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Utile Wtor (I 3309 lest Ivi.
Inrs lo lark of
Expensive Bund!? of Clothing Furnish
?d Resting Place for Infant?Police
Unable to Find Any Trace What?
ever of Parentt Who Abandoned the
P. . WrapfM'd in a small woolen utider
akirt and neatly attired in clothing
apparently new and expensive a baby
(Irl allein tIit... imiiille: old was found
?' About niidninht last nlttht on the front
BP porch of the home of Mrs. L Hruce
W Brynclds. 3."10K West avenue, by -Miss
HHdaK^'ui:is Reside ibe babv lay
a bundle of clmhiin; fi.r the infant.
The bundle was wrapped in two news
papers, one a copy of the Norfolk
LodgerTil.natch of the dat ? of April
f~ 1. 1908. and the other a copy of ihe
Norfolk Vhuiitian l'ib t er the dale of
Kbvemh T 29, 1907. Tin re was no
e?.note or mark on any of the clothing.
" Miss Ctirti.t and Mr. John Ik-Craw.
Who with sev. l.il other young people,
bad 'been sitting in the buck~4>UIlor
, Of the house, war- ailracled In the
||j front door by a repeated scratching on
W the door sen en. Th'g serairthing
R. began about 11 o'clock and It is
i ? thought that 'be baly was placed on
f:' the plasma about that time. The
? young lady thctptht her p. t cat was at
i?J the door and, pushing Ihe sere, n tipen.
i^'.dig* Stepped nut on the piu/./a and
yearly fell over 'he baby. She was
B^dbnrtled, mid ii wa.t sev. ral seconds
B before she could collect herself and
S? eCPJnlne the bundle.
In the meant int.. Mr. William
Oreen, who boards at Mr:;. Reynolds.'
arrived at the house and, after flnd
i log lhaj the (hild was alive, he re
% ported th< matter to the pdice sta
I* tion. The baby was taken into the
^ bottsc by Miss Curtis and soon every
?One was gathered about the infant
!^-dr~bet?e -sf-to+Ut *>?d?iMKrtj.4.ft with
|0b> child.
J|fes3aaC*r Samuel C. Pearson was sent
~te the scene from the station house
he made a thorough examina
of all of the clothing, but wa
to find any note or mark of
lion. Following bin ex
?. the officer went to the St.
hospital and arranged with
f_ nnrse to have the baby cared
'at (he hospital during the night.
There Is absohitely no clue to the
Identity of the person, or persons, who
deft the liabv on the piazza. Certain
?" it is that, whoever Ihe parts was, he
? or "she remained near the house until
the I'aby was discovered. The in?
fant is apparmtlv in a very healthy1
s condition aBd did not ceem lo mm"
being handled by many .dringe poo
. It developed early this morning
that Patrolman Johnson saw a man
and woman, the former carrying a
i barge dr. ss suit case, burr vine south
oa West arenne. shortly afler II
O'clock. The officer's attention was
? attracted to the conple by the rapiditv
with Which they were walking. How?
ever, he was too far away to see the
faces of either of ihe persons.
fljeth Uealev ard Mordend Waive j
Preiirrinary Hearing In the
Pcbce Court.
la the police court y sterday ...
lag. A. U Sea ley and Irvln Mor.-i.ind.
yooag men who allere.i to have
th- name of Mr Hitch Csffce
promissor^ not. s. waived the pre
ary hearing and were he'd for
the grand jury Roth were balled
far their appearance in the Corpora
tie* four: on the first day of the
Jnne t.rm
fleatey is altered to hare signed)
the name of Mr t'ag. e to two notes,
ease for $2.1 and the other for $l?.aw.
Mot land .?<.?!-.. .( ,.f , ndor-fng Mr.
Cadfer's name lo a sol., for $*T> ar
three of the luv? are said to
been discount.-,i
First Honor Graduate.
Mr. J J. tVKaiiev formerly cf this
?*T. will rradwate ?ms first Honor;
' !L *.cta"<! o; 7t 'r- m V Cidb-ee of
bbss* and Surr am. nalHranre.
gsmtfa H? is one of fear nasd
Pad is r>re<?t-nt of Ms rtsaa.
