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only newspaper published Is
Newport Newe that receive* the
full news report of the Asso?
ciated- Press.
VOL. XIII. NO, 120.
Ml lot Personally Attend Session
ofCoiirt at Wfilch BEackstone's
Appeal Win be Heard.
Newport News Jurist Will be Holding
Court in Accomac County While Ar.
guments Are Being Heard in
Wytheville?If Blackstone Wins an
Interesting Situation Will Arise.
? (Special to The Daily Pr-s.)
HAMPTON. VA., Many 29.?Judge
Clarence W. Robinson, of the Circuit
Court, today stated that !e> will n??t
go to Wyth:vllle next Tueiltv .vhtti
? f.-rater Judge Blackstone will present
hi> petition to the Supreme Coutl
asking that a writ of mandamus be
issued caufiug Judge Robinson to
show cause why he is holding the
judgeship in the Kiev tilt Juiiicirl
? While I will not go to Wytnevillc
myeelf." said ih,^ jurist to 'h\ Dniiy
Press' Hampton correspondent. "I
will be represented in the proceedings
by my attorney. He will look after
my interests at that time, while I
wiil be in Accomac county holoMn:*
the regular term of the Circuit Court."
Judu ? Robinson said that he did not
rare to give the names of hU ati'.r
? neys for piMleatlon.
If Blackstone Should Win7
Considerable int' rest is being man?
ifested among the attorney* in the
prorei dings being" brought by forntnn
Judge Illackstone and should the SuJ
preme Court decide that Jndgs Illack?
stone Is entitled to hold his place and
ihat the legislature erred in remov?
ing him some very pecnVar ies-1
propositions wlU arise
Judge Rtdtinson has held court 'n
Newport News. Hampton, N-irihnmp
ton county and Accomac eowc'.y since
assuming the iiosition and in Hie
evnt that his election is void noth?
ing that he has done would hold
in law. Well known attorneys de?
clare that there is no such n legal
proposition as a de facio judge.
The question then naturally arises
what would b" the status in the cases
of the prisoners, who nave been tried
and sentenced to terns !n the pen?
itentiary by Judge Robinson.
However, then- are quite a num?
ber of attorneys that hold to the be?
lief that the Supreme Court will fin-1
ample authority for aphoM'ng 'he ac?
tion of the legislature iti removing
Jedge Illackstone
Bids to be Opened in Two Counties
and Russell to Spend $100,000
for Roads. \
i By A*.-ociated Press )
RICHMOND. VA.. May 2J>. ?Can
tatn P St. Julian Wilson, state h'sh
nay < ? ?minif'siowr. said todav that
h' wen11 be on the move f >r :ite
next few weeks
June he is to attend a meeting ?I
the coun'y attthorit'- s of Orange,
where ? contract for five miles t.f
road will !*? awardtd
June y> be goes to Chkpeper, where
he will open hids for twen'y tnths
of roadr. f;.T that c?nin'>.
Captain Wilson is engaccd fn n.ak
iag a tnrvey for rond improreuierts
in th ? county of Rwwll. wWn call
for an outlay of lino.noo Th. n<-o
pfe of that county are mn- ti riet
ested in road imt??ivvnienl
Kndorse* the Work o* Ant. Saloon
Lesse* end Says Saloon is
"-kink With H?M"
? By Asisociated Ii??' i
PTTTsEJURO. PA.. May 2? ? At
the reeaeet of th- Anti-Saloon * SKue
?.f Anserk-a. it h?? h. -t. "-id d t>v
the ('ailed Prrehytc-iaa general *?
sv-nvoty. in *esv??n nr.. to *wj a
delegation to th- n< \l raM"i...l ' >:?
r?-at Ion of the K-t '?<? Th. '-le . ? ..f
the comalttee an *enm mar . pn
?en.ed by th- chairms*. Rev. Dr
J. T MeOrory. of Piu?her? r*
natnet re-nimn. ida'ior? to < :
feVt that tb, assembly reth-n lo or*
r?n*l day. th fourth Puedat In \o
umber. ?S tmtp,n?r, **VVh "
Concerning the .saw* uneaten, the
legalized dr'.iklrg was etaractortaeJ
;.s a "coveaaut with doatb, a link
wilh hell." Emphatic -I??<?! urti.ns
wire made tlirt the BP If be I night
in the pvb'ie schools
Addresses Wire made during tbo
1. Lining sessiie. |?y U"v. Dr. ?; llo'i
I'lson. on ' O'i* Km|iii;t:i *l:i?*;ou.'*
oi'l De?. I/-, .losepb Kyle jii "Cur
India Mission."
