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Unten Pacific Continued to Hold Its
Place >n the Centre of "the Stage.
Cuiency Movement?Total Sales;
Closing. Quotations.
b (Hy Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, June o. ? There ?ras
hut scanty matter of Interest in to?
days stock market. The total of the
day's dealings disclosed a violent
rhrlnkage in the volume of trading,
the day's s;iles falling to a smaller'
total than for several months, and'
during the latter part of the day j
there was almost entire BtugnalfcHi.
Union Pacific continued to hold its |
dominant place in tho dealings ami'
except for some supplementary in?
terest in Heading there was really)
nothing ease ocnlling for notice in
the day's price movement. The post- |
ponement of the public offering of,
the Union Pacific bond issue, sub?
scribed for by banktrs. was given
some Inflaecne as a deterrent from;
active operations. s
Forecasts of the currency move-1
men) to and from New York during
the week promised a gain on balance
for this c^njer^of .110.000.000 to $12.
009,000. Th . sub-treasury's contribu?
tion of $3,429,000 was included. The
gain on sub-treasury operations is due
to .the heavy current deficit in the
government revenues and the result?
ing excess of payments made at Now
York. This course of the government
revenues h? exin-cted to prompt an
early additional call on the banks
by the treasury for return* of gov?
ernment deposits.
Bonds wen- steady. Total sales,
par value. $2.4Sx.0OO. United Stafsj
bonds were unchanged on call. Total
sales today 3S7.500 shares, including:
Sugar UK); A. C. I* 100; C. A O.
10.0O0: U ft N. 70?: N. ft W. 100;
Reading sS,9*S; Southern Railway 2.
600; preferred SO?: Union aPcific Sp?
ilan: preferred 800: Union Pacific 8-* |
C. C. pfd 100; Sloss-Shcffield 300.
Clos nq Prices.
Adams Expr *s.169
Amalgamate,) Copper.?">'eis
American Car ft Foundry .. .. 33";
American far & Foundry pfd .. 9*
Aroerichn Cotton Oil..10*4
American Cotton C*il pfd -. ..SO
American Express .190
Am ri< an Hide ft Leather pfd .. is
American Ice.2
American Linseed Oil. 914
American Lin>w*ed Oil pfd .. .. SOTA
American Locomotive.49
American I,nromolive pfd .. ..l"2Li
American Sm. lt ft ReRn .. .. 71T;
Anr rican Smelt ft Refin pfd ? ? 9*
American Sugar.127-14
American Tobacco.9**4
Anaconda Mining.42,<'i
Afchison.SI1 i
Atchison pfd.92-T?
Atlantic Coast Line .91
Baltimore ft Ohio.S9
Baltimore ft Ohm pfd.?3
Brooklyn Rapid Transit.?4S's
Canadian Pacific.1T.H
Central of New .ferse,.ISt
Chesapeake ft Ohio.45*i
Ch'caco Creat Wcs'ern. 7'i
Chicago ? \orthw tern.InO^
Chicago. Mil ft St. Paul .. -.1X3
Chicago T'Tin ft Tran'. 4
rnicagn Term ft Tran pfd .. - W
C C. C ft St. Ixstis.r.7'i
Colorado Fuel ft Ina.27*4
Colorado ft Southern .". .. . 3?'41
Colorado ft Southern 1m pfd .. "!*?~ j
Colorado ft Scannern 2nd pfd .. 49%
Consolidated Gas .122
Corn Products.IS**
Com Products pfd.<?
Delaware ft H.rlson.1?"
Delaware, l-aefcawanna ? va/est'.o?
Denver ft Rio Gramke.
r nv-r ? Rio Grande pfd . . . . *?
DMillers' Cert .ficatew. 33?-i
Brie 1st pfd.f?*?
Frie -.'nd nfd .27 ?4
Ceneral Electric .IS4 .
nilncia r.tJtral . I"'.'
In'crnattoesJ Paper .1**4
|nferr??t|,wisl Parwr pf.1 . . .
International t'nmp.2'M
fa? rnaDonat Pnmp pfd ? ? J
lows Central.I
lows Central pfd .54
Raws** CVv Sonthee?.
