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only newspaper published
Newport News that receive!
full news service of the A
elated Preas.
VOL. XIII. NO. 2(51
Twa Piftos .We Honors ip
ffji, Mlana rd Maty
West Virginia.
inmn wmi ro t/f r she
Bryan's Victory in Nebraska a Sweep
ing One?Democrats Elect Giver,
nors ir InyNana and Ohio and Cap?
ture Legislatures of Hco-ier State
and Nebraska?Montana for Tart.
(By Associated Pr se.)
NEW YOBK. Nov. ?} ? Practically
complete i? iiinis received l'p to a
la*" boar tonIi.li; indicate that Wil?
liam il. Taft, of Ohio, as President,
will have a v:>!?- of in the eler
trial coli? go. T!iis is within Hi
vo s ;f ih '"?. ra.t ni:.by National
Chairman Frank H Hitchcock, and
67 more ihan a majority out of ;h
tt.it;! electcral vote of I S3.
Swaying From Side to Side.
The most important hews of th
lit" returns i dleaie thai Maryland,
after vaccilating during ;;ip day art
apparently being *af" tor Democracy,
has been swung into the Taft column
Th" unofficial figures give Mr. Taft
the State by 136 votes. Maryland
was the last of the doubtful .-'at;?
to be heard frrni.
Indiana ami West Virginia, as well
as Montana turned out to be safely
Republican. Colorado went for
Less Than in 1896.
Mr. Bryan has a total of 174 votes,
two less than he received in 1896.
In i904 Mr Packer received only
1*0 vote;I in 1900 Mr. Bryan received
155 votes, and in 1S&6, the Nebraskan
received ITC vctes.
Mr. Taft's .109 electoral vctes com?
pare with 336 received bv Roosevelt
In 1204. I'.'Z recf-lvrd by McKinley in
1900 and 371 received by McKinley
Iii 1S06.
Canron Will be Speaker.
No ehiugc-s of material Interest
have b*< n made in the congressional
returns t< day. Tin- Republicans will
have abJitt the same working majori?
ty in the Sixty-first Congress as at
present and Joseph 05. Cannon, of
Illinois, undoubtedly will succeed him?
self as speaker.
Representatives Jesse Overstreet, cf
Indiana and Hepburn, of Iowa, are
the most consnici:ous among those
who have faibd of re-election.
Change in Senate Personnel.
The Senate retains its Republican
complexion, although there will bo
a material change in the personnel
of the upper body of the national
N.-ticnal Chairman Norman E Mack,
of 'he Democratic party. is:-ucd a
sta'i'.nent tonight in which he declar?
ed thai he did not believe Mr. Bryan
wcaid again he a candidate for the
ptv?!ii< ncy.
He sai.' h<- believed the Nebraskan
might !>?? a candidate for the t'niie,!
Staf?** sens?te in i:?tl provided the
legislator*- ?if his s a'-- is IVrnocratic
in that year whea ?;?.<? Urst vacancy
will cccir. ?
How the House Stands.
TIi?- latest refrrns indicat" that in
the rational Hons" of Repreeenta
tlves th?- Republicans will hav*- if>%
aarmbi rs ar.i ;h?- Democrats 172.
wi:2i eleven districts missing.
jr.de?-.Ti?" ':? plurality in the State
of N'-r. York. aceordtng io e rreeted
r**tttp- Hate tcnlab? is 3'?.:.4s:>. rwro
thm ;<.nof) jn no- s.< of President
Rio 'T*!t's plurality oi four yearn
G--v, .m'r Cbarka K Hagars * ?s
re-elected in New Y^rk State by ? <
T.'uc'' So: t''pg in New York.
The v-rn -> betwee, Pre.d :. r.r
and gm era CT indira'?- a heavy spllt
11"? of t:rk< I -.
IT.?- heavy vote in Olli" mad- ficn-^3
evra'Trfiira-:!-.- late, owing to ih?- iav
me---o sir.'" of the ballot
Mr Taf rarriH his own State,
?fi-wrrc-. by Vt.'W'n plurality, a r.-dnr
ilon of n-?r<- tlian ."?.<">" fr'un th'
ROrtafsetl ioio of four years ago.
TTh' iH-rnoc-aiic Stale ticket in Ohle
hrad? A by Jndson Ha-nion. f. r gOTCT
nor. apr-'-ari? to ho rsfe.y elected.