Grave Apprehension Felt for Safety
of Residents of Portsmouth on
the Low Coast.
(By Associated Press.)
KAI.KICH. N. C. Maay 2?. ? A
special tonight from Mon bead City
says a seventy mile hurricane raxed
on thai part of the North Carolina
coast from 'J o'clock today to near
Crave apprehension is fell for the
safety of tho people <>f Portsmouth,
a small village on a low part of
the coast, near Mor. head, but tele?
graph and'tclephone lines arc out of
commission atul it is Impossible to
g't news from there or from oUicr
points on the coast.
Life savers wi nt lato in the day
to the rescue of a Ashing boat, hut
have not returned, i is feared that
?reat damage has been done along
the coast. Vi ssels plying near the
coast today have been in peril.
No Verdict in Whitmorg Case.
(By Associated Cress.)
NEW YORK. Hay 2'J. ? The jury
in the case of Theodore S Whitnvore,
charged with th.- killing of his wife,
whose body was found in ;!i- lamp?
black swamp, was looked up shortly
before nthlnighl. after bavins dellL-j
crated on the evidence for nearly,
nine hours. j
Famous Automobile Racer Killed on
liie Pimilco Track it Baltimore,
While Speding His Machine a Wheel
Collapsed and He and His Brother
Were Hurled into a Fence?Ced
nno's Head Was Crushed.
(By Associated Press.)
BALTLMjOKK. MD.. May 2?. ? Em
anuel Cedrino. the noted Italian auto?
mobile driver, was instantly killed on
PissHos race track this evening. He
ha I been preparing for races in which
he was to have taken p.iri tomor?
row and was m-iking some very fast
miles. Ono had just Itcen finished in j
.'.1 s ends and he hail 'passed thej
grandstand and rounded the first cor-|
tier of the track when spectators saw |
his car shoot into the air and turn .
a sosmnersaaB, hitting upside down. |
Those who rush'd to the s|?ot found
Cedrtno Stroacfcjed uikui his back, j
<b-ad. with a horrible gash in th-j
??a'-;, of bin b- .i-i and portions of his
brain scatter d about, He was some f
distance fr >ni the c:ir. frj>m which j
he bad apparenily le-.-n ihnisi as it .
???in o\..r. and it is sitpitoscd that:
his head strurk th-- fence.
In-. Il?-rb?rt S?-ho?-nrich. who was.
watrhinc the practice spin.- of the en- !
fratits in tomorrow's races, r<-actu d
Cedrino".* sid?- :ilne>M before thv dust
i f ihe acvid nt had cleared away, j
He found that the occidcnlal Inmr.
had Ipo.-u fern out entirely and thai!
n iarge portion of the brain was
si: o missioc. This wa? Pmnd In
pi.-c-s 'Wi the Ira- k n-arby Tbc a
eideie appiars to bav h<-*-n c in: ?d
by the c"lla(ise of i*o front who-I
on" lb>- risbt side of the ear It was
a wooden wb en and sn%>*1 frac
nw-nts of !t were all ronl.1 I-- :?..?!
after the a? i Ment.
The i ir- was fnon I praei i?-arK in -
tact. The machfnc was totally 's reck
Tb?- car which t? n*?w Si f'W "wir
th ? sernp heap, was tbe <?n? in which
h.t- riiaib- alt "f his ree??rds.
Sncll W>lt S?t Aside.
(By \wi?iiil Crews.)
CldNTttJJ. II*L.. Mny 9. ? The
fcrry to tif e?-e?nd trial of ib?- He. n
will es?e. after having heew out six
ssnsrs. bought in s verdict today
rett'na asM- thv win of C?sowel
Thiwna Hnwll. a millemsli- The jsry
dto-lsr-d that ColnwH Hu? It was nf sn
s?nn.t mind The will was contested
nv Hi-ward Sn. II. a son. who wss
cnt rdf with sn snnnty of %'*.
Alone and Unsustaloed He lakes
a Remarkable Filibuster Against
the Currency Measure.