*** on acconst of his steadies ha*
fdeee anrstis'-d aaasrtat* ressaVnt pay
sariaa st th, RsP isnor - City honst
|pj. Mr fidalk-v I? a neahev of
1. J WrKe.n i< thu e*t/. and la
rhdtiBK here
? a pretiT saw ft mar
t ertra rot. r-.r ynm and help
to win th mi*e
A CaHforn.an't Lack.
IwrkVst dar of ssv life war
I bought |-1.: n,f.
aVrTS." Write. CharV. F Be?
ef Tracy. California Two Be
cored ate of an aaatoviae ran*
Retina Biiea. wbbi had tronhhwl
tdr year* sad fhst TteMeg hp as
771E are doing reg
^^nlar Banking
now and want your
The accommodations ?e can
give 70? will equal that of
any other bank, and we k 1*
to get a ihare nf your de?
posits. If not alL We loan
mono* nt ? per cent and
pay 4 per cent, on time de?
posit*. If you haven't been
In oar place, call and see the
handsomest.bank building in
the state.
Trust Co.
2612Washington Ave.
Miss Lmcy Curtis, who has I "en at
tending the Wom> n : College at
Richmond, has returned home to
spend the summer with her rather,
Mr. J. M. Curtis.
Rev. F. D. Power. or Washington,
has returned home aflet a visit to
relatlvca in this city. 1
Mls.< Oertrude Hedge has returned
from a visit to relatives in Baltimore
and Washington.
Mrs. Edward Bryant, of York coun?
ty, is visiting her brother, Mr. W. W.
Harwood, on Huntington avenue.
Miss Anna C. Roth, of Washington,
Is visiting relatives here.
Miis Edith Olover has returned
fro a visit to relatives in Hin.-field.
W. Va
Blanche llaldeman has return?
ed from k wait to relatives In North
Carolina, f
? 4 -
Mrs. J. W. Clemtnls has returned
to her home at Hal lead Point, after
a visit to Mrs. Thomas Newman. 12ri
Twenty-fourth street
Miss Kate Lee. of Richmond who
has been visiting friend- and relatives
lure has returned home.
Prof.1 E. B. Alsop and his sister.
Mrs, D.. B. McNeill, are in Balti?
Captain J. E. Hoggs has returned
from Went Point, where he atended
the Methodist conference.
Mrs. Edward O. Rail will leave this
afternoon for Richmond, where she
will spend n week with friends.
Miss Annie Sehlen Insh returned
yesterday from the Randolph Maron
Women's OoIWe. Lyn? hf?uri;. to spend
the snmmer with her parents. Mr and
Mrs. M. H- 1-ish She was acrom
pnnled by Ml?s Marraret Mnn on. of
New York, who will he her guest for
several weeks.
Mr. aad Mrs C C Moss and lit
tie dangtrter Florence. ?I10 have n
visiting friends in Norfolk, will re
tarn kerne today
Mtsa Bessie Curtis his returned
home from Rollins Institute to spend
thee summer vacation with her fa
ther. City Trwf r J M Curtis.
Rev. et- T. WtHford Dehven Address
and Ladies Strew Flowers Upon
the Water.
ServW) wei conducted
on the Castan grounds y.-sterday sf
t nsw* by the lad . o' th.. Sailors*
Help GniLi in m m >r. ,.' the sailor*
who have gone it .?11 ;, r, ,
An eenajnent a-ldre*. was m by
Eee. M. T. Wellford. and Mr. AI
. gaanfj r ?Hb sanc a solo Mu?ie
was famished by the nan | of the
North Knj Knr.n. 1 mwpani and Mr.
Jknhnaan. of tfc? hand. sounded taaa.**
After a prsver h .H t-en ,,f.-red by
Dev. E A. ?bei,* >',. lad! s hoarded
hont? aad Strew. I Sowers *p.-n the
surface of Jam r This pretty
rertnm *?? in-'-. 1 ? -, ? ? il , ,?r*
After th~ rvr. 1 -. s th< ladbs drove
to Ceeenbiss cm te, in | placed
ahenern fchan the graven of the ?all
nr* be tied there
National Memorial rtar wa? nb
served 1? th> vestergav by 'b*
eiosrag nf the hank* and a
nf the pabBr office*
0.0. Lloer imm Sweeps
(crass Slip and Mas Agmst
the lama.
