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Swernof Swanspn Asked la mi
M Stale Quar-jnilDe Inspect
loa of ouch Vessers
Date Set by Governor for Hearing In?
terested Parties State Reasons for
, Proposed Deoarture Frctn Precent
Regulations ? Federal Inspection
Claimed to be Sufficient.
Governor Claude A. Swniison v<- -.
terday announced ibat on Monday I
morning b# will formaJly consider thei
request ol the shipping interests and
business men of Newport Newa Dial!
the existing state quarantine laws at)
this pott In- Modified so a.n to put,
Newport News, on nn ei|iiul rat lug
with the |M?rt of Norfclk. Several ol
the local coal shippers very probably
will no to Richmond Monday lo con-'
tor with the governor relative to this'
matter }
Under the existing quarantine laws
obtaining at ibis |?ort all steamsblpa
riming hen' for mpplies of Intriker
coal are required ' to nmli trgo the
Stale Inspection nml to pay the usual
fee of $7. All of these vessels. Of!
course, are first Inspected by the fed I
ctral quarantine owners at Old Point
before being allowed In come lu re. j
Several weeks ag.i. local shipping
agents learned that the old quaraa-'
tine law:-, obtaining at Norfolk bad
been . o modified by the State govern-l
ment as to excnipt stcamrrs stopping
at that port for banker coal from the
State Inspection and accompanying
fee. The reasons given for the al'>
Hi ion of the inspection applying to,
this class of ships was that the iu
apecilon was not necessary, the ves?
sels being Inspected by the federal
authorities within a f.-w hours pr?*-!
vlous to their arrival itt Norfolk.' and '
remaining In port not more tbuu Et
hours. I
As the Inspection by the State:
quarantine officer was not regarded'
as neccsrary at Norfolk, .??nie cf the
local shipping axel, claim there is
no reason why it should obtain here, j
and they addresse-, a letter to Gover?
nor Swanson asking for a modifica?
tion ef the law.
Rufus Clarke and Party of Friends
Had a Thrilling Experience in j
Hampton Roads.
Mr. Ruiun H. Clarke and a party ofj
friends had a thrilling experience |
while touting in Hanantoa Raadb Wed
n< day night. Mr. Clarke owns a
small gasoline launch and Wednesday j
evening invited Mr. and Mrs. Soaich
Bad Miss Cajady to |o on an eating
with biro over ilampion creek About
8 o'clock the gasoline gave out nml
the launch began drilling around and
ilnallv drifted cut into Hampton1
Roads WTicu .in*', off Old Point tae
launch drift.d aloiigskle a bis tramp
stean-er and the imiscngers <>n the
launch called for assistance ThU
was nearly me! night The en w ol j
the tramp lock the pa-oeiigcrs from
the launch in !->ard an l made them
conrfortald. for the night. Early
Tuesday n.otnin-. 'he entire party was
pet ashor? r <i'i| Point.
Mr. 5>ea:r.i s two small rhil rren
were with tie m and the vrva'cst un .
easiness was felt for the safety of.
the party until it was learned that
all had See* taken alioanl the tramp
New Revenue Cotter May be Ready
For Trial Trip Wrth:n Next
Ten Days.
The rnPcd States revenue < n'o-r
Acn.-hn< t building at the rtdsjynrd. la
raatdry maring ccvapJeibm and tV
aroeeat la'ewtb an a*.-1 . have th" eee
sel rBn her official trial trip kj the
Virginia r?i?i. a?<? v'urn within th<
nejt on davs The dork trial will.
be h? M ih xt week
Th - Aewaaart in a vmafl era'1 and;
Ohe is 4e.dewed exctestve*) f??r work
Bloat the cnenJ* of Mas awhus-'t -.
Rhodt Island and Curr.x I ler.: Sre
Will In- cornnii 'toned la Auru t
Me W>< Huegey
When a-r.? cn?-d :n 'he pwttn enarl
yesterlay ro mm. on tb - rbargi- of
stealing a see. ayffnV SRdarv a re rr >
bov i mploved I be ?htp?ard ?al l
thai bin n.a 4i?-r bad him t.. work
Wltbuut ?anhing to eat sad be stow*
the pi - iK-raare he ??- hnrrrv The
'rave Wn? r< '
tws and a f a??????* toe ih* tor n
aasthwr vv i*si?-d
First DreOf.no Testa
Th? ?e-w ?iHttoB dr?-dc< CbM
b *??-" Um Jr i ataa tr.??
