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only newspaper published In
Newport New? that receives the
full new? report of the Atio
elated Press.
VOL. XU 1. NO. ?3.
Orb ol Maryland's Most Dlslln
guHlied Citizens Dies, Aged
84 Years.
Physicians Gave Out Encouraging Re?
ports Until Noon Yesterday When
He Began t0 Sink Rapidly?Had
Been In Public Life for a Great
Many Years.
(Dy Associated rrc-si
HALT) MORE, .MD.. March 17.?
United States Senator William pinck
ney Whyto died at Ills home In lliis
city tonight.
lie was inken III while In washing
ion last Thursday and came homo as
BOdtt as possible. Erysipelas develop*
cd and ills condition became worse,
although his physicians pave out en*
coornglng statements until hflcr noon
today. About t oYlnck this afl< moon
i tie senator suffered a sinking spell,
bill recovered wonderfully and was
conscious until the final convulsion
thai elided In Ids death at 7:05 p. m.
Bona tor Whybo has l?.en in public
life since 1K17. He was bore in this
elty August !?. 1824 and was the son'
or Joseph, and grandson of Dr. John
Campbell whyte. His maternal
grandfather was tho famous lawyer
and orator. William Plnekni y. He
graduated at law at Harvard in 1845.
People Honored Him Many Times.
He served In the House of Delegates
of the .Maryland legislature of 1817-8.
since which lime ho has held nearly
every office In the gift of the people
of bis state.
He was state comptroller in isr.n
CG and ran for Congress in 1857 but
was defeated.
lie was u delegate io the national
convention in 1865 and in the same
year ho was appointed United Steles
senator to fill the unexplred term of
the late Rovcrdy Johnson upon the
former's appointment to be minister
to Great Brltiau.
He became mayor of Halt iinorc in
1881 nnd attorney general of Mary?
land In IS87. He wns chairman of
the commission which framed the now
charter of this city.
In 1900 he became a city solicitor.
The then governor, Edwin Warelleid,
appointed him United state senator
in 100(1 to fill the unexplred term of
the late Senator Arthur I?. Gorman
ami the legislature elected him Sena?
tor Gorman's successor for the term
ending March 1909.
IHe was the last .survive r of the
senators who voted against the Hf
teenth amendment to the United
states constitution. The late senator
was a man of most engaging person?
ality. He was* twice married, but
died .i widower.
Do Not Want Large Funeral.
WASHINGTON. D. C, .March 17 -
A dispatch was received hero tonight
by Colonel D. M. Rnhsdoll, sergeant
n tit mis or the Senate frdhi William
Pincknny W.vtbe, Jr.. stating that it
is desln-d that the usual coremonloa
of the Senate and House be dispensed
The wishes- of the family Will bo
complied with. Both branches of
Congress will, however, be notified
upon convening tomorrow of Senator
Wythc's death, and adjournment will
be token its n mark of respect.
Vice President Fairbanks and
speaker Cannon were officially not I
lied of |ho senator's death.
Rear Admiral Evans Will Retirc Im
mediately After the Gig Review
at San Francisco.
(Ry Associated Press)
Washington, D. c. March 17.
Rear Admiral Shnrlns S. Bpcrry will
ho commhhdor-ln-chlof of the Atlantic
battleship fleet whin it leaves S6u
Francisco in July to encircle the globe.
This important detail was decided
on hi" President Roosevelt and ilia
cabinet today.
Hour Admiral Evans, on his per
Hie command at the conclusion or the
Mg naval review at San Frnuchn-o,
May 8.
The admiral considers this Ihn com?
pletion of (lie work ho was assigned
lo do- lake ihn Atlantic fleet to the
Pacific coast. Admiral Evans re?
tires in August.
To Admiral Thomas comes the hon ?
or of commanding the fleet oil its
visit to Page! sound, and until tin.
homeward Journey begin*. lie lias
boon second In command during tho
voyage, and retires In October.
