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WHO fum
(t LiTitsti ti lor mi
M^t^ Thimbu at j ?
rlTFi? Iri uftfrl.
tie hnwii . test
ti gat trig Reports, Author,
That It ia Unnecersary
Sale of the Beef?State
erning Case from the Vet
Jusi communicated with
[of Hampton, autl Dr. Fa
folk, au,I am informed |
In question were sti(|i
u-sts for Inneren
rh cattle as wer - found]
were killed ami htiri
r? b.-tug covered wilh|
Sad that only mich cut
found to be rrve from In
sold From thes,. facta I
there Is no occasion |
though I shall make
investigation (u thej
. j,suede the above state j
\tt when asked by a DaV-y
stive whether or not
ted the statements
Bs-Hernld yesterday
-?fleet that a number
rliu tuberculosis
tered and offered for
The mayor, Ber?
ing as chief of pu?
ff' Cooper, act lug as
tkeuaaed the matter
and. after an in
It anoeccsoary to
the beef referred
2f. 10 Jeff er soi i are
retail meat deul
.of the "uly meat
?e city, was the man
ittle. He made the
. Hampton Normal
at tie had passed an
|Od. it is eald, at
regulntlons pres
States govern
.Inapector R. 11.
?old to slrrW- I
sal school. ||>.
the veterinarian
asked wV' diseas
sent here. 4lf?j
[the cattle in qUc.v
iy inspee'ed and
on for saie.
atlafled. I
done until in tbe
matter vai1
; ti of the mayor,
sant Mitchell. At
thought of pre
the meet, but later'
Hami>teii. and Dr.
; cf Norfolk, and wax
F^tatemenfs that It
i risk to alia* the
mayor will meet
Clark and with,
t'a slaughter pen I
say :h?-v wlli es-1
of Mr Btrs-I
the taller mav
th hint? that the -
and that tin- beet]
Veterinarians. |
Clark and Fa?
ring statement to
Thno>Hernld of
hfnd lines regard -
lie of tubercular
evidently laboring'
Wnlh- noth
lh-vt should not
'the charges mailt- in'
to require a word
Thy reporter was
l> that We were ai?>
practicaUv -rhargeit
weoolo-,.: Newtior'
aMul The
tri-se Thi
H school were tewl
to determine the
nur cow a Thowe
eosvdt-mnr-d for
isrdered slmshter
i knew* an>thing
JitSC man .m
Jew ih<- ?uber
nftt Ut ? 'thr-r
b ther u.av be a
IraCH. .-f ??rd
?ana. TV entile
|bj^ tBnw fc? rd were
rtth the eov
rerlnc av ai In
of a.- Ihwy
^Tarv been fil.-- i
atanfMecbaa ear
teapeciitn as
ao'.nt. t *1 mae>
I repor ? that it
wexi'd be
fact* or do anything for the protec?
tion of the people.'
" - Where ignorance is Iiis.- 'tie, fol?
ly to be wise." What has the health
department done to prevent (he
slaughtering of condemned cows from
the Norfolk atul other herds for tha
last three years? Staue of these eat
tie have been Inspected but not hv
the health depart men I. ami not he
cause the) did not know ?steh cattle
might nt anytime lie killed. The re?
porter deplores the fact I hat Newport
News was Jiot represented officially
nt the insp--ei um The (act Is thai
'he medical met' ol NeW|M:rt News
would hardly claim to be meat Inspiv
tors and the only <|unlifled vetenrlan
In Newport News was wJth us anil
concurred in our inspection. We did
not see that our work would Ik- more
satisfactory or mi) heller done by hav?
ing (he assistance of some layman
who would not know a tubercular lc>
.-?ion if lie saw It.
