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*?? Today
VOL. XIV. NO. 118.
Strike of Less Than Hundred Fire?
men Results in Tying lip
Entire System.
Assistant Grand Chief Burgess Says
Members of Brotherhood May be
Required to Take Out Trains if Ade?
quate Protection is Assured?Mobs
Attack Strike-breakers.
(Ity Associated Press.)
ATLANTA, CA., May 22.?The race
Issue late tonight suddenly pave an
extremely ugly aspect to the strike
of less tnan a lot) white firemen oa
the Georgia Railroad who w?nt out
in an attempt to force the r;ad to dis?
charge its negro firemen. Blood flow?
ed at Athens and a small mob gather?
ed at Augusta, the former distur?
bance being over a white fireman
and the latter over a negro.
The engineers were called out short?
ly after midnight, when word was re?
ceived here that trains had been
stoned at Lithonia and at C>iiyers,
Ca.. today, and that the engine, n
had been struck by rocks intended
for the firemen.
May be Temporary.
Tbe order telling the men that they
were at liberty to refuse to take out
trains was issued by Assistant Grand (
Chief Burgess, of the Brotherhood or
Locomotive Engineers, who is in At?
lanta. He intimated that if adequate
protection should be afforded for the
engineers the order allowing them not
to take out the trains might be re?
Meanwhile passenger train No. 4
for Augusta, with nearly every coach
filled, stood In the train shed here
with its time for pulling out past due
and no engineer to oe found to hand'e
the throttle.
Governor and Sheriff Confer.
Governor Smith was in conference
about midnight with Sheriff Clark at
Augusta who assured the governor
that the negro who had been threat?
ened there was safe and that things
were quiet for the night.
The governor appreciates the gra?
vity of the situation and believes that
careful handling is necessary to avoid
stirring up race issues. From "reports
here tonight, thfre is some grounds
for the hope that the unusual attacks
on the train were due pincipally to
the Saturday half holiday, and that
the beginning of the new week will
see quiet restored.
Body Placed in Massive Greek Mauso?
leum in Home Town.
iBy Associated Press.)
In a massive Greek mausoleum en a
knoll overlooking, the town of his birth
the remains of Henry H?ttl.-stone
Rogers rest tonight near the bodies
of hin mother and daughter.
As a tribute of respect and of affec?
tion Fair Haven observed today as a
day of mourning
The funeral services were held a'
2:30 p. m.
Tbe services Include,! a tribute to
Mr. Rogers- memory by Rev Frank
L. Pbalen, a eulogy by Rev Dr Roti?
ert Collyer. New York church: a pray,
er by her. Dr Samuel A. Elliott, and
oepodirlion hy Mr oa|,.n
Wirk Stopoed Five Minutes.
MafJPMsnt, VA . Mav 22 ?At 2*2?
o'clock this afterao-n all trains on the
Virginian Railwav and all other opera
tions of that system came to a stop
for five minutes as a tribute of resnecT
to the memory of the late Henrr H. j
Rogers, whose funeral ioofc td*ee at
that hour in Fair Haven. Mass.
Land Opened to Settlement,
in- Associated Press >
proclamation was leaned today hy
President Taft providing for the
opening -in ?o ?efflemen? and entry *w
stout ?o.noe acre* of land in the
Fl?'head Moni ; sna.rton ta ihe Coeur
IVAIene. Idaho, and Net woea SA.nAA
and lnn.nofl in the Spokane, Weak ,
reservat Ions
Vele Lf>*ee Track Contents,
f Rv Anaorlated Press I
NFW HtVVI fXrMN. Mar 21 ?
klerrerahnrg wt.n the anaiat Tale In
ternrhotas'ic track aseei at Teh* Seid
todev whs 24 2 4 points Fx el er was
second with 21 pornta and Woreen-fer
third with 20
Angry Crowd Attack* F'itman, Ac?
companied by Detective* and
- and Policemen.
(By Associated Press.)