Those retirements make possible
two promotions to tbo grade of rear
Admiral and theso are to bo filled by
the advancement of Captain Beaton
Schnieder und Captain Richard Waln
wrlght, who will commai?! respective
ly the third ami fourth Bqunuron8 oti
the fleet, and Hear Admiral Emory. |
the second.
Dir.astcrous Acidcnt in Plant at Coai
moot, Ind.? Explosion Felt for
(By Associated Press)
I.1NTON. IND.. March 17.?Three
workmen were Killed nnd six Injured,
one fatally today, by the explosion of
the pn ss mill of the United States
Powder Company at Coalmont, four
miles from hero.
Nothing Ik known as lo the C0IISC
of the oxploston, The men had been
at work but a short time when the
explosion came.
TlK force of the explosion was heard
and felt for miles. All windows in
Coalmont were destroyod and several
buildings were damaged. Plato win- ,
dows in Llntoh were broken.
Physicians went to Coalition: from
surrounding towns as soon as the 1
explosion was heard ami rondoi;cd i
what assistance was possible,
Thirty to One Shot Upset Talent. i
(By Associated Press)
NBW ORLEANS. I.A.. March 17 ? ;
Jockey Suintcr and the long overdue i
Gloriole at - lo I. formed the winning
combination in today's opening race
at the Cily Park track. '
ncllwetho in at 30 to 1, upset Iho i
balcula-tlons of the talent by taking:
down the fifth race in a hard drive |
from Ooldproof.
suit agSnsT g7& 0.
Government ill Prosecute Certain
Officials and Shippers at Once.
Commissioner Lane, of Interstats
Commerce Commission, Files Re?
port of Findings as to Frauds Com
WASHINGTON, I). C, .March 17.?
The interstate commerce commission, I
thronst? Commissioner Lane, has
mntle Ith report In Iho Ghcsa|xako|
& Ohio grain shipment cases, hear-;
ings in which were held in Richmond,
Va., February l!?lh and -1st. The re?
port concludes witlb the statement
"So far as Iho matters disclosed i
arc criminal in their nature they will [
be referred lb the United States dis?
trict attorney at Richmond with the I
rcquoat that prosecution bo instituted
a gains) all parlies therein Involved."
Mr. Lane, In his report says:
"Kor some years a fraudulent prac?
tice (false transfer slip^i participated
In by certain dealers in grain, ami
also by certain dealers in packing?
house products, and also by the Ches?
apeake it Ohio Railway Company,
hah obtained at Richmond, by means
of which this railway company has
favored such shippers at the expense
of the Seaboard Air Lino nnd Atlantic
Costa Line, its southern connections.
This practice has resulted in the ob?
taining tor such shippers of rates
less than local rates over Jhe Sea?
board Air (vine and Atlantic ('oast
Line for shipments of grain; and also
fop shipments of packlng-houec pro?
ducts, which local rales such ship?
ments were legally bound to pay.
"The benefits Of this arrangement
have bucn repeated by iho Shippers
on-ployihg it. and also by the Chesa?
peake & Ohio Railway Company,
which, whether by express agreement
or not. has secured all of iho inbound
hm-iucs.i of the shippers so 'favored
by It.
"It also appears that certain re?
cords of the Chesapeake & Ohio Rail?
way Company have hccii destroyed,
contrary to the provisions of life
net to regulate commerce. The de
! -i met Ion appears t<> have been made j
by iho auditor of disburslrionts un?
der authorization of the comptroller
of iho Chesapeake &. Ohio iinilwny
RICHMOND. VA.. March 17.?
was niiounced today from the oMce.
or the United siates District Attorney
Ij. I.. Lewis, that no action for orlnv!
inal prosecution of the Chosapcnko &
Ohio Railroad, or any party or firm I
involved In th" recent investigation|
of IhO Chesapeake K- Ohio road held I
hire by Interstate Commerce Coutmts-!
sinner Franklin K. Lane, hid been'
ordered by tho F?deral authorities. I
Senator LaFoll&tte Fxposes the Fi?
nancial Measure Which Is Back?
ed by Republicans.