"We hope i tint file meat from the
animals we inspected and passed is
tts wholi sonic and lit for food us tin
meat ihat is usually killed in Newport
News ami sold with no inspection
These cattle could have been soldi ail
most cows condemned by the tuber
culijie test uro sohl, und killed without
Inspection nml fed to the people of
Ne/Wport N'-ws. They were sohl as
they were, because Mr. l<cvlii*on was
willing thai iht inspection should he j
made and was willing to abide by our j
"They would not have le-eti sold ex?
cept subject to Inspection, nor would.
Mr. Lcvinsott have bought them In ]
tiny other way.
"Very respectfully,
"GEO. C. FAVILI.10. 11. V M.
"R. <R. CLARK. D. V. S."
Miss Anna. Mauville delightfully em
tertaiued a party of friends at a beach
parly at lliirkroe llench liul night.
The party left Ibis city at li o'chiek
lu the evening ou the parlor cur.
Old Point Comfort " An enjoyable
luncheon was served Immediately
after the arrival at the beach. The
evening was spent In dancing, the'
pui i> retiirnlug to this city shortly j
after midnight. Those attending
were: Misses Nannte Reyaoida, Mar
[garet Reynolds, Man- Putxel, Ph\llis(
'Edwards. Kille Stewart. Alleue Wn i
[lett. Anna Mauville, Virginia Furring-1
ton, nf South Boston, Va., and tier-1
trude Flouriioy, of Richmond; Mes?
srs. George Parker, Bremoad Harvey, j
jKoU Scott, Thomas A. Reynolds. Roej
and White. Thomas Hnndley, Graham |
[Moore. II. S. Reynolds. W. L. Shu
'mate und Lvroy Edwards The party
'w.i.'. cha|H-roued by Mr. and Mrs. L.
a Mauville.
I Mr. O. W. Madderu has returned |
'from a visit to his uorenU ai ^iud>
Mr. and Mrs. .T R. Swinerlon are-!
visiting at Loon lake New York.
Mr. and Mrs .1 W Tilibett havi
returned tmm a visit of several|
months ai Fall s Va.
I Mr. S. A. Tninpklns, has returneilj
fiom a vUlt to pen Mar. Pa. ?
j Mr. John Wiley is spending bis
vacation in St Mart's county. Mary?
Mr. Leroy P. Hoggs is visiting tu]
Rockbridge and Alum Springs. Va.
Mr. M. M. Vipond and family ant
visiting Mr. VI|ioud's I rot her at
Hyattsvllle. Md.
Mr and Mrs R T. Pierce art- at;
I'.itiacea Springs, N. C.
Mr. M K Vann is visiting in Hen
drrson, N. C.
. Mr C Humphrey, who recently un-]
derweut an operation at the Si. Fran
eis hospital. bSB ts-cn mov?-d to his;
I: :nie on Tw?-iity-flf;h streel
Mr T l> C.aiew.io.1 has gone to I
Caroline county t > s|s-:id a month >l
Mr T M Hnrwood. of LynearKutg. j
I;- visiting reUiivea henV^
Mi>s Nannie C^-^afrller. of Rich-1
mord. is he gtjtasf ->f Mrs H A. Ro
gcr- :n tlolij,
Mt? John I'alMin and little *on]
have r twraed from a >i?t.t to l*-n
Mrr. Joseph Pad. and son. o- New,
York, are the guest* of Mr an I Mi -
J Eis- a man
Twenty five Men Namee to So'idt
attn- brrv lor CHambe'.
Dr Cla reeve P eter lonvs. pr?->
tdei,.I,. i'feitnVr of Commerce ]
? 'I iv ip|?>i..t.,l fie comilii"-i o
2i which i* to solictt aanaawefa' for,
IV ctauibrr uwVr the plan of re ,
erganiuition pr?-p wed hv the prog
re is dinner Tie- e nnlttT la as i
W S Coprtanj. O D Hatch, lor ,
W U Powell. K It Harwv. J \.\
WiUetl. J W Kottntaon Ivan H
Wlv, s .l P. i,. t M H uiah It H
IMnn ? i;eoTgt R nahney J R.
