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Newport News that receive*
full news service of the /
elated Press.
Second Venezuelan Coast Guard Ship
is Towed into Dutch West
Indian Port.
South Amencin Crew Made No Resis?
tance?Captured Vessel Once Was
an American Steamer?Insignificant
as Fighting Craft ? Netherlands
Navy Looking for Torpedo Boat.
(By tlx- Associated Press.)
WlU.ViSTAD. l).-c . I.I.?The Date!:
battleship Jacho Van Heemskirk ar-;
rlvej this morning towing as a prize
the Venezuelan coast guard vessel
? :?:{ De Mayo."
The flag of the \eth< rlands had
been hoisted to the peak of the Vene?
zuelan ship and astern of the Dutcu
flag floated the Venezuelan colors.
The failure was effected on De-!
centner !:: tear Cumana on the Cult
<;!' Caracas. I
The Jacob Von Heemskerk observ?
ed the "23 I>e Mayo'" in the offing,
took possession of her ami set a prize
crew aboard. The Venezuelan crew
was sent ashore in the small boat;;
of the captured ship.
The crew of the "23 De Mayo'' made
no resistance.
Formerly American Vessel.
All the rifles found on boar.l wer?
sent ashore with the crew. The "23:
De .Mayo" was formerly an American
steamer, called the Alliance.
She belonged to a Mr. SuiHh, who
?was at one time American consul
here. She was captured by Vene?
zuela in 1897 while in distress off
Maracaibo. on the ground that she
was engaged in running contraband
to the Venezuelan coast.
Mr. Smith made a claim against the
Venezuelan government, and his de?
mand was reduced in 1903 to $2,'.?)".
After Torpedo Boat.
The Du:ch cruiser Relderland left
here yesterday for the Venezuelan
coast. She is out a:ier the Vene?
zuelan torpedo boat Ma-garita. a steel
vessel of 97 tons, armed with four 3
pounders and two torpedo tubes. I
This vessel is supposed to be at
the island of .Vargarita
The Jacob Von Heemskerk will
leave here I ;m.>rrow to resume her
patrol service on the coast.
Captured Vessel Small.
The "2.1 De Mayo'- while classed as
a coast guard vessel is a unite of
the Venezuelan navy, but her size and]
strength are insignificant. She is of
139 tons and is armed with one ma?
chine gun.
Castro's <Suit Unconcerned.
BERLIN. Dec. 15?Dr. Isreal made
a physical exar.-inati?n of President
Castro this afternoon. |
This occupied an hour and it is
understood 'hat no decision was reach?
ed as to whet It < .- or not an operation
will he necesf . ry.
Probably a week w-tll elapse before
this is decided.
The ntenib- rs of Castro's suit pro?
fess to have no concern retarding th ?
seizure of Venezuelan ships by Dutr:t
warships and ihey say that reports
of outbreaks are of tco frequent oc?
currence to cause alarm.
Mob Violence Feared A-jainst Negro
Assailant cf White Woman.
(Bv A->ocinted Press).
RM.KIOH. N. r pee 15 ?The us
ually quiet county of Stanley, is in ?
State of Intense oxrit- n:ent tnr.ieh:
over -ho first case in the history of
the county o' rrin.inj:] as-Mtilt on ?
wh'te wrni?n by a ntsro. aj>d if is
feared that there may l>e rr.->b vio?
lence N-fore tome-rro? at AiVmarV.
wh< re Henry Yoitne. eo ored. is in
Jail. h.-.v;nc l-?n V-a'en Info nn'-on
?.-cioiirni?Ss St th- h<..'ie of Jeh-t I.
Mens n^r Whitney. Iste l od ay. . y
Mos/and ??.?nrgo i.efb r. who atfraet-1
ed to th>- home ot Vom hi the
?cream* of Mts. Mos?, found iccr in
th** clutches of in* t?itn making
desperate offor:s to r>arh the tee
phone to rail for help
Watched frjr Ocportunity.
The r? cro had watrN-d fnr an on
portiinl'x snd soon aft?r Moss hal .
left al? wife alone st the homw a;.
i.roach<d snd attfcfc#d Mrs. >io?*
She ran Info the horse and locked
the doors.
