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?At the?
Twenty-llfth 8treet. by the
Thacker?Editor and Publiaher
Puch--Advertising: Manager.
Dally Press Is delivered by ear
anywhere in the city limits for
Its a week. Any irregularities
to the office of publication,
tor delivery of the Dally Press
residence or places of bua
?y be made by postal card or
ible Invariably In advance.)
Month .I .SO
Months . 1.8;
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Tear . 14
Rooms...Bell 'Phone Nd. 14
sse Office...Bell 'Phone .\/ 181
employee of the Dall/ Press
apany is authorized toContract
oMlgatlon in the namn of the
ity, or to make purchases in
of the tame exAept. upon
signed by the PUBLISHER OF
fctered .
at the New no* New*. Va?
ns Second/ilas- matter.
WEONE8DAY. .-/AY 6. 1908
Today, If then* arc no accidents to
trevent. the American fleet of war
Ossels, which sailed from Hampton
toads on December 16. will reach the
?ort which, when they departed from
he Bonds, was generally believed to
*? the end of Its Journey, but which
1 now known to be the beginning of
i second and longer trip than the first
eg. From the Golden Gate to Oak
and ray there will be today a pro?
of American fighting ves
ns has never before been
and the people of the nation
he pardoned for experiencing 1
of exultation because It Is uos
to assemble such a wonderful
of war-ships under tbc
and Stripes. That San Franc's
wtn give the fleet ensemble the
greeting ever experienced by
vasels. there la no doult. For
and months the city has been
?renartsg plana, and It would seem as
t there was practically nothing In the
?y of smusemcnts that will not be
Area the officers and men. Before
hey begin their Ions tourney to the
rrtent they will have the times ot
jkjfr Urea and will have enough to
'Ok Shout till they are home again
jjjnxt February. The battleships are
a mission of pence, hut the wel
to he extended to the men who
them will be as rousing as if
?rere entering the city as con
. ? American armada, thousands
miles from Its home snchorage.
fsjonla s far different spectacle than
? naval fleet bent on a deadly
nan. If R were en n war-like mis
R wnsrid. of course, receive toe
is gi eat lag in San Fran
It win get today, but there
Kmat satisfaction in knowing that
fit fleet Is going to be welcomed
It goes, whether It be la a
?? ?*? the American Western coa>;
?fls * hnrher belongiag . Jspaa or
We shall bear 1 a it In
countries, and the i.?ct that
hut the kindliest feelings are
over Its coming In
wagers will thrill every Astert
with warmer sentiments toward
rrlcadly sowers And bow
hotter t Is 10 have the good
other nations taaa to feel
?a that regard: This ear
cement aaew frowdsdip*
the United States and other
mas make th-ro asore lasting
nkso Increase ike respect tn
the Aa.ertran navy is behf Car
of the
the Vast imprrsri?e thin;
Che camfng craise to the Orr-a
?ere U a prosperoo? repal 'jc,
ef 4C states and es v leg a
Of Sanaa as* in round nam
will be swbstaat tally an
after the fleet anils through
Gate again, and yet the
of las ant are feeble, few
There hi through
try hardly sett Mag
ef tMs pua of ad
to the world ef the ?est eat
afP Pmhed States ?na the
eeaasty with ether pew
?nor* seems h? ho
m s
Ute art of war. ta year* to com?* this
extensive voyage ot ili<- American
battleships to foreign countries will
be regarded as one of the most re?
markable Incidents hi the history of
the country. /
It la evident that ihr people of San
Francisco propose beginning, today,
to show tknt they appreciate and rea?
lise fully what the trip thus far menu*
and ?hat the coming voyage conveys
to the nation. They are right in be
licvlng that 0ie officers and men who
man the ships should be given a royal
welcome and that their entire stay
In the city should be over remember?
ed by them for Its cordiality and1
whole sou led hospitality.
For a long time one of Chicago's
flourishing Industrios has been its
numerous matrimonial bureaus. Other
cities have similar institutions in
their midst but is ha.; been the Windy
City which has been the chief gold
' brick dispensor iti this connection,
but the city seems to be tiring of Its
; distinction and is taking steps to
drive the matrimonial brokers out of
' business. Ouc woman has already
been convicted of conducting a bu
j reau on the ground that the whole!