Federal Treasury Used by Morgan
and Standard Oil to Squeeze Out
Small Investors and Fill Pockets of
Men in Cont ol? Calls it a Govern?
ment Conspiracy.
(Hy Associated rrcssj
WASHINGTON, D. C, March 17 ?
Senator LaPollottc, taking th'o Aldrlcb
'hill as his text, launolnd a broadside
against i be trusts and consoldlatloris
Cll the business, industrial and finan?
cial world today. He read a llsi of
It!] men. who. he declared, practically
CVohirollcd all the railroads, Indite
ttlcsi lid"'s and banks of I he whole
country. These men raised prices or
lowered them at will. They moved
crops or slave.i them as they pleased.
Of these 113 men he asserted, were
in tho directories of the two great
hanks of New York, the Nations) City
thank, the Standard oil concern, and
the National Hank of Commerce, J. I
IV Morgan's instUnion.
"Tho ability of these groups," bei
(said, "through their connecting .in?
terests, to engage in underwriting, to
nuance promotion geh?htes, where the
-profits resulting from overcnpiniiza
Uon represents hundreds of millions
of dollais, could have no competitors
elsewhere In the country. Their abil?
ity to take advantage of conditions!
\'n Wall street. evcn If they did not
create these conditions, forcing In- i
if rest rales on call loans ns high as I
1.10 per cent., will enable them to1
command almost at will, the capital
of the country for these speculative
Government Conspiracy.
The senator took up the question
of the Aldrich bill, contending Hint
the test which the bill applied f?r
tho prelection of the government In
the matter of municipal bonds was
different from the tesi which it np- \
jpliod for the acceptance of railroad
bonds. He then said:
"Today wo are confronted with the
astounding proposition that Congress
shall bold out a constitutional induce- ;
ment for tho exaction of transporta?
tion charges which shall net a contln
UOUs four per cent, dividend or rail-|
read capitalization, it is Idle to soy
that this measure Is limited in its
scope; Hint It has reference simply
'o a limited issue ot bonds as surety.
?He it* blind Indeed who does not sec
'.'lie ultimate effect of a proposition
which directly Or indirectly raises a
standard for the payment of a fixed
dividend upon rail load capitalization
(without regard to the value of the
properly. The certain effect of this
action tiy Congress is to stimulate ev?
ery railroad company in the- purview
of this Statute to maintain the posi?
tion of Its bonds within tho favored
class, ami every other railroad com?
pany to qualify at Llie earliest possi?
ble moment for admission to the fn
vored class. It is plain as the noon?
day sun Uta I the direct effect of this!
proposition will bo to advance rail-1
?wid rate charges, and that it will
Identify the government with a innln
fenance of rates In all eases where
II has accepted latlroad bonds for cur- |
rency circulation.
"Could any plan have been devised
fcvWch would he inure, effect I ve In
blocking the wa.\ of legislation for
valuation of the physical properties
of railroads, and defeating the dual
reduction of rales to a just and rca- I
sellable basis? Coming, as they do.
in the gusc of a rchforccmont to fall
Jug credit, these bonds re made lo up
penr as promoters of public inter?
Senator I?aFolott? Ihoh reviewed the
recent panic, holding that it was man
hfacturcd nnd not real.
"Can any sane ?iah doubt," be said,
"the power of a little group of men
in whose hands are lodged tho con?
trol of the rail oads and the Indus?
tries outside of agriculture, as well
es the great banks. Insurance nnd
'rust companies, of the principal mon?
ey center of tho country, to give com?
mercial banking and general huslnl Bs
a shock at will. They could turn their
power to advantage financially.
"Taking Hie general conditiems of
the counlry; it Is (?ffleuli to find any
si'Dlclent reason outside of manipu?
lation for the extraordinary panic of
Ortolier. 1007.
