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Vit* Salti 9***?*
(Except Monday)
?At the?
211 Twenty filth Street by -he
C. K. Thacker? Editor and Publisher.
I* K. Pugh-Advertising Manager.
The Dally Press Is delivered by ear.
rlers anywnere in the city limit* lor
10 cents a week. Any Irregularities
reported to tbe office of publication,
will receive careful and prompt at
lion. Orders for delivery of the
Dally Press for either residence or
places of business may be made by
postal card or telephone.
(Payable invariably in adavnce.)
One Month .I .CO
Three Months. 12? I
Sis Months . 250
One Year .6 00
Editorial Room*..Bell 'Phone No. 14
liuslnets Office Boli "l'bone No. 181
No employe of tbe Dally Press
Compj.ny Is authorized to contract
any obligation In the name of the
company, or to make purchases In
the name of tbe same except upon
order signed by tbe PUBLISHER OK
SVnrered at tbe Newport News. Vs.,
Postofflce as Second-closa matter.
It is not only possible but very
probable that another struggle is des?
tined tc. begin on April l between the
.United Mine Workers ttgatilzaTiun
and the coal operators in the anthra?
cite regions of Pennsylvania.
The union miners have f rmulated
the demands which they will submit
to the operators, including stlpula
lions as to hours and pay and that
agreement between the two shall be
renewed annually Instead of remain
Eihg In fcrce for three years, which
was the period fixed by Mr. Roose
velt's arbitration commission.
But In justice to the miners, it
shculd be noted that the commission
headed by Judge George dray, of
Delaware, did not determine that the
rules it laid down 'Were to govern
relatict.s between the ?inert and
mine owners IndeSnitely. The com?
mission simply specified that its de?
claim, if accepted by bota aides,
should remain in force for three
years, toat is from 1*03 to 190?.
Without c.mpulslon or binding
obligation on either side, the commis?
sion's award was extended ov?r an?
other three year period from 1!MM>
to UK*
Now the miners have given evi?
dence of a dis position to return to
ojd react ice < f arranging a wage
annually in lieu or binding
to three year contracts.
The operators appear to be de
to resist this move and pros?
it indications are that the sangul
iry war of 1*?3 between the anthra?
cite mine owners and their citeratives
will he duplicated this yesr.
It is extremely doubtful whether
the anthracite ope rat >rs would have
thrown down the gauge of battle to
their ? mplows upon such a pretext
were 1: not that the great industrial
corporations deem it an opportune
moment to aggravate rather than to
relieve the stagnation in business.
I A new tariff bHI is ab ut to be
^.'framed by an extra session of t"on
To make a showing of dls
and inability to demand of Its
and Inability to grant tbe de
of its essptoyes natura 11 v^ is
expected by indu* rial corporations to
j exert BO Inconsiderable i a flue nee upon
the lawmakers at Washing" r
Tee United States Steel C rnora
ast, wltk something like ?hrse mil
*a tors of untiled order* on hand
"4st the old price* has recently realized
urgent neceastty for lowering it*
tag Saure? The steel irast has
down many of h* mills M
to decrease it* output and to
consumer* wait long for the
they order, apparently with
creating tbe istnresstoa
mind that he is
to ohtaia what he wants a'
Is beta*? shin
hp the sangest se*arSciaz*e?
very far toward completion, wails of
distress may be evicted to arise
from many trust tongue*. The cam?
paign has t>u' just begun.
The stool trust stockholders, the
coal mine ownera and the itockhold
era in ihe anthraciie coal-carrying
railroads are a composite group or
financiers. Whai Is best tor one la
best for all.
No stone will be let unturned to
conserve their financial Intervals in
the framing c:" the ?'revised'' tariff
With a na'lonal treasury deficit o."
about lion.ooo.ooo ?ta-ring the people
In ihe tace. the situation hardly pres?
ents the subject matter upon which
to base a joke. Uu| the attempt in
the Senate on Thursday but by Mr.]
