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Operations on the Stock Market
Unimportant in Nature.
Best Opinion it Still At Sea As to
Outlook for Tariff Revision and
Crops?Professionals Appear Confi?
(By Associated Press.)
XKW YORK. .March S.?The sliecU.
lathe fraternity operated on tho long
side of the stock market today, but
on a moderate scale. Tin y seemed
to draw favorable conclusions from
the action in yesterday's market of
the Kansas City Southern stocks and
the Canadian Pacific group, based
in one case on rumors cf coming
control by B. H. Harrlman and in the
olln r on iho absorption of Wisconsin
Central into the system.
The effect was seen in the favor
shown today to stocks of minor sys?
tems, which might be merge,] to ad?
vantage in larger systems.
The confidence with which several
such stock;: were pushed 'forward was
not at all impaired by the fact that
Kansas City Southern itself was quite
violently reactionary under the weight
Of profit taking sales, pointing to the
speculative origin of yesterday's ad?
vance, while the Canadian PactBc
group was neglected and Inclined to
be heavy.
Outside of the rather obscure
stocks to which the speculation turn?
ed Iho market operations, was not on
an important scale. The tone of
the opening negotiations between the
anthracite miner:;' representatives
and operators were Interpreted as
giving hopes of a temporary progress
ami an adjustment by agreement.
The evidence that funds are again
accumulating in banks' hinds Induced
an expectation of a renewal of a
pressure for investment which has
shown signs of lagging, especially
in the tone of the recent bond market.
The supply of funus available in the
money market is growing so redound,
ant again thai the prosjiect of a fur?
ther outgo of gflld is viewed with
entire equanimity.
Discussion is still heard of the ob?
scurity in the outlook of tariff revis?
ion, and the crons for the ccmlrtg
The professional element in the
market professes a confidence that
The possibility cf the unsettling in?
fluence of the*:.-- factors is too remcte
still to Interfere with their plan for
advancing prices before they shall
licromc active.
The trivial net price charge at the
end of the day reveals the inconclus?
ive character of the dealings.
The decrease io the cash holdings
of the banks was unexplained by the
known movements of money, but the
matter has little importance in view
of the soft tone maintained by ail do
pertinents of the money market
Montis were firm. Total s?!es. p:ir
value $1.418.000. United Slates 4's
coupon advanced % per cent on call
during the week.
Total sales of stocks today Ztt.40*.
including: Amalgamated Oop|?er 17.
10": American Car ft Foundry 14.
infl; Illinois Central 18..V">: Ameri?
can Smelting & Refining 5.50?: Atchl.
son 7.10?: Kansas City Southern ."?'>.
Missouri. Kansas * Tejas 17.
100; Rrading 28.600: Union Pacific
31.900; Chesapeake ft Ohio ::.100.
Closing Stock List.
Amalgamated Copper . *>8%
American Car * Foundry . 4!?
American Car A Froundry. pfd 110'
Amcrican Cotton Oil . 52l*
American Hide ft Leather, pfd 3*
American Ice Securities . -'9;H
American Linseed . 13
American I/5comotivc . 51*?
American IXKomotlvc. pfd .... 11 Hi
American Smelting ft Rel'ng .. ?s?
Amer. Smelting ?c Ref"ng pfd I0.1?-i
American Sugar Refining . lIH-'i
American Tobacco, pfd . *!'?
American \.oolcn . 28
Anaconda Mining Co. *0A?
Atcbison . l"-"e>
Atchison. pfd . '"-Sr
Atlantic Coast Line .,.... IIS
Baltimore ft Ohio. 10T?4
nuJtaujera ft Ohio ?>fd.
Brooklyn Rapid Transl- . 71'?
Canadmn Pacific .
Central leather . -s
Central leather, pfd . 1*1
Central of N>w Jersey . . .212
Ch.-eapeske A fHiio.*5Vi
Chicaaro t;rc?t Western . **?
Chicago ft Vorth Weatern. 17?