"There were nu commercial rea
sons for a panic. There werft ?pecn-l
lallvo, loglalatlvo and political ren
toris wliy a panic mlghl serve spec?
ial Interests. There were business
hcorca to settle. There was leglslo
tlon to bo backed and a curious incas
\ir<> suited 10 the system to 1?' so
rmrcd. The" e wps a Ihlrd term to
bo disposed of. and policies to be dis?
How It W.-r. Done.
II.- Iben gave n graphic picture Of
many of Iho cvcnle Ol tho panic load
i'hk up io ibo climax when Morgan and
?Rocki feller supped into tho breach on
October 24th and Said;
"For the first time since the panic
began, 1 i:SO o. in. arrived, and ev?
erybody on the iloor of the Slock Bx
chnug? was widely seeking money at
uny inle; Interest rates, which had
fie,- several days ranged from I'll to
Tai per cent, begun to climb higher.
Sclllomcnl must be made before !l
o'clock. Money must be forthcoming
cr the close of business day would boo
Wall ? iroil n mass of ruins nnd banks
and Iritst compiinlor. on tlie brink of a
'?ollapse. *i
??Mow perfect the staue sotting.
?How teal It all seemed. Hut back of
ihe scenes Morgan and Sllllman wero'
In.conference. They had made their
.11 present iilons in Washington, They I
knew when the next Installmonl of
aid would reach New York. They
knew just bow much It would be. They
awaited Ha arrixal and deposit. There _
upon they pooled an equal amount]
?and Ik Id It. Then they waited. In- |
levest ratrs soared. Wall stroot waSj
driven to a friui/v. Two o'clock came
and Interest rules ran to ISA per cent.
The smashing of the market became
tr irllllr S?ll they walled. Union Pu
? lie declined I0V4 iwlrits in ten min?
utes. Nothorn Pacific was down in
like proportion; Ten minutes past ~
o'clock. Thon at precisely 2:1.", the
curtain went up with Morgan and
Standard oil in the center or Iho
Singe with money, real money, twen?
ty-five millions or money, giving I'
nway ni in per cent.
"Oh, uncrowned king * ? *.
"None hut himself can be ills par?
allel. . . <+\
"Even tu the dullest pel son stantl
| Ing by.
I "Who fastened still tin htm n won
I deriiiR eye.
"He scorned the master spirit of
the land.
i "And so ended the pnnle.
"How beautifully It all wo ked <>ut.
They had the whole country terror
?Ized. They bad the money of I lie
deposits of the banks of every stnte
in ihe Union to the amount of five
hundred million, nearly all of which
?was In Iho vaults of the big bunk
groups. And It supplied big opera?
tors with money to Squeeze nut In?
vestors and speculators at the very
bottom of tho decline taking In the
stock at an enormous p'oflt."
People of Pocahontas, Va., Voted on
Question Tc<o Near to a
FTteral Election.
flly Associated Press)
ROANOKE, VA., March 17?The lo?
cal option election held in Pocahontas,
'Va.. December 1!' last. In which the
drys won by ten majority, was today
dec-la*ed null and void by Judge w. 0.
Ifehson, sitting at Tnzewcll, in ihe
Circuit Court.
The ground <"i which tile cloctlon
was declared void, was that it was
hiid within two days of a congression?
al election.
The law 'provides that no local op?
tion election be held Within 30 days
of any county, corporation, state or
national election.
The court held that the words "na?
tional'' was used in tile statu'.e 10
mean "Federal" and thot the congres?
sional elect ion was a Fedo'al election.
liTo judgment of iho Circuit Court
's llnnl.
Small Steamer Running Between El?
izabeth City and Norfolk Sprang
,i Leak.
(Hy Associated JTessi
NORFOLK, VA., Mu ch IS ? The
sttcamcr Teddy, owned by private par?
ties and doing a river business be?
tween Norfolk. Elisabeth City, N. C,
and other points sprang a leak today
on her ill-trip and had to be beached
In the eastern branch of the Elisa?
beth rive; by Captain Cnhcon.