Vonns bro'.-e d^wn f. .Vor anl "n
.,..,] .,; d ?? ' ? ?? ? ? i* a 1?
pirate o^rnecie eoem d
I'pon arrival of at<-/s ?nd l-of. r.
taej hrd s de?|frate strn?> and
Sst fleht wi h th?- retro lwfnre thev
jnWsjed him Sh -iff tlr-sn w??
cslhd and h> look the prisoner to
;it \liif|ii;:ri'', six n il ? .- a WSJ, at
I t?T ' li.it! !>?. i gtiai ii< ,1 Im 1?ii
hours at th<- M.i>. hull!.-.
Eleven Men Charged W.th Plotting
and Wounding.
(By Associated Press).
JACKSON, KY . l).c. 15. Warrant)
v., u- i: sued today for tin- anest ul
F-dwad Callahun. the noted fcudist,
and ???ii of hi . rrionds.
The warrants charge* the men with
plotting and carrying out the shoo*,
ing o." Rash Sebastian, several days
li is (dainied by Sebastian and Iii
frier Is that they w< r<- fired 11 ..n
while passing the home of Cullaiitiii
in company with Willie Dcatou. sun
of James I i aton. who was filled by
t'allahan tun! others several years ago
Hear the mouth of l.?llg's creek.
For the Deaton killing Callahan and
others were tried in the Itieathiit Cir
cuit Court and acquitted.
The firing, i- is alleged, was done by
parties concealed in Callahan's barn
Sebastian is not expected to live.
Figuies Represent.ng Amounts Gather
ed from American Soil.
WASHINGTON. I> C, lie,-, i:,. ?
The production in I90S and farm value
on December I of important farm pro?
ducts, according to the final revised
estimates of the department of agri?
culture announced today was as fol?
('urn 2.68S.651J. bushels and farm
value $LClti.l45.nOO; winter wheat
|:!7.90S,Oon bushels and $410.33O/H>n:
spring wheat 22*1.694..I and $20C
4!>fi,000; oats S07.156,?100 bushels an I
$:M.17I."'(>: barley 16G.756.000 bush?
els and $92.-142.0110.
Figures for i ther crops include:
Rye 311.S51.I. and $23.455.000; buck?
wheat 15.874.O00 bushels and $12.004.
000; flax seed 25.8ti5.0O0 bushels and
$30.071.000; rice 21,190.000 bushels
and $17,771.000: potatoes 278.9S5.00?
bushels a:i,i $197.039.000; hay 70.7S9.
000 tons and $635.423.000, and tobacco
718.0C1.000 pounds and $74.130.000.
Son Kills Father.
AUGUSTA. OA., Dec. 15.?John
Kitchen and his son. Munro. farmers
living 20 miles from Augusta engag?
ed in a shot gun duel today, the son
killing the father.
Roth men. it is salj were drunk
and no other cause for the quarrel
and patricide is given.
Today State Will Present its Case
. Against Accused.
Court Room Feature Will be a Tank
of Water, With Mmature Boat and
Float?Tragic Incidents Will be Il?
(Bv Associate^ Press.)
FLUSHING. N. V.. Dec. 15.?A jury
? >f !:_' has been selected to try Tiio;:.
ton J. Hains, a story writer, as a j.rir.
[cipal in the killing of W. K. Annis.
a publish* r. who was she to death
by Ca-tain Peter Hains, a; the Ray
Side Yaeht Club last summer, a. I
tomorrow the State will present its
case against the author.
I si\ jnrot < were chosen today, th-'
Twelfth taking his seat shortly before
!?". o'clccfc lonfgbt when an adjourn?
ment ?a? taken until tomorrow morn
in*. One hundred and seventeen
tab sn.en wen- examined l>--:ore th."
jury 1>; x was fiih d.
Thornton Hains expressed himself
as please.; with the make up of the
jrry that wo tJr| pass upon the evt
d< nee in i h<? case.
The expedition wi'h which the Jury
was chosen, taking only four sessions
[of (0,rt is coisid"reH unusual In
jVicw of the widespread J;no?"lo>lg
of the case in Qu. ens rjunt\
Tral Witt be Short.
