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tmM Pockiil fill Me M
IN Tlnsley Affair is Dead
r - - - ?
vm ma is hieb
In Accordance with Petition Signed
, by Six Members, the School Trus-j
tees Meet Next Tuesday Night For,
the Purpose of Reopen>ng Case of
Deposed Principal.
PriMldoui W. K. Puckett, of ihr
t'>ard of school trustees, yesterday re-1
ccived u petition from six ot the trus-j
tecs asking that a special meeting ot i
the hoard he called for Tuesday night
for the purpose of rehearing ihe case
of Prof. J. \y. Titisley, Hie deposed
principal of the High school und I In
Central graded school.
At ltd regular meeting on the night
Of Tuesday. July !?, the board, by u
vote of ti to 8, declared the ofttcc bolul
by Mr. Tlnsley vacant ami elected
Mr. D. A. Putrow to (ill It far Ihe com-1
ing session. Immediately after the
roil rail on the motion, the hoard, on j
motlou of Mr. J. p Harrison, recon
sidered its act lou. and the motion to
declare the principal's officu vacant|
was carried a second Mine. In inak-|
ing the motion to reconsider. Mr. Mar
risen stated that he did so in order
that Mr. Ttasbjya case could not
again be considered by the Ismrd. I
Will Be Ruled Out.
The petition of the six members for
a rehearing of Hie case pin es Presi?
dent Purkott in a quandry. He l4of|
the opinion that the board cannot re?
consider the case u second lime. How?
ever, not satisfied with his own opin?
ion, Mr. POCketl consulted Hon. W.
B. Barrett, member of the House
of Delegates, and Mr. Barrett said tout
he could not see how the board OOUld
reconsider a mutter that had once
been reconsidered and carried u sec?
ond time.
The special meeting of the board
?will be called for Tuesday night, but
President Pnckett will rub- that Mr.
Tinalcy's case cannot be reheard and
he will make every possible effort to
prevent a rehearing.
The Petit on.
Following Is the text of the peti?
tion sent President Wickelt:
"Wkt, the uudersigmd, mciuU?rs of
the school hoard, unite in the request
thai you call a spcrlai meeting of the
board of trustees for Tuesday night.
July Id. l!M?s. for the purpose of re
beating Mr. Tinsley's case, as we feel
that in Justice to this gentleman In
should have an opportunity to present
all of the fact*, such opportunity doe-i
not appear to have been given him
"C. V. 8PTTON.
p "J W A I.I BN.
Three of the memlH-rs who signed
this petition. Messr. Richards >n.
Smith and Oute-ron. voted to declare
Mr. Tinsley's office vacant. Mr. Allen
was not present at thai meeting, being
detained by illness. Messrs Fellow.
and Sutton voted agaiBsl the motion
lo declare the office vacant.
mr. pmppTcTrsconrnikcr
for federal building
Locol Man WMI Erect $80.000 Post
office and Custom House at
Blueheld. W. V?.
Mr n J. Phipps. a bn?dlng contract
or of this city, has heap awarded the
'contract by the Pniird States g-ivern
ment for 'he cem-trnctlon of a aOat
ofgee and custom house building at
Bfwetteld West Virginia, at a cost of
tsa.ann. Mr phipps is now in Bhse
fjeld arranging for th. conimenc. nieui
of work on the new struct are
This Is one of the !arwe?t rowtrnct-t
thai has iH-eti swarded a lo-al c.trr.ic
tor la sometime. I'm firm of Messt-- j
Moss and Howard was rre utly aw
a^rd a lar.r contract fer building a)
factory in North randtna.
Gets His Con?""-<svon.
Second Lieutenant fharh s t\ Me
yes?erda> rVcerrrd ht? ceaamlseJJoa
the second Io n', cant of ib.- Hur.Mng
?OB Bhle?. Comt>ahv C. Scvenlv-fiMU
Virginia K.-ctm. -,t. d-'ing from Ma\
? the dale ?n ?b h I? ? !? '"?
by ?he m m?v TI. <..-? ?- >???
r?n>e frow, Adj.itant General Ander
too. Plr?? Uiatioaat Harp H?w>n
?Vrtrd at the same lime as I*lewt?n
ant Moss probably wlfi rrevt?. his]
cmml-Mon t-rta?
Her S?rth Birthday.
