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only newspaper publish*,
Newport News that rece
ihe full new* service of
Associated Preis.
VOL. XIV. NO, 4fi.
Reported Favorably to House by
Majority o Committee on
Pos. Offices.
Measure Recommended is Similar to
Those in Force in European Coun?
tries and Japan?Outline of Its Pro
visicns?Foreign Shipping Trust
Control* Trade With South America.
CRy Associated Press! 1
WASHINGTON. 1?. C, Feb. I't; ?1
The light ? n t'i?- Moor of th ? House
over the passage of tn*> Senate ocean
mail subsidy bill opened today when
the majority iiiemls-rs of -he pomniit
tee on pest offices and pi -t ioad.4
submitted a tavorable report on the
bill and the minority members w< re
given until Monday neon to submit
The majority report was prepare I
1>> Representative Gocbel, of Ohio, j
ar.j states that the principal provis- |
Urn of the bill is that American mall ,
steamship <f 16 knots an hour or
over, and of 5.000 gross tens, shall be
paid $4 a Statut?* mile on mail carried
on lines to South America, the Philip,
pines. Asia and Australia.
Similar to Foreign Laws.
The bill, as amended is in line
with the policies of Great iSrltain,
Germany, France, Italy and Japan.
I: was declared to be in strict har?
mony with the recommendations cf
President Roosevelt in his last an?
nual message to Congress. .. (
. It was explained that the bill would
provide for a mail service to be equi-,
tably distributed on the Atlantic
ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the
Pacific ocean. The ships, it was de
dared, must be of such a nature and
so equipped that they might 'prc.mptly J
and economically lie turned into
auxiliary and naval cruisers.
Foreign Trust Controls.
In discussing the commercial rela?
tions between the United States and 1
South America the statement is made!
that this "trade now and for several |
years has been monopolized by a'
foreign trust cr combination, whose 1
weapons arc rebates, discriminations j
and boycotting, and whose policies
are. dictated from Liverpool and Ham?
burg." v j
A vote will not be taken until late
Monday or Tuesday, when a rule fcr
the consideration cf the bill may be.
Ar proposition is being considered
among the Democrats to filibuster
against the bill. ;
Two Negroes and Three Whites Will I
Expiate Crimes Unless Execu?
tive Clemency Intervenes.
RICHMOND. VA.. Feb. 26-Two
negroe? are to be put to death in
the electric chair here wi'hin the
next few weeks for- assaults npon I
girls of their own race. Howard
Toler having been convicted in the
Circuit Court in Pulaski yesterday for
attaching Ollie I>ee Morrison. 9 years
old, and Perry tSeaborn having been J
found guilty February 2 in Kmporia
of the ca-ital offense.
Judge Massie yesterday sentenced
Toler to pay the death penally April
9. Judge Jesse F W?-st. on Febru-)
ary 3. sentenced Seaborn lo die In
i he eiectric chair March 12. j
The trial of T.der in Pulaski yester
day was swift justice, as the assault
was made w- !m sda*. and the sheriff
captured Tot?.- ahmt tour nrlb-s from
that city an?l hurried him to JBiL
Judge Vassic was holding rour; and
immediately prepared for the trial of
the negro
F. W Morton and M. C. Gilmer
were appointed b) the conn to de
fend the negro.
When the case was called yestrr
da,v the court-r-oni was packed with
peonle curtoua to sear the evidence.
Commonweal'h* Attorney John S
Draper put on a few witnesses for
the 8tate and made on' Mich a
stron?; case that the negro, when
put oa the stand, confessed to the
waole truth, giving the d. tails of the
erlas?, and as*in* for merry
The Jury was od for only a few
minutes and i "?turned with a verdict
of guilty."
A guard at the penitentiary Hi.a
store. Ing said Seaborn has already
been brought here and Is among th*
i luv?- or four other condemned men
awaiting elect tociiti it wr liia ihe next
few weeks. I
Seaborn was convicted < r criminal
assault u, on a n.gro girl ami toning'
her at the point of a gun to disclose I
I the whereabouts of all the money she J
[ possessed. Which was $<0. The negro]
j was at rested ab'JUl two weeks bef re I
his trial, the capture lieing mate by!
Deputy Sheriff Haund. rs in Suffolk I
lie has already served a live via sen. I
lence in the iieniteutiary f r burglary.;
haying been c<.livlcted in Sou hump .
ton county.