Chicago. Mil ft 8?. Paul I?2
C. C C ft ?. Louis. 75
Colorado Fuel ft Iron .- *2?,
Colorado ft S nth- -,, .
Colorado A Southern, 1st pfd
Colorado ft Rout kern' 2nd pfd *>'?
Cnnsotidatcrl fia* . 127'?
c m Pi ad acts . '7^
ivlawsre ft Hudson . . 172
r. pvcr * Rio Cremte 41',
iv-nvcr A Rio Grande pfd K
Iristiitrrs' Securities .... . . 25
PJrle . . *5*?
Erie. 1st pfd. 4U
F.rle. 2nd pfd . **H
t.eneral KP-etrlc . . 1*3
If so. why run the rink of losing it
?heu uowan's PNEUMONIA PKEI
a ration positively prevents and
caret pneumonia, croup, colds, coughs,
and can he had from leading drug
gists everywhere Irom $1.00 to 25c?
Ituy today and protect yourself
against Inflammation and congestion
troubles. External and ?piick y ab
tiieat Northern, pfd . II"??
tireai Northern Ore Ctfs . 67'4
Illinois Central . lt<?
Intel borough-Met . 14% j
Interborough-Mei. i>fd . "Nil
International Pai-er ? ? ?. 1"
International Payer, pfd . 50
International Pump . '?'?*>
Iowa Central . 29
Kansas Ciiy Southern . 45% |
Kansas City Southern, pfd . 73'
Louisville A Nashville . IliX
Minneapolis & St. I/>uis . ?2
Minn.. St. P. & Saint St. M. . 1I3%|
Missouri Pacific . 6714
Missouri, Kansas k Texas .... lo%
Missouri. Katisas & Texas, pfd 72% |
National Lead . 751
New York Central . 123
New York. Ontario Western 14*4]
Norfolk & Western . 87 <i
North American . M'tj
Northern Pacific . 13614
Pacific Mail. '.
Pennsylvania . 128%
People's (Jas . l"!,:l4
Pittsburg, C, C. & St. Louis.. 88% ]
Pressed Steel Car . '
Pullman Palace Car . It
Railway Steel Spring . .1
Reading . 123%
Republic Steel . 1!>%
Republic Steel, p.d . 71
Rock Island Co. 22
Rock Island Co . pfd . r<
St. Louis San Fran. 2nd pfd 37
St. Louis Southwestern . 2l'-_. |
St Ixoiis Southwestern, pfd... 31
Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron . . 721
Southern Pacific . 117'
Southern Pacific, pfd . I2l%|
Southern Railway . 24
Southern Railway, pfd . 62%|
Tennessee Copper . 3x
Texas & Pacific . 31?
Toledo. St. Louis & West. 4C
Toledo. St. Louis & West, pfd 6K%|
Union Pacific . 174%
Union Pacific, pfd . 95% [
United States Rubber. ?
United States Rubber, 1st pfd lo2%|
United Statcs Steel . 14"
United States Steel, pfd . Ill
Utah Copper . 40% |
Virginia Carolina Chemical ... 4-'!
Virginia Carolina Chemical, pfd 114
Wabash . 17>
Wabash. pfd . II
Westinghcuse Electric . 77
Western Union . 65141
Wheeling & l/ike Erie . !>
Wisconsin Central . 4?'
A. T. & T. Co. 128141
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
CHICAGO. ILL.. March 6? Huylng|
by shorts who had sold on yesterday
sharp break caused firmness in the|
wheat market today.
At the close prices showed a net I
gain for the day of % to %. C^rn. I
oats and provisions also closed j
Articles Open High Low Close
May ...115% 116%' 115 % 116% I
July 103% 1?>4% RW% I'M
Sept . . :t7 ?8 :?: M
t ir:'?
May ... 67% t;s-4 67% I
July . . titi-Si 67"? ?HS I
Sept . . . ?6% 67% 66% 67'1i
I Oats?