Mr and Mr? K Y. ChM*?!.- rnter
tatned at tbetr home. 7 TT* Tmelv
'ftmth -irn^ W lw? ?dav evening
fmm w to ; o'etnek m hi nwi ??
the sixth hirthdav of th.tr L?mi<*
djfcandstrr. Kdna Mar. The ntsu'
wrn Aodn-y MiUnd. laiwra 1* ?ton.
Plltli. I nine. Anna GarK-ft. B s
ah> GarreM. OiitM Milkiff Marie
Wintens . MatM.s R?der? MaMsj
Jofcrw.r Kwill, W. I* rwatd IM? n
Wwnd Rnth Ph.-lpV Rot* r> \\ . i
Boai si Christie. ajWymond Ptlani
TVodoee Co?. VIIM Adnasw. PTorl
PWaev Vrroots |J*t. Raphael OaTt
right, and Mr w fC ?alea. l
j Social-Personal
-L .xruxi-uulTL-.-.-. ~L~ r--.---i.-u-1. j-nnr.-i_
Mis* Sarah Moore, of Lyuchburg.
Ih visiting Mrs ... II. Phelps, ?IV
Twenty sixth si reef.
Miss My Hit) Dundridge has return
e<l from a visit to friends in New Kent
Mr. W. |?. Koe.-t returned home yes?
terday afte ra trip lo Port bind, Me.,
Boston, New VoiK and Halt liuoie.
Miss Margaret Headley lias return
e,| to Norfolk alter a visit to relatives
In tliia cfty.
I Miss KU e Kings! p-v. ol Iticlintond.
id visj'.fng Mrs. P. M. Kolan. :J7<)i
iluntliiKt in avenue.
j Mrs p. it Smith Is III at her home,
1123 Twenty second street.
Miss Ida riarthrieht will leave to?
morrow lor Rclhnsond to spend three
weeks with her sister, Mrs. (J. II.
Mr Mort is Keltnberg, or New York, j
is vistln? Mr. mid Mrs. J. ReyTler.
Mr I K. Hardy and family have
returned tri m a visit to fSttrlfk, Vtt.
ViudevWe **d Pictures
Matinee and evening performances
win bo ?l\en at Dreamland at tue us?
ual hours this afternoon mid evening'
This week s bill is one of (he bust ol
the season, and is nil fading Jurt
crowds to tne theater.
Matinees at the Bell.
Mallneis will be given at the Bell|
moving picture theater this afternoon.I
The usual evening performances wilt?
le given. New pictures are 4hown
: ?laily.
? Hampton Y. M. C. A. Will Meet In
! dependents Pirat and North
End Last.
, Two baseball games will l*o played I
I at the Casino pntk this afternoon.
'At .'! o'clock Hilly Mnloney's Indepen?
dents will cross bats with the team
of the Hamilton Young Men's Christ?
ian Association and 'men od lately after
that game, the North Knd nine win
'give battle to the Hnmptin hall toss
Vis. I ?I al fans have exhibited con
'siderahle interest in these games and
it is expected that the record crowd
of (he season will be on hand. A
large crowd Of enthusiasts will come
here from Hampton to see the en
i age men ts.
The llamptionians expect to have
revenge upon the Independents for
the drubbing the locals gave them at
Hampton lust Saturday llig Josh
Bahner, the star of the Hampton
twirling staff, very probably will be'
Is- ni in against Matoney's boys,
j Knight, the locals' new pitcher, will
I be on the tiring line for the Indepen?
dents. He showed up well In HaJnp
[tca last Saturday.
J John O'Hare, who has l>i*>n ill for
several weeks, will play with the In
dependents this aiiernoou and his ap
pt-aranee should Inject life in I he
team Billy Mai.m y will not be In,
the game. "Dicky Kay replacing him
in the left garden Mooncv also
will not play as he is In Wnshlogfon
I Following will be the lotting order
!of the Independents: Fayc. If., i
O'Hare, 2b Rnaten, cf. Moley, 3b..
; Da vi . |ti I'm hannn. ss P O'Hara.
c. S|h-a!:man. i f . Knight, p.
j Tom Reynolds will pitch ror the
North Kn l. rs a.ainst Hampton ami
I Charte Balmer probably will Is- in the
I box for the visitors The North Kn
'ders ft- l confident ??f taking this game
i from Hauipteu ami breaking the ho>?
|don the llampiioniar.s have held over
tli. m all 'hit. season.
