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only newspaper published in
Newport News that receive* the
full news service of th* Asso?
ciated Press.
VOL. XIII. NO. 170.
Order issued yesterday Modifying j
Hereafter oteamers Stopping Here
For Bunker Coal Only Which Have
Been inspected at Old Point Will|
? Not be Subjected to State Inspec
Governor Claude A. Swanson yester
day issued an order modifying lie
Virginia State quarantine regulations]
governing the inspection of "bunker'
steamships ai tili? port so as to place
Newport News on an equal fuollngl
with the port of Norfolk. The order]
becomes effective Saturday, August I.
On and after that date, steamships j
coining to this port for hunker
only, and which have been Inspected]
by the United Slates quarantine of?
ficers at Old Point, will not he siio
Jected to inspection by the state quar?
antine officer here. However, a,.
steamship* that conn- here for fuel
coal dov not undergo an inspection at
Old Point and. of course, such vesaels
?rill be subjected to inspection by the
State quarantine officer here.
Expected to tietp Business.
Local coal agents express the Iv
lief that the modification of the quar?
antine laws obtaining at this port wi,i
result in a healthy increase of. the
"bunker coal business here. At pres?
ent Norfolk does considerably more
of this class of business than this]
port, but it is thought that Newport f
News soon will be doing a dl slm-ssj
equal to that of the city across
Sometime ago the attention o. the
local coal agents was called to lue facti
that steamships entering Norftdk torj
bunker coal were not subjected to in?
spection by the State quarantine of?
ficer theaf, provided such vessels had)
been inspected at Old Point The
local agents took the matter op wlth|
Governor tswanson ami he set yester?
day as the date for the hearing of the
Attorney O. I>. llatehelor. of thi
city. who was retained to represent |
the local agents, presented the claims
of the agents at the bearing. Reprc-|
sentatives of practically all <af toe
coal companies shipping out of this
port and ..orfolk also were present.
5fr. B. H. Smith, agent lure for tin
George E. Warren Coal Company, was|
the only Newport News coal agent pre?
sent. I>r. William F. Cooper, the!
State quarantine omrer at this |iort.
and Trainmaster E. I. Ford, of the|
Chesapeake A Ohio Railway, also at?
tended tne hearing.
After hearing the situation explain?
ed. Governor Swanson announced |
that he would imm<d.at!y issue the
order placing this port on me same j
rating with Norfolk. A copy of the
order will he forwarded to Dr. Coopei
here today.
One "Blind Tiger" is Put Out of Com?
mission and Others Are Being
Watched by Detectives.
GORDONSV1I.LK. VA . July 27. ?
Orange blind tigers, of whirh there
are aUml ??Uticn. are in dancer an
one has been closed as a result of
a raid BntardJaj night by c, i: itow
ers. of the A. M. Mrowoll de'ectiv<
agency, of Rirl.tnond.
Lewis Taylor, the alleged propri
etor. waa arrcsti-d In court todav
he si? flm-d S3s), civen sixtv da>s
In jail and put under $.'.dn security.
PolK-eman W C. Warrincr and S?r
e ' ii.i lloud made 'he arn>l after
hitting Taylor over the bead and b-av
Ina wounds from which he will not
son recover. He is in Jail.
Bower* wbo worked tip the ca?e.
by feigning drunkenm-sv wax ar
rested and Bned $V He h r
obtained testimonial* as to hi.- con?
duct while In ??rsnre
Several other arn-ata win follow,
aa Ornnae count-, wem? to be as
full of old red-eve aa Set on the *a
looas were closed. Circuit Court!
Judge Grim-ley. presiding, convene.)
todsv aiib a record breaking crowd]
la attendance
Governor Campbell Nem nates).
DAI '.AS. T*7XA*. July 27 ? Ad1
ditional return* received b? Ibe News
tnwlth! inek? tr certain thai licirrwr
Campe?'!: ba* heew renomina'^d hp
a ma*ont\ of ahasM 7.. ???n and tin'
Afm-o*T Geoernl T*j? Maori ban al?o
been renommated by a amjoriiy
which tuny ranch 1
Chairman Mack Announces That John
E. Osborne wH be in Charge
of Branch.
(By Associated Tress).
CHICAGO, IU.8., July 27?Chair?
man Mack, of the notional Democratic
commute* announced today that
branch headquarters with John i: O.e.
borne, from VVyouiliig. in charge would
be npeued lit Denver the last month of
the present campaign.
