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only newspaper published In
Newport News that receives the
full news report of tho Aose
ciated Press.
VOL. Xtl 1. NO. <~>._
Twelve M Vote for Acquittal
But Justice Cowling Decrees
That He Should be Con?
fined to IMewan.
Littleton and His Wife Had to Aryui
for an Hour That it Was Best for
Him to Abide by the Court's De?
cision ? Jutticc Dowlino Lest No
Time in Announcing Hi6 Decision,
in Shcrt Order.
Illy Associated Press)
NRW YDIIK Peb. I?Adjudged not
fr.4it.ty <>r the murder of stanfi? <i
While, by reason of insanity at the
?huj th fatal shots were fired, Hai?
ry Kendall Thaw, today wiut held by
the court t<> bo a dangerous lunatic
and was whirled away lo the statu
hospital iv,r the criminal Insane ni
Ma tu wan.
ti was a quick transition from the
dingy little1 cell in the Tombs, w hich
had ibcicii the young man's ihohie for
more than 1!? months, to ihe white
bedded words of Uio big asylum,
tucked away on the snow covered,
sloping banks of the Hudson river,
?? miles above the city. The verdict
OJgne arter 25 hours of waiting and
when everyone connected with the
ease had abandoned all hope of an
agreement ever being reached In this
or any other trial. Four hours nfior
the foreman's Hps Had framed Ihe
wordn "not guilty," with the accom?
panying Insanity clause. Thaw, pro?
testing ho was sane, was on his way
to Mnttewnn.
A little nf:er nightfall he had b?*n
received in the Institution under com*
mltment papers which directed his
detention "until discharged by due
course or law."
No more unwilling patleut ever
made a Journey to a state Institution.
Thanv's train, ou its way to Fish- I
kill Landing, where a tsirrlegfc wau
taken to Mattewan. passed the north j
wall of Sing Sing prison.
At no time since his arrest on the
night of dune 25, 190G, haa ihe young
millionaire over lie 1U the thought that
he would see the Inside of that fa- I
mous prison, and he- heeded II not. I
Tile first thrill of the words of
acquittal brought Thaw itb his feet iu I
tbo court room, and he awkwardly, j
almost 'haughtily, bowed bis ackuowl- ;
edgmcnis to the 12 jurymen na they)
were discharged by the COU'iti. At
Mirl- played ?about his pallid fen-1
turps and there was every reason to]
believe that he was entirely pleased
with Ihe Outcome. It was aft. r lie
had heard the words of Justice Dow
Mng. comhniltttng him to Mattewan
on th? ground tha his release, in the
opinion of the cour', would endan?
ger the public saifflty, and after the
elation of the verdict, had died away,
that Tft iw rebelled.
lie centum: 1 Iiis aWorneys Im?
mediately f:> sue out a writ of habe?
as corpus t<> liave Iiis sanity tested
before he was sent siwny to the up?
state im Illation where the insane of
criminal tendencies were confined.
Mi's. William Thaw, H orn h<,- hotel,
where she had received over the tel?
ephone ihe news of Ihe trial's end.
Joined in the- demand of her son.
M't.rtin W. Ij-ttlivjon, oh4< f counsel
fev Thaw, finally prevailed against
the wi.-hes of the mother, Indicating
to her that be believed l would be
htftor for tiie pr sent to obey Wie
mandate of the court.
Justice Dowling, is was said, had
been consulted in the matter after he
had signed bis order of commltm nl
and informally advised Thaw's coun?
sel against making an immediate
The, prisoner's consent was not won
until after a lively seen wit.ii his
counsel and ilia wife, the latter plead?
ing wi h him for more than an hour
to be content for a time at least, with
?what fate had given him.
Under promise tint some action
speedily would be laken looking to
the appointment of a commission to
inquire Into hla present sanity or for
his transfer lb a private institution
whore hik wife and other rii tubers of
(Ms family might reside With blm.
Thaw consented to go Without iur
fher r>-"wter.t.
Thaw Dictates Rtat-ment.