Negotiat one For Third Game Between
Independents and North End.
Negotiation* are now on bet ween |
ManavtT* Marine* and V'xscn f<t a!
thinjl ram" between the Newport|
News Iml.-p. ndents and the Ner'h Knd|
ie;' ; i* 'he Casino i?:irk en Sat-irdav
Align ;t ! The Independents an
amiss for the ma rh and In all pn?b |
ability 'he game will be arranp.-d
The first SBSse b 'tvifl the;
IfVa? result, d in a 3 to % tie andj
the North Knd- r* took th..
Sane to P
Cn-.oerzler Opturett
H\RTFi?RD COffJS, JnK 24 sVnVJ
'dam F Wslk. - who ? riled "
iviH? from tac faavtasrs Hank of New
Ittitaln and about ft;-, eon fr? m th*
Conmcibnt IU?|*tist Convention
'.ar h.a this ci'y tiailrht in ensfndt |
of Th.mia. F Kran, soperm?. id. at ol
the (.tale rohVe rb psntwewt Walkt-*
was captured in a mlwins r?mr aiswit
l?n mill * sr^itti of Kn-. nad.t M. m< ??
OotOg rm -Shaking Oew*" Cnj.se
The Newport N> *? BSN*J nrmoclj
erahaer Montana which was nwa1
slow, d St tb?- Norfolk n?'v yard t+U
week, will ??"*wt from the Kurfasa{
an? t vatd art' Week f?w Cnastanamn !
Cal'i. on a "shaking 4Vran'' cm sr j
SwfMiay Es.wrston to Mathews County.
Or Bandsv nest. July **th. tb>- tvi
||vwr>nion IJne steamer Hampton
Snwstas wttl saaka a ?p-cial I tip hs
Mat hew. rowaty. tertrh.nr at Cast
Rr?*r ?war?en. bras* frtd Pornt *t
?am Pare mnnd trip |l is W M
LANIXWC. Agent. 7:4-21
City Attorney lassie {(rectifl te
I Mereece in M
and Opposite Step
Mescrs. Phillips, Barrett and Berkeley,
Representing, Chamber of Commerce,
Urge Opposition to Proposed Raise
in Car Fare Between This City and
"Resolved by the Councd
of the city of Newport News
that the city attorney be. and
he i6 hereby, directed to ap?
pear before the State Corpara
tion Commission at the hear?
ing of the appl cation ot the
Newport News & Old Point
Rariway Company to increase
its fare between the city of
Newport News and the town
of Hampton, and intermedi?
ate pc.nts, and use his best
efforts to prevent said in?
The above resolut ion. offered !>y Mr.
Read, was unanimously adopted by,
the board <f aldermen in special sos
noil lu.-l ni^hi A committee <it
! three. euni|His i| of Messrs. I,. ('. Phil
i lips. W K. Hurt! it ami C C. I?w?e
[ley, appeared before Hie hoard and
'presented ? prcaniMc and resolution
from the Chamber tif Ccmmerce, set
ting forth that Ihe community will
suffer if the electric companies are
permitted to carry out their Intention
of Increasing the tare over their
lines between this city and Hamp?
ton, ami calling upon the council to
oppose the grantln?: of the compa?
nies' petition, which will he consid?
ered by Ihe Si ate Corporation Com?
mission next Tuesday.
Mr. Phillips, chairman of the com?
mittee, addressed the board at some
length, explaining the attitude of tins
Chamber. He declared that the
chamber was convinced that the pro?
posed Increas 1 In fares would be de?
trimental to the interests of Newport
News as a whole, and to the mer
Ichants of the <ily in particular. He
went on to .fay. however, that a gen?
eral condemnation of the companies'
I proposed policy was not advocated
?or desired; that the chamber simply
I wanted the city's interests protected.
I He suggested that the railways woo Id
not fall lo make out the best case
possible lufore the commission, and
that if Ihe city would appear as de?
fendant and present the matter from
the public's point of view, the com
j mission would be aide to arrive a: a
just conclusion.