TV- State leglslstwre. which is t<
ehros*- a rfucc-necr to Foraker. ap
peers to be in doubt a* between th'
Itrpiil.'-.?n<! iw-reorrals
Honors D.vided at mdiar.e.
Ia Indiana Mr Taft ?as s?rces?fn'
In cs-ry'ra the State by sbnot ?.??*?>
bet the rn'irr- IVmormtic SUir ?t?-k?
traded h, Mr Marshall, for gov-rn^r
was elected. The congressional dele?
gation from the State shows a Rain
of seven delegates.
j The returns from West Virginia
owing to the mountainous character:
of the country, are slaw in coming in. I
1 A number of counties have been heard '
jfrom. however, and show that Mr. I
Ta/t has a safe plurality.
I Colorado early in the ilay shifted.
from the doubtful column to the
! Bryan list. Tin- legislature, which is
; to choose a successor to Senator Tel
ller, alrfo is apparently Democratic. |
j Mr. Bryan's victory in his home
.Stale of Nebraska, was a sweeping'
fen?. Five cf Nebraska's six congress-i
I men will be Democrats, while in th"
legislature only is Republicans seem
to be ? lec;ed out of a total of 133!
j senators and representatives.
I _ j
Democrats Win Legislature.
ladical (hange In Indiana's rop-es
entr.tiou in tl:e national House of Rep?
resentatives was the most striking
'feature of the election. The latest
leturns et ntplete, give the l)< 'tuoeratic
party 11 members, the Republican.-';
two. This is a gain of reven mem?
bers for the Democrats. \v. H. Tatt
carried the State for President by
about soon. Tliumaj R. Marshall
anr! the entire D?'tnocratlc S'at"1
:!.?'???: are probably elected by a llu
rallty < f l-'.tiC \
As the return* come in. Marshall's
j:'? :;? ii: >" inrreases, while the vote on
?lie Republican national ticket de
er- as* f.
The S:a'e legislature is p-obal ly
Democratic, which means that Demo?
cratic successor n Sena'or Hemin
way probably will be chosen.
Re| ttblican S:at" Chairman (ioodriOh
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?tirais I ke. Sigh: Coin
In Cong^esrnen.
SOIEOiriiCb m HE4R0 fRQl
_ i
Minority Party Thus Far Has In?
crease cf Five Representatives
Above Its Present Strength In Low?
er Branch of Congress.
fBy Associated Press.' j
CHICAGO. ILL.. Nov. 4 ? Three |
hundred and seventy-nine districts
have been heard from, and the politi?
cal complexion of the Sixty-first t-'on
giess, according to pres-r.t inform a
tior and with ten districts yet to hear
from, will be. Republicans, 209; Dem?
ocrats, 171. One hundred and ninety
six votes will control the House or i
The House cf Ropresentat ves in
th<* Sixtieth Congress consists of 166
Democrats, and 223 Republicans and
there are two vacancies.
The table follows:
State (Dem.) (Rep.)
Alabama .;.t?
Arkansas . 7
California . - 8
Colorado . 1
Connecticut . - ft
Dl.aware .- 1
Florida .
Georgia .11
Idaho .- ;
III nois . r, 19
Ir-liana .11 2
Iowa . l : ?
Kansas .>.- X
Kentucky . I ::
Louisiana . 7
Maine . - t
Maryland . ??
Massachusetts . .1 11
Michigan . - 7;
Mi: acaota . 1 x
Mississippi . *
M -?oori .10 *t
Montana _. 1 |
Nebraska . 5 i
Nevada . 1
New H^rtip^hirc. - 2
-'# w Jersey . *S 7
Sew York . 11 M
N -rth Carolina .. * i
North Dakota . 2
Ohio . 7 11
Ofd'hoom. 2 .a
Or- con . ... - 2
i'-t.r:-y!varia . ."? 27
Rhode Irland . I
Sou'h Carolina.,7
Soqth Dak.la .. 2
T r.nrsj'e . S 2
Tews .!6
Ctah . - 1
Vermor?. 2
Virs.-.a .!? 1
W.-.'hlntton .- T.
Wes, Vir* nla . <
Wikconsin .1 ia
.Wjomi".. - 1
al .171 209
M???lr>e. 10.
ValoriM ncre?iiarj- for l??gislsttTe
f?Tirol. n?