ATHENS. C.V. May 22?Nearly a
thousand men and boys tonight stoned
policemen and detectives who were
?roiectlng a white fireman. Will Wil?
liamson, who nad fired a pasxeng--r
train on the Qai rgia "Railroad on the
run from Athens to Union Point, Ca.,
A detective was knocked down witn
a missile and T. H. Morris, a police?
man, had au arm taiiiftilly lacerated
in the fight. The ..reman was saved
from violence and the mob later dis
Williamson came Into Athena to?
night ou his train. His guard strug?
gled with the crswd from the station
to police headquarters where they
took shelter from the flying stocks
and stop. s. Williamson was struck
several times in the back and a man
in the crowd was accidentally struck
In the face. Around tne police hind?
quarters the mob gathered in a men?
acing manner and Mayor Dorsey hur?
ried to the scene, mounted the steps
and Induced the angry men to dis?
perse. Shortle after midnight the'
town was quiet.
Democrate and Progressive Republi?
cans to Present Separate Bills.
WASHINGTON, D. C. May 21?In!
was announced last nisht that the'
coalition, of Democratic senators and
? : h-p ,-sive Republicans" had been ,
broken so far as the income tax pucs
tion is concerned and that amend?
ments on that subject would b* pre-1
?entSsl by both Senators Bailey and
Both of these amendments will pro- ,
vide for flat rates of tax. hut theyl
differ on some other important fea-1
tares, particularly the proposed tax on
It was stated also upon the highest
authority tonight that an agreement
had been reached between the finance
committee and the supporters of free
lumber, by which the duty on dressed
lumber shall not be more than flfty
ccnts a thousand above the rate fixed
on rough lumber, whatever {ate that
may be.
Ex-Leader of Teamsters Stabs a
Woman Fatally.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. May 22.?Cornelius P.
Shea, who the police say came to tb:s
city from Chicago several months ago
and l-ecame involved in tae local
teamsters strike, was arrested tonight,
charged with stabbing a woman ab
his home in West Thirteenth street
The woman, who gave the name ot
Alice Walsh, died in St. Vincent's hos?
pital tonigut. Examination by physi?
cians shewed that she had been terri?
bly harked w.th a pocket knife, ana
that one blow nad almost severed tbe
jugular vein.
Shea deriinr-d to make any state?
to ficht mum
Fund of $10,000 Appropriated by
Cumberland Presbyterians.
Will Resist Contention of Presbyterian
Church of United States That Pro?
perty Should go With Majority of
.Amalgamating Members.
(By Assyria'cd Press.I
DENTON VI LI ant ARK.. May -
/?j a result of pledges today a fund
of over $ln.iwiu will b- at the disposal
of the legal board cf the Cumberland
Presbyterian church with which to
fight court battles in etwin<-rtion with
? he contention of ,he Presbyterian
churr.i cf the I nitcd States that th?
property of the Cumberland ehurcn
fcbo.ild tro with theme m?mhers tne ma?
jority of ?hm amalgamated w::h ant
latter organisation* several years ago
Of the amount more than half cam
In individual sobwerh tK>ns. One age,,
man past ?2 years and 'poor as a
church aaovane.** |t was announced
was assist ed to his feet that
ne might pledge $2:.. A ?tue
girl not "yet in her Iren* pledged P
Several Indians contributed.
An mrtdent wnieh brouaht the a*
?emIcy t0 II* feet ?Ith cheers Wa*
the reading of a dispntnh announclnc
that the Federal coorf In Tennessee
aeveral maea in whirs vsluaMe p">
perly wa* the i**ue Tonight s puWie
ne-ellti? Hi the Interests of the board
of ?Intstertnl relief waa beld
Rev. A. Nl. Frazer, of Staunton, Says
Presbyterian Assembly's Action
is Contrary to Scriptures.
Overtures From Charlotte and Chesa?
peake presbyteries Ask For Ap?
pointment of Committee to Investi?
gate Attitude Toward Polygamy in
Foreign Fields.
(Hv Associated Press.)
SAVANNAH, CA.. May -'- - A pro
t. si against I lie ae ion :;ik. n yester?
day by the general nsseiuHy of the
Southern Presbyterian church, in
session here, was tiled Unlay by Kev.
A M. |*|MM. of Staiinton. Va. llev.