Mr. Mack, who left tonight for list
falo, expects within a week 'o decide
upon some man whose name will he
presented to the executive committee
for chairman of that committee.
W. .1. Bryan, within a fortnight or
less, will nieet members of the com?
mittee in Chicago. At Ibis meeting
the chairman of the committee will
bo chosen. In speaking of the advis?
ory committee which he will appoint.
Mr. Mack will include such men as
former Governor Francis ot Missouri
and John K Lamb, of Indiana.
"Mr. Bryan" said the democratic
chairman, 'is anxious to have the
advice df old time democrats ami be
wishes particularly in Inter st those
members of the party in the earn
Mr. Mack will announce the per
sonnet of the executive and the ad
visory committee at Buffalo, lie ex?
pects to spend, in Chicago, the greater
part of his time during ihe campaign.
Navy Department is Sending 720 Men
to San Francisco to Join
Pacific Fleet.
WASHINGTON. I> .C. July 27.?
Contracts were awarded today by the
navy department for transportation ot
l-i) men of the navy from Norfolk.
Va.. to bnn Francisco. Cal.
The men are to be distributed
among the various vessels of ihe Pa?
cific Beet, which shortly will leave on
a cruise among the Pacific islands. A
flat rate of i'M a man was made by
the railrea Is. The contracts . wen
awarded to the Chesapeake & Ohio,
the Southern Railway, the Norfolk Ai
Western and the Seaboard Air Line,
each being alioted the transportation
of 180 men. The movement will l>e
gin on August 2 from Norfolk, sixty
men being started each day until the
entire 72U are on their way.
In Fierce Fight in Bronx Park Police?
men Draw Revolvers and Crowds
Charge With Beer Bottles and
Knivea?Started Over Crap Game.
NEW TORK. July 27.?More than
five thousand people watt le d a pitch
fed battle i'twrn pol ice men and men
belonging to the "Humpty" Jackson
hand, which lasted for half an hour
in Zeltm-r's Park Sunday nlsiit. itm
man was probably fatally shot, several
others were j-tabbed and hundr-ds "t
heads were broken by bottles, glasses
and police eluhn
Women and children were in the
fightinc crowd and main- acre strucs
!>> missiles, while others 'am'id and
wer?- trampled under foot. TrafTi
was brought almcxt to a stop by the'
multitude diawn liy the tumult, and
'iironcs of aas.-rogers no the Third
av< tin ? elevated railioad looki-d down!
on the com tat.
Thomas y Month, thirty-eight years
< Id. a bricklayer, living at ."ttt Vjas' I
Eleventh >tr---t. nr. shot thron;h 'he
breant. n.-ar the heart, and late last'
niaht was in a critical cond''.ion In
Fordham Hospital Patrick J. Pf'-t-'
fer and I'hilip B^'aer. policemen, were
>'al*?-d in 'he hands and face and
cat in the head with bottles Their j
clot hin:: w?^ torn from ibeir hedges
Several shots were tired, i.nt so far
as is km ?fi ?>nlv one which wotin?Je<l
Moran toofc effect. If was ma un t'
the r- M-rrrr from two stations, b-d,
by Inspector George Mr Clusky Cap i
<ain Me<;linn and Sergeant Deefsjc
bad < hargtsl the fighters silk drawn
atchtnttr-ks that a aemblai: ? of t.p
was rx-?t< red
Five Men Arrested.
Five stT'Al? were made The prv
?n-r? dem-iibed themsehe? as James
Tobln. ishorer of SU Bast Fifteenth
street; Khndv Carrotl Ishorer. r"S
East Plr?: str.-t; Joseph Natelii. Is,
\w. : i?V F.rsi at-an-. William Gil ,
roy. electrtrtas. 22C First sveene ani,
Iju-it ls*mi. lata rev. 4? East Twelfth,
??reev. T*.' first fear were rn?ra?<i
Bousing Convention of (lie lodepend
eoce Party Listens to Editor's
"Keynote" Speech
New Political Faction Scores Methods
of Both the Democratic and Re?
publican Administrations and the
Delegates Are Electrified by
Hearst's Speech.
