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only newspaper published I
Newport News that receives th
full news service of the Aas<
ciated Press.
VOL. XIV. NO. 138?
Gossip of Castle Gould Continues
to Occupy Attention of New
York Court.
Long Island Rustics and Former Men
ial Employes Tell of All Kinds of
Disgusting Incidents Which Are Al?
leged to Have Made Howard Gould
Leave Home.
(By Associated Press.)
NKW YORK. June 1??Howard
Gould did not go on the stand today
to testify against his w.fo, Kathcrinc
C'lemuions Gould, wlnosc suit lor sep?
aration he is op|K\s,iiLC, instead there
was a confusion ot t? rvants, ssip,
a<s-ounts by menials" of thtir former
mistress's BCtwjMricitaBSj, humllating
details of Mrs. Goulds alb-god fond?
ness for alci holic iM-vorages, and her
manner at such times wheu what Hi"
witness said was inflm nee of liquor
brought from her lips remarks that
are ill suited to a woman's tongue.
Indications are that the 'Plaintiff
miifi endure for another day, possibly
for two, the embarrassing ordeal of
listening to the testimony of former
s<rvants. all of whom have been ca||eo
at the instance of bet husband to su?
taiii. if possible, his contention that,
living with is wife was impracti' able
and decidedly unpleasant, hence Unit
the charge of abandonment, the main?
stay of Mrs. Gould's case, is not borne
Amplification of First Stories.
?What Katberine Clemmons Gould
heard today was but a reiteration,
and in some resi?ects en amplification
of yesterday's testimony, the basis of
which was that al various and divers
times at the vaBt L>ng Island show
place, Castle Gould, she; had, accord?
ing to the witnesses been intoxicated,
had abused menials, given arb trary
end unreasonable i-omniands to the
sen-ants, ami had used rather severe
language in altercations with her hus?
An occasion when she would have
fallen from her carriage t>ut for the
protecting arm of a coachman, an at?
tempt of hers to drive through a
closed pate, a lime when a footman
saved her from falling when intoxi?
cated, as testified, were among the
toings alleged as a Long Island rus?
tic or a former-servant went on and
paswd from the witness stand.
Swore at and Abused Him.
A carpenter Herbert Trotter, was
the last of the day's witnesses. He
said that when he was working in the
servants' quarters, Mrs. Gould rusheu
in time at one time, swore al and:
ahused the servants.
"Her voice was shaky and incoher-!
cnt, h?r hair disheveled and she was!
very profane. She was di'cidedly
drunk,' sad the witness.
"At another time she came into the
the stables while | was working there
and sw. re at ih< grooms, and was so
drunk that everyone could tell she was
drunk." he continued.
"She tried to go up stairs to the,
harti'.ss room, but <onld not navigate
the atefs.'' he added, emphatically.
Trotter said he was ordered to go to
hiue Gap farm, the Gould place in Vir?
On sev- ral ocean.ons during rhe tlr?;
ten days be ?ras He re he tcyfjfird
fee saw her in?"xiceted and heard n< r
swe?r a great aVal at the workmen.
Wrestled With Big Clock,
one night she cam' in from driv?
ing drunk." said the witsjess. "and be?
gan to a I* me me and a man named
?1?n> BBB said to me she wan'ed
th- >4e seven foot hall rl<? k nun. d
ac! I told her I would hav. t? get
help and sh. said V> ny I can m?v
tt myself Sh ? was stapgv-rtng iinu*
She graht-d the he*vy cinch and b"?h
she and the clock fell against the
wall tnceiher "
Trotter tet.tifled thai Mrs G-nld was
owir "orrasH'nally Intoxicated" during
her aUy of tea Beys at the Bloe Gsn
farai wk?n be was ttK-rr.
How many times do von thfnk ?
was .n?'-?-sfcd during that ten days~j
asW-d Mr Sheam
"f>eiy other day." was the reply.
Referring to a ??es? wnen Tm?ter
said Mrs Irfwdd Ml ?C a rtoalr and
tar eaj the floor helpless, Mr. Swears
?fwdn't -on pot "^"'"?j^"
*l crtnlnlv did wet,- replied the
rttssas. I
Inda t yen set Betty Ftnrfec, Mm
<\l.I girl in MM kitchen to put
something in Mrs. Gould's coffee'.'
No I did not."
"Unit you recall that Mrs. Gould
PdaMhhsl you M i>oisoii!ng her ai Mm
Cap farm?"
