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Gcalrad ror Vassal to Cos
i Uta Dollars Awarded
Man Will be Needed at the
Plant In Addition to Those Added
to the Force During Paat Week
New Craft Will He Larger Than the
i i
Announcement was made at the
shipyard yesterday that the company I
had beeu awarded the contract for|
the construction of a large freight i
and passenger steamship for the
hfntson Navigation Company, of San
Francisco. Cel.. at a cost of about j
fSOO.tftiO. Work en the vease] will
begin at once and additional men wllli
he needed at the yard before it has I
advanced very far.
For a week or more it has been
known that the local company's e?ti
mate very probabjy woild be accepted
by the Mat son line officials, but the
official announcement did not come
until yesterday, when a telegram from
San Francisco hrough; the welcome,
Larger Than the Lurline.
The new steamer wi.i In? a hand
name craft, designer! for carrying'
both freight and pacsencerj. She
WtH be 4JJ0 feet long over all, 54 feet j
beam anj 24 feet deep. She wllli
have a sustained sea speed of fifteen |
miles and hour, and a cargo carrying,
capacity of 6.000 tons.
The local yard built the steamer
Lurilne for the Matson company and
the owners were greatly pleased with j
the vessel. The new ship will bej
larger than the Lurline; will have
greater passenger carrying capacity,
and will cost about $200.000 more.
Good News for the City.
The news of the securing of this
contract was good news In this city.
It means that the shipyard force,1
Which haa been augmeated considera?
bly daring the past week en account'
of the torpedo boat contracts and
other new work, will be materially
strengthened in the very near future.
Other work la In sight, and the in
dlcattons are that there will he no
more dull times at me yard for a
long time to -come, at least.
Mre. Edward Gregory, of North
Carolina, was tendered a reception j
Wednesday afternoon by her sister. I
Mrs. L. C. Phillipe, between the hours!
?T 4 and ? o'clock. The reception
was a beautiful affair, a profusion of |
enrnetlrn? ami evergnens being used
to decorate the house In a very taste-.
fat and elahnratc manner.
Smidt s orcnestra was stationed be?
hind a screen or evergreens in the
nail and furnished music throughout
the afternoon. Delightful refresh?
ments were served during the receiv?
ing hours.
Mrs. Phillips and ?1st? r. Mr? Greg?
ory, received in the parlor, and were]
assisted by Mesdamcs Rdloe More
r. H. 1. Rlchardscn. of Hampton.
R. A\le?t and Edward O. Smith.
Of this City.
Miss Rose Pjrramore. of Hampton.
Mtn Ada Haughton. Miss Riten Abbe.
Mhm Ruth Smith and Miss Hiidah!
Schmelz were in the dining room,
while punch in the Horary wan served!
by Misses Margaret and Ruth
fchmelz and Miss Kimherlv. of old
. Among the many purst? who railed]
wer? the members of the bridal par
2of the McMenamin?buenberd wed
ug. Many of the eostnnieg worn
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W Ue, of
KaoxviHe. Term., are in tot- city as
the guests of Mr. and Mrs Percy
Poach in the North Knd
Sadie Miles bas rt turned
from a visit to friends in Norfcik.
Mrs. A. T Moore, who has b?-en t.i
?I the Hotel Warwick for son*- time.
M Sanch improved and npect* to be
able to leave her room *bor:l>
Mm. FVxhugh !>?. Grevr. of Gra>
nan. >' r... is sp-tiding ?.met!tne here
an the guest of Mrs M?rk Bernard,
ra Esst Bad
Mrs Q Story and chi <Jren hav?
returned to their home in Bruce. Vs..
after a visit to Mrs J. R. Rorougb?
Hi the North End.
Mrs DtUard Sprr>. won has ?-. r
iMUng friends in thU etiv haa re
barasd t* her hotv ia i-.im Hill.
Mr. Pbni Grant bas r?-.iro. d from
a successful hunting trip spent in
Rach Seen re. \ C
Mr. P. T. Thomas m so fca< leen
attending a meeting of the Hotel
Men's Association In Richmond has
mturned to thia city
Mr in Mrs. Geo A Parker, if.