' thing was s fake affair and trials of!
'other matrimonial brokers are to fol-i
I low soon. During the trial which pre-1
I ceded the conviction of the woman'
' It was shown that the same pictures'
[wore used and reused and the wealth]
j of the affinity hunters was greatly ex?
aggerated in all cases. It ap|waredj
' that a number of business men of tile
city furnished financial backing for a
number of love-providing enterprises
and derived handsome profits from
the frauds. These men are to be
charged with swindling and proceeded
against criminally.
The matrimonial agency is a bunco
game so old as to almost entitle It
to a ?place as an American lustitu
| lion, and while there can be no doubt
that such concerns should be broken
I up. It is almost impossible to have
, any sympathy for the annual crop of
fools who drop iheir money into them.
The right spot for any man who hopes
to draw an affinity out of a matrimo?
nial agency is a home for Imbeciles.
But it was a wise old gambler who
added to the long list of truisms K
declariug that a "sucker is born even
minute." and It is upon this unfailing
supply of fools that the matrimonial
bureau thrives amazing well. U in?
variably happens that the soul mate
supplied by the marriage broker rap
Idly develops into a proposition so
hard" as to make adamant feel like a
bunch of eiderdown, and if the mat?
rimonial agency serves a useful pur?
pose at all. It Is furnishing a school
g| experience. In which fools learn
something which they would have,
never learned in any other way.
However, as a money separator and
divorce-breeder, there is no other en-'
terpriae yet Invented by American
genius to equal the matrimonial bu?
reau as it is conducted in Chicago and
other large cities. The fool not hav?
ing anywhere near as much brains as
the mules being driven through the
streets of Newport News Is. of course
not aware of this fact, nor ran he
know that marriage ofien is a failure
even when approached along the most
cautious and legitimate lines. An
abundance of the double extract of
trouble Is as inevitable as death if
other than the time honored methods
of securing a wife are adopted.
In one respect at least, these upperI
air and <<olar walk navigators of the'
empyrean seas, as some of the bal
loco sailors call themselves, hate an!
advantage over poor mortals whoi
merely crawl about the surface of the'
earth. They ran really make their'
wives look up to them
The announcement that the Presi?
dent baa a new $:.a straw hat is t
of paHieular traportanec. but it is in?
teresting to he t ?M that i? is the)
same siie aa whea he flr-t tp-rat
The {.kVgTound* in la- p ihltc
schools in Boston are to ha- .- facial
saprrvlsion. and the tames <,1 the
childroa ar?- to h- ??>ti-o?tiH Xos
laa't that Jn?t like ? . to go as*
spoil nil a fellow s fun*
If h i? true that the rwrn ponsf
was asstde in order what ta ?o prevent
the same a,?-n making another as
a* Congresa ad pawn* if ww *crt at
remedial financial k?glidaMon .? no*
Ts?- Wa?bintfo? ?tat M t> ia*.. who
art stiH naming bow B*Kh >' | o*l?
to keep g ben ? Tear. m?-< BjaJ read
Ike Dailr Prr? rarefaTrv We r. ;??;?(
r gdJiau. buy a k*n and keep It a
year, and tbea jov will snow the cos?
A nsaa named iswsnr; tt criag ta
Ik* Hravor c*JUr?<?.'!?? a- a ?eV-SVSlC
ntkents The eae4*4a?e? srfll not
" a* "
Prolubly people will use Washing
ton avenue more now that the ear
?putting graphophones are no longer ,
Belching forth their hideous noises
Now sfTkiice the barkers aud all wil:
be well. ,
A nineteen-year-old boy In New
York has failed for $9,000. He hit the
Nupolanlc financial stride early, all
Another proof of I he wisdom of
saving your pennies. A prisoner in a
Wisconsin jail made a screw driver
from one aud made hits escape.
The British cruiser which made 2S
knots an hour has probably tied up
the record for awhile.
