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12 R?
VOL. XIV. NO. 47.
Together With His Assistant Treas?
urer, w. Vemon Booth in
Toils of the Law.
Inherited Great Fortune from His Fa?
ther and Is Member of Many Aris?
tocratic Clubs?Men Charged with
Conspiracy'to Defraud a Bank Out
of $300.000.
illy Associated Press.) (
CHICAGO. !M... Fob. w. ver
non Booth, president of A. Booth Ac
Company, the so-called fish trust,
which went into the hands of a re-,
ceiver last September, and F. R. Roh- J
bins, former assistant treasurer of
the company, were both indicted here j
They, -with others to the grand
jury unknown," are charged with en?
tering into a conspiracy by means
of which they secured "wilfully mali?
ciously, feloniously, etc," the sum of ,
$300.')On from the Continental Na?
tional Bank of Chicago. |
? The two men are jointly indicted
in one true bill which contains only
three counts, none of them differing
substantially. j
News of the grand Jury's act ion
created a sensation in Chicago.
Inherited Big Business.
W. vernon Booth inherited from his
father what is said to hare been the
largest fishing .business in the world.
The eider Booth was a hard working
business man. who to hia last day,
would dean a fish or handle a sall
? boat with-any of Ms isiass/n His
son. William Vernon. upo*** tils suc?
cession to power, was one of the hest
known polo players in the country,
and was socially prominent not only
in Chicago, but in the East.
Mr. Booth frequently entrusted the
management of the business to his
staff, apparently believing in common
with the public that the big firm was
safe from financial difficulties. He
was a member of the Chicago Athlet?
ics, the Chicago Yacht, the Chicago
Golf Onwenzia and Union League
clubs, and news of the receivership
last September was entirely a sur?
prise to the public.
Liabilitiea Were Over $6,000.000.
The liabilities sere estimated at over
$$,090.000, but 'he assets, at first
supposed to be sufficient dwindled
steadily as the investigation proceed?
ed and have unofficially been esti?
mated as low as $3,000,009.
Sensational testimony was adduced
from F. R- Robbies, who was indict?
ed with Mr. Booth today.
The witness told a stsrtling story
of raise statements presented to. the
banks to bolster up th? tottering
credit of the firm.
These stat'-monts. by redveing th?
fhtnres showing liabilities and iiwfrcas
ins the assets. Mr. Bobbins said were
$2.flno.Ortn away from the true con?
dition of affairs.
Basis of Indictments.
Statements presented to lh<- Conti?
nental National Bank was the basis
of today's indictments.
Mr. Bobbins sa*d 'hat when Mr.
Booth learned that the statement had
been made to the banks and that i'
was false he insisted that the hanks
be promptly inCorm'-d of actus! con?
This ?as i'c.ne ?t a secret meeting
in the Continental National Bank. :ho
?. lines* raid.
The whole fal-i- of alleged decep?
tion s?s l.iiil hare and the future of
the treat fishing business thrown on
ihr, merry of the bankers.
Kept Frc-n Public.
Cor a month the secret was k"pt
fem the public Then came the
crash. '
(ton : were f-rorf at $;."..?M?0 in each
c?se. but the capiases though issued
fill waB.i were not t -rretl
It nas not peearded ax peeesar
at this time as it Is experted 'he
defendants wilt voluntarily appear tn
mar? Mond:-.
But Mibtiamrn Will 3e Admonished
Against Repetition.
fRv Associate^ rTeSU)
The war departnv nt has railed th*
attention of 'be authorities to s re
e?-nl incident at Ronnoke where lo>
rsl militiamen < ncac-d in ??nmr sort
of benefit enfert!?lnmen? by wny of
advertisemen'. tisd cne of rVdr new
1 er. who Is de*rribed a? having been
arrayed] in the uniform of the resnsahf
<<~rv|ee. e?|'iinr<e(t with the rerulsiion
belt and earr-*nr an obsolete rifle,
wiik tbe regulation sayssset, bearing
a ptsesrd.