Declared Early This Morning That
He Would Continue Until Eight or
Nine O'Clock ? Senator Stone
Attempted to Relieve Him But
Could Not?Jeff Davis Coming.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, 1?. C. May L'9.?It
has lK'i-ii a long lime since the S> n
ate has been tied ?l> '?y u filibuster
with such slender .-support >us was in
evidence today when Senator l.a Fol
Ictlc undertook to defeat the <r?mf?
rence report on the Aldrlch-Vreelaiid
currency bill by talking it to death.
The report being brought up shortly
niter one o'clock. Mr. Li Futlettc
took tin- floor. He insist'd that a
quorum should lie maintained at all
times and up to six o'clock he had
demanded twenty roll calls.
He thus was able to obtain more
er less r laxatien and sit the same
time keep the supporterb of the bill
in their seats.
The heat was excessive and many
were vi ry restless under the res
It seen became evident that the Re?
publicans would have difficulty in
maintaining the pr.-sciiec of a ma?
jority and it is just as apparent
that proceedings will be suspended
without the necessary M senators
pre se tit.
Mr. La Kollette complained of his
reci nt Illness and during much of
the day leaned strongly upon the arm
of his chair half sifting ax he talked.
He engaged y\r. Ahlrieh in a collo?
quy concerning the provisions of the
currency bill and later declaring
that the chairman of the finance com?
mittee had not been "frank" In hi.*
r"pli<-s, he was called to order and
only after a vote of thojfjfinst had
restored him to his right to the floor
did he ccatinue his remarks.
All senators except Mr. Foraker
voted to permit hlni to continue.
Shortly before 4 o'clock -Mr. L
Pollelte inquired whether a proposi?
tion W!>uh| be agreed to strike out
railroad bonds and shocks from the
list of securities contemplated In the
conference agreement but Mr. AMrich
promptly declined the offer, saying
the adoption of the report Was the
oniv qn< stion before the Senate and
adding that so far as he was concern?
ed h,? had neither power nor dispoei
lien to make the concession 'Suggest?
Mr. Aidrirh declared that the re
port wou|,| remain before the Senate
until March L irme of necessary.
Mr la Pnllette threatened during
the day to keep the Senate in session
lhree weeks but the support he will
get in order to cntinuo his tactic*
whin the end of his physical endur
ance will be reached is yet to be
seen. \
It was understood ' that Senator
Stone, who was opposed to the hilt
would rive active support to the fiiT
ibnster and Senstor Oore manifested
some syBspalbj at iimes hut as a hodr
however, the Democrats w?Te as posi
lively opposed to the obstruction as
W' re the Repnlilieans.
Mr. LaPollette's Wonderful Vitality.
Tb.- visor an?i the general re
snurec? of Mr, IsiFoilettc wer? prob
f'dy never more severely t-sfeij At
II o'clock be was in better voice
and was rp<aklna with more vehe?
mence than had r-haracieriz d his r -
marks at 3 o'rlock in the afternoon.
It wax stated at in o'clock that Sen?
ator Si'-ne had promtst-d t-> n-li.-v
hTr. t<aFoilette at 1 o'clock and the
lattT K.iid that h<- wontd t?- qniti
capable of proo-'-dina until that
ARer Mr l<aP<dP-tl? had senken
orrr fen bourn h?- recclv, d a note
from some wad her be had tdae.-d
on guard
"Why." be said r.-ad.nc It. ~1 dM
sad knew I was speaklna to only
fwecty Dr. Se-u*torn | will ha* to
make 'his sr<"?eh all eeei."
At 11 t'. o'l-k'i k K? aaior Stow, in?
terned to bis s at to-4.hu: rrfr. I ? I
aft r? ervcr^l honr?' ?ley,. and he
! miamted tn relieve Mr I jiPotV-tte
The latter had lust raised ? point
of no quorum suj Mr Mdtieh moved
that fkr sergeaataf-ara?? he htstrie-t
?d |o 11mir I the attendance of ?h
swumea Bern the chanter who sre
SB the rtty
The pnrpnwe of Mr A Welch's mot km
was io compel Mr ij?poflettr to re?
main In the chamber la splb? of Hte
t fact I bat ho had been speaking at
I uiost twelve hours,
Mr. SUM* who waa anxious to
lake the YVfccSia'i' sviiatoi s plar.\
moved to .suspend the c.vcini.>r
thr oi.br. ukt the wot hut aiis .!<?
leate'l by the Republicans.