Says In-eps-id-rce Parry 11! da
h Mm Id Mi F g^t
in 1912
?ei mm force iti m?m
Presidential Candidate Declares His
Supporters Made Political Corrup?
tion and Trust Methods the Issue cf
Recent Campaign?Bat.le of Th s
Year 0''ly Prel.minary Sk.rmish.
By Associated rrcss).
Thumas Hisgi :.. Independence party
candidate tor the pre-id? n -v. is. .:' .;
a t at m< nt to i i\. In | art he <ai'i:
"Dating ihe next l ur years politi
cal orgar.izat ons ti n \v would have
had ii: iii s iam;ai:.ii if time l ad pcr
tnitt.'d, will In cnmpl'ted and in I'jI
iIt*- Independence party will L*j it: a
pos tion to stronpjy content lor Ih1'
ele-ctoral vut- oi many of ; ?? state;; i
i be unlcn.
Mace Issue cf Corrupt on.
"Although wo w* re sueces:-1ii!
in elect lt. g cur ca.-tlidaus this y
the party baS won ;( victory achl red
. y no oih r part} in tii s campaign.
It made politica crrnn on ur.d ?
i.ethods an issue. It exposi d
er. retin d i ?. .1 a. a mad it dan?
gerous for any party to publicly re?
cognize sitch men 2<* Ka?iy. Mcl.au
rin sr.j Aldr eh ns lead rs. That
these exposures had a:; immens ? e'
fect en the national campaign is con?
ceded by all.
Choice of Evils.
"The voters belu\ed that the re ?
publican party under the domination
of Roosevtlt and Taft represents less
Standard O 1 and trust support than
the Democratic party und r the lead?
ership of Bryat: in view of the trust
affil.ations of same of his prominent
supp-rters, and this is thown by the
"Other issues were com pie ely ob
scur d by the moral ssue ot bribery
by privii. ge seeking interi s s of vote
selling officials, who are the erratest
aau^er to popular government in tbis
gen ration.
"The iudepe-d.'neo party mad;* sup?
port from these corruptionis s fomt
th rtg to be dreaded end the friend
.?hip for ;hes ? Intens.* something to
be denied.
Preliminary Sk.rmish.
"The battle *his year was nut a
preliminary sk-r" tish. We did not en
pec: victory. e did not confine our
efforts to C .*at s considered pivot?
al by the Republican and Hemocratic
parties, but in every state of the Un?
ion from Ma ne to California we have
been preparing an organiration for th
great battle of 1912. I am encouraged
hv the progress of the movement and
I believe the princiul s of the party
will ultimately prevail."
The Result of Tuesday's Election
Knocks Last Peg of H:pe from
Undtr Track Followers.
(By Afsenatej Pr ss.)
Nov. f.?A little band of i.on saw tlie
Metropolitan ra-.ng s-ason eif I?*"*
come to a m- laorboly c.o?o todTy.
Publ'c interest in rrr.r.K ka.* U en on
th*- r.ane sirce r-ariy cummer, when
?h?- law waicli hid p- in.itt i the nta't
?*iit e>f wagrrs in i-nb'ic at the race
t.-'ckf--. wa? replaced i.y nno?h< *? proiii
o.titig public b*"ttl8g ani provid'r.^ for
a severe rx naif;, fo- viiia''ocs. Many
Aer-'thy os-ners have -r?t rr-?; tr.. r
b M bors*n to *?rct:<:nH she?e t he
ia?s gcv.-rning be; nr.* are not so
?ttfrgeisj as here. ,\ iar*e n-:m>*r
?*, t?orses bare he ? -. *u at to Enropc
by th*- r owners.
No Hope Left.
Tier1 ?:? tacnit,-; today smrr-e? tr**
;.rr.<!.w" of r.-gr.iar.; at Jamaica, any
b ?j-< iu'resi for sex? sessor.
It] f ft the belief See SSed ^cne."a>
fa ?? t tr the "shor; of k.no" be on'.
ta<is ir. 'he desert cf anc rta'a-y la?
in Ihr r esr Fast* rr. So..th> ra and
We -'? a track*, and there ei, pr<
\?U nt a f?*ar lest whet s^ med an
oasiM in the South might turn oat ;e*
i ? a mirage, oeing to ihr i.-fnrm
mo^e^3r'nt there.
Fortan** am led cn the ?ta!>!/? e?t
Jsm's R Keenr. who again this jes.
led the .irf of winners, fc's earning*
ha- lnq %t>2.? (>. Sm..ing J<?
