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When lackies
where does the country get
g aaestion U on* which has been
C~or voiced many time* during
* tow weeka as the 30.000 blue
ot Admiral Evans' fleet have
_ ?ide-eyed. the novel sights of
?are enveloped the little town
ggta Arenas, have enjoyed shore
? at San Diego and Lasted of the
ty of Los Angel??. ????
kB Star. !
? ,? goes the country get them]
Are these rsw recruits licked
shape aboard the vessels to
they were assigned, or are they|
ad from the Ashing and nier
fleets, with their spprenticeship
ne affairs already finished?" I
guess, whenever hazarded.
?_ wrong. The boys who are
the hard work of taking the
fleet around the world are
before they step aboard a
.atoned war vesael as members
crew, and they are seamen In
more liberal meaning of the
Ban had they been trained to
ob aalt water only on a fishing
merchant vessel. They sre. in
the alumni of the country's
and least-known Institutions
anting? the naval training Sta?
at Norfolk. Va.. San Francisco,
sav and Newport R. I.
MBOiil 6.000 graduates leave the ns
training stations annually. And,
great work is done with so little (
Js and ostentation that the coun-,
as a whole. Is totally Igaorant of,
and manner In which It is.
. jlle the snnusl output of the ns-.
schools Is about 5.000. there !a|
g graduating class of anywhere
that slse. The coarse Is onlyj
jnonths long, from the physical
atlons which open It. to the as
at to a ship, which terminates
Id as the work Is continuous,
month sees s batch of sailors i
hi np and ready for active ser
And this Is the manner or mak
trainlng school at Newport,
of a collection or building.t'
cream-colored brick on Coaster's
Island, in Narragansett bay,)
water side of the city of New
R. 1. from the mainland of
It Is separated only by a creek,
advances the academy grounds
dignity of an Island. This part
government's nsvsl equipment,
at $?00,000, and so satlsfac
hxt the work - done -is -It -proven,'
a school of the same nature Is',
ja be opened near Chicago at a
for holdings of $2.400.t>O0. and the
school will bare Improve
aBd additions In the Immediate
which will cost $1.100.000
First Smelt of the Sss.
towns and cities provide
of the student body st the
schools, but there sre enrolled
aad young men. from every
of~1he country, many of them
their first smell of salt water
they alight from the train
takes them to society's summer
These freshmen, as they may
Called, are the recruits who. bar
gated upon the alluring posters
Tt of the nsvsl enrolling offices,
taken courage and Bled their
for admission to Uncle
i'a service.
is an Important step, but
bo meaas follows that accept
Sm of the offer of service will en
K*. An average of 25 per cent, of
Irpwcaau are able to prod ore their
Ifta crrttScstes. pass the physical
and demonstrate that
are generally desirable and prom
to warrant the govern
hg spending money to make
of them. It may be seen.
iBjafcre. that the personnel of the
IfMed States navy is "picked'* is a
ray real sent*, of the word.
The applicant who does get by the
mt Base bj transported at govers
raat effpease from the enlistment nf
m U the naval school, and the trat
Bag be eaconaters there is a still
are rigid physical examination thar
a) trat, following which h* u put
I a detention hooee for st least twea
"?Star boars to gve say lurking di
(BBs as opportunity to mas Vest it
gf. The detention bouse, it should
f~ Bwawretood. is not in aar sense
ceO. bat simply s cleaa, wen
attractive tstlMssg, to
the recruit Is ton ist? for a
SsRfshm His Sea Tom.
_ passed this ordeal, the esa
Bsflor has matriculated His I
of Federal geaeroslty_
he w measured by a tafhw. from |
be presently receives
ofcMhtag far swsamerj
coupled with an order to
bat cMtsea's apeaul sad don
clothes Sixty dollars is ad
w each oetflt. each piece m
with the owner's nasse, aw*
satt m el sea a "tweiry
he* elethss are to ha _
how to fold each sseeel
bb swap k Mowed.- aad the|
of foMtng bj swrfe tl
are always
ifmalaiti of the oetBl coo
** a hammock sot the sa*
btraseaarat. bet s device Btted
? Bah? asset rews and baaabete?
able to sleep m cane saw
aeenstnrned to H ?Tlhtsgh a
aad awkward at trat.
lewsrs? of the feesbw
bench that neamsws and
be heb? of tmtbmg
. B? dans ss new. The_
asssde. from robe to a beg
~ aad the atwwt era]
street, sf only fear insathi
Ccme From.