Ksn-as Citr Son?b?rn pfd . .. *?
tswiWvP> ft Nashville.Mtte?J
Meaieaa Central .. .1*H
V nneanoli? ft St t^wvia.2?
Minn . * P ft g S M 1114
Minn ?? U ft S S M PM ?
?dt??owri PaHSr.<**
Mlsrwur* Kansas ft Terns .. .. 2?H
\fta?owH. Reese* ft Tetaa pfd .. *?
VaHoeal te?*d .?"I
N?"."a! RT R of Vesic., pf 1 ? .
vew n^e^enrsi. I03H
a? -m Tor* Ontario ft West 4**4
Norfolk A w/ewtera .
I Penas) Ivania.250*4
[ VFWpl.-s Uns.?1
PMteburg c C. * Si. Louis .. ..
Pressed Steel Car.5SV?
Pressed Bit" I Car |?fd.S2
Pullman I'a lac,. C?r.I.'.S
Reading I hi pfd.
Routing 2nd pfd.83
Republic 8teel. is
Republic Steel pfd .tiit'i
Rock Island .17*4
Rock Island pfd.:!5-4
St Louis & an Pran 2nd pfd .. 2!i>4
S'. Louis Southwestern.I57s
St. Ixsiis guulhw stern pfd .. 35%
Southern Pacific.S?'?
Southern PnchV pfd.IIK'-j
Southern Railway.17=>4
Southern Railway pfd . T .. .. 4."i*j
Texas & ?Pacific.2114
Toledo, SL liouls & West .t ?? 1*V4
Toledo. St LOUIS A. WrSt pfd .. 4:!'x
I'nion Pacific.1 Hi1
t'iimr Matte pfd.:i2
United State* Express.71?
I'nlted Stales liea?v.17
I'eHed plates Ruhner. 2?
rolted Stales Rubber pfd .. .. 93
I'nlted States Steel .::7'?
railed isfes Steel pfd.101%]
Virginia Carolina Chem.24 j
Virginia Carolina ('hem pfd .... 9S
Wabarh pfd.24*4 j
Wostiughouse Electric.I'.'U
Wells Fargo Express .2">n
Western I'nion .."?.".
Wheeling & Lake Erie. 71*
Wisconsin Central .It!1;
Wisconsin ('?ntral pfd.39'?
Northern PacfBc.135V4
Central Leather .23%
Central Leather pfd.W4]
<!reat Northern pfd.140*4 |
?Jut Met.ill
ItU Met ofd.31% I
I'tall Cop|MT.39%
Tennessee Copper.?!'>,'3 |
Standard Oil.
Baltimore Market.
(By Associated Press.)
BALTIMORE, MR, June 5 ?Flour]
dull, unchanged.
.WHEAT ? Easier: siwt contract |
36: Southern on grade :i2a9.">*4.
CORN ? Dull; snot mixed 75%a|
75*4: No. 2 white corn TK'-iaT'*;-'^:
Sout h rti yellow SO.
OATS ? Firm; No. 2 mixed 3?.
;K\'K ? Dull; No. 2'Western db
tneJtic R8a90.
I II'TT Kit?Firm, unchanged; fancy!
imiiation 20a21; do creamery 25a24>: ]
do ladle lSal!'; store packed 17.
BOGS ? Steady, unchanged 17% |
CHEESE?Firm, unchanged; large|
Septem tier i:!V4: new flats 11%: new j
small 12v4
SUGAR? Unchanged; coarse gran
fine .".fiO.
Money* Market
(By Associated Press)
NEW VOKK. June .'.. ? Money
call easy. I%al*4 per cent; ruling I
rate 1*4 pr cent; closing hid 1%:
offered at 1^ per cent. Time loans
easy; r,n days 2'/4 to 2%: six months |
3% to r.-? pt r cent. Close: Prime
mercantile pni?'r 3%a4 per c-nt:
sterling exchange easy with actual]
business in linkers' bills at 4x?.!?r.a|
47 for demand and at 48S.46a485
for 6? dav bills Commercial bills |
4X5*4; bar silver 52%; Mexican <b>l
lam 47 %
Reports. However. Are of a More|
Cheerful Natura?Traveling Men
Sending Orders In.