"I certainly do not."
'?She was taken sick and fell to the
floor directly after she had been out?
ing something, wasn't she?-'
"No. it was two hours before ?ho
abe,'' n plied the witness.
Curing the cross-* xamination Mrs.
Gould eyed Trotter with a pienim;
look of disgust.
Daniel A. Leftwich Victim of Careless?
ness on Part of Companion Who
Was Cleaning Pistol.
DANVILLE. VA . June H',. -Ditniol
A. I^'ftwich, assistant cashier of the
Baak of Iflaa. pitiatsaana ceuutty Va,
was shot through the heart today l>\
tile accidental discharge of a IwW her
which Cashier Hughes was cleaning.
Left Wich was instantly killed, Left
wich and Hughes were alone in the
bank at the time. According to
Hughes, he was sitting in a window
coaiiiug his revolver when it disc hail?
ed, the ball penetrating l?-ftwich's b it
side, death resulting almost it.iinedi
Corporal Lockardt, of Warrenton,
Riffles Perhaps Fatally Wounded.
WARRENTON. VA . .lune || Wwile
at tarnet practice today preparatory
to a " o ndi ti g ttM Stale target slioot,
Corporal C. K. Lockhurdt, of the War?
renton Hifles, Company C, Seienty
secend regiment, was shot in the
head and perhaps fatally injured.
The men have been in the hal."tt
of lying on the grass and shootini;
at the target at a distance of six
hundred yards.
Corporal l/oi khardt was marking
the target and evidently unseen at
the time the shot was fired. He
dropped immediately to the ground
and was hastened to Warrenton.
where prs. Selty and Maphis attend
e<| the wounds. His condition is grave
at this time.
Maine Bound This Way.
PORTSMOCTH. N. H.. June 16.?
The battleship Maine, tfae fipst of the
sivto.n batlli'shies of the Norlh At?
lantic squadron to complete bee over?
hauling, sailed at noon today for the
rendezvous off the Virginia Capes.
Nanticoke and Dispatch Belong to
Venezuelan Government.
Upon Receipt of Information at Wash?
ington, Uncle Sam's Agents Are
Called Off False Scent?Collectors
Instructed to Clear Vessels.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. D. C June 16.?
Sta??- department official advices from
Venezuela today clean a up the myslery
of the steomi-r .Nanticoke and tug Des?
patch, suspected of filibustering, show?
ing they were purchased by Venezuela
for transport.^! ion puns*..-* on l^ake
Maraoailio. The d- partment of jus?
tice has ordered its agents to aban?
don thiir < hsurvat ions of the vessels
and to return to W.tshm.-ton
On the receipt of tue ad vires, whtch
were from M.nist-r W W. Russell,
transmitted thro-ogh the sta'e depart
tnenl. Assistant Secrttarv Mollarg
o. the depart m? nt of comm*ero and
labrr, telegraphed to the collectors
of pnrs on the Middle Atlantic roast
to grant rb-vrance |>ap> ra to the Nan
tiroke and Dispeteb on proper a.; p!!
lns?mctr ns were akn sent to the
r-ieire .it", rs to de'ain 1 h. v.-.-i.-l..
no loncyr.
The Informast-m arerj Caracas Ir the
rewek) of diligent .nquiry rrrznV DJ
Minister Rtiss-ll
Naeticohe ai --f t>?petch Ready tc
Start for Venezuela
I Sty A'sortafed Press )
MOaWOfAC. VA, Jesse Id ?Collee
for of Cnstrtms KToyd Hnrne* was this
afternoon dire^lcil ro U>e deperrmnl
of .on.meer, and la>? - ?'!? ?
afplieatlne. ciearaere nepers for an*.
at-?n?er NanMcoke a? Franklin. Va .
and the taaaaaaJi Dirpetch at Nor
The veeaels wer? .???". d for M-?ra
.-aibo Vetiertj??w i be <
to wall t i?Ii e fr~a? Prsnhlln The
I Nik per ea will aail froas IP-re aad pan
He- Nanttroke as the latter cum?a oat
nf the Chowaa riser _
President's Supstion as to Taxes
on Incomes and Corporations'
Earnings Received by Senate.
Party Lines Strictly Drawn in Vote
Upon Senator Gore's Motion to Di?
rect Report Friday. Republicans Vot?
ing to Lay on Table?Philippine
Schedule Adopted.
(n-.- Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, I? C. Line 1? ?