TW an li-seventh street, have a, their
gsRst, tbstr danghter Mrs marie*
fjrsnthiuah. of retersbarg
Mass Cars Ryrum. of North Care
flsjs. has returned to her home after
a vl.it to Mrs. 0. P. Byruni, 651
I Twenty-eighth street.
I Mr. R. K. Allen has returned to his
home tn Roanoke sfter visiting
friends here during the holiday
I Mrs. A. L Huynra Is exp-cted to
I returu from a vfxlt to friends In Po
'conioke Cltjr, Md.. this week.
Mr. Oeorge Riteknian. who has been
the ?tuest of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Muekmsn, for the past week
has returned to Washington.
Mi ;s EJoi>- Reed (left yesterday
for a two weeks' visit to relatives
in Northumberland county, Va.
Miss Oretcbeti Sboppurd. ci
Lyncbburg, is visiting her cousins,
?he Misses Sheppard on Huntington
Miss Kathuriue Robertson has re?
turned from a visit to reiativi s In
Richmond and Manchester. She was
accompanied home by her sister. Mrs
Thomas Ken ion. who will be (he guest
or her mother hen- for two weeks
Miss (.aura Klltngtcn has r- turned
home after spending one month wlih
friends and relatives in Minefield.
jW. Vs.
Mr. R. Poll* and daughter Hertha,
j have gone on a visit to Richmond.
Women Charged With Slaying Promi?
nent Pennsylvania Politician,
Given Their Freedom. i
(By Associated Press.) j
MEDIA. PA.. Jan. 7.?Mis. Flor?
ence Erb. wife of Captain J. F. Erb.
who was well knowji in political cir?
cles all over Pennsylvania and her
airier Mrs. Cath' rine Beisel, who
werk charged with iht>> murder of
Captain Erb on the night of October
6. 19UR. today walked from the Dela
ware county court house free women.
After the Jury had be. n otn nearly
eighteen hours i' brought in a vt**'
diet or not guilt v In the case or each
woman, both or whom had been
charged separately and jointly with
the shooting.
Almost up to the moment when the
jury announced that it had agreed,
the prospects tor a unanimous deci?
sion of the twelve men was not
bright. I
Jury Long Agreeing.
During the morning the jury filed
Into court and asked for furth> r in?
structions on the question <r self-de?
fense and while the spectators were
still standing in the court room dis?
cussing the Instructions .given the
Jury, word came from the Jury room
that the mm had aprced.
The defendants were sent for at
once, h?t there was a minute's delay
l'.-forr? they arrived. i
During this heart-breaking Interval '
the defendants' attorneys were so
nervous thty could not remain ?tili.
When the foreman announced the
verdict, of acquittal, there was a sec?
ond's pause, a dead silence, and 'hen
with a half scream the sisters fell In
each other's1 arms.
Women wept as they looked at the
pathetic scene.
In nn instant the women were sur?
rounded by their friends and attorneys i
overwhelmed with congratulations.
fiHdtvfflw a*? Plctartt
Although the snow storm caused
the audience at the Bell theater to
be rather slim In proportions, those
who did hrave the elements to gather
at the popular little theater seemed
to enjoy everything they saw and
heard immensely. The "slater'- act
of Yarlck and I .a Ion da the female
impersonators, made a hit. and EJdte
Ho ran. the Irish comedian, got many
laughs on his new stories and jokes.
Lamberto, the slack-wire-wire cyc?
list and juggler wbo has been engag?
ed a* an extra attraction for the re?
mainder of the week, proved tj he
a valuable addition to the program.
The new pictures on the program
for tonight include Kdison's latest
drama, " ruder Northern Skies." I
Jud-e Waddill Refers Case of B. B.
Wilkins to Mr. Locks.