If the criminal Italians keep it up
much longer the dime novels will
have to be revised.
At the close of a recent speech In
New York. Mr. Bryan was question?
ed as to his views on the disfvan
ehlsfemcnt of negroes In the South
and he said that they had the oppor?
tunity to get wlthl nthe law by com?
ing within the educational qualifies
tlon. In this connection he took oc?
casion to call the attention of Repub?
lican.-; in the North to the fact that
under the laws they have fastened on
tile Filipinos not one of the latter CSg
vote under any qualification. On the
ether hand the negro In the South
has the advantage of living under the
laws made for the black man and the
white man alike, but the Filipinos are
kept under luws made for them and
not for us.
Rut the most Interesting part of
Mr. Bryan's reply to the question pro?
pounded to him was his assertion that
the white man in the South had dis?
franchised the negro in self-protec?
tion, and there ig not a Republican
In the North who would not have dons
the same thing tinder the same clr
cunistances. "Those Repul^lcans in
the. North." he said, "who dispute Ih's
or say they are different from the
j South either are not frank with them
! selves or are assuming what Is not
tmc The white men in the South'
will not allow a few men to use C.ie
solid black vote to further their own
financial and political Interests. And
that wah what had l>een done."
Mr. Bryan was well within the
I mark when he told his audience that
I the white men in the South were giv?
ing the negroes better laws than ths
negroes'would give to-the white men
were they making the laws.' Moreov?
er he made a rather telling point by
citing the fact that the disfranchise
! ment of negroes did not originate, in
j the South, but in Washington, where
It was determined lo disfranchise
j every negro, even If they had to dis
! franchise every white man to do It
i The great number of negroes in th(
, electorate made this course neccs
nary In order to secure orderly and
intelligent government in the District
of Columbia.
It Is gratifying to know that Mr
i Bryan stated his views on the qnes
: tlon of negro disfranrbiscment frank
ly and clearly, and also the position
'of the white men of the South, when
i be said they were'determined that
the negroes shall be disfranchise,:
I because it Is necessary to prevent the
recurrence of the horrors of earpe^
bag rule.?New Orleans Slates.
Mount Etna is in eruption. Had tc
get an early start if it hoped to at
tract any attenticn. The campalgr
will soon be open?Philadelphia Nortr
j American.
Many a man who claims to be *e!f
made was made what he is by hi'
wife.?Chicago News.
Kvcn If wealth does turn hearts ir
? atone, a* Archbishop Farley says, w*
will have pleat- of .-toft-hearted peo
> pie always with us.?Kansas Citi
I Times.
i .
I Hard lines when a man pawns hi.
false Ivories for some!hing to eat antl
then can't go through with the Job
?Youagstown Telegram.
International marriage- are rr.moh
at the outM*'. and tragedy or dolorotn
?nelndrams later on.?Birmingham
The orator* diml-h th~ < amtw en
thunder, hut the people ? tipph tht
lightning that do~? the real lm>me?s
?Halls- News.
Republicans in the Smith do not
make mneh of s show at the ImlVnt
bos imt ihev nunR le- preit? ananas
ret* when neaHv every state can ?f?
ft rd enongh of them to At tKit twe
arts of ecl*c*l'-* SS I he national eon
veal ion?Philadelphia Pres?.
Mr Richard Croker aar* "Amerles
need-; a qnlet Pi i ?latsl.'' If Cr>Wtcf
Isn't caret-nl. we will he ?pHlinc hi.
name '"Croaker" ever rm ?: t* ?H?- e(
the his pond -Wa?hln*ioTt Herald.
Cotigre?? In "--> hws' t? pat amy at
ttnwt'oM to passa r\? r-n af Ran si a. ret
nnbndr ran P?d <mt what it h? Imo
ausist ? Philadelphia ledger
M?"? Watieiana's practical ?errr-n
der ?o Brian further attesi? iia great
Trrs*tillt<. r?.ir . .. Ail4, atber*l?r -
Beaton Heald
Rr aerer ...t,- a fW-ph*>w Mrs
Iteftv nreew ba? a--n4dr-.| man. tewip
? ???or. to hard tbraaght- and heat*
bnmgnagcYork Worht
Th? Road to Peaceful Valley.