Mr the TwiteM.- oxj^i Sbjathneai
yewterday So far a* t? known ih?-(
feet waa aaOsSacVnrv Tt?< *< set
I ft the yard early rest* I Jay m em
lac and retarw^j y-rt# -day Tmms |
TS? teste win cow* twee today a?a
J Social-Personal
One of the most delightful social
even tu uf tlif summer wan a (laue
[given yesterday evening by Capi iiu
Krank A Qrant, V. 8. A., and Mrs
.Grunt, in board the army transport
McClellan The vessel, which hud
li>i'u woo rod at Flach'? pier, dropped
out Into th<- stream for the lecaslon,
and Captain Lothrop was at tin- gang
way to receive the miextn soon alter
his anchor* dropped. Tin- pariy board
od In lbe ateasnj cotter, the Aral lioat
I? ail arriving shortly after s o'clock.
An orchestra InMnJhd upon tin- aft
hatch furnished mush, anil tin- gue.U ,
i wo stepped, waltzed and danced the
Virginia reel on deck, enjoying at
the same time a balmy southerly
breeze sweeping up from the Roads.
AI Mtit mldnlghl an elegant luncneon
was served In the dining saloon The
dam Ing was resumed and it was
after 1 o'clock wln-n the launch made
the last trip ashore Those mem?
bers of tin- party who live In Hamp
Inn and Kast Kml returned home on j
the parlor electric ear "Old Point."]
ns the guests of Mr. Kr?n/. Von Schl'l-,
In the parly were: Mr. ami Mrs
Ki.m/ Von .Schilling. Mr. and Mrs.
Harry lllacklstnn. and Miss Blacklston
el Hampton; Lieutenant and Mrs
Clover. Mr. and Vir.. .1. K Hurry.
Captain and Mrs. .1 K. II. Stuart. Mrs.
Major. Captain and Mrs. Krank A.j
Grant. Mrs W. W. S. Butler. Missen!
Mary Stuart. Flora Stuart, Mary
(Irani Grant. Hortons? Wray, ..gnea
Epes, Olady.i Ornat, Isnbel Richard-,
sou ami Hurt rice Bulla; Messrs. I.. A. i
MeMurran, \V. I.ee Powell, isrucc
Grant, Horace Kim-s. Thomas, w I.
Shumate, Robort linvis Krank CurtU.j
Captain l.othrop and Mr. Oliver, first
officer of Hie McClellan.
Mr. .1 II. McCuen. of Alexandria.:
Va.. la the guest of Mi. and Mrs. (1. S.
Samsons. 211 Twenty-sixth street
Mrs. I.. I.. Loving and Utile laiejh
t?-r ar? visiting relatives in Covlug
ton. Va.
M'aseg Lillian and Mary K Hum,
of Prine-s.; Anne county, are lb"
guest" of Mrs. .1. Hugh Caffee, on
Thirty-fourth street.
Mrs S. .1 Andrews is visiting In
Bristol, Tenn
Miss Miriam Haldem in has r turn-.
e| from a visit to relatives in N'il-1
son county.
Mrs. William T. Peyton, of Lynch
burg. is vlaltlng relatives in this
Miss Bessie Scott, or Oclmar. Md..
Je visit ing Friends here.
Mtssr? 1. II Christian, of Rich?
mond, and B. W. Christian, of N w
York, are visiting their wUtor. Mrs.
W. W. Kami's, on Twcuty-s'-vciitli
Miss Myrtle Hauiiridge has r turn
cd ironi "liK-a." Ni-w Kent county,
where she wns the gue.t of Mrs.
C. L. Harri ?>n.
Miss Oce Royslcr, of Richmoiid. is
visiting Mise Norvelln Nanc . on
Thirty-third street.
Miss Kliza Harrison, of New Kent |
county, i- the giu-st of Miss Ann j
Kate nla Hau.lridge. on Thirty third j
Mr. J. M. Thoma.-. who has beenj
visiting hi* mother. Mrs L K Thorn (
as. 229 Forty eighth Street, has re-.
turned to Washington. W C.
Mr an I Mrs 3. M. West, of Perk
ley, are visitinir Mrs. We-fs dUUgb- J
ter. Mrs S W Godwin, on Thirty-j
thinl street
Mr. II P Hamnion'l returned lo
the city yest'rdav. after spending
two month, in V-w Hampshire.