Captain Berkeley and Mr. Barrett
said Mr Phillips had covered the
ground thoroughly, and they spoke
very briefly. Captain Berkeley sug
gealed that 'he city might sain use?
ful and much desired information
aliow the rnilwav companies during,
this investigation Mr. Barrett call
ed attention to the fart that an in?
crease in the rar rar.- I? tween here
and Hampton wi i'd tend to keep peo?
ple from coming hen- to spend their
money, wbereaa the men who work in
the shipyard and live in Hamptm or
elsewhere, would continue to ride at
the eld rate on wi rkihi in n's tickets
Mr K a I made a brief, bnl i? irons
porch in support of hie resoluti >n
In closing he ?i*s lured that to vote
irainsl the resolution would he to
rote aitainst No?|tor: News
Pres Meat Jones spoke tor the rostr
lotion, giving a brief resume of the
railway -ituntion
The resolution was unanimously
adopted without further discussion.
Mr. Walker Gets Contract.
Mr II II Walker ha- been award
d a contract l>\ the d |n?t (fwarti ;
J master for furnishing i?o?at?vs and
|oniou> tor the arm> in Cuba during
the comin? month Hi- will furnish
I llM.;i; .'.oo I,.,., I- ..; j a.el
i about JO.oos bushels <r mi ?<.
Moore Ca:t S-t.
The en-c ot Aadrew J Moor ?
against the Citizens Railwav l^tht
{and Powrr Compma; suit for faum*>a
for attcay d mwlli lim i prnvecsJth?*.
jhae New set f r trial on in-ronrr l"
by fudge Harham
Vr Moor was civ. :, |ti !icrr -r.t !?<?
$|.i<on by a Jury dcrlng the las' term
j of the ronrt bti< Jude ttarrttm set
th< v. rdv-t aside i n Im cronnd 'ha'
Ii vi? ?entiary to thr law and U>
|r\id? nee.
v Spaniard Taken Awray.
Chtl!.to(.h. r Frank, the luoag Span
tird. who rir mh wa* acoeilied of
ihr rha-jo- of ar-on. has hern ?n1
to X-w York I.? Immierat??" In i?"
Wtl :an?*. to h ? dei??ctc I rhe
i"wnc man ?if! be tagen to Cuba.
from whercv he mmf to thi
? ry.
Mast *t Full Staff
,Y< -t rd.iv nmrhen th?- exs?ir?t?on
?.' thirty dar? ?law-, 'be death ?** ?h
late ex l*rrM*4-nt Grm.r Cb vHnaa.
am: the flar? over the pir^ja n?
hot! It*.- wfctrh had keep si hall mas*
for thlrtr daw wer bnts't^i in fait
**??. The Pag' on the government
wssehj Is th. harbor w? r.- lUtii
ed to foil mast. I
Out His Like You Will Seldom See in
Real Life.
Mr. Blank had advertised for a
chauffeur, and be passed over a deren
applicants until he rarae to one wfcose
general appearance seemed to fill the
bill, and then said to him:
"Sir, I want a man different from
the ordinary chauffeur "
"Yes, sir 1 thought from the read?
ing of your advertisement that you
did I am different."
'In what respects?"
"If you have a wife, I shall not flirt
with her.
"If you have a daughter. I shall not
?cajole her into eloping with me.
"If your wife tries to find out
through me where you go certain
nights I shall he mum.
"If any dudes ask me how much
money you lire going to give your
I daughter when she marries I shall tell
him to go to.
"I shall not conic to your house to
court the pnrkir maid.
"Should I be out lu the auto alone,
and a son of a run should want to
race me, I shell decline.
"1 am a first class liar regarding
speed when arrested by the police.
"I never give things away to the
"If divorce proceedings are Institut?
ed I go on the stand for yon."
He was told to remove his coat and
vest and undergo Inspection, and when
It was found that his angel wings
were fully developed hi' was hired on
the spot for $iOt> per month.?Reho
both Democrat and Chronicle.
