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only newspaper published in
Newport News that receive* the
full news service of the Asso?
ciated Press.
VOL. XIII. NO. 173.
English Officials at Olymp'c Games
Declare -telean Sprinter Feu!
ed 400 lelre Race.
'As a Result, Americans Are Indig
naot. and Refuse to Particioate in
Postponed Race?Conduct Declared
to be Most Unsocrtsm3r>like and
Unfair by American Managers.
,lBy Associated Press.)
? I.ONTON.nnill 53. ? The unfort?
unate s<rirs <i| disputes wlrich has
arisen sluce the ooinin:; ol lit
Olympic gauKB. not only between
Americans and the officials of ih<
amateur athletic association, but !i
tween th(; athletts of other nations
an() the fame officials, culminated
this afternoon in an occurrence which
threatened to wreck the inter Olym?
pic meetings.
The trouble was over the tinal heat
of 40u metres tlat rac-. for whtc.'i
J. <lftCar|sjk((>r.' - Cornell I'niveraity:
J. 1C ^Taylor, Irish-American Athl li?
Club; W. C. Robbins. T>.uibridge.
Mass., and Lieutenant Windham
Hall-well. United Kingdom. i;iialltled.
With the xeeption of Taylor, the
men got off quickly on the firitm of
the pistol and Ro?bins sprinte.) i.t
front, taking the |>ole .'roni Carpen?
ter, who war just behind, with Halls
well trailing along beside him. It
look-d like anybody's race as they
approached the last turn, t\- three
leaders being bun.cb.cd.
Officials Call Race Off.
The spurt for the final hundred
yards was just b gun when suddenly
a number of the officials ru.-he.l onto
the track, the tape across the finish
was torn down and the race was de?
clared off.
It was hard for a time to under?
stand what had occurred, but th..
official pronoucc nient was-that Car?
penter had fouled Hallswel] at the
turn. Everybody close to this s|k>'
had noticd that three \en had
swerved toward tht. outside of th '
track as they came around the hen I
at a terrific rate, but there wer? n?'
sign of* a deliberate foul visible to
lho.se in the press stands.
An uproar followed such as sel?
dom or never was witnessed on an
athletic field. Officials of the A ma
tcur Athletic Association with whom
the arena has lieen filled since the
opeidng of the gam S. ran along th ?
edges of the track shouting ??.on!''
and appeared even more excited than
the runners, who. with the xc ption
of Taylor, continued the race to Ihe
finish. Caldenler passing Ihe post
first. Robbins at COO d and llallswe'l
Americans Indignant.
Taylor, who was already distance.!
In Ihe race, was draggled off the track
by the excited officials, snouting it
was no rac .
America's contingent set np a yell
as their man had apparently capture.I
the rac?-. which had tuen propir1 sied
tor the Englishman, while the sut.i
enc?- oreupvtag the other stand, sat
silent, not knotting the cause of Ihe
? xcltenieiit
Then the announcer made th? briei
statement through a mi gaphimi tha
the rare had hei n declar d void, bo'
no reason was .:iven
Still nit knowing whv a gr< at
ttrftijh cheer 1 -rolle out and contin
for f. vi nl niipu'' - m n w !n?
could n-'t under anv c'trrum-taiic <
have s<-?-n the incident, crying "Foot"
lortder than ile?s#- -.Illing awpnatte th..
spot wh re the ?Jl. -,-d foul gras
to have taken place, and who ?> eine
Hsllsweli laktnr. a wl l> t -rn :h"U=hi
11 a mistake m Judcncn'. as Be had
tots of room to pass Carpi nter tr.
? |?ber side
Caused Much B<ttcr Peeling.
TK- niTnar c utlinued for marly
half an hour and as in- i?-nv* ;*Mir
ed ont of ihe a'an Is lie ??????*???
w?r.- tah< n nt> in Ihe state* ,-.nd'gs'e.
ways hv excit'H! thousands and lb*
raee is ='.Il lh?- subject oj th- hfl
ler-'t wrat.rlinc ?'**+} .I"-"1
Mat'h-w P Hatpin >h umnacer
of in,- \im-iican ham. *b" ?a ??>
ihe arena, immediately , gtervd a pm
teat, claiming the rao for Carpeu'- r
ir. tbc remarkable than- >.t 1? ! . se:
ond*. aowe- waichr* m.:kinc it 'vu
a fpgJpasMK* me?te-E of 'he Am
atewr Athhtie \*rwrt?iion. thr ??
