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only newspaper published In
Newport Newe that receives the
full news report of tho Asso?
ciated Press.
VOL. XII. NO. 304
Stale Seems to Fee! That Federal
Government Should Protect tt
F^om Rioters
Senate- Nixon Expresses Opinion
That After Everything is Settled
the Federation of Miners Will Not
Be Known In Goldfleld?Resuming
Work in Several of the Mines.
(fly Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, D. C Hoc. 23.?The
appeals to President Roosevelt to
have Pedoral troops remain in Gold
field, in the opinion of White House
officials Indicate n desire on the part
of those sending them, to rely solely
on ih" national govrnmcnt for pro?
tection. The position the President
has taken In the matter Is that the
Slate of Nevada should exhaust every
means within Its power to control tho
situation and that Federal interfer?
ence should he supplemcned only to
tho efforts being made by the State.
Nothing In the appeals, so far receiv?
ed, indicate that any stops whatev?
er are being taken by the Stale. Un?
til this Is shown tb the President it
was stated at the White House today,
his order of Saturday withdrawing
the troops on December 30, will not
lie changed.
After a consultnllon with President
Roosevelt today. Senator Nixon of
Nevada expressed it as his opinion
that the President could not very
well modify Iiis order directing the
withdrawal of the troops. The ques?
tion of having the State take some
active part In protecting the lnteres-ts
at Goldfleld, the Senator said, was a
question under active consideration nt
this time. Just what would be the
result or what measures were l,?elng
considered he said it would be Im?
possible to dlseusB.
"One thing Is certain," he asserted,
"and that is that the Western Feder?
ation of Miners will not be known In
Goldfleld when this trouble has been
Resuming Work at Goldfleld.
GOLDF1HLD. NRV.. Doc. 23.?With
fifty men at work underground, the
Mohawk Mine resumed operations to?
day, after being closed for more than
three weeks.
The c msolidated mill and the Ne
vada-Goldflelri reduction works are
now running.
Sheriff Ingnlls added a large num?
ber of deputies to his force today, the
men being paid by the Mine Owners'
Association to act as guards and pa?
The Mine Owners' Association as?
serts that during the week a large
number Of ' strikebreakers will he
brought In. Vety few of the strikers
have returned to work.
Goldfleld Hopes for Best.
Despite the positive statement
which came from Washington today
that tho Federal troops would be
removed "from Goldfleld on December
30, mine owners have not given up
hope. They will appeal again to the
They will present thoy say, some
facts tliJt have not yet been laid bo
fore him, one of these being what
tltey regard as positive evidence that
at fess't one deputation was attempt?
ed by the Western Federation of
Miners in wITeTi attempt four rides
wer.' uscn.
While the mine owners today were
preparing 'to send further evidence
MyHie President, Sheriff .Ingnlls and
Captain Cox. personal representatives
ot~ Governor Sparks, were conferring
on plans for preservation of law und
order after the troops depart.
It has been-"deckled that after De?
cember 30 cieh individual mine owner
shall lake ctire of his own property.
ShlDS at Noon Yesterday Were Three
Hundred Miles from Trinidad.
Accident to Torpedo Boat.
(By Associated Pre^si
WKST, Dec. 23?To the Associated
Press, New York. At noon Sunday the
battleship fleet was three hundred
miles from Trinidad.
Fireman Northway Dead.
SAN JUAN. P. R.. Dec. 23.?Ben?
jamin Ndtthway, n fireman on the
United States battleship Missouri
who was landed hero on Saturday
suffering from peritonitis, died today.
Northway'a home was at Gloucester, I
Mass.. and he enlisted at Boston. He
will he hurled In th?.1 Ban Juan mili?
tary cemetery;
Accident to One of the Nettles.
Dee. 23,?The American torpedo hoat
llotllla which left here yesterday
morning at 8 o'clock for Rio de ja?
uelro, on its way to the Paclllc, re
tut tied here today because of an ac?
cident to the machinery of the Law?
The damage is not serious and It
is estimated that the repairs can be
made in one day.
The supply ship Arathusa has gone
on to Para.
The battleship fleet uns not yet
been signalled.
Thirty-five Thousand Dollars Appro?
priated to Relief of the Mo
' nongah Mine Sufferers.
"HI.ADKI.PIIIA. PA.. Dec. 23 ?
The executive committee of the Cnr
negte fund met here tonight and
awarded Jlt?.OOfl to the Monongnh,
\V. Vn., mine disaster, which occur?
red December ti. The money will bo
turned over to the Monongah relief
Committee and used as this commit-'
tee sees fit.
