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only newspaper published Ir
Newport News that receives th?
full news service of the Also
elated Press.
VOL. XIII, NO. 174.
Mir Yearsi of Despotic Role. 5u!>
tai Gives In to Appeals of
Young Turks
Being Forced by the Albanas Whc
Declared They Would Revolt Un?
less Constitution Was Restored, Ab
dujL Hamid Causey a. New Regime
to he Inaugurated in the Empire.
* I (By Associated Press).
Starting as was (1?' sudden dismissal
of Perid Pajba from the ^rainl visier
ship and tlfe appointment of Said Pa?
sha in hifj. jplace, this stop was as
nothing 'eorirpaml to the sensation
created in all cjuart? rs rhis morning
by tbe official .unuturui:t in.nl dial the
Sultan had decided to convoke a par
It was felt that in view of the gen?
eral revolt in the army uupredented
m*li?fttn' [,orli..u(/W,e Turkish empire.
i?n? change was inevitable and that
far reaching measures of reform in
the central government were bound
to be inaugurated by the drastic ac
tion of the Sultan, who took the rein.*
in his own hands and by the stroke
of a pen suddenly yielded to the de?
mands* of the voting Turks and restor?
ed the constitution of 1876. has taken
the palace clique, the memtera of the
diplomatic corps in fact, the entire
population of Constantinople by sur?
Threaten to Revolt.
The Immediate cause of the Sultan's
raising of the white Bag was the re?
ceipt of a telegram addressed to him
from* the All>anas of t'sku. informing
him that they had taken their oath
to favor the re-establishment of the
This message landed like a thunuer
bolt at the Yildiz Kiosk. The Sill
tan had been under the Impression
that be could de|>end upon the Al
hanaas nadw all circumstances. Fend
Pasha who is an Alhanan. had foster
ed this conceit. When the facts Iw
came known the wrath of the Sultan
immediately Ml u|>on his favorite,
who was summoned to the palace and
dismissed on the spot.
The former grand Vizier. Said Par
ptia. was then summoned to the
palace. He gave tbe Sultain an in?
sight into the real gravity of the sit a
ation in the country and the foolish?
ness of attempting to restore peace
la the army and among the people
unless the personal regiment, with
its attendant abuses and UtrgBtes,
which bronght the conntry to the
verge of ruin, came to an '-nd and
some 6?eps wer?- taken in the direction
of granting a measure of constitution?
al government.
People Will Hold Election.
The result of the conference was
that an im?>erial irade was issm-d or
dalninc the assemblage of a ehamlsr
of deputies in accordance with a re?
stitution which has been elaborated;
by the Sultan Tie- irade has l? < n
romnrnntcatcd to Valias and th.- dis
trict lieutenant governors wi'h the
necessary orders for the holding of
elect Ions.
After thirtytwo years of autocratic
rule under Sul'an AImIhI Hamiii IL
Turkey again has itccii grawt-d a con
stitation. The constitution is prac
tically a restoration of one proclaim
ed December "3. ISTfi \<y the present
Sultan tmn?-d;ai?-iv following bis cle
v at inn to the siilanate after tbe vh>
lent ?death of Sultan AbdSTj Aziz in
Jesse of that year and 'he deposition
of Sultan Marad V <m August 21.
I?7*. - ,
This action on !h>- part of the Snl
tan. which cam* as a complete s=.r
prise In i ??? ??f Mirvivors of th-'
progress of events in Turkey, was
wres'ed freu him by th? Young
T ,rk a political party thai has l*j-n
working for a good many years for
the establishment of a const h i . >n
a< wovcrawient in the r--alm "f the
Report, of Ksrtlniea.