_ I
Senator's Recollection of Novelist on
the Lecture Platform.
j How Charles Dickens appeared >
I while on the loctur? plat from In
Wushington. D C. In 18C5 is de
| scribed In the "Memoirs" of ex-Sotia
! tor Cole of California: "The led uro ,
' room was crowded, hut I was favored j
I with a seat near the front, where I
had a fair opportunity to see and to j
observe some of the peculiarities of
I that great author. Mr. Dickens was I
! dressed In a highly-fashionable eve- ,
nlng attire, not all In dark colors, and '
in appearance rather foppish. His
I vest wns of a hue to exhibit to the
I best advantage a heavy gold chain
I which extended from the middle both
ways across his chest. His neckwear
! was of a cut and color to be called
I flashy. His hair was rather long and
i wavy, and was arranged to stand out
i at the sides above the ears. Ills fea
I tnres are well represented In the
1.numerous pldures seen of him. sad it
i will be observed they have quite a
i uniform Appearance He read single
chapters, without comment or intro
1 dnctory remarks, further than to an?
nounce the work, as from 'Copper
field.- Nicholas Nlckleby.- 'The Pick?
wick Papers' or 'Uttle IVirrlf.' The
book In each case lay open before him.
but he paid little or no attention to the
j Defense of the Surgeon.
In a recent lecture at the Harvard
I Medical school Dr. Maurice H. Rich?
ardson set forth the absolute need of
resorting to the knife In certain cases.
The idea that the surgeon lacks sensi?
bility find Is more or less Indifferent
to hnm..n suffering and may even per?
form an operation when not absolute?
ly necessary he declared to be all
wrong He snld that the contrary
was shown by the fart that the sur?
geon Is constantly laboring to make
his profession unnecessary h>" prevent?
ing the n-enrrence of the diseases for
which lie operate*, as well as by en?
deavoring to cure without resorting to
o|>eratlon "A popular delusion that
the surgeon is simply looking for an
opportunity to keep busy all the time."
Dr Richardson added, "results In thou?
sands of deaths of sufferers who are
I persuaded by friends not to submit to
operation, until It Is too late to save
the patient."
New Fire Detector.
I A new fire defector of unusual kind
: is a fine copper wire encased in fusible
metal, which. In turn, is covered with
insulating material and Inclosed in a
copper tube of one-tenth of an Inch
The tube is strong like a bell or
mounted tu short secttons on porce?
lain Mocks When the temperature
j increases the sensitive temperature?
' It*. JO* or 37? *-rreeji Fahrenheit?
! the fsaPats alloy Is softened and forced
! through the porous Insulation against
( the ropner tobo. ringing the alarm
contlr.uouslv until stopped.
j Count rv Cowatc (at telephone*?
, (>?*) hy. CoustB Dob. I've bad s lovely
time rn Ww York. s?Try not tn have
? ? t: t o ugf
Cousin Rob- 4 am. too. V bat
. aever wind. tW next rime yws come
! Ill rbow ?,.!, a good time til buy
I yon some cocttafls
??< >." t- e-:n '. <??;.?'; ? What
' are ?hr\ - Do they wear them on
! Cousin P.,b? Xo. they're head nraa
' nx tits
(Ictansnnia I.? the not wrvrowtmori far*
of the b-vr, worker who. sfter years af
enntlnnons mnrttai strain. rettr?n from
active life The jsaaoa Is fbst nvuraj
sctlvVv demands a large sn?ptv of
blond fo? 'be brain, and .?. Mood nw
i **ls rrndttanY arrrffnns>da?e '^jov
! selves :o tbi? I tans* Put. tri?
j the hard work '? re- raw brain <fo*a
I not ?:wa< -'-aWrc that it a**d* tews
? soarisnwren* knd hence the coedltton
i of MMN? twewral activity which is
1 wtai tisorcata Bs.
plenty w it?of ta*
All coal kept under alien* ?an al?
ways well screened.
Pine Wood (J cord) $1.80
Mixed Wood (4 cord) $1.85
Oak Wood (i cord) (1.90
Satisfaction Quaranta?*.
Distilled Ice Co*
nth at. a c. ?. o. ny.
L Cits. 'Whaoa Ma
Damages for Mr. Edwards.
A Jury in the Corporation Court
has given judgment for $1W5 d im-j
ages, for the plaintiff in the case of.
I/'toy SJ. Edwards against the Mcr-I
Chants and Miners Transport at ion j
Company. Mr. Edwards sued tor!
$27"; daman's hecasse one of th,. de-,
fendant company's steamers on which]
he had flatted for this city, turned',,
hack to Baltimore on account of the
fog. and the company made no ar-J
rangeinents for the passenger:'.;
transportation to this <;itv.
Purhed Boys intc River.