In the Federal District Court at
Nortolk Judge Waddill has adjudged
B B Wtlkrn*. of this city, a bank?
rupt and referred the case to Referee
In Bankruptcy John It I.ocke. of 'hi*
city. I
Mr Wilkins recently made an as
Mgnmertt. placing hU assets- at about
?fiV.no and his 'iabllitl s at |3S.S*S
Several of h-s creditors petitioned the
Federal court 'c p'.'r-e him in I'ink
ruptc<- Mr Wl'kins proteviod -ire
frig that he was solvent, mit 'he court
overmied the prote?! ,->nd fefdred the
case to the refer**
Applied for Lodging.
Bil'h- Williams claiming Fehr.ty.
Ohio, as his horn -. applied for lods
ing a- the station ho-se last right
and was held for a hearing in fore
Jus'iee Rrown in the police roinir ,
tbt. morning on he rhaig? of tag '
rawer Wlt'iam? claims to he a plaa
t?rer and said 'hat he was here look
ng fir work
"Ml dear trtrnd. I beg yon lo lend
aae US." wro'e a n<-erfy man to as ac
SSSSStatsse. jnd then forget we for?
ever. I am to: worthy to be r- ro> .a
bered'?Philippine i.ot-4*.
O'ijisWj ^AT la?rSswwI 'f^dj M<lr^?atsS.
The custom of shakwtg band* has
bees traced back to the Ssys of the
aacteai lsraetttep. sad was lateodei
to i Unify peace te swear friendship.
to t-'oesiae sl'.laacr or to give so
1-1 * J
George Ellis Says He II Sue
I.ft N.T. Co. for Malicious
Young Man Formerly Employed by
:he Steamship Line Was Jailed on
Charge of Perjuring Himself to
Prevent Conviction for Stealing I
Shoes. I
(leore Kllis. charged with perjury.j
was acqultej by the Jury in 'he Cor
|iorailoii Court yesterday afternoon |
The jury was out only a snort lime
before bringing in tin- verdict <>t
"Not guilty "
lmmediati'li' after he was free. Ki?
lls Informed bis attorneys. Messrs C
AyVtt Ashlty and K. S. Itldmon.
that he proposed to bting suit for
damages against the Merchants &
Miners Transportation Company, on
the ground of malicious prosecution.
Kills was arrested several months
ago on the charge of stealing a lot
of shoes from the Merchants A- Min-1
era company. He was acquitted of
the larceny charge, but afterward
was accused cf perjuring himself in
his own defense, und w-as sentenced
to three months in jail. The case
nns appealed to the Corporation Cotirt
and Ellis went to jail to await trial.
The absence of witnesses caused !he
trial to be postponed several tines,
and the ease was not taken up until
Commonwealth's Atterney ('. C.
Berkeley was assisted in prosecuting
the case hv Mr. O. I). Batchelor. coun?
sel for the Merchants & Miners Com?
pany. I
Ellis left las? night for his home
in Baltimore, saying that he expected
to consult a prominent .lawyer of that
city in regard to the proposed dam?
age suit before instructing Messrs.
Ashbv and Robinson to institute the
suit. "
An unusually strong company of
players and a splendid scenic produc
tlon has been given "The Right o:
Way" for "the road" by Klaw &
Erlanger. Theodore Roberts, as Joe
Portugal?, and Guy Standing, as
Charley Steele, overshadow the other
players in their roles of lesser Im?
portance, but the entire cist teems
to be more than ordinarily capable.
The play itself, though it has a1
number of flue scenes and affords
Messrs. Standing and Roberts, as well.
as oue or two other members of the'
company, opportunities f;-r acting. Is
on the whole unsatisfying. Much ?f
the virility and strength of Sir Gil?
ten Parker's great story has been
lost in the dramatization by Eugene
W. Presbrey, ami the play is disar
pointing. Ol course, all dramatiza?
tions of novels are liable to be disap?
pointing i - those who have read and
enjoyed the novels, but "The Riehl j
of Way" has suffered more at the
bands of the playwright than most
of the books givtn to the theater?
goers in recent years Perhaps the;
new ending given the play, obvioasl) |
In response to the i/ojmlar demand ,
for "and they lived happily ever after, j
ward." is no ground fer complaint.!
but this doe* not help the already .
weakened whole.