A bit of road that wsndcra by
Beneath en amethystine eky.
i And turning, with nomadic ?kill.
Glldea undulating: down the hill'
Then, crowding through the r?eky ledge,
Run? onward to the water's edge?
I follow It with spirit- gay
To catch the river's roundelay!
Beside It grow the acented ehrub.
The monarch elm. tit*- dwarfish scrub;
t'pon the fenrea. banked with vine.
The morning glory tendrils twine.
On through the valley, wet wiih dew,
A tiny rlhbon to the view.
The road lilts aaylv paat thr> rills
To loa? Itself among the hills:
Ah, narrow. rugged, beaten track
That strives to keep the verdure hack,
I, tno, would launch myself to-day
And through enchantment take my way!
On. on towarJ the perfect cr?>8t
Where vari-colore blend the west.
I. too, would lose myaelf hy rills
Among the cverlaatlng bills:
("iod ahowed the courae for thee to run
Toward the opalescent sun.
Through pea.-e and gladness, birds and
. ?ong.
He laid thy lilting way along.
And where the wild forget-me-not
la hloomlng. t would cast my lot.
Behind is only woe and < are.
The clty'a turmoil?and despair!
Where nodding apple-hlnssonn hlush
Andd the waving grasses, lush.
Where shooting stars are peeking up
And marigolds extend their cup.
Where ferns are noddin? In His breese
Ami taaaels quiver in the trees.
I. too. would trudge to Joy's abode
Along the winding river road:
When man la hard and harsh and sad.
A touch of natura makes him glad:
A walk beside the singing stream.
Where sportive minnows dart and gleam.
Wilt put a perfume In his heart
And ease the worried worker's part
Bo let me lose myself by rills
Tbat babble tove-eongs to the bills!
o o o
Locating the Deity.
- A small boy bad been told tbat Cod
was omnipresent, hut could not sat?
isfy his mind regarding the statement.
i When the minister came for dinner.
Little Willie got him Into a corner and
"Rev. Mr. Jones, ia God every?
1 "Certainly. Willie "
I "Is lie in this house?"
-Yes." ' '
"Is He In this room?"
J "Yes."
"Is He down cellar?"
i "Certainly."
J "Is He up stairs?** ?
i "les."
I 'is He in the atticV
i "Yes."
j "Oh. what a story! He ain't neither.
We ain't got no attic!"
o o o
j Gettlag engaged la all right, but gct
i tiag married is a serious proposition.
?Cr * *
Kren the vilest man will hesitate
1 before teaching sin to an innocent
I boy.
* * t?
My office noy Is beginning to sbow
i simptoms of his grandmother's d-aili.
I Hatter up!
<r ?> w
Yon never feel so kindly toward the
old sexton until a loved uoe lies in
his cbarchyard.
?a- ?? *
Many a young man who has sotighf
? a sweetheart's hand has g?>ttru a fa
! ther's foot. Instead,
j ?? i O
The man who Has not tried lo better
the wm-!d during bis residence on
earth has lived In rain
* * *
I Gotting married didn't euro toe of
J writing poetry Wb?* the bills began
I t<-> rome ia. I had to ante more than
? ? ?
"Bp yen know. I have often thonsV
'hat Adam must have had a terrtWo
; HsWS shaving himaetr with a clam
I Shell'
w * #
i When yon wan* an orsnff" do not
1 pay th- dago Make fares si him and
' he will throw one at t??-i Maar r*?>
r?ls gn 'brnngh life ?m fhle sanse ?n
?ess bet as a rnsr ?be> get snore rocks
Uta a orange?
rWhlh? I was la talitsnore rerentH.
the harbor said h? knew I wa? frosn
? lb* nest hersii>e | ssd n?r week
' aharH. 1 avrlt hating ay noes sua-ed
I tat-n-dla'eli not because I ?r
, ashsnrf"! of being rrron ihr wen?, hu;
r-ersne? ! ran ?nro Pre cents every
j time I gr' shaved and be mr?e fa?h
! fnnaMe *? the ?asne llsao T???e la ?he
frev? ttsse tn ssv ?ife ihn? bntng in style
baa paid m? snoner
There are uiany reasons why
you nliuuKl b'iy Clothes from
He can easily demonstrate
this to you If you will call and
lake a look at the new Fabrics
he is showing this season.