(Fy Associated Pres?.) I
CHICAGO, II.I.S. July 27.? Anna j
loud mid enthusiastic cheering and
with its members showing every sigu
of loyalty to their new standard ol
political faith, the first national run
vent ion of iho Independence party
was opened at 8 o clock tonight in
Orchestra Hall.
The main Hoor of the Halt*was (ill
ed with delegates. There wire no
alternates The galleries were more
overcrowded with a throng which en?
tered heartily into the spirit of the
proceedings and throughout the set
si<si applauded vigorously whatever
nu t their approval.
Long Demonstration.
The delegate., came trooping into
the hall. New York heading the col
umn carrying a white banner bearing
the words "Independence Party.'' be?
tween them bel?g an evenly l-alance l
stale signifying equal justice to all
New York cheered every oi her dele?
gation and the other delegations
cheered New York. They then
cheered each other, and then them
selves unt.i the hall rang again ami
again. The demonstration lasted
ahout fifteen minutes.
J Around the side of the hall were
'placards, heating the names of var?
ious stales and also allusions ,o tin:
(existing political situation as viewed
'from tlie standpoint of the Indepen?
dence partv.
Some of these were Kentucky. "Tin
I Democratic machine, tin- plutopokcr
|ehip. I he Republican machine, the did
ilar pass current at the same counter.
Sign Meant Placards.
New Jersey. The home of the
trust.-; wail's to smash "em."
Indiana. Wauls a new deal with a
clean deck."
Oregon. "No Chicago .-.team roller:
no Denver stone crusher."
Rhode Island. Willrich owns the
[Senate. We want the people to own
I The arrival of W. H. Hearst stalled
a delirious demonstration. Tin- halt
'was in an uproar as nearst mounted
the steps leading to Ihe platform.
He took no notice of the demonstra?
tion .'nit, after remaining on the ros?
trum tor about three minutes in con?
sultation with the secretary of 'he
convention, descended ini<> tj)c l ody of
the hall 'akiiia a seat with the New
York delegation Hin action was a sic
nal for renewed cheering and - he dele?
gates shouting: "Hearst Hearst.** im?
mediately starti d n parade around ? he
hall shouting continuously the name
of Hearst. The parade continued f'?r
several minutes iwfore quiet was res?
BVvans Name Hissed,
Milton w. Howard, of Ala bums, took
the gavel and introduce! Charles A
Walsh, of Iowa, -??eretary of the pro?
visional national committee who rea l
the roll call for Ihe convention. This
document dccland the purpose of the
gathering to la- the foundation of an
Independence party and the mnntn.i
ti-in of eandiila'es for president an-i
vice pr. ?iiielit.
The readme was accompanied by
cries of ?Hearst" and w man it: t..o
tudrony cried "Bryan.'" A storm ??'
hisses 'hat followed wen- stilb-d !??
the gavel.
Mr Howard, at the c inisaason of las?
invocation announced Hie names of
the M-mi?irarv officer* of 'h?- ?mun
lion His mention of Ihn name of
M- H< r.r.-:t was rec?-t\id with an ont
burst .-f applanae and Mr Hearst
when be nwem-t-d -the rosfrnnv 't*
conti ntion rose ? n masse , h-< rim
W!i< n quiet had been n-wtored. M'
H?-sr?t ',H-m*tt hl? adrtrr-ss aa temper
ar* chairman of convention
Hearst's Address. .
Mr Hihi-i said in pert
My friend- this is th. ?r.~t ra
ti.?iaB convention of the Inder? nd
em-e pun r Whether It shad prove
'as hunnrtcal .-vent or merely a pass?
ing pnlittcwl im iden' ri- |r nd? armii
'he wisdom and |Sitr?n4ism with
wt-.trh w? -hall d? lite rati- an/1 | I
If the men who m<* m lad-T"-nd- nec
Hah in Philadelphia on ihe fonr*..
of July. 1776. bad and within 'b-m
I be fevlmg of hestla. toe nr SUv dt?p?.
altmnj luuaids compromise, thai day
(Coniiaaed oa Fourth Page ?
Question of Reads' Right to Incuse
Freight Charges Mav Have Been
Suggested by Po-^evelt.