Mr. Fra/cr obb cted to the policy of
the church calling on civil govern^
nuni for Intel lentJoe in behalf of
two American missionai ies facing
criminal charges in the Congo.
"I am opposed to that,*' said Ret.
Fraz'-r. '"because from my point ol
view it is con'rary to tbe historic
position of our church, contrary- to
the spirit of o'ir standards, and con?
trary to the scriptures which 'each
ttt that Christ's k i n cdom is not of
"'ils world.' and that *the w?-apons of
our warfare are not carnal." "
Despite Ihe proles' which was In
its nature formal, the appeal to Pres?
ident Taft to aid Missionsri<-s Morn
son and Sheppard who are to be rricd
May 2T> at I.eo|?oldville, Congo Free
State, stands.
Polygamy in Foreign Fields.
Polygamy in foreign fiebls is the
burden of two overtures presented SB
the assembly by the Charleston and
Chesapeake Presbyteries. The latter
recites that there is much dissatisfac?
tion among the members of the
church on account of the uncertainty
rrtattts of polvganiis's in heathen
lands applying for communion with
the church. It alleges that undue au?
thority is now being exercised by
some Presbyterian missionaries in
dealing with polygamy.
A committee of investigation is
asked for. The Charleston overture
bases its request for the appointment
of stich a committee on the statement
that certain missionaries have recelv
ed polygamists in'o the church and
still retain them in good standing.
The Chesapeake overture asserts
the principle of non-polygamy should
be made clear and beyond the shadow
01 a doubt. At noon today Dr. .lames
Orr, of Glasgow. Scotland, delivered
an address upon -'Calvin's attitude to?
ward the exegies of scripture." Dr.
Orr pictured Calvin as a man greatly
misunderstood, stating that few men
in the world's history have ever been
placed in a more wrong light than
Calvin. He s'ated that 'he work Ca:
vin undertook was calculated to make
him many enemies and to Invite the
fiercest opposition. He stated Calvin
looked at human llf" and salvation
eve" In the light of eternal purpose
He said the doe'rine of predestination
is simply the actual process of sal?
Beat Ride on River.
Thts?n.ftcrnoon the visltinsr corrmts
rioners were taken down the Sava.i
nah river and o'i' over the bar on a
river steamer. Tonigh' Rev. John
Uttle, IiOuisville. Ky.. delivered s'er
cop! icon lectsjre.
Tomorrow the flrs? Sunday of t*-"
assembly, the pulpits of the Churches
of Savannah will he Hi led by vi-'ttn*
preachers. The Baptist?. Christian.
Lutheran and Methodis' cb'irrhcs e*.
tended invitations today to the assem?
bly to hold bo'h morninc an ' ey?-n,ng
service., and some of the b?-st krown
minister* in the prrshv'.-rian rhnrcn
will hea-d
tntere*- was manifested tod-iv In
an overture of the Al'r.gdm Presby?
tery asktnr ?he ?sfsnhlv to take
.rtrps to rs'aldish a great Presbyterian
University as a memorial to John
Calv.n a
Attorney General Informs House Steel
Merger ,% Unmolested.
in As??H->'.-d Pr?s?>
lorwey Oester*] WVkrr-hani has sent
a com m negation 'o tbe House saying
thai no steps have been ?ahea ettber
hv him or hy anv oflVlal rx the de
part men I of justice under his direr
lion I.? "atmnl the centrar. or per
rh.w or acq.i s.iion of con'rol of tn.
Tennessee Cost and Iron Companv hv
iho MsedJ passe St-M fwporatton ?
Thts was in response to
?f inquiry
CAMDKN. S C-. May ST-T ?
Bneh. "ormcrlv rarnnntst for the \r ?
York World, died at bht wrafer hntn.
here las* nicht Mr Ran* as aar
Vived hy bis Wife. Ihrer
Murder Wa, Committed About AprJ
1?Hurried From Abingdon to
Prevent Lynching.
(My Associated Pf .* >
ARINGDON. Y.V, May 22 Roten
Moore, n negm who wa? in jail here
for horse st< aliiiK. last night confess?
ed to the murder of James Htaee, tin
tlfteen-year-old son of Robert A.