The Prices Are
See the swell line of Oxfords
he lias on display.
His Hue of i-'airta cannot be
Underwear of all description,
both long and short drawers.
He will make it worth
your while.
2715 Washington Ave
5 Newport News, Va.
From a Parcel to
an Engine.
Freight, Baggage,
Furniture and Safes
Carefully and
Promptly /loved.
Transportation Co.
?Storage Warehouse
514-520 27th Street
Reasonable Rates.
Novel Methods of Raising Revenue
Resorted to Years Ago.
The statement that the chancellor
of the exechequer is "considering"
the question of taxing theater tickets
is certainly somewhat startling. Rut
, such a, method of raising additional
I revenue would by no means be so
Inovel cr disturbing as some of the
suggestions which have been made to
, harassed chancellors of the exche
] quer in the past.
I In 1!HW Mr. Austin Cljamb'-rlain had
j to provide for a deficit of some 6.000.
| flu? pounds, and some extraordinary
suggestions wefe made to the mem
Irrr for Ea^t YVorcestershir ? on that
{ occasion by these who considered
. themselves fully capable of teaching
? Mr. Chamberlain his business. Among
! other thlnes on which It war. said dn
? tics should be imposed were such ne
> ressitics as hoots, baths, lamps, hats
and even umbrellas and perambula
i tors.
l/>rd Randolph Churchill wa.J the
first chancellor of the exeehetpter to
propose a tax on tickets of admi<sion
to theaters. In fact, this was oniv
onc of several novel schemes which
' he Intended to introduce Info his i??d
' get In 1***. which was never prescnt
I od to Parlbvmn? owing to his rcsig
' r.ati'uj from She chancellorship in fhs
ecniijer of that year
In 1*<V> a tax "f ;s. had to he pai 1
t>y the parent? of every "little slrang
; er" bom in Kurland except !n |ico>
j pic in ree-dpt of alms t'artomdy
? enongh a bill proposing a tax rsi l>a
Idcs wa? IplrodncerT *on?c ? I me ago
lie the local l*ariiament of the Oer-!
I man Princedom o< R. n .? by which If
was proposed that the parents nrj
mother when rc?j>.ter1?c ?he birth of
. chiM ?honId -?i ?- ca?e ronfrl
hntc Cd
No ?mall amonrt of fan was made
of the MR lntr<wtwcrd h> a member
of the ye*- J?-r-4-v >.:*?.. leeitdainre a
??hor* tim< ?.;.> impnaina a rradnatrd
lax on men with heard/. That aa
ordin?rv hcanl sh'.nM. cent .on I
t>"tind a year, a stance tn pnticda.
whiakera ext ? ? dfcsg six tn? hem 2
ponnd. per In- h and r-.| whntker* 20
per cent nvrc la each case. h> cer
la nary as aaaawtng to the ririn ?bsvp
trwti?MfMl a- It I? prcpostcrnati. ? ? the
man who like: a alrsntr aparndnge (at
protect Ma throat
Bit? evn >his I? trot aa original pro
pratal Qwera Kl tr?te-?u put a tax of
Jan. (d na every heard cf a (onnicht a.
gT?wtb. whib a ceapb? of r-ea'arl'-*
aan peter ?bc tireat ia*i?Jed that ?M
wMe- who tort V-at-de afcusM par
lea ruhte? tm the prtxr
String Ban
As a buslnej
the right bank
i*a man, especially iu tbi
mack uf you and yuur bi|
Schmfelz Brotf
: in th? c,?
The largest anf "??r?ngest bank in the fty Is the bej
to do business] wlth
of this strong,
you to inspect
live and efikirj
Your accot
If YolJ Arc Not A!read
reliable and growing ban
our equipment aud facillt
nt handling of your banki
lint, subject to your check
Thcf Natlo.
