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flftl Ptf&f 8w Ml
BWaT8j8 iMfllRel
for Brewery Companies and
|Se*rw Weatacott Claim That iw- Of.
fans* Wat Committed In tailing
^ "fcreWbition'- and "Local Option"
f ?aarwFact. Agreed Upon.
^After hearing ihe argument for the
eOminonw.-alth and ihe defense. Judge
Harham ycster-Uiy itfurnoon took un
<Ut consideration Ihe rasen Of A. m
Mueller. VV. H. L. Kent, the pabst
Brewing Company and the uotllleb
Bant'r-Schnildi Suauss Browing Com
;,>any. charged with violating the pro
visions of the Byrd liquor law govern
lag the sale or malt liquor. The judge
p? probably will render his decision Tuet
The qiteelion of whether or not non
X resident brewing companies should be
required to pay a license tax other
that that Imposed by the state in
the case of resident brewing compa?
nies was brought tip during the argu?
ment. Resident brewing companies
ji>;?re required to pay a tax of $150 an?
nually, sueh payment giving them the
privilege of manufacturing and sell?
ing tnalt liquor 'n the state, and
Judge Harham ruled that to make the
non-resld*at companies pay an addi?
tional tax for manufacturing and Hell?
ing would be a discrimination In ree
Itrnlnt of trade and in violation of the
provisions of the Interstate com
' merre clause of the constitution.
The question of whefTier or not malt
> beverage can be sold by brew< ry oom
I: panics without the payment of an ad?
ditional license tax and whether or
rot the Slate has police power over
the sale cf such beverage. It being
Anon-toxleant?were argued at length
were taken under advisement by
lorneys R. M. Lett and A. O. Gar
(appeared for the defendants and
argument for the common wealth
mnde by t'ommonwealfh's Attor
k Charles C. Berkeley. When the
were called yesterday morning,
attorneys agreed ui?on the facta
try was dispensed with,
case of Harry F. Westacolt.
charged, with selling the malt
.the caption of "prohl
tloeal option-1 freer.
w has police*
beverage obtains.
Trolley Ride to Buekroe.
Ragle Bngine Company So. r.. the
North End volunteer fire com pan v will
?Ive a trollev ride to Bnrkrow Ib ach
. tomorrow night for the benefit of ih
rend being raised to defray the ex
nenses of the company in nttemting
{fcatinual State Bremen* c. nvni.on
JrAiuat Tue cars will have the
ahipvard bridge promptly a. ,
m. The fire company's band will
i^hrniah music 0.1 thej?ra.
New Colored Bank,
the Ceovm Savings Bank, inr- ne*
?rtored bank, ooened i?s duo's ye?
Thw deposits were nearlyj
thoneand dollars, which N cor-.
? very creditable showing lor;
institution The bank has aj
*Rtl- hanking bull llns ? n [
avenue. K. C. Brown, the
is the, colored re-' ? state
A Comptaf nt.
1 .nilin? The Dally Press:
ySjg^XiZw me space in vonr
? nlaSna V enter a protest asam
h. '- T?-Tnir tf" at the Arad. m\
iS^Mdaw and Baturdav night
'tlhlVhtn-Bw**' ?Pon ,rish w,llrh
2rw cattcaa to me.
? - verr truly your?
-p. x McCarthy
-KU VmB-?? avenneT_
! - ? Preblrm
Toflhe caVlals themselves w.^rk
Snnt It: th- BrltKh keep or, po?'
w2.ll their Indian opium aid 1 v way
IT*, waiatlre force on the nflm stive
Lette of Ihe owe*?lcn tVc would *l>
to I ? CWlv the leth.irjrr snd im
of a de-ndewt. chaotic rac-.
r wwwtd roa rote to tackle a nroV
T<^(l Q# ?bhi maewitnde as > ram sn
1TM wad Twwtr Bwv I hare dem " Trr
dw nrgtbrtae a earanstro ;n ?.n -r h m?
-fwww weala?t ?Se MITbrnH nmsinec
gejli - ecrrwpt ~-!HW aratn-i M??