^VVV? ,i?^?^r*? ^^**"*W****"^B*bdsvajBsSn^^
man. hia sU*??? b??BS ?taoted by hl?
residence la .?e uotesdJoa barracks^
Tbla la. howev. 'r- not Intended to em
phaslse the fa that be Is a new
comer, but la a P r*^ufJosery measure
against tbe sprea <t of disease geirms
which may have b* *?n brought in from
the outside world. Durtsur this period
he is a busy studei*,*- "Whatever ten?
dency be may have to homesick De., s
Is subdued ny the fac,' that from th<>
hour of turning out ot his hammock
to that of turning In ev?Vy minute is
filled e'th a eomplet*ra?ev? which ex?
cludes other thoughts than those of
the duties at hand.
His physical educatlcm begins with
setting-up drills, .which ('each him thw
salute and other neces igry ceremo?
nies. If he does not know how to
swim h? receives lessons In the bfg
pool.' which, in wdnteh, is kept st a
proper tenip-rature. He gets at>
qualnted with his fellows an(d attends
classes. At tbe end of three weeks
be has completed his novitiate. Is
surprised to find b'cw quickly the time
has flown, and Is assigned to regular
quarters In the TMrfTAySks *?r the re?
mainder of the course.
Piping to Breakfact. \ **.
Here be learns what strenuous
school life really means. His day, be?
gins with reveille at 6:80, when* he
turns out. Is served with a bowl | ot
hot cocoa and spends an hoar lashing
up his hammock, cleaning his clotbet
aud tidying up quarters generally, Ar
8 o'clock tbe bugle .sounds for break
fast formation, and tfce recruit falls
into line In the battalion of which he
is a member and marches Jo tbe mess
Breakfast Is ode of three"' hearty
meals passed out each day to the stu?
dents of the naval school There* Ja
nothing elaborate about these meats
nor Is there anything stingy?Juat
good meat, potatoes aad other vegeta?
bles, bread and hotter In any desires.'
quantity, with tea and cocee to wash
It down, and on Sundays and holidays,
pie or other dertert. The appetite
with which It Is eaten would make
any food palatable, even though It
were far worse than that served to
the young sailors.
Following breakfast cornea sick call,
then assembly aad prayer, and from
that time until the noon dinner there
sre alternating periods of study, In?
struction or recitation, which con?
tinue after dinner until the liberty
period in the letter part of tbe after?
noon. Sporta of all kinds are In?
dulged In during these leisure boors,
the Americsn games of baseball aad
football being favorite sports. At
8:35 the hammocks are piped down
and taps sound at 9.
Regular drills begin at once after
the assignment of a recruit to a bat
tallon. Besides drilling, the future
sailors learn signaling of all kinds.
The walls of the drill hall are covered
with the flags' of all nations and Ibeir
signal codes. Wigwagging and serna
phoring are practiced until the classes
are proficient la these arts. From a
huge compass painted on the wall
they leant to box the compass.
School of the Sailor.
All departments of (he sailor s pro?
fession sre Included In the course
With a log aad lead line the boya
learn how to tell the "marks" aad
"deeps." Out on the breakwater are
small stages from which they heave'
the lead, la the rigging loft Instruc j
Uon Is given In tying knots, coitlag
gear aad Banking splices, sad on a
masthead la the yard fitted with tbe
mpes aad spars of a sea-going vessel
the students make practical applies
Hen of the theory of working ship.
Interspersed with whsf h?sy In the
reading appear like a dull routine are
orrssioaal era lees about the wsters of
Narragaasett bay and the nearby
sonada, la tbe com e of which tbe
embryo sailors learn navigation ray
praeticisg It. hi addition to email
sailing vessels for these cruises there'
are larger vessels, rather mors vaeh.t-1
She he constrncttgn and ?tting than!
tbe recruits srlll find when they get
lato act aal service The cruises are
naturally looked upon as a highly ea I
lovable part of tbe course, aad every
undergraduate has a chance at tpem.