.! A. Or en. of Warwick county,
was in the police '-ourt yesterday to
answer to the chi.rg;> of pushing Gtl
tM-rt Meyers and .lohn Sutherland,
youngsters, off the end of Pinch
pier. Green was drunk when arrest?
ed and as he was still showing signs
of intoxication yesterday morning, h:.<
case was continued until today. Itoth
of the bovs could swim and they
suffered do ill efli-ets (nun tlu-ir
Funeral of B;shop Potter.
The funeral of ltisnop Henry ('. Pot?
ter, seventh Protestant Episcopal
bishop of the diocese of New York
was held in this vil.age this morning 1
The services were in tue historic
Christ church, when- ...urn s F-n'uwirc
Cooper Worshiped in his lifetime. .-*
body of the prelate being borne from
FVrnleigh. where he died, through the
cnurchyard. where Cooper In-s bu._'
Naval Collier Abereoda Returns.
Tlie Pnit.-d States naval collier
Abermda. wliich recentty stewuied
fr? m this pert for Bradford. R I.
with a cargo of hi.i! returned here
yesterday Sin- probably will take
another cargo here for Bradford. ?
Officer Vellmes Returns.
Officer Vellines. of the i>olice force
returned hoaw yestcrda) from Smith
licb.. wn>re be was eaPe | t>y u w.
"f the nt0H.su o; hi si. ii i
Mencbyille N~tcv
.lohn E. Parker carri.-d a partv
fishtnc Thiirsds.i which c?? ; o^ed
ol Miss tjtura Tnrlinstiui Mi.* Wat?
son. Mis' Ruth HatlCiay Srrtanatngee,
and tJarretl Boiujri r.
The fn-nbirh ban-Kill nine ha* ac
cept.Nl s ?ha?'-nte from 'h.- O-afon
'. am ptpMgk ha: wan nanny . ins?<<
this s' a?m and the players pre e ,nfv
ef winning ihi cam"
You may make yourself comfortable during the hot weather by
paying a small amount down and small weekly payments. We ofll
at right prie s and on i asy terms.
Our fall stock of Rugs has been nearly all received, and we are
showing Ly far the largest stock and the best assortment we have
ever carried. In fact there is seldom seen under one roof a letter
assortment of !? by 12 velvet Hugs and a by 12 and 8 ft S-in by 10 It
U-iu body Kr?ssels Rugs than Is shown here. Prices guaranteed.
For Hale Sectional Hook Cases. Kernst ? in three-piece Metal Peds.
Ostermoor Felt Mattresses and Furnishers for every room in the
Braach Stories
Stall and I'hon?
' Ordert rrompt
It rilled.
On.- lot of Black Voi|o
day only- all si/..-s from "7 i
and Satin fluids, f >ur differ
- eai.st value that has ever
Skirts?special f-.ir Saturday and Mon
r> 12. rrnde plan: and pleated with Silk
: t styles to s? l.-ct from This is the
be- n off. red in Nowpoit New..; made
of extia fin.- Voile and workmanship guaranteed: regular $lu value.
CLEARANCE PRICE $6.95. Extra charge for all alterations.
Peter-Pan Sitinwai--!
attached cuffs the newi
.-.] Embroidery fYowY: t
wi'b at'acbeii ami detached collars and
tiling Stripes, Prain Whiie with Color
tilar Va' i. $1 r.n CLEAetANTTE* PrtfCE $1.00
You know the kind of people
they are when you see them
buy the best
??? ??? ???
The Best Always
The M.-nehville ter-m rvpertrd 3 Mae,
from R.tw-n.- iasi Sla'nrd.-iT )??.? t Is
insfMUsaed th? r,tn?- ?a- Msntrewd '.v the
stor.3 ?hieb .am? up ,n the eri-wiUC
Man. of Ihe ruh.-rawn are d's
eew;rased ??n ae-VMint of the ?mal'
nusnbi I of fl-h th'-v have rsaghl the.
n.i n'h Si.to. -1 \ ??.. . ir. .-.in
sti?fi ffsh'ng und do mh. r ?
Tho^e who n*.- laum !?? ? ,-jnd hauling
?vines f??T 'br BUM UWU of cutch'n*
Pah hat? S--en more ?;?ee- ??ru| than
?h?- panl.-s who are .mi v Ming on
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Not Qood After July 31,1908.
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Daily Hivbp o?Vn*

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