(Bv Associate,! Press.)
announreiuriil by tin- Interstate Com
ne reo Couimis*lon today thai I1
would consider i be reasonableness it
rates alter notices ol Increase b
the shippers and prior 10 their Alum]
ot protests, is rcgardc,| as of siii'
spread Importance. Following close?
ly u|hiii the action of t'iueinnuti ship
pels appealing to the President to
induce th, commission to take this
course, it Is generally believed here
thai the suggestion railing for this
tnatemeiit came from President |
Roosovt It
Chairman Knapp .-aid last Saturday
that the law content plated luvcstiga
lion of tie- reasonableuesH of rotes
bj the commission if ihey have bc
come effective, tint the commission!
muht decide that 'h' Increase Is ef?
fective after notice has been glren
by a carrier and befori the new rute|
actually goes Into effect. The com
mission's statement lodai takes that 1
view of its powers. There is much |
interest in th,, action ol Judge Spei
of the Southern judicial district ot j
Georgia granting a preliminary In-'
junction restraining the Atlantic
Coast Line, tin Louisville & Nash
vllle, the Nashville. Chattanooga *
St. I/ouis, the Cincinnati New Or
leans A Texas Pacific and 'he South
ern railway coroiHUiles irom putt tun
into effect on August i the IncreaseiJ
rates on shipments of staple products
from Western to Southern points.
VM:. Johnson Must Pay $105 tor;
Burying a Tramp Mistaken for
Ley i_ost Son.
RICHMOND, VA.. JlJ> 2~. ? Mr
Nannie |{ Johnson. _,if 172N East,
Main .street, will be T>!d responsibl
for the burial expenses of the un?
identified body buried ns ihat |
of her missing san, Russell,
who turned up alive last Fri?
day. Tin- undertaker's bill alone
is fr,r $105, and this, with other In?
cidental expenses, will m.ik.- the co'ts
to the woman a-^rcgatc te aily $?_''>('
The bill has been placed jn th< bands]
of Constable Rurrh, of Henriro co
ty. for collection
The woman was not only put to|
the expense of twice having the bod;
of the "unknown" man disinterred,|
but also for Iran-porting it '<> Hich
mond from Hanover a::d thence ti
Nelson county, where ii was laid H
rest in the family burying ground
Railroad expenses, mourning clothe
constable's f. i s and other expenses
are ir.cli;d- d In Mis. Johnson's ex
liendilures. Th jl.-'.uo policy in th*
Metropolitan Li ? insurance Company
was never paid
Madame Chae-;-rrdcu!e. Who **asj
Coming to Anr.eri-j, ,s Kitlrd
by Fj'I trom Carr-iay?.
(By Associated Press.?
RiCHMONfl \'A. Jfelj ;7 ? Word
ii;?? jus? Im -n received! h?rc of in.
??'?Mth of Madartn Manne ? Chsi-.tv.T
Jo '? anal ? i Thejdwr. von Thi?-n.
the biitl-r in tb> house of 1? P. Ryan,
who sudden!) .< 'tuir--(| rast rtrhes|
and titles iron. t;> rtnany and Frnci
Th?- inform.i'i- a ?> ooaveyed In a]
letter .in?! star s ? i:at Madame Cham-|
blrdeair was ri own from a ?arriag>
and Instantly Ad-d. The accident
*>c<-urred tt ar I let in.
Madame Ch tal,? ratonse was expect
?tl some tine iuring this mim:Ii
bnnjrin.; ?ith t r the Von Thieii |
family ;??e|s. ,,f Ahirh tlx-re were a
gnat many Tie affairs of the Rich
mond man at. uz inoke?) after h*
his brotb'T^ .\ : tat, who has h?* a |
looking at ' : e?tat..< since ?hc
saasiirj of h*-lr in Rteknaead
About Sorter- WorVmtn were
Boat When , -?? Weet Oawn and
Only a Fi ? Accounted For.
PITTSIMKl. f\ Joly 27 - A g.i*?
line launch ? " ? Merrv Widow" car
rvlng front I' 2a workmen fr>nt|
the Jon. i : hiss steH plan1
vrri <? thv M< - ? - *b? !a rtv-r t.. '?????
h'Steti in th. > 'k side section ot
the c|t\ was tdtOT h after ?
nelcci tonlrt ? n 'wn-aty fee* of wa
ter hr *io. 'i-m a coal ?rsswusrr
Th> followi! -neu are known to b
dr?:wn? : i Shaefer. is year
oM: Oorvt I- nn - rly. 2S years <*d
TVwnas R K ntertck. II year <*1
Wh- 'te r ,? <r~re Iron n.-?t , p,.r
snows. Con Kb aMe ceafestna pre
tails and up l- I" o'rWli toetxht only
a few of the . ? n.-s bed bees located.