On 'b's way to Mattew.m. Thaw dis?
tale*! the following authorized st?tc
inoit: t.-> a representative of the Asso?
ciated Press:
I "l am pu fectly suite now, but I
am going !o Mattewan on tihe ail Vice
of my couns I, wim thought it un?
wise to suo tor u writ of habeas cor
j pus at his time. Counsel win pro?
ceed In the in.tier of my roksisc just
as soon as tliey can get together the
proofs tl . I am at present sane. I
am confident thai my stay at M1U0
wau will be for a short period of
'line only."
Thnw W,iE Stubborn.
TilttW was aee iiii|ianl'd from the
Tombs t<> ib.. Grand Central Station
by Ills wife, and Joslah Thaw, tils
I* oilier.
Attorneys A. Russell Pcabody and
Daniel O'ltellly went With him lo
Mr. Littleton is understood to have
ialked very plainly to Thaw while
i..ie subject of suing out a writ of
hah as corpus was under discussion.
Mr. Littleton informed Thaw, it was
istuted, tlial "there is such a thing as
public sei; intent in New York city.
"Hm f shall not no to Mitt'w in."
Thaw Is reported to have repeated
many limes.
"You will have to ko." replied Mv.
(Llttlt ton.
Daniel t) U'illy Jolie-d in [ills de?
Iloth the mother and Mrs. Evelyn
Thaw will visu Mattewan un Monday.
fell visitors le im; barred frOtU Ihe ihr
stlUttion 0:1 Sunday.
Daniel O'Reilly atinonned tonight
that when a, writ of lutbcas orpua Is
sued In Thaw's behalf. IT such action
r.hall be decided upon in the near
future?the application probably will
be UV?le a:-, l'oimhkecp.'le. N. Y.. the
county sea! of l.hitcjiess couuty, in
?which Matte?an is located.
Thaw was cheered by ti crowd of
several hundred persons as be was
whirled away from the Tombs in his
wife's automobile. If he heard lie
(Continued on Third i-nge.)
Weal College ol Virginia Prob?
ably Will Cose for (tie Year.
Disease First Pronounced Chicken
pox, But Yesterday It Was Found to
be Disease of More Malignant Type
?Tried to Keep it Secret.
(Special to The Dally Press)
RICHMOND, VA., Feb. 1 ? The
presence of smallpox antong the stu?
dent liody at the Medical College of
Virginia will probably necessitate the
closing of -that institution for the
balance of the school year. Two well
developed cosos of ihe .disease have
been discovered. It is fearC'd thai
If -.lie school Is kept open the dis?
ease will spread and become au t pldeihr
Ic. There ar?. 2">0 stud tits at the In
B'.ltlttlon, The faculty has taken the!
mailer of closing ?;?!:?? school unjde)
consideration! LawsOu and Nutter.
l?oth Of V/est Virginia, are tin suf?
The disease was Hi-st diagnosed as
chickenpox. The cl y health officials
ami. dlagnostlMans today visited tue
patients and pronounced ???**? disease
malignant shall pox. Consternation
w.ls 'S! One spread among the stu?
dent;, ninny of whom will probably
leave of Ih ir own accord in on et
for <> avoid cohtaglon, The two
patients live in a house in which
1 here a e 20 oilier boarders. They
had been riff, ring a wet k before. It
was octtmlly known inat smallpox
Every effort has been nw le to keep
the presence of .Ihe disease a secret
and preynt ? scare. Every precau?
tion has been taken to prevent a fur?
ther spread of tihe disc-a9.\
Negro Admits Shooting.
RICHMOND, VA.. Feb. 1.?A bears
named .lohn Austin, staling Hint bis
homo is In the poor house in Hali?
fax co'v.ttv. "cnfV'ss'-d to Caetnln Pip
scomn. of the Manehe?f?r npllee de
"iltiiKT'. to-lay. tlir?? be killed Mi*.
B. A. Magee. Jr.. near Drewerv's
pinff rlte*??e-flftd COnntv, vosterdnv
momlncr. From Wh cemrnl aopcar
ance the man Is easily rococol/ed as
an Imbecile,
General Laws Committee of Leg?
islature [flakes Favorable Re
port of Sue!) Measure.
