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Vfe* Haiti ?r***.
(Except Monday)
?At the?
til Twenty fifth Street by (he
C E. Thicker?Editor and Publisher.
L jt Pngb-Advertising Manager.
The Dally Press le delivered by ??r.
rlera aayvaere In the city limits for
10 cents a week. Ary lrregolariUes
reported to tbe office of publication.
wlQ receive careful and prompt *t
tion. Orders for delivery of tbe
Dally Press for either residence or
places of business may b* made by
postal card or telephone.
(Payable Invariably In aflat nee.)
One Month.? W
Three Months.1?
Six Months.S-50
One Year.mM
Editorial Rooms..Bell "Phone No 14
Businera Office..Bell 'Phone No. 181
No employe of the Dally Press
Company Is authorised to contract
any obligation in tbe aame of tbe
company, or to make purchases In
tbe name of the same except upon
order signed by tbe PUBLISHER or
Centered at tbe Newport Newa. Va.,|
Pos to fflce aa Seoonavclaaa matter.
The time has errlvcd wthen Con-|
njrtss shoakd take a htMSJ
tboi-ugly Investigate that row he
. tween Secretary of Commerce and
Labcr Nagel and Director of the Orn
sus North. The ralter has been nt
the head of the "census bureau KW
many years and r'.iaa made a faithful
a?, efficient offictr. He has acquir?
ed a th:rough knowledge of every
branch <. f his department and there
is no earthly reason why the do
tails of administration of the bureau
stvnld not be lift in 'his hands now
an h.retorore.
Hut the bun>;tious Nagel, who nevtr
saw the Interior of the department cf
cemmerco and labor until the fifth
of last March amd whose knowledge
of the intricacies of the government
oensus-taking and tabulating machin?
ery la nil, waxed highly indignant
because his subordinate bureau chief
presented to draw up contracts for the
manufacture '< f certain mechanical
c it:-Ivane? s for tabulating the census
without first Consulting the head 4>f
t_.e department.
It is stated that by Director North's
plan, a consider aide sum would be
saved to the government. He pro
poaes to have tbe tabulating machine*
manufactured and owned by the gov?
ernment rather than lease machines
at aa eo rmous rental price from pri?
vate concerns. Incidentally, these
private concerns will be deprived of
something like a million dollars pro?
bt should Mr. North be allowed to
Save his war.
It Is also asserted that a former
director cf tbe census is now presl
dect of one of the rnaanfactvring con
eerr-a which expect to get same of the
retracts for tbe tabulation of tbe
census, and wrs.se expectations will
ft- t be realized unless secretary Nagel
si.cceeds In Inducing President Taft
to dismiss Director .North from ot
Tbe head of the census bureau caaj
tot speak mit because to dri thla he
I.would have to go over the beads of
bctk the secretary cf commerce and
?Jeher and the President if the United
States. The tw0 latter no to date!
bave declined to take the public in?
to their confidence.
If a cabinet officer be bent u.on the
humiliation and dismissal of a evxNw
ninate horean chief in tSS Interests of
private cent act ing firms as against the
int? rests of the g .werntneat and of
the people, the facts la la* case aar. ? Id
be roily aired, and aa the executive
?>partm?'nt appears reluctant to give
the matter entire publicity, a eon
greaatonal mvestigattort at tans time
w ?S) bp * htstrdy proper proceed
Xa agate of all that the ratted
Skates has tfoae for the ?ixes. free
aag taees ??, m Spaamb tyranny,
rleaalng up tb*w cities nrd laetalltng
sanitary avsteau which hawe practi
eofly iekxSSai yeftaw n ,.r fro,, tmr
bxkscd. aag the bestowal -,t s clear,
stoat gift of a three mutton dot
tbe Patted Shiten uani j
ISM. It ergs. at?a*. owt
the Pearl i f the Antilles have n<
K>ve f> r. .its.
The Cuban* are selling scant <o or
sanies :i sWong army add to build I
navy. They know, of course, that ih<
Island is hi n> danger from foreign in
vashm unleag it e&ste from the United
States. TAI? c^untry(fron? tnotlv?? o(
seif-protect Ion would n?*ver |>ernilt
any nation to acqtilse Cuban, territory,
by force * r > therwise. The Cuban
statesmen know this. Hence It must
be concluded that tneir wurllke pre
^laratlmiu are directed solely against
the United States.