Soracne ?* W t. Holler. W It IJv
rey. L. C. Phtrtrp? W. K. CWflsB
W. S Carter. C B Nelms, B L
fVfd. Ifwrar.- Ba* *. C K. Wcav-t J
B Warren. 2 II Graves. J K Wil |
kin* and L B Munt IK.
TV conmsl?r.-e will iwwhahry holt a
nxseting a* soon a* **v?tbb m d ? i
?ahn vtrntif fat sail Hag out U* work
t aty Drv* far U'ctsy
In tt? peUc cowti )r.t< fttor Ed
warn Rings barg wa? gyven r**Jv way*
st-eMsag a sett at c*xv?
Practica lere?
Huntington Rittet Will Make th? Trip
Fifty Strong, and the Boys Ex?
pect to Make Beat Showing?in
Camp Twenty-four Hours.
According to Information received
'here yesterday ih*' Si vt-iiiy Iiist \'>.r
Kill III Regiment will lime ii practice
march from Ndrfolk to Ocean V\iew,
tin- latter part of tins mouth. Til ?
present program is to have the va?
rious companies assemble at Norfolk
on u Sal in .la v moiling and to luakl
flu- match to Ocean View in the af?
ternoon The regiment will go into
cuiup al th ? resort ami remain Hier
tyitil Sunday afternoon, when the
companies will have for their re
specllve cltlea.
The Huntington Rifles will take
part in the inarch and uotb offii ~r*
and men hope to have the company
make the host showing of any tie
regiment. M is ex|iccted ihat about
."?tl officers and men will make th' J
Richmond Sporting Publicatin Triea to I
1 Prove that 8omebody is Not
(Special to The Dally Prose.)
RICHMOND, VA.. Aug.. t;. ?"Every-I
body," n weekly publication printed la]
the Interest of spurts, this afternoon I
carried a story inieiidid to pro.eet)
Jlmmle Hughes, of Newport N<
from any suspicion in connect Ion \vith[
the murder of tin.' Yiiighuti baby, at
the cII. home, that i rlileumn und hi:
friends Inning boon subjected to cote
slderable annoyance on account ot a I
similarity betwuUa the names of the
Newport, New* man and the reai name
Of the ra.vstOrkma Thompson, of Nor?
folk, who brouglit the lAiby and Its]
mother to Hichue ml. ami who it* gen?
eral!) believed to be tTle father ot|
the child
Iu this conuoctlon ?'Everybody" calls |
attention to the threat made by Mm
Hvrmatice. into wImmc keeping the
child was Hist placed, thut she wllll
!?!? "'"^^yiVi' Hi ^ necessary order]
th^T^ll\liimif4iled lo provide for it.
aud advises Mrs. Hertuance that in]
that event it would be weil for ber|
not to call upon Mr Hugh's of New?
port N< ws.
The man known as Thompson Isl
said to dhtn'alm sny knowledge of the
parentage of the child, saying merely j
that he brought the child to Rica
moiid at tha raajocal of a friend. R]
It believed that the real name ofj
Thompson and of the mother of the
chM is km.\in to the grand jury
wbtcb has just completed an Investi?
gation of the circumstances of the
murder, hut which has not yet formu?
lated a report While ibe Identity j
of Th< nipsou sccin? to Ik- an openj
secret, she publication in "Everybody"
today i.. th?- ?rst pubile Intimation ot
the nal name of the man. It is said
that the wri.tr of the" article Is a |?er
sooal friend of Hughes, of N? wport
Just what the nho>o dispatch rrom
Richmond means ao one here scesns [
as know. Tie rv are two ssen nauieoj
James Hughe,< employed at the ship?
yard, but neither of ...ent has be.-nj
subjected^to any annoyam-e in ccn
?ectioif with the "nO'st"rloii.." Thomp
soar' <'f Rorfofk, and it is practically ,
sTcertainty that neither of tbem Is]
tb<- person referred to in "Evcrvlmdy
If there Is a Jimmy Hughes who is|
wor'ving .il'.ut this case, he very]
prot-ably lives In Norfolk, where the
"mysuraws" Thomp. on 1? supfs'S' tj
to reside
Boys M Fight.