tag* at which bsv?> not Iwrri susaV
gwalte. wrre railed an,| ibe 1*1??.
who r*wd-red the r.?-eUlo ^nd H-^'l
iCoaiianed from Kir*. Tage i
Opeiationg Chan, ed to Cr.sfie.d, Md.,
Where Battle is Fought in
(By Associated Press.)
gagcraeul h< (ween the war vessels
under cotuimnudor c. c Marsh, con?
sisting of Mit- Prairie, the Yankee the
Isle de Cuba, the Vixen and the S*i
\ a, making up the defensive squad
n u, and a flotilla of torpedo boats,
comprising the Thornton, the Tingey.
the Do Long and the Barney, consti?
tuting the attacking fore.', ? i>:>k p'ace
last night oft Tangier light and n'Sttli
< I in a viciorx for the defenders.
Tl.reticallj Mine i f the four tor?
pedo boats were i aptured or sunk.
The fourth succeeded in slipping past
Hie opposing vess- Is but !n r success
\var> nullified bj the destruction ol
her sisters.
The boats -oipnosiM to have been
dest rcyed were the I>e l.on:. lip
Thornton and the Barney The Tin-1
gey escaped. The engagement opeu-j
ol aliont |i o'( leek a?il a few minutes I
after ten a signal was hoi,led at the
flagship announcing thai ihc battle!
was over. During the attack the ships I
were anchored in a semicircle eight
miles in I? ngth four miles off Tan?
gier light with i' as a center.
Ex-Governor Douqlas Declares He
W-ll Not Accept Chairmanship.
(Ilv Ass< elated Press).
1'.:.- "I am oil ef | mittles forever."
declared former Governor William It
Douglas twlay, whin, upc" his retard
from a yachting trip <>! several days,
he was questioiMil <ony-rniiiu the re
IMirts from I.iticolti. N- >. that he
mighl I-* named as ehairinan uf I he,
Democratic naliciial cc.mmittce.
Mr. Dongla. said tit: had not Inen'
aware that his name was being con
! i 11 red f'>r the position.
? I have nut been offered the chair
ntanship of the Democratic national j
committee." he said, "and while I
shall dti-pl) appreciate the rontpli-'
meut. if it is tendered to nie. I shall r
not accept, as I am out ef politics for-j
ever. This is final." I
Made President cf Colleg?. |
(Bv Associated Press).
RALEIGH. N C July 23.?Profes?
sor I). II Hill, of the faculty of the ?
Siaie Agricultural and M'-'-hanical j
College was lodav el cted presl lent i
of the institution for one y< nr. to I
succe.-d Dr. George T. Winston, re?
_ I
las Issued Inters for Re liial of
Slsndard Oil Case.
Order Has Been Issued to Attorney^
General Bonaparte to Confer With
Frank B Kellogg to Arrange for Re-.
open'rg of Case in Another Court.
(By Associated Press).
OYSTKK KAY. N. Y.. July 2.:.?Pre
sident Roosevelt loni.in announceo in ?
anntistakable terms the detcTmiaa |
lion of the administration to proceed j
with the proeecstlca of the Standard!
1:1 case despite the adverse d' cision j
rinden*? by the UaRed State.* Court j
of Appeals. This decision the Prest
dcni ihinks. in no way affieis laej
merits of the rase and ho makes;
known In- <1?-i. mti ::i ranse 'he nr
:.<?,-. to be brought atrain before the!
courts in such shai>e. if possible a.
to jiri v-nt technical-tie* in::* forms
with a decision ??as? d upon 'he jri wi'
iseex - Inviiin d
Tre- ia< !i.? ni in the matter mad ;
pablir lon.ght by guntSP Loch lot .
The PY- slaV al ha? dir-efe.j :he a:-,
torn< y gen'-ral to immediately ;ak<
sli ps f? r tb? n-'ilal ?.f the S:anda"i
Oil case. Tb?' reversal of the del
t?<e of 'he lower w.n do",, not f:..
an. ?haj>" or *?^v lowcn th.- mcr'?.