Ilines. of this place.
About April I the hoy In company
with the negro ran away from home
and bis family had not bei n able to
locale him.
Roeoatli the body of a white boy
was found near Frcellng* Dickinson
county, Va.
Tbe head had been aevered from
the bodv and the arms and leg, cut
When the news c,t the finding Of
the liody reached here a number ot
the boys of the town told that young
llin^s had left town with this negro,
and when charged with the murder.
In- confessed, saying mat bnothet ne?
gro had held him while he cut his
They then robbed him of |4t and
' hid the bod, under some brush.
The negro was taken away from
Aliingdon last nigh, the authorities
' fiaring that when the truth was made
' known there would be dangi r of a
K. A. nines Is a prominent druggist
: of this place. Relatives left this
[ morning for Dickinson, county io liing
I tike IkiiIv to Ahingdon.y
MurdeVer Former Convict.
BRISTOL, VA.. May- 22?Robert
Moore, a ie ft? 22 years old. was bat
tied away from Aliingdon 'i> Sie iff
' FleeOO this morning. a"ok?'te he ban
: been held In jail since WcCm sda\ to
j prevent a lynching.
The negro was arrested for horse
stealing, and late last night confessed
to having murdered James fftnee, 'be
sixteen-year-old um cf R. A llities, of
Ah.ngdon. who had been missing for a
month, ami whose partiffik deeonipos
ed body was found near Krei ling.
Dickinson county. V?., thr. . days ago.
Moore statin) that he murdered the
[ boy for robbery, cut his? bead, eft" anu
took fiiii from his pocket*
j Moore had recently ntiur*>ed from
the Virginia pi nitenllaJL* here he
spent a yeai for the Si. ,i money
j 'mm a store *sl
The negro was reared by a goon
I family in Ahingdon, and only willmi
I the last two years developed vicious
: tendencies.
The murdered bay was a nephew of
I Mayor J. H. Hines. of Ahingdon.
The mayor and others have gone to
t Freeling to take charge of the body of
j the niuidered lioy.
Races Run On Muddy Track.
(By Associated Press )
NORFOLK. VA., May 22.?The
i .tanicstown races today were again
! tun on a wet track during a continu
i otis northeast drizzle, but the crowd
j was good, many havine huen attracted
j by the special race for gentlemen am
I ateur riders. Fancy Itird. ridden by
I D. Kerr, was? an easy winner, with
I Killochan. ndd'-n by Joe Kelly, ot
I Savannah, Ca.. second, just ten lengths
j ahead of Sparkles, ridden by L. Gartn.
: The winner was quoted at 5 to 1, wi:h
? a handsome cup to her rider, present?
ed by the Jamestown Jockey Club.
? Stargown broke down in tae fourth
race, and Tx>is Cavannaugh. the pub
I lie favorite, lost her rider in the las'
j race.
. Thaw's Lawyer Objects to Filing Bill
of Particulars.
(Bt Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. May 22 ?An affidavi'
, was filed In the Ini k?J States Cir?
co t Court today by Clifford W. Hart
| ridge who was counsel for Harry K
, Thaw, in his trisls for the murder of
I Stanford White, jn oppositi n to tbe
; mo'lnn on liehalf of rhaw's mother to
j compel the lawyer 'o submit a bin
of particulars in his suit to recover
i legai and other wpenses at the trials
, amounting to $7".Tri?
j Mr. Har'.ridge ded.irnw tha' he
j spent more >han $|u.'iOf? to protect
j his client's reputation aside from the
I legal expenses incidental to the trials,
j The s-ims. he d'-clan ?. were paid our
'at the request of Mr Thaw.
Brrther Kill* Bother.
fgk AseoeJatr-d Pres? I
; PKS9M TOLA. FL\. Mey 22?Jo
I soph and M?nk lira v. brothers yes
lerday fo'tgh- ?iih ehnd runs, and
I Moe.k HraytnV death They had qua:
1 ??lied ofr the dn.'l'iii line of sone
1 land Monk Brav, it le aaid. cursed
Ibis brother and then hred at him Jo
laMpt Reav th< n h n-'h-d Ms shot gun
; and with the rta'ement: -| hate 'c,
'do It." *r'd *h? contents entering th'
J brother's breavt. who feR
Darrmo-jth Wins Meet
d is
? as act-md with 27 point*; WaMbgaa,
tfcird. 21 end Rnwdma fourth. Jft.