About tew da\* ago there b?c?n to
roffte r?l?ort* cf mutinies atpong ' b? ,
Turkish troops in M?c < dorna and i< ,
was d?-ur.v| that the Yonwg Turks
had *o,~r-d. A In ?Inning ov r !?? r""r.
rent of th?- TnrM.n ?Tay nffleer? Jo
tw?tr r?o?? This war rotting thc(
eTownd rut from nn?W Jh- s????^
f??t .and 'he las? ?*rsw was brokew
whs* IsVs a> ''as learned that the wiM
ainp't ?I the Alhanan rnwntry wnakl
support h'm ?o longer bwt ha<1 jolwed
?h? r>b??rsl it?;?rt??'iit and <*"
lay lewdly Iwr cewstHwH iwal r?-f rrwi?
TIhms #twMr*:t the Sultan d- ri??M
tn how to tbe Inevitable rather thsnj
fwrw taw slt?*rwatite. ? revolt*...n.r
Pois.-ning of Baby Vaoghan Fa:- Call?
ed Feith Ip-c'.y into Affnr?
of Inst'? :t on.
(Siierial e ? 'tally I'r- ? )
i :< H.Moni'. \ s iuiv if-1. -- ?
on.-ti' coups 11 h? <iii relief i t :1"
poor tonight began an investigation
Into tin- affairs or the City Hont?*.
George IL Davis. ?superintendent;
Hevcrly C l*-*is. assistant supe.'
lutendeut; Pr. Julian C. Tp viltian.
physician; Miss Margaret C Vena
ble. head nurse; Mis.s Mary Jurdan
assistant uurse antl Di. Prank I'
Scott, intertie, wir among the -.vi'
uess< s examined up so iriduight.
Th? irt'iul of the *-.?ilmoiiy -feliow
thai the conditions exisTii; ,\< he
hospita! are every ui-it as ba-l as ms
been reportc I, Imt it was also shown
that our reason for the exte'enee of
these conditions is tiia; the council
floes not upprop.ia ? - mmgh cioney
for ?<iffici'"i? 'sein 10 I.l einplvyed
,;t the home.
Ii was demonstrated, for instance,
that if a nurse In I '>e-u put in care
of the Vatigban baby aller the Brat
dose of poison had ?>< 'n admliiisti r
ed. the other imrs > w eil i U tvo in ell
left alone ??> <ake cpre of the bal?
ance of the home. Geort' ? Wayn?
Anderson, assistant city attorney, is
conducting the investigasJo i. May? r
Carlton .McCarthy was !?res?'i:t a':d
volunn en d several pertinent quts
tious to the witnesses.
Tlio Investigation will hardly i>e
concluded tonight. All reiercnev t?
criminal responsibility for (tie death
of the baby was excluded from the
testimony, it being he!J thai that
was a matter for t!.'- grand jury.
Tie ro is hardly any doubt that Iho.
investigation will nenn an upheaval
in the management of H:e h-":ue.
Thaw Taken Seriously III,
Harry K. Thaw suffered an attack
of stomach trouble todav which be
came so- serious that Dr. John A.
Card, a local ;<h> sician. was sau.
moqed, but when be rcarhei tit?'Jail
he was not permitted to sec Thaw
at once. Sherlf! '..'hauler having .11
rected that the rt^ular jj'l physi?
cian '.e present during Dr. Uard**J
Spends a Dag of Handshaking and
AcquafBtance Baking
Candidate Has Finished His Review
of Acceptance Speech With Pres?
ident iRcesevelt, and Passes
Through Gotham for Cincinnati.
(Py Associated Press)
/XKW YORK, July 21 ? Tin Re
publican leaden of tie- city were
felly alive to their opfionunity today
to mak- !h?' |M-rsonai acquaintance
of their candidate f??r the Pr?aidency,
anil wh- n William H. Taft leaned
back in his ''ullman neat late in the
afternoon to tirein his Joomoy to
Cincinnati, ho ha.| shak n thi- haul
of practically every district 1-ader
in Now Yo:k. a tnmber of *tat' ha4
en and had cowvefwed wi'ii poHU
eians of varying d? gru? of prr>it:i
none- to ill. numbe; <?: s> v loin
"It has be* n a dav of ac.-jnain-.tscv
m.'ki: Mi Taft - conim- et i
tor 'h-- impromptu n-reption ?a.