.Y, JULY 28, 1WH.
ills Hope, He Says, Lies In (he
People of Ohio Who Must Act
Mr. Taft Says He Hopes There Will
Be No Fdlling Off 10 Ohio Vote
and Th.it Party Will Organize and
Not Let the State Go by De
(By Associated Proas.)
CINCINNATI. July 2~i ? Two lm
potant events politically resulted from
today's meetings and conferences In
<l.|, in in ih>- llnal uotltlcniiou day
William II. Taft addressed a Joint
nutting <>f the Ohio gtaU' central and
executive committees, Identifying
himself closely with the stale cam?
paign ami making it plain thai what
i \ v had been done by Arthur I.
Vorya and other stale leaders had
1m ell approved by him.
Just what is in be tin- status of
Senator Koraker at the opeuing of
ih campaign at Youngstown on Sep?
tember 1 is to be decided by a spe
cial committee of the state executive
committee appointed ttNlay. The
duty of this committee is lo decide
on a i peakers" pro?ram with partic?
ular. Instructions to t>port on (be
advisability of inviting the senior
Ohio senator to tmiki an aiuireas.
Session Largely Attended.
The stale central committee set
ilij the thrw county commjtee cpn
j tests in favor of what Is termed the
I ? Simon pure Tafi men."
The Joint session of the state eeu
j tral and the executive commit tees
was largely attended. In cnlling the,
meeting to order State Chairman H.
W. Brown r? ferred to the resolutions
of ihe committee on its organisation,
de, laring that the Republicans of
I the state were in favor of Taft for
I President, mid said that the pros nt
meeting was a fruition of that ac
Governor Han is followed with en:
, phasis ou the valu. ot thorough or
ganlzatton f ir political ellectlvenesj
and Arthur I Vorya sjioke on the
[splendid ticket the state had to work
Mr Taft's s|K-ech was generally
applauded. He said in pan:
"I am not here to malt-! a speech.
I am here only to have a friendly
talk and to identify mys?df. as far
a>> possible, with ihe Ohio campaign.
Republicans of 'Iiis country have been
in the hahit of electing to ohTlce
their Ohio candidates, and I shoui i
be disappointed if there were to he
any exception mane to that rule.
But we should be unwise to Mae a
controversy UKe ibis through ever.
Are Facing Strong Party.
"We must know thi?se of us *ho!
t:ic< the facts, that we are meeting:
a strong pasty hmd'-d hy an able rim:
experienced candidate, and *?? .-hoild!
lx- exctediagly imprudent If we h?-l
lit led the forces behiad him and :h"
resource of an able leader There?
fore, i' is mir duty at RepuWteaua,
to see til i' that the Kcput.V'?II
cause ha.- Ix hind It all the forei <>
? Isi ipline, all the force "f organ!/.i
uru that our nactn- belief and inter?
est In mir cause requires.
'We an- standing now ?houM< r
to shoulder to meet our common < n
nr. aiu] overcome him as we ha.
in 'he past. It is a great comfort '<?
kaow 'hat -,:i :r?- strenuous 'm.e- .
'hat are to fnlbiw fn>m now on. Ij
shnM have th.- rlos.- ja rsonal ar. l
u>e.ij| arsistance and aid of mir.'
Jsfce' Vory?. He has a faeultv to-,
?H'"ng von thins*
Looks to Onto for Help.
'Now. gentleman, as I aay I did
not come here t?> mak. a ?-1* < < h. I
ml? <am. B? re in assure you tbst I
hope -hat in this campaign It* Oh' ?
io pail my weicht In the boat and
? o v- en the ground ?o a*.si?? in th?
rar-ving N* vietory of that Kinocr
wh? I? IP pw hi trans of f?hlo have al |
rarrhrd In a Presidential rim
i?au? Our frb-r.d. the en*my. la
Mdiln'iT. as It -o freon? nll> bapje^is.
in I mas as doubtful ha'Ihe-sir.I If
thai will withdraw his ? ntlS>s tr-m
other pari? of h, CuttCa] Stati-s w.