Tfce placard eaRed attention to ?ne
event Ho far as I Is known there
eeenis 'O have been SO ,litrn? ion to
show any dlsrcapert as the uniform. It
being simply au Ill-advised or I nought
loss art.
The most that can he done probab?
le is to iss ie an admonitory circular
reminding the members of the mili?
tia tha; the uniform which they wear
should not ho cheapened for advertis?
ing purposes.
Midchipman Young and Miss Cornell,
of Pennsylvania Wedded at Chair
berlin at M drug lit.
Daily Press,
Hampton Bureau. P?*b. 27.
A romance vvhjjji had its beginning
with the arrival of the battleship
fleet in Hampton Roads Monday, cul?
minated at midnight tonight, when
Midshipman Robert Sintonson Young.
Jr.. U. S. N-i and Miss Margaret Cou?
ncil, of Scranton. fa., were married
in the parlors of the Chamherlin Ho?
tel, old Point. The ceremony was
performed I?; Chaplain Alien, of the
batthship Connecticut in the?presenqr
of a happy party of friends of the j
young couple. j,
Midrhipman Stranss was best man.'
and Miss Nation, of El Paso. Texas,
was the maid of honor. Midshipman i
Blakely and Miss Montelair were aiso j
In atten lance. The bride was given
away by Mr. Brit'man. the Swedish !
vice consul at Norfolk.
Midshipman Young is the son of Dr. .
Robert S. Young, a prominent physi?
cian of Concord. N. C. .and the oriuo .
is the daughter of A. J. Council, of |
Scranton. Pa.
The young couple met for the first ;
time Monday when tho young officer,'
came ashore after his vessel had.
steamed Into Hamilton Roads with |
the homecoming battleship fleet. Miss,
Council had come to Old Point to,
witness the fleet's arrival.
Ochs and Preston Get Control of
Daily Paper.
fRy Associated Press.)
NASHVILLE. TENN.. Feb. 27. ?
Milton B. Ochs and Thomas R. Pres
tu. the latter a banker, have pur?
chased the NashefUe- Ametican.
?BBr*^aahe tsflt tan aJM p?eianhwr ae-i
I manager. He is the managing editor
I c< the Chsttanooga Times. Hi3 two
eider brothers. Adol;?!i S Ochs and
j George W. Ochs are publishers of thoj
New York Times and Philadelphia
I Ledger.
Edkcrial annooncen.cct will be
1 ma?le in tho American temorrow
morning that on March 1? Ochs will
assume the duties of rnbllsher and
, manager.
Former Governor of lew Mexico
Roasts Power in Control.
Statements Also Read by Two Sena?
tors Charging Jury Bribery and
Other Offenses Against What Has
Been Termed the Gang.
(By Associated Prcse.)
WASHINGTON. D C. Feb. 27 ?
There will be no >tateho ,j !cgj-!a
tim: for New Mexico and Alisons at
Iii? ;?r<-.-u nt sessii n of Cungre. s.
This was developed at a meeting of
t'..< Senate committee on territories
i ?Mia-- whe?i all of th<- saesaheTf re
I gardless <f tarty, simuban? asly
abandoned imisldsrathm of the <>ili
pats d by the H:n - and left tlie
room without- 'anyrrv njggestlrg
furth? r ni!"**ting>- for tis considers-ion
Tfrs remarkable ?-?'Ion occurred a;
l ih?- co"? Insjon f ?he reading < f sta'o.
tltenls pres?-fll?-d hv Sena!.- r< Nelson
and It v-ridge t':arginc cor:t?: t?oi.
jnry bribing nn.-| vari< r? ? her o ?
feree? ;ic*inst cefain official*- and
b cb-r- r-f 7 hat was t? vm?d ?he
irang which Is in control of p Ii
tical affair., in New Mexico
? freebootere" in Control.