(fby Aatsvw iat.d Pteaa I
WAWilNCTfi\. I? C. May 22 ?
rder? were tndav Issued lor tbe #Jb>
wrtinssaer of Ihr K<ie.sk. ?? C . re
rul'kig ?U?n<i ogn of the eraey
MAY 23. \W9.
Senate Agrees to Take do Vole
on Any Subject?Day Spent
in Talk.
Amendment Presented by McCumber
Providing tor Free Lumber?De?
clare* American Forests Are Being
Rapidly Depleted?Meets With Stub !
born Resistance.
(By Associated Press.)
WAS 111 N( i TOX. D. C. May 22.? '
By neesa] agnenen' the S. nate M U
no vote on any itthJCOt, with the con-'
.ei|i:eiice that 111. entire - M Son today'
was deviated to tj? ccn-nitikii'g. The!
htanberaebestola w.s uadei tttscwMat)
during the freatei par f the day
and the ? oiitroN ? :: v petween the free!
lumber asTrratatsj tad loeli Mgh tariff
ttpjoaeala araa at liases quite sharp. I
Betaatot McCuoboi taUodneed the
subject by presenting an amendment
pr. \ Kling tor lice li:i:ilier, and he was'
on the floor Beverel tim<s during th"
day in support of t>..s provision, lie)
((intended that the American forests
were being rapidly depleted and urg'd
that every encouragement should be
given to the bringing In ot outside
I u m I r for tin- protection Of our own
sii|?:ily. On che other hand. Senators
Kfkius, Scott and Meylwrn. nil o/
them representing lumber producing
constituencies, c mletided strenuously
tor a, higher duly than Is allow d by
fee Mouse hill. They conl inverted
the thci ry that the American lumlfr
sup: ly Is rapidly diminishing.
No Other Legislation.
Once Saara the S. n ite placed on
record its determination not to under,
take other legislation while the tariff
bill is pending. This action was taken
in opposition to an effort on the part
of Senator Burton, former ohalrman
of the House committee ou rivers and
harbors, and now a member of the
Senate committee on commerce, to
have extended certain pp-sent appro?
priations for 'he improvement of the
waterways of the country He was
antagonixed by Senator Hale and
?was compelled to desist from his ef?
S-r.ntor Bailey began the day by de?
manding that the advocates of the
'nriff hill should maintain a iiimrum
during th? day, notwithstanding that
there were to he no votes taken and
he and other renatcrs were responsi?
ble for a number of roll calls.
Attendance Was Good.
TV attendance "was good, however,
and her., was no indication of a fall?
ing eff in lit' rest on the part of sena?
As a conccssk n to the senators who
wer. .| manding time for attention to
th i, e. i i. siKjndeirCe the Senate sd?
jeurned a' the early hour of 3:01 p.
"The lnk]tiitcus system ktown as
the protective tariff under which har.
grown up a policy of ext'.r'ion." was
the basis of a speecfi in the Senate
today by Mr Mrlaturln
Only for Revenue Purposes.
That the constitution gives author?
ity only for customs dilti?? for reve.
?aa BtaTpaaM was contended by Mr.
Mr|j?urin. Mr. Mcljnirin favoret
vtrict cc nomy in the expenditures rf
the government declaring that the
l"nit<-d S'a'es should "throw off 'he
burden of the Philipine Islands," and
thus rave I'.m.ooo.ooo of military rx
n? nriifnre* He disapproved th'- -as
sage of private pension bills on SM
er.mnd that all , \ soldiers should be
r>lac?-d nrvn an equal basis by rs-tns
n-rntlrnd 10 d' pend ti|?on pension law
t . determin ? their ri*"st* to the houn'y
of the ?overnment. The private sol?
dier, he insisted vhnnM share eo,ua ly
with the oflle< r of 'he Civil war in
adjudicating his rlalm IM a pension,
ir-rame- tb?- privates had horn*- the
.'.runt of the hardships of t!>p war and
?honld not be dlsr rirmnat- d against.