Wr ?Harrt''"' WoaM ;t be ?-a-v to
#? Wwen TOW l"ve tSe-trht or
ja'of the rtlaV"l'MW. fhga mn\Mn
--earn CO evw ha*?d mn'Untr
an ha* wftr thousand +n ' Ih *
'qjf> ewag hat te Tonr ?? 1 -"^ y
pgai eTat Perwnaiv. I t h 1"
fnndjbr and* r*shine to ?tan-n ?
?g faun "i-nn l Mcrwla. in ~Bnc
eajaadjw?*hT?<aw Man <e Math?w-. r-ou~tv
- fh> ?headar* newt. Jwee <g. ihe 'ml
T) taajall IJtie Wtenwer tlaa<io?<wi
rttfr -T? ?*?- - ?nee--- v,
Mjl Mi fj-*~ I rare rn^ Potr" ? ??
<k*?T ?he* rnwnd trin IL?. B' H
^eWaM. ehgret _a ??
pr*w*n I? nad^lri when
ad ihe Kig 1 nwdWaiea ?r*
wf bo^ agents'?At last 7
Social'Perjsonal i
Miss Malrtl
Uli r Ii..111 , I."
tftfi ipcaJing
Henley Cut
Ipark I'la. ??. Nonfiii
I .-I IH l.i'll to
?Ixth bireet,
eek ?Ith nloU?
IH .ill Vu-w, mi1:
Mr. .I??'
Ii' M
Jr. I? confined ?o
slight attack of
i-i.-i .litoni- Ilorwitz and Master
. Fi.id have gone to I'lncto
? - !>< in] a vai-ul ion toijt Hit r.
iss Meta Van Humen, of York,
??-it yesterday evening for her
i- after ?ipcudlng Barera] wteka
friendl lit tin-, elty.
. Edward Oinningham. of New
,:is. is Hie guest of Miss Louise
ii b.
Mi s Nannie Reynolds ha . gone In
Sc RostOB to visit relatives.
Mrs M 0. Cannon and little dnugft
ter, of Norfolk, are visiting Mra. W. T
Stni'li mi Twi tu v Iii'!i -Meet.
Mi aw Lillian llonnevllle nnd Kli/a
belli Itariies, of Morrison. Miss Kli.'a
belli Curtis, or Lee Hall, and Miss
I? K Jonen, of DenUrigh. are attend
I i:r iii>' Stimmer school of met bods at
Chariot lesville.
Mrs ti. W. Young and son have -Mine
to Miilln rry Island to spend several
Weeks with relatives.
Mis-- Mamie Howison hrs gone to
Charliiiii'svlllo to nttend the summer
schiiui nf methods,
Ml-s llililu Keyser has returned
horn, aller spending sevi ral weeks at
Scc-lr-ille. I
Mi's Grace Weaver has returned I
froai a visit to Elmira, N. V.
Mi^s Louise Manning has returned
from n visit of several weeks with re
luiivi s in Wi st Virginia.
Mis- Mildred Coles has returned
from a visit to relatives In North Caro?
lina. ,
Mies With M. I/.on is spending the
sumnn i la Pulaskl. Va.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gregory are
spendiii,- the summer In the North.
Messrs. Arrher Applewhite. W. K.
Kitchi n and Harry Shaw en are expect
j ed to i. ! urn today from Lancaster.
j Pa., ?Ii, ,,, (hey attended the wed?
ding ' f Miss Mabel Metzler. of that
City, hn.l Dr. Edgar J. Applewhite, of
tills eii>.
?Verge r. Ahbitt. of Hopkins
"'.. who will conduct services
eh at St. Pauls Episcopal
uring ?he next month, is the
Captain and Mrs. J. 'S? R
ill2 West avenue.
iarriet James, a student at
Hall, arrived n the city yes
? be the guest of her school
MUsis Mary and Flora
their hom?. :t21? West ave
lss J.nnes has been attending
ila of the Naval Academv at
where her brother gradual?
ly ear. j
dernW Cannot rturt a Sound Body.
n yon arc in good health, and1
jWld looks bright, it Is because
unite corpuscles, well supplied |
l?nmunition. are fighting your!
jr you all over your body, u
a yottr opsonin.i are deficient.!