Due id Sail Irr. a 12-year-old bow. I
was Hu- 1 $ :n 'b- police m-.r:
? e !? nln tor hoatimr Eddie Wat-on. i
a frail little fellow sewral years |
youn<et. The fic.!-j t? sai.l l hav.
starte j ?.is the result of a smarting]
row between lb" families of the I t>
The fine wa? remitted after l*svidj
h.i.J :?. ? ii gtv ii a Minn l ifirashm-: '"'
h.s nroth.-r
Sentenced to be Hanged
IBv Associate* I"r?-?s i
Cl'LM AN mUk. Amrsst 6 ? John I
sIMtaad wa: " un<t rull'y d the m
der .d Ii I" tMuu of Haact viil .1
A'a on J.ih z Mi was sent i act d to]
he hsucx* d *ea*vmlw>r IS,
Holland ?s? '??? n mar-hi I <if
Harreville. ant Sfet telllns 'rten ?> I
that h was stout' tn Putnam * Iiohh-I
10 am-.?i him .hot him d. *lb t-sng'
a in ? la- tsntaiw or*
nit Asoneutesl Pre?*l
AI.PANl \ ^ A.siiM t. -Tat1
m e are *e?! and s-"ral lalun I
ks the result of ao expsrnwen at the
Plan; >.f ii". Auto Mas Compuflv
The dead art
J?ha Mal-ne of Afhsnv scr-4 1?:
William Fori laaurti. of P*cr'
vl-et Jfdsa B Harrlrtwi ?4 Mtrwwav
ke* mamas, t prwfceMx win *V TV
plant of the Aafo fUs Coatwaas und'
sa ?!>os*i?K bniMtnr wer. , imp!it j
It ?rr-fc.-d Ahmv ^? ^nildawga ??
?he Itstr. ?Iiat- ?irln.t? .*-tt 4*m I
I He It Preparing to Stand Examlna*
tion for CommiMiOn in the
Regular Army.
First LI' air aa a I Harry O. Huppen.
or the Huntington Rifles Coajpany U,
Sevvnfy-lrat Vlrslnla Regiment has
resinned his eoatmUdon The resig?
nation wan headed to Captain it K
Within* Wednesday nighi and venter
day Captain Wilkins forwarded it to
Cid Nottingham, commanding the
Seventy first Regiment, who will ap?
prove the paper and theu forward It
to Adjutant Generai Anderson Lieu?
tenant Huppert lias |,t'eis relieved troiu
duly pending the acceptance of his
I leutenanl Huppert resigned his
mm mission bee/use UU niilltury
duties lulerferred with his studies
(preparatory to taking the ? xaniinatlon
ii a e,,iiiinl-slon ;is tit- t lieutenant
in the regular army.
Lieutenant Huppert was elected hy
[the Huntington Rifles in May and he
>lvud his commission front Oover
jimr Swanscn about two weeks avo.
His resignation ctinn- as a surprise to
I the officers and tuen of i he company.
... soon as the resignation is nt
ppted General Andi rsou will order
an election by the company to elect a
first lieutenant \t this tune no
candidates tot the office have an?
nounced Uioli-K
I Is Warirtiy Grtcted and Applauded by
Lawvvis from the Old Do?
(By Associated Press.)
HOI STRINGS. VA., August 6.
[There was uo reservation bj the
Sou; le i a hospitality accorded to Wil?
liam li. Tuft by the Virginia Statt
[ Dui Association today on Hi ? oeca
rou of the address o| the RepublicanI
[candidate on the "Law's Delay." llis|
pi-seuce and Introductorv pi asant
Iriea were applauded by an audience
ii.-prcst-ntniivc of tin* social lift- of thej
old Dominion, the burden of nisi
speech meeting with the express d I
approval of the lawyers present. At |
its conclusion Mr. Taft waa surround?
ed by members of the auiiicuce pre-]
sen ting themselves for |Kisonal ac
qnalntaace. At t hi- banquet tonight j
Mr. Tatt responded to ihe to;.\t "Th:
President, ?