The pi not I lit ion's case will t>.~
nres-entid by Attorney Hatri-i and it
is expected that the examination r.f
witnesses hy ho'h si.le* will con same
a* !ca.?? two or three dsvs
A feature of the tri'l will be s tar.k
of wat< r and a mod? 1 float snd cat
boa- Ir. mills'ure re-lies of th" scene
cf the shon'in- whifh will b-- pliccd
on a ta'.de in fron' rf the wltno:
kon manikins representing the prin?
cipal* in the afftfr will be moved in
this marine ?bester to illn?tra?#. set
ion? and ncsitjons taken In the trs^e
dv bj Hain* aid the witnesses
The members of -he Jery will he
permi"' d 'o retnrn to 'heir home,
at tbc ?onclnsion of each .lay's trial.'
Tells Tariff Revision Committee That
He Opposes Reduction in
Rates on Steei.
S:ee| Magnate Is Sharply Questioned
Concernin_ a Letter Admitting
Enormous Profits?Declares Small
Consumers Favor Maintenance of
Present Prices In Structural S.eel.
(By Associated Prejj.)
I WASHINGTON, I?. C. Dec. 1.1
| D'sagreeinj. with the published vi? ws
jit Andrew Carnegie with regard to
\ the steel schedule i f the tai ,ff Charit-.?
M. Schwab, lornitr i.id'ni <?.' 'he
I 1'iiitetl Stau j Steel Ccirpuratiun, itave
j testimony inday ?? the tariff hearing,
j While h ? pracu-alh udmiite 1 thai
i the conditions which exist I nine
I; "ars ago would have permitted a r-?
I .luction in the sle< | sihodul' at ihst
j time. h>- taiJ that ;lte cost of every
I it>'!ii entering Into tn tnaiinfactuve
i oi' steel r:ii.; had increa-<d lo such
j an ? x'etii thut the present conditions
j :;!tist I cht: s< d " peruct of 'ariff
j -eduction Jt '
"In five years thi re w!II nut l;< a
I Bessemer steel coli vi rt i ng wi r!-:s left
in ihe I'nifed S'ate.-\" Mr. Srhwa't
predicted. "The Bessemer sieel wi I
j In- if no use; ih. same is ti ?? of
structural st"cl. a* well :s rails. They
will all bo made b> ihe 'open hearth'
process of manufacture. Costlv
changes in the construction <f the
plants will he n'ce/sarv to make the
improvemenls in ihe method of man?
Soon Another Cian^e.
Mr. Schwab dec arid th:t wlth'n
ten years Ibe "open hearth" process
would be rupi r?cde:J hy th? electric
system ef manufacture which was
being developed in Germany.
"Th'-se change? in the process of
manufacture increase* the quality of
thi steel." h?. continues, "iet they
also slightly increase the ro.-t of pro?
j Mr. Schwab s- id he vat n> ?'?> fa?
vor of tiny chance in the tariff on
Steel ?? .1 Ste. 1 J ro.l tCts\
"A moderate cnange wo-id not
make a material difference." he said.
"1 ut a radical charge might do dam
a-o." He pd.led that the tariff can
he taken off Iron ore without affecting
the value of the Messaba ore of the
He stated that the BeSfeimr Steel
Companv of which he ;s nresldont Im?
ports ail of i's iron ore from Cuba.
Schvf/ah It Evasive.
Chairman Payne, of the committee
began a cross fire of questions l*v
rstflrs: Mr Schwab alwiut a Setter
which had been p ferred to by a j r.
\ious witness.
This letter was wrift-n by %'r
Schwab to Henry C. Friok on M*V
ir> 1RJI!? and stated that ra> s were
being made for le-s than $12 a ton
j or nearly $7 less than the cosl in
j England.
In the letter Schwab predicted !b-?t
the Carat c?p Steel Company, ef which
he then was president, wnu'd be sl?n?
to incr? ase >ts nei earnings To f."*.
fiOO.Aoti a mc.ntn. nrd s->td it fo-i'd sell
ait of its surplus production abroad
:if a profit nearly eqrsl to the profit
on domestic sales
Mr. Schwab .fated that in Herman
'hi rest of producing iron is from
Ji'.'n to *12 a inn: while the cost o'
conversion fnto st< <??] js a'*otil th"
same as in this country.