Ikti? b no |h-;- ,; ? + ? ?
to be attached to any of th - Inter?
views I have hud. I? is too <arl>
I for mo <?? gi ? ri|?.rts of ' i;. siiiutn?ii
! in Mate, hut from -. bat
>tn told me by the m?-n | hav.- >'< i
salt-fat-lion f-vmr to be the prevail?
ing stair of naiad '
So far as Mr Taft now Intend*
this will br bis la*t visit tn tne
[citv nntil after the etaclton H< will
r> ?--h Cincinnati tofjiornin sbontv
after ikhi. After Ike ?ClaV aftm i
rem riles Tn---day it i? bis pwrp""*-'
to rrinin to Hot Spring? et ihr rar
km pok-mMo rti'ttiH nl Although Mr
Taft ?fwnt in?- greater part of I hi
Bight gntng ovr -Hr pr?"?; of h*> ac
o planer ??p'-'-ch hr *<? np rartv antl
k?-|rt a hrrakfast " ? i.i a?-?U with
hl? l,-rnIk-t. Ilmry W. Tafl ami *!>
at ta<- piau.
Among tar rafW? wbm a la.lv ar
tl!?t. who ?'??!> n:- , n" -Ti'n'? i:f Mr
Taft's bead for a pnriran
TV- raitdida'r i}ortarfH| *? :h r?1
of tbr ri|?b that br baa r^nilv . ?i?e H
?hr d?? and r. r?r?K^I ii a. ha> ,n
Three Guardsmen Instantly Killed
by Bolt of lightning; Camp of
Soldiers In Utter Confusion
Worst Scene Upon Famous Gettys
burg Battleground Since Memora
I ble Days of Civil War?Tents Are |
Blown Down and Flood Still Pre?
vails, While Hospitals Are Filled !
(P.v Associated Press.)
GETTYSBURG, July J4. ? An all |
night search throughout Camp Have.-,
(where the ten thousand nr i; of the
National Guard of Pennsylvania have
been in camp for over a week an 11
which was last night visile,! by
terrific electrical and windstorm,
shows that three soldiers were struck
! dead by lightning und that nearly a
! half hundred other persons were In?
jured, it was probably the wildest
night the historic battleground has
experienced since the memorabb
days of July, 1863.
Three Instantly Killed.
; Those killed wire;
i Corporal C. Milton Garbo, Tenth
I regiment. Washington.
I James A. Barbe, Tenth regiment,
J Waynesboro.
I Clyde .Morrison. Sixteenth regi
' ment, oil City. ,
I The cots in the hospital tent are!
I filled with the Injured, some of whom
are women and children, who had j
toven visiting the ramp,
j The tent which Governor Smart j
I had been occupying during the week's|
encampment was blown down and tin
governor and those who were bis
I guests at that time were burled un?
der the canvas. To add to the ex
) citement the tall iron flagstaff in
front of the tents of Governor Stuart
'and General Wiley, was struck !>>'
i lightning, stunning several membe
j r~ r.. o
jof the governor's staff.
Enveloped in Blue Flame.
The (hu e guardsm n who lost their j
lives were killed in different place
IIarbe was fitting in his tent with
another soldier when he wag < n
Vilojwd in a blue liame following ;i
terrific crash and he fell dead.The
other soldier was only stunned.
In 1 ach ra^c of those killed the
new army puttees furnished just lx
fore the men went into camp were
torn from their limbs, the steel ribs
!>? ing exposed.
The storm, which had been brew
Ing all evening, broke suddenly. Tie
wind blew with almost cyclonic for'",
line rain came down in torrents and J
(the lightning was thi> severest s*cn j
' here in years.
Camp in an Uproar.
For a time utter conf'ision reigned
j but as tin- storm passed off. tnv
[commanders of the several r'glm'nt^
! in the second brigade brought about
, order an I began a systematic search
j for the injured guardsmen.