(By Associated Press)
NEW YORK. .Hfne 5 ?Bradstrc-fs |
:omorrow will say irregular w- ather
conditions with heavy rainfall north
w.-st. southwest and -otith have civen|
an uneven appearance to retail trad"
reports. Rejiorts from whrdesal."
trade line* and from h-ading Indus
tri I are. ho weit f. more cheerful
Hense trade in fall goods < is reported
light but traveling men are undine
in better orders thongh conservation
nil".: distant bovine. ' Reports as to
industrial resumptions at fall tint ? ar?
more numerous in c-tton aroods and I
sHI'd lines. m"re than offsetting re?
ports of yhnidowns and there are
more iron furnace*- and coke oven
ri-norted coins; to work
Colb-e'ions still reg et the qwtetj
trad? d' ing in backward navmon's
Menei k (???< ihe iiolow fro,,, -h
ceuntrr '<> 'he la rye centers is slack
ing off nr n-ep? nlv Rest ret.,11 Ira leJ
reports come from th-- eastern quarter
of the rowntry whit, ra'ns or floods
have aff -cted TaU? in the Mi.-sl?sip
id an?! it<- trihritsrv valVvs. Hnvi
wr-sa failnre.. for the week endinr
Jmre 4. n'rmber 25". In the I'nit d
States, the nnnllol total snorted fer
. i? ?. w. - V. itw <?rt-rf.-r law aed
e<nn,-??rrH wtth V?. las' week. 15?
the Hhe weefc rf 1S*7 1?2 in |VK
tn <??:. and 171 In ISO|.
Vu??Hem Bank Clearing*.
fvt? Aa^oclafes Preaa?
NEW YORK. June r. ? Raak
clearings for the werk. 12 42?.SrT.1 son
as atmmi f2 4CI.."?fVeen la?: Wek
and S?.e428l2eeo hast year.
.;>hnvw>d $.-?tr?wi .Kcreane .It
Atlanta t?.si?<**> d^rras? ?fi
Bavsnnsm $;.'.|4ene. derreaw 14,
NorfHk. t2 "14 nee, deereae ? 2", ?
Angwrta P>72 new g< i n gat IS 2
KwoxviUV fl isa.eaa; dei n as. 27 1
Jacksonville, fi.fsnosn. avf :,a??
Charleston teri ??* iWss*. 2*4
Mama, $4s?T?an. derr*e?e ?7.
Byron William*.
<- f
Ah, the man has grown old at the And now, while the demon Discharge
wheel that he turns! haunts his brain.
Seel Life's candle is melting; how He clings to his grindstone In weak
wanly It burns; ness and pain.
But the man at the wheel must turn
on, day by day. And the axes he ground? They have
For the system demands that he la- gone through the mill
bor, alwayl To the owner of slavee who lives high
on the hill.
He nas ground?oh, so many blunt God! He points with s Phsrisee toes
sxes and plows; of his head.
He has given his brawn til there's "See all of those fellows? I give them
seams in his brows; their bread!**
He has toiled in the sun and the cold
and the rain, . Ah, the men at the wheels, growing eld
But none of the axes were his?nor as they turn?
the gainl Yes, life's candles are melting. Ah,
wsnly they burn! ?
So sll of these years he haa labored If they stop, bread will stop; so thsy
with pride stagger and eway
For food and for clothing?and noth- In the grip of a system thai grinds
ing beside! them, alwayal
The Famous Moon Council
One bright Moonlight night in a
small province in India a soldier
stood outside a window in a. hotel and
raised his glass of wine toward the
full moon, high in the rfky. As he
tipped the glass toward his hp.- a cry
of salutation from two nun just ? n
toring the door deterred him. says
the New York Herald.
"Wait a Mt, old chap, and we'll
drink the toast with you.*' thoy cried.