Th'- co t of manTfaetnre in V.r.:
lard i- .a little ss thr>n i- t-ermaay
"If the tariff on >t--ci -hnuld be
ern?l.:erab?r reduced." asked Mr Hill
of Convenient. "wc-<;d the . I bus
in< ss !<? serio:i?lv sffeeted''"
Cone i -.n., Must b: Eqval.
"If oond;H>Vrs pre eqnal ve ra
make ste.) rat -? <h*ap ihe
e.->n be mad*- anywhere." rer'i?-d Mr
iv-hwah. "Tbe res- of manuf tr'nc'iic
>teij d i?<rd< r>n t?( re: lit for/.; th
r,>-t of t!'e fctetctM in 'h ???? n ? ?'
.and cw| of labor. If tie so condi ior-=
Ere -he ?arcr- a? elsewn^re. don't
n?c-d th Cr'ff hw if the eo?- of
trsn^nortst'oa rr ist*??- or ?-om?-thin"
< Ise in greater her?- w<- r- 'd z ta.iff
for pro'ertioH."
Mr Sebw.-t r aim- ' thtt- he ?-??
nr.t a?ar< ?i? *n\ anderstandirg I?
;? , r t.- . . iltrd St.^t'X ?t-i f Cor
noi Ho., <tt ft thr German ?'"? i S?n
diea'- and th- RngRah f?" I Bit'
8; ndlrr-t?
S?~e: War Pr cc?.
Mr S-hw^l' ..T,d th#> pr're of ? eel
rails ?ss flx'.l ????.? mo; ' of the \m< ri
can n-arufart r< r- >t $C> in IV' 1 o
nrw;. thrt ;n is.o durins the -e.l
war. thi.,? srl'-e ??s not m.'.'nr?in 4
b?it that folbiw*!'? the wvir ft wa?
a^ain narwd to rr^'tealn thst prlee
Sin<~^ th?n no nmnifaefrer has nt
'emoted tr? |nr.'. th't" pf!" fear
of ss*erln4tsttas another enndfet
"Is the arlff balanced between pis
I lion ami i'-il.s?" as k. .1 Representative
H 11
'riii- differential : ? ?<on rails mi l
| rolled Mee| products s Mir, ' -tilted
Mr Schwab, replying :?111 rmat Ivel?
I lb- declared that ilu- manufacturer
is i milled I" a profit ill !.". pi-r <?.?: i
I und lhal ill*1 mm: tun ?o.sful had pro
i cured :'.", p< r cent. pi "tit
' Consumers Favor High Prices.
II.- -.>,.: Ill ? Mi: 1| cniisuni' : :i
I well rs I he !:nge oiu ?> are in favor "I
I iiiainlaiuliiK a uniform price on strnc
Itnral steel. Id- tilled that 'he
I United States S-'i Corporation
I makes from 4n (o I'- p- r cent of the
steel prod iced in th countn
i "Does thai lliclud' the protluction
ol the Tennessee Company, the pur
chase i f ? li eh was i ohm nti d to
the I'resld' lit ?" Si lo ! Mr. Clark, of
I M issotiri
I ' No i does not nithoogh I don I
1 Know nii>thlng shout th,. President
consenting lo the percni'Se." replied
Mr. Sch v. ah
t;ivim; many vcilal aiuuiiti tits 'ti
favor of reductions in ilie tariff Fjack
VV Taussie, profo.sm of |h>tiMcil
t commit at liarva.d I niversit i oecu
j p|e(| the ! tatid for im i au hour
I Kefi rrine to Mi Sehn h s les i
1 motiy !i" said he thought "the same
I wntchfiilmis had attached to Mr
I Schwab's fe.d'motij today as to the
Iet|?'|- he wrote to Mi Krick in 1"'.'.'
?lie v,.is a little l.ia.-i d tin n and
tiiinl.s be i- a little iiia.-ed the other
way lieu "
Ra.lroad Will M..ke $125.003 Outlay m
RICHMOND, VA., Dec 1.1 Out > f
the proceeds of the J l.25n,o?M) of rt
ceiver's certificates. the issue nt
which \i.re author v.ed by Jitdg"
Prii chard yeetorday, which will h ?
floated bj the Seaboard Air Lin- Rai!
ii.ad receivers to im. for improve?
ments on the road and obligations
which have come d't>- since the re?
ceivership started, $ 1 _'"..'???< will t.