Was in "Far North" Expedition on Ex-j
plorition Tour.
(By Associated Press).
COPENHAGEN. Aug.. fi?Milans
Erlesen the lititiPdi explorer ha.i met
his death in ihexflju- Marth. Accord
lug to inforninlli-^jiist received In a
telegram to the Deaatark Greenland
Expedition. Crirsi ? and two of his
companions that tailed with him
from Copenhagen ii. June itniti to tne
unexplored regions of the northeaa
tcin const of Greenlnnd. perished in a
snow storm. The thruc men were
on an expedition ever tiic Ice when
death overtoc k I hem. Otherwise the
exploring party has been successful
l.ai-e tracts of unknown laud have
Iks-ii napped out and Ihe entire north
? astern ce.t-t oi Greenland has been
f bartcd.
For cievManu Memorial,
tllv Associated, Pecan.)
I NEW YORK. Aug., A?Mayor George
I n. McClellan today aaaiaan ?i the
|name> he has asked to serve on tue
Grorer Cleveland Memorial Commit?
tee The coaanRto Is headed L?y
Francis l.ynde Stetson and its office
wll| Im- to arrange for a mcmotiai
ns-eting or other public trihnie to the
late statesman and former president.
The committee uisnsiits of the M
wing: Francis Lynde Sletson.
chairman, l.vm.iti Ahhr-tt. E. C. Hem
dict. Joseph Itryant. Nicholas Murrav
llntler. .lohn Cad walder. John G. Car
| lisle. Andrew CUl UCgJe, Jncepb Cnoate.
it hail... S Fairehild .lohn 11. Flnh-v
Richard Watson Gilder. George .Har?
re?, w m i-iffan. John G Milburn.
[Frank D Millet. ?? ml Merten. Patrick
F McG.iwan. St Clair McKrlway.
lb rmnn \ Met/. Oolanrcy Nico'.
Motpb S ?>. hs Morgan J O'Drien
Peter It Onley Alton R Par?;cr. Fran
ris Kev PtndU-ton. WMteanv Rctd.
1 H? mm Rldd<", endure Strous E^'
Iwar.i M Sh?-ppar.| William F Sloin
'and Eg?-rfon K Winthrop. Jr
John Temple Grave jsajg Quad.
NEW YORK A,u: . ft?J"bn T.-mple
fii.iv.-. rand t the In?e t? inK-no ?
ipsinv f'-r v ?-. |.r. -;.|. ni underwent a
allgnt rp r.iii m t.Miwy in a private ho.
piiai in this ritv
it ?a? ai noiiiir.ii aft.T the opera
?!?*? ?hat t'obwii ; Graves was renting
cowitonaMv and tb.it it was expected
be will U on im? f?-t again wttbin
tin day.* or en
8?\Vj? Wends Record.
CHAR l/MI TF S C, August ?. ?
Pitcher jjto. b. r of taw A ash rwm. S
C. club >.f <h? Carolina A -.socialIon.
jbtvke the wort I s pitching n-co: | her?
?o : n K. ? :.. ? e.i cam ?h- n .u
Hf? wrond gam.- of the afternoon he
J?? M them witawaj a bit unfl the
I thirteenth tnnlac of a li Inning net?
tle ami only two bfte durhng the en?
tire game
Praam ?wg snerwvnw a Ihneaptiee).
1 Tic \ x y .tog.. c?Ai a sneet
j log of tbr giwi ral coeantRtee nt chart*
cf the se<wa?w?d c?-n West tow m cowwer
.e*i wfh Cower- ? man SlH-rman'. of
IW-t*i noHneottcei en Aevnanf I? w e??