J They w re removed to the bo/pitS,
j tent and given rtleniion by r-glSSSSJ
. tal snrg.-ons assisted by physicj ris
i summoned from the town of GoTiys
i burg.
Th.s Indicates That Democratic Can
d'date Will Receive Labcr-s
Vote m Virginia Capital.
_ ?
tS|h-rlaJ to T#ic Pally Press.)
KICMM??N1?. VA Julv 34 - A? 1
meeting of the Central T:adc> ind
i^ihor Council. h< id tonight n Kara
lions w*rc ns)opt>-d rn.Jor.t?ng the
Ibavcr plat form of the I* mocr.it.c
party and the position taken by Me
American Fed*-ralion of I>.bor in the
Impetiong political contest, whir.,
menus that Wiiliam J-m-i ngs ttryan i
will receive the solid labor v"".
Richmond and Virginia <n the ' bi?
llons ih-.s fall The ?u-m "? 'ar
|lH'P?-no>t!"r lxsg-ie Hu ''i.i t'.i't-.
wisili! he abV to control ;he W-nr',
rote fell fiat wh-n the b-agn, wa
pr?ei| 4(1; ? fnxH ri?v*nlthni ??? tiw
Inn*?*? >n Runaway.
MJPfUU VA J?l? :? ? A* th.
onteesse ef a rwauwst sccnf'nt h n
a bowl 9 nowk last night Henjamtn!
; I? Main*?, s well in dr? farmer n? |
, I'.nrtihom Va. it*<s bs a rowu'ov
state at Uim ? t Hsniiarssm. sn 11
[jaw nut look for jmwv' ii is wnfator
ah**- He bad wot r-x?i?ed cot,
m 9 tm?k
'EWS, VA., SA H Kl)
Re-isters a Kick to Governor 8wan?
ton Bi.fv.ng Italians .ire De
bared from Selling in Virginia
RICHMOND, VA.. Jul> "l.?Gover
n< r Swan&ou is In receipt of n letter!
from Robert Haren, acting secretary
?r stale, which encloses the transla?
tion of a protect from t'.te Italian
Ambassador, who oomohuw has got
a seemingly wrong Impresslou abou
Virglnlu's liquor law.
The ambassador thlu..s these slat
mes ate aimed tu s.mt oul Iiis people
from engaging in this business, and
retrial i n kiek. As a traft* r of fart.;
lie Is nil the wrong track He con?
tends that our statutes, violate Arti?
cles 2 and :! of the treaty oi Febru?
ary 26, 1ST I.
Doubtless lie has been misled by a
,-uporl1 -ial r?'nditlg of the provisions
of the Umlauf law and tin Hyrd bin.
or maybe the Richmond HaHansj
themselves have written htm on
the snliject.
The Byrd bill provides that none
11;* 11 secure liquor licenses in tills
stale save duly qualified voters The
gove nor lias sent copies of the local
liquor ordinances und Byrd law to the
ami assador. I
People hereabouts believe that tion;>
of Virginia's laws discriminate against
Italians- -certainly not mote (hau they
do against other foreigner.;.
Sbows Rece pttt and Oisbursments and
a Balance Over $1^000 to
June 1.
NORFOLK, VA. July 24.?In the
receivership of the Jamestown Exim
slii -n Company. John i; l.>s Ue. audi-J
tor for the receivers, has Bled the tol
lowing report on receipt.- and ex|?en
Front IX'Cvnibec 5, to Decem?
ber il. inn;?UwrUraU '?'u o?tr
l>y t< :ti|?>rary reeerVers. $383.77; re?
ceipts during period, $1..::.)- I?. Net,
$4.014.42. IHsbursments. $3.0^.16.
Bxcess of receipts, $'?75.26.
pcccncber 1". to January 81, 19*8?
Receipts during period, including
$975.26 turned over by temporary re
eivers. $ 11..">?>?; l:! Iiihbursment-.
$11.(168.70. Kalance January 31, 1908,
From Fenroary I, '.:>"*. to March 31,
1908.?Receipts dining period, $22.