? H the rase rareptiag w? far a* 'he
-1re of th. fine h eonserne.1 There 1
L- alts?iln?e,y no q>*-*ttoi. . f the guilt j
of th, f.-ndanti or .f the r-ii ;'1 ]
?? t'.il.i sraw .hjrarterif Ibe ovfom-o
Tb.- Pr< ?M'-n would rrssrd Ii as a]
j-ror? mtic'canlag* of jas'bre If -htou
an leebnieaiui'K the d- fen-laat te?
mped tlx a .Mh woull
have paqwesfh nal>!v !ie.-n Wie?er o.it
to an< weaker *i f- ndaat who ha1
t -nil" of "'<h og^aae.
? T*ie pri sldi hi wtli ?V> o, ryth.nt
la Ms ieV' i to avert ptevent
r~cb naVan f/Mjic/- et Ja??er Wtib
fats awrpt-?? lo vw*w ih?' prwahfewt
has dlr.Ttid the attnr?.- ermTsl ???
hiine <mh certsMitatasa Mr Prank B
Redbaga. In ih? awt'er ?nj to e>i ?veey-'
?hm v. If sriBr b- ogi SSSR
" ' k" i rat aCl i'atlf
Delivers Message of Good Will lo
American People From flis
Vice President Fjirban*;; ?nj En:j- j
land's Hrir to the Thrcne Exchange
Greeting*-. at Ter-Centennial? Thr
City is Arjlcw VVitii Mvri.nc's of
L:?hts and Rrtevvcfks.
(Hy Associate,* Pres?.<
QUEBECa Ql to. July 23.?Th?
Prince of Wales was thj centra! li^
ore today in ihe magnificent bjicc
tacl reproducing Quebec's historic
pan a: I ushciing i:i the three hun?
dredth anniversary cf the .uunJatijii
of tii" city by ('!> tni|da n.
Aside front lit" rpectarulai fcal'ir<
rf lb < vi tit. ii was ihe occasion i >
a notable exchange of ad< ...-.^j be?
tween Vice President Fairbaaks ai.d
the Prince ?i Wal< s. in whit h each
epok of the existing r- la:i. ns b<
tween the United Slate:, and Gr it
K. .ta'u. and the Pr'nca d ?v -rd a
ne ^ai;.- ot gOoJ will ;o ihe Amt.ri
ean government.
An i nornif-Ma crov I filled the
place U s Annes fronting the Cham
plain mouunieut. where Hi" exer
eise* we re held Tin Prince r?*r r
?d the addresses of thu American
and Pi uch r? preseiuullvos. the may?
or ei Qin liti- au< ttnall\ Cbamplain
himself, npioilur itr; as in the d iy..
of old. coming trorn the mimic rcpro
duel inn of his English -ship the Don
Diux with somi live thousand follow?
ers rcpres-titing every phase of old)
Prance in Canada !
Glcnous Celebration.
, P< was a splendid spectacle, car
tied "i!t undei bright skies, with i
setting of ibis picturesque old riiyj
and its harbor fillet: with a Ii? t ol
;nt rnatioual warships. Tonight thr>
city and harbor are ablaze id lights.
The warships are outlined in elec?
tric lights marking every line 'I hull
and rigging, whi'- Ihe parliament
and many other buildings ar sim!
larly outlined with a myriad o. liKhis.
From the citadel the Prince '
looking across the St Uwr- nee ar
a gigantic display of fireworks 0:1
the heights of Levis, showing in fi.-r>
ontlin s the portraits of Kunz Ed?
ward, the Falls of Montmorency an 1
the battle of Wolfe and Montcalm.
The IVincc ot Wales In replying in
Vice.Pr, sid? nt Fairbanks said:
Message from the K.ng.
"The Kins, whose earnest de?*re
is always to promote the best and
clou si n lations b?-tw en nations, his
specially i.esired me, a.- bis repre?
sentative to convy to you. Mr Vicc
Prcsid nt of ihe United Siat.-;. -at
to your colleagues, n<n only a hearty
wi Iconic but also a ?arm ezpn:>s!m
of thanks iMith to you and your gov?
ernment for your presenee 1" re on
thi> auspicious nccarioa. Vonr pr's
naee is not merely an indication 61
your inter' >t in this celcbra" lor.; i'
a an outward and visible Mgn cf th??
frh'ndnjhlp and good will bet?i n
our.- Ives and the ?r?at country which
>oii p present wieh so much distinc?