Nett? r I d the Jockey* this season by
a <*or.f"ertable margin, wl h E D 1.1..
seeond and th* little \\cstern'-r, I?
MeTarthy a cIo?e ih rd
The f? afure of the card tnda;. was
? it handicap at six furlongs and ra?
?ulted lo^a rood fln'sb. Royal tjnrx
winrnlg a" drive by a nose from Crrs
hoim\C n Virginia
Den ccratic Major.ty "Prob.-oly Proves
Larger Than BjSpected?Rdpublt
I can Increase in Laige Cittea.
I RICHMOND, VA.,'. Nov. 4.?Even
ihi- Democrats who tnko a eJootny
vii'w cf evcryth'BK which'has ihe
least tincture ol defeat in it. ca::not
find any occasion to t> ? depressed at
thi \<<v Virginia k8*v Itryan yester
day, r"d at tlie maMii-r i:i which th"
cjiij:loiial contest's eventuated.
It* ally t looks as if the D-mocrat'c
mrjority i? gclng to le* considerably
larger ih".n was eijpcct ChMrinnn
Ellyeon cuun'ed on s, plura'ity of 25,
00? for the Nebraakan, while ib?- re
turn? now indicate Hut lh? figure
may -;o i n to 30.000.
The only places wb re the Republi?
cans wade any i> rc'p'IbV ciins w?r?
I., '0;t p.; of t!)?' st:ii?sich
lowi ? as Richmond, Norfolk and!
!.>??! hbnrir. And eve* these ssin::
will !'.:?? ily acsregate 1.C00.
Of cotir.s ? ? obedv mip;"' d lor an
Irsian: :b?.t the Ninth W.-trlei would
swirg :'.r<.^-'d to the D? mocra'ic on'.-j
unv-i cft't so many y.ct.is of Kenub
IV ?:sm. ard the tact-thai Sl< mp Ins
:i"ai:i c?r ??<! it ov-?r Byars caws .
::o en? it'on.
\t hendqunrlera it ivm belleve-i
<? ; St . iv.p's majority would be 4.0<??.(
bus i- h:?s rurn d out-to be corsll?r
ab'y iii ?- ah;ut 3200. V, b n ne rn*i
?!.: i .; t i nie?' the vote was. Sb~mp
Ria?* n.757?n m.i.'orty pt
; nil. Co: d'.irrs w. re ?-ich this
ye.-i ihr.t :wice that we'ority v.a< i.v
;?ec!?-(| for the Rcpurdcan.
In Fir h District, wlm ? the ta 1
c im', nt. Judge Saundcrs, wa3 op>
j cfi d by S- nator .1. M. Parsons,
thing? turned out qir?< sati ifactorMy?
thotich Parsons developed more
k rc""_".:i than be had b?-en given
< r dit f t,
Ji:dg Sauttders telephoned Mr. El
!yson at i o'clock this moniln;; tb.V
he had won by abou' 40o votes.
In 1904 when Saundcrs was oppos?
ed by Dr. Simmons, (he voo wa-i
Saunders. 6.194; 8humc:;s. ?a
majority for Saunders of 1122. It was
L'elleved that th < Demccra.'s would do
far better th's year, as Floyd copnty,
a Republican stronghold, which bad
always bean a menace iy the district,,
was transferred by act of the 1< >
lature to the SJxih District, where it
could do no ha'm.
"\Viih the seme political ends ;n
view the Genera] Assembly transfer?
red Cra'g county from the Ninth dis?
trict to the Tenth district.
In many co.ntits of the Ftat? the
roiurns show n-ati rial ga ns for Bry?
an a::d or th^ whole, thev are emi?
nently satisfactory.
iVi>i IN fifth 0istkkt
year. lui> ever
i r o *- F
Saunders. Democrat, Probably De?
feated?Sw?ntcn May be Ca led
I Upon to Resume Honors.
(Spcciai to Iii? Dnily Ptobs).
RICHMOND, VA . Nov. 4.?Returns
from the Fifth congresa'onal district,
which district Jan night show, d an
,- apparently ea^y victory for Judge K.
\V. Saundors. :h" I>>mocr3tic incum?
bent over Parso:-,'--. Reoubiican. re?
ceived tonight, indicate that that dis?
trict has bee-- i st by the I), mocra's
i y : a,"thi;?e lik . ' y vot? s.