Marc'.i will probably be the death j
chair's busiest month since it began i
operation in October, when Henry
Smith, a Portsmouth negro, was the
lirsl man to pay the capital offense]
..enali y by elect t. cu! ion in Virginia. I
Elijah Weight, a mi.ldleage.i man.I
is the las: whit., man under sentence.
< I tin- old law t i hang in Virginia.I
He was convicted o: the inurd. r of j
William Seit. is. in Dick? nsotrcounty,j
but was respited.
Joseph Payne, of ItedfOrd county.]
is the last mgro under sentence tu
bang in Virginia. He was coneivtedj
of murdering his father-in-law. Redd j
Probably -be most brutal crime f r
which the death penalty js i i be in-'
Miete,! w as that of Felix Christ inn. ;
the l!".t tourl ecunty negro, who is to
be electrocuted .March for assault ?
ing ami murdering the little Dobbs)
girl a; Glen Wilton. j
Two white men are to die in th
electric 'bair unless I hey s/'t n< w
trials or th< ir sentences are com-'
muted. They are Samuel Hardy, >?>
Holland. Va.. convicted ( f the murder
irt Tiberius Gracchus Jones, and 1!< n
jnmln F. Hilbert, found guilty t f the
murder cf his sweetheart. Miss
Amanda M rse. on a bridge at Xor- ]
folk. (lillM-rt is to be electrocuted '
March 1!>. j
Buchanan Brings Back Protocol Sign
ed by Venezuela.
WASHINGTON', D. C. Feb. 26 ?
W. I. Buchanan. Amern an special
commissioner to Venezuela, appointed
by Secretary Root, to arrange a basis
of settlement of the disputed claims
viih that country, has seturned to
" Washington "hg" wa>-., of the gunboat
Mr. Buchanan brought the protocol
signed wherebv two of the five claims j
are to be settled out of court and .
the remainder arbitrated.
Diplomatic relations with Venezue?
la are to lie immediately resumed,
nnd in ibout a week W. W. Russell,
the furnier minister, withdrawn last '
spring, following Castro's refusal to
arbitrate the claims, will return to
Morfi.i Synd cate Buvs $21.000,000 of j
Southern Securities
NKW YORK. Feb. 26?The pur-|
cl.su- of t pwards ol $21,000.000 of gen.
er?l development bonds of the South
rrn Railway Company by J. P. Morgan I
A- C->uipan . as svn licate managers, j
was anrnunced today. The price was j
!t?t-d ;ti be about $7'..
The nroceed.< will lie used to re?
deem the tK.ot'0.090 of 0 per cent,
notes if the Southern Railway Com
pcav which mature on the first of |
[stale Oepartnent Asks TH 0
Vina U?msis |m Coal
ion! vessels De oeni.
, Warnings Corns From American Sec
retary of Legat on at Managua? |
Situation in Central American |
Country May Furnish Devei-pments.
fRv Associated PlCSO.t
Hecssse cf reports of uneasiness inj
Central America, growing out of im
i?r>rlaiit mfliia-y activities tn Nicnra-j
gua. th.- date de|>srtment has asked f
that one or more naral n sails he]
sen- to Aumpala. oo the west coas*
to watch developments and report on |
the s t- ..nf n.
The Intormation whicn the state de.
nartoie.it Is acting upon came t : rr. j
John H. Gregory. Jr.. th .-secret,
of the (egst i .n st Managua.'the rapl |
al of Nicaragua
offi.deemed the information toj
be of sufheien' Im-ortsnee to warrant [
preparations f r any eventualities
Recent unofficial dis;a'rhes frcm|
Central Amrriea have indlre'*d
feelina somewhat akin to taat re?
ported 'O the state d<-pnri rr- n? ? hut
have met with denial* from slmilir
?OWr.es The state departtnent bsa
4. ae It a almost in offering its good
fBee to maintain peaceful conditions
in Central America.
Much Debate But Few Changes of
fmportance?Maine Wreck
Will Remain.
Amendment lo Direct Prosecution of
Steel Truit Fails of Adoption?Pro?
vision prohibiting Canteens at Sol?
diers' Homes Remains in Bill?Por
to Rican Church Appropr.ation Lost.
fBy Associated Press.)