Mrs Charb v Hogge rin.l dauchu r
Miss B sste. will leave today for late
of Wii;h? county, whir- they sill
visit Mrs. linages brother.
Justice Brown Wants to Know More'
About Holswig Case
After hcarlnr the ethe^wce. Juatk-ej
Prnwn ycn??-rds ? momlne renerwed
bi> d?c-. on in th?- ca w of I Holswig.!
wh<? conducts a brirher rhop m
Eight.-en'b street, and wh? is chars"i|,
bv G S Barnes, a butcher with hav
mc -eld him rr?4l"d !re*ar
Holrwi^ Hi" he pnrrt-.as,-d the meat'
fr> m ?bi Hju'I'iii Normal School
Snntav and that H was pa??e4 upon
lo I ? Hark. ib?- vetlnarv'at th. Nor
mal Setxiol
Jassire Brown wtti hare a enn-oit
lattna wtth Or dark befo-e r?-nd<-rm.{
ht? ?feelsM-s In the ease
D**atn cf mm SteeJeehe^er
Mr- Kmma ??'?t?i?h.-t'WT wife ot
Vr .lohn * nheU.-r dt.-d at cr
bom* 112". Tw'-niy drib ?:r?-vf. at *.
oopw* ?.-?i?rda' nw-rntnr after *
long lUiw? f ?' Ml ?rvlrca will
be h?ld a* the late r-?id?-n--e at *
< rVvk lbi? afternoon lo |< < M
KarVan ln?crn?ent wttl He mad ? a'
Mi? ffrr?<^?bv}?rr bad Itv.-d in 'Ms
f\ for 7n t' jo SOW *>? wt?te'v
known **n?- t? anrvfyM M i> tin*
l-ind and 4s cwtldrru.
I S*inAav Eacue?;on to Mtthtvn County
i tin Ban day mat. July ?*ih the Oi?
Ithamanjna Line an ami i H?b>w*
! Rno<t?. win nrake a /nrrml hTtj '
Mn*n?w> r.mmj tr-wrnm* at Cawt
I RrvT ?h?rves t^aw tMd PnSnt at
'?am rar? m?.?n ?I !? W H
LAeJD(y>j Kfrn; 7.4-3
Eagle Engine Company Preparing
to lake Big Showing atCcnveotlop.
Runn.ng Team Expects to (Jut-sprint
All Others, and the Company Stands
Good Chance ot Winning m the Pa?
rade Ccmpetition.
Kagle Engine Company N? I Hie
North ICnd Volunteer tin- company, is
|n< pa!inr in makr a Iii? showing at
th.- HUiiual convention <>f the Virginia
State Kin-ii <-n s Association at Mar
risotiburg < u August J7. _'S ami '"<
I Tin- company cx|icctH In lake .'i'1)
men. Including its hand of L'.'i piece
and its running team to tin- eonven :
lion and It entertains high hopes o!
Icapturiug the first prize of $l5o. offer?
ed for tin- lamest company with a
hand in iIn- parade which will take
(place on tin- second day of the con?
vention. Tin- members ot the band
, will wear white uniform.; with white
caps op tin- [rout of which will be
large gilded eagles. ilehind lite
land in the parade will march the
other 25 iiiemln rs of the cempany in
the regulation firemen's uniform of.
Runners Training Hard.
The running team of the Ragle Com?
pany is training haul and the mctn-j
her- fe. 1 confident that they will be'
aide to capture the flrsl prize Inj
either the state or world event. Num-j
bored among the runners are two!
men who can sprint the inn ..aids in
10 seronds flat. The other runners
are all la.,t nu n and the team should
make the fiMi yards with the hose reel j
in le.,s than It sei.ds. The tiu-li |
who will "break the coupling" and,
make the plug connections are exper?
ienced hands The team will do its.
hardest work next month and each
week they will trj lor the record run
of the State.
For tin- Brat time since its organi?
zation, the i a Kraiice Engine Compa?
ny, el East Kiel, will take a running'
team to the convention this year. This
team has been doing some fast work
in practice thus far and i; bids lair
I to make a eond showing in the events
at Harrisontairg.
Collector Stuart Gives Out Letter Ex?
plaining the Regulations
j Collector of Customs J. E. B Stuart'
I yesterday gave out the following le'
ter which nad just been received by
(Urn, aud which is r>f Interest on nr
! count of the large Dumber of motor,
boats owned hen- and in Hampton.