There la ao end to the drills both
ashore aad sBost Practice with
rsa?revclver-. as* rides? by
itie! part ef ?h? education
Famlllaritv with thermometer, tiro
meter aad chronometer are cnhlvat
mL There lev la short, hardly a
branch of knowiedce * :>e;. mar come
In netful la the varied life of a bat
tieehlp fevet which it not tanght etth
or fhaat i tlrafty or prarttrslN st tbe
Maral Srhool
the school adheres to a
policy of pleaty of ford sad plenty
I Of sleep, which combine with the con
to put the vonag sail
I era Into the stnk of ph^tcal rosdV
t. SS sot allowed slTknsgh
td Jokes a* sll hoys pfer
SOT ran hardly he rMhe
lly prevented So n. CM,; |m gggWI
I that there Is seldom a - ? Wb0J
Batsh ra better eondttlnaj
ras ever ts before during bis'
well Bttcd tn take ap Ike
[ work of dels Ming the gag
r'vVO Fmaer, *, tac Msh*d.
- MoesaaVtd pollre sre today
rtag far the ,,,.),. of the six
? e*d baby boy ? h i WB, foosd
Bg a handle hi the f-ont ptaxta of tbe
Basse of Urs Jennie Wtver. shoot ?
o'clock fcmterdav night T*?t think
saw Seea *a Moorish
The baby has g?r s-,)?t.. . sad a
~"*"b band bat I? otb*r
ly fnrntrd and hralthy
think the Tint her ssaa
-the lefan, rather ikaa bring
R as> Wtt> defornser bands
I Oftver e~.rd ,h?- ,nf?t,
awd at Bret thessgbt it . 4 ? ,- ^
Wtgtt senses*, ln?eedtn? to hrr** taw
%he Baby
By Owm Oil
/ .'
Whan **? D??>y wu thro* ?mi
?old thny said th?t Ord| could coaht
down-utatrs tor on horjr or two In tie
afternoon. So I wnr/t homo early and
carrlnd her down, she laughed ac
much that I had t/> Juugh. too.
"Why!" aha aa/.d. "Here's my old
laugnlng Jimmy come back again! 1
{ tbjoogbt I'd loot him."
I hadn't been laughing eery much
attain* and 1 fand my renaona; hut 1
didn't, want to talk about them. So 1
pretended to be out of breath, aad car?
ried her to the armchair and tucked
her up in 'a rug, and made her lie
*aT*i)ast the pillows.. Tbua I fetched
I "Why Hgvu You Qlvun Up Laughing,
I another chair, and ttat beeide her, and,
I tried to change the subject.
"tt'e nie* to bar* yon down again,
I Oml." I told her.
"Tea? Why ban* you given up
'laughing, Jimmy?"
"So you're noticed." I paid slowly.
II could eee that It waa no nan trying
to pot bur oft It never la.
"Of course!** Shu nodded. "What
11* Jtr ?
"An otter had ret by r I uzpislned.
"Ton see, I got Into rather a way of
J worrying?before. I wouldn't let yon
I see that-1 worried. *hut?"
Oml looked up at me and smiled.
1 saw, Jimmy." she stated. ?*
"Yes. I suppose yon did. I tbought,
j if I pretended to be cheerful, It would
I cheer you up a ML"
"It did." Oml held out her hand.
I aad I aunt said It "And I thought tt
weald Cheer you up n bit. If I pro?
tended that I didn't sea! ?ren't wu
dreadful pretenders. Jimmy*?"
She laughed again. She didn't seem
I to hare altered * bit.
"I don't seem to bo a success aa a
I pretender." I owned. Ton si ways so*
I through me."
"Yes. So you may aa wall tell aw
at once. .What la it?"
"I dont know?"
"Jimmy!" Sb* shook her bead at
me. "You do."
"I don t know saw to put tt, I
"No." ah* cost red lotad. "yon mann
that yon don't know how to avoid
putting it.' It's no a** bothering
about that, he sauna Tm going to make
yon tell me the truth. And now sou
can do tt!"