S?o.65. Total. $J:;.L".S.ii8. I)i-liurs.
mnnta, $22,821,06. Kalance March 31,
1908. $437.02.
From April 1. 1908. to May 31, ISO*
?R? ci-'p.s during period. $27.146 n:>.
Total. $27.583.07. Pi l?uraaaeats, $12.
r>2?.2n. palancu Maj 31, 190*. $1"..
Doctors Admire Sounk of Youngster
Who Fainted Loon Reach.ng
RICHMOND, VA.. miIv 24. ? Hav?
ing walked aearl) two ml!?-s with
his arm broki-n ::i two places au I
dangling by his side. Otis IJvesay,
a sitiail hoy. of Twefity-einUth and
T streets, fainted >? 'crday aftcraooa
ami ff 11 soon after, getthsg within 'he
city limits. The boy was climbing
trees In Stroode? woods, two miles
from the c'.ty. wh- - he fell from th^
topmost branches.
Dr. final I aa hiuri"ii to the seen, of
thy? accident, ard fun ad th< hone <>t
the arm sticking several Indies
through the flesh The bmk was ?
verv severe ose. as the ligaan.nt.
viTn torn, and a iarge artery nar?
row!-, 'siapcii luring cat Ir. twain
The litth f?M -? aas taken thi
iie rrtne to :re- v> -.mrial hospital
?'i re an X ni ? 'miaatlon nf the
wound ??.-. nu>;>. l>?v-tOTB avow that
I the bov's c-rv *:<? -VTrtirkablr
'Enter Store and Nt gheoes Think they
Own t"c Place.
l.YNCHPI RC \ x ill* 24 -The
<tr.ro of Ane>?>rv. ?. ,'.r?>,bjrr. ai l.vnrb
[imic was rr.l'-.it mis morning at 2
>b?rh by :?<> ? n who worked in
>lgbt of >>. fws re Trlrrrari* apnt
|ata?<a. and mh.' '"tight th?y w.-n
? nihrrs of tlr?- firm
No moo* v * ? '''?a. b?<?w?w l be
draw rr ?a? ?-n lahl rv??viing. lie'
the Btm ?rarrtwl - (I what tfer-y wanted
of the stork
Gtri Who Wr Soot M Back by
Sweet Scan Do at Mo-vaxtal.
<H- A* stag Prwea.*
\OKF??I.K W Inly 24 ? ?
A ma ? 4a P M<n who r?? shot ta>,<
etcbi h* Rvvkani'" (?Hhi 11. Irr tt
jai.tad eat11 ta?-a< dtedj'Bhki aftrrwoow
3i? 7 >-? MwiwdUt'T
lawni I the }? ?an with a??<rd? .
?od h ?.i a a irrWhaitnar-.
fenarkag taaaaernw ataaBfJaj ta ihr v
AY, JULY 25, ItHrH.
Under lost Tragic Circumstances,
John F Rages Out Olstances
All Others In Long Run
D'Yando Would Have Been Awarded
the Victory but was Overcome at
the Last Minute and Had to be As?
sisted across the line by physicians
in Attendance.
(Tly Asnciated I'ress.j
LONDON. July 24. ? It would be
in? exaggeration in the minds of
any of the lrin.ooik spectator* who
witnessed the finishing struggle ol
ih<- Marathon race at the Olympic
arena today to say that It was the
most thrilling athletic event that
has occurred since the Marathon
race in ancient Greece, where the
victor fell at the goal, and with a
wave 01 triumph died.
The vet.ran athletes ol Europe,
America and Australia, who have
seen the greatest struggle of every
sort on land and water for athletic
supremacy dechmd that there was
nothing comparable to tb, great rue
today wl'liin their memories or In
the other Olympiads since the moil
orn cycle of these began. It was
the spectacle the like of which none
living had ever seen, und hone who
saw it exif.-ct ever to see It re*
peated. .
Big Crowd Sees Race.