Bill Introduced in the Lcjifclaturt
Which Will Cause People to Look
Into the Pc sonal Tax Question
More Closely?Looks aG if Artillery
Would Get a Squaie Deal.
(Special 16 The Dally Press)
RICHMOND, VA , Feb. 1?The cbm
nit'ltce OU general laws 0( til - Senate
this morning midts a favorable re
pun of Ihe hill wblcit makes It n
felony to write, procure or lo any
.vr.y he i on'erne I in the writing,
irni I'd. sion or procuring of any
ttir, message, or paper of any sort
which may hltrcuteu to do bodily
Itann or Injury 10 any person or lo
nny membe - of the family of a par?
ent. The hill la nttii d at the Bkitk
Hand organ Im .ions, which have nour?
ished In ot'.e.r dies. The penalties
lutve a wide range?from a brief term
in Jail or penitentiary, to Infliction
of capital punishment The bill will
become a law.
Would Amend Oyster Law.
In IHh tlfc-its tto revise the oyaTer
and llfh la?s of the state, Mr. W.
W. Old yesterday Int/oduced in the
j House a bill repealing ami amending
I nearly ..'sen- la w concerning Ihe oys?
ter Industry. TVu> pajier U volumin?
ous, einbraeing 4S closely lypewrMtes
pages. The bill was not read, but
was referred to tlio committee on
Chesapeake and II? tributaries.
Juries to Look Into Income Taxes.
Senators Kolken jtind Klani today
presented a hill whereby the laxpay- i
era 'Wiw have been given lo overlook -
j lug the Income tax ftte'm in tax lists
will be made to pay attention to thai
much neglected requirement,
i Th<| bill requires Ihe auditor of:
public accounts to prepare a special 1
form for the Income tax. for bending
the forms to ihe commissioners of tbu
revenue. Thte* commissioners of she
revenue arc directed to deliver these
forms, when they have been filled
but, to courts of cities or counties,
and the Judge of such court as shall
Wave Jurisdiction shall lay the re?
turns BO made out blCoro the grand
Juries, with Such instructions as may
be deemed proper.
The grand Juries will also have
the use of -ax lists -_>f merchants,
farmers and ,nll private citizens and
will bej Cible to make comparisons to
ascertain if 'flic income tax return is
Square Deal for A tillery.
When tim Sale hill setting apart one
and one-half per cent, of thel rev?
enues of the state, oxclusive of Wie
BCtliool fund, as n fund for 'he sup?
port of the state militia, and provid?
ing a st'ale campground, came Up In
the Senate, Senator Koikes of
of Rlcfckuond, offered n\i aimeinlmeht
specifying tha- the Ihn.- artillery
companies strsll each icelve $2,000 of
the fund for thriir particular use.
Senator Koikes insisted thai Ihe ar?
tillery brabe.li of t.b-.> service had uni?
formly been getting the small end of
the slate appropriation und thai they
should have s square deal. That
there was no itarmony among Ihe
officiate Of the state mllittry organ.
Iza'.foh as to ihe division of lit ftinJ.
and he wanted ihoy law Itself to de?
cide the mattier. Senator Koikes alho
objected to the use of Ihe fund for
paym) nt| of salaries to officers other
limn those of the a Iju'ant general's
Office. HO urged Hint the service was
held to be voluntary, and no salaries
should be paid.
Commission on Tax Equalization.
j Speaker Byrd's hill, creating u tax
! commission to readjust the existing
j tax. laws for the p>.ir|>ose of equaliz?
ing taxarton was reported favorably
I from the finance committee, The
commission Is to be ma le up of seven
members, -ami will report <o the next
TEN v7p i. students'
expelled for hazing
President Barrlnger Announces to
Student Body That He Will
Not Tolerate Horae Play.
fRv ABt,oclnt"d Press.)
JtOANOKE, va., Feb. i?a special
from Hlaeksburg, Vn., says leu ca
det.t we e expelled from the Virginia
Polytechnic Institute! today for liar
Iiik. The faculty, nfier n cnreftti con
sideratloii of Inj casg of each matf
before thorn, decided upon Ctlsconiso
und Informed Ihe stud-nts that tholr
decis!qu was positive and fluul.