Mr. l-aFollefts -proceeded with his
sp. eeh.
Shortly alter midnight. Mi l.al'o! I
lette : in. si a loll call on i lie ques?
tion of a quorum and alter it win
established he almost Immediately
demanded another roll cnll Mr. Al
ilrieh made a point that Hi" motion j
was ihm jti order, as no buslm ss had '
Mr I.aK.illeite threaten".! that If]
sroh a fir. rodent were establish' il it
would come up to plague the Sen-j
Mr. ALIiioh's niollmi was declared
to !??> adopted by a vote of ?3"< to .">.
If the rule Is enforced it will end th ?
in. ??: sain .l.'iii tndi for roll rails to as?
certain whether a quorum is present.
Having All Night Session.
At 11:15 o'clock p. in. Mr. I.a Fol-f
lette showed no signs of fatigue
Several times he liecame earnest anil
taxed Iii.-? voice more than usual and
it was thought from that fact that
I he had relief in sight. It was b arn
i cd that Senator Slow, who had cone;
j to his hotel earlier in the evening
; had left word that he >vns to 1m1 called
I before midnight. -There were nil:
, kinds of rumors circulating including j
! cue that Senator Jeff (atria had tele j
I graphed Senator I.a Follette that he
j was coming and to hold out until be
i reached Washington.
- This could not If confirmed. It
i was also said that everal I?. mooruts
1 had received dispatches from Mr.
1 Bryan urging tin m to Join in tin- ??-.
; buster but this story' was was not
generally credited ns it met with ve
I bent' nt denials. Scv -ral Republican
I senators, who had been telegraph od
I to return to Washington responded
, saying they would be here tomorrow
Mora Republicans Coming.
1 Republican leaders say th. y will
hare a quorum from their own mom
bership tomorn w and that they will
not be defeated by a one or two
man filibuster if they have to keep
Congrrns In session Indefinitely. j
In this resolution they, have the.
sympathy of Speaker Cannon, who
was a frequent vjaportto the Senate,
wlnjr of the capftoiutid who' express-1
id himself privatelv in vigorous terms
concerning the proceedings. i
La Follette Keeps on Talking.
Senator Stone b-rt the Senate ',
chamber Just an hour after midnight '
taking his paiier.s and documents with
him. The interpretation of the rules
I preventing Mr. La Follette from again
j "."Hing the floor if he should give it
; up disinclined him to am lender to
I Mr. Stone who apparently grew tired
j of waiting. He would not ajrroe. it
j is said, to .speak for a given number
Of hours and the Wisconsin senator
I evidently feared to live up the floor
i until the arrival of Senator Jeff Davis
j of Arkansas. The rumor that he
'would be here in a few hours has
j In on confine-,i by a' telegram receiv?
ed at midnlL-hl.
At 1:30 o'clock- Mr. La Follette let
it be known th.T he intended to speak
until 8 or ft o'clock.
At 3 o'clock I hi ; morning La Fol?
lette was still talking.
There Was to Ha*e Been an Even?
ing Session, but the Necessary
Quorum Couidn't be Secured.
fBr Asvh ia!c,| Press.)
W'ASHLNC.TON May 29. The sit?
uation in the S nate on the cur
rency qu?stion combines with the op.
pressivenoss of 'he le at and indis
l?i*ition to do fn her business caused
ih" House at half past three today
to tak ? a roc s- <mtil seven o'clock
t ?night
With the gr-a 'st difficulty s njuo
nim was maiti'.-med a larco number
of members il. a.ly having l"ft for
i heir homes
l'p to the time of taking the -o
c-ss th Dem?* rais had forced five
roll rails.
But eighteen viomSwrs s-ere in tro-lr
seat* when th" House rersmv- ntd. Af
t r neaAj an lew's nan for a quo?
rum to ap|e>a dnrinc which time
Til the r- sour. ? i of <he serseant -at
,11111? wer? en. ?loved, the Ibrtl-o at
7 n. m. "t; motion of Mr. pavwo
took a rce >s until tl a. m. lonrn.
A i d Bills.