The award is mi de under the Car-'
hegte deed of trust which designates
that any surplus In the hero fund
can no applied to relief work ocea
lotted by great disasters.
Got His Own Family Out of Tenement
But Perished While Trying to
Save Another.
(By Associated Proas)
NEW YOK1C, Dec. 23?-One man]
was killed while trying to save his
sister, a fireman was dangerously In?
jured, and several other persons woro'
seriously burned in a- fire In a live
story tenement house in East One
Hundred and Tenth street todny.
Among the slightly Injured is James
McQultken, a ten years old boy just j
recovering from a broken leg, who was
hurt in rescuing a blind woman. |
The dead man, Pred Koenig, lived
on the fourth floor with his wife, baby |
and mother. Across the hall was
the.'apartment of his sister, Mrs. j
Thomas Corker. Koenig succeeded ?
in getting his own family down safe?
ly and returned for his slstr. He was
overcome by smoke attd found dead:
on the stairway. His sister had al?
ready escaped.
TTTts stairway later gave way un?
der the weight of Acting Battalion
Chief Polling, who Jumped for a win?
dow. The charred framework broao
,-ind he fell three stories to the nreo
way beneath. He was hurried to a
hospital, where his recovery is said ,
to be doubtful.
The Are Is believed to have been'
of incendiary oiTgln.
Combatant6 First Had Fist Fight and
Then Guns Were Drawn on
fB.v Associated Press)
CHARLOTTE, N. P., Dec. 23.?S.'
W. Welsh and T. W. Clyburn and
Perry Mobley were fatally wounded In I
a duel, which took place at Kershaw,
S. C? early Sunday morning. The
tragedy grew out of n difficulty be?
tween Welsh and Mobley, which wns
settled by a fist llghtl The men
shook hands and made up but a few
minutes later Welsh, angered by some I
remarks by Mobley, drew his pistol |
and opened lire on Mobley, emptying
his revolver at close range. Clyburn
stepped In between the combatants
and recelvd two bullets and fell dead
at Welsh's feet.
Mobley returned WeWlsh's fire, kill
in? him Instantly.
tie received four of the bullets
from Welsh's pistol and fell, mortal?
ly wounded. Welsh and Mobley I
were among the most prominent nier-1
chants of the town and Clyburn was
at the head of the Clyburn Stock
Welsh and Clyburn were first cous?
ins and were ft lends.
Clyburn was acting ns peacemaker
when ho wns killed.
White and Black Have Fight.
(Pv Associated Pressl
VAIDEN", MIS3.. Doc. 23?Maury
Davis, a young white man was killed
today by William Splnx, a negro, with
whom Tie Tiad quarreled. The negro
was fatally wounded. The two emp?
tied their revolvers at each other
and then clinched and finished the
fight '..llh knives.
Gustave Will Have S'mpte Coronation
COPENHAGEN. Dec. 23"?A tele
grnm received bare from Stockholm
[ that King Gustavo has decided to
, diapenso with The customary costly
coronation ceremony. His decision
Is extremely popular In Sweden.
Department In Capital Will Ask
for Appropriate of $200,000
for Enlarged Quarters.
lOTIIQNS ASK $2,000,000!
This Sum is in Addition to Present
Appropriations?Some of the Sums
Demanded?$500,000 for State Hos- j
pltals and William and Mary Wants
? I
$10,000 Annually.
(Special to the Dailv Press.)
RICHMOND, VA.. Dec. 23.?Whtlo I
it is true that the State of Virginia
win Login the new year with one
and a quarter million of dollars* to her
credit in the banks of this city and
tho State, she will have need for i
every cent of it when the General
Assembly meets.
All the eleemosynary Institutions j
nre heading this way and arc trying
to get what they want for various
purposes. If all they ask Is given
them there will be a deficit of at least
$1,500,(100 before the end or the year,,
notwithstanding the great increase In I
values and the corresponding addition
to the revenues.
First of all there is a demand?n
pressing, imperative demand?tftnt u
new ofllce building be provided for
muny of the departments. There is
not one of'the many -State depart?
ments which Is not today crowded to
Its capacity, so (hat there is not room
for the men to do the work which is
committed to them. The library
building Is filled to overflowing, and
there Is a demand for room for others.
The adjutant genetnl is compelled to
confine hla force to two small rooms, j
In which there Is hardly room to 1
walk. The office of the auditor of I
public accounts Is crowded, and there
Is scarcely room to .stand In sumo of
the rooms. The same Is true of tho
treasurer's ofllce, tho second auditor's
office. The attorney general Is cramp?
ed and handicapped by lack of room.