.-pent in Richmond ami $43.000 will
he spent in Manchester for Improve?
ments. A large portion of the re?
in a iteY r of the money raised will be
spen! ia Improvements along the lino
!cf railrcad.
i The money spent In Richmond will
I be used to build a freight house and
to lay tracks which will greatly ta
'rllitate the handl'ng of freight com
j lug to the city. It has been state!
'that the receivers intend leveling the
tracks leading into Lumpkin's Bottom,
to the s Uth of Hroad street ai d north
of Sha^koe creek, which is now occu?
pied by the building of the Kichmon I
lion Works, so that the crossing at
; Broad rtreet will he below the level
<f the street This w.ll make one
less t.rack across Rroad street ami
provide a g nil entrance to the freight
iva'ds. which will oc.tny Lumpkin's
Bottom. A team road will he mad?
leading into the freight yard and a
large freight house erected
I Leake let $65.000.
I RICHMOND. VA. Dec 15.? The
i w It of the [ate Judge William .losiah
I^'nk- wa- admitted to probate in the
chmcery court todav. Mrs Clara
I'.ii rt ?? Leake and J. Jordan l>-ake
jnualifviug executors. No security
! was required of them,
i Tie- estate is valued at $?'.5.1100, and
1 Is hi qu? allied to the widow and oth?
er surviving members of the family,
i A deed of bargain and sale was
recotdfd 'n " clerk's office of the
] chancery court today conveying t'i
: Mrs Clara .1. L< ake. w'fe of th' laf'
l.l.idge Will .nil .lo-iah l>ake. the res?
ident* PIS Park avenue, with lot
fron'ing .1?; f?et s Inches. "Love and
?.iff f tio:." is 'in ren>id'ration named.
The ??? d of eonvevarce was drawn
|.y JiieRe Li ate Nov 12, |?ri?2. but
v. a-- -? pul * 11 i 'cord UUtil today.
Br.an Won't Dictate.
1 IN CO! N. Ni:i!. Dec. 15.?William
J. itrvan will not attempt to dictate
the actions ef the Nebraska legiala
? ture this winti r but will a<-t only
in an advi.or?, ?tpaclty. Tlrs was
tie- sis i f :i -? t.-ment made tn him
Indtty. When i' was hint, d to Mr
Rrya-i ?hat h,. i- the iogicai cindi
dati for Cnl'ed S ates ,-onatnr from
! Nebraska. Mr Bryan would only sat
?that the ehrt ion did not occur for
?wo years, and ?Hat nor- could '*
?ha- michi happen.
Alvah M4-tm Recommended.
tRr A??oriai>rl Press)
WASHINGTON. D. C. Dee 1:.?
Vira'n'a Rerwldieans. head- d by Re;*
e'ati.e C I', -com Siemp. hav
??-i. ri Pre*Ment-elect Taft to r-"n,t!der
Alrah H M?Cin of that State for 1
ca:> re' position as S reprcscn'atu ?'
of the S ath
Mr Man in I?. Republican nations!
conimi'teemaii fr:>m Virginia
Pos?e Pursues Negro 5 ayer.
(Rr Associate* Press)
1 VKSOVVILLK. FLA . Dec 15 ?
\ teleg-am iec. Ivcd here Th*- after
noon bv D N V< rlonc. a prominent
rh>?l<ls". rs '.| ?hat V M Perlon?,
bis ?-o:b? r and foremsn of ?h'- Me
f?re,ce Luniber rrmtan.'? aaifl a"
Won-;>tork. h.-d tieen sbe>' In d-atn
bt s negro ?mt-loye and that a po?se
ha I been fo>Tr.'d and was in b"t per
sul* of the negro, who had ??"-? ' I
to a r.. ighborlns swamp.
DECEMBER 16, 1908.
In Special Message on Panama
Canal, Suggests Possibility of
Blackmailing Intentions.
Declares New York Publisher Had
No Shadow of Proof Upsn Which
to Bare Charges?Should be Prose?
cuted by Government. He Says?
Admits Morgan Received Mono,'.
(By Associated Press.)