Besides, a bill has ibten lnitv>doce1
in the Cuban congress with a fulr
chance of becoming law prohibit irg
any jwison not a citizen cf Cuba ft* m
acquiring and holding -real estate In
the Island. This, too, Is a move pal?
pably directed against citizens o.' the
United States.
The Qustion is a debatable oae
whether .iihis nation's time, energy and
j resources might net huve been bet?
ter emtpryed In the summer- of HO*
than In flying to the succor of a
pie that probably was receiving neith?
er more nor less than its Just deserts
ut the hands of an over-sea monarcny.
T > those of our friends Who are
sorely i:iroi?bled in spirit .because of
the leisurely manner in which, the Vir.
glnla political pot begins to bubble,
not to say boll, it may bring a crumb
of comfort to know tn?t "then- are
For supremacy In the art if how
not to become exclUtl and run amuck
a' the ap; roach of election day, the
city or I'nlontown, Kansas, should re?
ceive the 'palm, the Nobel prize and
a Carnegie medal all done up In tame
1 ackage. *
(Here is the way the HuUhtnaon
(Kan 1 Gazette chronicles this
premium-taking stunt in lethargical
municipal p I Sties:
"Amid the bloodshed ehronicled In
tile Gazette yeaerday, on the same
pa?e with the stories of murder and
fight and stabbing and shooting,
b-tiuded by tales of tariff and earth?
quake and Castro and liquor and
dying men, rested a modest 1KP !o
Item, that atemed as <m cf place as
a daisy In a desert.
"It was an item tnat quieted one's
nerves and made him n member that
at or?e place in the world there wa?;
peace and quiet.
'?'Forgot to Hold Election.' read the
headline. The story said that at
Unioatowa.Kan, the citizens forgot
that they oculd elect a new mayor
U they wanted to, and that they were
so busy with a her duties that they
did not give a thought to politics un?
til election time was over.
"Isn't the toougui of that place
enough to rest one* Imagine how
lucky the gocd citizens tt UnJonlown
must be. Perfectly satisiled with the
way their city affairs are conducted;
no factions, no "wets." no "drys''
And so busy that they forget all
about rolitics. ?
I "Wouldn't you Have Ca visit ?bat
peaceful town, and lay you d -wn and
rest? It w uiu <fce great to live in a
place where everyone waa satisfied
with the way city affairs were con?
ducted, where no one even thought
or electing a new mayor; where the
political bee bussed la no man s
"Wa Jennings Bryan was not in?
vited to a N-W York, nearrcruic din?
ner. This Is one of the most encour?
aging incidents w have observed
since the election, so far as the future
of the Democratio party is concern?
ed."? Fredericksborg btar.
"Yes, he was. lue contrary report
waa a mistake. He sent s letter of
regret. I rot the attendance and
speeches were of a sort which proved
bis wisdr m in declining. The inspir?
ation of tbe occasion waa decidedly
Democratic as distinguished from
populistIc and Governor Harmon of
Ohio was the lion of the ";?jut. "?
Norfolk Virir>nina-Pilot.
Peculiarly fitting tnat Govern r
Harmon should have been the "lion
of the hour." He t> lted the nntirri?
al iv rnor-r.it ,c ticket in lSStj asd re?
mained neutral la ISMO. Such a
party reread should endear Governor
Harmon to tbe New Yorkers wbo
preeminently disti;?tuah.>d themselves
in 1908 by knific^ the Dessot.-atk*
preslden ial ticket the .ugh trading
extra for Taft In ercllange for rotes
for Chsnler. the Democratic-race
track nornars-e for governor of New
h is pis* such acts as this?bis re?
fusal to o nspr.xnise- with the variety
of bi-party hybridism which waa
largely r> persisted at the Now York
"tVmcfrrMlc" rttwner? bat are sc
countable for Mr Rryaa'a continued
popsksritr with the IVss-cratlc
assssee ?best who hold party era
clple and put tame shove the mere win
niag of the a,otls of office
Whwe chnrtty awl as Is aot so lav
sort ant a* ihst ?t eaa never end wt'b
sat a bowl of hMBgaaiion by those
who have had it
I favorites Monopolized Trading, Bui
Prices Advanced Beoerally.
Dayt News Offered Nothing to Ac?
count For Reverse in Tone?Steel
Reachee Nearly to This Year's Max?
imum Record Mark.