The court of appeals Is also badly
crowded, the library taking practical?
ly all the second floor of the library
building. The state library Is also
badly ctowded.
in the capital are the offices of the
register of the land ofllce, the insur?
ance commissioner, 41ie department
of public instruction, the department
of agriculture, the corporntlonracom
misslon, the secretary of tholjjiom
monwealth, the governor's ofncljp tho
highway commissioner, the nfytary
records office, cleik of the Senate,
clerk of the House and keeper of the
rolls. Snve the ofllce of the gover?
nor, there is not one of the depart?
ments which hns room to spare, and
all of thorn are badly crowded and
in need of more room.
To tell the truth, there has beon
such a growth and expansion of busi?
ness In all the State, there Is so much
business to attend to, and the Increase
In the last twenty years of such vol?
ume that one could not grnsp It at
a single glance.
What Cash is Needed.
To Hegin with, n small thing like
one and a quarter million dollars one
cannot well see just how the demands
for appropriations are to be mot. if
those w'ho are seeking aid have rais?
ed tlie figures high to allow fur scal?
ing they will find that they have
raised too high. Of the surplus on
hand Jan. 1 there will he n demand
for $125,000 for payment or interest
on the public del*. Then there arc
salaries or the State officers to come
Here are some of the modest re?
quests lor more money, the sums
named being in addition to what they
are receiving annually each year:
Hospitals, $550,000 ror Improve?
ments and new buildings.
Virginia Military Institute, $50,000
for new buildings and $5,000 a year.
Schools (pub.), $200.000 annually.
Office building for State depart?
ments in this city, $200,000.
University of Virginia, $25,000 an?
nually and $1100,000 for new build?
ings and improvements.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, $130.
?00 for improvements and $20,000 an?
State Female Normal School. $75.
000 for new buildings nnd $10,000 an?
State Female Normal School. $75.
000 for new buildings and $10,000
School far Dear and Dumb, $25.000
, for improvements and $10,000 annual?
I The Stnte penitentiary, $75,000 for
IToew buildings and Improvements.
Reformatory, $7,500 annually.
William and Mary College, $30,000
I fo- Improvements and $iu,mui annu?
ally. ,
Thv stale library will nsk tor mon?
The military of tho Slate. SlTi.OOU.
Adding all the "demands" together
there I ' a need for more th^u $2,000,-1
1000 In all tho establishment, of the
I slate, but there Is little room to be?
lieve that any one of these will get.
anywhere near what Is naked. Tho
state cannot afford }t, and there is
no need to fear that fhe general as?
sembly will go beyond the revenues
In lulling care of nll her Institutions.
' It is easy to see. Uforr-foie. tint the
members of the legislature will have
ample chance to take care of his
section. There Is another thing that
will excite some comment ami which
has boon over looked In the fore- j
going figures?the imtnhll-dimcnt of
another State Normal school. Tho I
dominant parly Is commit;, .1 to that:
and It will have to ;be provided for. |
as will also the oblor.'d dear and
dumb and blind school.
Old Dominion Steamship Hamilton's
Collision With the Saglnaw
in U. S. Supreme Court.
(By Associated r>ress)
WASHINGTON, D. C. Dec. .13 ??
In deciding the case'of the Old ik>
mlnion BteanrJulp company vs. Pri?
mus Gllmerc, 'administrator, the hr
prcme Court of the United states to?
day reviewed some of the Incidents
conncled with tho collision between
the Old Dominion steamer Hamilton,
and the Saglnaw, owned by the Clyue
Lino, which occurred off the Virginia
coast In 11)03.
The case Involved tho' question
wITeTlier the laws of Delaware uuoor
which both companies were Incor?
porated, apply to a claim for death
on the high seus arising purely from
tort, and also the question whether
the repres?ntntlvos of the members
of '.he crew of the Sagtnn'lv, who lost
their lives in the collision, can re?
cover their claims In full against the
owners of the Hamilton. The deci?
sion was announced by Justice
Both polirls were decided in the
a.Cfmatlve, the verdict of the United
States Court of Apnenls for the Sec?
ond Circuit being sustnlned.
Little Girl Sitting on Lap of Cousin
Killed and Fifteen Others Were
Seriously Injured.
(By Associated Press)
RE1DS STATION, OA., Dec. 23?