Hale, ut Maine, to place the resp.-nsi-j
billty tor the deficit, upott President
Roosevelt must either be viewed aal
a senatorial j? *t or a deliberate at?
tempt to blind the people to the no?
torious and Inexcusable extrava?
gance for which Congress Itself, and
not tiie"President, is rcs.K.nslble. (
The President has no power to draw |
money front the treasury without the ^
iutlujilty of Congress. Though ,
jointly responsible with t'-jngress. be.!
cause of his approval of measures!
[irc.vldlog for expenditures which the'
WJntry could ill affo.J to make, the!
1'resident himself could uot have"
irained the treasury.
At the present session the Prcsl-J!
lent did not initiate the movement' |
:o add many hundred needless ? in-j
?loyes to the Federal payroll, nor did
is usurp the power to increase the',
lalaries of countless others who hap-' |
lemsi to be voters In'various States I
?f the Union. j '
Mr. Hale intimates that a national'
i t
>ond issue may scon be necessary to' ,
neet the requirements of the gov-J
trnnent, or that extra taxes may M
tave to be levied. Doubt Usa ?o. I 1
lut this threatened bard ship upon!j
he peo.tle ha- failed to check the. ,
low of the great volume or social 1
>em?lon bills through the two houses'J
?f Congress. I
Special pension bills, be it known. 1
ire for the purpose <r g:anting pen-' i
lions to Federal soldiers whose ree-j1
>rds are not ch'ar or who are not' ;
entitled to receive the rewards']
rranted by the government to the .
I'iiion soldiers under the very liberal I
general pension act. j'
Regarding governmental extrava.jj
tance. Senator llale said: j,
"I want to notify the Senate anj
:he country now. as I have done b--'1
fore, that at the rate at which art*. .
ire now going there will soon come ,
i day when the treasury of th-?j
United States will be swept as clean |1
as a ctuntry contribution box. Thstt
time will scon he here, and when,
it arrives we will be cosspeUed either[,
to borrow money or issue bonds or
Impose extra taxes in order to mee:
the expenditures of the government.
These exhibits of expenditures which
the senators have been reading sho>v
ihe remarkable encroachment of the
executive power." Mr. Hale pointed
out that those expenditures were
made from lamp-sum appropriations,
and he saht thai the expenditure es*
money for the traveling expenses of'
lecturers most cease. He regarded'
it aa s gravi- abuse of the executive]
l>owe- !
it the Calif .'ma legislature should*
insist on Vhs* bill providing separate!
srhtols : r Japanese pupils, the Pi eel,
dent wires Governor Oillett. "We'
should st once have to test its con-'
stitutionalitv in th.? courts.'* 1
Now. barring the im >ro-r.esy of in
terfereace by a Federal official with
measure* yet penning in a State Leg?
islature, and f> rbearing lommein oti
the t .yalisia "W>. this is rath r re-'
a-suriag. Kren if the intimation of
resorting to judicial interference doe,,1
wear somewhat the guise of a threat.!
still it is a threat <o d sotn- htna,
within the charter s rights of thej
Kxeeu?ve heid of the 1 med States
i'rov? i nnietr Apptal Irt the OSSJTta?.
Why certainly' That ta the method
prewnhed by the C nstltut- n for de.'
U-rminlng cor.fovert.sl questions of
Jurisdiction between the state* an1
the general agency And It is nutter
for publir gratnla'ioo that the Pf -i
dent s? ukt adopt a manner of ad
dress to th* State of California ?-?>
? ilfer. tt from that b - indulged when
this same issue fa-** excited his at
?en-en ? -nv n> albs ago The? it
was the armed power of t>e Govern '
m. at that wax. to he exhausted ta
prey, nt son of California* purpose ti
ex. lode certain cUuwe* of aliens from
the *cboots attended hr whi> chit
dreax Then the preaiden. assumed
to l.-flne all the poia>? ?f BSW in
r lred wtta-na the Intervention of
aay oastrt whvev.-t aad to ;rr . .-d
?illst the sham* Jsmt a.? 'hough it
had hseat s>eshts>j in reaWUoe agaJn*
the fl an man ? ay eor.pef?cu aarthor
Hr. TVB he heltowsdj like an h>
Men's Wear
$ Newport I
furiuti'il hull of llaslian: now hi- r <us
as gently :is a sucking dove. Then
he broke all the hounds of his offi
rial prerogatives; now .should the
State enact the statutes which h?!