_ Tt.? highway - an i sewers esnnuM
t*v of the rity council la>t nlchi and
i >.,|l? '.. ? ? ' r>,..-.!h and
disowned of ro.itiae hsnahteos. The
almshouss- and P?"!" romtutftet* www
h.-di.i.-d io i? ? * but did not have
BVyao B' ;"??? Another Tj?w-.
Iftv f - ???ia'ed .**ens.l
NOIYVxNdv NWR. May 29 ? S il
Hans J. Bryan began his north Nah
bra ?dkg sM b I Shots touT today
with two sseufhssj la Norfolk ore
no :h~ b?n.h ? of thr V M. C A.
an<j .?s on potrttrs.
?AY, MAY 30, 1908.
IMore I. Price Dm It Is Said
lads $758,110, HM II
?asMftN trait Jvrtj.
Indictment, Against Price, Peckham,
Hsss and Holmes Also Returned by
a New York Grand Jury?Holmes
is Man Who Sold the Information
to Price and Others.
(Ily Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. EX t'.. May 29.?
Aliuusi simultaneously in Washington
and New York imlictcnts were today
returued against Theodors H. Price,
s prominent New York ci tton opcr
ator; Kr-dcriok A. Peckham ami
Moms Haas. I Kith of New York, and
Edwin S. Holmes, Jr.. of this city,
formerly assistant statist lean of the
deiiartment of agriculture for alleged
part IciiMii Icn in government cro|> re?
port leaks. lTlce is chained with
having conspired with ihe other three
men to furnish advance iBjfonnatlou
regarding the crop report a of the de?
partment of agriculture and Price.
Peckham und Haas ore charged with
conspiring to bribe Holmes to shape
tli ? Dlticiai-rc|iorts to suit their Intere
ests. Tin re were four indictments
iTuught in by the Federal grand Jury
in both cities. All but Price hare
heretofore bees Indicted under true
h?ls return, d here In October, 19(15
following; the sensational exposure
of the crop report leaks. After a
long legal fight. Peckham and Haas
succeeded *n preventing their extra?
dition here from New York but Holmes
wan placed on trial ih June, IWT, the
jury reporting a disagreement. Holmes
has not been retried.
Price Said to Have Made $750,000.
The Indictments were returned here
late fe.day. According to one of them
Price made $7r.n.iHH> a.-* a result of his
advance information regarding the re?
port for HecemlKT. 19iH. and paid
Haas $125.000 out nr.this sum. While
not stating how much Holmes receiv?
ed as his share, the indirtment charg
es that Haas paid Holmes $l.H0fl (or
inrermation on the June report of
Tin- indictment which sets out
seven overt acts, say? that en May 31.
l!Sir>. I*ric? and Haas conspired hT
promt in?, offering and Riving to an
official of the I'uiled Slates a sum of
?tone tr> induce Holmes. In violation
of his dnty. to furnish such advance
information. It reiterates the eon
fcrenro in May 1903 InHween Price
and Haas following which Haas came
to Washington, met Holmes and
promised to pny Holmes for advance
information: that ?n June 12. 1905
Haa* receive,) snrh information from
Holme*, and It was conveyed to
Price and that on June 2 Hass paid
Holmes $l.non
Asked Much of Holmes.
The second count of the indictment
says Haan and Price conspired to
bribe Holmes to arrange Ihe Jane
report to as to show a irrealer cotton
crop than lite information In the sta
tiafiean's office Justified.
The other indictments charge the
Ihre ? \. k York men. in i itcht counts
with brillin* Holme? for Ihe Informs
lion aud that with conspiracy to shape
the report as mentioned: charge
Holnws. Peckham and Haas w th cor.
??piracy to defraud the government bv
-???line in forma lion in advance and
, the fourth Indictment. rharalfir
Pt-rijiain and Has* onlv with c-n
spirn. \ to I rltv.. Holmes Jo give out
advance information.
Black Hand RUeJanU M Obaetly Man?
ner *o CMcayo Priest and
i i '? \ - ? ? i ? .. f ? '
C1HOAOO. Mav Z> Father P?
ter I OTallagban. h-ad of the Poi
Itsh Order In ?"hicaen. an I Pram-ln K
Iltnek: i Tin atft?rncy. bare anna in
f???m'd through an rtmnsin MOOT
written in ?>l ??l ?ad ?rap|?-d in crepe
that they hav h"-> n mark.-d for de<??j
by BSyrt. ricHi? . >i? ou< > and that S?.