"Well." I said. "It's tffe* this: Ton
re. yon weren't Jost aa ordinary
wife. Oml. Ton wer* a?a sort of
chum. too. We Shad the
'and thai
of i
have n chum to do them with; aad I {
hadn't nay chum when eh* waa up
stairs; and an I didn't foul like laugh
I tag; and that's ail."
"And now slur's down stairs," said
Oml; "und that's all Bat yon aren't,
even smiling. That isn't a smile. It's |
only n gibases What ta ttr
"Nothing." I told her. Sb* didn't |
I coatrndtct me. hat muten it an* wtth j
-Baby la a funny little
she remarked, at kssL
"He'e a funny little
"D? yoa
"No." I I
"Nurse say* he ts"
"They always do.**
"Mrs. Hsxredea
?war aa* I
'. "I mmX"
"To* ham taken sway her reps'* |
turn ta a breath "
1 think has like ?paw,
Vinters says he's Ith* use"
? Good gl minus, a*!" f cried euer
?ettrailt raney comparing a baby? |
or ae.thtug-to Oaat
"Who do yoa tbtsk he's .the'
"He's snore tike a I
thing." 1 growled.
-Tea'- Oml laughed. "Isn't he*
Very like ? monkey." f was rather I
taken shack at tana. I had as pact sd ]
bar to be Indignant
"He's not mere Rke n
other hakim." t uuuhaud
"Not a* as oh." she sead "Not |
nuarty an much He s eery good look
hag far a b**y; and b*'s got yonr|
aaaa; and he takee a tot of aotte*
aad seeuas In kneu p**af*. r
he nhws buddha* gay aager better thus |
say body's'"
Aad yen tike bedding
?ml tel*cted~?ae of my
WM H tightly.
"Bow I eat.", she cried. Tea'n
"No-o," I corrected. "Not exactlj
Jealous. I do fool a bit envious?
sometimes; bat that la beastly of me;
and la soon gat over It"
"There's nothing to get over, Jim
ny; hut I ought to like him, too.;;
"I waat yon to use him Just ai
mach aa other mothers like tbeli
"Oh;" Omi clasped her hands.
"But other mothers can't lore their
baby so mach aa I lore mine?yours!
I may lore him. mayn't I, Jimmy?"
"Of course you may."
"Aad yon win, woo f' yon?"
"I dare say I shall get to like th?
litUe sleepy handle, when he's big
"Toa Una him now. Jimmy." she In?
"Tea. I suppose I do. Well, I do,
"80 yoq caa't be Jealous of me lik?
ing him."
"I'm not Jealous, Omi. I?I don't
know how to explain what I mean ex?
Omi leaaed her head against my
shoulder, aad didn't say anything.
"It'a two troubles In one," I con?
fessed. "The first Is that you won't
be able to do all the things we uaed
let do together, on account of?"
"The little soft, aleepy bundle," aha
aald gently.
"Tbe little soft, aleepy bundle. And
so we sha'n't be quite such chums as
we used to be."
"We sha'n't be able to do things to?
gether quite so often; but we shell be
Just as great chums, Jimmy. Think
how delighted we shall be when the?
the aleepy bundle goes to sleep; and
we can run off together and be?Just
the same aa we're si wars been."
"Ah!" I aald. "We shan't be Just
the same, Omi That Is the second
trouble; the real one. We were Just
two together; and you couldn't say
what one was spart from the other.
Now you'll lire part of your life with
him Instead of with me, and so you'll
alter; and I shall alter, because you
have altered. I don't mean that we
shall drift apart, or anything of that
sort. You'll be a good chum still; and
so shall I. We shall be Just as fond
of each other, I hope, then; but we
sha'n't be quite the same people.
Anyhow, wo sha'n't bare quite the
same Jolly times. There was nothing
I wanted altered Omi."
Omi drew a deep breath.
"I sea what you mean. Jimmy." she
agreed. "I shall hare to look after the
haby; aad so I sha'n't be able to do
things with pan sometimes. So you'll
drop Into the club, and?? Don't pro?
test, Jimmy. I'd rather you'd SU np
the time pleasantry. And I shall take
very good cafe that you like me bet?
ter than the club. We shall still be
great friends?you mean that, don't
"res, little wife."