Larger Vessel Apparently Escaped
Unharmed, but Mr. Post's Little
Craft Had Her Deck House and
Upper Works Smashed?Tug Daunt
less to the Rescue.
I I mi in-.; the violent westerly squall
j which swept off the river about * 7
o'clock last night, the Old DoiiMuion
.steamship Jamestown broke from h<r
moorings a) the south side of ship?
yard Pier So. ?I. striking the .Mareia.
tjeneral Manager W. A. Post's yacht.
Only two men wer?' aboard ?ho
Jamestown at the time, and noth?
ing could be done to control the ves?
sel until the shipyard tug Dauntless
a I lived on I he scene.
The Dauntless put the ship back
to her mooring, apparently undamag?
ed, but the Mar la was considerably
smashed up. The extent of th.. dam?
age to the yacht is not known at
this time, i,ut il Ik understood mat
I the damage is confined to her deck
. houe and upp r works and that her
hull escapi i barm.
The Jamestown is at the shipyard
for her annual overhauling. Her
I crew has been discharged tempora?
rily, and only the cupiain and one
, man wer- aboard at the time of the
(accident. II is supposed lhat the ter
| rifle blow yesterday morning weak?
ened her moorings, and last night'-*
j squall finished the job.
John Malllcott, Warwick County
Farmer, Held for Drunkenness
After Accident.
A west pound car on the Newport
News A Old Point Railway collided
with a horse and buggy on Twenty
eighth street near Jefferson avenue
abount 9 o'clock last night. The
only occupant of the buggy was John
Mailicott, a farmer of Denbigh, and
he escaped uninjured. Tjbe vehicle
?as badly damagej. and the bors1
sustained slight injuries.
Malll. olt was taken aboard the
car and carried to Washington ave
i tiue and Fortieth street. There he
was arrested by Patrolman V>lllnes
and locked up at the station house
on the charge of being drunk.
Committee Arranges for Big Doings
in the Third Ward Tomorrow
A street parade, beaded by a brass
bead, will precede the Democratic
mass me. ting in be beid in the Third
I ward tomorrow night. The meeting
; was scheduled to be heM *t the corr
I ner of Twenty-seventh street and
' Chestnut avenue Ftldsy night, hut
j rain interfered and it was |xist|ioned
j until last night.
Ii was rating again last night, add
j it was decided to post|ione the m>?t
; ing again, and hold it tomorrow night
I on a more elaborate scale than had
I lie.-n previously planed.
The meeting promises to b- one of
'h biggest pialitical gatherings held
here In a long lime. In addition to
the nominee for mayor. Colonel Mary
?is Jones. Ms-ssrw. Allan A Moss. S.
Otts Bland snd C. R Fellows will
- iw :ik
The campaign ?ab-cosaarittee of
'he city Democratic committee has
nor announced meetings to he heM
in any of the nth -r wards, bat It is
r-nssMe that arrangements for th?-m
WfSl he made this areek.
Hr'd toe Grand Jury.
Che si er Max weft. sT^aa Chester
Rrown alia? Wi"le Palmer a negro
charged with hreaktag iaio the mom
of one Judr' RoWac sHo nil. red
and fc?eaHn? a sei? of efcwbes. rd. ad
eH, rniMv in the notice eocrt ve.ter
da* and was held for the, grand inrr
Th* prWnner su'd that be enmmitt.d
Ike robbery to "get < rew "
It Reaches) the Sect.
Me s? Hemnbrer. who owns s
larre genernl store at Omega. O . and
is pr?"*Went of the Adams rmn't
T? lenhone Co as Well a? of the Home
Telephone C?. of Pike Co-..i.V. O.
earn nf Dr. King's Mew Discovery ?
"ft sawed my fits anew. At least f
think it 4M. It ?reseil to reach the
apnt ?the eery ewes nf mr enugh,?
?etaen everv'htog etas fsited ~ f>r
K'ng's New Discfcerry not oalr
reaches the rneak ?pn? it h- a'? the
?nee spots aad the weak ?on?? in
throat. Ismgt and rkest gold under
gwsreato* at AR Druegir's. Ute aad
110* Trial bottle free
I Revival at Thirtieth Street Christian
Clo-.es Tonight?Pastor's
First Presbyterian.