? Democratic leaders in Richmon 1
concede that th< di-^rict is n dout^
. toni^h'. In sonv- ?i'. arters it is ac
tnally ititintated that the district rcay
b.- lost.
In this connecfon it is latercttlng
to iio:e that (Iov< rr<':~ Swansoc, repre?
sented Ihe Fif'h di-trict In Csagress
f< r fi ft c.-n or sixteen years b fore he
; ? cr.rt" Govcrt-or. that he ea'ir.ot run
fur Governor a .-a i\ and that 'her- Is
no chance of b;.; . ? iri g a rena'rri,'i
nom nation, i. iheT fore ra' :ral
to beHeve th;:! the r -moerats ef th?
F''h will he": to ? CovciTtnr 'o r
<!? > ;:> h!.? o!,; di r ? wb?-n he retires
fr.-:n tit puii i . ' r al office n? x'
mated Thut ttt>
'h. w'th ti:i- <'
'.v vie?. ; .i l e<n Ira tn v?
v< ? >p. k~%wirg 1 in :hn event n
Sstt^d rs' <]??.", -I there woild !?? f.o
j??i? for ti:?- re r. _ ilcrvtraar.
Re". '; S ': In ?ou'jt.
ROANOK*-* '. Nov. ?.?Icdtefl
i!o.-?. -.onlfh arc i Parson a. Repa i
Vir-. 2:rs r^?i ? ?<? Flt h ron^ri .'?
r ":i-t ??? ? a; >og S97^<f^??.
P ??'vs; r ir: ? by ftfly ?o:? -
T".. r ??'? ,s. h"? ?stttl in d?>u. t
r.- d b ? : '?' S Si c'.-i :rtac i<".
( (,:i:-r, ;. - :i^n PI? mp. i?%>? .
r'i :.: he raj" . - ?-r Ryars. IJ?mr
erat, la the Vv ? - net. la 4.4S?.
C-*?ey \r< .:<] -. In Clost.
? IV ? Preist
PfTTsnrRi;. im %'v. t.?r^n
3 %i UiifT hi defeated a
ratic-al . . . from Pvniuiyl
vania .-?t r: . i>. : ir ?cventlon. cinn
ni? n'in; up? ,! ih'- lef< U of M". J llr.v
an. s.i d *
? Th-- r-.'n<.{?? rW-srly ?ao-wy
'I: 1r\U of ,h- 11 I 111 IIPJUgHea ???
kivii s ? f < . dom'?fsdj ?nd df
in J., ? fa: . > l^-t us bor"
that the iar!- Iitii ? will give us i I
I? r - * h- re|o peraonat
amoi'.ion will b? :gwor d and funds
xr- "?-!! if prlnf.pl?* rrel
MEMBER .*?, 1908.
r':f- Drivers Him al Cornsr
.(cne leyimj?' mm ?8 is
(iea?iiy 8y IN.
5r>3n Socure? Undisturbed Reft and
Makes No Sifln of Ditartpointmen'
Over Re*-;:!t of Voting?Reluctant
to Give O-t Statement Until Midd.e
Wc^t Is Heard From.
ly today William II. Taf: gave hear
y expression to 'be gratification he
(( :i his election as President ot
tin Unlu d Sta es. II isine s. labor
and agriculture, he declar d, had sup
poi: d I n:. H s sue -eg , he l<t.
should I"' also the sue.'' s <T the
cot? n try <f his ability and endeavor
<v. id make i: so.
Healthy Djt Tired.
' P*. are say hat 1 am perfectly
li a thy. hat tlrotl," waa ihe message
Judge Taft wish d intend for hin;
txfhlght Wiih Mrs. Taft he has
joyed ;he pleasant household if 'he
Taft family mansion toilay. gor.';
forth only one, and titen 'o receive
th" plaudits of thousands of his fcl
li w townsmen as to y l'ned ibe
streets and filled the winde wh for
blocks i; the lire (f mar' !i of the
parade of the Woodward High School
pupils, faculty and trustees.
Mr. Taff made the principal ad?
dress ut the cornerstone lay rg of
the n w building of this school, from
which he graduated when a boy. Tbe
function gave the c'tv so opportunity
to pay Its flrat daylight rribufe* tb lb*
President elect.
Potltira Not Mentoned.