,n sSnhnl 'bat ?*> me ba> ii w/edj rbraagh
,pt?sde?-. tr> cam wat th? asTalr
I Among th. feat area ^IR be a
.sanauoih narads tu wbwa hnnd? frown
\Ihan> Tro> Roc>a?ter and other ?4
?n. Tri. RorhVilc and
win partletan?e>
We arc p?
mg oul
li i-?RINT
Look ovei
2*1 Twei
I Continued Prom First Page.)
I while Chairman Mack baa made no
[definite decision it is believed that
Mr. Smith will bo named for the
Chair man Mack will nana the vite
chalrraan and the rub-committee
shortly after h'.j arrival in Chicago,
where he will formally open head?
quarters for tbe national committee
tomorrow or Saturday.
The selection of the Estern cam?
paign commit tec has occupied all of
Chairman Mark's time since his ar
rival hon? from New Fork on Tees
The committee will be made up of
eommit'ecnu-n of the Atlantic stat? s
and other prominent Democrats. Mr.
Smith's appointment as campaign
leader In the East is urged on the
ground that he has not been iUvl
fied with any faction in the party ami
commands a wie'.- inllu? nee ;c Dem?
ocratic councils.
ni'FFALO. X. Y August 1 ?
Chairman Mack said he had r celved
no official communication cone, mine
the i.fusal of the Western fassen?
der Assxiaifctn to grant s'iecial rati;;
to the ltryan notification but that bu
would make a vigorous i?n>; -st again:-'
the act'on o' the s*.? "ciatton should
it be rb-velopc.l that sueh rates Were
given to the T?f' t.otiO< atto*.
Evidence Being Taken in Divorce
Proceedings Now Made Famous.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. v i ? fa ? The
grand jury today took up the inves
?.?.i' ?n itVo the all? g-d con?pirt?cy
to Uiatitlfaeturt cvileBre la the '/?"II
? " Several wl'n >vcv t? . >? ,-vt
dene before the srand jury, but ?fcc
JeliUratraos will not b?- annonne.-d
-.lit>' t..morrow.
Tie first ?:ti;. -?- s, -ailed was
Mi** Mabel McCmose... 'he miOla-r*?
appreative. who*.- storv resulted in
the arrest of Mr? Ren T. al wife of
pmmlaeat pmdu. .ug theatrical
Muter. Harry 8. Moush-v. a private
det.-rtiv <. sad Miss Jalta Fb mint,
former frtt-ss. of Mrs. T> al all <?l
whom an- charged a* 'h snlsvaatbaj
of perjury.
Mr? Teal ^nd Harr? ymdn are
oul oa *'. wan bail and r<nhr ban was
Hdm?d fmm ?:.??*? ><* 2 sw? m the
cai of Miss Floating h.i; h, ?a
rn* Asuociatew Press I
CINCINNATI. Anrw>t a, _ The
Btarnal aaaailatlaji of retail jsuetsis
i *?? am a>s* * I w.ur > sMy w&ttumi 7?.?.- ,j
trereial Printing
iriicutarly well equipped for .urn
high class Commercial work
at short notice.
N.3Y-LAWS, Etc.
_ ?
r your stationery, and if it is
(Incorporated) \
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?rays well screened
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Davis 100 Par Cent.
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EVERY CAN carrier a signed aa-ily*'*
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with o-.ir gunran'ee
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not miss It is evhlrooed by UM
Increasing number of onr
fed Customers
Steam Laandrf
UR9 WaaMngtoa Aswan
Nevraort Sews. </?>
E-tabttshcd Mh\
In roov?-utjna today decided to n?--et
aarst yewr kS Ofoaha J R P.r>i
S veteran Jew* srr advised tar a?s?>
* mtkm to ?dar* * trade mark to *?
stamped oa oi,j to mem* r
01 i a* a-eortatiew.
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