Sei vices will !??? conducted at the
hirst Presbyterian church this morn?
ing at 11 o'clock and this evening at
8 o'clock, the evangelistic services be?
ing continued in the ? vcnlng. There
will |s) Sunday school at it:30 o'clock
this morning.
Trinity Lutheran.
Services will lie conducted at Trial
ty Lutheran chun h jrwlay at the usual
hours. This will "be the last time
Rev. B. A. Sheiik will pleach before
leaving for Winston Salem. N. C. to
.become pastor ef the Lutheran church
of that place.
Grace Methodist.
I The revival services has b?en In
j progress at the Orace Methodl.it
Ichurch since last Sunday Will be con
I tinned today. Rev. It. 11. Marks, of
' ijiWreneevllle, \'a . who is assisting
I the pastor. Rev. II W. Iluiikby in con?
ducting the meetings, will preach this
morning, afternoon and evening. The
meeting at 3:311 o'clock this afternoon
wlli be for men only. There have
j been a number ol professions since
the revival began.
St. Vincent's Catholic.
At St. Vincent's Catholic church to?
day services will be held as follows
First mass al S o'clock; second ser?
vice at IAt.III o'clock: May procession
?1 at 5 o'clock.
Baptist Tabernacle.
. Rev. W. <". Sab- the pastor, will
preach at the Baptist Tabernacle to
day on the following subjects: II a.
m., "Joy in Service:" 8 p. m.. "lie
Went Away Sorrowful.V There will
be Sunday school al 9:30 o'clock this
Church of Christ.
i Rev. 1). S. li nk. l. the pastor, will
'preach at the Twenty fourth Street
Church of Cbrist today on the follow?
ing subjects: II a. in.. "Some Things
i That Money Won t Buy;"' 8 p. m.. "The.
I Bible as an Inspired Text Hook on
Religion." Mr. o. W. Wick will lead
the Relief Association this afternoon
at 3 o'clock.
Tilnity Methodist.
Rev. W. Asbury Christian, pastor
of Trinity Methodist church, wdi
coutinue his Oeries of s. rmons on the
liquor questions tonight, preaching on
the subject, "North Carolina's Victory
Over the Saloons and Virginia's Les?
son." This morning at li o'clock
' the pastor will preach on the suhj. ct,
"The Whole Duty of Man."
- Grace Episcopal.
I Rev. $ienry J. feiger, the rector.
' will pr a.-tj at Orate Methodist church
this mo-iflng at 11 o'clock. There will
, be Sunday school this morning at
! 9:30 o clock.
Calvary Baptist.
Rev. J. H. Hill, of Richmond, will
preach at the Calvary Baptist church
this morning at 11 o'clock ami this
> IT slag al X o'clock. There will b*
Sunday school this morning at 9-20
East End Chr stian.
At the East End Christian church
t.iday the pastor. Rev. Murdoch W.
Butler, will preach on the following
subojects. 11 a m.. "The Unseen
Hand." x p. m.. "A Decisive Bat Me.
or the Settling of a Great Question."
Riverview Baptist.
j The successful revival which bas
j bcein in progress at the Riverview
! Baptist church will be brought tj a
close this evening at 8 o'clock. The
; pastor. Rev. W. R. Keefe. will pretch
i There will be Sunday school at 2:30
I o'clock this afternoon .
Newport News Baptist
Rev. Lloyd T. Wilson, of Louisville,
! Kv. will occupy th.> |>filpit of the
' NewiKirt News Baptist church this
I niornine at 11 o'clock and this ev. n
ins at 8 <> cl>ck. Dr. Wilson will ad?
dress the I'.jiac a chsSS at 10 o'clock.
Sunday s<-h?sfl will be conducted as
usual at 9:4'. o'clock.
Thirtieth Street Christian.
j The revival at the Thirtieth Street
Christian church, which has aroused
so much inter-at during the past
tbrw> weeks, will be brought to g
close today. Evangelistic service*
. wili |.e held both morning and eren
i int. the pastor.. Bsf. W. R. Mot|. r.
j1>r?aching on the followins subjects:
(Iis. m. "The Model Chnrch?Where
jto F.n.l It and How to tJct into H:"
8 p. m.. "Naamae. lb* Ix-pr-r. with
{a Twentieth Ceejbsjry ft-1ting " The
; Sunday school Junior En.leavor. T. P.