Itr soldiers are fighting a losing'
from head to foot, that tue
and lift- seems t;..t and I
hie. Your Ills are only the;
fects. To be logical, you
?ert your friend with. 1 now
Opsonins?" t
jcn. is Hi'' welcome message
?nt discnv, rics have brought
he Held of liaitie--that genns
?less to affect a heollhy body!
the vital resistance is main-'
good habits of living. Alc<>
and ether such drug*,
narco'ic or stinni.atir. In
aids and camforts to
adble enemies. Too much
iah hearty food sitrh as
beans, forms supplies for
,ls?ary d'-partmtnt cf the
end cf for the brigades of
!c cidMtscles.
n !)? oi her
hand, every IrcatbJ
'be lunrs. of fresh-1
a diri-c blow strnck
1 en the side of our
rj >.ip of i?nre water.
' ii?e. So. Im?, doe* (
., ? i-ing. running, and '
? hen ? terelse i? not '
mouthful of pnre
. he flnme of life.
,.ry pure tboneht:
? che? rful. normal
'.n when ar con tarn f
i.iirhidity. or any of
? -imiswt Thus yon
?r.r.t to wgbt the
? I ihtc army of germs
i few ?,mpie nris
. iinwe-et of a little j
? j l> .Ige on the sub
? v combining er/l ]
h.- war that ami
v . haei William?. ?a
.".rd. acceding to ?
He rownd?. Md? fair
i . at Iowa i si ?Ines?
ti an Apprawrhlng
I w.tfM hotel, he
: r- -. i rtits*"
?d lady
I Seeth acr* agJB.
Visier F*eW.
taad? feil of aava*Ba>
M h ?e wh.le | m and t*t
"'- L cr>t,ad)'r Mafaftaja '
in mm
(Irl or Bog FtalsMng
(barest Top.
H?ge Wilkinson Iis Leading n the
Race for "Pre'.to, ? But Little Miss
Jacquelin Marston is in Second
Place With Over Fifteen Thousand
Votes?How They All Stand.
Appreciating ihr en at Interest ih.it
la IteliiK manifested in the pony con?
ti st, and desiring t<< reward at Im '
twe or the children for the s|)l<-mi'? I
work ihey are d(-1ug, the management
of The Daily Press has decided In or
fer a second prize. Only (A,- can
win "Presto," hut the hoy or girl re
reiving the second largest vote In the
contest will he given a handsome gold
The pony conte.-l editor has select?
ed ror the second prize a solid ??old.
fifteen Jewel watch of standard inak ',
warrantsd to bo an excellent time?
piece. The waich will be on display
in ihn show window of J. J. Palmer's
Sons, from whom it was pnrehas d.
and whose guarantee noes with it.
For Girl or Boy.
If th?* child finishing second Is a
nlrl. a watch of the proper sire lor a
111 tie lady will bo presented; if a hoy
iis second, the boy's -i/e will be viven.
Although some ef ihn leaders hav
polled an enormous number of votes.
Iereryene still has a chance to win the
pretty little Shetland imny and outfit
offered as first prize in the contest,
[and the one finishing nearcsi the trtp
iwill have a prize handsomer and more
Iccstly than the first award in most
csnfesla. \
Standing of the Contestants.
A large vote was polled in the ponv
Contest yesterday, though n number
of eontestunts are still keeping Ihelr
actlinl strength B secret. One of lb"
features of the week Is the number
of votes polled by little Miss Virgi?
nia Istey, of Hampton. I .:? -1 Sunday
jher standing was 10; today It Is
|7.f>K6. The Standing of the contest
[ants is as fellows:
,Horo Wilkinson . !8.?*?
Jiicquelin Marston .:. I!i.7*3>
.Marian Johnson .lO.OfMi
j Virginia C. Isley. Hampton .. ".'?'?>'>
IDnrothv Vanderslice . ?.81".
? Harry C Bray . I.**?
Riten V. Weston. Hampton .. 1.09s
Eugene McCain. BUB
J Lewis Morewitz . StM
Helen lr. Hang' r . 57*.
ID. Sale Turner . 22'>
I Joseidi Temple . :'"
Ruth Knrniki . 35
Philip Peyser . 3?
Buvs Property Near Buckro?.
Mr. George W. Phillips hah sold to
Ira Wharton a tract of one and one
hair acres of the Herbert pro|ierty
near Btickrne Beach for Jl.'.n.