(Ry Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. April 28? There was
a striking change in the tone of the
stock market today from that of yes?
terday. Prices moved upwards ag?
gressively, and in many Instances,
rapidly. The demand was large and
widely distributed, and the upward
I movement embraced the list quite
generally. Buying was congested,
how en r. In some of the stocks that
are the greatest favorites with traders
and are most influential In their sym?
pathetic effect on npeculatlve senti?
ment. Reading, tbe Harriruan stocks
and United States Steel were .the
leaders if the movement, and ni more
effective leaders are to be found in I
the list. The origin of the buying!
or the motive of it was not dlncerna
ble, the day's news offering nothing toj
change strikingly the position of af?
fairs. The United States Steel state?
ment of earnings for the past quar?
ter was of favorable effect and thatj
stock was conspicuous |n {lie day's |
Foreign buying in this market was
an influential element in the day's
market, the sentimental effect being
considerably beyond the practical ab?
sorption of stocks which was effected.
The change of sovereigns In Turkey I
also known to have occurred yester-|
day, was taken more account of today.
Continental centers bought stocks in |
London on account of the Turkish sit?
uation, and the effect was passed on |
to the New York market.
There was a brisk movement in the
Go-jld group of stocks in concert, and
this was taken to indicate an organ?
ized market support for those stocks,
based on suppositions that the plan
for financing the needs of those prop?
erties for new capital was being ma?
tured. Reading was more responsive
than yesterday to the pronpect of an
agreement l??tween anthracite opera?
tors and miners over wages. The Rock
Island group was helped by a favor?
able showing of earnings for March.
United States Steel sold within a
small fraction of the highest price I
of the present year. The gains of|
the day were scarcely at all Impair?
ed by the late profit taking move?
Bonds were strong. Total sales, pari
value $5,968,000. United States bonds|
were unchanged on call.
Total sales today 748.400 shares, in?
cluding: Sugar, 900; Norfolk and
Western. 1.100;- Reading, 157.700;
Union Pacific, 78.100; Chesapeake
and Ohio, 1.100; Sross-Sheffleld. 900:
Southern Railway. 600; Southern
Railway preferred. 1.100; United
States Steel. 113.300; Virginia-Caro?
lina Chemical. 2.900.
Amalgmsted Copper.76% I
American Car & Foundry.50% |
American Car St Foundry, pfd ..112
American Cotton Oil. 58% |
American Hide A Leather, pfd 40
American Ice Securities . 39% |
Americans Linseed .15**i
American Locomotive.55 Wn
American Loccmotive. pfd .113%|
American Smelting & iter.ig .. 89%
Anter. Smarting & Refng. pfd . 105%|
American Sugrr Refining.133
American Ttrbacco. ; fd .9<% I
American Woolen .34%
Anaconda Mining Co..45%
Atrhiaoa .109%
Achison. eH .103%|
Atlantic Coast Line.12?
llalthnore A Ohio .14%
Italt'more A Ohio, pfd.95%
okivn Rapid Transit .77%
Canadian Pacific .1?S%
Central Leather. 29
Central Leather, pfd .101
Central of New Jersey.270
Chesapeake A Ohio .??%
Chicag . Great Western. 4%
Chicago A North Western .179%
Chicago. Mil. A St Paid .150%
|C. C. C. A St. Lonis. 73%
C lorado Fuel A Iron .39
Cote end o A Soothers .83*1
Colorado A Southern. 1* old .. 8!%|
Colorado * Swuthern. .| pfd .. W
Cons- lidated Gas .137% I
Corn Product* . 22% |
Delaware A Huds-n.181
I> rver A Rio Grande.?2%|
Denver Rio Grande pfd . Jr7%|
Distillers' Securities' .38
?rte .30%]
?a*e. 1st pfd .44
Brie. 2nd pfd . 27%
tiener ?! Klertrtc .....157%
Great Northers. i<d .144%
Great Northern Ore Ctfs . ?9%
IIHncts Central .,_145
tMetborough-Met . _ I5%]
laterhor ugh Met pfd . 45
International t-aper.12%]
Interaatttnal Pa-er. pfd _ 55% |
international Puanp.39
I wa Central .33
Kansas City Sontnem .45%
Kansas Oly Vi.;;t h? -r pfd . 72%
1/ouisvlUe A Nashville .138%
Mmaeupoits A 4M Louis .?7
Minn. St P A Rani- St M. 135
Misarwn PaHSc.74 j
Miser art. Kaaatea A T< v?. . 43%
unVwuvl Kansas g. Texas, peg .. 73 |
National Lead .xg%
N?-w York Central .19?%
New York. Oataric A Western . 49%
Norfolk A Wewt?-m.?I |
Vir. h Aaterfcessi .?. \
North?vn PmNk .144
PeeiaV Mail .3?%'
Season [s at Hand
We lire prepared t> fur?
nish you with any b'vIh
of straw or shapd that's
in vogue.