Phoobua and Old Point: j
The de part Men! has received Inuir-j
ics as to the equipment required I'v,
the Act of June 7. I$i?7. and Section]
USS R. S. to hi- carried on .mail mo?
tor vessels. In order to insure uni
formitv in the enforcement of this law
you arc liifiumid thai .-mall motor
vessels navigating in your district
should he equipped as follows:
Whistle. Fog Horn and Reil.
AU motor ves els without regard to
size or use. must he provided with an
efficient whistle or siren: an efBclen:
foe horn and an efficient bell. No
size or style of whistbv fog horn or
bell is prescribed provld xd It is avail?
able and sufficient for the use for
which it is intend! |. Tb? word "ef
Srteat" must l>e taken In its ordinary
?aajee consider.-d with reference to the
obt<-ct intended hy th<- pn'vlsion in
which the a-erd appear;, nau-ly. the
predacttoa of certain signals The
power to operate the whistle Is not:
pri-scrilxMl. itut it mm be of auch ai
ebaraet? r as to produce a "prok?ng*-d!
blast ' which is denied a^ of from t'
to ?. second* duration
Lights. I
Wh-n navigated lu tv -n sunset and i
?unrise ?hey must carry p\c;lali'm
lieht s n.imelv
1 A bright white ligiit at the how
of ?he vc.tarl
Z A groaa light on tn.- starbord
side and a r. d IKht on :h<- p.?rt side
prwvfded wi h propel m r?ea< The
.side licht* mav le so afftv i *o the
i-nntnine ,-r to the side* of the rt?-ek
p"iw as 'o !?? propcrlj act. Wd pro
vt'le4 the lantern be Nacki-d with
trw-iai Wbem-vr 'm> zr-'-n and r*d,
?'?!< Trsili- i dti'M't .1 ? fiv d ? '?? . n. : -?
r? k' pt light'-d and r?-?dv for u??- a*|
piaildta by Article ?. of :h- Act of
June 7. IJWJ Tb?- lav dors not si?
r* ar to perrni' the ?-e a thrc-cof
cr "ronHn.Tleii ltehf -
a A ah an ranee light aft
Cop-cs of Rwtes.
?-wb v?K.?eN ?r? al?T r^otlped to
have on h-Kttt two prtnt'-d-cop*-? ot
ih? r-ii. - which ant he otwrv?-d f?v
l her??, whicb r?iw-e wS! be ft?rwt?hed
hv Ion?I tn?pect<wf of ?ie?n? vi-in-l. on
r?-nw< ft
L?fe pee^ervees.
All *f?rh ve??r1s ??At IS ?ows en
rsced in carryrnr r*"*'1^""'T? for hin?.
In addition to the ?qnlnwow .thnvc
*li^| are reoeie? d ?<> earrv ow- life
pn Me lev l??r eav b aaaaeaxai r carried
?nd ?hart he oeierst.-d oaly la .-harar
wf a p?TMia dihr Meeweed bv ihr fcrenl
In I-.-? tor. of >r>ea?a ?i ear11 Such
e wb wt? w aaesj ?wly ae trtvofe
pv'aawre anat* aad not ?' an? Mn><
ewragea in the carrvrnz of mas^-wecrs
fnr hkre are wet ohtirx. to onaapt>
wWa th- ?gm laaajni af law la reward
to life peew eiers aed liee?5-<| sav1
as.torn, (The PfV a**Jer?*r? meat hef
wf the am arvetrlhed ly the i aal? ;
Hons of Hn Board of Supervising in
apector*'. They must bear tue U. S.
laapactor'j stamp.)
j Documenting, Inspection, Etc.
AH root it boa's of over 5 net tons
engaged In the carriage of freight or
passongci s for hire must be doea>j
n-nted. viz. Ijconavd. bj tho Collector
ef Custom.*. (Vessels under r> net
tons eumi ii 11' document,'d in any
cane). The license for ibe vessel ob?
tained from the Collector of Customs
(designated a document) is additional
lo unit niusi not bo confounded wun
i he HcetiKc required for the opera?
tor of a motor boat of less than 15
ton.; carrying pawsonjtrrit for hire.