\n"? g I be c'a'ements reed was a
i b e: m from J .1 i' iL- ? i:. ..
g v? rw? of New Metleo. redeellni
a'sfr. lav rhaierf*f ?f the is pie nho
are t? cr-n-rol < * f-IHlcal affair., "f
rrji ?.-'ton- and declaring ?ba'
lb-?? nien expert ?o eontinu their
COST ml .-'ter t;?e territory ><nnw? s
Ptaie He refers to 'h-m a* -'fr?e
b it'- and ss's ?hat sixty fr-r c ni
-f the ? m# ** are Mexican.*, and owe
re.f of th<m sre illiterate and Icror
ant i:k\ <-asil> r -ii.| be guv? reed ??>
?h tsng" l<? which be re.'err d.
II-' IgS'sted ihar H notrld he well
t? wall sntil Sftfr th?- iK-tt cms;,
b? fore admit'inar New >? ?? to
stet- hood
Maintains Reticence Concerning His
Reasons for Forthcoming Re- 1
quest to be Relieved.
Sperry and Wainwright Have Lunch- \
eon with President?Three Ships
Left Hampton Roads Yeatcrday and
Another Will Go Today?Fleet Will j
Reassemble Liter in New Attire.
(Bv Associated Press )
WASHINGTON, I). C.. Feb. :>7 ?The '
FreKl.Jent today emertained Hear Ad-,
mirala Sperry und Wainwright of the1
Atlantic fl"< t. at luncheon at the!
White Mouse.
AH the flag officers and command?
ing officers of battleships have lieen |
invited to u I nuptet to he given In I
tlieir ho"or tomorrow evening at the'
Metropolitan rluB In this city.
I Lientenant Commander Lone. Brie-'
adior General William Crozier and
Hiram P. Maxim also were guests of
ithe President at uncle mi.
I Postmaster General Meyer, who Is
yiated to become the nest secretary
of the navy, called an.! remained with
lihe President and Hear Admirals
Sperry and Wainwright for half an I
hour after luncheon.
Change Not Discussed.
He declared that they ha(i not dis?
cussed the questions of the future,
t oasnaander in chief of the Atlantic,
flee*. I
Rear Admiral Sperry dor Tared to-|
night that while he had not made a
formal request to I? relieved of the
command of the battleship fleet It
was his purpose to do so after another
consultation with Secretary of the
Have Newberry.
The admiral was reticent about his
reason for no: wanting to be the head
of the hi? fieet. but it Is thought that
bis request will be prompted by the
fact that his retirement in September
wi.i occur onlv a short time after
the fleet which is now breaking up.
reassembles at Hampton Roads.
Wainwright or Schroeder.
At tue navy department the impres?
sion prevails that either Rear Admiral
Wainwright or Rear Admiral Schroe?
der will 1h> named to succeed Admi?
ral Sperry.
The latter, who will remain in
Washington for n few days as a guest
or the .Metropolitan Club, hns about
concluded his reports to the navy de?
partment relative to the world cruise
cf the fleet, and he expects soon to
return to his flagship, the Connecti?
The admiral stated tonight that
? "aptain Hutch Ins. who was detached
from the Kearsar-.-e was on the verge
of a nervous breakdown, and that his
detachment from he fleet was d'te
solely to his own request.
Go By Twos and Threes.
j FORT MONROE, VA.. Feb. 27.?
Officers ;;nd men sho made the voy?
age 0f th,. sorid viewed with feeling
of keen r< grot the further breaking
up or th?- American battleship fleet
Thre. of the ships that h -Iped to
win for ;hc United States- navy the
admiration of the nations of the two
hemispheres, sailed away to nary
'ur's. making five ^a; s in all in th<
two iong lines of anchored fqua '
O'her -hips are u> -o tomorrow and
bv Mon.'av it :s 'bought that onlv
the eight ships which aie to f rnlsh
a Irigade of marching bruise's eis tot
the .'nangitral pan de at Washington
will \r>- l?-fi in the Roadstead.
The going away ci file >l>ip.; at lips
lime atean- more than .1 mere tern
pnrar; dLU Tibet ton of the four divis?
ions. 11 means the last of th.- "srea'
white licet."
Will Aopsar 1- New Attire.