The i ace Itself was that of I he best
men from the runners of four eoatt
r.cnls competing, the arena in which
It was finished In the 'presence of an
enormous crowd with iht (Ju'i-ti o!
England, the royal representatives o'
several nations and hosts of finely
dressed men and women from the
most fashionabl' cirri, s cd Europe,
as well as several thousand Ameri?
cans, and l heid dramatic excite?
ment at the end combim 1 to make
an historic day.
It was an American day and th"
r. s ntments of yesterday which ran?
kled in the breasts of Ameri<ans here
when (bey 'eft the stadium this af?
ternoon were forgotten, no- only In
th- victory of .lohn K. Hayes, the
Irish-American Athlete Club run
tier, i.in in the splendid record made
by the other Americana who were
well to the tron; in the line of those
that finished.
Six Americans Ran
Since the beginning of the Olym?
pic game*s the gn at rivalry has 1?" ri
l.' twe n Krgland and America, at. I
while ihe minor competition... on the
track and field in which the iwc
fstkma specialized wer fought on;,
Englishmen cosmotesl themselves for
all ihr American suc<<;-ses l?v the
thought that in the domain of long
distanc running they always hrtdj
been supreme and whatever prises
they failed to grasp In In- the oi
onials would pt< k uii
Th< .?? <i?ie; may t> told on. IK.
Six Anier'. ans >-irt.d i:i He Mar
nthon race and nin English rim-,
re rs of the flr.?t ten men to rua ?j
i-' ? v. :< ,| goal ftHir are re Asaer;
can* and ill. y nr.- nreTicialhj past .1
follows Hayes flrsi Joseph Kor
Las Mivsomi \ i' tin:,I. \ K
Waltos Unrnr. V V r A . :ourth. j
and Lewies Tcwnsssa. th,. Carissw ?
Indian, ninth. The ood man was'
Heffenm. of South Africa. He wr.-|
th, oldest among the runm-r*. hav-,
log 43 rears ha his imss*. and h
made a remarkable pace almost to
'he end of inlbs of the struggle,
hast Hayes was the b-ti?"r man
'>.? of li-ff. rirn ? xplain ;hat I'?
ll at his best at I? uni-s an<l th-'
today's - vent w?+ loo short for nun
no: certainty In- Is one of th mos
wonderful ramncrs la the world
The firs' Englishman who .ro-s.d
he line canv in ? .fa He a a
W T Clarke and was not nsM of
? bow eoiint. .1 on to win lairran.
?Ii. ii.r n? r K*.:.lish t h;ini|?.ot. who
w.n th? preliminary Knglirh trial
nil not m |fcc iwerfth mH>.
Hayes Ran a Great Race.
It ?^l not snatch any laurel., from
the brow of Haves who won a gotsl
tare to .-jy that the her?- ?( ')??? da?
wa? the lia'isn |s-?rn?.r ?" The ad
mtra'ton and syrnfm'by of e?-ry p?-r
? on in the Ktasl.nai WWW not to lb?
fatb-n betn wbn abb. ugh be dtrt not
win #isiiis>| to win. sad did titoce
witkm -he limn of his p w.r- than
an. otV-r msn who ran Tn?- swtjgM
in a hat'le wa which the life of s as
.Continue*! <+ fourth P???
Ha/'njj Offeiit.? is the Charge and
Decs Not Appear S-rioui in
Mi Wi.ahts Mind.
(II, Associated Press).
WASHINGTON, July 24. - Sccre
tai) <if War Wright, who returned to?
day fruiii a trip of investigation <>(
ill'- maneuver ramp at Chattanooga.!