A number or imssoiiKers were
aboaid, but all i scaped.
Considerable freight was damiKcd.
The eteararr ;;i"k in shallow waicr
and will be raised at once.
Cruiser Olvmpia in Roads.
NORFOLK. VA., March 17.?Th>
cruiser Olympia, former flagship of
Admirftl Dowey, arrived In . amptou
Roads ibis? afternoon and proceeded at
once to the Norfolk navy ynrd Whore
she will he given a general over
hanllnjT and ho put in first class con
)AY, MAIK'II IS, 11)08.
Burns Put the Irishman Out o!
I Business with One Blow on
ihe Jaw.
It W.in All Done So Quickly That]
the Audience Could Not Realise
at First That Roche Had Lost the
Battle?Dick Croker an Interested
Spectator. Y g
(ny Associated Tress.}
DUBLIN. March 17.--Tommy
Durns, th<< American heavyweight
cnnmploh, inado short work o( Jem
Roche, tho Irish champion. In the con
i. ..i tonight hi Ihe Theater uoyal for
the world's hoavywelghl champion
Practically oho buow was struck
Hunts knocking llp'ch out when hardly
more than a minute of the first round
had In en consumed, by a short hook
to the Jaw. So quickly did Hie end
come that the groal crowd which 111)
ed the theater III the excitement of
iBoeing the Irishman put out so quick?
ly could hardly realise what hail hap
! pouod, When the men entered the
ring It was evident that the sluggish
I Roche was no match lor the active
Burns. They sparred for less than
a minute, the Irishman acting nllo
i gelber on Jhq defensive and the Amerl
Jean endeavoring to find an opening.
I Then Durns feinted and quickly put
a short, sharp right to the Jaw and
I Roche went. down. Ho was badly
I dazed and although lie struggled lo
j regain his feet, was unable lo do so
; before the fatal ten was counted,
j Immediately after tho Count Roche
I got to his feet, but staggered about
the stage.
When be had regained hlimr If be
I went over smilingly lo congratulate
I the winner.
The fight tonight was for a purse
, of $7.noil which wns put up by a syn?
dicate of which Richard Crohb't the
i form* r Tammany lender was a mom
! tier, and a side bet of $2.ii0n. In
'addition. Rums had 17,000 on him
I self at'odds of :i to l. The rlngiltlc
I betting wns 7 to 2 on the Anierlcnn.
Only One Blow Needed,
j The blow which decided the light
: wns ihe only one of any consequence
during the minute ami thirty-eight
seconds the men were in Ihe ring.
The crowd, which shortly before
jhad cheered Roche to the echo and
greeted him with applause, was so ta?
ken back that after n few angry hlss
os, they went quietly from the Ihoalor
i nurnes said of the light that it was
[ the easiest he bad ever bad.
j He bad expected Hint the fight
iwould go a few rounds, although lie
; was never In doubl an to the final
result. Iturns stated be was willing
jtn give Roche another chance. He
Is now considering an offer provision?
ally made by tho Dublin syndicate for
ll mutch with "Bill" Squires Under
l-dmihir terms.
I There were seats in the theater fo ?
j three thousand and every one was oe
: copied.
I Roche received ll great reception
, when be entered smiling ami with
; confident air.
Roche Was the Favorite.
Iturns. who bad been watching the
preliminary bouts, strolled casually to
Ihe ring to the air of "Star Spangled
I Banner."
I |lle was Well received, but Ihe r"
ceptlon was Insignificant with thai
(given Roche when the muster of cere?
monies announced that It was largely
through the former Taii>e-->nv loadoi
that iturns was entered in the con?
Mr. Croker. who was in a box. had
to acknowledge the cheers.
On the stroke of the gong Bilms
Jumped to the center of the rinir.
which wns an IS fOO( affair, and starl
ed his usual tactics of trying to draw
out his opponent.