When the ship* "f the reorganised
II -et ren lervons heie <-n M?a>l7 they
wilt appear iti a new ilressing of se r
, lee pray anil tie bnnwe'tfeno'M ves?
sels whiep . v? t) n -. naz/k* the ors'
car., ot"server le distinguish between
the < *,a> ."k si!| look ntoie alihe :h?n
? 1 er.
White hsris and buff s~iper?trueture
hare ion.- 'w-en the dtsttagalshins
marks of the Am<riesa navy in time
fit a*-*re rnd wherever the white ves?
sel* have Ii ntri" in ee,"'act mith the
nther nail** of ih ? world 'he sdn-'rleg
ere-s !iav a'l kn f?r tl-e riiips of
thl- rmtnir
Busirest, N't SCcw. Hereafter
Man-of sa- crwi?fn:e ? km I-. rsri'dl*
-etting to the m>i?i how.-m-r. where
Iwauty a. .1 grace of -;n- s are not eon
?ideret .,. the rn-h to eTUeen'rate
' ? nstiv Mg enUhec run:- in one n?
If :? ss?r?lls> for 3i?nt bulls In ?*and
The Rhode f?iand the New Jersev
nd the Kansas were the ?hp? to
esve lists-. Thei left at wide Inter
s'? in "he order name.!
The Rhode Island Is lionnd for the
>? Vo'k n?r\ -srd
(Continued on Thiil Page)
(Another Wounded In Binning Fight
I with New Orleans Detectives. |
(By Associate,. Pleas.)
j XKW ORLEANS. LA y,-u |n
a running right with detectives and'
I Italian thieve* here today, one, of the
thieves was lilllej and another faliullv
I wounded. ,
J Roaariu Ferine, 25 tears old. was
instantly killed, w hile \ iiioeii?o Ke?
rl na. 21 years old. was shot through
the kidneys and jsrohubiy fatally !
wounded. !
Mezinni Hrun. 28 >ritr> old. and
William Mitchell, a nej;i<>. were cup-1
tured unhurt.
Two detectives watchi'iu a feed
store just before daylight saw the
Kalians enter the place I
When the tlalians dro\>' out a short
time Inter with a wagon load of feed
the detectives called io llteni to halt, '
but the Italians l-urrow'd under th'Ji
feed and opened fire.
Meet in Atlanta and-fgak? Declaration
of Their "ffltris.
(Bv Associated Press.)
ATLANTA, GA..?" JfVb 27.?The
Si iithern Negro Antl-S 11.>? m Assooin- '
lion, closing a three'ajnys conference
.here, adopted a teaWm'o. eulogizing
the "spb-ndid movem^n- now being
carried forward bv our white neigh-,
bors"' for prohibition.
I The resolution says:
"The loaders in otlr ministry nre
I united in this course. We deny the
[statement often mad" by the friends
of-the saloon that ns a race wo can
I he counted upon to ally ourselves
wilh their interests. ,
! "We recognise that- II" saloon has
heen the cause of the greater nuri
of crime committed by the w. -ik; r
element of our race."-5
Castro Denies That He Sought As
sassinatton dBGcmez.
J (Bv Associated Press i
I DRESDKN. Feb. jfe-Cipiiam. Cus
' tro, late president Venezuela, to
' day authorised tlie publication < f '<
I declaration of his Jams-cpi of Hi
j charge that he had eoswpired to bri. g
I about the nssasaJ netten .of Juan Vin
j cent':4foaK8, tho ?iri??us presidei? or
J the riv-tiblic.
! '"The only charge that has been
raised against mo." Senor Castr'
1 says, lit a signed state?cat, "is that
I tried to im-tigato the murder of
Gomez. it i.< incredible that after
i having shown my interest in him In
j so many ways I should try to cause
'? him to be murdered."
j Bloodhounds After Firebugs.
BEDFORD CITY. VA.. Feb. 27.?
j The More at (Joffes, near Big island.
I belonging to Krank and Edward
Burke, was destroyed last night by a
fire that is to be supiiosed to be of
incendiary origin.