thinks Infringe on th;' Federal power,I
he proposes to have an arbitration
r?r the dispute Uy the only tribunal
?hieb can pronounce a judgnnn en
titled to respect and commanding
;>bodieuce. |
The latest advle s from ine Paclllc,
Ooost indicate that so far as Califrr
aia is concerned, the threatened crisisI
is deferred to a later duy. it is for|
the Culifornhwis themselves to decid
whether the menace of alien inrasicn
Is sufficiently real and imminent to
ustify the restrictive leglslat'o.i which
has been1 proisrsi-r:. Hut it is to the
Interest of the whole country tliat ad?
judication should be had .f the qut b
tlon whether the treaty making pow?
er lodged with the President andl
Senat - is paramount I the domestic!
sovereignty reserved to the states.
Must not all treaties be made sttbji-ct
to the right of the State t> administer
Its Inf ? mal affairs in its owsr way?
Cud a treaty establish privileges for
at> alien resident which the Federal
Government, could not cooler on act
iial citizens independently of or in op.
IMsdtion to the hi** of the State o>n
t-enied. For example?the Supreme
Court has held very recently that
Kentucky could validly exclude negro
citizens from Her*'a College; i8 soe
powerless to enforce the seme inter?
dict against an unnaturalletd for?
eigner or his children? The South
is vitally interested In the answer to
these queries: for. if the contention
of Mr. Root Is sound, the negro sub?
jects of France or Great Britain cr
Cuba could be foisted cat our whitel
sc bort Is and colleges despite the State
tcohihlrtons ? Norfolk Virginian Pilot
The Trmes-Dispacth's inquiry as to
whether a man could properly be a
local option candidate but a State?
s'ids governor has been re-echoed In
various editcrtol columns ihrougn the
Stats. As it appears to be believed
by most Virginia editors at present
that Judge Mann's chances of elec?
tion are the more favorable, the ques.
tion is commonly pointed more ;.ar
licularly at him. Some of our con?
temporaries have asked the Nottoway
candidate bluntly to state whether or
not he would sign as Governor a Sate
wide prohibition bill. Hut the issue
involved, of rouqr?'. applies equally to
l-jth candidates now in the field, and
this double application was tolly rec?
ognized in the original article <n this
In general our contemporaries ap?
pear to think that a candidate who
zpiieala for votes on the basis of a
certain polic> with regard to a great
public Issue should be expect'd to
maintain that policy after his induc?
tion into otUre. It is not the views
of the gubernatorial candidate, but of
the Governor to be. that the voters
are Interested in it It fa worth whiie
to note that I he Petersburg Index Ap?
peal, a strong Mann paper, now goes
far bevond anv *weh mild ?nmmary of
the rase if Jndge Mann or Mr.
Turk er. as Governor, approved s
Stste wide measure, the Index-Apr***!
declares with some evidence* of hea*
thst he would "write 'traitor'' in hi*
nwa record Replies from e.ther of
these gentlemen. It asserts, would be
' The candidates do not answer the
Vish whackers, because th- quest on I*
as insult to them a* gentiemen and
an ?*per*ion of their benor sal rood
fa th as aspirants to public ofSce."