May ... 35% 56% 55% 36 ?a
I July . . 50% 50% 30 5014
Sept ... 41 41% 41 41%I
.Mess IV rk per bbl.?
May 17.30 17.70 17..*-? 17.70
July 17.fil> 17.72% 17.55 17.72'sj
I I^ard. per ISO lbs -
May 10.07% lu.27% 10.07% 10.23
July 10.20 1<>.:57% 10.20 10.35
[Short Ribs, per H?0 lb?.?
May 9.30 9.37% 9.3o 9.37%
July 9.40 9.30 9.40 9.50
New York Money Market.
NEW YORK. March ?.?Money on
I call nominal. Time loans easier: 6'1
and 5*0 days 2% to 2% per cent: six
months 2% to 3 per rent. Clote:
Prime mercantile paper 3% to 4 per
I cent S'erling exchange steady wi'h|
laeiusl business in Itankcrs' bills >1
IS6 a |S?.|o for fio days at 4xs.lt) a .1'
for demand. Commercial Hills iSS<",
V liar silver 50%: Mexican dol?
lars II
Satd She Had No Friends.
NASHVILLE. TEXN . March 6. - A I
well dressed and srxA looking >oung|
? .mar. .tb- 11' 25 years eld. * bo regM.
tercd at the Msxwcii H-mse here as]
?Lactic Rates. Illinois' died here lhls|
She lef: a owe paying she bad tio|
friends and wa- amne rc*pon*tMc
It Is supposed she onk m'<r,ihllic.
AI Hull', Cut Rst- |>rug Store thej
cigars are ?;2.475 It.
For Rent. 12 Acre Truck Farm Ad
Joinli.s town M O. LACKEY It.
Kitts Would-Se Slayer.
A merciless murderer is- Append: |
elils with manv victims. Rat Or.
King s New Life Pill? kill It by pre j
wni:?m Tie ? k< ntl< ?timinat?- s''?m
aeh. liver and lowed* preventing that
clogging that Invite* mpv ndicnih.
curing Const ipot ion, Bilkmsnes*.
Chill*. Malaria Headache and Ms*>
gesHoa 23c at all druegtsts.
No Appreciable Improvement in Con?
ditions (round Baltimore.
Wires Are Down in Every Direction,
But Repairmen Are Being Put to
Work in Lsrje Numbers?Trains
Move With Great Difficulty.
(By Associated Press )
BALTIMORE, MD. Mar. C? While
then- is no appreciable change in the
situation created by the recent storm
in so far as communication with the
outside world bj telegraph or tele?
phone js concerned, relief is felt that
there is no fur her apparent reason
to apprehend a multiplication of the
troubles which was feared when snow
l'-gan falling today, in precisely the
same manner as thai which brought
on the original difficulty. A consider?
able fall of moist snow was followed
tonight by rain, which it Is expected
will Improve the situation rather than
of herwise.
Itcpa.r and construction gangs have
been busy today hut the limited force
of men obtainable have not been aide
to make much impression, further
than doing a good deal in the way of
clearing away the wreckage.
Repairmen Flockin- In.
Hut from south, west and north re?
pairmen are hurrying to the city, ami
as soon as they arrive are being put
to work.
Temporary wires are being rigged
as rapidly as possible jn order to re?
lieve the situation until the service
can In- permanently restored.
Itailroid train* are still running ex?
ceedingly slow and without regard to
regular schedules.
The electric inter-city line between
here and Washington is in oetter
shape than the steam roads.
South Carolina Visitor to Washing?
ton Gets Worst of Dispute
With Restaurant Waiter.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. D. C. Mar. tj.?As
the result of a dispute with a negro
waiter. Dr. l.onnie Kol,son. of Char?
leston. S. C? who canie ..ere with
the German Fusilier company of the
National Guard of South Carolina to
nttend the inauguration, will go home
minus one eye and with the sight of
the other seriously inpaiiei!
