence of
kissing. The Jaw Is first affected, the
teeth become loose and gradtially full
out one by one. Strange, though, that
the disease wau never known before.
.Members of a Hazclton. Ind.. choir
were arrested noon complaint of the
pastor for chewing gum while the
services wero In progress. If they
made that much noise we would hate
to Hit nt tho same table with them.
Probably put tho gum In their mouths
with their knives.
Tin- perfectly formed woman baa
been found and the newspapers are
printing her measurement!!. It Is one
best bet that many a girl win get out
a tape measure to see how near she
cuthos to tho perfect one.
' Theodore. Jr.. has again Iven in?
jured on the football hold. Ho gets
abotlt an many knocks on the grid
lion us his father does politically?and
recovers from them Just about as
If Miss Annn Could has married an
other French "noblomau." the Amerl
can peoplo will ba B?rry that they
ever sympathized with her when BheJ
had trouble with Count Uonl.
It looks as If Taft would not inherit
the presidency, but he has Inherited
enough of trouble to last him his
The courts are going to be asked
"what is whiskey?" It is not con?
tempt of court to asaunio that the
JndgoH know.
A St. Louis brewing concern paid
for Its revenue Stamps ?Uli a $10,000
bill. Never heard of a church hav?
ing $10,000 bills did you?
Oen. Rootli b-aves behind him as he]
goes from Amorlcnn shores, the mem |
ory of a man who has won by his
ability nod d>.votlon universal acclaim]
as a gn-nt man and one of the world's
greatest npMftcr? of humanity.?j
Schencctndy Gazette
NeWbboys ar" complaining that
there are not enough checks of smail
denominations.?Chicago Tribune,
That loud luugh you boar ac more]
SlatcH ro dry Is from Hie manufac?
turer of bitters.?PlttabUTg Press.
The trouble with the Hies seems
lo be that thoy are too lazy to work
and are not eligible to hold office.
Kausas City 8ta.tr;
Nobody lr, ROlng to rofuse one of
tho new M0 gold pieces because thoi
pious inscription Is not there.?I'ltlla
dolphin Inquirer.
Tin- Newark l"v who broke Into his
tov hunk jllSttOcd his act by declar?
ing that It i? wroiig to hoard money
Just now. - New York Herald.
Now that a woman wears her hat
hair wav down tbo bhch of her neck
It. Is somewhat of a mystery how sho
can tell when It is- on Btralglit?Wash?
ington Post.
Perhaps old Kentucky went Repute
lleaii Just to force Marse Henry to
tecotislder his determination to retire
from participation In politics? Wash?
ington Herald.
The peanut diet may he all right
When one lias a circus between the
munches.?rio: Ida Times-Union.
I Tlte dispatches didn't Bf>' l,,:lt 11,0
king took a long horsoback ride on
his birthday. Hut then, Hoosevelt Is
younger, anyway.?ltoslou Globe.
Speaking before the Alabama Leg
ISIature, a Southern railroad presl
dent took occasion to say that he
would not vote for Hoosevelt for dop
catcher; Recklessness of speech Is
no| altogether confined fo the nntl
railroad side of that Southern contro
versy ? Huffalo Express.
It Is unfortunate that the abscess
on the Jaw of Captain Dorossot, of
Wilmington. N. C, did not develop L'i
fore he spoke or was not postponed
until after tho present r-iuetgehcy in
Which h" is Involved. Captain Dcros
set Ik the man who asserted, through
the Confederate Veteran, that Gener?
al Grabt, General Thomas and Admir?
al Pnrragut sought service with the
Confederacy before taking commls
Blohs on tlie Union side. He has pub?
lished this injurious accusation
against distinguished men. It has
bet n denied publicly and very sharp?
ly and he has been challenged for
proof. We have not the honor of the
acquaintance of Captain DoroflflOt and
he may be a most worthy und wol)
intending gentleman, but Ihlg in a bad
time for him to have tin abscess and
to assign the abscess as hta reason
for his failure to give the cvld"iic<
demanded of him. The more quick?
ly and completely the Southern peo
'? generally, and the Confederat
veterans especially, repudiate rerpon
siblllty for Captain DoroSSOl and bis
assertions and sympathy with hin
course the hotter.
As to Oenerai Thomas. It always
has boon understood In Virginia that
his sympathies at the beginning of
the strife between the Northen and
Southern States were with the South
hut that, lie vein.lined with the Union
army because of his affection for hl?
wife, a Northern woman, and her
dominating influence over him; nntl
th average married man, however
strong lit.* allegiance to hltr State nndf
his prluclplesi has a kind of snenkltiK
underground ' feeling that maybe
Thomas was not so much to blame,
after all.