Yoa will appreciate the
large display we are
showing at this time.
Stop ia and let us show
you the new Hhape3.
2 71 S
Newport News, Vs.
Pennsylvania .135%
People's Gas.11?%
Pittaburg. C. C. & Si. Loub- ?1%
Pressed Steel Car ....37%
Pullman Palace Car .18?
Railway Steel Spring.351%
Reading .14?%
Reirublic St-eel . . 24
Republic Steel. ; M . 79
Rock. Island Co.2?%
Rock Island Co.. pfd .71%
St. Louis ft San. Fran. 2nd pfd 4?%
St. Louis Southwestern . 24%
St. I.ouis Southwestern, pfd - 58%
Si ss Sheffield Steel and Iron .. 76%
Southern Pacific .120%
Southern Pacific, pfd....123%
Southern Railway _.29
'Southern Railway, pfd.68%
Tennessee Ccrper .40%
Texas A Pacific . 33%
TYledo, St. Louis & West . 52
Toledo. St. Louis & West, pfd .. 69
UnSno Pacific.18?%
Union Pacific, pfd.95%
United States Rubber ...-..32%
United States Rubber. 1st pfd -.103%
United States Steel . 54%H,
United States Steel, pfd _...115%
Utah Copper_.47
Virginia Carolina Chemical _46%
Virginia Carolina Chemical, pfd .US
Wabash .18%
Wabash. tfd .49%
Westingnouse Electric.81%
Western Cnlon .70%
Wheeling A Lake Erle . J
Wisconsin Central .57
Standard Oil.?6S
A. T. ft T. Co.141
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
CHICAGO. ILL&, April ?S.?An ex?
cellent dem uid for flour and cash
.wheat induced liberal purchases of
wheat f r future delivery and canted
a further advance In prices, final
quotations showing gains of % to 1
cent compared with yesterday's cJo?e
Corn, oats and .rxovvst;ns closed
Articles Open Hihg Lew Close
<Maj ... 122% 123 .121% 132
July .?. 1*9 110% * 14? 109%
Sept ... 102% 14?% 101% 101%
Dec ... 101% 101% 100% 100%
May ... 72% 73% 70% Tt?%
July .w 69% 6#% S8% 6?% I
?V.t ... ?8? 68% ?7% 67%
Doe ... :>9 &S 58% :.8% I
May ... 56% 50% s* 56%
July ... 49% 4?% 19% 49%
8ept ... 42% ?% 11% 41%
Dec ... 42% 41% 42% 42%
Mess F> rk. per bat?
May .17 8?? 17.82% 17.77% 17.82%|
July .18.10 18.10 i a no 18.06
8ept .18 07% 18.07% 17.95 18.00
I- -d. per 10O lbs.?
May .1035 ie.35 MJS 10.??
July .10 17% in..-.0 10.45 1040
S?p? 10.62% 10 6.". 10.57% ie.S7%|
Short Hi! - per 100 lbs?
May . 9M >.S5 077% MO
July . 9.90 9 90 0.83% 9 85
Sept loan 1000 9.92% S?7i*|
Wow York Istoooy Marttot.
XEW YORK. April 28?Money onl
call steady 1% a 2 per cent; raliigl
rate 2: no bid: entered et 1. Ttai*>|
Mans slightly raolsr; 00 days 2%
:% per cent; SO ?Japs 2% per c~n
and 6 ntc'.ths 3 per cent clos
Prime mercantile cntarr 3% to 4 per I
eens. sterling exchange farm wltj|
actual >, :n.m in hankers bills
?SS e. .IS for OS ftsrs and st 487 id I
for demand riiaaasii i III bttls 485% [
%. Bar silver 52%. Menican ft*V
hsrs 44.