-Fnendsn-p for United S >t< -..
"We think of 'he United St.v ?. a'
hsvlui.- Imn ihe exampl- of encrgv
end con rag,- in ronqmiing an I r:i
tivaliag the for-sfs an! f-c.::d!< S
prairies which now yield nar.esfa
an. inimitable wesbh. V*. r. <r-;
nr- ;ha; the prvwnc^ ?-f rrnr" "a"a
r|v. ? of th-- fatted Sf?'.-,s and F'-an?*
among n? te.?.:*?'?? of thai growth ol
the ?p>r;t pf fr!? rdship l>?-!wctn fca
tiont. ot that rpir.t the progr. ?3
? humanity largelv r! penda ard 1
;??>p? ;:nd lii-lifl? :hr' progre>.; Wiil
expt -s Itself mnf S"d tw In
j ... to come.
The blab id'al of universal r*-a-e
atid brojb?-r>ocd ma, t," f:r from
p-atlzation. hn' evry ac- that pr.?
mi>t< s ha-mory among nation*, polnt?
th^ wi* toward l'? ai:a nw nt Tat'
,cehbritlon Is ?uch sn act for It so
! peil? in Canals. ft? the Mnttsb Kit
pire and to ih. wh"|e clv llr^ worb'
I tbenf.-ire r?)olce to I?.- here, to
lake my part si:h v n :-rlne ;h'?
nemorahlV <:?y? In p.-? in* bomaa.- to
C-atii'lUn and doing honor to <j ?
v -. v- Dead.
w\<S7nxrTTOV ti C. July 22 ?
Valor Jwanu P. Metin. for sixteen
war? an." the saaw.taut truanwri r of
th. I nrie? ?t-ai?, nii-HI ?1 m, now>*
ta ihis chy lsi?- ted* afietm?"* ?rt.-f
? I n< tThim tie whi tsr hmvd m
he asHMttal censetcry at Arlington,
No Clues Have Been O.sovtred
Leading tu the Discovery , the
Girl's Slayer
<Bv Associated Press).
TROY. X. V . July ?: I.lt:U- bf
moiiiVut dcvclo|icd |?da> in Hie iii
vcrtigatlnn uf the manic i o: Hazel
1)1 ,v, wiiiiHi IkmI) was found July 11]
in Feat's pond, about iw? h aith ??
ft iiii Troj Tbc autJjoriiif.s wlitle
following oat all eluef> :u now up
paicalit awaitltr; J<*.> I- inn- tit.-. ol
th. iiu|i|' i which wi'I eoliiliienee a1
Ai rill Bark Monday. It is thought
puv-il !?? thai KOtuc JMi't< num., u!
*??'???-? will l.c ??\|i.'Wp< I .in wi.b'i
nous limit under i-\U> nation mi a
cou: t r '.na.
P' ri.t Attorney O'lfie ; slit I
daj thai flifre wa:< nothing im? i ?
offer. IJe said the oflil ?-t wen- fol
low iti" every report wie? Ii might
haven b nilng viii the nn ??<? r ?! tin
cirl. T'e final verdict i'i Mi. dociors
th.i( a b'oe- on the heal from some
1mi.ii; instrument caused death dim
Inates all possibility of suicide.
While Pract ce Was Goinrj On Note
tern Year Old Boy Cot Ciothmq
Caught in Cogt
(?v Associated Press).
NEWPORT. R. I.. Juli _' : .losepb
.1. Ueno", an ordinary -?.'.man und
powder r ?: on hoard the new l.al
,t!?. Iii;. Mississippi, was killed during
la ,i:n drill in one ol th furwar I
j'-i-lit inch ttirretB today. Mi necker?
chief r ;il ibe training cogs of
? ?in e; Mm .im- and Henri ia- drawn
|in:o\ho uiacbinori and his :n k was
[ Hniry was in years of u?e and en?
listed ai Mi ni phis. Tenn., in Octontr
iast. His next of kin is a cousin,
Charles MrCaslin, of Jackson, Tenn.
t'aptaiu F.-eitt/tit. of *.be Mis'tssiu
pl has ordered an investigation.
jSay; the American Navy Must Always
be Kept in the Front Ranks Re?
gardless of Cr.tic sm.
(By Associated press).