This seemed lo annoy Roche, who
j angrily struck down 'Burns' arm nnd
I then covered Ills face with both
glove.- to protect it from a threatened
j Burns; a mniucul later feinted with
|lils loft and shot bis right over to
the Jaw which was entirely improtec
? ted. The Irishman went to ihe can?
vass but nol heavily. He slid on Iiis
Side and then rolled over on his face.
Very few of Ihe spectators, even those
.( n the PtngC, were quick enough to KO"
how ii was done ami there were cries
or "fake."
Tlioro was no doubt, however, that
I Roche went In to do his best but lie
j was outclassed.
j Roche said lonlght. "Hb did it too
j quick; Dial's all."
Legislative, Executive and Judicial
Appropriation Bill Cons'dercd
by the Senate.
(Tly Associated Tress)
WASHINGTON, D. C. March 17?
Aftor spooking for Iwt.d n half
bouiv in tin- Senate today on the
ponding currency bill, senator La
Lollette asked permission to susnend
his remarks and eonelude tomorrow.
Hit he was unable to continue longer.
Senator Alllrlotl reported to tlte
Scunto front the commit too on am?
endments explaining railroad bonds
from classes of bonds to be UBTll t"
secure omorgoncy currency, limit Inn
the null-, mcnl of such currency und
providing that such Issues should bo
permitted up to the par value t>t the
bonds Used t<> secure them.
The legislative, executive and Judi?
cial appropriation bill was considered
at lonpth ami at U:".\ o'clock the Sen?
ate adjourned.
_? _ ?_
Chicago Pugslist Delivered a Knock?
out Blow as Men Were Breaking
Aw.iy front Clinch.
(By Associated Tress)
llofore a large St. Patrick's day crowd
Marvin Mart, of Louisville, was aw?
ard" (I the decision in the fourth round
over John Willie, of Chicago, on a
foul In their bout here today.
The men had agreed to break clean.
Immediately after a clinch and at:
Unit was stopping back unprotected,
Willie swung a hard right t" the ear.
wading Hart sprawling.
II.mi was unable to respond und his
ear may he seriously injured.
Lawrence Speer Said lie Made No
Promises Relative to Committees.
Declares That He Made no Attempt
Whatever to Land Hobsoti on the
Naval Ccmmittce?Other Witnesses
in the Submarine Investigation.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Murch 17 ?
The statement of Representa?
tive Riehmond P. H?bu?n, of
Alabama. before the special
cotrimIttco Investigating the charges
made by Representative LIHey,
of Connecticut, that ho had
?boon approached by u represnlalivo
Of the Electric Boat Company, who
find ottered to use Iris influence to
have Mr. Hobson placed on the naval
affairs committee "if ho stood right
oh submarines," was contradicted to?
day before the Committee, by Law
nee Spear, ihe former caval officer,
who Mr. Hobson said had spokru to
Mr. Spear said he had not made
any promises to secure the influence
of Speaker Cannon or anyone else,
mid that he never had tried to Influ
ojice them: In fact, be suid, he did
hoi know the speaker.
Mr; Spear claimed that Iiis company
never endtavo i.d lo Supproes compe?
tition; had never received any le.uis
lullve or depart menial favors and hail
jtcvt r received an order from the navy
it'opnrtmenl i x'rept as the result of
successful competition.
The oilier two witnesses of lite <lny
wc?'o A. A. Early antl Krank II. Lord,
two of the newspaper men whom Mr.
Llllcy charged he had been warned
against as in the pay of the Klootrlc
I lout Company.
They both denied that they were
even In the pay of the com?
pany, although they snld they
?had done special work for Mr. Mc
N'ai'". one of ihe attorneys of the com?
pany, in the way of getting out some
i n sture'' stories of submarines for
whi.ch llicv had been paid.
Both Witnesses testified that Ihuy
had lost (heir positions as the result
of Mr. Lllloy'a charges.