I The hn<h* barker*" referred te
I wi h such ?nch temperate and tudi
rtor* calm are. among other*, the
Time~.rHapa'ch the v ??- i - ad- - of
this rlt> . the Norfott, Virsiataa Pilot
and the Norf If landmark Kqnall
Interesting * the as?.imptio* that
candidates may di?mi?? in ?te-nc*
q' e*thaaa on which man' tnter* hon
-s?iv seek ? nlisht nie. t ? na the
rro'ind that tkey constitute "ssper
r*on cf their hrmor and soon faith M
asnlras** to pa Mir office " The Pe'
? rslurg fades-Appen: I- not IS post
rhsa, sc. fsr s* w. know, to speak fo
Sivy s:
5 Shoes
lave jn-*t replenish*'*! nr
: of
the Spring, im-ludiug
of the best styles and
iere. &
ir ( LOTH IN (i is of the $
makes- at great') reduced
in fart. Rvcrjthing in 5g
ing Apparel ||
?*? *ve. I
^Jevvs, Va. $
ci.her candidate, but because of its
deservedly high standing in the State
ttils somewhat excited indication of
a desire to commit both of them on an .
important point la worth tucking '
away for future reference.?Richmond j
As the Right Hour rattle Herbert j
henry Asquith is bles od with seven
daughters. It seemid like embar?
rassing him with riches when the
suffragettes tent u.m two 'human!
letters;'" that is to say, two of them-1
solves, by mail prepaid.?.New York '
Sun. I
Mr. Taft s speech* s do net ?rlstlc
with picturesque pit ruses, as do Mr.'
Roosevt It's? .-..t do they (yrovoke the |
picturesque ?phrases of others.?Char?
lotte News and Courier. j
The t'/ar of Russia now seems toj
be able to ride about his capital' as
the Sultan of Turkey.?New York
One of the great troubles with trial
marriages seems to be that they
never prove t0 Ix? satisfactory. ?!
j Chicago Record-Herald. J
The President is the Collossus ci
Hampton Roads?New York Mail.
Castro has lost his title, but re?
tains his appendix.?boaJsTttle C ur
The ground hog i.i wurst.?Ph'ladel.
phia Evening Times.
The weather changes its mind as'
I often as a woman
The Baltimore public schools arej
|_no; i-orrespondence schools.
Of course President-elect Taft will i
I manage to get along oa t?.>,nnf>. j
Wall street con ribttod that |2.V'
Inno to the Boose veil trip for the ptr
pose no doubt, of l|ilng to get htm
I away.
There is every reason to ball are!
I that Mrs. Hetty- t'reen will make a
| typical mother-in-law.
Our weather has gone in for mod?
ern vaudeville?quick changes and'
I many of them. I
Kentucky is -nffering from flood*,
but interns! droath continues.
From the tropics to the Artie* in]
;t hours. This i- swift land'
Next thing <nm<- reformers wi.I he]
demandim- Federal inspection of tooth,
sraahea and toibt soap.
Inauctit a'ion week i* the only get-j
rich-quick seheni?- m which Washing
'on take* aay stock
Mm. James Rrnwa potter ha* about |
c?mcl ided lo d?> h? t part In npllfttng'
the drama by baviag the stage.
Baltimore Sun
The god of nicht awakens
To guard the *ees of 4ay.
j Pale-eyed t \ ? :<? the setting ?nn
' Peer* ont across the bay.
' And sees the sailor* bringing
Romatte* from 'he astg.
' Aa they row back with singing.
Coming hom? 't'^rn sea.
Aero** the tales of night trme
it bar* he bUrkenew sky.
As. gult-d through the driving night
A shadow *hi|i go.-* hy.
And wh'n the dawn is t.r. akinr
It behold a sain
The a*h*rfolk a making
? Ont to sea asain
- Donrlas R.e-. ? ?. ? Apoieton ? for
{Hampton, Photbi
Alleged Murderers and House Burn?
ers Arraigned In Court
Public Sentiment Much Higher
Against Accused Negroes?Pi ison?
ers. Ordered to Farmvilie for Safe
I keeping Until the Next Term.