Judge Taft did rot refer to ibe lec?
tion or politics in h's add1 ess, but
confined himself lo 'he history of the
school, which he'd for him many fond
memories. A speech lo the Women's
Fore rm Missionary Society of tb?*
Method's! Episcopal rinrch in annual
sesrion hero tomorrow mornlna. ard
0 banquet at the Comm. rcial Club to
morrow night constitute the public
functions that will occupy Judge Tan
before h-> leaves for Ho! Springs, Va.
Seeks Absolute Rest.
"I am goirg away for a complete
rest for at least two weeks." fa'd
I Mr. Taft. "I am not going to hold
poPiical conferences; neither am 1
go'rg 'o consider caiine-t ofl*:c rs or
poetical appointments during this
t me. It is a period of as ne-or abso?
lute rest and quiet as I ran ma'io 't.
After rest at Hot Springs, tbe Taft
family i? considt ring a number of
placi s of res dence during the montna
that will Intervene before Inaugnra
t!on. Amin? these -a As Seville, which
has ^f>n!c object'oos, and Atlanta, the
.ad\3:itngrs of which are now be>afi
brought forward.
Wftll ? at Hot Springs the T3't fam?
ily will occupy a eet'azo .and ". Nas
been s'at-d that Ibe festivities of the
rcM-rt will be esfhewe-d.
Flood of Congratulat'ortg.
Thre0 or more telecami
rf corgratnla'tons have been del'ver
.,! to Judge Taf- today*. Th'j incl-td"
I me rages fr<;ii> ril.ine-t officer; sena?
tors, ambassadors, politicians, -<--i
'Vntfj r.f the Philippine Islands and
i the Far Eis? and personal Tn-.Hids
j :? <I admirers e>f Judge Taft.
Many t? t gram? crme fro n Loa ?
[r'sa orc:iirzs'ie.r,!i and laVor socle
[ties thro'tgi n-it the cotfn'rv.
B-/a.-i Seems Unperturbsd.
jNV.v. 4- A'tbouah it T3fc ?r<r eld
(' srh? n be a.ttta.iy w. n* t.? t.<-d
' W. f. It-y ;-.n v.~ii up ai.d Cr rg ear ?
lorlay. So far as app ara-oe hpM,
i-r was nothing ahetit his i,.ian-t
lo i.->i:rai. th- disappo atase r.' t. . i<
!?.-? nr ? t hs\e f<lt over the r<-vil! o
?he il.rtirn. He pp-ete-d h's CSll-T
"ti'!i a ? rpll- and scann ?i f'i? ru>:r
ir.g f '?;>? n for mw? from s!s-?-s it >m
fcic'i :> d'finite re tarns haO l.n a
r< c ;;.d.
WJ *-: O? M dd e West,
"it 'or making any ?ta4-b<
?1. I vai.r ?o g t th- artu I reset**
? <? <-V". I :'?sna ~t:d fiats; ?"
Few vnr tlrr.c today Mr *irv;t
Stk'd the ?>!??-: ion OitT S'h 'try
"-. h-- ,1'ihn \iic-n\ of D * Mot u ?.
"ow.a. ene ?.< hi> staune best Ir ?. ds
?ho - ?? a bovse gui >t met r'gh"
Tbe tso rn-a .ook a brisk v?;k t<
he tr.)'! y :!a:i?m. where Fa'1' r No?
ten t )?ardrd z car to fake Ii m ?iawn
pert i mm riiiibod.
'?Father ?Irpi Ik. a tat?." saK
Mrr- l^->?it . the \<bra*>katia e de*
: u.-b' r. ?ho I| was rVnz'Ps 'o
be Vipe tbs* ?->r- ? net arm id ro*> ?
? h -n ?<nild mMerialh c^anf? lb
im.i on Sbe wss |n a rf-c rfu
Tiord, h"?e-..-', a? sere an tb* otbe*
m V r? of tb ? family. There were
r,<? al??:enior?e from tbe brrakfttst ta?
ble vh-r Mr Rryan wl'b bowed h*si
; offen j up tb;t'ks for the blcEs.ngs
I which had b? ?-n bestow, d uion turn
j Bryan Rece.vea Friends.
LINCOLN. NEB., Nov. 4. ? While!
not caring to discuss at this time!
the political effect of the Democratic
victory In his home State or analyze
[the cause*, W. J. Bryan tonight In an
liif i ina! talk to a number of frienda
who called on him expressed Mm
pleasure at the result in Nebraska and
the aatisiactktn it afforded him to
learn of the election of to many of
,hlti political and personal friends.
j A deb-gat ion numbering nearly a
hundred fiom Lincoln visited Mr.