' Five minutes later saw lh.- thpre of
them standing fadng the moon with
Classes aloft. The toast was drunk
and the. glasses shattered to the
They were tnt mb rs of the famous
Moon rotincil of the Sixteenth infan?
try' and were drinking their nse.ai
toart to the, full moon according io the
ntle of th?ir cottncil that the toast
must he drunk in th'- op n air facing
the full* moon wherever two or more
officers chanc.-d to he present. The
three- wee taking a trip throush In?
dia on th'- say home to the states on
leave and chanced thus to meet jn a>
si range land.
Th.- story of the Moon Ccnnci! Is *
strange orr . ii is s story of the fa?
mous Sixteenth infantry, organized in
1*79 Since then. th>- tradition rnn<.
every battle has !n>en fought in the
full of the rn?? n and many of them
under tnr light cf the f*j|| moon Nev?
er nnrc ha? this good old r-eim.-n!
been repulsed, whether in the Mttle.;
of i he rjvil war. those cf the Indian
wars or in th* laie >o.i..i-h wsr and
Phllittpine insurr dun.
So m-el! known was 'his fact that
the brown littl,- Filipinos ?.n th- Is
land of Luzon, wh'-f the regfaaewt
was stationed, shared the sup. rstit r??n
that th.- n-;im ut wa.-* under the pro?
tection Ot th.- Otddess of the Mor.fi
and f.-ared to attack it.
This Is the story cf the forming of
th.- Moon t'o-int-t! on ?;??- evening <?;
April 37 I:*"? The r- giim-nt was
then encamped on the hank.; of th"
Tnliajan K*v? r. a' Nmaliehw Pro-,
ince of Kira! Philippine Islands It
was the ererte of former ? nra: nn-nn
of the regawi.'ti* <n th,- idwrt'i.al ?r?>t
f* which) :h<- rer-tn'ent was owanip
ed Tbi r>- ther had many 'into* f?-H
Ih?- hostile tramp of oppomg birce*
In the o;su-r--. <.1
Am lh** naesfioti of forming a M"o?
fYnrnril. th*- SSrrttSJSa cf whleh sbonld
o~rT7r on the futTtnonn of e?, h month
had h?- n copsid r.-d by the ogfcer-rs of
the r> r;m?-nt i'i.r" was a demand for
a prop4t?n% flaw and idnro to -1?<-r<
??ich an rTcantzatton The oaVt r. afl
'he r gins "t tw-t under th-^ wMe |
spreadtac Kanrhew of a huge mango
tree, on the t.ani? >.f the rtrer and,
the ancn-nt tr?dti?ens of the reetav? at
W re ?o"d 00, e iwnre
Battle sf'.-r naMle mas rertwr.lid
and e..^i?|Vd to have l?->-n fowsh' in
the full of the moo*, from the chars
aa San loss Hill,to th* tau at sols*
maq<- in the Island of iMzrm. And
fher?- in the bright moonlight, the fa
nious Moon Council was organized. It
was voted to adopt a ".Moon Hook."
in which the reason and rhe tnlanUri
of the council shuld Is' t? run! d and
handed down to those, who, one hy
one, in the years lo come, should
step into the places of those present
to perpetuate the history of the r?*Ki
ment throughout the unknown future.
Tints the meetlngn of the Moon
Conncil began. The president is ?I
ways the commissioned offieer who
has )>?. n longest in the service of the
r- gimeiit. The ?oen-tary is elected
}?? arly. The active no mi>-rs are ihe
fifty-two offk* rs of the regiment. As
scciale members may lie officers who
hav. formerly he kinged to the regi
mint, and the only two honorary
members ar- two snrceons. who were
with the regiment in the bloodiest cf
the battles in th i-lands. On the
evening of every full moon tb?- Conn
cil is held. The meetfanf begin., with
a toast drunk t? absent members.
Th n^all business iK-rtaining to th
regiment is iransaeti-d. A .tocial ses?
sion follows in wli.eh the regimental
spirit is kept enthusiastic lv the re
la ting i f the vielen > of Ibe famous
rtglssiart. Itomptly at twelve the
toast to the Kn!l M'xrn is drunk. ever\
member in the t?p> u air and fsr/ine
the ntoof]
Every AnV- r Is c\peci\si to ohwervi
this rue wherever be mar be. Wher
i nr Ihe tost is drunk a report is sen!
to the Council a' headquarters und--r
whieh th- ceremony U observed.
