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Important Notice to Subscribers!
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Attention Is Directed to Postoffice Order, Number 907
The new regulations provide that "A reasonable time will be allowed publishers to secure renewals of subscriptions, but unless sub
scriptions are expressly renewed after the term for which they are paid, within the following periods:
' Dailies within three months, Tri-Weeklies within six months, Semi-Weeklies within nine months, Weeklies.within one year, Semi?
monthlies withta three months, Monthlies within four months, Bi-Monthlies within six months, Quarterlies within six months, they shall
not be counted in the legitimate list of subscribers, and copies mailed on account thereof shall not be accepted for mailing at the second-class
postage rate of 1 cent a pound, but may be mailed at the transient second-class postage rate of 1 cent for each 4 ounces or fraction thereof,
prepaid by stamps affixed. The right of a publisher to extend credit for subscriptions to his publication is not denied or questioned, but his
compliance or non-compliance with this regulation will be taken into consideration in determining whether the publication is entitled to
transmission at the second-class postage rates."
The DAILY PRESS comes under the classification of a daily publication. Subscribers will kindly be guided by the above ruling. The
DAILY PRESS COflPANY with other publishers enjoys the second-class mail privilege and if postage is affixed to papers same will amount to
_ more than the subscription price of the paper. There is, therefore, but one thing for subscribers to do, and that is to keep their subscription
carefully paid up.
This^Rulino; Goes Into Effect April 1st, 1908, Consequently AH Subscriptions Must be
Paid Up Before That Time
Let us have your renewal at once. You will not wish to miss any papers, but if we do not have your renewal we will have to out
your paper off the list in order to comply with the postoffioe order referred to.
DAILY PRESS, : Newport News, Va.
Nervy Qirl Saves Bank
A heroine of finance Is MIsh Roxlo
Burton, of thla city. "The nerviest
girl In the stnto" la what the people
of the Trl-Cltlos are calling her. says
a Madison, (Ills.) dispatch In the New
York Herald.
i/ooking more like a high school
pupil than a financier, Miss Burton
sat at the cashier's window In the
Trl-Clty state Bank the other dav
and ran her father's bank, single
handed, through a crisis-. She did not
currender until the directors, over her
protest, ordered the bank doors clos
ed. The slate bank examiner vindi?
cated the assistant cashier and de?
clared the Trl-City State Bank to be
all Tight.
Subsequently a petition was filed by
one of the stockholders nsklng that a
receiver be appointed for the Irtink.
and that petition was granted by the
court. One of the allegations wns that
Cashier Burton was in debt to the
hank to the extent of -several thou?
sand dollars. He admitted owing the
?hank money, but he, as well as his
brother, declared Iheir willingness to
make It jrood. HIf $20,000 bond cov
crod his indebtedness, and It was con
c?>ded that the bank was in no dnniser
of losing what he owed the institu?
Miss Burton, who had charge of th
hank's books, declares that further In- ?
vcstlgation will show her father's acts
as cashier were nothing to his dis- t
On the shoulders of the assistant
cashier rested the responsibility in
he hour that iiad broken her father
down. She faced It with strong nerves
nud a smile of hope. The state auditor
requested a statement of the bank's
condlttou. The statement was made
out by the young women. It did not
look the very best for the bank.
It happeued that on the day tho
statement was made out a large num?
ber of railroad checks were cashed
A majority of these were on other
banks, but it always haa Decn tho
policy of the Tri-City Bank to accom?
modate the wage earner when possi?
ble, so these, checks were promptly
cashed. In consequence tho cash on
hand was ut low ebb. But nil that
would have been necessary to restore
It to the normal would have been to
carry those railroad checks to the
banks on which they were drawn and
obtain the money.
In country towns It Is the custom
of banks to keep open unll late in tho
afternoon. Tho Trl-Clty Bank often
had kept its- doors open after the reg?
ular hours. Ou the day In question,
however, when tho cash ran low, Miss
Boxie hung up the sign "Bank closed"
promptly at three o'clock. Later two
or three persons walked in with
checks to be cashed. They were In?
formed that the bank had closed for
tho day.
Miss- 'Roxlo called the directors to
credlt. and 'hat he will come out of gether. They aascmblcd at. the bank,
the affair with flying colors. I She told them she considered It her
The Trl-Clty Bank is five vears old. <1,1|>' o Inform tbom that the state ou
Mr. Burton established It soon after ! ditor had asked for a statomont ol
coming here from Abilene. Kan. Ho.'he bank's condition and that the
Is the largest Individual stockholder.! eashlng of many railroad checks dur
the capital being $25.000. He was lug the day had compelled her to on
made oaBhler and has bad charge of tor only a small cash balanco on Ibat
Hie bank since Itn beginning. The s-tatement.
first vear an eicht nor cent, dividend | "Whew!" said the directors, aa tbev
was declared and the institution had Inspected tho statement, This does
prospered ever since, until latch- when look bad."
ttio mills at Madison and Ornnlle City j "Not half bad," responded the gir!
closed. I promptly. Then she explained how
Tbe recent money siringenev- affect - j the checks could be converted intc
e(] the Trl-City Bank as it did all cash the next morning, thus replen
hanks. Th"ti with 'he shutting down ishing the bank's supply of cash and
or tho mlliq depoPita fell off. There enabling it to continue business with
are many foreicners in the Trl-Cltlon . out a jar.
?nd the savings or manv Of these J But the directors thought different
have been deposited at the Burton , They remarked lhat the hank hat
I'inU When some of the foreigner.-. . been compelled to issue a gloonr
unable to obtain emplovment. left fo* statement and that the assistant ensh
fsirone the dcnoRlt-t of the bank fell elr had Just been compelled to caul
off heavily. The remaining taceonnt<t . two good sized cheeks, although sh<
were still further denicted hv norronc I did have the excuse that it was "aftc
out of work who withdrew- their BSV
hire to 'lye on. TI>e ?d?iuit<nn was tho
da-ltes? Hie bank had faced.