Bryan at Falrvlew to express to blm
j their confldeuce ao,| devotion and to
assure blm that such was the senti?
ment of the majority of the peoplo
of his city and State,
Mr. Bryan, In responding paid:
Many Consolations,
"i am highly gratified ever the ro
Milts in this St.iiiV The national de?
ft .1! has not been r.uch a disappoint?
ment when we have h.id so many,
things to console ua. 1 hope I have
I ronvipc? d my frie:>,]s Hint running
for office has been only an Incident
1 to niy work. .My heart hns never
fbecn r < t on holding office, but I want
! ed to do certain works and It I coked
' ;ih ih i> the presidency mlnht offer
ihe opp< rlunlty to do that work. I
am sure that t;i private life I can
Inavc the chance to t.n something.
One is not retjuired to hoi.i office In
<> tt"r to do big thiiiKH. one is slnmly
rcqi red to d;< those thing* within hU
nach and that much, is nit hit) the
j reach of till of us.
Wii| Work for flrforma.
"Personally I Bhnll find as much joy
' being out of office if the return.!
show I must be as I would be in
office. 1 hope i-till ; i be of Influence
to bring about needed rc.'orms. I
appreciate v' ti much the confidence
j (Continued on Hithth Tage.)
.Oenocratx Ctnirnssn Mack Imm
ess Piers Fir tewimi
*\mmmi w cause
False Fears Aroused That Democratic
Success Wou'd Retard Business In?
terests cf the Country-Headquar?
ters Will Be Maintained in Buffalo.
fBy Afeoi *?/d l>re*s.)
NEW YORK. Nov. 4. ? Declaring
that the Democratic party is mor
united today than it has been in
many years, that Mr. Bryan was de?
feated by what he claims was mis?
representation to the* effect that his
oloctkn would hurt business inter?
ests Chairmsa Mack, of the Dcnt'v
cratlc national committee late today
Issued a statement in which he an?
nounces extensive plans to advance
the party's interests during the next
four years.
Mr. M.-.ek's statement follows:
No Apologies to Make.
"There is n.it m;ich for me io say
and n> :-;<-l -ie?- -r? make relative to
th? victory of the Rep-.-bliran tart".
Mr. Hryan made the most tnifi
ei^nt flghi ever waged by a candi?
date. The party was made The vic?
tim ?-f misrepr? v-ntation?a misrep
rep-csentaiinn tha' Democratic nite
tss wo::li! r< tar.l 'he business inter?
ests of the r untry. That *? a* er
??e.r e an arc um at w;ih'-.it founda
'ion in fact.
"Notwithstanding yesterday's de
<j' the Democratic v-xny star.di
n't.- l lodaj ih?:i it ha- in manr
years, and in thi* nnl n Wee its fn-nre
i an,l power of recuperation.
W<:| Continue Hevdauarters.
is n i Intention to coniinne
??:.:-? .a-i? rs In I'.uffalo and Wa.V
on f r ifcc ne\t ;aar years to keen
c< h with 'he lev der* of all t:;e
:a < s ar.d promulgate D*morra'io
r nripfc* s*i ; IVaaocratie Hough* by
he print!:.x n( literature to aid t'te
'raier* ef th?- parte in nga'tng 4ne
' rh 's :(T. ?bieh in ail proawblWty
he Re; chlieans will coctlsse. n*>t
viths'andi*-e 'Vir promises to re?
is?- It. I a.,i snpi?r?rtcd la thi,? hy
h?- tnemheiM of the njti^ral eoc.isnit
. <? : ?-id o*hT holers
ill over Jje c jnuy
Endend Wl ere Best Known
' In his own ?.'ate. Nch.-aaka. wner?
'*e ta hem ktnwn, Mr Bryan was vie
o-Vou?. U'hib- :? t- Tee he met with
???feat in the ra'.o.t. be di.| so as th"
?SBdhiaie o** bis pa 'v. ?nppcrteA hy
?Jj c. nee. wan cr T.nen.,?nM of hi* rcwin
?r>men. who voted for him aad hie
irlnciples he ?n #*>1endi:!ly expensed
ind wUh th' respect aad admiration
of 'he entire ns'ien "
Pair Thursday and Friday
nd cooler in central and east
ortion; freah to strong north
feat winds.
offenses polk
and wot mm
Russian Refugee Res'sis His Horn
GmEiii's Effort to
Kredite mm.