The fair sired audience that gather.'
cd at the Academy of Music las',
night in spite at Ihe snow storm, to'
see "The Right of-Way' did no: have;
an opportunity to see the companyj
at it a best, and therefore a criiclsjii ?
upon last night's performance per-j
haps is not a fair one. Even tnougft
the play is utisatisfying. It might be!
ver> entertaining and enjoyable und*'r j
auspicious ciroumxtaneo Th?- |>vi-.
ty of several of the players during
some of the tense situations utterly
spoiled ,he scenes. The cause of
this behavi r is a matter of r->njii<^
lure; i nssihly untimely laughter In
the an lie nee in the midst f an af
feeling scene between Portugal? an-1
Charley Steele iu the first ac'. cave
he actors an idea that they Sere ap
(?? aring before a lot of bur.rkins are
on whom real acting m-onld be lo*'
and pesslety the sigh? of so manv
emp'y seats iu a. one night stand
had si>mething io d" with :he ait'
'ude of Ihe comr-any
Mr. Standing's |ior'rsy .tl of 'he par* .
of ('barley Steele after 'he reger.era-.
iion. is capccia'.lv good Mr
Roberta' wond-rfel interpretation of
the role of joe Pertasata the Freuen-1
Canadian rtverman. Is 'he real fee-,
tare of the play
Mt?s .Vjj- RacSSrt makes a verv|
sweet Rosalie, but she was one of
those troubled wl'h uncontraSaf rial
Nl|t> an i her rote *a? more or |e?s
marred All of the rtiarueter? were
in rood hands. ver a aonre of < a pa?
ses platers eompostng the company
"Cemieg Tn-w the Rya."
Coating Th^o 'he Rye.' the ?>*- I
ry musi-ai romed> which made stf-b
a favorable Imi res?Ion her.- last sea?
son, wilt he the aast attracicm at
th?' Academy. The company will
be here next Wednesday. January 13
for two perfXnuances, matinee auj
Tom Waters, who Is said to be an
unusually clever comedian, heads the
cant this year as 'Knot, the Tailor."
The company is said >o carrj a mini
ber of strong principals, and a good i
choruti, .including the 'pony ballet."!
"Coming Thro" the Rye" is by j
George V. liobart and A Baldwin
SI Mill' j
(Cutinued from First Page). |
the fact further than t<i say that
he would n t make any statement un-|
?til the fact of the use of his natnV
had been officially promulgated, when
he would address himself to the sub?
ject from bis Beat iu the Senat.-.
Will Not Mince Words.
It ig known, however, that .Mr Till
man regards the mention of his name
as an attack upon himself in tin
President and he lias indicated luj
friends .that he will not mince nu'
t< rs iu his reply.
He ali- indicated to those with!
whom he conversed that he would j
welcome the opportunity to express!
his views and explain the situation '
It is probable Mr. Tillmau will bei
h* -<i on (Monday next
On February 1?. 1908. Senator Till?
mau rose in the Senate to a question
of personal privilege and said his at
tent Ion had been calb^l to a scheme
of swindling in which his name had'
been used rather unpleasantly and!
without the slightest warrant.
Circular Held Out Inducements. !
The senator held in his hand a
fircular headed ?"How to make fS.OOUj
>ut of $300." !
litis circular called a'tent ion to
r-ertain laud grants in Oregon and
to the activity of Senator Tiliman 'it
having the Senate Investigate. j
If. stated that "Senator Tiliman
lakes eleven quarters," and thai ib<
law suits to be instituted in order
i > recover the lands were promised
io be pressed with great vigor be?
cause Senator Tiliman was behind
Commenting upon this situation
Senator Tiliman at that time said: j
"As a matter of fact 1 have no;
nought any lands anywhere in tie
West nor undertaken to buy any. I
have made some Inquiries as <>ne
naturally would in roaming through
;he West. I
"I simply want the pe pie o;' th.
oouniryl to be put on notice that
this swindler at Portland has no war?
rant whatever for endeavoring to
Inveigle others into his game."
Sheppard Says Taft "Rid.cut us."