PrcsidonC1 Darrlngcr wild Dial ho
wns ili leriniurd lo Atwllsh nil forms
of hating at tin- V. I'. f., and thai il
would not bo tolerated;. In thin. ho
lias the co-operation of the command-]
ant and membi rs of h.- faculty.
The cadets dismissed today left lo
n'.y,' t Cor their homos.
Sayi Teddy Made an Absolutely FaUc
Statement About Him?Santa
Fe Man's Statement.
" (TVy Associated Press)
IB. P. Itlpley, president t:f tin Atchl
isoii, Topekn & Santa Fo llnllruad
jnl'iolittoly denied the cjtitrpes ctiutalli?
ed In the letter mad. nubile In Presi?
dent Roosevelt's special message to
Congrcws yesterday. In' a state?
ment he stiys.
"The statement thai I was n onrty
to a seen t rate on 6JI in California
Is absolutely false. Ou the contrary,
I emphatically decline,) to give It. In
[this case, us In otlu;... the fovorn-j
in. at has im d Infonttauqh furnlshutl
by a discharged eni'dliye, nptkiug no
attempt to verify the charges or ask
for an explanation, I nt proceeded to
make the ehare.es public-In ox-parto
[public documents. The California ease
referred to has nothing .to do with
interstate commerce ?.?? with the na?
tional povermnviit. Sh.ee the passage
of the llopbnru bill?111 fault, s.nce the
passni ? n( the Elklu'tt hill? this lom
pany has in no cum Intentionally vio?
lated the provisions <>f ilu- law. My
ordt rs to all ofllcerj have been that
the law should Ik> strictly Observed,
and if there bus been any infractions*
th-y have h i u loch il< ,1 and uninten?
"I am not one or tin..to who have
ptlackcl the actions ? ,'.!?>? adminis?
tration. I l:n\c-H'mi]..' e*>t.-iid,.,; my?
self and m.. corporation from unjust
attactar, us l believe will be amply
shown in the final adjudication of the
courts to which ww have appealed."
Fifty-Million Dollars Forwarded to
Hungary for Count and Count?
ess Szecnenyl.
(By Associated Press.)
BUDAPEST, Feb. 1.--A credit of
$5,000.000 1ms been received from
New York by tllO Hungarian Discount
and Exchange} Itnuk for the account
of the Count and Countess Ssechenyl.
The martiago contract, signed before
the wedding Oil January 27th, in New
York. prOvldet.l that iho individual
fortunes of Count Ssechenyl and bis
Pride would be chared mutually, and
that upon the. d ath of either husband
or wife the estate of the deceased
would ko to the survivor.
it Is undorwtood that the 160,000,000
came out of the bride's foi tune,' and
was forwarded lb Budapest, to pro?
vide ample funds for the young cou?
ple on their arrival hero, which Is
expected to occur within the next
The President Endorses the State?
ment: "False to Gad, Country
and Self."
(By Associated Press)
RENO, NEV., K. h. 1.?President
Roosevelt's approval of the sermon
delivered In live Catholic ch?rch acre
[Sunday. Jan., 10, has been received
by the author bf tho opinions, Father
Ruuman. Roosevelt endorses the
, priest-"s views on nice suicide; and
the assertions thai "celibacy Is false
to c,od. false in country and false lo
self," are essentially upheld.
The president applauded the state?
ment that "race BiilcMe," "affinities"
and other outgrowths of modem mar?
riages and divorces deserve more than
condemnation from the clergy. The
priest's ultemnd s created a sensation
at tho lime because he said he de?
sired no unmarried woman to remain
in bis church.
Kentucky Senatorial Ballot.
(By Associated Press)
FRANKFORT. KY . Fib. 1 ? The
second sham halle tor senator wo*
taken today. Bradley and Beokhani
receiving one vote each. Rep'esi uta
tlvo WhltcloWs resolution Indorsing
the electiim of senators by popular
vote was adopted unanimously by the
few present.