Jan Pourdn's Case Being Heard Be?
fore United States Commissioner?
Twelve of Comrades Were Shot by
Order of Field Court-Martial?
Woman Testifies.
(By Associatod Press?.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.?Testimony
to how that the offenses ?i h which
Jan Ponron is charged w re political
in il not criminal, was given before
United States Commissioner Hitch?
cock in the hearing of the Russian ap?
plication for the ixtrnd-t'.on of Pour
in. who fled to this country when he
was being soiudit in conn vtlon with
. . irbanoi s In Slase-gpid pr-ariace.
1 Russia, in laofi. Pouren'a extradition
war. recently refusi-d by the state de?
partment iiniii ids case could be
tx-ard by a united States comni'ssion
t r here. He is a prsonar in the
Was a Revolutionist,
j Andre W. Lasdin, who claims to ho\
a member of the same organization
with which Pouren was associated at
the time the offensts charged against
him were committed, testified that ho
met Pourin at a me ting of the
; "Brothers of the Woods." and that
that organization aa a revolutionary
I band, was broken up by the Hussion
i authorities, be with several other
members of it being fotced to take
I refuge In the woods from Jane iSOf*
to June I9u6. Three members of the
I circle of twelve comrades, Lasdin de
! clarts, were shot by order of a miP
' tary district court. Two others were
1 sben without trial, Lasdin sa'd. They
were arres'e-d, he aaid, because they
; were oppose-d to the local govera
? mt-nt.
Woman Forced to Flee.
Trlna Shipte. a Letlsh woman, mar?
ried and now r siding wuh her hue
bard at Hoxbury, Mass., describe"
bow -Ii< had heen forced to flee from
. place to . place In Sissegaoi province
by fear of the police Leeause of her
sympathy for tbe r> volutionary par'y
which bad ventured to hold an elee
tion and choose officers by popular
vote. Her testimony had not
concluded when court adjourned
Friday next.
Revelation of Son's Secret
Precipitates Quarrel, Ending in
Murder and Suicide.
? fBy Associated Press.)
j NEW YORK, Nov. 4. ?Revelation
by a sen of his secret marriage and
parental refusal to become reconcil?
ed to It, ie believed to be the Impel!
'ing cause of a .ioabl? tragedy In a
large hotel he-re today. Tne victims
Of the tragedy were Mrs. Rebecca
Veil, a wealthy widow, ar.d her only
ron. J. Melrcse Veil, 27 years of age.
a Wall street broker, the circum?
stances of the- tragedy indicate that
the mothe-r was shot by the son an%
the latter th?n t;ok his own life by ^
inl-aling illuminating gas.
The bodies of both were discovered
Fowler's Piatforftt.
fBy Associated Pr ss.l
NEW YORK. Nov. 4-?Cbexlen K
Fowler, rhaitman of th- comtLittee on
isuik n* and currency of the House of
Reprcf-erta'tve*. ar.d rcpre-senfing the
Fif'h dwtrje- of' New Jersey, who baa
Jii-e lv . n :<-cted for the eighth time,
ai-re.-unces h'mseif as candidate for
aster In the Mi-. in the ueit <."?>n
rr-v on tli?- fo lowing plstform:
"The Hou-e of Repres sis'ires
: halj eler- a i-osrd of msrtagefV eon
s fling of nirn me-ehers wh'.~h shall
he rhsrged with tt?~ directum of Irgm.
1st ion which 1? new asssnsted by Men
speaker of ?h? House of Representa?
Mies Taft Delighted.
fBy A??<"-iSted Press?.
PHH Ii .A DELPHI A. PA Nov. 4.?
Miss Helen Tap. daughter of the
President elect, ? ?tnd%t at BryO
Mswr College near hen-, a naluraic?
deiisfcretf hees-i-- of her fstber'a ass>
cos at yesterday's elect km, an
dsr she la reee'iia* tbe coegrataio
tl-r? of ber rlarstratrs Mise Taft
-jai- ,'.'<-> t.'ie city from firya Hear
last atgbt. and wPb a number of
friends, spent some tints wntoamaj tan*
returns as they were t_?4ted em
srreca r. fremt of a news

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