Feb. J5. -Sheriff K. A. Ruugh and
Iteputy Sherilf Micha ix left her.' late
|yep:erda;. afternoon for Richmond to
'bring back I. ham Taylor and Joseph
Taylor. two of tin- negroes, who are
charged with the murder and burn
ing of Mrs. Lizzie Skipwith and Wal
ter (I. Johns.in not unite two weeks
They reached here about 11:2?
o'clock todav, coming by way of Farm
viile. Long before the arriving time
of tlie train crowds of white men
and negroes were seen forming around
the station and every i-ossible place
of vantage between the railroad and
the courthouse were awaiting the ar?
rival of the prisoners in order to get
a look at them.
Very much to the surprise of the
throng that bad gathered the train
was stopped a- a street crossing,
al'Ottt IKHl yards west of the station,
and the prisoners marched direct
from there 10 the courthouse, the
crowd rushing and pushing to over?
take them.
Immediately after the arrival of
Sherifl Bangh and Deputy Sheriff
Michaux wi'h their prisoners court
was called to order and tin- prisoners
recognized before the court.
Counsel for Prisoners.
Judge Hundley asked the prisoners
if they had employed attorneys. It-ham
Taylor said ho had employed Attor?
ney Harry M. Smith. Jr.. of Rich?
mond, and the others said they were
without counsel.
The cenrt then ask< d them if hev
desired to employ counsel, and sev?
eral replied that they did it being
suggested that there were lawy< rs
present with whoju they might make
One or two of the prisoners arose
and started townrd Messrs. Haskins
Hobson and William M. Just is, Jr..
evidently to consult them.
At this point .Mr. Jnstts arose and
said to the court that with the ex?
ception of the attorney for the com
mouwealth. Mr. Hobson and himself
constituted the local bar. and that
tinder the rircumrtances they desire I
to sav to the court that if the co tr
saw tit to assign them as counsel for
the prisom rs that they would endeav?
or to discharge their duty toward
He said that they realized that the
com. would have to appoint counsel
and therefore felt that their duty as
lawyers required that the* should
do what they could to see that the
prisoners had a fair trial.
Didn't Serve Voluntarily.
Mr. Hobson also stated to the court
that they did not appear as volun?
teers but that Mr. .1 ist is and him?
self had consulted about the matter
ami that they did not feel that tile
entire burden of defending the pris?
oners should Ve put upon either sing?
ly: and that as they were the only
uiemliers of the local bar end realized
that the prisoners were without coun?
sel and unable to pay. that they
would have to he assigned and willing
to do so.
The Judge then ordered the four
prisoners to Farmvilie on the 2:""
train for safeki-eping. Those taken
to Farmvilie are |sh.im Taylor and
Joe Taylor. Lewis Jenkins and Rob?
ert Taylor, alias Johnson.
He then a uth er ix cd Jailor L o Da?
vis to essplov guards and kee.p close
guard on the jai: h- re where 'he oth
er fo.ir prisjners are confined.
Judge Hundley furthermore request,
cd the supervisors to secure an ar?
chitect and have the jail here exam
ined an.i thoroughly equipped for tue
?afekeeping of the prisoners.
i Th'? court then ask -d the common
|wealth'* attorney if he was ready for
i the trial of the alleged murderers
He asked for a continuance unit! the
I next term of corn or as soon as he
could prepare the cases.
' This means that the trlsl of the
alleaed murderers will come np st s
|?pectal term of court as soon as Com
iitOo wealth's Attorney itonifant can
prepare himself
Conn aas 'hen adjourned fo- rhSS
term snd Ju Ige Hind'ey left on th"
i train for Farmvilie. va.
I Public sentiment is much higher
today thsn i' has "neen since the da*
of tfte tragedv. bnt tin trouble is an?
ticipated, snd It Is iHieved that the
P'tsooers will have * fair 'rial.