Tidewater n.iilw.iv Elect Old Officers.
fF?v Associated Pressi
NORFOI K. VA.. Feb. 1.?The an?
nual meeting of the Virginia Tide?
water Kallwev, eoiiti-ollcil bv H. H.
Rogers. waF held here today. Ray?
mond Onrniy. general manherar. aa
nounced the re-election of all the old
dlrietors. Mr. Rogers did not at?
tend the meeting.
KBATTARY /, 1008.
Headed by Itie Gonneclicu! Hie
American Battleships Steam in?
to Punta Arenas Harbor.
Officials and Warohip on Hand lo Wei- j
com? Admiral Evans and His f Itet
to the Magellan Strait?The Ad- j
mlral Ha* Practically Recovered
F.om His Attack of Rheumatism.
(By Ausoiatod Press)
.m.v.ki.i.an, Feb. i?The Aim i l. au
battleship Heel steamed into Plinth
Arenas liarhor today and nine lo aiir
chor ui I3V5U p. in. The American
ships w. rti sighted al i n. m. Blcam
lux in double column. Tbdy%came up
slowly from Possession bay, where
they had nnhnred Uhu night before
and a; Hi:itfi were abreast of 'the
Willie yet sonic distance away, a
salute lo tin- port boomed oil! from
(lit Connecticut, and I he Chicabnco
Tlie British oimlser Stipho also atUr
ut' ii the Connecticut, which responded
In kind and ns the Connecticut iiiiss
cd, ih,. Chilian cruiser saluted Ihe
Aimnicun Hag and the ConncoKcut
tainted the Chilian Hag.
lb lore 'be 'arrival of the fleet a
wlrchv* message front ?" the <.")\:i< ??;>
biico wot bimIi ti> Aiimffal BVaiis By
Admiral Simpson, extending a hm.iy
wi lebme from the Chilian navy to
the American navy.
Admiral Bvans at once tvspomltd
with many thanks.
Tho run from IIb? Janeiro, from
?heue the start was miidc oh Jami
ary _':!. was made with favorable
\\t ither nu.i Without accident.
The fleet was mei at tii> entrance
of Broad Sound by the ('Milan crnis-1
<"? Ohtvcofibuco and the British eruis-1
er Stipho. Arriving in port ?hoptjyi
afti r noon the Chilian vice minister
of marine, and John HlokH. American
minister at BanUago de Chill, came
aboard the Connecticut and greeted
Admiral BSvons, who has practically
recovered from his atta;k of rheu?
matism and Is actively directing thej
movements of Ihe fleet.
Steamer of That Name is Now Eight i
Days Overdue?Bound for Balti- j
(By Associated Press)
More than eight clays overdue. Uie I
steamship Minefields, from Jackson?
ville, for this city, has not yet arrived
and f> ars are etJtertalnod for the safe?
ty of the vessel. The Bhieflclds ?all
?d from Jacksonville on January 21,!
under command of Captain Higglns'
am) should have reached Philadelphia
three days later.
The vessel can led a crew of Iii men.
Captain Hlj&lns' home is in ruiiln.-,
WOOd, N. J.. while tho other offiCI rs
and two of the crew are residents of
Since Monday last, at the request
cf tho Philadelphia .Maritime lOx
change, the revenue cutters Setrilnole
and the Oir.in.lngu. have been keeping
a sharp lookout along tin Coast for the
overdue vessel.
The Bluefleld is owned by the New
York & Baltimore Transportation
Company, ami for more than a yeur
has been running under charter be?
tween Hits port ami Jacksonville for
Hie Southern Steamship Company.
The BlueflOlds was built In 1866 at
Oreenock, Scotland and was originally
known as the William >. oiihuiiu. The
vc- .1 (s i!<i8 fret long and has a gross!
tonnage of 736 tons.
Alleged Minister Accuccd of Securing
Money From People Under False
Pretenses. I
SPRINGFIELD, lid.., Feb. l.-WII-j
Hani <i. Whltaker, giving his home as
fclxetor, Kansas, is in jail here charged
with using the United states malls to
defraud. He was arr?ingpd liefere'
United StaUo Cbmmiaslohei William
\i. Reckte, and was committed in do-!
fault of $5.00(1 ball. I
The affidavit, en which Whltaker1,
was arrested, was sworn out by the,
postmaster of Ashville, N. C, and
overs thai Wh I taker claimed to repre?
sent an estate in England which be
Fair, much colder Sunday; cold
wave, high northwett wind?:
Monday lair, continued cold.