Income and Immijrtnt Taxes.
Adx'-a'ing an Income tmx to raise
a r.-ven -c ,f fTn.ooo.i*?? ?nd a h?ad
tax u|>on twoI-?'?<. to raise fje.aae,
oao Mr. M? i ? i i said surei a course
s(, .td permit th< r<m"val th. du
ties now levied upon rar;? atrrs and
blacksmiths tools, typernter?. nrlat
tng presses and Hacc'ne and ties u?ed
l*i the cotton planter* of Ihr South
He spnfc- against allowing any dlf
fcr<nUeI dniy on refined setter, erga
Ins thai II .4ily enrk-hed the already
Captain and Three Men in Perilous j
Position?Wrecking Tug Responds
to Distress Signals.
llh Associated Press.)
MJOO KISLAND. R. I . May 22.
The captain and three men, who were
aboard the wtialebuck steamer Hay
City, which went on the rvcka off thl" |
island several days uro, found (hem?
s' ives In a perilous sltuutlon tit la at
terticxm when the vessel began U'
br< uk uj) under the pressure cf wav?s|
kicked up by a howling northeaster.
They displayed distress signals and |
a wrecking tug was sent to their aid.
Weekly Report Shows Substantial In?
crease in Required Reserve.
(Be Associated Press.? ,
NEW YORK. May 22?The state
nient of Clearing House ttankn for]
the week shows that the hanks hold [
$19.9l&.TT.i niote than the require?
ments of the SB jm'r cent reserve rule.
This Is an Increase of $5.0:11,85? Inj
the tproportlonate rash reserve as]
ojsutpared with las' week. The state?
ment follows:
lAKins. $1,388.224.100, decrease $2.
l)? |Hislts. $1.400,637.7"0, increuse $:i
Circulation. f49,or.9.000, decrease |
Lajjej tenders. I77.SS4.200, 'decrense |
Specie, $202.200,000, Increase $?,
Ri serve, $370.0.84.200^ Increase $?,
Reserve required. 1350.1)54,425, In
criMse $8(50.22.'..
Surplus, $19,919.775, Increase $5,
Ex. I nlted States deposits, $20.523,- |
000. Im-r. use $5,287.075.
The percentage of actual reserve I
cf the (Tearing House banks today |
was 26.(54.
The statement of tanks and trust j
companies of Greater New York net |
rep* Hing to the Clearing House shows
that these Institutions hnve aggregaU
dejKislta $ total rsak or
hand $145.126.400. and loans amount
ing to $
Suicide of Discharged Official.
< lt> Associated Press.)
SAVANNAH, OA. May 22?W. D.
Clay borne, who was recently dis?
charged from the position of city elec
'rirlan. was found king dead on the
batik of the Ogoechee canal Oils
morning. He had cut his throat. The |
knife he had used lay by bis side.
Hammer Struck Professor.
(By Associated Press.)
the hammer throw cf the State High
School meet here today. Conwell. of j
Van Huren. threw the hammer, whim
struck Prof. B. M. Blaeh. oi Purdue,
one of the judges. In the abdomen
He was knocked dewn and is In ?
serious condition.
resists Insanity plea
State's Attorney Intends to Show
Wife Slayer Was Sane.
Followinq Many Hours of Insane An?
tics. Pr.soner Who Spht His Wife's
Skull With Axe. Reaches Condition
Puiilirg to Dcctcrs.
I By Wtssoeistcd press)
N??KM>IJ\. VA. May 22.?At
pr< I'minary hearing texiay of Engen.' |
l'e? hlrs. the young moulder from An
gusta and Savannah, Ca. who yes?
terday killed bis wire by chopping I
her head open with an sac. 'Common
wealth's Attorney Tilton secured a
putpoatnet until May 25. He saldl
a:ienb>ta are now examining Peebles j
' and that Me state will he able
show beyond doiiht that Peebles, whiteI
perfectly sane killed bis wife ss tkcj
r< sn\' of unjusttthd jealonsy
Pwetdes. foilewing 24 hnu I a of
sane antics, w?-eping and nervooancsa
wae t.idav discovered la bis refl at
t'e police station in a state of total
A stn?r.arh ; neap wan need. City Ph*
slcian* Met nald and Tsllaferro
reebhn vidi iiiK- narinus. Is
I the Jail hospital
artly cloudy and somewhat
armer Sunday; Monday fair
-id warmer; light to mod-rate
>rtherly winde.