"Very great friends; but we sha'n't
be a pair by ourselves; and we shall
live little pieces of life that are dif?
ferent. Aad so we shall come to look
at things a little differently. Is that
"That's It, Omi."
"But don't we do that now. Jimmy?
Ton have your office; and a little
golf; aad once I let yon go yachting
for two whole dsys?but I never will
again! I couldn't rest a minute."
? Little goose!"
"Yes. Aad I have the boose; sad
?bopping; aad afternoon calls. Why
should 1 alter because I have another
usement? He's a very little one.
"Tea," I agreed. "He's a very lttttle
ie; bat the other things didn't
reckon, sad he does " ?
"Tos. He does; but? There are
some friends who 'reckon. Jimmy.
There was a time whoa I felt about
them aa you feel about baby. I'm
mach more Jealous than you really,
aad I expect you know why I didn't
km the 'cJan' at Brat, though you've
never told me."
Tea." I agreed. "I kaow."
"And now I'm so Axed of Elsie; and
I seat you to take bar home the other
night, aad never wwrted for a second;
aad I woeMn't give the dear old clan
ap for saytklng. We don't love each j
other less because we love our friends
"No. dear; but we bare the
Omi pulled one arm out of the rag. |
sanfl g9Vt H at KW fid Wt$h
Jimmy." she said. "We have tae |
same baby'- ?
A msa may be rlewer sad else
though i nm anther but a woman as
far cleverer aad wiser. I shall always
few) that ware Omi satd that,
difference tat both our Rt
i sads't see k sl at
Bat Upsets 0 season Town.
The worthy bmgbets of the Oerataa
town of Cswrlottenbwrg were put la aa
extraordinary plight the other day by
oae ohsrsre aad wreck owed little rat
Chsnlatteabwrg was huvtag a gay night
at cafes aad Botels aad theaters after
a festival whew swddealy the Bgftts all
o?wr tows w*wt oat The greatest era>
faatoa prevailed la the restaurants
aad beer garden* aad is private rest
dear en The falls re of the light* Is
net earh aa tmcommna thing say
where. but thm si tones was raTrye
leiloes to, the electric ttghttng com
pear for assay hours until taey dte
rovered that a rat bad pjaaped dowa
tbe laws hers at the gwwer stav
? aewy had epset tae on
of electrical traasmtaswns.
WVea the rat was rwmowed. Chariot
'enlMirg ssntn saw fight enough to ose
hi eertsssTdy lard-hag hi
and Quality
are the merits of "OH
Heary" Whiskey
&ood the tesl for thirty
For sale by all leading
distributors, or we will
have you supplied by writ
tag us.
Guaranteed under the nation?
al pure food law.
From a Parcel to
an Engine.
Freight, Baggage,
Furniture and Safes
Carefully and
Promptly Roved.
Transporta tioo Co.
Storage VVarehouae
514-520 27th Street
Reasonable Rates. B
and stout? w n?of Ihn eery heat
All coal kept under sheas an? al?
ways wall screened.
Pine Wood (i cord) $1.80
Mixed Wood (\ cord) $1 Jftg
Oak Wood (i oord) $1.9o
Distilled Ice Co.
? a C aV o.
The New and Powerful Iron Palace
daily as follows:_j
Lea re Portsmouth, North I
street . j l:t* p m
Leere Norfolk, foot of |
Water street, at j S:Sf p m
Leave old Point Comfort I
at . I 7:f* p m|
Arrire Washington at.... 7:00 a
Pr-nn R R. R AO RR.
S:00 n m | ?:?* a m
11 01 a m |*ll:?% a m
1: IS p ? j p m
Lv Wash.
Ar. Phim.
Ar. N. T. .
Lr. N-w Tork..|?12.2*m !*IMrdnm
Le. Phihv.( 2:0?pm| 2 12pm
Ar. Wash.; t:?ru| i:?in[
Le. Was*.I <:SSpm! S:3*pm
Ar. OM Point..! 7:0? a m| 7:0* a ml
Ar. ftorfofk ...1 SMaml l:Nia
Ar. PQrtssnoata.i l2osm! S.Wamj
For Informal km apply to
I V Smith. A?r*t. t'aloo Tieket j
Ofnce, Chamberlla Ho?-I. OM Point,
P. M Prttrhnrd. Oen Agent. Jan.
It William i. City Pnaa. Agent, corner j
arnnhy and Pfuate Streets. Norfolk.