NEWPORT, ft. 1 July Zi.?Mem?
bers of the naval conference nie
again today to n n?iiiic the discussion
<:; !>;?tM siijp plans at:d it is believed
will continue ilit-:r daily meetings for
somt1 tin:?1 to conn* In the executive
council, following the President's
spei h of yieterday, Mr Roosevelt
plainly :Hu the officers present Ibal
he wanted "results." and would in
iimm them before the conference
The President u.-k> d to lie told all
that had been done up to the time u
his arrival and a gp-at part <.f th
hour .pent Id executive seaslon was
I occupied in answ-r.ng the eaesfjoaa
I propounded 'jy the chief executive.
Pre. idem Roosevelt ?-xi>Iaincd to
jthe mem beta thai they should nu
Iplace too much credence in lh?' criti?
cisms thai had been pnaaed ??! b)
.pecplc outside- but he said that much
[adverse comment undoubtedly had an
jefficl upon the pulsar mind
The American navy in Its methods
I an.l lb-sign of -o:-1 r n Irni as well as
in its znnni ry and .?? -??mi 1 n. i-1 a
v.-syr be kept in the front rank, the
Pi Caldern said. ;.:;?! it was to the
romnjia kmed fotc. the ?mintry would
Kok for the desin-?] r> salts.
NorfcU Man F.t* "Two Shots. Bet I
Taking Effect h* Ycumj Woman's
NORTOLK VA luh 13 ?Tiadlag|
hl? iWCelheorl Mrs- vaunda Mors
pr.-ni? i.a.i.n* "f ran^ir-:-Ha |
hri(*z- wtih his n?..l Hen ja ruin til'
ix-ri o;wned ?r? ?? * v\*\rA on b,
lor.lrht aNwit l n '?? ' ??k. slipping u,
bib'tk! the conpl the darku?k.
T?,5 bullet* i,.. . ifcci la ?u
y< hi; w. maa's '? ? ?
William Ml--'?? > tto wax wnti]
T.r y 'tsne ?om.o nn-irm. I ??
k< x* Glib t: In f ' vnd raneed hi>
ai rexL
i.? St. Vincrr leK.p|ti| fh.-i
Mir? Morrc was ? i"d. It i? rait
?bat she fca? on- anew in i-a ???]
re~or< r
It a 'irr? tt.a: V M?w^e and Gd i
b-rt. up to a few ? ? oka ?-?<? w<-r
kreptag rompan; .1 wer,- n|ier".'d
?8 be i-.gar-d. n'ly 'h?v ?j?ai
rfllc? a-! Mos "?'. b.ga.i to r
-'vo the attratio: ?f reaaaa Mtt? r>
rR. in a J-aloua GIB? rt foib.B
?d the cowpL 1 IT kenn ??
The rVwVe? w. f '.rrrg to er?'
C W Werne t- r of tf*? yjmn*
lady wau wist-?t ?? k-M yowaa ?I
It v/wBe be wa irwdje arreet Ahl
?I ULY 2? l.H)8.
Jrawn by Irresistible Force to
Scene of Crimp, He Is Taken by
Police and Tells His Story,
Murderer Says He Needed Money to
Get Man od and Comm.ttcd Crime
for That Rea.-on?Intended to Kid
Ho. Cour; n ?Buried $2.'CO Under
a Tree.
(By Associated Press.)
SBW VOKK. Jul) Brawn buck
to ihn s < ito of his crime in a force he
could not ri.'l. August Kbeihaid.
self confessed murderer if his unlit.
Mrs tmtlie Khnrhaid, n Vlenene j
willow, whom be lured a lonlyi
? |mt in \.-w Ii';:-, y a low. da>>- a"'?
and shot 10 death, was r-aptur. d neai
Patterson \ I today and is now
a* prison) r ,m the HaekeiiHacli jail.
What hi! ere;.| the authorities
iwst in the confer ion Kit rhaid made,
to them lati t"da> wna the reason he
nave t?.r committing the crime. Eber !
hard said that he was in love wlthj
a Vew Yoik girl anil that In uti-dod |
money many ler. so knowing thai
h* aunt had $. Mm he plot i d to
kfll h' r and steal the money.
Intended to Kill His Cousin.
Klvrhai'd says he also intended to
kill his protly cousin. Ottilie Eber?,
hard, in whom he wan engaged so that
nothing would jtaud In tne way of
bis marriage to the New Tori girl !