The trouble occurred last Thursday
night in a fashionable restaurant here,
the negro striking Dr. Robson's eye
glasses and driving a portion of the
lens into his eye.
Dr. Robson w-?s removed to a hospi?
tal and the injured eye-ball w^as remov?
ed. The right eye also Is in a ser?
ious condition as a result of compli?
cations caused by sympathetic nerves.
The negro escaped and hns not been
Ohio Judge Decided Prohibition Acts
Ashore Do Not Control Oper,
ations Afloat.
(By Associated Press.)
?1.?A di-cision was banded down in the
Columbians county court by Judge W.
W. Holt today, ruling that liquor can
be sold on the Ohio river without vio?
lating the law. This will greatly
handicap the work of the dry forces,
as nearly all the towns aiong the
Ohio river hav(. voted to prohibit the
?-ah- of liquor.
The decision was made In the case
of William Savers, who was charged
with selling liquor on a houseboat.
Savers wan fined by Mayor Craw?
ford, but appcah-d the case, the ruling
today being ine result.
The Judge declared It was unfair
and wrong to sell liquor under these
conditions, but maintained the law did
no: cover such a contingency.
The dry force/ will probal/y carry
the rose to . higher court.
! Beauregartt Committee, of Warwick.
Has Everything Ready.
A hands nie Confederate monu?
ment, recently erected under the an
piers of the It-aurecard monumental
eeenasfitec t f Warw ick county. i?
eongratnla'ing Psclf upon hating
everything it: readiness ?o far ahead
r-. time fr;r the nnvciling. which Is
*ch?-dulcd to take place on May 16.
The monnnn nt la feet In heigh!,
and nine f?-c: rejaMUre at th>- base. A
< ar load of stone was used in the
foundation Surnioun'iug the ihmIcs
tal Hi the figure cf a soldier, a fine
? sample of -he scnlptor'a art. The
inscription* - n the ?ides of the js-des
lal sn- embellishc.i with croasod can?
non, croased saber*, an anchor and
'he ftg'ire of an infantryman, thus
representing ih< four branch's of the
military service of the Confederacy.
The monument was iwiilt h> Messrs
!?nw*on A Newton, of Norf- Ik Among
other rontrset,, for work of this kind,
'his firm has one for the erection or
a Confederate m-tv'Tie nl a* Bd' 0
ton, pi. C
(Continued Front Firsi rug.- i
ington newspaper correspondents at
ihe close o! lUe tla>.
Mustn't Ask Questions.
He greeted the score or more of
men personally, ami staled Oiat In
fairness to himself, it would in- Iii.?
policy that question marks should not
embrace statements ol itewg which
might be given out ui the White
When he desired to make a formal
statement it would, lie said, be ad
dressed to Congress or i.in braced
in a speech.
This policy |s a continual ion of that
which has prevailed a? Ihe preroga?
tive of the President n I t,> be quoted
in the public prints in ,nn case ex?
cept a formal statement
Mr. Taft would give no exnresslou
for publication on Ihe subject ol
changing the date of 'be inaugura?
Loving Cup to Loeb.
William I.oeb, Jr., ?Mose nomina?
tion to be collector of Ihe port of
New York was coulirnieii |,y the Ben
ate today, was presented with a silver
loving cup of heroic design by the
official staff of the v.nite House
Members of the Tafl family who
are in the city dined si the White
House tonight as the quests of the
President and Mrs. Tap
Governor General Smith. of the
Philippines, sent to Ihe secretary of
war for tram-mlsslon to lite Presi?
dent, a resolution adopted March I
by both houses of tin- Philippine
legislature expressing admiration and
respect for the President, coupled
with the wish that his administration
may abound with all hinds of bles?
sings and benefits for the American
ami for the Filipino people
Credit Belongs to Taft.
A preamble to the resolution recites
that the establishment of civil govern,
ment in the Philippine islands, the
inauguration of a Philippine national
elective assembly and the right now
enjoyed by the Filipino people to par?
ticipate directly in Ihe making of
their own laws, were brought about
through the efforts. ability and
energy Of Mr. Taft.