I * C E sad t .rayer meeting service*
i will he ssjsjsssi led at the nsusl tisse.
- a ? mi
Popular Pastor Bee* to Mew Field
Nevt Tuesday.
Rev Fi A Shenk. Who hss been P?s
| for of TrtnMr l.wtbersa church ?Ince
its ineewtton and who recenflv re
ricn?i to sec-pt s csll from the La?
thers* eborcb at Winston Salem. V.
?' sill ksav? Tuesday to assume bla
new pastorate.
I Mr. PJarnA win be areompaaled by
Mr- shenk ?nd their iitfl* daugh?
ter. Catherine
' It wont be ssenv days until th*
ho-? ?nd gir?? wfll have an opportn
lelty t* sap ft. -
Only About Fifty Per Cent. Have]
IPaid Their Licensee.
All hast kens und professional men]
who failed *o pay their license taxes
on or before yeaterday will now have
to pay an additional 5 per cent pen?
alty. About 8u p< r cent, of the to?
tal amount of license tuxes has been)
ccllecled. hut there is still consider-]
able work ahead.
I About GO per cent, of the profesJj
slonal m? it of the city have not yet'
paid their licenses.
Death of Robert 8. Wilson.
Mr. Robert B. Wilson. :">" years of]
see, died yesterday morning at S:.10i
oVlork. at his home, liit? Twenty-:
second street, after a lingering illness;
from tuberculosis. He is survived)
by a widow and lour -mis. Messrs.]
John. Francis. |.<on and flcorse. altj
I of Ibis city. Funeral services will
'lie conducted Monday afternoon at S
I o'clock at the residence, by Rev. P.
' B. Henderlite. and Tuesday morning!
ihe body will he shipped to Mlddleton,
Del., for interment.
Mr. Byrd a Delegate.
j Winchester, va. May m? The
Democrats of Frederick county today
elected Richard E Ryrd, of this city.
] a delegate .to the state convention
i at Ronnoke, giving him the biggest
I vole in the convention.
Worst Case of Eczema Doctor Had
Seen in 40 Years ? For Six
Months Father Expected His Baby
to Die?Blood Oozed Out All Over
Her Body?Had to Be Wrapped
In Silk and Carried on a Pillow
Now She Is Perfectly Cured.
"My little girl was bom !vi weeks
before her time and my wife died four
bourn after the
birth of our chikl
anil I bad to raise
the haliv on arti
fic sil foods. Six
,- - / \ months after birth
\?,-'e-4- V she borke out and
??Wm\?\r53\ 1 to*1 two doctors
Vsk.l\ \1>. ?;sa in attendance.
There was not a
part i< le of skin left
on her body, the blood oozed out just
anvwhere, and we had U> wrap her in silk
and carry her on a pillow for ten weeks.
She was the most terrible sight I ever
saw. and for sis months 1 looked for
her to go to her mama, but thank (lud
and his aseot*. "he is alive and weU
to-day and slie will tie three veers old
the seventh of Decemljer and naa never
bad n sign of the dread troubk' siisn.
"i used every known reinidy to alle?
viate her suffering, for it was terrible
to witness. Dr. C- gave her up
and then 1 went to C-r-and got
Dr. B- and he ami Cnticiira Soap
and Cutieura Ointment mive.I lier. He
recommended the Cutieura Remedies,
or said we were right in making u?<e of
them. As nearly as I can nuieiuhnr.
we uee<l eight (ekes of Cutieura Soap
and three boxes of Cutieura Ointment;
but you must take into consideration
that hers was an exceptional ease, for
an old and good doctor said that it
was the worst rase that had come to him
in forty rears. I have always hiug"<l on
C itieur? Soap to keep her sain soft and
to give her a pure complexion. James
J. Smith. Wuod and Metal Pattern
Maker. Box 2.T\ Buena Vista, Vs., Oct.
14 and 22.' 1S06."