The police have the tiatuv of the girl
mentioned by Eberhard and she will
be brought to Hackensack 10 tell what
she knows of the twurdor.
Hollow eved. cheeks drawn and with
thi- b ? k of a haunted animal on his
face. Kl-ei hard war- found lying on tint
lawn of a residence ju.-t outside of
Patterson. There was nn turly look
inelng wound in hi ; right leg which the
mr.rdcrer first said had been inflicted
by Italians who attacked him bin
whirh. he afterwards confessed was
inffi i- d bv himself so as to make the
police believe he had been wounded
on the night his atirtt was killed.
To'd Two Stories
Mori.i<l liPHdiit- over hi- inhuman
crime ha,I apparently unbalanced the
mind of Eberhard, but he showed sonic
cf the cunning thai he displayed in
the muMer pier when the ikiIIco rjues
ti':n<-t| him aliont the nuirder.
Eberhard did not imme<llately con?
fess to the police Wli.-n he was
placed under prrcst he expressed ?ur
i ri.te that he should l*> suspect**! of
the foul d?-*-d and to'd a most ingen?
ious story to account for his disap?
pearance after ehe shooting of his
?anI to the effect 'hat on the nitrht
of the murder he ha?l tried to de
fend his aunt asrainst ihc attack of
a parly ot Italians. He said he made
his con-in run on ahead and ihoii re
?ttrnrd to help h's aunt, but the ninr
derers over powered him after sh"oi
inc him in the leg Then, he said,
he lost rnoariou.mejra and r member
ed nothing until he came to hl> sen
?? in tie' Press news mountnlna
He save a rmphic description ? of
his aliened wanderings through th
umnnt.-iins The innniaHora did not
believe t.hi? story and ihcv kept rVn-r
hard cn the L-rill nntil he weakened
and marl*' a conf--ssion. The mur
.1* p '? leemed lo fed relieved when
?e had flfish'd his remarkable nara
tive of the murder
Asked for C-gar.
He a'ke?| :h" irrvawrntnT. to wh ?m
he had roufeweed f?-y a cdirar and
wIki II was given la him b?- .?m??k<>d
It a- 'hivch he hr..l no i th'-r rare ?n
th. world
An init.ori.int point in the e >nfe*
?*n waj- 'he ?tate-rent bv Eberhard
?h. ? bad an acconipiic? in ib"
in>ir la-*- phot He aid. bnwev-r. ? ha?
hi' n.'ieit'iiii' hnd no hand In th''
Viliriz of Mr- Ete-rhard Thl; man
???,, one of Kl? rbarH's t'r1?*TH".
\a. fW 'o *h?- W* I a'nd I be i-o:lr
are looking for bim Tb. v have h'?
? lani"
Eh- rhard 'old the pn?V-e 'ha' h*
it .d plannevi I be rr"?r<lcr ' ?n tnomh
.::?> He wro?r manv h?'--r* to M
utn in h.- ?ff<rt* to lunar* hr?
toll her horn* in flcrmsn* and e--rrr?"
lo th:- tTinn'ry tf? live ll?- even t>r TTI
Ired ?t-ai he umilrl marrv Her .lane"'
? ??r ?eili|" aed make a rontr??rta,'l '
h< no fr r h? r here
Mafcr- Free Co*rf*ss.o?!
Tb* n Eberhard r*i waniii d **>*? ar
rival tf hi. sant and M? *-* ?sin *r>
Uli rr' h:a ft od IT"' mait for lb*'*
M s hou*- tn Wot Tw> ntv "hfrH
ajieee nf 1*? trip <o M? w J<?rwe-? and
th*- fs'al walk nw the ra'Trnwd Invkn
1 M.ixhnr ram storm nan na> wti?c
h' v ?er. w?.?in- tip th Mm ^u.-tiau
iCrmthnundJ aw Inawrth l^anav
SpeaM to Full Htuse m Macon and
Atkj fur Ceorqia's Electoral.