Baltimore Pushtu Market*.
flALTiMORE. MD. April 1
WHEAT?Flmsar; spot teaRnaet 14
V * wtbern oa ?rsde 137 s 140
CORN?FW?, sssat contract 79
V Host hen yeltnw 71 s 79
OATS?Firm; \o t aaload (7% s|
tar *a
Also About Fifteen Hundred Enumer?
ators?Higher Officers Will Be
Pres dential Appointees.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Afcrll 28.?
j Virginia K to have ten supervisors of
the census, and approximately 1,500
I enumerators. North Carolina will
? have the same number of supervisors
and about the fanie number of enu?
merators. The census office knows
I precisely the number of supervisors,
j but estimates the number of enumer?
I The supervisors will be appointed
by the President. Appointments will
L?3 made as soon as the census bill
is passed, which will be recommended
by the supervisors, and the appoint?
ments will be made by the director
of the census.
The compen-ation of the supervisor!
will be $1,500 for the two or three
months' work required of him; in ad
diiion they receive $1 |>er 1,000 of
pojula'ion enumerated. In some cases
the compensation will run up pretty
high. In the iKiro-igh of Manhattan,
for instance, there will be btit one
Pupervltor. In the State of Massa?
chusetts there will be .but a single
?-tilHTvisor, due to the fact that the
Hay Stute takes a census midway
between Federal censuses, and keej.?
a census bureau open all the time.
The supervisor will be an at'ache of
the Stnte census b'ireati. the ma?
chinery of which will be largely em?
ployed in taking the Federal census.
Must Be Qualified.
There will be a total of <$28 super?
visors in tbe country.
It Is estimated that tbe total num?
ber of enumerators will reach 66.000.
No examination will be required of
the enumerators, but. they will be
compelled to fi'l out a schedule or
questions designed to bring out the
fact of their qualifications for the
work. A.s stated, recommendations
will be made by the sujervisors and
appointments will be made by the TJi
Enumerators will be compensated at
the rate of from 2 to 4 cents per name.
In towns of less than 5,000 the rate j
will be rather above that figure, the
highest being paid in sparsely settled
sections of the country. It Is planned
to have one enumerator for every
voting district. On census supervisor
will 'be appointed for each Congres?
sional district.
Enumerators will be given from the
15th of Ai rl, 1910, to the 15th of May.
1910. in which to complete the work
of numbering the inhabitants of their
districts. The supervisors will be in
office much longer. All reports will
be made to them by the enumerators,
and these will then be forwarded to
Will Receive Instructions. [
It Is the intention of the census bu?
reau to bring to Washington (he su?
pervisors from Virginia, Maryland and
other nearby States, and instruct them
in the methods to be followed in do?
ing their work. These will then Le
sent into various sections of the coun?
try to instruct other supervisors.
Desi.ite tbe enormous proportions
of the task involved, and despite the
fact that the complete results of the
census will not be known for two or
three years, the actual numbering of
the people will consume but one short
month. The real work of digesting,
and tabulating the figures which will
be turned In by the enumerators
through the supervisors, will he done
by the large, trained force in the cen?
sus bureau in this city.
(Continued from First Page)
ttreat cf future peace in the empire,
alluding to tbe report that tbe Al
susakaaa might attempt to rescue the
former 'su> an. the general saM be
was convinced that the Albanians
would remain quiet. On the com
i hXKn of bis mission, he cciwjhid?
ed b" would return to Saloniki.
Me.hmed V was attending to his
court tluties today, receiving various
officials at DokMbngtsscbe Palace.
Access o the palace is easy and the
suiter a conversation is familiar, the
whole being In striking contrast with
the conditions ..(? prevailed! in
The absence of tr:ops at the palace
is marked and only a few pol ice
men are cn duty at tbe entrance,
bleat of tbe volunteers will leave for
their homes' tomorr* w after being
entertained at a farewell banquet cui
,9ioe the city walls.
General Bahcock Died at Sea.
(Bv Associated Press. 1
NEW YORK. April 28 ? Brigadier
General John Beeck tu ridge He brock.
V. S A., retired, died at sea on the
Print Wilhelm which arrived here
vesterday from Bremen. Gen. Rabcock
waa bora ia bonsMhanal In 1843. He
nerved rn New York regtmnts dur?
ing the civil war. He woe a; v in * 1
second lb "tenant In the regular army
from O no* ~t irut In 18*5 and attained
the rank of Brigadier General ia
19?a tb i be was retired
Werde to Frees* the Saul.