TellU., received a call from the eight
young ni i who as ca lots at the ini!|
Itarj academy at Wesi Point, have
I? ? ti found guilt) of hazing and seut-j
enei i| to dismissal
Mr Wright has n"t had lime to
examine the report, which had been,
KUbmltted to him. After a few mln-j
nt-'s Informal talk with the youitg|
men, all of whom. the secretary,
sal.I. subsequently, Impressed him as.
bright, manly fellows Secretary
Wright said;
"Now, l>o> s. lell me just what you!
did lo g' i yourselves Into tills
(\id< t Russell, an honor man of the
firs; i hiss und a sou of I.lcutonitn:
Colonel William B. Russell, of the
engtni er corps of th<> uruiy. stepped
forward as spokesman. He saidj
porhups he had been more to blame
than any of the others, but he feltj
that none had committed serious of*
f uses. He explained 'frankly and
briellly the nature of their hazing o;
the plebea.
"Praclng." Russell explained. ''Was
an exaggerted form of bringing the
plebe to 'liti ? 111 ion." " I
lie said thai all of (Hem bid been
through such'an experience, which
far from being brutal or humiliating.
t<mli ,| lo mak* the right sort of
m ti of cadets. ?
Secretary Wrighl informed the
young men that in- would glv?. care?
ful attention m the report, and take
their cssch under advls<m?nt, Intil
tatlng it might be several days ba?
for - final discussion was rfachid.
The court is understood to have been
unanimous on Ihr dismissal sentence.
In the opinion of war department
officials therefore lln^jecrj/lary uuux,
oil her approve the ?ndiefp? or M*t
them aside altogether. The law Is
mandatory upon the authorities to
dismiss cud'is found guilty of baa?
ing and It is not discretionary with
even the secretary of war to min?
imize the punishment.
1! I am Resomiaated/' Be Says, 1
Think I eoght (8 Iccepl"
1 ? ? r
HIS REFDSU. HI comnuie
New York's Governor Makes State?
ment in Which He Declaeas He
Owes It to Pecple to Accept the
?Governorship if It is Offered to Hwn.
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SARANAC INN. N. Y.. July 24. ?
Governor Cliaibs K. Hughe.- wtl! 0'
ci pt a n nomination if the Republi?
can party of thlii state d- siren him
to again be its candidate. In a
r-ia-enteni made public tonight the
- iv. riior so decl.it' d himself II''
says the per rod a I reasons whirl
prompted him to ^ay privativ some
rloM ago that he an. not d.-sire a
i? nominal , 'n are not controlling, "ana,
if renominated I o:ight to accetaV'
The gov.-.-not ? s'at- mem in (art
fell ws
? Sott'' rime ago I said privat ly
that I did not desire a retaoadaattoa
and thai l_ feit that I cop Id no* nu?
ll- rtnke :<> S'-rv a s?-eoiid term, tbl:
however, was for rea*ons cntir ly
I , " i fiirth- r rrlh-ctlon I
an, convinced thai I have n-> nr^ht
. , ? .| Mi -? . ? .?.?.:!., .1 eon' T".l
Ing. and that if r: nominated I ought
.11. |?. lint it it. niy dri-ire the
ike ? Ii of ihr sayty to welch i tx
b.p^ sbo?i?t tu- fn-el? rspifsm-d and
that it .hall take such actio? as afcali
b mdM ilo .lv in accord ? ptih
iir tuntim.nt I heth-re that the
|mip!c ihtiri"i>iili wwdcralaid 'be
prinriple? whi. h i have sowgbt t?
-_l>l>]> in adminlMrattow an I If tber
s4? <?? sfr . I .???hall n gar,, it ??
privilege and a draft > to continne in
o*Ti.. tnT :> not her term.
I Si. lo 'I ?
iHARI.K-S K Ml tlllM '
t .- o re- ? .1) lined to m*k- any
'.u nsr cotnmi nt It taotalhan. hot
ma.h it ri ar that b?- regards thr
- he has pur - m I in. tv *
-..mi d ogle, on Jtaaarv I. 11*?7 as
a c?3>< which sffcasM LO Slav ass.
As he kf sawoaor for thorn agaaa
?ff :h- cor.rmc's filiodw hoot ?aV
prtinod taw wedotao ha ladbar? an Mai
ha' lb"-, .an hr .arrW owl hotter
if lh? M Hertrd rot aaoib-r term.
~ - mi . 'v.