Wtbilc she sat In the lap of her con
bTeT at the family home in Hold's
Station last evening at fi o'clock, Sc
dori Bryant, the 10 years old daugh?
ter of J. D. Bryant, was Instantly
killed by a -stroke of lightning that
I wrecked the home and' injued 15
other persons, though not seriously.
There was a gathering of neighbors
at the Bryant home, 12 miles south
oi Ctacoh, on The Southern Hallway, I
and Die evening was being spent In
a song service when a stroke of
lightning, bringing death to the lit?
tle girl, leaving her coiislu unharmed,
flashed through the house. The only
evtuensa of Injury to the child was a
burn on the ankle.
YT. M. Phillips. Frank nnd Ava
Phillips, and James Warfleld, sus
RfTiied the most serious injuries.
SUitement Made by Family That She
is in Rome and Still Loves
It Is now announced by authority
tlfat He'.en M.iloney. or Mrs. Her?
bert Osborne, Is In a convent In
Rome, Italy. Her fathor, Martin Mn
loney, the multl-mllUonalre, and his
sister, Mrs. Carberry Ritchie aro
also In Rome, and pay frequent visits
to the young woman, whose elope?
ment with Sanvicl Clarkson of lx>n
don, Eng., caused her to be Immured
In the religious retreat. She has
told her relatives thai she loves
Clarkson and hopes to bo married to
him as soon as freed from the bonds
which bind her .to Gsborne. Shu has
never been In America since her
elopement, and her father, M.artln
Mnloney, will not return with her
I the affair has been forgotten.
Barge Captain and Wife are Drowned
(Ry Associated Press)
NEW HAVEN. CONN., Dec. 23 ?
Captain Henry Scribncr of the barge
New Haven, and his wife were drown?
ed off here today, when seven barges
I In tow of the tug James McWilllams
i foundered. Six men were rescued by
tho McWilliams.
, DECEMBER 24, im
Sensational Testimony Offered In
Powers Trial, All In Favor
of Defendant.
Told Reputable Citizens That If He
Could Not Find Anybody to Shoot
Gocbei That He Would Do It Hlm
eolf?Davidcon to Testify for Pow?
(Ry Associated Press)
QIuOROETOWNj K.Y., Dec. 23 ?
Th seventh week of tho trial or Caleb
Powers for alleged complicity tu tho
assassination ot TVllliam Qoobel, op?
ened today. Police .Indue J. N. Hub
hard or QraysOII, rCy., wan recalled to
bi ritlfy i lottor written by him to
Powers, which embodied the subs?
tance or his sensational testimony
given Saturday, relative To tlltr *r*-r.i
to kill Qoobel outlined to hlni ny
The letter was written by Judge
Huhbnrd to Powers, while the latter
was-in tile Newport Jail.
.1. L. Hopkins, the next wltneap,
gave equally sensation il testimony re?
counting a conversation he Had with
Youtsey in the agricultural building
two days before Qoebol was shot in
which Youtsey raid:
"I sent to Cincinnati tor some cart?
ridges that will fix him (meaning
Goohol), cthd I will give *1U0 to arty
man who will tire .Urn shot. Rut If
1 can't get anybody else hi do the
work, I will do It myself."
Albert Melton, In whose possession
was found the Marlin rille with which
Qoebol was shot, was on the stand
today "to Identify and trace the gun.
Melton Identified the weapon by
Its number, but was unable to say
positively who gsive It to him.
Directly nrter the shooting of Ooo?
bel. Melton wetit Into the hall of the
executive hullriyig, where several
persons wen? gathered about the door
of Caleb Powern' office, from which
the stfot was tired. Some person
handed the gun to Melton during
the excitement. He thought the man
who gave him the gun was a person
who bad been pointed out to him as
"Youtsey," but was not positive.
Davidson to Testify for Powers.
An Interesting turn in tho trlnl 1b
tho 'arrival hero of W. J. Davidson,
assistant secrstriry of state under
Powers, and before tli.it superintend?
ent or public Instruction undor Gov?
ernor Rradley.
Davidson will tnke tho witness
stand In defense of Powers.
Davidson left Kr-tTlu'clty about tho
time Taylor and Flnley did.
In (Tie testimony of Yoiffecy and
Golden he Is charged with being ono
of the conspirators In the Goebel ns
snsslnt.Uloii, but he was not Indicted
?with the others. Since lenvlng Ken?
tucky nearly elgh1; years ago, his
whereabouts have been unknown
save to a few friend i. He said today
that he had been In '& small town In
Indiana, near Indianapolis, most or
tho time engaged in the constiiction
Taylor's Affidavit Offered.