Head of Georgia's Department of
Justice Looks Over Fireman's
Strike Situation.
State Law Officer Denounced by Strike
ISympathizer* Who Mistook Him for
Strikebreaker?Engineere May Be
Called Out Unless Proper Protection
Ii Provided.
(By Associated Preps.)
AI'til'STA. OA., May IT. Jena C.
Hart, attorney general of t he stale,
arrived In Augusta toduy on a (j<-orgla
Railroad train. He came at the in?
stance <>f the pjOTeraet to make a sur?
vey of conditions along Use road. Prior
to his ro|?ort to the governor be will
give out no statement. He found ex?
cited gatherings at several points, par?
ticularly at Th-mson. Ma reasoned
with the j.eople. ti lling ifiey they were
dring wrong in attempting to intimi?
date train employees. He put the
I armed guards off the engine on which
oe rode- ill Bonnexloo. He was orally
denounced by strike eymi>aihners
who mistook him for a strike breaker.
Ht left Augusta tonight, returning
over the Central Railway. He would
make no statement aa to the legal
right of Governor Smith to Intrrfern
In the interest of preserving order.
I Engineers Must Have Protection.
I ATI*ANTA. GA.. May t%--Tonight
there was little cnange locally In t*e
. strike situation. F. A. Burgess, as?
sistant gi and chief of the Brotherhood
gf Locomotive Engineers said:
"We are not going off half cocked
' iu this affair, but we are not going to
send our men out to be slaughtered
I or maimed."
Burgess anid the Instant he becomes
I convinced that the englneera are not
afforded sufficient protection he will
call them from their engines.
Hampton Fire Department Ooet
Quick Work in Saving The
Daily Press.
Hampton Bureau. May 22.
What threatened *o be a aerlous
j conflagration aroused and alarmed the
I Queen street and Locust street neigh
I bcrbood et midnight tonight, when a
blaxe originated from a defective Sue
D.-oke oat in the ? Victoria,'" a larg*
three-ztory frame building on Queen
I street, occupied by Mr. John Skinner
and bis family.
Mrs. Skinner was awakened nboot
midnight and found the aouse Oiled
with smoke. She and her 'hree
daughters fled from the house In
ihelr night clothes and gave Uk
The Are departmen' turned out
promptly and succeeded in extlngulsn
ing the fire before It gm fairly eM- '
[derway. The flames were between
the plastering and weatherboardlng.
however, and the enmpanv had to pit*
up a hard fleht to preven- them from
I enveloping the building.
\.-<r the burning huihPng. in th
rear of a grocery, were two large
! tanks containing gasoline and kero?
sene oil The presence of these
tanks kept everybody In the nclgkhot
hood hi a state of suspense until 'he
last spark was ex"ngnUhed.
The damage to the balldlne. which
is owned by Mrs R S. H idg ns. wBf
-tmcont tc sereral hundred dollars,
Mr Skinner ranir-t t< II at 'his tihse
io what extent his firuRnrc and oth
r>r property I? damsard. hot he car?
ried no insurance
A'JIJvTvtFv^t iotrfTl in Jtjpff r*T#
Ceurt For Defendants.
(By Aaarciatcd Prean I
JACKBON. TBNN.. May 21 ?1
?i'orwT Pierre, cowtuei for the
men ennvlctesl at I nion Cite for per
ticlpsung in the murder of Cantata
Qesatla Raa km ?: walnut l>ec. whnae
rasie death Isst fall ?hocked 'he
msnirv had finished his argnmen(
Court to
which the raae has been appealed, (he
wlfhtn two weeka kfr
saent was largely demted to errare
which he says were asnde Vy <ne low
er court

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