"iicht ?? ? e|<one that hop? fulness i
mi his part because I am rmfjdin.
ih.if 'b? K? puldteabs of Ohm will
.rgasiz - as they ou;;bt to organize
and atil mx a Mo? the stale in en
by ft fault "
A holiday tans been Secured f?w
[Array of Warships and Royal Yachts
at Scene of Nicholas Greeting to
KKVAL. July -The htwlxir of
IctVval aas bathed in sunshine for the.
I meet ill); between Kni|h i or Nicholas.)
? >t Russin and President Italllers, oil
I France, which occurred Oils after?
noon I
I'll- iibtii F.iHIers art Ivel here ?111
th?- Kreuch bultlchip Verit. which
?i- e eiineii i,y ilte arut'itei cnils^rj
IHi|h-i and I he gunboat Caaslnl snu,
found awaiting him ihe principal pan'
hi Kussiu's fighting Beel Brawn up in
two lines, the Verl) dropping mldwaj
between I he eni|iertir'a yachi Stauoartj
and the dowager empress' yacht Polar
As the French ship swunn Into place
u serlea of salutes were Bred and Ihe
crews ni both untiuns i'mhanged
heart) and prolonged cheers. ihe
strains of the Marsellalse, were heard
on the quarter deck of the imperial
\ :>< lit Standart and the Russian war?
The emperor sent Admiral lUkolt.
minister of marine, to bid President
Fallleres welcome to Ruasit and alter
ja short interial the French president,
[uceomimnled by his suite, on a gor
Igenus state barge lowed by a launch,
[proceeded to the Suinuart to make the
I acquaintance of the Russian ruler.
Emperor Nicholas met him at the
I gangway ami greeted him with great
! cordiality
Police on the Lookout for Thieves
Who Took ??.500 from T. B.
Walker's Store.
NORFOLK, VA . July 27. ? One
of Ihe hlggist robberies ever made
in Norfolk occurred some time be
tween Saturday night and this mom-j
ing. when burglars nntered the safe
of the F B. Walker Heating and]
Hoofing Company, on Evelyn street, |
and secured about $I..">imi The safe,
aus o|m'tied by the* combination or;
was left unlocked Saturday night,
when the office was closed and only]
i he inside boxes were damage.]. Th<y
were torn open and rilled of their
Statement ol Coroner is Fxamln
ing Stomach of "Baby Vaugfiao/'
PhyriL an Declares That no Trace of ,
Poison Was Found But That it May
Have Been Expelled From the
Child's Stomach by Vomiting.
! RICHMOND, VA., Jul> _*7 -Or, Wil?
liam II Taylor, city coroner, has com
pieted rtie satoaay <f the stomach of
?'Gal \" \aughan. He found the st'?m
neb and ii,o n h inflamed, but no po'.s
Jon was detected It was the opln
lion of the corom r before he undertook
?he Hilton > 'hat th - rhanres of de?
lecting actual poison in this case ?).:
' . s..:.111 It i.. ib.- unshaken opm
: ion of ihe . on ner that the child ?|k
aaaststahaM) the vtctiia of poison
I Or Ta . lor has made out the foi
|io*ipg official siat'-ment of Ihe resul'
of his analysis:
Statement by Coroner.
?'The anlop.iv of the Vaushan Imby.
who was i!! a little over six day*,
-howe.i n'ark'ii iuflamation of the up
I ;??! lip and of a part of ras roof ot
!'h<' mouth There was also inflania
, tb ii of 'he .-'omarh and bomel? \
s rhi ntieal analysis of the stomach and
I:\-t was mftde an.J as there were
i r, a sons for susiw-ctin^ that corrosive
saMtSiale had sees administered to
'he rbild. thi.i poison was particularly
?oil. '.I- \(| ;? i-.oo however was
detected It is ;*T?slld. thai some
< -,rr iv. pat ...n f?? r 'ban inrrostve
I > ildimalc was u??-d. eoiieewtrate.1 lye.
for example Tb.' failure to gad
rem-.?? In the *'of?ta? h and liver does
'ao< by anv means shorn 'hat poison
[was ass administer, d. far. under the
t ' . s< i hood ? f b
jt'ttms It hy saafyaln was ?er? feMht-.
[faj. stare only a little of the passes j
vv prnbsbly swalhioed. far oaly s |
>U tk Sf a fsrrosjve pnisna rnakt be'
swallowed liv an infant foor and a
half Sjaaths obi without its k'lling ?h~ '
'child in mn.ii b s? tlm>- than six days.