(Ity Associated Press),
MACON. (JA, July Tlioniaa K
Wui. on. Populist candidate lor prest
ili in. o|?'n it In- campaign here to
night in it >p"i rli of one hour to an
audience that tsxed th ? rai/'ity or
the liriiinl ()|M>r.i House h a <kci
fi?| Bcorgla's . Icctotlil vole mill sail
thai i: iiei,-. ?ai> he w etil I give them
in Itryan In defeat Tal: IPs as?
sault* wire all directed ai Itryan,
however, and his praises w i ? lor
RooscmIi an.! Taft Mis chance
USttlll I III ..Ill III retiming III Vole fill
Crisp fo; speaker in the Democratic
e Minis Im i au.- -' of his heilig a Con
t delate an? hcaid in nlleni e
President Rctorevclt Will Read It
and Make What Chang*., He
Thinks Necessary.
(By Associated Press.)
OY STUB BAY, N Y . July 23 -
Willi.on II Taft, th, Republican
presidential nominee, was lh?> guest
ol President Ititosev'll ai Sagamore
HIM mr t-i ?? ral hours today, arriving
a' three o'clock 'his afternoon. Dur?
ing Mi Taft s vi it Hi- spe eh of ac?
ceptance a-liiell Ii.- will deliver at
.Cincinnati i<"\t Tuesday was^discusa
? d niiii id pr< idem ami Secretary
of Sii' KliliU RiMit, who was also a
i guest at the President's summer
I home.
j Judge Taft took luncheon and din?
ner v. nh the President and Secrettrrj
Riot an] ai !? o'clock tonight let!
in I r Bay in an automobile1!for New
York city, where he will go to the
Maiiiiunun hotel for the night. No
statement on the conference was
given oiil.
Cleveland Buys Two Players.
(By Aseoclated Press.)
I CLK VIOLA XI?. OHIO. July 23.?It
? was iiiino'inced today Ihat the Cleve-.'
lan I American League baseball dab
i has purchased t.li<" r1 lease of Pitcher
' Falkrnherg and Third Baseman Al
tizer from Hie Washington club. The
I considerate n !s said to have bfrnj
1 flO.iJOA. The two men named will.
it is exported, join the Cleveland
club at once.
Bryan Tins His Piper, Ike Cm
He Says the Publication Writ Con
. t.oue to Print H.a Speeches, But
I He Disclaims Responsibility to Any
I Articles Unless Over His Name.
(By Asociatcd Pre as.)
, rtn;in has i- 'irej Pom active w^iirk
en the Common? r and will cot b"
personalty n rponsfMe for matter sp
in-ariiig in H during the pr wnl nm
ipeign Charles W Bryan will he
I the publisher and Richard L Met
'cap. the .-liior. during ;h?. campaign.
I The following -t.-iti-ni nt was l^siu^d
b> Mr Bryan rvkstii to this ?hau:.
?In I be editorial staff of ih.- paper:
? Mi (aadktae? makei it m-o-s.s ir> for
: ai. to rn*>pead editorial w?>rk. and
'I ii?aire m have It kimwn lbs: I
'Could a?i I*- h 11 personally resi-ouv
i?i?i? for matter appi arawy, in the
<*? anannej dnring fh?- nniiaim <\
e? ia :hal ?li..|: asetora nor my
? ? irii-tsrc
j \|i hr?wb' r Ciarb-s W Brvsn.
???: has h?d eh?.-? ? of ;h pwb'tra
i?ion >in?? it. ? ? - 'on. ri sill a
.> inr omiml trn'il November, ?nd
'ih. siisortaf, ,-fitnr Mr Richard M?-?
-Ii wffl dntrtaa that tin be the ?d
It or
I Tbo r ei?ior.r will pwhit?h *u~h
, >;>e. cb?w I? tf?Ts elf. a* ! assy pn
. p?r. f??r tho geweral public am' ib.'
? ad? r of ?v C'imwnai' f w l| h?v
;il' and s? curat? 'nlo'tna'toa x# i.i
!lh? mute* dl >nyy -I 1 I? *rt? nk lor
?th' e?i?r lh> cordit.l ?*r*fw?ri ? ?
frtwa ike i? (Inriag ha* made my cm
ti rtins with p '? |d? unset
Ad ttr Mitft, i- *w ih Ovmmoti t
ct.-r and atw*ve actcal "t|w-a?ei from
no w??r?il '"etloa -??II lie tertwe;
' ..v., iniV If-aww-ra?!'- wa*i"aa1 man
'?w ?h hewHrt t< 'he cam
Local rain* Friday or Satue
lay; tresh cast to southeast
VJltlam Paihamofts Was lied Haid
aid Foot old Believed of (Ml
by Hires llgbwapeo.