WASHINCT. ... I) ('.. Pen. 2?.?
Tin- house i f representatives again
today got down in work on the sun?
dry civil appropriation hill .
The hot'se overwhelmingly voted
down an amendment hy Mr. Flttger
ald of Pennsylvania, striking mil the
provision prohibiting canteens at sol.
iliers' homes.
On tiie ground ihai it was new
le.'islation the chair .-ustnimd a point
of or:ier against the provision admit
:ing to national soldiers' homes all
honorably dischcrged soldiers or sail?
ors who have seen service in the
Philippines. China ami Alaska and it
was stricken o it.
An amendment bv Mr Bartlett of
(Jt-oriria. directing tin- attorney gen?
eral tti prosecute the i'nited Stat'-s
Steel Corporation for absorbing tin'
Tennessee Coal & Iron Company and
appropriating $50,000 for that purpose,
was ruled out on a point of order by
Mr. Tawney.
Was in Prooer Form.
A practically similar amendment
offered by Mr. Hitchcock of Nebras?
ka, was held to be in proper form,
and a point of order against it hy
Mr. Tawney was overruled-.
In speaking to his amendment Mr.
Hitchcock declared that the absorp?
tion of the Tennessee Coal and Iron
Company was a '.'gigantic merger,
spectacular and far-reaehljig In its
cnaracter which practically accom?
plishes the purpose of creating a
monopoly in the steel interests of
the United States."
He said that investtgat.on had
shown that the panic was not stayed
by the merger, bin that the Morgan
banks forced the Tennessee Coal and
Iron Company to the wall in order
to secure the Interests of a rival con?
Reply from Kentuckian.
An assertion ty Mr. Tawney that
the amendment was offered situply
to provide opportunity for political
speeches brought a reply from Mr.
Sherley, of Kentucky.
He said that if there was any poli?
tics in the proposition "the politics
gets into it ly virtue of the actton
of an executive without warrant of
If there was one indictment that
lay against the government, he said,
it was that the laws wen- not en?
forced impartially against violators.
Whether the action of the Presi?
dent was in - <>d or bad faith, he
argued, the course was taken without
right and the facts developed had
shown that the action was not a wise
?-We have heard a good dt-al about
the square deal." he said, "bail have
sei n less of it."
Amendment Was Lost.
The amendment was lost b> a vote
of si to 113.
The provis.on railing for the pa
anefit to the Catholic churches In Por
to Rico of lll'o.noii In yettlement of
all property matters in dispute be?
tween the church and the United
States, sas stricken out on a point
of order bv Mr Uarrert of Tennesso:
On a similar point bv Mr. Itougla*
of Ohio, tin paragraph authorizinr
nrnporals f.>r ra.sin= the battleship
Maine in Havana harlx?r. went out
of the bill. aeain?t the Sppeals id Mr
Solrer ef New York He said if was
a national d'sziace t0 continue to a!
low Ilse Vr- cii to remain, and not
take act the bodies still in the bulk
' We had setter quit ri-memberins
the Maine.' exclaimed Mr. Umi.-t. -
The bodies that were not taken
o - . h>- s*id wre not now liodie*
but food f??r fishes '" To hrln* thei
ghartlv r- ma^rs bom*-, he saw, would
simply I ?? to rcoi>en in the hearts of
their fami tea a s .re which, thank
Got. is now so sn'ostantially re?
moved '
Panama's Secetar,- Salary Cot.
When lh" t rovision relating lo the
-??in ? t? fanal commission w*s reach
ed. an amendment ly Mr Fitzgerald
of New York cttt'ng down 'he sals
ry of Secreisr-. Bishop from lio.woo
to s;..inhi per annum was adopted
Mr Fltzrerald adviard the hoase
? hat Mr Bishop was provided with
a $11 ooo home a horse ant rarr as*,
and a coachman, ml said that I". ??" ?
satarv was etionth
T*?? clause an'bnrtr.ine- t?n increase
In the amount of Panama bonds from
tl"L". adh aofi to $1?A.f?00 000 under the
(Coat'.nn'd on Third Ptge).
'senator Til:man Arks Inquiry Into Ac!
mitsability Of Home Commits cn
Report to the Mails.