-n*r '.r\ ?UI SBPStfS SlPSJJSjS the ISSSS *d
naett BUS <-nt?ate??t? Hee?isr '"Sot
wfeew ente?tii? S tt?r?a?h the iwi'i"* ?\rt* e??
elkKi .lewita a**er he nmM ssce?* ?a
r..- -tt 'im.? free? r?|s?fsl.l? phv?K<?n?. ?? >t?
imwrnta 'h"T ?III <te Si'el fold te the ganrl ? ? n
*aa p*???ort rteetre t"*m tl.ee- Halt'* '
C,,-.- gtSSSSSSSHired M f I CSeae* A ' " 1
s.?-. ssn*an> i as snutssny se<t t- ? ? ???? ta
? ait* artlaa dtreiUr opnn t?>? '?*?"! sad
MM si SJW ? ??* **? te Maries
Statt? ? nasprrh rare he mr* r???? r?? ih? ce***
Sa# |- to takee tn'T* II? ??"! t? Te
SM?. i Ms ay r i susjsnwAt ? T^ts??rtet.
mt Us "lusassa Stw? psg psj kStUr*
? if mit. *?*??:*? run?.< ?? ?susa t an
is and Old Point
American Theatre
? ho eh t? s
Motion Picture* ? Vauderilie1
J. J. LINDSAY. Manager.
Best Moving Pictures; Attractive Il?
lustrated "Sings by Mr. Lindsay.
To Hampton People!
We are. delivering our Bread in
Hampton fresh every day and it j
can be bought a; the following gro-.
eery stores: I
Mr. Todds, MarshuiarUet Corner.
Davis' Grocery, Armistead Avenue;
and Holt Street.
K. M. Turnbuil, \V< st Queen Street. |
Hickman's, Kin-; Street.
J. J. Kimhall's, East Queen Stree t. ]
Lee's Grocery, Cross Roads.
J. S. Weber's. Cross Roads.
Our three leading brands are J
Snowflake, Jennings' Putter Bread and
Diamalt Bread. When you use this |
Bread you get the Best. I
Health Food Bakery
and Confectionery Co.
Cor. Washington Ave. and 31st Street, j
Newport News. Va.
can you find a better assortment in |
whiskies, brandies and wines, as of- j
fered here iu abundance for your de-j
Port, per gal.$1.00
Sherry, per gal.1.00
Claret, per gal.1.00
Sweet Catawba. p-=r sal . 1.00
Tokary. per gal. '.00
Blackberry, per bottle .25
Rhine Wine, per bottle.50 j
Dulfey's Malt Whiskey, per boL. .851
Whiskeys In Bulk at the Following:
Bourbon Wbiskey. per gal.$1.50
Parkwood. 2.00
Star A Rye. straight . 2.25
Old Charter, straight . 2.50
Paul Jones .^ 2.76
Hunter .**0
Harper .t oo
Doable Stamp Gin .2.00
All bottle beer 3c I?er Sottle; 50c
per dozen. Watch my imitators!
N. Leonard
Original Price Cutter,
We have moved from No. 53 W>
Queen Street to
No. 25 W. Queen Street
Where we have greatly enlarged oar
stock, and are better prepared to
serve onr growing trade. ?? shall
conduct stores at No*. t% ana 21 West
Queen Sireet. with the larce?( assort
Bient of furniture and housefnrnlsh
iag. stoves and range* in the city.
We invite yon to call and inspect oar
Newell &Co.,l NC
Sl-35 W. Qimi St
Phone aJaVJ
Steamer* to Philadelphia
Sa'hag from Philadelphia. Tuesday.
Wednesday. Ptidar and Saturday
Freight r-celved and delivered
dally at C * l>. PW No. 0 Offle?
Rimr Rend. JAS w ITCARRrCK 1
Ooa. Son"hern A????
12 Snath Delaware Avena*
Philadelphia, Pa.
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry.
Pact Train? to Richmond and ths
i^-avo Newport Newi lOOii a. iu.
5:25 p. tn.
Locals Trains to Richmond
6:30 a m.; 0:45 p. m.
Trains arrive Newport Newt, in-an
a. in., iu:35 a.m., 5:35 p.m. and 7:20
p. m.
Steamers Service for Norfolk.
Leave Newport News 10:40 a. m.,
5:40 p. m.
Dally Service
From Company's Wharr.