, This morning a bloodhound was
sent from Roanoke and carried In
the place to trace the originator of
the fire.
i Some months ago the barn of Mr
Powers, of the same vicinity, was
burned and the i-'oodttonnd was sum?
moned and followed a trail to the
house of a negro who was arrcsto.t
.'pon tills evidence, and is still in jail
[ awaiting trial
! There have V< n a number of fire.-,
j in tin's locality a'l sopstoacd to have
Veen incendiary, and there in connr:
erable excitement there.
i State Republican Convention.
. RICHMOND. VA. Feb i>7._>he
ii-tate Republican convention will meet
,aboi>? the middle of March and promi?
nent men In the party in Richmond
j are making an effort to bring the
; convention here The most formidat
Me opposition to Richmond comes
from Norfo'k.
! "indications st this time favor the
. advocates- f)f Richmond," said Melvin
' Flegenheimc? president of the Repub.
lic.->n Citv Oh-h of K.chmond. todav
, Delrgjstes to !hc s afe convention
;wi'l 1-- respiir<d '" rav their own
: transportation an! oiiv-r cxperr's
Agreerreot r- Navat B.ll.
tpr A?s?.c>:-' -d P-ess I
Senate rc.nr?--ees <-?? 'lie rwval Mil to
\ dai r. :-ed- ' f-" 'be amendment
.->' 'rrrrlittftc the TV ? -ideal io keep half
of the navy on 'he ParaaV coa-t
Th" Hnstse e < ' I this Provision
r-n the z" ond I' a' 'he Pr'-'d'-nt :?!
ready lias thf. .-.??? ? riiy. and becamw
ft ot^wy.-o - ... . - tilgtest erl b- the
The mtif n - ? now in eompb ?<?
as; cement.
Ho-jse Coefe-"-s C've Way
i n. a *..' i tress i
1TAl*HIXOTO\ D C. Fel. 27
Cwwfeie? a on > ? r:m appn print. 71
:.>!! cf.tiioi. . <i c-n--siderat 'on 'o
?e ai d wilt r 1 o ilie Senate and
'Irwtse on Mratda The Hismc cot
fepees SMsepted 'i various Senate
saw ndim atx Iw ? ? i.ie tbr enpro-pria
t. ns f r the ;?- < ? ' '--Rated rtx-n
*>?<?? ?frte-cl Is Death.
WATCROBH f.A r>S f! -Jens
Supp-c jt f?e?re ~ '. 'ode- sentenced
?0 be hsngeii 01 \plil IS. !re Junge
Sunpl' ?>< . ? d of th' did. r
of Simon I*-"
BBRUARY 2rc 19<W.
His ire at Fever Heat, Cannon Calls
Sergeant at Arms to
His lid. j
_ j
Clash Occurs in House Between Pre- j
siding Officer and Tennessee Mem- j
t>er?Warm Colloquy Precede* Sum- i
mary Order by Speaker?Member ,
Finally Sucmiti with Part ng Shot. |
Hi-- Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. I? C. K'b 27. Ai
sharp clash between Representative'
(iaines of Tennessee. ? ml Speaker]
Cannon occurred .11 ibe liouai of rep-'
rPsentstiVes IM ilu < curse of,
which ??sell claimed lie bed been In?
sulte.) i ? 1 he uthi r.
So |m'islsti ui ".i< Mr. I! lines In
nddre; .une Ibe ehalt' win 11 he lisd.
Im '?!? i|i 1 Ian il im: 11, 1.1 r. Ih.il the !
ii<rec:ei! t'ie icr ??iinl-: t-arms!
"to coniiM-l nil.1 tu le i:i order." !
Promptly obeying rln- directions of.
the mm jik ?!' ib ? s? 1 -< antut .irms. for;
the f ist t|m<- in seieral years, took ?
tl"- uiac from it; stund und proceed-'
? d toward Mr. Oslnes, but the speak
er called him l ack upon hearing the
Tennessee member say he would be
in order
The trouble arose over Ibe reading
oi the general deficiency appropriation
Games Interrupted Reading.