Haid wan worth from $300,000,000 to
$C00.000,0ofl "belonging to lh? heirs of
.liilin Whltukt-i and Jone Scott Par?
Ii., coiiunuulcntcd with a number <>r
people in ibis country ami clulmed
I bat for ilie smiill too of $10 ho would
look a/tor their I'ntorosta. Whitn-kpr
was arrested In t ?n> i?>n oh Frida)
evening and brought hero today.
Were From Fourth District .ind Were
Admitted as Delegates?Conven?
tion to be in Lynchburtj.
(Rpoclul To The Dalli' Press.)
ItlCIIMOND, VA.. Po('. I. Tile Ito
pnhllcaii statu contmitteo, In session
Itbls afternoon, Roleetetl April Nth. as
I tho I Into and Lytiehbtirg as th,< place
for holding the state convention. The
; basis of representation will he one
! ih legate for every Iii? voters and
fraction over twenty-llvp nt the las-;
I President'nl < l ctli n.
I There wmt no resolution looking to
the endorsement of any cntulhlalo for
the position,
Three ???l??r, >i delegates, all from
tin- Fourth district, were seated In
the meeting,
it was decided to place candidate?
In the Held for Congreutflonal honors,
I in every distrlet In the i-tnle. Alvah
Hi Marlin, <ir Norfolk, was endorsed j
for tho national convention to sue- ,
coed Ueorge K. Bow den.
The committee endorsed the course
of CoiigresaiuiU) B|e/inp as stale < hulr
I man.
Gets One Hour In -Jail.
(By Associate,! Pr4s?)
SUFFOLK, Y.V. Fob. V?Captain
William H. Stunt, accused of Illegal
1 oyster dredging, last pveniug was Un?
til $r, and sentenced to pass one hour
In Jail. The verdict curries with It
I ho forfeiture of his vessel, the Jack
Fire In Three Story Rocming Housa
io Kansas City Fatal Affair. -
One Woman Met Her Death While
Tiymg to Save the Lives of Others
She Stumbled and Fell Headlong
Into Seething Mass of Flames.
(By Associated Press.)
KANSAS CITY, MO.. Feb. 1?Five
persons were burned to death and
five others were Injured hi a lire in
a three story Toondni; house at lilt!
Wyaudoto street, near the business
section this morning.
The lire a'.Airt'ed from an explosion
of natural gas in the.Jia-v.-iuent. The
flames and dense smoke spread quick?
ly throughout the building and before
an, plartii could bo given, all means
of escape by the ordinary exits had
h. en ftlmi oc. Four of the live per- !
suns who lost their lives, were a-deep
on Hie I bird lloor. and all were burn?
ed to death in their rooms. Before
the flrem ll arrived Hie building wan
a mass of limn s und the roams of
hh'e upper floors could not bo entered:
The injured slept, on the- lower
floors and in the bis.-men;. Most ot
tlie.-e ee-capod without aid. lighting
their way through tho ILlxvih and
The firemen were able to rescue
others from the burning building.
Mrs. Jt utile Bart lost her life in
trying to arouse the Inmates, Tho
ih use smoke pouring up the stairway
SOOn filled the hallways and entered
P.ie rootaft, Mrs. BaM'a room, on
the third floor, was close lo the land
line anil she wns aroused and hurried
down I lie rallwav on that door and
nttompted tp wake the sleeping room,
t rs. The smok??*ioon drove he.- t.i
the second floor, where she tried to
give an nlirni.
Tin- smoke nnd (lames Foon com?
pelled in r in (nek her escajie by the
Stairway. A) the top of the st^cond
floor isndlng she .stumbled and tail?
ing; ht-ndlong dowu the st'iirwny.
landed in lb? thickest of the fpimea.
At lh? be lo:n her charrf'd body was
lper four I by the ilremen.