! WASHINGTON. I> C. Dec. 1.1
R?l?.at?'d peals .if laughter gr??M?'?l
the reading oi the opcn'ug puragraphi
ii; ipe President's mcssutu' in Con
is ess on in- Panama canal charges
. today. As. the secretat^ read the
I stct-incut ;li.i; the charges were
"false in every particular" Senator
Bailey laughed outrighi as he ?;ni
passing along the rear of Ihe cham?
ber to hit seat.
Other M-tiMtors on boln siiKs of the
chain lit r joined with him. when the
reader i? ached the s.ateiiient that a
statement in a newspaper wh'ch he
mentioned would not be hell? ved,
there was general nie rrintent from
both sides of the chamber
There was only a small number of
senators prose ui ?heu the reading
begun, and It was hurried through
the papers accompanying the message
not being r? ad at nil.
House Displays Interest,
j The message elicited the greatcsl
Interect in the Hotue The inenibera
j gave close attention during the n a i?
ling of the document, and th* re was
a ripple of laughter at the President'?!
characterization of Joseph H Pulit?
zer, publisher of the New York
I World.
I The message with its accompany?
ing papers was referred to Ihe proper,
I Many Documents In French.
Accompanying the message wss n
'urge bundle of documents hearing
upon the transfer of ihe canal prop?
erty to the Unit (I States.
Man> of these documents were in
Kreuch without English translation.
There was no'hing whic h showed d1
rectly the p> rrons who received the
$40.tH>0.00fl paid ley the United States,
but there was include.! s list of altout I
T.OiHl stockholders in th. old and new I
Panama canal companies all of them]
j citizens o; Franc-, and of the Colom-I
bian republic. Ther.- was not the!
name of a o'Mzen of the I'nlted!
Stales in th-- entire list. |
i The President's sfiecial message
comprise!, more than 10,000 words.
1 The following is a synopsis:
I To the Senate and House of Repre?
sentatives: In view of the constant
{reiteration of the assertion that then
was sotin- corrupt action by or on be?
half of the |Tn<ted States fjovern
ment in connection with the ncqniai
tlon of thja title of the French Corn
pan;, to th-- Panama Canal, and of
.the repetition of thi- story that a
syndicate .,f American citizens own
ed either ore or both of the Panama
eomnan'es. I de-em it wise to submit
to the Congress all the information
I have on the .-t:i j-cf. The se *tories
were first brought to my attention as j
published In a paper >n Indianapolis. I
.called 'The Sows." edited i.y Mr !
I De-Is van Smith. The stories were
j sc-irrilons .and lihek.u- ;n character
and false- in ev rv essential partic-n'ar
Mr. Smith sh< Itrrs himself behind th'
exen:.e tha* he nier-ly accepted the
?ta'euicnt? ?hich had appeared in a
l?ap-r puhltsed In New York. "The
World." owned by Mr Joseph Pnlit
7. t It !s i''l- to say -ha" th- known
rharac er of Mr PuHtrer and his
P'-wrj atier an- such tha the st etc j
nftits in that paper will be believed j
b-. noho.1v : unlortnn.tte-ly thousand*
of rt-r.-ons are if] Informed in 'his re
rper-t and b? Mere the statements the
p?e in print, evn t ho ich they ap
j nesr m a newspaper published b\ Mr
, Pu'it/er A niemlwr of the t'ongpr ;I
lias ac'ns'iv introdieed .-> resolution I
?n reference to the.--- 1 hare- * I
therefore lay all the faits before yoa
The rtory " f ated at various time
b ihr Wor'd .-?tu by its followers In
ihe newspaper pre*?*, i* sulstantiaPt
as follow. That I ne re was cue rap
tlon by or on behalf of the ?Torem
ment of the l'ntted State? fHie
transaction by wh'e-h the Panama
Car. I prop-rt-. ?I? acc iir?d from
it* F"> nch owners; 'bat th' r.. were
tmprr. r dealing* of ?on:e kind If
1 ween **nta of -be- Oovemmeni and
outride 1 - - ; enfi S' ating or art
'tig for : Ainerbrn .-> ndtcri'e. *ho
hs.| soften pos?er?ion of the Fr-nch
t'onipanv . that amont :hese persons.
r* '.-oth'- of Mr Wlll'am H Taft
th> n randlda'e for th?- Pr'-side-nrv. and
Mr Itonsl.as KoMnttor.. mv hrotle r in
la? 'hat Mr Cromwe'l. th?- cn-in*"!