1 WASHINGTON. I > (\ Feb. 2?
Senator Tlllinan today astonished Ihr
senate by the Introduction <if a re*
[olutlou instructing 'he committee on
I postofflcca mikI |h?t roads to Inquire
I whether messages and reports recent
I \\ soiu tu congress by the President
; should not he excluded from the mail-,
as obscene Heratnre unfit for puhli
< at ion.
The resolution was. on motion o!
Mr. Tillraan, referred to the commil
toe on |Mislofftces and post roads, its
reading In the senate and reference
causing no discussion.
The resolution Includes not only ihe
President's message, hut the report
of the commission and th commit?
tee on postofflcea Is directed to con
sider whether the use of the mails
should not be prohibited to the entire
matte:-. ?
( The resolution refers to the Pres
ident's home commission dealing with
homes in Wnshingtoir^o the mesauce
on the commission's ,Yeport, and to
the report itself. w*h|ch treats of
conditions in the alley homes in the
city in plain language*
Richmord Packer In Financial Diffi?
culties?Connected by Marriage
With Many Natables.
RICHMOND, VA.. Feb. 26.?T. M n.
cure Perkins, trading under the name
of T. M. Ptrktns & Company, whole
sab- packing business, today acknowl?
edged his inability to meet his in?
debtedness and application was ma le
for him to be placed in involuntary
Mr. Perkins is a son-in-law of C.
P. Laugh rue, cf this city, and is
related by marriage'-to some of the
leading society iK?cple of, America
and F.ngland
; President and .Other Officials Now
\ Genuine Farmers.
trtv Associated Press.t
I WASHINGTON. D. C, Feb. 25 ?
! President Roc seven, Secretary of
Agriculture Wilson and Gilford Pin
chct. government forester, are now
all full-Hedged "farmers," having
I Just been admitted "on sight" to
: membership in the National Farmers'
I The honors were conferred by Pres.
ident Charles S. Barren, of T'nlon
City. Ca. of the National Farmers'
] I'ni'n. which organization .now is In
I session he-re.
i "I am delighted to be a member
1 of your body." declared President
Roosevelt, w hen the honor was con?
ferred upen htm. sddlng that his
I sympathies and best wishes w< re
I with the farmers.
He expressed the hope that they
should meet with success in their ef?
forts to secure legislation to prevent
the dealing in futures In agricultural
' Appeals to President to Discounte
I nance the Tobacco Trust.
I WASHINGTON. D. C. Feb. 2??
Rcpreseiitatu e Ijimb of Virginia, rep
. resenting imb-pendent tobacco men.
I protested to president Roosevelt to
? lay against Ihe recent award to the
American Tobacco Company of the
JioMract to supply the navy with 22".
j aas pounds of chewing tobacco for
, the next fiscal year.
j The protest was based on the
I around 'htit the government has just
Ireen eUgaged in exposing the doings
ot ibis l-'g "trust."
1 The American Tobacco Company,
which holds this year's contract, was
the lowest vd'ier for the next year's
Taft s k nsman Gets Job.
<Bv Associated Pr-trs 1
WASHINGTON. D. C. Feh. 2??
Th.- Cotuaihu* Memorial C >mniie?:on
has award?-d be contract foe making
a statue < i ( Iambus to he erected
in the pla/.i i 'he PasSS station in
this city t.'. I erado Taft, of Chlcag i.
s M-lalive of the President elect.
Congress has zpor^vrlaie.i fionnoo
fcr the fi I :::?:??* Memorial, which, in
addl' on o ? siatm . will r:?mprise
a large srcnitectaral fountain
FamUy of Five Burned.
trir ??Wiste? Press)
Mrs M W iteekmsn. a wldo? and
her fear rhildcea, reatdtag sewen
miles frou* !o? rlly. lost ih-ir Itv s
to In In i ire tbst destroyed their
It Is lelf 'd they were mil'd.-r<-d
and 'he souse :hen set am fire.
grencn Fares, Detest Pirates.
PARIS Feh 4.?The gorernor M
lndoo Chit1 declares In a eaMewrsa.
rtcetved he . todav that he Tonkmr
troops na?' <feated the I*>than Pi
IXtes Of Tenthe.
Tm-o Ff ?'1' offleers and seven aol
4i*TS were *
FEBRUARY 27. 1909.
State Offers to Prove This by De?
fense Witnesses, But Court
Rules It Out.
Mlf ONE OF BITTER ?1111111(11116;
Cooper'* Fr.end Tells Judge That !