The bedien of the fou- other vic?
tims were found in their beds. Tire
building was an old one nnd wnf
not equipped with fire escapes.
Iiis Eldest Son Lu?z Plvlpp, the
Crown Prince, Also Shot
Down at Hie Seme
King and Hie Eldew Son With tha
Queen ?rtd J Younorr San, Were
Driving Though the Streets of Lis?
bon, When They Wer? Killed ?
Queen Tried to Save Crown Prince's
Life?Three of the Aosaaslna Killed
(Uy ARHiu-lated Press.)
I.I SI l'tb. I?KIltK Carles o{
Portugal, anil ito- crown prluco, l.uix
Philipp, wore assassinated today and
tho pity is In n stace of uproar. Tho
king's second son, tcte Infautn Manuel,
was Slightly wounded, but Queen
Aincllo, who strove to saw tho crown
prince's life by Hi owing herself upon
htm, was Unhurt.
A I..mil of tuen, wait lug at the cor?
ner of the Praoo do Coinmorcto and
tbo lliui do Arsenal, suddenly sprang
toward b<' open cnrrlagu in which Wiq
royal family worn ?Irivlug to the
ptloce, and levelling carbines, which
they liad. concieled upon them, fired.
Each Shot Tti -cc Tlmw^^
T.io King and vim crown 7'?'m
ujion wlvotn the attacH was directed,
wore'each shot, three times and they
lived only long < uciigb to bo carried
to tho Marino Arsenal, nearby, where
they expired.
Almost til the llrst. shot tho king
fell back on the cushions dying, and
at the snuio moment the crown prince
war sovu to half arise and titfn siiiK
back on the seatt
Queen Amelle jumped up and threw
herself toward the crown prince 'a
an apparent effort to nave his life, at
Ihe cost'of'her own. but the prince
had received hl-s death wound.
Three Assaosine Killed.
I Tho police guard tired upon tho ns
Baaslhs and kllhd three of them.
The ha nil of minderes hail select?
ed tiho most advantageous spot, lor
the commission of their crime, for
they were concealed from the eyes
of the pollro until the carriage bad
wheeled into the 'Praco do Coinuier
clo. a large square, liefere any of
the gua.'td were aware of what was
happening the assassins leaped U>
wa.'d the carriage and Instantly a
fusl!;tdi. of shots rang out.
The bodies of the king and crown
prince were removed from tho Mn'iiie
Araeiral in two closed carriages to
tho royal palace, the l'aco des Neces
sidadcz, the late residence or the
king. au,| escorted by mounted muni?
cipal guards.
Tlie news of the nasasslnatlona
swept through the city like lire
through dry grass and tonight half
tho |K>pu??ce Is panic. sf1c.k?n. not
knowing where the next blow may
There is the greatest; dread for the
future of the country which seems
on the verge <H being plunged Into
tbo awful throes of a revolution with
all the attendant horrors and blood?
The Fatal Wounds.
An examination of the wound.* of
the king, who was already dead when
he reached the arsenal, showed that
th.'eo hulleis hn.l found thtir mark.
One wound was Bltuated at. tbe nape
of the neck, a second in the shoulder,
and the third, which was tho fatal
wound, severed the carlpld artery.
T<!ie crown prince, who wns still
breathing, but who died almost im
mdlatfly after admission to the ar?
senal, h'd suffered three wounds in
the head and chest. Two bullet* had
Struck Prince Manuel, one in the low?
er- Jaw and Ihe other In the arm.
Will Go on Relief.
(nv Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, I). C, Pflb. 1 ?
Assistant. Paymaster W. 1). Sharp baa
been deViehod from duty at tho Nor?
folk navy yard and ordered to Wash?
ington for special temporary duty.
l>ator be is to bo assigned to the hos?
pital ship Relit r,
Woman Freed for Killing Rival.
HAl/TIMORR. MD.. Feh I ?"Mrs
Atmle Me.) Mi, who killed Mre. Saille
Brown at tho latter's home la.st No?
vember because Mrs. Iltwrn had tat?
en hrr bus-band from her. was acquit?
ted last evening in the Criminal
Court. i>;

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