Man ? rbarrh. Wahash .n. nu. an I
Hnt*wrd rnqe has turn dooOM-d to
te- lilimn ill. !>?? ? <> t.
The threatening M!er had h en
droi.p.-j into He- \mn bo* ?sf lh '
cwerob of wbrrb Fat*-, ootiaghan ts
nantnr ft was aaxtgmd *t.<l un?d
dre.??-d r?a otm Aide wa? a ?end-tr
?drawn ahtute ef a okn't and 0B99JJ
b"We?. |? pth to the |?rte?t and I be
lew Ter It Is ?Jtd in the r? s?dt Of
effort, to nbtata a pardoa for H-rsa
Hillck. aentcuo.-! tu h.ti>K on Juno
12. In the Cook .-..unij jail on ?
charge of ?im bring i., iHilsonMg
six members of Hi Varal laiully,
A chemical nn:ily?u |irux ,( (hut
the red finid i? ?"Ich ihe letter wan
written waa blood and tu? red Ink.
fatherHJ'Callagiiau ami Mr. Illiw-k
ley drew a confession [mm Jerry
Vera] a fe* months ugo thai he had
given perjured i<?iimoii) against
llillek at the trial ity n,,,, nieaaa
they succeeded In hringlug lullea'a
cnae bt foro the pardoning hoard. Th ?
Itoard eat with liovernor Piiicen in
extraordinary session |u state At?
torney Hcaly's office .m.| . vuinlued
the * dawns The investigation led
the governor to reprieve nii<| t<> ad
mice the duty of the ? u-cution iu June
Laat Evangelistic Service* at Thirti?
eth Street Church.
The revival which nan bn-n In pro,
gross at th.- Thirtieth Street Cur?
nan church for time weeks aifl
which ha* been ho successful in at?
tendance, innres! ami addii'ona to
the church, will conie tu a (l..se S-u
day night. Thttr w e :*?> c.infet
slum Thursday Bight and last night
P;*tr new members ??. inpiU.-.i.
Evangelistic services ?dl |... ton
ducted tomorrow womitt* a. 11 r/clach
an?! tt morroy afvenltig it s o'cloi k.
The morning subject will !..? "The
Model Church?-Where to Rai" Ii and
How to Get in IL" hi.i i'i even?
ing the pastor will pre !? ii un ' N'aaman
? he Lejioi." with Twintl-!h C-n
tury is- 11In? ' The S-uilij achool.
Junior Endeavor. Sen i.. Knih-ar?r and
prayer meeting services will !?? con
dtttd at ibe usual mim
1 he pastor has espec'illy -<i?.>t
eu all mj*ubera, the ,i# adlil'cna
ing aervico tomorrow. There will bt
special music at both services.
ImiMSntll IsWlnr
phMM ItecreaserJ
itti tum mb sin
Two-Cent Rate in Effect Six Months
of the Tims Tor Corresponding
Period Increase is }>63.3I3.20. De?
spite of Hard Times.
(Special to The'Daily t'ress.)
?ICHMOND. VA.. May 2J -The
two-cent "rate" for passejic. r.. seems
to have benefited one of the rail
roads in this state, according m ng
ures sotMBitted to Secretary Wilson,
of the corporation oammisaion.
The Atlantic Coast Line, in making
a s; si omen t for the information of
the commission, shows that it has
made a grtat increase In Its receipt*
from parionger traffic. Th.- tw>
ceat rate went into effect in ticteber.
1307. and the report Is for the nin"
months beginning July i of U?t yet"
N March 31 of* th's year.
For the first three months "f the
time des gnated the old thro, r tit
rate was In operation, so that it "-n
:>c* t-evn that the bw-t-oase is J.i-> ? *?
the r< cognation of .In- n< ? r-.ti
Following- see the figure- taken frnm
the report In the hand* of Seereisry
Wilson, applying solely to losseng'-r
hufin- ss:
ioty t 11*7, to Mnrch 31.
Jpty 1. 1 ???. to March 21.