Norfolk, foot of Church
street every week day
at 7:00 P. SI
FARE?First-class, one way. $8.00;
Round 'rip. limit thirty days, 114.00?
nieiils and berth iu stateroom In
Steerage, without subsistence, $5.00.
TICKETS on sale at C. A O. Rail.
way Ticket Office.
Steamers llrandon and Herkley
!<-ave Pier "A" X:.'10 every evening
passngers only.
PANY. .lame>- River Day Line fur
tirhmond and all James River lanii
irg.i. 'Steamer Mibjack leaves
Newport News, Tuesdays, Thursdays
anil Saturdays at S:45 s. m. I.<eave
Newport News Monday, Wednesday
and Friday a; 5 p. m.. for Norfolk and
Old Point..
Stesmer Hampton will leave Pier
"A" daily except Sunday, at 9:00 a.
m.. goii:g to Norfolk, and at 4:30 p.
m.. going to Smithtield. Steamer "Ac
comae" w>U leave pier '"A" daily, ex?
cept Sunday at 9 a. 3)., going to
Smi'hfield and 3 p. to., going to Nor?
All business between ffew Torh
and Newport News transacted at pier
No. 6.
All business between Newport
N< ?9. Norfolk. Smithfleld and local
points transacted at Pier "A" foot <.f
Twenty fifth s'. W. H. LANDON.
"Sewab'a Point Route."
Effective Jan. 11, 1909.
Subject to chance- -ithout notice.
c _,
C ?
? ? P=
? h
The Norfolk & Washing
ton Steamboat Co.
(Schedule Effective Nov. 1. 1908 )
The New and Powerful Iron Palace
INGTON and NORFOIJC will leave
daily as follows:
Lv. Portsmouth . *5:00 p. m.
Lv. Norfolk . "fitOO p. m.
Lt. Old Point . ?7:00 p. m.
Ar. Washington . ?7:00 a. m.
Lv. Wash. H. A O. Ry..?**:*> a. m.
Ar. Phil.. B. A O. Ry...??11:60 a. m.
Ar. N. Y.. R. A O. Ry.?^lO p. m.
L.\ Wash.. Penn. Ry.??$:*0 a. m.
Ar. N. Y , Penn. Ry_*?! :15 p. m.
I.v. Wash., Pet r I;y_**7:30 a. m.
Ar. Phila.. Penn. Ry_??10:40 a. m.
Lv. N Y.. H. A O. Ry..?11:30 a. m.
Lv. Phila.. B. A O. Ry... ?2:17 p. m.
Ar. Wash. It. A O. Ry... ?S:** p. m.
Lv. N. Y.. Penn. Ry.?12:55 p. SB.
Ar. Wash.. Penn. Ry.??f<:\6 p. m.
Ar Wash. Penn. Ry.!6:22 p m.
Lv. Phila.. Penn. Rv.?3:20 p. ra.
Ar Wash . Penn. Ry.?6^2 p. ?
Lv. Washington.*6:45 p. m
Ar Old Pt. Comfort.?7:IK) s. m.
Ar. Norfolk.?8.0? s. m.
?Dally. ??Daily except Sunday.
!Sunda; only.
For information apply to
J. N. SMITH. Agent, rnfon Ticket
Office. Chamberlain Hotel, o. i Point.
Agent, corner Graaby and Plume
.:treet?. Norfolk.
Passenger snd Freight
NSWS)ort News to Bait.more.
Daily Except Tuesday. 6 p. as.
Fare $3410 One Way. ?6.00 Round
Tr p?.ccludiog StatesroOm Berth
? Tickets to mi points.
Newrpcrt News to Boston
Every Moo . Wed., and Sat. 12 #?
Iii t II ?m Hi ti '|l..i .
rtWTWl 9W e*T^" I^Pr^r^WJ.
Every Moe., Th?r, and Rat-, s p si
Pot tickets and further tnfot st'1' i
apply to HC AVERT. *?? nt.
New port News, fa.

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