Immediately after bel?g sworn In.
Secretary Knox. in company with
the Tetlring secretary. Roliort Bacon,
made a tour of the different bureaus
of the department with Huntington
Wilson, the assistant secretary.
Then the new secretary settled
down to the routine business of the
The diplomatic corps will meet
Secretary Knox aext Thursday.
Reserve Holdings Eleven Millions
Over the Requirements.
NEW YORK. Mar. 6.?The state?
ment of Clearing House banks for the
week shows that the banks hold $11.
782.175 more than the requirements
of the 25 per cent, reserve rule. Tills
is an decrease of $2097.800 in the pro.
portionate cash reserves as compared
with last week.
The statement follows:
ijians $1.312.632.500, decrease $3.
Deposits $1.360.900. decrease $8.036.
Ci rculat ion $ I 8.8 13.300. i ncrea so
I>'ga] lender $80.904.400. increase
Species $271.115.300. decrease $1.
Reserves $332.019.900. decrease $1.
Reserve required $340.237.725. de
cresse $2.009.200
S ti plus $11.782.175. decrease $2.097,.
Ex. ?. S deposits $ de?
crease $2.14.">.2on
The i>er centage of actual reserves
of the Clearing House banks today
was 25.94.
I The statement of banks and trust
comi?anleK in Greater New York not
reported in the Clearing House shows
that these institutions have aggregate
deposits of $1.218.700, total cash on
hand Il52.348.9fsi. and loans amount?
ing to $1.978.911.SO?.
Contracted Pneumonia In Washington
at Inauguration.
RICHMOND. V.V.. March 6-? Tho?
mas A Smith Jr . for many years a
Pi'llman eeeafuctor on the Norfolk ?
Weatern'ratlwa) dies] at the Memorial
hospital In this c.ty tonight from the
effect* of pnenmonm contracted by
exposure In Washington on March i
Smith, who ha> relatives in Lynch
burg, had operated the "cannon ball''
train. :h? fa?' Ayr to Norfolk. The
funeral a ?: : - n?? BtS have not yet
bffii annourfc? d hoi it in b?-licved
the remains lx- taken to Lynch
burg for internien'. He had Icn in
the i mploy of the Pullman Company
for seventeen \' srs.
Near Death in Big Pond.
It wss a thnlling experience to Mrs.
Ida Soprr to face death. "For yesr*
s severe ropg :roob4e gave me In?
tense cuffcrin. 'he write* 'and *cv
era! tim?* cai > caused my death
All rrmedic la.bd and doctors said
I was incur*).'?? Thcn Dr Kmc
New- Dterwvei h-ought quick relief
ami a c ire s". ;-crman?>nt that I have
not been troubled In twelve rears"
Mrs Snpcr |r..s in Big pond Pa. It
works won l' r in Coughs snd Colds.
Sore lyings 11-tnnrrhagv-s. laGriprs
Asthma. Croup Whooping Cough and
all Bronchia' affcctloais. .W and
|t Mi. Trial w:ic free Gnarsnteed
by ali dricc-'s
During Change of Life,
says Mrs. Chas. Barclay
(iraniteville, Vt. ? 'I was passing
through theChangeof Life an>i suffei cd
j from nervousness
I andother annoying
symptoms, and I
I can trtllV "ay that
Vegetable Com.
pound has proved
worth mountains
of gold to me. as it
restored my health
'ami st tcngth I
never forget to tell
my friends what
LydiaK. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound lias done for me
during this trying period. Complete
restoration to health means no much
to me that for the sake of other sulTer
ing women I am willing to make my
trouble public so you may publish
this letter."?Mus. CHA8. BabcLAY,
ILF.D.Graniteville, Vt
No other medicine for woman's Ills
has received such wiile-snrcad and un
qualified endorsement. No other med
icine we know of lias such a record
of cures of female ills as has Lydia iv
Ilnkham's Vegetable Compound.