Victim Was on His Way to Hi* Homo
Near Fox Hill When Assault Was
Made?Dees Not Know Whether
His Assailants Were Black or
White, But Police Are on the Caan.
?.- \
Dally Press Hurnau. V
Hampton, Va . July 2X
Held up by three unknown robbers,
who bound bim hand and foot and
took liiii in , .1 ?i, from bis potketa,
Mr. William I'nlhaiuon*. who resides
1,1 ar Fo\ Hdl. was found on (he
side of the road leading to Fox 11 in
itbortly afti r Iii o'clock tonight by
three men coming from Fox Hid to
The three men?Rev. U'orge
W. Wray, pastor of the liamptou
First Me-hoillst church, Mr. K. 8.
Wallace, nf Fox Hill, and a friend
of Mr. Wray's from Norf.dk. heard
the cries tor help some distance bc
for. they came upon the prostrate
form of Mr Polhamouns lying just,
on the edge of the road. They at
Brsi thought it. was a man under the
inlluence of liquor.
Heard Cries for Help.
As the carriage In which they were
riding came upon him, Mr. Polnamon-.i
y lied out. "for Cod a sake save me."
Mr. Wray then jumped from the car?
riage and ran 'hark to the man.
He round Mr. Polhamons with his
hand* tied tightly in a folded posi?
tion across his hack, and bis feet,
laced together with a strong rope. He
told his re sewers that he had b?en
struck over the head with a blunt
Instrument, and his mouth '/>wed
thai the robbers had attempted to
gag him.
Mr. Polhamons said he h-ft Huck
roo shortly after !) o'rlork Intending
to walk to his home u ;ir Fox Hill,
as most of the iwoplo from that sec?
tion do. lie said be had walk.'d
traaufhljr a mile and a half when tho
three men came up and without th"
I slightest warning assaulted him, ren?
dering him unconscious.
When consciousness returned ho
found himself tied ham. and foot, his
coat on on side of Mi, road, and
his hat on the other. He was unable
lo move an Inch on account of /m
rope that held him. He then began
to call at the top of his voice tor
h< Ip. Just how long he bait teen ha
this jiosiiion he couldn't say, and hs>
was unable to state whether the roo
?bcrs were white ire'n or ncgro*n.
Sold Horses in Hamptsw.
Mr. Polhanmns. who is a horse
lra.hr. seit! two horses today IS
Hampton for $1 lo and was returning
h'4ne with the mon'y when he was
held up an,) lobbtd. He slated that
th. men mad,- a d. sper.ue attempt to
".!-? him but :::n-t have been fright
itii'ii before they could get the gag
j into hla mouth, after having hound
I htm up hand an.l foot with the rave.
Rev ncorgc W Wray, who haw
I heen to Fox Hill lo preach la the
I Met hod 1st church, declared thst the
iriiSMiv-rv tj> the nj'st thrilling m
I his n|? rienc*. He said the wheel
I of hl.? carriage nearly d over
!<:?? man's bead. Mr. Wray said M
I was with the greater! difficulty that
I he. Mr. Wallace aa*. htt friend *u?
c e,t d :n rutting the rope> which
I..id lc en n??ii In binding the areas
1 and f"et
j .Mr Polhamons was placed tn ?lr?
;rarTia*c an t ' * >:cht :o Hiwkrwe.
we--. h< made a n-port of hl-< 'sns>
!rtenre Th- offtVer? at the resort
! iniin? liaiilv sis'ti d on s srerrh Of
i ?h community, bnt up to midnigb'
... t ? ? t hoi ?- i ?. ni iJ.
deserters FROM NAVY
Savannah Judge w Deckten Denies
Right of Police to Make
A ret at?
?"VWWM CA. Julr 33. ? 9?
'rbc Muperwtr Court of Chatham o?ntv
o-lav Jii.lsc fharlton renlcr^d a **
cbo -n denying the right of pottce
i Jwtf of thin rttv to arrest a wh>
r f out ihr- fnited ?????? ear*.
TV- <as* was that mt ? Rung*
Morgan a Sr-crtcr frmw nary,
? h<M^ fstlw besna babes* corona
j,f ? etfimr? to prr-v ??;?>' Hm rnsBeddW

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