Digressing from a tariff speech In
lhe House of Representatives 'oday
Sheppard of Texas, charged that
Pr? sident-elect Taft did the S uth a
serious injury when he said a fait
)p|iortunity was not presented in
I hat sectlou for the free exercise ol
suffrage. ,
Mr. Sheppard emphatically denied
ihot such was the case ant! (aid Mr.
Taft had made himself ridiculous. i
The Texas member bad reached
the point tu his remarks where h'
spoke of the Southern) political situa?
tion when he was interrupted with
a query by Mr. Rates, of Pennsylva?
nia, who asked if it was not Mr.
Taft's purpose to procure a free or.
portnnRy for 'he consideration oi
public questions in the South.
The question brought forth the de
:laratioa referred 'o.
Democratic Upon Principle.
Mr. Sheppard added that he be?
lieved that the people of the Sou'h
s?re Democratic because thev believ?
ed the principles of Democracy that
were best for the entire countrv re?
tard less of section. . * i
-If." he said, "they thought tht:
Republican i-iinciples were best they
*.?ul,| adopt them '
The South he said, evidently was
no- influenced in its Democracy by
'??ctiotwiisn: or race issues, because
the South was Democratic before the
ear was dreamed f, or th?yrace Is- I
:ur was a remote probability.
"On the contrary." he declared,
there were states in the North that
were solidly Democratic, before the
war hst have been solidly Republi
ran since, and the charge of section-'
alum could be I. . ught against them
with much more fairness than a?air.<t
the South. " 1
South Still gohd.
"Did not t ug:?Ksional district* gi
R< publican Ian time for the firs*
?true and was 'h?' not evidence of
the fsei that 'hi solid South was
trofcen?' Mr. Bates ioe,u??ed.
Mr. Sheppard . uniptlv rejected the
ides and said tha- instead of th- j
South leaning toward Republicanism,
it. ws? more I -m-v--*'Ic today Jhari ;
It was i\?v wars aar as there were!
seveial Wig erstes in the Ronth he-j
r re the war The Whigs, he Je j
rlsred were hu? the pfOCCV *rira of .
the Republicans hol there has be."-. |
no Republican Southern states since J
?he Whig psr?y went Owl of exls- ?
Qround I? Wh.t? Mil ssJbsuls and
Oveecists Are st s Pt anuses. 1
Th? pe dieted c,.al srsve caane
Nrday neralac bringing with it a !
snow s'nrm. which continued sf lr
tegular interval, 'hrosghont the da?
asg Ism night bste hast slsbt th
rro ir. i and hon ? ??tr.jm were well cov?
ered ?od iacfc Fro?' reign. ; supreme
The westh<r man gives no pccamlre
of sna?hise in th" se?t dsv or '*? .
asd overcoats sad russsho. s are very
much Is demand h< tssbsnu. J
Tax the Woman of Newport News the
Sams as Elsewhere.
Hard to attend to household duties.
With a constantly aching back.
A woman should not have a bad
And she wouldu't if the kidneys
were well.
1 Joan's Kidney Pills make well kid?
Here is a Newport News womau
who eudorses this claim:
Mrs. M. H Miller, living at 81G
Twenty-seventh street. Newport
News, Va.. says: "Dean's Kidney
Pills gave me wonderful relief and 1
consider them a reliable remedy. My
back was very weak tor some time
and the pain was often so severe that
1 could scarcely get around to do my
housework. After try'ng a number ot
remedies without getting relief, my
attention was called to Dean's Kid-,
ney Pills and 1 procured a box at
A. E. G. Klor's Drug Store. They help?
ed me from the first and I continued
to take them until the trouble had
entirely disappear d. Ii gives me j
pleasure to recommend Doao's K-d-j
ney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 ]
cents. Poster-Mil burn Co.. Buffalo.
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name?Doan's?and
take no other.
The shining h-ad of Father Time
but st rves to remind us that physical;
powers will decay. We have artitl-i
c'al aid for the preservation of but j
one organ or the human system?j
SIGHT?the most precious of all '
senses. Spectacles are a nuisance in i
some ways, yt t it is scarcely |Kissi
ble -o estimate their true value, or;
imagine our condition without them.