Just tiefore adjournment tonight
the depositions or W. S. Taylor, ttrtfen
|n 1 no::, and read in tho last previous
j trfufof Rowers were again put In
evidence. The reading of depositions
was hot concluded when court ad?
Claimed That No Such Work , Has
Ever Been Done Before?Health
on Isthmus Good.
j WASHINGTON, D. C, Doc. 23 ?
I The excavation from the line or the
Panama ('mal last month, aggrega?
ting 1.813,-ISf. cubic yards, would have
covered ten city blocks to a depth
or 40 Tect. No such work has ever
! been done before as Colonel Gootb
ah h is been doing on the itshmus,
nccordlng to statistics presented in
the official eannl record just received.
For instnnce. It Is shown that every
r>0 working days the commission Is
moving an ntnount or material equal
to the Pyramid:- of Cheops, which
j consumed the labor of 100,000 men
for 20 years In tho building and the
, services of the same number pf
men for ten years In constructing the
road connecting the work with the
quarry. The commission could build
the tv.:c/. canal nt the present rate
of progress tn 3.8 yearn, though it
took ten yeunj for D'l-cssepH to com?
plete his* work.
According to the latest health ro
pott from Panama, the Isthmus has
boon free from yellow fever for more
than 18 months and there has been
a steady and continued Improvement
In tho health conditions. Comparing
tho death rate for the year up to
December L with that -or the cor
reapondlng porTdTj In 1906, there has
tioen a f>0 per cent, decrease, the
figures being for this year 20.G? po>r
thousand, ngnlust 30.61 last year. The
sick rate al-o showed a marked Im?
provement, being. 20.48 lor November,
against 20.00 for October, 11)07.
Were Out Hunting nnd 8hot an Aged
and Prominent Resident of
Wtntton-Salem, N. C.
(Hy Associated Proisl
CRAltLOTTB, C Dec. 23?With
bis lifeless body In tho wagon, the
team uf P. Hennet Swain, ntt aged
ana prominent citizen of Korsytho
COtinty, reached his Home near Wlns
tou'^aleni uonlglit. Il'j had been
sIk.( to death.
Investigation threw sunplelon upon
Ruao Date wood and Moses MtbKnlght,
IS years old youths, who tinder tho
IntV.lcnca of liquor were returning,
from a hunting trip. Roth hoys were
arrested and held without bull pori~
IUg an Investigation, Dater tonight
it developed that the defendants shot
nnd seriously wounded u negro, Dave
Hilton, prior to tho ?wuin tragedy.
Indignation is In'iens.
Total Loans and Dltcounts Amount
to Four and a Half Billion
(By Associated Prone)
statement showing tho condition 01
'iho uutioual banks of tho United
Stiites"""nt the close of business De
coilfSor 3, was today innde public by
tho "comptroller of tho currency. It
bIiows (hat tlx* 'total loans nnd dis?
counts of the banliB agegate $4,oS3,
337,094, Individual deposits $4,170.
S7::,717, cash resources $000 784,730,
capital slocks $001.081,082, United I
Hintes deposits $223,117,282. The not
balance of clearing house csrtlflCAtOB j
in the banks on 'tho dato named was!
$14,344,128. The percentage of legal I
reserve to deposits Is 21.31 per cent.
Jury Decides That They Were Not
Responsible for the Terra Cotta
(By Associated Prosa)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Doc. 23.?A \
verdict of not gullly was returned by i
the jury tonight In tho ense of Engi?
neer HUdebrnud. Conductor Hoffinoy
or, Fireman McClellnn nnd nrakemnn
Rudder, the train crew who were in?
dicted for manslaughter In connection
with the wreck at Terra Cotta, D. C,
on tho Baltimore & Ohio Rallrond.
December 30. 1900, In which 43 per?
sons were killed and upward of three
trcoro Injured. Tho trial had been
In progress for three weeks and the
verdict was reached after four hours'
delll ?..ration.
Tho defense offered on behalf of
the men was that they had received
a "double green" signal at Silver
Springs, a station nhont nine miles
out of Washington and that this in?
dicated to them that the station at
Takonin Park, which was closed ev?
ery night at 0:30 o'clock was' "dead"
and therefore that they were not re?
quired nor did they expect, to use a
signal there.
Attorney Herrlck Concludes Argament
(Ry Associated Ptoss)
CHICAGO, ILL., Dec. 23?Attorn
ney John J. Herrlck, representing E.