Mob r vessel* of over 15 proas ions
engaged in the carriage of freight or
passengers f:ir hire nr:st also be in?
spected h\ '.he I'. 8. l?cal I us (lectors
of Steam Vessels.
Documented vessels must have
name and home port on .dorn and
name on eacn how Official measure?
ment is necessary only in case of ves?
sel requiring to he documented
Yours, vi ry respectfully,
Acting Secretary
situation discussed
Decided That North Carolina and
V.rgima Witl Go Safely
LINCOLN NfclU .lulv The poll
ti-il s.tu.i'.i "! in the South was the
subject if .i long di-'eusKion today
Iw-tween W I lirvnn and Jnscplms
Daniels, mil ion;J commit Icman fn.m
N cth Carolina
In view of the statonnenls of the
Republicans as reflected from Hot
Springs. Va thai they were counting
on the states or North Carolina. Geor?
gia and Virginia in the cotniug elec?
tion, consid Table importance was at?
tached to the wisi;. The conclusion
was reached, however. Ihn' Ihos-'
three sT:nc-- were Impregnable
against Reptiblfca nassault
The chairman or th<- national com
init.ee also was talk< d over. Mr.
Daniels I' ing a member of the sub
coiimilicc which will select the man
who is to conduct the campaign,
i Former governor William L. Doug
Itiss. of Massachusetts- continue* to he
lo-ked Upen as the new chairman <>i
Ihc Committei.' I v\ |he selection is
being guarded with such secrecy as t<>
make it Initossihle t<> gel .? confirma?
tion ot the report thai ho will ho
poll taxes must be paid
in person, says judge
By this Decision Half the Electorate
is Disqualified to
NORFOLK. VA. July 23.?Judge
Martin, of the court of law and chan?
cery, today decided that "personal
naymcn" of taxes means that, before
- voter Is qua tided to vote, he must
present himself "in the llesh" at the
office of the treasurer and that pay?
ment by to.- agency ft check or me -
l .-enger is not payment under the law.
This disqualifies Ju.Lc Martin him?
self and hair of the prt sent elector
jate ol Norfolk, including many citizens
who sent their check or money by
special messenger.
An appeal was taken to the sup?
reme court. Forty days was allowed
for the |>erf.'rtion of the aplical.
I Judge Martin slid the case was -o
inrrirtnnt that the upper cetirt should
have it for bearing and decision at
the September term in Staunton.
uncoin beashy breaks
all airship records
Young Aeronaut Out Distances Auto?
mobile In Flight Near
BALTIMORE, MD.. July ?.".?Lin?
coln id itchy, wh.? is making dail. and
night lv flights hj Iiis airship from a
suhuii.au anramrtnen: resort. caHms :?>
have ruade new rec ?rds for Ixith tlis
tanr-e rid >p?-i-d In a fli-h! made this
iSEoralBg from Arttngtt n to and around
I th.- citv ball.
I The distance? fourteen mlW?was
made with-mt a stop in tliirtv ihr?-?
nrfiniNs An a v. ras?- hetghr'of .".no
fe?-t was. ntain'a'n'd wnb seme dif
ficnltv . wine to the effect of the fre?
quent itu-ration* r.f chxi.'s and sun?
shine An automobile which follnwed
the airship wns distale oil on the re
tan trip
The Firefly.
The light Is phosphoric, and is sup?
posed to he displav.-d or withheld at
the win of the Insect Only the fe?
male* are phosphorescent Sei?tjtjsts
?e(T ns that Its sob- purpose ft to at?
tract the male ? New Vnrk amc-riraa.
Capital Dry (
Washington \n
Ladies' Law
?ernor Stuart <f Pennsylvania]
Narrowly Escaped and Camo
is Flooded.
(By Associated Press).
GETTYSBURG. _ PA., Julv As ,
tue result of a i rrifle electric il
' Storni which passed over the Ponn-j
,-ylvania National Kiicampuiciit her*I
I tonight, it i- reported that -tx troop j
I ers were kill d an.I two mure i.'ju-' |
Led, some el thoiu seriously, hy hein-r
j struck hy IlKlituiliK
j The bodies Imvt no" been iib-nt!-]
I The tent occupied hy Governor!
'{Stuart was blown [own us were .1 '
I number "t others Several t"tt.? ij s- ?
(were sitting with Governor Stuart j
wh n fii- tent ecllapse?, hul |h?'j
party managed lo hohl the canvas
and ail esra|ied iniurv.