Mr. Lord characterized the refuta?
tion 1?' Mr. Lillcy of an Intcvlew
claimed to have been hold wllh him
"as unqualifiedly, absolutely and de?
liberately untrue."
The committee adjourned uutll
! Thursday.
Fair Wednesday, except rain
In extreme eouthwest portion^,
Thursday rain; light variable
wind a, becoming cast and fresh.
Why OI!le James Would Like to
Have a tilgt) Tariff on
All Bloodsuckers.
Kentucky Congressman Says It ha a'
Party of Shadows, Nat of Solidity,
and That the W ongs it Has Com?
mitted In the Pact Can Never bo
fRy Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, 1). C, .March IT
The failure to provide ? penitentiary jj
penalty In the rail ond rule law was
ft%iong tin' criticisms made In the
House today by Mr Ollle .lames, Ken
lucky. or Republican legislation In the |
laid few years.
Tbo Rrpiibllcans. he charged, had
done more than legislate In favor of
the railroads, had allowed national
banks to hold two hundred million
dollars a year of the pcoplo's money
without paying Interest on It, although
ihc DcinooMUs bad tried to so Influ
nce legislation as to cause such In?
terest to bo paid.
"You nro being gradually educated
by the Democratic parly." he said,
nddresslug the Republicans, "lint Hod
only knows what debt It Is you owe
the American people for nil the wrongs
you have Inflicted upon them. It
w?a a surprising thing to hear that
the Republicans at last proposed to
't-ovlse the tariff.
"You have come to the Democralle
position on everything In the world,
ami almost tried to Imitate It. You;
have offered the American people the
shadow nnd not tho substance."
Mr. James provoked laughter by re?
ferring to the free list of the Dlngley
tas'lff. He (inoted mix vomica, ol.l'
Junk, dragoons, blood, cuttlefish bone
nnd leeches. As to the latter, h? wns
in favor of taxing them as high as
heaven itseir "because we have en?
ough locclics and blood suckers hero.;.;
The record of the Republican party.
In; declared, had bot n written and "
could not be changed.
l?oud Democratic applause greeted. ?
Mr. .lames when be asserted his be?
lief that In the la?t two campaigns
against Mir. Bryan, "but for the cor?
ruption brought by the ItcpubllennB'.;
upon I lie monopolies ami trusts or the
country Bryan would have been elect
?d President."
Mr. Bryan, lie said, stood for some?
thing and had convictions and tliQ-?j!
courage to express them.
"lie never prostrated his ga meuts
nway for money. He has never sold
I the love of the American people for
I ?corporation gold.
"The people of the county." he said, ':
".would In Just time do Proper mood
and credit to the man who draws the
naked sword in tho|- defense and In
their rights." And lie believed that <j
these people "nro going to elect for 1
President that grand, that splendid,
that matchless Democrat, William
Jennings Bryan."
Bvitish and German Veacel There and. ..
an American Ship Expected
at Any Moment.
(By Associated Pross)
17?The British cruiser lndcfatijtahio
ami the German cruiser Bremen, have ";
arrived here undo- orders from thelr.^
government lo give full protection to
any foreign residents in Port a?i
Prince, In.'ose their lives or Interests. ?
are- threatened. An American warship
Is expected lo arrive here at any mo?
At present the city Is quiet, hut
there Is nn underlying current of anx?
iety, as evidenced by Iho fact thai ."
panic was caused by the booming of a ,
heavy gun on the British cruise - wh'Ch
she came to anchor in Iho port last
ovening. The Indefatigable announc?
ed her arrival by the cannon shots
and Hie detonations almost terrorized
Iho people.
Surprised by tho sudden alarm olli
coib and soldiivs alike rushed pro
Clpilateiy to their posts; women and
[children ran ubout hither and thither.
I In perming despair, crying hysteric*
ally, nnd it was some Hille time before
I they could bo reassured and calmed.

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