Mr. Gaines Insisted mi Interrupting
v n!i a question and was held to be
out of order.
"I did not know I was not in or?
der.'* Mr. Grilles retainked.
The rxeaker with some warmth de?
clared Tnnt Mr Gaii.es had been a
member of the bouse leng enoug'i
to know tliiit he was no' in order.
"It lakes a stu.'ent like the speak*
? r.'- 11 torted Mr. Gaines. "to know
what the rules lire, ami be has to
study them every minute with some?
body to prompt him."
"The centicutBMi from Tennessee."
I' he speaker hotly re|iii<-d, -'is abso
Intely discourteous and misstates the
i By this time both men were thor?
oughly wrought up.
"The gentlemen from Tennessee."
ciitne hack Mr Gaines. "is no more
discourteous than the speaker is dls
, courteous to Mm and the gentleman
from Tennessee has not misstated the
facts ."
Speaker's Dander Up.
"Tie- rbnir I es ires at all limes to
l e u.s Impartial as he can. but the
practice has urown up occasionally
for memlier. on the supposition that
the sjn-akei - tongue is tied, to insmt
him. am' Ihe ^,?eakiT will not sulmit
T<. it.'*
"The lonsue of the gentleman from
Tennessee i- t'<-d and he is insulted
bj the eiiai" The speaker has done
;? *ii tr<:\ ? years," replied Mr.
The ji- ake commanded Mr. Gaines
to '?e in order.
The speaker will be in ord'T. too."
was Mr Getnes' fling.
I'le hl<- longer to stand Mr. Gained
taunts, the : peak er ordered the ser
grant at-arms "to see tha- thet he re
mains Ir ord' r "
It sas then that the mace sas
taken down
State of Arkansas After Great Pack
irg Corporations.
ff'-.- ?ssnclsted Press I
Pr seeaMioc s'tcra*>j It iv Campbell
a-<st.?.l b- R ben L Rogers, former
z\ orrej general, today fib-d suns
a-.'ain?-t the Codsuiy Packing ?v:n; any.
NaM tal Packi 1 g C in an*. .Inerd
I oM Pa. king Cosspsnr. SwhH *
ro?ujian>. Moris iT-iekin: Company
and Ih.^ So?rh?-rn TVi f A Provlslov
C nepsuy. a-'^i'u penult bs aggrega*
ing %??. >'?> en e?~li for all- g"d viols
ti es nf i>- Sta- ? an. I tins Saws,
last seek iipl-eld bj file SiiiT-nv
court cf 'ate FuMed Sts'e, fn th?
rase saaitu !':. ?? -nl Pa -kteg
Former Treasurer Ccnwi'*ed
JACKSON KV ?Vi. j; Wal', r R
|*sy. formerly S'a*- ? "-ensurcr -mb-:
Cot Tailor. w?s sen* nod tr?
ore % - in the p* nitentian. here '?
dar. c. - charge . f ferrir g ili?- naiwe
<?l? ????' . I". ? ?, IVy. t ? a ntve for
$; mm
Vm\ till a-Te-. l
Sw ft Pl/et Dsmaccd by Se?
l?ti < il ?? pi eat ?? ?! ? "' a.- l.on ??? ?
g?if A rosnssmy in ibe stork vardt
m?'?j <ie?- proed gre toda; and 'h"
terd ).ou.? urn* .'aaMg'-d.
Th- Iowa is .^tinuiicl al tZ-iO;**
Authority to Lease and Develop
Water Power Stricken Out or
Left to States.
fBv Associated Press.?
WASHINGTON'. I>. C. Feb. :?: ?
The :iviiK and heritor* bill, canylnr
an appropri&tl n <t. about ${i,700,000
was .U'si'd b) tho Senate today.
;AII paragraphs giving authority |o
tlie Federal government to develop
and lease water |s?vver were stricken
fr. ni 'he bill. except In Ihe ease of
the St. Mary's river, In which case t
was provided thai the con sen! of
.Michigan should be obtained before
making any such lease
This iu ti- n was to maintain the
ihe principle the: tbe water power
belongs exclusively to ttie State In
whh h I! is located.