Sine" the !>? ginning of the Moon
Council Ihr tis i- hav.- been faithful
!v dnink in si ran.?? places. At M:i
n?a. at Tfkgami*i a* Yokohama. Pel.
in. li?Kuriu!:i San I - 'iiefaro and fort
Cn ok N?-b.. ih'v mast, have heen
dr ink is w !! ? man* not of IBS
.way for-igii paare? wh<rr two oaV i PS
rnlsb? rhanre If. tie ef as they did in
the Rftle proviue. rat Indie
The Council ?'?? first of its k?nd
evr known im.? .- t ncl-- gam* wwi
dh-r boys, hav ad?M-'"l a- coat of arms
for the recinenl nhieb Is to <-nvbod>
?oiiWs et .\e.v war ts which rev
rVwhsnefal has fcssgbl and wwa Its vic?
Perhaps 'h. roost thrilling of lh?
piw . ? ? weich tbi V rw??1
IrVwind Its, If tn hatte- ws? that of tin*
fi?bt ?.I lie roev.nl en the t'SCSV*
River. Th ? aoWk r- en re in barrack
In an old cotiKiri ?'itch op nod* op?n
s Mr rrmrtvard The fftHsfoas. eosv
Irn'T to th- li n ? it :nooV ??f wsrfar?-.
I which is smitftsh ana" dHVssce rather
iiban attack sh-nsi 4 a mMnrv*it ?rrt
pet*- noon the Americans They haw
?.?>.:! n fh.e ? '.i<?.. si the Owe* of
ib, :<iii rnonn iMnoujk later ias-> aav*
' c??4. esww io r member SU
Co?-plan in the wait* tbey were
1 np>m the guardv withnat ssrwlew. In
n trice the alarm was gtv*a assf flse
.yard trVg with half dr-a. d *.,v- ,,.
wln? fought every mail for hltnsc
Clin? *i i'v scarce among lh?> Kilipun
wn| these thus Utniad ffS-fe In fronl.
hacked i.v Ilm* after Mm* of bolo nie
When a Filipino with a gun toll. an|
e?g. r boto man Btansed forward
So|/c Iiis gun.
Iii,- light raged ft- nil v. and for
time tin* ranks of Americans wavere,
I.elore iht' rush of Ult* Filipinos. Sn?l
.1. lily the cry rang loud above iti>
? U' tnenftier Ihe full moon. bo>i
i'h old Sixteenth hns never yet be<
There wen- those ntlinug the enemy
who understood Ihe words. As He
Hews IKlMS'd down ihe hue l| delllOl'
all/.ed th-^ Filipinos, "rtie BUperstltlOOl
oils. hound as they Wire io the onth|
of tl*e Kniuputiun. or secret soclel;
to whi<-|) they were sworn to drivi
out the Americans, fell buck In terror
When morning iliiwn <l they bail bee
hinten back, with severe losses
Imith sides.
The headousrtera of the regiiuenl
ar?? now at KWt Crook. Neb. where
they are station-d. and hen the toast
is drunk each month, every oshcer in
tin- reel me lit cheerfully giving up any
eontllelliig social eiigUK' iiienl |u orrte
not in he absent from the my*ter|bni
.Moon Council.
LittlefielcT is"sa7isfactory.
RICHMOND, VAs June 5 ? At
torney General Anderson is well sal
I lie,i with the aelection of ojt-tJonr
gressman Charles K Llttkdteld,
.Maine, as master in the great debt I
suit between this state and Woatf
Indeed. Major Anderson and his hs
sociates nl nllv time themselves |
thought of recommending him for the
position. I,ut they did mil do so tisj
tiny heard that Mr. Litthticld was]
contemplating a trip abroad.
Knocked Down Fares.
"I bear he is getting rlrh since he|
unit drinking."
"Appearances would liidieale that
he is. I understand he is about
trade the water wagon for an auto
mobile." Nashville American.
acts fently^yet prompt
ly ontke IWrels, cleanses
flie system effectually
assists one in oiyeitxjwiicg
habitual constipation,
permanently. 1o get its
ocnejieiot effects buy
the genuine.