1 Carmack Laughed at the Idea of
Trouble?Testimony Not Allowed to
I Go to Jur;??.Contradicts^ Defend-1
ant's Chief Contention.
Wv Associated Pi-ss)
'flu' ninth day of actual testimony in
the Cooper-Sliai pe mal fur tlm rlny-I
i Ills; of Former United sta'cs Sena- i
lor Edward \V earmark ?a? marked)
by length* an.I I 1 ? i* i :-.i gumcut be?
tween opposing lotnrel
At tin - ime lime an interesting
law |?iinl was deiddotl In .LtdRe i
Hail I
The defense i nrl- in i* ? rase in
rhlel offered pr.'of thfl t'olouel Coop?
er was told by Edward* Crnlg, whom
the colonel hud s n: to s' '' Senator
<'nrmark. that Carutack was in an
'ugly humor "
The defense's ease was base.) real- '
ly ii|miii this one expression, for Col?
onel Cooper and Robin both testified
that they united themselves because I
they were led to believe from this I
remark that Senator Carmack might
assault the elder Cooper.
State Embarrasses Defense.
Today the state offered to prove
by two of the defense's own witness?
es?Major Vertrees and Assistant
State Insurance Commissioner T.
U-igh Thompson?tits I Senator Car
it.aek was not only not in an uglv
inood but laughed at the idea of trou?
Tin- defense fon.lit the aiimtsriort
14 this testimony with more vim and
bitterness than has characterised any
aigument since the trial began.
Counsel offered two reasons why
it should be excluded.
Kirs: that the state could cross ex?
amine only on sarh matter as had
J been gone over in iirect examina?
tion. The court promptly rejected
this theory.
! Next Alle defense argued that un?
less all The con versa;'on of witnesses
I with Carmack. as well as their ob
! serration of his mann -r and appear?
ance had lieen communicated to the
defendants, the testimony was Inad
I Court Holds With Defense.
In the question of Major Vertreea'
I testimony, Judge Hart exclude^ the
jury and permitted the state to ex
l amlne the major for the benefit of
' the court.
I H< admitted all that the state salj
? he would; that Carmack laughed at
i the idea of trouble: said he had done
j nothing to provoke it. sad that he.
I wanted a revolver simply to satisfy
. his friends. Then counsel on both
sides Brawed and the court he'd with
, the defense.
I ater in the day. when T. ifeigh
Thompson ?as ou the stand almost
the same question aiosc and the ar
ginn? nl <iegan anew.
Judae Hirt said that he would ren?
der his decision tomorrow, but 'mi?
niated thst unless the state had dis?
covered some new authorities to su|r
|iort its contentions, he would rub
out the testimony.
I Cooper wasn't So Liberal,
j Colonel Cooper resumed the stand
I w hen court opened and said:
i "1 wish to make one statement. Mv >
testimony yesterday as to ?<lpii.g an
, old soldier with money, as 1 read it
in the stenographer's transcript this
morning, was misunderstood, and I
am afraid it is mv faul; I sei an d
ISI.nSt from my farm I gave onlv
$C>o of it to the old soldier, but evi
gentry eseryone thought I said |l.*6n.
That's all."
Cooper mas then e\c is.-d.
After some ij. ia. waiting for a
s:tne?s who did not arrive Lieuten?
ant H. I. Pilehor C S A . mho fonn I
the revolver near earmark's Itody '
mas called by the defense.
He said that he had fast left the I
cbib'a block away from the tragedy j
hefcre the killing and saw a crowd
and is he approached found Senator
earmark lying in the gutter, far*
town Ills rieht hand mas extended
ard the revolver ??s cicat tnrhes
from the hand Wltn<-ss pick>-d nn
the revolver and l.rok. It
It ? ?..;!-.! four loaled shell* and
?wo e y one*. It was a .".$-calibr??1
I ainn.? r'--*e.
O When Fired.
OB rrn* . \ain i.ain.n Weber said
he had no means of knowing ss to
tio? hmt: t' had h*~-n sine?- the re?
volver had been fired
Serseant Meadows of the Nafchvlle
nol.ee force, was t he next wit news
He went to Fort'a Infirmary and got
from Patrolman Vaughan two revotr
rs one Rot-in foops-r s .t2-r?lihr>
i Toot la ued on Second Page )
But Ett-Ball Player Fleor? Hie As?
ia lant?They Fight While Con.
gregation Singe.