Optical Parlors. 115 2?th St.
From a Parcel
to an Engine
Freight, Baggage.
Furniture and Safes,
Carefully and
Promptly Moved.
Storage Warehouse
514 520 27th Street
Reasonable Rates
We art making PRIVATK
LOANS on your personal note
of $5.00 and upwards, on short
notice witfaont publicity or ad?
vance chant- s. Our plan and
terms make
Xmas Shopping
easy. If you owe another Loan
Company or have some INSIG?
NIFICANT DEBTS that are an?
noying. WE WILL PAT i REM
MORE MONET You can re?
pay us in SMALL WEEKLY
MENTS to suit your own con?
venience If yon win call, we
will cheerfully explain o>:r
terms, etc.. or you can write or
'phone an I we will have our
agent eali at your borne.
Nice Souvenlra given to earn
and everyone who ca'.Hj fw
Loan Co.
Entrance 207 29th Street.
Offloe Caffee't Liver/ Stable,
Bw/Us PttOQ#a> M#? %?
Capital Dry Goods House
Washinrton Ave. at 30th Street ?
Our Store Will Be Closed All Day.
We are bray marking down the prices, get ling ready for our
Big January Clearance Sale.
Sale Start? at 9 O'clock Saturday Morning.
Customers from Old Point, Phoebus and Hampton allowed Car Fare
on purchases of $5.00 or over.
I Garner & Co,
1 Announce Their
25 Per Cent.
I Reduction
On Their Entire Stock of
Meo's, Boys' and Child- f
ren's Clothing
Will Begin Saturday
Morning, January 9.
I Garner & Co. I
f 2714 Washington Ave. f
Iwa^hA ?fv-^^^ ?^.????v.saw.ysxsa ..rj??.?s>, ^??^..^.^.^??j',*.-. fSS
?Jv??p."jf q? 9S99> 9 999 9999 9 999 9 *C- **r*S* *K
StationerytType writer Paper,
Carbon Paper, Erasers, Staf?
ford Ink at 60c Per Quart.
Everything for the Office at Reasonable Prices
The rOrC **"
Kodak ^ r ^ Washlng
Store ??s-dlJaV JaUei kssnF ton Ave.
Who Are Yeyr Druggists?
If ere are not. we want to be. We [
kt.ow we can please yon. We carry |
the larg-st stork of Drugs, both pa'-j
ei<ts and prescription goods or any !
stcre on 'he Peninsula. We are the !
original cutters, and continae to lead i
to this f?aTiir?? of thn business. | __ .
Our Prescription Department is j Tet*uny-firtn Street and Washington
js'rictly up t-> dia*e. overv article used ; Avenue,
in this work: ?ring the product of tF yoy WANT THE BCgT OYt>
tsrnsjSJiaji standard homes. TEP.8 IN THE CITY by
Our oid customers sl| know us. j
I t l we want n"w ones to become ac
or.-.it.t d with us. and we arc sure
si ch acquaintance will prove mntual
I- profitable If yoft have not be? n
out <?;;-? m- - heir/n now with 'he
pew rrgr. We h?%e saved our old M rwrt??r?n? la ujoeit?^ **
ru'tnmcrs monej. and wi'l do th* t|"g 1?L nT\*Z JV-it,7n 7.
Prompt sttentjon given phone or T***^, *? .^f^'1? ""*
d. rs. as we have birvcle boy con- ^"^^ ?*? trads with the
stantly on hand to otakr d?lnrrle*. <lw**t cloon_ spewed aysiia wfth
Inscriptions called for and dellvr- ***** ???* Juice, free of water. Fans
ed All good* delivered 'o anv part | select frying Oysters, dpa per quart,
o' the city Fine gtewhsg Oysters, 2Se aw quart.
I at AAfftftllAII at Ada . ^9 Ssjeg and yes will he pleased.
iy55?*ashjf mints.
R? member the original. wSfl 'Phons IM. Crtx. Thons *01
quart or gallon. Finest Shell Oys?
ters. 25c dsn. Fries) Oysters a
specialty st 40c per doz, errher In tJtS

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