Almost Covered with Eczema?No
Night's Rest for Nearly a Year?
Favai Lifelong Disfigurement?
All Treatments Failed and Limit
of Endurance Seemed Near.
"With file exception of hi? hand* and
feet, my son t'Ivile (thirteen years old)
aras almeaS c >iu,4< covered with
acwrens. Physicians treated bim f r
psajt/ a WSSr without helping him an v.
Wbsiethev w-o- verv kind and dnl all in
Sheer power. v>-t nothing <" ?d u> re?
lieve biro. And 1 had trkvl manv rem
mSkmt west to nv- !>.-khvrlfnetid? hut they
sJffssVsi. Hi* bead. ssre. snd neek wsre
no eared with larer ?rwi? wh* b he wouki
rab until thev fHl off. Thea M.-wl and
r wonM run ort sret thai would he
Manv a urae he ??d as a?
i cars wo'ml drep off. Friee'ln ernv
t to see lem -?.. I that if he g A ? - i be
1 be Hi-fig*irr<l for We,
- When it scHoed As if he could nrw
aftdr stand K no long -. I ?? : to
trr Cutim.-a. I ltoo??. S Cake of Cutt
nn tsaap. S box of Cbtteers Contrnrnt
a.td s bot'le of Cwtiears Resoiv?nv. I
nsed thetn in the ceremg Snd that was
the An* mght lor Dearly a year that be
? nil Thai rosy sottnd es are-rar-d
toroo. bat in the rSrsT'rtr then- was a
area* cbatur- f?r tSw heuer. In al>.ot
Sc woH ? VWS orevld Wot have fcdd that
bahade rrfcadanvth'ngwron?w? ^ him.
itrratw: him twice a day for six rnor*hs
-ad at prestans be aas a nan orem* s*-u
assf ae? s sear or has body. 7 m- st<?jr
aasv a*sn overdrawn, rar* pe-.tber wools
C |?n can oe-rnhe Or,!.-s ?
and V ^ he lookd. Owr WWjrAr
-Vnar. Or -. msswn>ewds the Cutl
rsrra K?-w?he* PW err-erna. Mr*. Algy
Coral wen, ?.lob, O^wust- 11. 1*07.^
*Prera-aa* aTantassjss w*h Cinieurn
. and weekly itvwirtass with Cap- ,
c- rs step fallms hear, reraoye rewsta, ,
?sases. aad esawSru* Sea's y hetr na-a
anw^sootno trri'-rcd. ktrmag nwfeo-..
S^sidVteit BbK -??rNr the
rsats wrthmsMlah^L ^^tra.?rait>
ahtn. aad sosae 'b***-?'' rrjw^u*^>s
,awe<, wltsaVs?P-we, IsnsUby -os-p. WS
M oshsr isrnt li-o asfl.
.1, ,.- aa? wassiii i ? ? r
tea www- _fcwa? iim * ivss.
the Lute
Juno Weddings.
Wh have replenished
our stock from the de
mauds of the past ureks,
aud pre>-rt a practically
? 147
unbroken stock of the
choi<*?st creations in
tique and modern de?
signs; LIB HEY CUT
BLASS: Hand Made
Aud all sorts of artistic
J. R. Sprague
Jeweller and Silversm'th
M O D B P. 1.0
The discover?
er ami sole own
?r of Magic
! R moli. - for all
kinds of iron
Meat, fa ono of
the noted living
?ftoeiiej of tb?'
diy science of
the mysterious.
Th.. most hotel clairfoyan: of I ho
day. He has exceptional qnalliies
jnd is infilllbl ? in his lino of hnsinosa.
Tue world ha? nev.-r so?-n his njual.
lie tclh? at ? glance the object of
yenr rl><it. Everyl* <lr is astonished
at his wonderful powers?-gl v..? potnis
on all h: ?iocs* affairs, unites sepa?
rated, br'nw- bark the lost one. trac?
es lout a--d rtclcn rood', traenrths
hidden fr a^nrea.? remove* evil in
doencca. croasea wp-lls and ill tack.
He I?, the only owe who will rive yow
a written gnaran'ee 11 remplet.. >(>?ir
bajnaajraa or n-fand yonr mon-v. */tt
1 i<? ? - containing |l will be aaxw< red
ha full. con-otltal ion Sac. fattl readme
f 1 ??? in n*, a to l? p.