(By Associated Press.)
SPRINOFIEI.Ik II,l. K.h. ??. -
Itcv. W, A. Sunday, better known us
Hilly Sunday, a former i>a-ei>all
player, who |s now an evangelist, wa*
htirsewhipped tonight at the Sunday
tabernacle, ?-bere in the presence <?f
k.omo i kit son* bo was conducting th 1
opening mooting of a religious ten?
ts' ims-tlng.
Th<? evangelist was leaning analus;
.to- pulpit <when a powerful man, who
later said his name was Sherman
Pelts, sprang forward with a buggy
whip und struck Sunday ? veral lerrt.
lie blows
Sunday bnis-d from the platform
and dashed his assailant to the floor
III the center aisle The audience
was on the verge of a panic, with s/o?
ineul weeping and children sen anting,
while Potts and Sunday rolled und
tumbled In tie- aisle.
Men Tight While Choir Sings.
Mr. Fischer the choir leader, dln-c
ted the rhoir and the audience to
slug, and In a few moments 'he en?
tire audience was calmed, rent leaving
I heir si?nts.
Several n?en soon seettred Potts
and they held him until pofleetnen
came and took him to Jail.
Sunday said he suffered several
painful bruises from the bugey whip.
The prisoner said that his homo
win m-ar Lotngton, III. He made
the n'tack. he said. In defence of the.
virtue of wonum, which he declared
had own criticised by the evangelist.
The ikiIIck- say that Potts Is a re?
ligious lunatic.
Trumbull Elected Chairman of Board.
Oooley of Richmond Made Mem?
ber?Other Features.
(Br Associated, -Tress.)
NKW YORK. Feb. 6.?At a meeting
dT the board of directors of the Ches?
apeake It Ohio Railway, held here
t?<day, Frank Trumbull wns elected
chairman of the board, and James
Markte, the road's secretary, was
elected also to tne treaaurershlp.
James H. I us i ley. of Richmond; Va..
was made a member of the board
of directors.
The executive committee wss or?
ganized bv the designation, to act
upon |t. of !*resident Oeorge W. Stev?
ens. Chairman Frank Trumbull. or the
board of directors: Edwin llswley,
Frank A. Vanderlip and James W.
Yacht Has Trying Experience.
CHARIJ3STON. it. C, Feb. 26
The yacht Surf, with John H. Hanan.
(f New Y.nk and party on board,
bound for Nassau, came into this
pert this afternoon for coal after a
trying experience in a storm off Cape
The vessel besved to for 28 hours
snd was in grave danger. She was
driven 3*o miles out of ber course.
X<> injuries wore sustained and 'he
vessel proceeded tonight.
HOlttS gsWMmsl ImPeffcl M'
tn M^ti iHs tm/mL
Secretary ef Navy Declares There Is
No Intent cn to Relieve Admirsl of
His Command?Sperry Will Return
on Monday.
?Bt Associated Press )
WASHINGTON. I). C Feb. 2*.?
Rear Admiral Ctrarb-s S Sperry. com-'
mander In chief of the Atlantic fleet J
spent te.la? in Washington in t osteal
tat ion ?ilb nsval officials r>-s|?ectlna
matt:ts ?>nri" t? d with hi- command
He caane on lair fotomur river tsr?at
from Kort Monro? ?hieb Ml then
last nicht. ?Ising to S<-eretary New
rs-rry's pr-renr?- at the rabim: meet?
ing this morning, the admiral deferred
hi* vi?i to tb" na-.> department un?
til noon, when he spent some time
with Secretary N" wherry.
The soereisry ava.n declared that
there was no Intention to retieee Ad
mlrsl Sperr, from his dalles ss com
mander tn rt?W of the Atlanta* nee
It is declared. however, shoeld h?'
adm ral request that he he re ievsd
anotb< ? -;??; a3ner.il would h-- ap?
pointed to take the command
Xpmorr c Admiral Sperry will ks>
the gnret of the President at liinett
??oi. at the tB*rd:e Ifonse Hr will re?
main ?n Wsahinsrto? ?nMl Monds?,
when he will ret irn to he flagship
Partly cloudy and warmer
aturday; Sunday increasing
luudmeea; variable winds.