For more than 8Uyears it has been
curing female complaints such as
inflammation, nlceration. local weak
nesses, libroiil tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, indigestion
and nervous prostration, anil it is
unequalled for carrying women safely
through the period of change of lite.
It costs but little to try I.yilia K.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and,
as Mrs. Harclaysays.it is "worth moun?
tains of gold " to suffering w omen.
(Continued From First Page.)
a copy of the note Judge Bradford
says he lest.
Immediately after this agreement
was read Attorney Garner said: "The
State ret Is."
"Wo have a few witneaaes In rebut
taP remarked Judge Anderson for
the defense. "Call Mrs. Bperry."
Mrs. 8perry said she wsb the Max?
well lions, stenographer, and that
on November 9?the day of the
?tragedy?Colonel Cooper dictated a
letter to her from a note -,:r manu?
script and that she kept a carbon
copy e-r jt.
State Enter* Objection.
The State objected to the produc?
tion of tbls carbon copy and the jury
was taken cut
The defense argue.i that this let?
ter should Ik- introduced in rebuttal
of attacks upon the testimony of
Judge Bradford.
The court refused to permit its
Introduction, holding that it should
have been introduced during the case
In chief
While the Jury w?s out Mrs. Sperry
said she was asked by Colonel Cooper
to make tin- carbon copy, and it is
not her custom to make such carbon
She gave this copy to Cooper with
the letter.
Prosecution Again Thwarted.
The State tried to get -before th
jury the fact that the witness had
not kept the carlxm copy in her own
posses.-ion but the court refused t?
permit jt.
Charles Bureh a son-in-law- of Colo,
nel Cooper, was called by the defense.
He said he was in attendance at
the hearing for bond and that he
remembered that the letter or note
of Colonel Cooper to Mrs. Carnsach
wa- misplaced.
The defense next recalled Or. R
L. Thompson, a druggist who said
Senator Carmack wa* in his drugston
a few minute* -before the ?hoo'ing
Thompson ?, introduced t i testify
that Carmack helped himself to a
C. If. Farrell. one of the States
witnesses. today swore Carmack
bought a cigar fnmt a clerk.
The defense attempted to impeach
Farrell bur the court rnle,| j- out.
The Defense Rests.
?The defer.se rents" said Judge
"We ask until Monda- :<? prepare
for artune-nt." said Attorney General
"If I thought cither of you ? nil
reopen your case Monday. | would
make one of you make a speech to
When the jury was withdrawn 'he
jiidse inquired bow much time was
needed -for argument.
"We do noi want anv time llmi*.
?aid lodge Anderson The ra?e Is
b o Important."
Counsel on both side* conferred,
th- n Judge And< rson said:
??We agree 10 have three ?j?-.-ch< s
on each side and we wan' no tttne
limit. If the Jury can stand |t. you
can your honor.'
"I do not know ' waid the court
?Pill If you will lav- discretion anit
not endanger vnvir own lives whv.
I will agr<e We will s'art the arge
:nt it I i in Monday and ?c win
( M.O. LACKEY, Mgr. 1
JThe Phillips=Lackey Co., Inc.
Kcal Batate, Keats, Loan", Insurance, Gen'1
Auctioneers, Bonding.
1ft E. Queen St., Phone 32, Hampton, Va
127 Locust.$12
24.'. Carey Street.$35
:!.'. l/wtiKt.$12
nit Washington .$10.
s:ir> Washington.$10.
422 Unit. $7.
488 Hoi:. IT.
121 Elisabeth Street.$11
I .aSalle Avenue, modern. .$18.
La Salle Avenue.$10.
East Hampton .$1?.
2:: Kim.$1t.
Queen Street Flat.$15.
254 Holt Street.$10
Court Street._$10.
'Elisabeth street Dwelling and
large lot Terms? $250.00
cash, balance $2<t.00 per
Modem Hone', s rooms, bath,
electric lights, furnace, barn,
etc Properly ull In excellent
condition. Cost oxer $3,300;
?III sell for $2.700.