for the Par.ama Csnal Com|S?nv n the
tv -'?:'*? ioriF. was in leorree ?a> impli
rated ? th the T'ni cd State? govern
m- ntsi siith'irlt|e. in th- ae Improper
trsr.sae Jons. that the Cov. rnmen;
has concealed the true fuets. and has,
destroyed, or profited or agreed to '
the dt stiuellon of. ci italn dociimenl ?;
that' Mr. w Ii. Tafl was Secretary
of War u( the lime lhal by -"ii agree
Uiellt between th.- flitted Slates Gov
enrmenl and the heneflclarles of the
dial all traces thereof were "willed
out" hy transferring till the archives
and "secrets" to the American (Jov-I
eiirment, hist before the holding of |
Ihc convention ln>t June :u which
Mr Taft was nominated.
Hint- st Blackmail.
These <tati ments sumetlmea ap?
peared in the edltor'als, sometimes
In i ho news columns, sometimes Inj
the shape or contributions from hull
viduals oilier unkowu 01 Known to ho
of bad character. They are false in
ever? part'crlsr from beginning to
end The wickedm s.i of the slanders
is only surpassed by lie ir fatuity So j
Utterly baseb vs are tin- stoiie that j
apparently they represent in pan
merely material rollectcd for cam !
palgn purposes iiud in part storle.i!
originally concocted with a view of
possible blackmail. The Inventor of
the story a I out Mr Charles I?. Taft,
lor instance evidently supposed that
at some |ieriod of the Panama pur
chare Mr W. II Tafl was Secretary
o| War, whereas in reality Mr W H
Taft lie\ i r became Beeret n*} of War
until Ions after the whole transaction
in question had been closed. The In?
ventor of the story about Mi llomln.i
Robliisoii had no' taken the iiottbl lo]
find out the fact thai Mi Rohln-<onl
hail nor hSi| the slii.hte.-t c niie?tlon. I
difctlv of Indirectly, c.i nn< k'nd or j
?nit with any phase if Ci? I'.ni.i'iin
transaction from be"'nni tt to i nd.'
Th" men who attacked Mr Root In j
the matter hnd not taken the trouble
to read the publ'c documents which
would have informed them thtii Mr I
Ho, t had nothing lo do w ith the pur-;
rhare, which was entirely arranged
through the Department of Justice tin !
der the then Attorney-Oenresl, Mr.:
Lying and Libelous.
Now. these stories us a matter of
fact need no Investigation whatever.;
No shadow of proof has been, or can ?
be. produced In behalf of any of
them. They consist simply of a j
s'r'ng of Infamous libels. In form, j
th. > are in part lih> Is upou indi- 1
viduals. upon Mr. Taft and Mr. Rtih- |
Inson for instance. Hut they nre in
lac: whol
upon the
I do not believe we should concern I
ourselves with the particular indivi?
duals who wrote the lying and .
libelous edR?rtals. articles from cor?
respondents, or articles in the news
columns. The real offender is Mr. j
Joseph Pulltser, iditor nnd proprietor!
Hy. and In form parth- a III*?1 I
? Un'ted States Government. I
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
standard" bill lading
Proposed Form Meeting With Almost!
Universal Satisfaction.
Consignees of Fruit and Vegetables
Think Valuation of Property Should
be Fixed at Point of Destination?{
Modifications Possible.
(Hy Assodated Press.?
chairman Knapp, o; the Interstate j
Commerce Commission today had *
conference with representatives otj
shippers from all parts of the coun?
try regarding the proposed standard j
Ml! cf lading.
The form of the promoted bill is|
meeting with general acceptance
only by the railways but by the ship
On" class of shippers, represented
at today's conference, consignees, of
perishable product? -fruits and vege
tablci?feel that the bill of lallnjr
a.s proposed doeg not deal with them
Valuaticn at Dest.nation.
Thev want the value of the proper
ty :o be fljte.l at the point of de
nation instead of a* the point of ori?
gin, an! they desire ihlt the pro?orty|
be given a negoziable value at th-'
point of shipment
The liklihood Is that the p-o[,o?e.| I
hill it: lading which has been agreed |
t i hv th-- interstate commerce com
mis-ion and by many of the carrier*|
Will be accepted, with such morllfica
ttor* In regard <o the mat'er
Virginia Postmasters.