"Your son has con sons sit ton. His
case is hopeless " These ancatl.ng
words were spoken to Oea. E. Bierens
i lending merchant of Springfield. N
OL by two expert doctors?one a bang
?peciallft. Thea was shown t?e won
1erfu| power of Dr Kmf? New Ida
corery. "After three weeks aar.'*
writes Mr. Blfveas "h* waa aa wed
aa ever. I would not take all tbe)
sjsjskaj in the world for what R aid
ggf say bov." InfsUlbie for Coughs'
?ad Ceeds Its the safest, surest cure
of iaasirai? Larag dkesaaea aa earth,
tu* and) $1 en Oaaranree ssganfac
thsa. Trial battle tree. Fur aale by
All Drug****!.
Phoebus and Old Point
Chesapeake Mill Co.
Dealers In Sash, Blinds, Doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
J PHONE No. 266 ^MitS"*1
R, H, Richardson & Son. Props.
Small Orders Will Receive Especial Attention
Heal Estate Bargains
.:. For Rent! .:.
C01 Washington Street.. .SlO.sY) || 7-rooni dwelling on Water! 12.50
Academy Street _ 9.00 j 223 Lee Street. 10.50
329 Center Street. 2iUH) i 333 Elm Street. 11.00
Randolph Street _ 14.00 ; ' ?Mallory Avenue . 7.00
325 Marshall Street. 25.00 , 354 W. Qmen Street. 8.00
325 Center Street . 25.00 i Holt Street . lo.no
318 Center Street . 10.no , 501 Washington Street... 10.50
La Salle Avenue. 13.50 I Newport News Av- 20.00
La Salle Avenue. 11.00 I Lordleys . 7.CO
River View . 7.00 j STORES.
River View. 8.00 | ! 55 W. Queen Street_ 25.00
Phillips & Sclater
Real Estate, Rents, Loans, Insurance, General Auctioneers, Bonding.
Phone No. 50. P. O. Box No. 264. No. 8 So. King Street.
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But go right to the Millinery Store, where style and cleverness
in construction w.ll guarantee you the catchiest Hat or Bonnet on
the market. The price you pay here will prove a relict' to your pock,
Kirs. 5. Kt. S\acua
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Ready to Furnish
500 Homes with Furniture on the
E. Z. plan.
Pon't need much money to start
We are friendly to poor people. Any
Und of goods for the home we keep
lere. Let us compare prices and qual?
ity, and terms to suit.
Newell & Co., In c
M to 25 W. Queen St. Hamnton. Vi.
Sand and Gravel!
Sand for building purposes, ta?
ken from James River at Newport
Guarantee all grades. Prepared;
to handle sny size con?
tract. Sand delivered in Hampton!
or Newport News $1.00 per load.
Special price to contractors. Call,
phone No. 3 or No. 56f>-J. Omca
Bank of Hampton Building.
J. V. Bickford.
see the beautiful display of POTTED
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farina's Tuberoses and Gladfolns
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of Flower and Garden Seeds for sale
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Garden plan's and Deeds.
Phon? 13SJ. 207 Mf Den Street
American Theatre
lotion Pictures at Vaudeville
J. J. LINDSAY. Manager.
Best Moving Pictures; Attractive Il?
lustrated songs by Mr. Lindsay.
to supply everybody wltn some really
good wine or liquor. The kind that
is wholesome as well as pleasant.
Port, per gal. .Sl.SS
SLerry, per gal.LOS
Claret, per gal.1-M
Sweet Catawbe, per gaL .1.SS
Tokarv. per gal.LBS
Blackberry, per bottle . Jf*
Rhine Wine, per oottle. Jt
Duffey's Malt Whiskey, per hot. JS
Whiskeys In Balk at the Fol?wins:
Bourbon Whiskey, per gal. .S1-M
Parkwood . *.??
Star A Rye. straight . *?
Old Charter, straight .*-**
Paul Jones . t.7%
Hnater .*-0s
Harper .. .*
Doable S imp Ola .*
AS bottle beer S> per *ottJe; Cfs
par doren Watch my imitators!
H. Leonard
?vase Cotter
Phoebus. rnuw
Cows* Home
Is the place tc fatten cows and
stock. The grass is sastrbless.
Banse. KM. ?. Hsvwpten Va
Kelly A Nock will call ra

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