Munufnrturcd rs/trte
fie Syrup Co.
yrjkkp. ARGUMENT,
in favor ctf gwBsulting me on real es?
tate matters 1* the record of what
I hare Sono for others A??k any
of toy ej,-n*?? and they will testify
as to th*d_yal->v of mj advici and s< r
vices .
Jast now I can offer you sn excep !
flonal opportunity in some Iota | have]
for sale. If yon want to make so
??ure money stop In snd see me. orl
if yon want a hone , it might b" j>ro-|
gtable for yoa to consult me before
Room 3. Bank of Hampton ffuitdma.
?Phone 3.
faring Styles*
Th* Pi art less Yet.
Can awer he sewn a*
Mar back's
Thn Tatter and CJatMer.
I Statte Riad * b#fv ha va
I tsW ffgtit ap
1 Richardson-Bosh Co.
Rthton's Health Chicken Food
riiie Kreuch Sardine?, 10c, 15c and
2.r.r a box.
Country Hams, they are good, at
l^1 \m poittid.
R A I). Hleud Coffee at 36c
titHMl Table Matter. 30c tier ponnd.
t'liquet'H (iingnr Ale, the b?**?t on
the market. .*2 50 ihm- case.
Select A Name for Our Ginger
Ale and Win $25 Cash
We are going to manufacture a fir<;t class Ginger AI? fron db>
tilled water, pur? Jamaica Olnger and guaranteed to be equal to
any domestic Ginger Ale In the country. We want a name for It. ana
we're decided to let the people aelect It for us.
ait the eeme time we desire to Introduce our
Ice Cream
Made froaa the Y. P. 1. Pasteurised Cream?and with every gallon of
this Cream, one chance to win the $25 prise will be given the pur?
chaser. A committee of three well-known gentlemen will act as
Judges, and the cunu-si will close on July 15.
We Arc Now linking Orders
for Ice Cream.
And wfD deliver It to any part of the
R. E. Ga tew
For Rent
North King St . mdn . ...?lfi'<0 tj Bally St.. 4 rooms .$ 5.50
Center St.. mdn.'?> !; Academy St, 5 rooms .. 7.00
Holt St.. mdn.15 2'. i' Holt St. 6 rooms . 10.0*
Kim St.. 5 rooms. v.vi Holt St.. 5 rooms --..-? TM
Him St.. 6 rooms . I1"'? ! Armlslt id Are. 7 rooms 1500
Elm St.. 6 rooms . 11"0 |i Oak St., 4 rooms . 7.00
Stores for Rent
10N. King St., .%^"" ! 21 Armistead Ave .I S.00
23 8. King St.3*.**- 212 Armistead Ave, .1MB
101 W. Qneen St.. .H?-50 W. Queen 84-, .40.0?
Bant aad West Qeees Street flats for rent, I1S.00 sad $18.00 rea
, Aa excellent home en ll-pe street, sis room dwelling, and gom!
fl ?nxe lot. running back t" r ? ? k. $2 r.oO.mt.
Reel RatBsa, Rentals. Plrs Ineersnce, AecrJsaser sod
? eMdh Klmj Street. 'Phone 50
_ WeO strwewed 22In ton-OROCR feOW.
Omaen? Ksnaj sang Lksc?,'? streets. "?bane IS.
DobsofT*} Saloon and Lunch Cowitcr
We aav j??t cowt;.b t J ' ; ? mir nuna srd It
'iwinfer and we Invite the g.-t ? ? ??' to vfsR us and Inspeet oae of the
n>??-tt thoroughly modern pie ; thata Pi iilaswfs.
Our inach center g*?lwa 1 Ih* frr"**?* *** heat that
the awhrt sffords and owr pi ' " slwsys been the lowest- We serve
i> .uUr dinners st 3? rent .
W> serve aaly the best m?? lioenrs end can Mtppty famfTy or<re*?
promptly. ?
W. E. f)0B5ON
Corner King and Cwesr* ?*??**?
-?. ,-]>.. .-liJLJ

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