Moreover auwh of the HMlr >bat was
(waSnwed avast have beea rapeUed,'
to th*- tons-cat inne4 iwsltiss. whtSej
. the frartlwa hat wan absorbed would
le, t? .-n dMtrihwled ibmuxhimt tb ?
(Coaiiased aa Fuenh l-age.) !
Local ralna Tuaaday and
Wednesday. increasing, north?
east w.ndu. , _
Follows Closely Upon (In Fxptbto
of Metiisrla&tfs Minister Prot
The Dismissed Ambassador Will Re?
turn to Venezuela on Board the
Cruiser?Relations Entirely Broker*
Between Castro and Dutch Govern?
ment?Conditions Very Strained.
(Bjr Asst dated Press). .
ACO, July 27.- The serious nature ot
i lie .situation that has arisen hid ween
the Netherlands and Venezuela wan
emphasized today by the issuance of
ot der? to the Dutch cruiser Oelder
Innd, to proceed at once to Venesula
to protect I "itch interests. The trOl
derlatid arrived here with J. D.
Dooms, lite Nei her laud's minister and
resilient iii Cara as on hoard, wbo waa
dismissed ironi Venezuela ty President.
Castro, It was only a few hours af?
ter the cruiser arrived, that orders)
for an immediate l et urn to Venezuela
was received.
The departure of Ihe Veneduelaa
'.in-:;:. Sctior Lopes, has resulted is
a cessatiun of riots which grew oat
of the Venezuelan sentiment here on
Saturday and Sunday. The city is
new calm and the troops, which worn ']
patrolling the street a have been witn
drnwn to their /arracks.
The C.alderlund took M Deems on 1
hoard, at I.agulra, which Is about 18ft
miles by rail from Caracas. The i
Ister h?s received a cablegram
Ing h'm to proceed immediately
German Minister in Charge.
CARACAS. July 7.?via Port at
Spain. July 27.?The trerman minister
has taken charge of the Dutch inter?
ests here in vp-w of the dismissal by
President Castro, of Mr. Deems, the"j
Netherlands' minister from Venezuela.
M. Deems is awaiting the arrival ot Sk*
Dun h warship at IHirto Cabcllo. HRT ,
claims that his offensive publication
had the approval of the NetherbsadA
khvi riinietit. saying that he receive** ?
a ral-le-oram yesterdav from that \
Hague, approving his note and instruct
Ing him to insist upon an Inter
with President Castro but this la
possible as diplomatic relations
i?ei-n the two couutries have been
A decree was issued today
the duty on straw paper and
paper of the third Ciass.
Dutch Minister Condsmnadl
The general opinion here
the Dutch minister M. Deems for
dishing the statement that Castro
ruin d Venezuela and the belief fat
pressed that the Netherlands
nu-nt will not support Derua oa |
count of his indiscreet act.
minister's expulsion without
given time to communicate with
government has a precedent in
country in the expulsion of the \
and iP-igium minisiers in 1904.
Soldiers of Virg.nta Regimente
Having Great Time
?7. ?The Virginia boysare la'
sood shai" in camp, and sius>
pitched trots have been kept
cleaning up the gt
away the brush and grass and
ing thiRKs bate a first class appew
mwe tsV-ry few m?-n have so Bar
?? ,?tr . I to the hospital teat, sad ?*
all th.. Seventieth rginsent oaJy unjer
Is seriously ill. and he has besSB>
placeil in h? luitt-d States arurr
At nigh- he soldiers make
lively by sincinc songs and
company yells. A few pigs Invaded
the camp Saturday. A chase foftass*.^
ed. and ic s<)Ui-?llng nt the Sth
indicates that fome of the boys
bun- roast put for dinner ba a
or two.
At Brighton Beach.
- TV- chief itir.n :ion In '"day a
in? card was tor one mile
? hick res:ip< d in an ensy th1?ary
Araaee The start was ear/ AT
Arnass* got much 'be best of the
and wens right to ibe fron?.
a It ad of .or half !" ng:b m<T
Oast. At the far turn A reuse h
rrea-ed h*s advantage to I wo
so i ?rm .-asilv t.> one lemrth
wna shrnl off aad pork-wed to (he
of ike stretch hot ?b*-a csenr.
re.y strong. Bis? * Uafc urnd

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