Eulogy cf Deceased Senator.
Eulogies were delivered upon the
lives of the late s nater Latimer. of
South Carolina and the late Repr??
sentativen Powers, Missouri; Wiley.
<f Alabama: Meyer, of Louiaiana;
Brick, of Indiana and Oranger, of
Rhode Island.
At '<?'-' o'clock the S'iiat" ud
Commander Stipulates That They
Must Have Paases?Action Fol?
lows Attack on Girl.
(By Associated Press.)
WATERTOWX. .v Y.. Feb. 27.?
C kme| Paulding, oonusnder of me
Twenty fourth Infantry*, colored, ?ia
lloncd at Madison barracks. Sacke'ts
llarlior, ttday Issued an order forbid?
ding* the enlisted men front entering
that village wtthvtit first having s>>
cun d a pass.
A reward of $lOn 1ms been raised
by the members of the regiment for
the rap'uro <>f the a>sailaut of Editu
Gambely. providing he proves to be a
member of the regiment
Naval Secretary Saluted In Reads and
Inspects Norfolk Yard.
NORFOLK, VA.. Feb. 27.?Tho
President'a yacht Mayflower, having
aboard Secretary of Uie Navy New
Iterry, arrived at Old Point Comfort
today. Mr New berry was given the
usual salute from Isttb rhe ships lying
In the roadstead ami the laud bat
t< -ies at Fortress Monroe.
At the Norfolk navy yard he to
served the operation of the recently
adopted reorganization plan.
House Votes to Curtail Usefulnees
of Secret Service.
Sleuths Must Be Kept in Treasury
Department, or Tney Get No Pay?
Negro Soldiers Also Carry Their
(By Asm .eistet, reesa.)
Vftthin three hours a..er It had Irs-n
n-pori'-d. :b II ii?- tr.-dsy. nrder a
sii*. ension of she nib s pasx-d h
gl SM ial dellrieacj appro] . i, bill
The bill j>. \ idi s i"nr th<- pa-, rm-iil
of "\|i-i ?,??? an.! coin. - ntatloo f?.r the
<ean*nisrioa to fhi- lokio Kxp sitlon
until tn?- first of foe pre'en; tnon.'i.
b"t directs that n ft;r'b?r cxpen"
shall Ik- in?-mr?-d by 'he comnn awss
unless aath rtzeil by C? ngr as
Tb-- aV'teTmprnttoc -o limit the
Operall II;, Cr' The s.-ere| w i \ 1 "c ..s
.it in et Mis need in his Mil a, the
provlsfcn f .- :fce ,rnirr stipula eji
th?t Mr ran of ar.y two er?, a. p*o>
prtatrd i.y thi- act shall be u.--?-d 'n
paySSSm or motions.! Ion or <\ ? i
**'% of an geese* detailed or trans
i ferr? <| f rom the see-et serv ie-- divis?
ion ' the rrvasarv d> a-'im-n: for
fi >ii \'-ar !???!? n-'\ins he < at
;>! ? #d by ?:M?e ufd- r said setr-:
s- : i :ee dt\ I -l<>:
i Cost of Extra Seasioo.
Act .rding to :i|.pr'>i.r:?tlt.?. m-i'lc
ill the bill 'he e?/s. of e??T? BSES
a Iff Mil ? ?! n> arlv lV* ut*>
Tie- i-nm for ,n :?age 'or tl:e m>
:?rrt 'H tiie i|< nan and Beamte
tjut ???> anr] the ?4'-a < xitenae i'
?K.i'o-g ,;i e?tnt|irn>aiio:i .'employ*
Is fW d at 127.2?*
A provision of th< IUI cor.I????-? -h<
, ay <sf sarwibr-r- i f taw national aeanu
'an c> Tsmlv<Son who will c-aar fee
tCenWel os Third Pm* >
Partly cloudy and slightly
oldsr Sunday, Monday fair;
ght northwtit to north w nds.