All the evidence, documentary nml
otherwise. known to the public
pquaroly contradicts Captain Dcros
set's assertion regarding Genera!
Oraut. It is a fact of record that he
presided over the first war meeting
held lu the town of Galena, Illinois
und wan offered captaincy or the vol
uhtecr company organized there. It
is uot likely that he would have been
put in that position if his neighbor?
had had the lichtest i<<ason to BUS
pect hint of Southern sympathy or of
playing double. The accusation
against him published by Captain De
rosset Is treachery. There Is noth?
ing In Oenerai Orant's lifo or careor
as soldier, civilian. President of bus!
ho'ss man to suggest that he could be
capable of that meanest ami most
abominable of all crimen. Tho shad
ows and misfortunes which came upon
his lite resulted from tho whole heart,
od coufidoiieo ho;gave hi-: friends anC
tho tenacity with which he stuck to
In every country there la a certain
proportion of men horn to bo soldiers
fit for nothing (dsn nnd incapable to
every other occupation. Genera'
Oraut was one of these. In the camp
lu battle, in command of men, he was
nt home and efficient. He got re
suits. As a civilian and n civilian of
tlcial he was a failure always. H<
had the magnanimity anil the respect
for conraiv and ability in other inor
which lt: part of the nature of the
born nnd true soldier. Southern peo
plo do not and can not forget his
kindliness, courtesy and generosity
in the supreme hour of his triumph
at Appomattox. lie stood sturdily
between them ami the fc-aiitla fanatl
blsm and Intense hate which demand
eil their degradation and destruction
their very HTo blood. Nor Con thto
forget that his last days or sorrow
pain and bitter humiliation were made
beautiful by his gentle, nffeetlonatr
words to and of his former fooM, Thov
will not approve any attempt to li.se
mirch his fame or to blacken hin
If by any astonishing evidence Cap
? uin Dcrpsset can prove that what hr
has written is true, lie will havo don
a useless and ungracious thing. Gen
< ral Grant has been dead twenty-two
years and this alleged act of his, il
done at all was done forty-six vears
ago What Is lo be gaituM by diggitir
|.hack in attempts to drag to the mir
I tac?> miserable and forgotten olo
jiaults and sins? Wo do not bellovi
|( aptalu Dcmmot can prove his case
In any event, however, ho has donr'
barm and said what it would havr
tu en very much more gracious, grace?
ful and p oper to have hit unsaid.?
Hkiimourt Newsi-Lerutor.
The Trouble Point.
'Ten mo. Colouel." said Dabhs
looctln* the old warrior at tho club
the other night "front your export
cure with tho Klllpnos. do you think
they ran be benevolently assimilat?
I "They may lv hnnevoleutly assimi?
lated. Mr. Dahle/, hut. my ttreat fear
hi tha- thev will bo damnably dlgowt
tvi. replied the coionc-1.?Harper's
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Weight Suits
Are the Proper Caper.
Prices, Styles & Fab
| rics are Proper in His
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designs la all kinds of bnlr .
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?The Piano Wltb the Sweet
Have You Thought of it?
Have yon thought of tho fact,
or did ynn know, that no other
ldiino than the 8TIF.FF was
ever chosen as the OFFICIAL
PIANO of any Exposition?
Wh." was thlp honor eonfor
red on tho STIKFK? You have
doubtless read tho letter from
the Chairman of; the Board of
Governors announcing this
fact, staling that it was be?
cause tho STIKFF was rocotu
Ponded by tho Bureau of Music.
fter Investigation of piano* of
the highest. j;rade.
In making your selection, use
good Judgment, not preJutUc".
We love to have people Inves?
tigate for It makcH buslucus
for us.
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while he takes life easy. Own your
own home. We will assist you If you
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If you will call ami look over my list
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Also several flue farms. If you want
to sell your property ll8t It with me
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Richmond Furni?
ture Co.
We shall he glad to BUpply
you with furniture, stoves and
heaters, ilen's clothing, a largo
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Flther cash or credit.
Richmond Furni?
ture Co.
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Sjt B? 5? S?
The Greatest Conve?
nience of Modern
Hampton, Va
& & Jn SV
Wines and Liquors
I batons; to tn# tost triVa that stray
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sutter. Im h money-maker: I'm the
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gallon.< 2.75
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Tho following brands of Califor?
nia Wince. Port, Sherry, Ca?
ts wb*. claret, Blackberry at
25o per at, per gallon, 71c
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years old, gallon.2.00
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