Certificates of Deposit
issued is sums of $50.00 and upwards, bearing four per cent, interest.
These Certificates are readily negotiable, and, as Collateral security,
are unexcelled.
Schmelz Brothers,
The Directing Force
The efficiency and usefuln hs of a Bank depend to a large ex?
tent ti'ton the strength and character of the directing force.
The Officers and Directors of the First National Bank are men
whose experience and judgment establish confidence.
The accounts and banking btibintvss of firms, corporations and In?
dividuals are cordially solicited.
The First National Bank
Newport News, Va. WVm,.VWM
United Statea Depositary. Capital $100,000.00. Surplus $100,000.00.
The Prudent Man
8elects s good bank in which to deposit his savings and then aissps
soundly, knowing that though the robber, fire, orany other mhrfon
tuns assails his home, his money is safely protected. Your Interests
will be safely guarded by the
Citizens ?Marine Bank
For Sale!
This property is going to
be sold cheap. Can be
made a good 15 Per Cent
Investment. # # #
Call for Particulars.
Old Dominion Land Co.
=_. =
Norfolk & Atlantic Terminal Co.
Effective May 20. 1908.
Subject to Change Witbont Notice. *
Lr. Lv. Lv. Lv. Lr. Ar.
Norfolk Ocean View S*wall'<> Pt. Pr. Ship Yards Ivy Ave. Pr. Ocean View
?30 6 45 t
7:30 7 30 8:00 8:45 9:00 10:00
9:00 9:00 9:20 10:15 10:20 11:30
10:30 10:30 11:00 11:45 12:00 1:00
12:00 12:00 12:91 1:15 1:30 2.30
1 30 1:30 2:M> 2.45 3:00 *?- 4:00 I
3:00 3:00, 3:30 4:15 4:30 5:30
4:30 4:3? 5:00 5:43 ?:00 7:00
?:00 ?:O0 S:30 7:45 g;00 9:00
8.00 8:00 8:30 9:15 9:30 10:30
9:30 9:30 10;on 10:45 11:00 12:00
11:00 11:00 11:30
Cars lesv* Norfolk dally 6 oo a. m. and ererv II minutes to
11:30 p m
Flrs? car l?ave^ Wbit? City ?.35 a. m. and everv 15 minutes until
12 oo a. m
Extra rars will ;?e operated according to the demand.
E C. HATHAWAT. Gr?. Mgr.
Psswagei sad FrHjrbt.
m#^-*port NfWI to ?adlltifr>Of*0>
Past Tralau ta Richmsnd eng the
?._>~., .? Wee*.
DnilTeteept Tuesday". C p m L.?f*** n*wmin N*w" 19 * ? ?
Far, $3 00 One Way, SS.00 Round Trip
tocasdlng Stateiuoea Barth
5:25 p m.
Local Tearns to Rkhnisud.
Tiehet tu sM pntotu. I _ . *?* ^: Ji*L* - M
Nocfwtk to Boston ?* ff** Newport
fdeary Mow. Wed and Frt, * 19 ? ? ? - *;? ? 7:$S
? o'clock r? m p m
^mm*m V* uam ai,. .|? a Maw, r,,!^ gw. ?
Nuefelk to Bjreeldaeua. * .. ? "situ*.
fCvery Tue*, Bat. and 8ua.. ? p. BJ | ***** Newport New? io 4? a as.
For tickets and farther information, 4* ? ?*
apply to 1
H. C AVERT. AgeatL
Newiiort News. Va
^???"??"m te s>titiftffip'i.0
galling rmwi Philadelphia. Tuesday.
"Rrwrwday and Returday
Freight received and delivered
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River Road. JAR W M 1 ? RRICE,
Ore Rrerfheru Agog* 1
13 South Ite4egp.ru a
The Best Draught
Beer in the City
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