Prosecution Declines to Cross Ex?
amine Chief Executive After
Evidence is Finished.
Patterson Saw Defendants on Day of
Killing?Advised Son to Keep Close
Watch Upon His Father? Persuad?
ed Elder Cooper Not to Send Hot
Letter to Carmack.
(By Associated Presa.)
Two features Mood out strongly in the
Cnopcr-Hharpo trial today for the niur.
der of Former United States Senator
Edward W. Carmacfc.
One was th<> calling by the defense
of Governor M. R. Patterson.
The other was the failure of the
stale to cross examine him.
It has been generally conceded
that?howevt r Innocently Governor
Patterson was one of the remote
causes of the killing Cariuack ran
agalnsl Patterson for the Democratic
nomination anil lost.
Colonel Cooper, former patron nnd
friend of Senator earmark, supported
The newspaper ficht which began
then diu not end until the morning
of the day of the tragedy.
Throughout the testimony In tbe
cas?- the name of Governor Patterson
appeared most continually and insist?
Governor Sought Cooper.
Finally Cooper testified that the gov?
ernor sought and found him a tew
hours before the tragedy.
So the defense coned tbe governor
today, did -It reluctantly, some say,
gladly according to others.
The governor testified twice, once
before the court and again before
the Jury.
To the court he told how he was
called over the telephone by Colooel
Cooper's daughter. Mrs. Burcb.
What Mrs. Burch told him. he did
not say. but It Is known that she was
in deadly terror and appealed to the
chief executive to use his influence
to avert a tragedy.
Went to Look for Cooper.
Whatever Mrs. Durch said so im?
pressed I he governor that he took
his private carriage and began a freu,
zied hunt for Cooper, commencing at
9 a. m., and 'ending at tbe Maxwell
hotel at noon, where he then found
He described Copper's anger and
his declaration and told bow he, Rob?
in Cooper and Attorney Bradford
fothed Duncan Cooper, and made
him promise to let friends arrange
a ix-aCeable settlement.
Some waj the news got out that the
governor was to testify and half an
hc.ur before be was called tbe empty
feats began to fill.
Soon one of the L'ggest crowds of
the trial jammed the court room. Tbe
throng listened breathlessly.
Governor an Elocutionist.
The governor is a trained public
{speaker and he used hie voice te
'apltadid effect, illustrating his words
with gestures. After he bad told his
story, while the jtiry was ont. It wa*
' decided I hat ?hv governor could not
repeat the conversation at 'he confer?
ence, but inulit stale the result of
be conferences, and described the
c? 1'iPel's demearcr.
TV-- state declined to cross examine
I ut r-s-rve 1 the right to cail the
L-o-. el BMW lati r
This decision followed a Ion? con?
ference at the sister attorney's of?
fice and none of them would explain
T'ie ,iiu'f: testimony was '.-sun by
T. |jclt:h Thompson, who res-imed'he
: iand for a few minutes.
Day Was Hary.
He t.--lifted that a gre.-n hat was
banded t.im after the shooting w'tn
the 11 snath that i' wr-s t'arnsark's.
bt?l that be had m-veY seen the Sen?
at? r wear a green hat.
He said I' ?'?s a mo.-t unusually
smokj da- on the d?\ of the shoot
i ur
F r >f fire* bad '?<?. it rasing -ittd
he wo hi have been enable to ?tis
ilrrru sh a blue steel pistol half a
i lp>k away.
' Would it hare b?-en pr.ss.ble for
anyone to have rerozniwsl a man
<? ending rear th - scene of the kiP
i.lohn Shin-e ?wore that he dll.?
"I do no; think so."
The stale aimed to prove that ft
"?as impossible for the- Coopers te
?rnrgnlae Carmsck nearly s Mock
p. . .. MaMhews a tailor, m-st
old M.ee? ne John Sbarpc Hie eft
-rnooj, of the tragedy, corroborating
r of <.i..ii< - tesi.mony.
He was cross examined very brief
?a- Richard Drakr whose office was
(Contteewa on Fourth Page.)

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