(Wan*** Eaemal and inwtsal Tailaet, tor
?nn Hunter of Infanta, C'biUmt in.l Ailull?
l in tktm ..f Oiltrar? S?|> i.'S? > lei inmr UW- SJS
(-?IKiiet I imimmt I? I to H?l Ihr Stui. awl
l-ull. nr.. R*?S?rOI (V* ) On l?- form ot I*??'
Oxam emt Mr. per vwl or au> tu Purify Ur le. ?xl
Butt ikjuwrkmrt lie w-nd Puller Onar * iv?.
o?v. SM. Pia?
STMaSia tree.
We have a most com
preheat- ire assortmpnt of
suitable grift articles in
Solid Silver, antique and
and modern d?ign?:Cnt
Glass: Hand made Run
elan Bros: and all aorta,
of unique and artiatio'
Suitable, gifts from a
dollar to 6ve Im od red and
everything in good taste.
J. R.
Farnon, Wills & Ransley
To See Him is To Laugh.
"The Two Brothers
"What a Good Wine." "A Slave's Hate," "The Count of
of No Account," "Mac*beth."
Latest llulstratrd Songs.
Watt, Doxey & Witt
Sale of White. Petticoats
Unusual value m While Petticoats, bought especially
for this sale, made of a high grade Muslin, with fine Swiss
! Embroidered Ruffle-. The patterns are new and dainty?
j the garments are well finished and made to fit. A great
'bargain at 89c.
The only
store iu the
C i t y where
you can buy
this popular
Cor set; med
els to suit
every figure;
style Tl (see
cut) is our
special num
her. and th?
price instead
of being e
dollar, is on
fy 69c.
H. & W. Waists
For Chil?
dren. Ask
to see the
S It el e i o d
Waists for
boys and the
light -weight
C a m b r I c
Waist for
girls. Extra
strong; an
ideal summer
Waist, 25c. " H. *w. "W*srr.
To Stout Women!
The "shapeless stout woman" is get?
ting scarce. She has found a remedy
iu the famous
Nemo "Self Re
Uucing" Cortet.
It "makes
over" your fig?
ure, giving you
a better bhape
than you ever
had, orever ex?
pected to have;
and reduces
your abdomen
so effectual ly
that you can
"take in1' your
skirts at least
three or four
There is a
Self - Reducing
Corset in n model for every type of
stout woman?tall aud stout, short and
stout or just ??fat."
312, for tall stout, women ' $0
320, same, with Flatuing-Back ) v '
3ld, for short stout women ( $*J
318, same, with Flatning-Back j W
Every Nemo Corset is made with
the Nemo " Triple-Strip Re-enforce?
ment"?bones and steels cannot cut
through._ . j
Every Nemo Corset i.s made with
the Nemo "Triple Strip Re-enforee
ment"?boned and steels cannot cut
h self nauass'
Rich shsde of Cream, strictly pure
Wool, 32 Inches wide?33c.
Made of heavy grade White Linen ?
trimmed in wide fold of same ina
rial?$1.50 and $1.98.
KiUarney Linen Suiting ? *
We have jnst put on sale another shipment of this popular Wash
Fabric?very popular for ladies' and Children's Dresses. Wears and laun
ders tike real linen, finches wide?ISc.
Water and perspiration proof?light?
weight, for Summer Dresses and
Wait : Regular 50c value. Special.
A pcpular fabric fcr Indies' Coat
Suits and Separate Skirts Pretty
alripe Effects 28-inches wide?ISc.
Made of Ane Silk B?hlen? t?trimmed
with Cluny and Val. Lace. Silk lined
?regular $5.00 value. Special price,
The season's newest a,nd most stylUh
Fabrics. nea? Black and White Pin
Stripe; al <: plain Bine. Brown and
White?$2?S $3 W to $?.5d.
2?R*? 2*11 Washington Avenue. Newport &w?, Va.
Collar Laundering
Is very raerttrutar wwk. And l?nahes etpeet* J?. do it right. In
our laundry the people wno work on collars have lesrned to tsk*
rare of the smal1?at ?r?*an*. aad see that they are ail last right
poor work ms?t not leave our sh?p if we know It.
Hotel Warwick Laundry
H9 Twenty fourth Street
Daily Press 10c * Week

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