The Freniden: todav sent the follow?
ing nomination* 'o the Senate
!>e iiostmas'ers. Virginia?Charier. II.
Jones, Dry Forks. Alben L. Taylor.
Or Serrymee Called.
NoRFOt K. IVc l.r..-Tbe Ftr^tl
Par- ?? church of this city hss called
? he Ret Or. J W Berrvman. of|
Knesville T- ?n to sneered" tbe Re\
Or BiaekweU.
Cloudy Wednesday and Thurs?
day, variable winds.
Measure is Made the 'WMsM
Business'in Chamber- President's
Message Causes Laughter.
Ruling by Speaker and Sustaining
Vote by Members Ends for the Time
Efforts to Revise House Rules
United States Penal Laws Measure
Receives Consideration.
illy Associated ITesa).
WASHINGTON. D ('.. Dec. 15.?
The President's Panama canal mes?
sage was read In the Senate today
and its reading was receivej wlta
loud laughter by sonic of the senators.
Senator Poraker endeavored to
have the Senate pass a resolution
calling on (he secretary of war for
detailed Informal Ion concerning the
men employed. Instructions given and
expenses incurred in the investiga?
tion by detectives into the Browns?
ville affair referred to by the Presi?
dent in his message of yesterday.
Senator Warren objected to the Im?
mediate consideration of the resolu?
tion and it will come up for considera?
tion tomorrow.
Pcstal Savings Bill.
The pcstal savings hank bill wan
the subject of speeehes by Senators
Carter and De pew, both of whom ad?
vocated the measure. The bill waa
made the unfinished business of the
Senate, displacing the Joint resolu?
tion for the repeal of the commodi?
ty clause of the interstate commerce
On motion of Senator Fulton, the'
omnibus claims bill will be taken up
by the Senate on January C for con?
Brief memorial services were held
for the late Representative George W.
Smith, of Illinois, and at 3:30 p. m.
I he Senate adjourned.
House Supports Speaker.
WASHINGTON. D C, Dec. 15 ?
The purpose of the so-called insur?
gents in the House of Representa?
tives for a sevision of the rules of
'hat body were dissipated, for the
time being at least, when Mr. Gard?
ner, of Massachusetts today failed to
obtain the adoption of an amended
resolution calling for the appointment
of a committee of eight members to
consider the subject and report the
changes they deem necessary.
By a substantial majority the House
v- it. I to take away from the commlt
tee on foreign affairs consideration of
the resolution which In its original
form simply called for hi formation
from I he secretary of state regarding
what the British House of Commons
had done in that regard.
Speaker Rules Adversely.
A ruling by the speaker that the
amendment cf Mr. Gardner changed
the character of there-solution in such
a way as to not make It privileged
was sustained, and the resolution theta
was laid on the table.
"After passing some bills relating
to the District of Columbia the re?
mainder cf the day was taken up
with the bill to revise the penal law*
of ihe I'nited States which was con?
sidered at length during the last ses?
At 5:03 p. m. the House adjourned.
Aileced Sensational
Looked For in the Hearing.
WASHINGTON. D. C-. Dec. 15.?
Arrar.serocr.'s have been completed)
to l ? r*n to bring testimony in the
c.-s? ?r Stale Senator J. H. Pirwoms
against Congressman K W. S?en?
de rs. of the Fifth Virginia district,
ar.o'ding to whit Representative C.
R Rlemp said today, and formal no?
ire of the contest will be died with
:h. ?i< r'< of i he House of Represen?
tatives within the present wren.
Aft?>r thin Is done Senator Parsocs -
will have ninety day* in which to get '
his teatlmorv In shape and die ac?
cording io Isjw and the same tiawa
? iil be aiinwed Mr Saund? rs.
The law Ins of Thnrston ami
Brown, of Washington. wlM lepieseol
S-nator Psr?ons before the commit?
tee when ib" heatina begins, sad W
t? rxpoci'd that 'hi-r? w;ll he SOSM
relational developments in the cam*.
The rame of a man al:e?ed to have*
V-n in a:: m-ane hospital at tw?
time of th?- elect km will figure
Inentlv In the proeeed'ngs.
It Is believed that It Will
one of the l?innert contest
brought before Congress hi

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