- . i. p m. "hone rait 2*9
2 ring* for < rdcra.
CH ? ONU? |To?l >
Washington Ave. at Thirtieth St.
Monday We Wilt Sell Domestics at
Special Prices
You'll Save On Every Purchase
The Prices Advertised Are for Monday Only
Ixxii Shilling Calicoes . .
Lancaster Ginghams .
... 9c yard
4 3 4c yard
... 6c yard
Good Bleached .Muslin, yard-wide..6' _.c yard.
Fancy Dress Ginghants. 8 3 4c yard
Printed Lawns . 0 12c yard
Hood Crash Toweling. 5c yard
Fringed Toilet Towels?6c; ti for. 25c
Turkish Towels. :,??; for. 25c
Heavy Unbleached Muslin .4 3-lc yard
Bleached Table Damask . 21c yard
Bleached N apkins . 45c down
Table Oilcloth, colored . . 19c yard
. .23c yard
Table OBrloth. Whit
|_| Extra Special [
W* boaghl fr??m the binkrupt stork of the> Arnold
Print Works, At auction, a large lot of hi.rh grade m-r
?**ri7.?d Madras, both White and Prinhd These gods
sell regularly at 25c to 35c yard.
The White we marked at, I The Printexl at
yard.15c :j yard . 16c
WASH VOILES Solid Colors: 2 V grade
18c yard
WASH VOILES Fancy IMtterns..23c yard
4.". inch Frenoljj i_iwwa?Th* best 3?c grade .t*c yard.
Ctmh French |j?wn. tvr ~r.Tl.
? . 12* ic yard.
loinch Ijiwn- 12 I lo er.tde.'..g t_2r yard
Fan?v Side 'Und Printe?! l.iwn
10c yard
?i ?;??' ' ?" :???!'? ... 1Sc yard
Special Offer!
25 Per Cent.Discount
that sell for more than
One Dollar
each-. ?*U
SHEETS; sis* ajxtm, at Cflr*
. acli . Sw,. dUb
SPREADS; 75c value, at CQr?
each . U?*W
Colored Dress Linens . 20c yard
MM Fla?n] T itw-n Finish Cannon Cloth . It 1-2c yard
r;. (Nrr? i?r,? rioth; I.V trad*. .9 liV
sab- Moil,lav at. ^r?
each. I O
Summer ,
Dainty. Sheer Fabric?27 incite*
wide in all the newest Colors. ,n
Clsdhlg ?Vhiie. Disci, and the lirnt
shades. Thes? Silks sell at
Monda.v they are.
v aril .
Fine White Madras, with wore*
Stni.es: i*c ~r-.?de. at l ltw
van! . I Iv
gaai'y. at ?ard
S b,i '*..' : t hanin, t?neham.
Bedwred to.
tard . W V
Straw ire*** I
t'a? kW ? tm '?:?!.-?? '
1*? Mrpj ???? - 1
??:?.*?? I M
MM fcr *? ?W
fc- ?????? t??????, ??
Ltg .llillll? T
Th#v N**vc fc#e*t.
Kririer-Wfcal ?re ?Titr??Hi of
| {tocher-TV Mrrry WtJow ks>t aaa
ik? tktarkln? caw - N?w Y?rk 8?a.
For BHt Fire Insurance
mm! Surety Donds.
oo TO
H Corn" Pirn* :\ .$1 T5
% Coed Mli-d Wood,. ?? M
'4 Cord Oak Wood.fl ??
No SwftMJ ckarf mr -p''"Mrt. Toe
hcwi grade* of cool at tb? low*" mar
M orteo.
497 T??jwty Mr end St
Never before) have ire ikvu so rushed. < >ur stuck is b-ing rapidly
depleted of its choice styles, but we have Eome styles left th at MPliave
no doubt will plea'e you.
$10.00 SUITS $ 8.00 $2.50 BOYS' SUITS $2.C0
$ 0.60 $3.00
$12.00 $3.50
$14.40 $4.00
$16.'J0 $5.00
$20.00 $6.00
$3 60
Satisfaction guaranteed in this sale or money
back. We make all alterations free of charge.

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