H. Hnrrlman in the Illinois Central
Injunction proceedings, today conclu?
ded his argument. Judge Rail an?
nounced that he would render his
decision on or about February 20.
Republican Club Endorses Hughes.
(By Associated Press)
NEW YORK, Dec. 23?The Repub?
lican Club tonight endorsed Governor
Hughes as a crantilda'te for tho Repub?
lican presldntlnl nomination nnd cull?
ed upon Republicans throughout the
country to co-operate to securc> his
nomination and election. There were
over 300 membera of the club present
and all but nine vr/id for the reso?
Minister Catbliiv.es Received.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. D. C? Dec. "23 ?
President Roosevelt today received
M. L. A. CorbliniPB officially as min?
ister from Greece to the United States
Fair and colder Tuesday,
with unow in mountain dis?
tricts. Wednesday fair; fresh
west winds.
Irk of rescue is
[0 BE flSiDOsED
Feared Thai Those Searching for
Bodies In Darr Mine Would
be Sacrif ced.
Workers Were Within About One and
a Quarter Miles of Whero Most of
the Bodies Are When They Had to
Retreat?Forty-six Bodies Recover?
(Ry Associated Press)
TTiCOIlS CREEK, PA., Dec. 23 ?
Search for the victims of hist Thurs?
day's explosion In the Darr mine of
tho Pittsburg Coul Company, was
practically Btiaperided this afternoon
be cause It could only be continued at
great rink of sacrificing the lives or
iIn o In the reselling party.
(' in In volume was encountered to
(Tl.v the deadly lire damp specially
menacing the men.
Forty-six bodies biuf" lieen brought
to the surface and a number of others
had been located, when those In
charge called n halt. Or these 25
h id been Idenitlfied. A number of
others, fn fairly good state of preser?
vation wore Incased in casket.} nwalt.
lug Identification, and a few wero so
disfigured us to make Identification
highly Improbable.
Th rescuers had ponotivttod about
elm and throb-quarters miles, or .with?
in about one und a quarter milch bl
the end of the workings, when i<: v
were obliged to stop.
The nlr. had been foul and the relay
had to bo changed every two hours
instead of every four na heretofore
nnd finally the gas became so dense
that it wub decided to concentrate all
efforts upon improving the ventila?
tion by brnttlcing off more headings.
Increasing the currents of air and
forcing the gases out before attempt?
ing to penotrato to n greater depth.
The most dlt'trosslng scoiicb alnco tho
explosion wore witnessed today. Al?
though mud was neatly knee deep
tlio temperature was much warmer
ami a groat crowd of mourners ntood
around the mine's mouth all day.
Whenever a body wns ?nised women
and children would attempt to Ids \
and enross It and their walla and'
cries wero pitiful In thn highest de?
gree. I^nst Saturday was the regular
pay day, but feaiing bad results as
well as much confusion tho company
delayed paying survivors as well atf
tho dependent.i of tho victims. Coro?
ner Winn has not set n dato for the
Inquest but stntcd today that all of
th? Jury would be from Smtthtown.
two miles away, whero ho expects to
find men who aro well acquainted
with the sltuntlon free from preju?
dice and qualified for jury duty.
Pinctlcally nil estimates 'of the
number of dead now exceed 22f>. The
] csmpnny's revised list of missing now
contnlns 228 names and most other
estimates are even higher.
Huift C. Voeck6 Plead Guilty to the
Charge of Securing, $1,000 From
tho Actor.
(Ry Associated Press)
NEW YORK, Dec. 23?Hugo C
Voocks. brother of ?isio Voecks, In
whose behalf charges wero brought
against Raymond Hitchcock, tho com.
edlan, pleaded guilty to an indictment
alleging extortion before Tuuge llo
salskl today nnd was remanded for
sentence tomorrow.
Voecks is accused of obtaining'
$1,000 from Hitchcock for keeping
quiet concerning tho charges brought
against tho ne.tor.
Roosevelt, Whether or No, and John?
son, of Minesota.
NEW YORK. Dec. 23.?Thomas W.
I^awtron, of Boston, who called on
President Roosevelt at tho White
Houso last Tuesday nnd subsequently
said he would probably "make a
statement to the public within a few,*
days," has launched out a new politi?
cal pnrty.
Its candidates for President and
Vice-Pre.sldent, according to tho plan
as announced, will bo Theodore Roose?
velt and Qov. John A. Johnson, ol
Minesota. In his formal announce?
ment. Mr. fjiwson avoids any direct
statement that his chosen candidates
[hnve acquiesced in his political pro?

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