Afr. Burton waq worried. He walk?
ed the floor of his home Tit n'lht. 11"
flcured desperafelv b* day. The ner?
vous strain told on him. and ho had
to rive up and take to ".it?= lied.
The bank wnB then In the hands of
Mlaa B?Tle. She had "nc ass-Islam.?
tfise Henrietta Schock, bookkeeper.
banking hours."
The directors seemed afraid that I
he bank tried to keep open the gloom;
statement might cause a run on th.
funds and force It to close, perhap
under embarrassing circumstances.
"We'd better not open tomorrow,
remarked one director, and the other
nodd.'d their heads in approval of hi
"Don't say thai," exclaimed th
pretty assistant cashier. "I can run
the buslnoKH thrniiKh tills crisis. The
bnnk Is solvcut. I can have cash on
hand in the morning. There -?III ho
no run. There Is no roas-on why we
should 'close the doors."
The directors smiled at her. The
enthusiasm of tho girl was pretty,
they, thought, but n girl's opinion
should not he permitted to sway n
hardheaded, practical bonrd of bank
"No, Miss Roxle," they said, "the
bank muft not open tomorrow."
"Very well, gentlemen." said tho
girl. "Good evening."
She quietly put on her hat and
Jncket and went home. She walked
in. hung up her clothes, and the wom?
an of business was transformed In nn
instant's time to the gentle nurse,
ministering to her parent. Prom that
hour until a few days ago, when Her
father was* able to ttt up. she did not
leave his bedside.
The bank did not open next morn?
ing and he state auditor took clmrge.
There were all sorts of rumors fly
, Ing?gossip thnt the hank's books
were In a snarl, rumors that Mr. Bur?
ton's management had not been what
It ought to have been. &o. He was
111 and unable to defend himself.
A state bank examiner arrived. Miss
Burton wont to the bank, explained
things to the examiner and then re?
turned to the bedside of her father.
The examiner made an exhaustive
examination of the whole business of
the hnnk and decided thnt the bank
was solvent.
Then the people of the Tri-City
woke up to the facts. Miss Itoxio was
a horolne. Her huslness sense was
the admiration of the community.
The directors Immediately met nnd
decided to open the bank In a few
Some THings to Remember.
Tho fact thnt. a parrot Is- green Is
no sure sign that ho Is not a bird of
ripe experience.
The great drawback about yellow
journalism is not that 11 is yellow, but
that it is read.
There Is nothing so wonderful but
that it might be more so. Niagara,
for instance, would he far more mar?
velous If the wnter flowed the other
way. ?
Many a man Ir modesty itself until
his children nre horn. It is then thai
ho begins to put on heirs.
It may be true that money talks
but It Is so frequently light that its
conversation Is hardly worth repeat?
There Is nothing that so destroy:
one's pride of ownership as the earli
morning call from the tax collector.?
f .lohn Kendrlck Bangs, In "Succes.
He Was Done?But Did Not Stop.
A 'lung-winded member of the Mns
sachuset.s- legislature was delivering
't|an address in the town hall of a vll
l?ge near Boston. An old Scotchman
after listening for some time, arosi
and left the hall. One of his coun
trymcn. who was waiting at tho doorl
with a hack to drive the. speaker to?
the atatlon, asked: "Ib he done yet,]
Sandy?" "Ay," Sandy replied, "no's
done lang ago, but he will na atop."
One of the groat faults of Ameri?
cans is that they talk too much and
think too little. Many people fenr
that If they do not tnlk they will ho
thought foolish or ill-mannered, so
they keep Jal-berlng; away whether
they say anything or not.?"Success
It Is estimated that about 000,000.000
people live In houses. 700,000,000 In
huts nud caves nnd that 250,000,000
have no regular abelter.
In Abyssinia the wife is master. If
her husbnnd offends her nbo can turn
him out, for the house and its belong?
ings are bers.
Visitor?Why don't you engage Dr.
Duck? He can speak twenty lan?
guages. Sick Man?But I want to be
cored, not translated.
A. .Tapnnese porter cnrrles his teapot
With him when he goes to his day's
work ns an American workman car?
ries a dinner pnll.
An old lady, hearing somebody say
the malls were very Irregular, said,
"It was so In my young days; no
trusting ouy of 'em."
The oldest church In the United
States Is said to be in Santa Fe, Nf, M.
It wns erected In l?r>2 and Is called the
Church of Sun Miguel.
"1 wonder why our hired girl is al?
ways singing."
".lust for spite. I think. 8hn heard
me say I liked music."?Houston Post.
The so called "debatable land" was
that part of Britain between the Esk
and the Snrk. It was claimed by both
England aud Scotland.
Little Wlllle-Say. pa, why Is It thai
poctH usually have long hair? Pa?
lt costs money to get one's hair cut,
my son.
Polly- What mukes that little Mrs.
Jinksby look so sad? Dolly?Why,
didn't you hear? She lost her husband.
Polly?How careless!
Nearly nil tho champagne corks used
In Europe arc made nt and near Hau
Felln de Quixote, n small seaport not
far from Barcelona.
Norway is more properly Norea,
_ meaning "North Isle." It is eomrooa
. Ijr called by the satires the "North
By this we mean Printing that
produces good results.
Does yours possess this merit?
If it does not, then its expen?
sive at any price.
The Best in printed matter is
invariably the Cheapest when
you sum up the commercial
advantages obtained by its use.
High grade commercial Print?
ing is our specialty?and its
cheap at the price.
Printing Co., he.
211 25ffi Sinei (Second Floor)
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