New Jersey Goes to Boslon ami the
Rhode Island Wilt Sail lor
Neil York.
Determined that the Admiral's Inspec
tlon Shall Be Delayed Until Later
in Year?Report Reiterated That
Wamwright Will Succeed Spsrry.
Farragut's Old Flagship Joins Fleet.
(Hy Associated Press.)
FORT MONROE, VA.. Feb. 6?The
disintegration or the powerful naval
force which bus iii-en at anchor la
Hampton Roads since Monday last
began this afternoon.
The .Minnesota and Virginia, of the
fleet which circled the world, slipped
silently out of their squadron lines
late in the day. and steamed away
to the Norfolk navy yard to undergo
dock inn and to receive preparations
for ihe summer nianoenvera.
The big white ships, when they
leave the yard again, will be dressed
In the sombre hues of "serftee gray."
The three scout cruisers Chester,
iiirmingham and Salem, sailed Just
before the setting of the sun. They
missed out of the Virginia capea and
headed for Newport. R. I.
After coaling there the three scouts
will tie sent nut on a practice run
which Is ex pi-1-ted to demonstrate the
relative efficiency of the three differ?
ent types of engines with which thesa
fleet cruisers are fitted.
As they steamed away today the
three gray cruisers appeared like gi?
ant torpedo boat destroyers, their
lines being much the same.
Two Others to Go.
The battleships Near Jersey. and
Rhode Island are ordered away to?
morrow, the former going to Boston
and the latter to New York.
Conscious of the fact that they will
lie the first of the homecoming fleet
to enter New York harbor, the men
and officers of the Rhode Island are
preparing to celebrate accordingly.
The ships after finishing coaling
today received s new coat of DafaK
and will steam into the metropolis en
Monday, looking spick and apaa as
though she had Just left the navy
Further Inspection Unnecessary.
Other ships are to follow the New
Jersey and Rhode Island very short?
ly, it having been determined that
the admiral s Inspection shall he de?
layed until later in the year. The
ships have been under such close
supervision on the way around the
world and reports have been made so
frequently ss to their exact conditio*
?nd the state of their efficienev that
further inspection was deemed ua
necessary by thf navy department.
Just what is to be done with tae
shins of the third squad row, the so
called stay-at-homes, has not bee* de?
termined. The men on the ships
hsve had hard work fitting out sad
shaking; down the new Teasels aad
are anxious to make some ?eft of
cruise rather th*n to remain at the
r.uantanamo drill grounds until
ships of the returned fleet are
fo,- s'luimer manoeuvers. It is said
thai the third squadron will be give*
a West Indian cruise, taking la such
norts as Annaua. St. Thomas. St.
K its. Rarba.loes and probable Trlnt
Presented Marked Contrast.
One of the most picturesque sights
Hampton Roads has ever shown, was
I presented today whe^ Admiral Far
ragttt's old flagship, the Hartford. Of
J 'Damn the torpedoes" fame,
'terming in from Annapolis sad
; anchor nesr the modern Id.
j Connect lent
With her wooden huli and bark
[rig. the Hartford presented a atrfaV
ing cost rast to the armor dads Of
today. She will he used in helping
1 to transport blue Jackets to Wash rag.
' ton for the inaugural parade.
I With 'he departure of Rear Admi?
ral Sperr, for Washington today ru?
mors "as to bis probable
agate Irecame rife.
The oh| report spread that
Admiral Kichard Wainwrtght who was
ex?cuti?e officer of the hatltesai*
Maine nnder Captain Stgslre wheat ?
thst vesse) wss destroyed la Harass*
harbor and ?bo afterward cousaaaaV I
ed the little Gloucester at the batst?-'
of Santiago, is President RooweveRa ?
choice for commander In chief sad.
tbst the President intends to so de*>
I gnat r him before Merck 4.
Admiral WaJawrigM m one of fas? j
most recently promoted flag of fleers. %
and his select too as i usaiaaauer ha
chief would mesa 'he s-ndiac asBSSPB
to bnrean aad board work la the ?*>
vr department of Admirals ArasdS}
?nd Sekroeder. ss well as AdsnSTSS
Sperry, who retires la SssssssglsBr.
Admiral Arnold sOrta* Oho
of Admiral f*p*in. is eethug
der in efcief of the fleet.

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