Local rains Saturday ana
Sunday; light to fresh east
? ? >
Celebration at Old Quebec teM
Formal Transfer of Fam
Battleground of Colonial Wars
Estimated That More Than 50,000
People Witnessed Imposing Cere?
monies, Including Dignitaries from
World's Greatest Powers ? Vlce
President Fairbanks Joins In.
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QUKlirX'. QUH.. July 24. ? The
Prince of Wales has had another day
of strenuous activity beginning this
unruhig with n grand review of the
troops, sailors und marines on the
plains of Abraham, then officiating
as the title deeds or this historic bat?
tleground were lurmd over as a per?
manent memorial, betweeu times at
'i tiding gala luncheons ami dinners
and finally tonight mingling with 'tie
gay throngs of beautifully dressed
women at the ?t?te bull at the par?
liament building, which is the chief
s?eial function during the prince's
The grand review of the military
and naval forces was the spectacu?
lar feature of the day.
Larg? Crowds Present.
The forces assembled on the plat n
Bfar exceeded Yte armttmWTWWfJFJ j
I Montcalm. which fonghi ma
over the same grounds, tb>? aggrn
I gale today numbering 23.000, white
I the spectators raised the assemblage;
to upwards of 5(1,000.
I A vast hollow square enclosed the
! reviewing grounds, sloping up from
I the cove where Wolfe's men wrested
the fl-ld from the French. Spread
out over the plain were the troops
land bluejackets, a glittering assem?
blage of red coats, grenadiers, High
! landers and the mounted cowboy
forces of the northwest. The 50a)
American sailors end marine? from -
the New Hampshire showed t > good!
advantage, their steady marching win?
ning a full share of cheers.
Prince in Royal Garb.
The prince rode on the field wear?
ing the brilliant scarlet uniform of
a field marshal, the helmet topped
with red ajid white plOmes and his
breast crossed with the blue sash of
the Order of the Garter. He gal?
lop* d along the long extended front,
[the r gintcutal colors trooping, the
I dt ums rolling and toe bugles sound
ling the royal salute as he rode along,
} lb-side blm rode Field MuJsatat
Ixird Kol? or 'Hobs." as the so*
diers know him. sharing the ovationi
giv n the prince. After nspoctnsg tks>
men the prince and !>ord nooerta
took positions before the re vowing
jstand, whit- the columns defiled past
, for more than an boor.
Cheers from Fairbanks,
j Vice-pri>id?lent Fairbanks ami his
' n viewing stands and Joined in tan)
'cheers which greet-d the American
icontingent as It defiled by law
? prince
j The American sailors wore yellow
{?egging* and natty white dock hats.
! which contrasted with the straw hats
tot the Uritish tars and the topknot
; raps of the French sailors. Taw
? r. vtew was the most extensive * ver
seen in this rcuntry. and owe of the
largi st in time of peace ??trs? held s>
? Am* nca. .
j Following the review the pita OS
t formally transferred the hattKfieli
?<? governor gen. .si as a lasting
pnbii? no mortal.
j if. ret of ore it has heed owned in
parrels by privstc parties. Tb?
American officers gave s daskr. this
at". rtKsm oa board the Sew t # sap
shire, which was largely St tended by
officials awd tadi.s.
Makes Speech from llggsgi Trwck
at ?tatton.
! tiM MIA. XCIl. Jnly 24 ?
[i r.tvan left Lssxcan at 4 M
I today for Chicago He w
pant'd by fwrmrr Governor
tb-bornV. of Wyoming Mr. Bryan
was areview by a large er?**! s?|
Omaha Abhsan.ll protest ist? that
was ant a spet-jh making trap. Iff.
jUryan was ind^ d ?o ssoant a WBT.
gaze ihm? si Maitoa and sJdrewa
ise rrvwd le was mtrwdwoff H
Conn 11 ansan bybo Raa/p WINssSnt
who is bert o andres* a ssiifhaj ?
jibe iMWmasj Owe rat st Clwb.

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