Newport News, V
Depositary. Capital $IOO,C
United States
Is the Bank
knowledge of
is safe? guar!
the best busfj
J. M. CURTlff
Vatji, we very
ics for the
JN?ug businessjj
^Mwill have oulest attention
! Ntial ft
rdially lnvlto
fe, couserva
'hose Board of Directors c
local conditions, give their
iY when deposited in the>
cd by the combined judgm
men of th? city.
oi rector;
E. W. milstead
COfft. Z7TH st., and hun ItingTON a|e.
Ihis property ilji goinF to
i sold cheap.1 Car be
ade a good 15 f Per Qjnt
Call for Particular
Old I Dominion I Land Co.
For Salle!
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry.
Fast Trains!,0 Richmond and the
>rt News 10:05 a m .
ains to Richmond.
m.; S:t3 p. as.
Newport News. l*:O0
a., ."> ;:.", p. xa. and 7:30
crvice for Norfolk.
New* i?:40 a m.
M tr^haflts k Im ers TrMt. Co.
Passenger and Ft eight
rflevrport News to Baltimore.
IjVaily except Tuesday. 6 p. ni.
Fare ?3 00 One Way, $5.00 Round Trip
?including Stateroom Berth
Ticket to all points.
Norfolk to Boston.
lEvery Mon., Wed. and Frl.,
' ii o'clock p. m.
Norfolk to Providence.
\ Tnes . gat., and Sun.. C p. m.
Ickcts and further information.
The New i"*1 P***??>*"**bb* Iron Palace
Steamers \|WPORT NEWS. WASH?
INGTON A.v" NORFOIJC will leave
daily- as foi
apiMy to
H C. A VERY. Agent.
Newport News. V'a.
Leave Mravtjf
Wa'rr sfrt
at .
Arrive W
l^-ave Port4,,0"'b' Nor,a
a? rcct .. ?
'k. foot of
!' t at
'otnt t'onifoM
Norfolk Newport New, Ferry.
tive Feb. 17, 1908.
Subjeef j? change Without Notice.
Is*. Wash
Ar Phil*
Ar. N. Y.
itagti-u at
Z . On p m
h (HI p m
7 -?n p in
7 :0" a rn
? ? ?
I St
? * t
?% c x l st
? s ?*s
? e
\ ?-?
Penn. R R
atw a m
11 ni a m
1: 1.1 p m
r AO RR. i-e'-nmm. c .
!? on a mm' ""ass C 4.am 7:::nani
?i'j -x, . Z ??*!??, -? ?n?,
-, =
New Yor
r?r mf
'i:*a *l2:<en
Phlla f "
Wands, f
NorfnRtl ; '
: -.:> p m
& as pas
?? >> i- rn
7:SS? a ss
??? AH,
2. ns p :n
V ., -I. .
v ? ?> ill'
it ion apply to
b. Agent l nl
berlli; H'?e,, OBJ r-loi
jnsrt mm
riuni' s.-. et?. Norfolk.
?>Bree. CBsV
P M pr^^r"'?
u w.nt*m^^,,fx ^ v=~"
x fat am
? mam
?? ~n am 1 rno am
te-SBaj 12 nnpm
' :JB pas 2 rBPfaji
?':: 'f? pm ?. :;n prn
4 r.nfmt z.mpm
'"?"ni * Ttipm
?ft p.n ; :?? nrti * no pm
E ft* HATHAWAYr'Gonerad" ataai"
- ?? ] * AU.K.V <;rneraj Sun
orintlad??: Railwaya,
Steamers ta FHitaoVrlphla
Ruling frnfn PTsttwd-<ph>. Tuewiay.
Th?eH?, ?;??? Statnrday
fitlght rorrlved sod deh)r?M^d
daJInat 4' A O. Pk-r ?<o V t?BVe
flanA i/tB. W M; ARRP'K.
to* ftsvaitsern AamL
r*1.Yr>F. MTB*?MS4MIP CO.
Uh if*--" Avewwe.
Philadelphia Pa.

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