19*9.4 .. -sv 717
Increase ...| c:i: d
For the nine nsonths from Jnlv I
im?g to March 21.10*7, the rates for
pstassanjer wmwu mm thT-e .mi* i
For the Sowliem. for th. s.m- p> -
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loei'sse was not so rent, 'ho tis
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this showfag:
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anj onto (ending February 2?i mad*
the following report:
l*v7 Ifsv
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inrreose .. ,^ .. ?|?.?|.. :>
?howsrs eetuedsy sne], prnb
bly Sunday; fresh and Incren*
rto aatt wind?.
Slayer of Its Swritart M
by ttn Jorg After Elfi*
She Wae to* Hav* Been Married la
a Few Days to Another Man
Crime Wan Committed in Bant Hill
Cemetery Near Bristol?Prisoner's
Family Hard Let.
(By Associated Press.)
BRISTOL, TBNN.. May 28.--After
deliberating eighteen hours, the Jury
In the case of Ark Hale, the youth
charged w"h the murder ?of Llllle
DavI? hia sweetheart, this afternoon
returned a verdict of murder in the
first degree recommending mercy.
The court sentenced Male to life
At 12 o'clock the Jury was called in
by Judge Tyler hut the foreman stat?
ed that they were divided und he fear?
ed could not arrive at a verdict. A
few hours later the Jury came In and
announced their finding. The cant
will lie appealed to the Supreme
The tragedy occurred .In East HIB
cemetery in this city on the night
of May 27.' HOT. The girl had left,
her home and went to the cemetery
In company with- Hale. She was
found dying and be protested that
she had committed suicide by shoot- r
ing herself with his pistol. He wan
arrested and taken to Btountsrifls
ander a heavy guard to prereni
threatened lynching.
Girt Wae Boon to be Married.
The girl was to bare been Married
cn Bester Sunday, three days later,
to J. K. McRoberts. a young man of
Gorge, Afltt... and had already pea*
pared her wedding cloth* a. The
theory or the state was that Hale as?
saulted the girl and then murdered
her to conceal his crime. It was -
known that he objected strenuously .
to her marriage to McRoberts and *3
the general opinion is that he killed "?
the girl because she had rejected
Boy Hale, a brother of Ack Hate,
was sentenced to the penitentiary for
:u years a few weeks ago for the mnr
h r or Irby Dsvls, a brother of Ui>
Iii Davis. He has another brother
who is under Indictment In Wash?
ington county and a brother in-law
serving a 20 ears' sentence in North J
Carolina for highway robbery.
Raymond Scroops, a memt?r of the
notorious Hale family gang shot ?' '3
Bristol policfman a few we-"ks ago
and Is now a fugitive.
Hale has made a strenuous tight to 3
save himself. He showed no emot> -J.
ion when the Jury announced the eet> ".7
diet. The JOdge overruled a motion
for a new trial and an appeal nanV'-yi
taken to the Supreme Court.
mmy he1h0dist MSffOTS
assumed to their placis
? -it
Residences SHscUd by Committed of
M. E. Confersnctt Mew B#
tog HeM in Battimore.
(By Associated Preas.) -:^a
ttALTTMORK, May 2S. ? The snh
(ommiitce of the Episcopacy cosmnR
tec of the general conference of taw
'?! K. church. sft?r an Ire hoar eecret
yessloo at Madison Square thaJt.fi,
?mch lasted until midnight, assigned
i be residences of bishops as fofnyes'
lk*nsa. Mass.. John* W. HanpHton: g
Uienos Avns. Prank M. Bristol: Baf
I..I?. N. Y. John W. Petty; Chatta?
nooga, Tens.. William P As
Cincinnati. Ohio. D. H.
so. William P. McDowell; Pea;sr.
? r)o. Henry W. Warren ; Poo Chew,
'tiina. W. S. beats: New Ort all,
\j> Thomas B. Nevly: New Yarffc
Haaiel A. Qondsefl: Oklahoma! CRy.
William A. Qnayie; Omabn. Jahn L.
N. ni.en. Pehm, Chsea. J. ?J
'ford; Philadelphia, bather B.
[ St Peel. Vina.
>? Mo. Henry
I Francisco. Rd win H.
j Inrton. {j C, Karl
I MwttsrTlaad. WtlWsj
Ore . C W. Smith
la* rhanjren in
foiknar: Bh-han Reafa*
t.vree. South Asnsrtoa. to Near f*r?.*^j
--rare-two to Bustem. Manege OjasjaV *
-eg ftan
Ktsaep bather R
taoeega to

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