The camp i: Hooded and tele?
graphic service is practical!) ai i
stund.-til I.
The m< n of ih,- sec cd briga I .
whose tents were pitched lit the low?
land were forced to swim lo sal '?
Th ir cots are floating about the
ctinp and not a tent o; th;, briga lo
remains intact.
When the stotm swept down upon
(he camp there were hunt reds of
visitors pre s nt. Scores of im u and
, women 'ought shelter in the Y. M. C.
A. lent. This immense she- ' of ruti
vas was tossed like .1 tov hallo n In
a gale of wind but strung ly enough
I not one person is said t i have hi 1 :i
j injtin d.
Major t' C. Wiley surgeon of the
second brigade, was -n rel> hock
e.l and i: was it Hist believed h" had
jl.ee,, kill' I
Major Wilev is a prominent pin I
clnn of Pitlshurg and was up alienisl
for ihe dc ??use in Hi Thaw trial
' Independents and North End Will J
Play Again.
Rilly Mhltney's lud pv:t|ienlsi will
(again cross hats with the ulne of th"
1 Huuipton Young Men'- Christian As?
sociation i>n the Cat'inn park tonne
[row afternoon Loci] uns nr.- maui
? Testing much Interest |n the meUti
tfud the Indications ai thai a big!
crowd will turn 0111 lor ihe event. {
The nine also will nla> Ms regu-j
lar league game with the North End
team tomorrow. This game probably]
will I?, playec at the Cas'nn
The diamond .it the Ca-inr> will bo
scraped today and put Into first class |
condition for the remainder of th"
sen son.
Vaudeville and Pictures
Dreamland Theater, tin- management,
ha? secured for the remainder of the]
wi-'k at considerable expense, little.
Maty Cray Allen, who sings a beauti
fu! illustrated song.
Large audience* heard little Miss|
Allen yesterday afternoon and even?
ing. T: :iight i< als.i amateur ni-ht ]
at the Dr amland. prizes hemg
aided to the best performers.
At the Bell.
The management of the Bell moving]
picture show is putting forth every]
effort to make the house comf irtahl"
during these hoi night;, and hum the
crowds attending the show 11 seems'
that they have been soccejsful.
The manag. ii?.|it has also made ar?
rangements whereby all pictures j
shown will he new and never before
J shown in the city.
Widow of Mitl'oraire Hat Makcv Be
I comes Bride of Sata Eulalia.
I rilil.ADKI.rHIA. PA. Jiily 2.!.
Mrs Sarah Elizal? ih Stetson, widow
i of the late n"iHionaire ha: maker
.lohn B Ste:sen. was married today
t Ceftnt' Sata Kulaha <r Portugal,
b. Monsignor Turner chancellor <>f|
the arch diocese of Philadelphia.
The ccrenaouy whtca ?a? performed j
s: the bride's beautiful e taie mar]
ibis e:t>. was a quiet affair
Th.- bridal pair brtt for New fork.)
# when- ihcv wM renmip until Safur
jdav. wb? n they will sail for Knrope
Later il is iimb-rs!m?l they will
iura and m.tkc th< Ir pie mm nt h<?me]
h- r.
Tuth : 1 Case Cor.t.nurd.
In ihe poji. 1 conr? vo-*.rd?< mom
ling Jast.ee r.rewn cmMnuci tin- case
I .1 It T'UhiM tharrwl with selling j
lit'u.r S'tndav mini n.-e Tnesda?
|Tmhii! sa. iina' in ?ppear c ?i M
coeoi cd the illness of a member of j
bi? family
ioods House
r. al Mm Street
umper Suits
Mass of Itching, Burning Humor
on Ankles?Feet Fearfully Swollen
?Opiates Alone Brought Sleep?
Many Treatments Failed but
"Cuticura Remedies arc all you claim
them to be. 1 hu?l eczema for over
two ycuix. I had two physicians, but
they only gave tue relief for a short time
ami I cannot enumerate tt.intmenta
ami lotions I used to no purpose. My
ankles were one maw of sop's. The
itching and burning were so intense thut
I could not sleep. 1 could not walk for
nearly four months. <?ne dav my
husband paid I hu?t Is-ttor trv Ui< <irti
cura Kcntedies. After usinc them three
time*. 1 had the lust night's n*t in
month* unless ! :.??k an opiate. I useil
one set of t'liticura Soap. Cuticura
Ointment, und Cuticura ltt?olvcni I'iils,
and my ankii-s healed in a i hort ' tue.