Money to Loan.
FERTILIZERS ?hut .lees go in everybody"' ?cid the
?n once irled. and Hnallj In the farmer's pockcL
Because the ?:oods are the highest grade. Hon
t*l made Rone llnfe IIihi money and hralns can pro?
duce, therefore ihe cheapest. The extra yield got
;<>n from our goods over ninny Others pays for
Ihem. Han- distributed the third vessel load already this season.
Do you want it any stronger? Then use the goods. S'"d Potatoes
and Peas.
second lime wh
J. W. ROWE CO., Inc
\ irgtclo
Sand and Gravel!
Can deliver any quantity of SAND, COURSE or FINE. Mr plaster?
ing, cement or any kind of work, Newport News, Hampton, Phoebus,
Soldiers' Home, Fortress Monroe, or any place on the C. sc O between
here and Richmond. Washed or unwashed uRAVEL for rooting deliv?
ered in bags. Prepared to handle any slse contract Guaranteed grades
of sand. 'Phono No. 3. Offlow 'Bank ot Hampton Building.
J. V. Bickford, M'gV?
Counts In the painting and paper
hanging business as well as in every?
thing else. And we have had thirty
years or It All we ask Is an oppor?
tunity to do one job for yon, than we
are satisfied that when yon want an?
other Job of House. Sign, Ornamental
Painting or Paper Hanging done, that
you will call on
51 West Queen St, Hampton,
And nave it done right at the lowest
possible price.
Phone 83J.
J. W. Rows, J. C. Robinson,
President. VIce-PrestdeaL
consisten with sound finance la ex?
tended to customers of the First Na?
tional Bank, of Hampton, Va. Small
depositors receive equal consideration
with those whose balances are larger.
Applications for loans upon acceptable
security are treated promptly and
confidentially. The bank will be. glad
to have you consult It on any finan?
cial matter.
Hampton Vs.
H H K1MBERLV, Cashier.
adjourn until that time. I say to the
audience, that the proof I? all iu."
United States Sailors and Negroes
Mis M Up.
NORFOLK VA. Mar. ??Prompt
action on the par- ot the Norfolk and
Berkley police tonight prevented a
serious riot between sailors from the
St. Helena reservation and negroes in
Berkley ward.
"A "ro-uh hotiee" started la a saloon
betwe.-n a crowd of sailors and as
many negroes.
This was ipjelled. The negroes
w? re )? th,. majority.
|j?ter tJio sailors. reinforced by
al??f inn. returned to the neighbor
h'wifl of the seeking rev.-ngc.
The Berkley police, reinforced by a
squad of blue c,,ats from Norfolk and
reservation rigicets were fished to
the scene a?td arrived Just as the
sailors were about to wreck Sinn'?
saloon, on Liberty street The
negroes had <!<???
The ringleaders among the sailor*
were turned over to the reservation
Exposure Caused Death.
fRr Associated Pi-ns.l
l.oririVILLE. KY M*r ? --On a
s-.H-t al train carrying the 4?n Ken
tnckv Republicans w bo attended the
inauguration. J T. Cslvert of Pewveee
Valtei . K" . died this miring near j
llintoo W V;. of |i'"-''ntonis Which
developed as a r.-ictlt of marching In j
ihe snow and slush of Inauguration
dav He was hi iears old
Must Ksep Hands In Sight.
Erery v.sitor to the White House
must keep his hands la sight?during]
pnbilr rncaptMaaa, I
Largo stock of finished meanorlaan.
la granite and marble always ?84
hand. A postal will brlug our repYo
aentatlve at yoor door with a fal Una
of design, and samples
Gran.re and Marble Oealara,
Car. 11 Hi A William
NORFOLK : : : :
W sis* st :^x$ ^sTC=5
<4.w.?naiae* I >-?SSJ
?aj?isaj< awu %*??? ^
GCR3 Cef 3 onuv? STi

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