It is now a year since ) i:->.i o.ti
cura. and there has been no return of
the eczema.
"I had a small lump in the corner of
my eye for over a year which was very
painful and Rot larger all rhe time. I
thought I would try Cuticura Soap and
Uintinent on if. and now it is gone. I
am seventv-threc years In ami havn
lived on the farm 1 now occupy tor
twenty-seven yeum. ( utieura Itcme
<li?ss are the safest anil muri reliable I
have ever used fer all skin humor.- Mrs.
Dnvid Brown, Locke, Crawford Co.,
Ark., May 16 ami July la, 1SW7."
For Life Is the Despairing Cry
of Thousands
Of nkin-tortunsl mri <Iisfi>nirrV. vio
tinis of humors, eczemas, tettirs. and
rosin's, who have trie*! and found vrntit
ing many remedies, and who have bait
faint in all. To such Cuticura Soap,
Ointment, and iVi- iippem w it h irr.-sist
ible force. They uro absolutely punt,
sweet, gentle, and - wholesome. They
affonl unmodiatv relief in the moatdia
tresslngcases, und [x int to a s;n.tily euro
when uli else fails.
OtmpiVt?.- tMfitii ?n<l Int<-r:.il Trrstmrn? tnr
Every ll'liiw.r ??! litf.itiis. eiiiMnti. ai?l Adults
cttnaoo ?;f Cittlnmi s. i_W i t.? I |..um Op.- sl.it?,
Cu'loir.i Olm.nt i.Mlrll.. H-mI lit. Skia. ui.d
Cuorura ll.-s-i'-.-iii i5is- i \urintljfhir:u..reii.^-.::ite
??-.u-?l PUb ZSc. prr vul ? ?: un t.. I'unr>- UM likaid.
tSV.a lltr.iuifti.iiit ihcwurlU i'-.M.r iinw A ."If m.
?..rp.Sofc. Piciis. H-.IT!. M?s I
<**-M.'.iet ntr. UaUeata iluuk jo okiu -?? .^ t. ?
You Can Expect
Nothing short ot genuine
satiafaction In the matter of
Laundry Work if you have
your work done by us. We
cater to a discriminating; public.
Our aim is to give every one
the best for tbe> money in
first-class work, and tha't w<t do
not miss It is evidenced by the
Increasing number of our Satis?
fied Customers.
Steam Laundry
S2U9 Wasrlngton A venae
Newport News. v*a>
Both Phonee 178.
July Cleat
Still In I
Many New B
Not flood Aftci
This halM will (?Mint I
Onl6t fumishM by the Mi<
N'fW of Hwi or (iirI.
ftonrl f?if five vote* wl
tlip Daily 17?** itfir hy mi
f<?re ox|Hrati??n of date. N*
anyway or tramsfemyl ?ft
Duly Prme iJWrm
Cl A .
Your Drug
will be leva if you buy from the 0?j
glnul Cut Rate Drug Stare.
Ii there i anything at all you n<
ill tin Drug !iti". net1 Ut or 'phone
'Phone orders will receive immedla^
attention, and we deliver good* to
part of the city.
Let ui be your Drugglata.
and ai?'.".: <m it?ot the very
All coal kept uudor sheds and
waya well ecnaenad.
Pin? Wood U ooM) $1.8j
Mixed Wood (J cord) $1.1
Oak Wood (, oord) $1A
?atlsfectlon Guaranteee.
Distilled Ice C<
tst* at. AC*. O. Ry.
Bell fhone M. Cita. 'Phewe i
and order your Spring Bolt
You Needn't Worry
snout the fit or the atyle of \
suit if you give u? your order.
We guarantee to make, every
garment absolutely right.
Irreproachable In fit Every
a;:it we make bears the mark
of the exclusive failor.
Spring and Summer Goods f\
now In Stock.
T. P. Keating
221 Twenty-fifth Street,
428 Main St.. Norfolk, Va.
Mull and Pbone
Orden rrniapt
Iv Pilled
ranee Sale
argains Added
r July 31, 1908.
far fivf voto!. f.vr tho Pony
?higau Buggy
irn filled out and) tent It
lit or olnfTwio?, on or bo
r> ball, t will bt attorvwi in
?r r?-ifitr del-waited at th*

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