Th-- message at president Taft
recommending the Incorporation of
n provision in the tariff bill for
the taxation of the earnings
of corporations anil the adoption
of a resolution looking to an amend?
ment of the constitution so as to per?
mit the levying of an Income lax with
i nt Interference from the courts,
which was received by the Senate to?
day was generally regarded by Sena?
tors as of such transcendent Impor?
tance as to place in the shade all
questions pertaining strictly to the
schedules nf the tariff bill
The niensage was received early in
the afternoon and after brief discus
sion on the method < f proceeding was
referred to Ibe ? awalttee on finance.
Son-itor Roof occupied Ifen) chair
when one of I he President's secre?
taries appeared with the message in
hand, bnl owing lo the fact that
Senator Horton was nt the time en?
gaged in making a speech the presen?
tation of the message was delayed for
some time. When Mr. Iturton con?
cluded, but not until after Mr. Hey
burn bad addressed the chair to pro?
ceed with the discussion of the tart.T
bill, the message was read.
Full Senate Present.
There was a full senate present and
the document was awarded the most
careful attention from all senators.
S. nator Gore attempted to have the
committee instructed to report on the
income tax feature of the message by
next Friday when, under general
.?igreemenl. the income tax question is
again to be taken up for considera
tton. His motion was. however, voted
down, and for the first time In many
weeks the division was strictly along
party lines, all the Republicans voting
against that pro|>ositinn.
During the informal discussion of
the reference of the message Sena?
tor Itailey gave notice that he would
demand that provision be made for a
graduation of any Income tax that
might be provided for and intimated
that much time would be necessary
to get through a provision which did
not carry that qualifieation.
Philippine Products.
After considerable debate the Sen?
ate adopted the finance committee's
recommendation regarding the admis?
sion of Philippine products, but not
until after two amendments had been
voted down.
Senator Foster, of Louisiana, occu?
pied the early hours of the day with
a s|?eech eu|K>sing the free admission
of any Philippine sugar into the t"nit
ed states. He look the |<osition that
<vith the enrouragement that would tie
given by allowing 5ftn.nc.n fop* of Phil?
ippine product to come in free of duty,
the production in the islands would be
so rapidly increased thai it would
soon exceed the quantity named
lairing the afternoon Senator Ald
rich presented the finance committee's
substitute for the House *inr schedule
and it received a maJ'W l>ortion of the
attention of the Senate during the nf
ternoon The committee amendmen'
providing fr?r a graduated scale of
r?ulv on the rin<- in rinr 're in place
of the fixed rale'of the Hrnse bill.
S. naii r ISurtrn sti- ke against any
duty on zinr ore while Senator Hey
hurn. Guggenheim and other* ndve
ra'?-d even n ?tiffer rale tbnn wns.
pr posed by the .?.?!??lift .
Recommendations Agreed To.
AN nf the >aan>s coassnJHee's re
c-mmendatlon* In the rfne schedule
wer?- iiltimatelT r-.gmd to and the
|.?r.-gr :ph a ama.nd.M- re Jlnallv
8Sf|nsled Th'' commit lax-"? ?urgent Iran
f? r rhang?-s in the ^rlh s' hednle was
alhn adopted ?A number ?f rlner
mrnnHlrv am?-ndm< nls, of a minor
< hararfer wa re nra-raa-ntaM junt before
Ban* urnma-nf. and -om<- of th< m were
Srlr*4. ,||?rn
At 7 n.*. the Senate adjourned until
|n o"r|oa-k t. mcrmw
Quotes Svnrem* Ourt.
la his message the President speaks
"f the apparent Inahllpv ad fneg-rens
to agree to an inherltanre lax. and
a? regard* an in- ottt' tax he refer* tn
the deaiaiam of the ftnajr>n Court in
i ha- a-asa- of padlawh vs the Fanwer*
lean A Trust f'< snpanv. In wbw-h the
eaxart held the tax to he utaaeraasi Mo?
tional nnla-ss appertwmeaj n> > ordlag tn
"Tt ts,~ nays the
edly a power a
? Shipper. Receive S'xtySeven Per
Cent of Provable Claims Against
I Hy Associated Praia.)
' WASHINGTON. I> ('. June IG ?
Through counsel of the railroad* and
Ihc attorneys representing the claim
ants. Iff of what arc popularly
known as the yellow pine re|>aratioii
cases were adjusted tmla> on the
same basis as the Miller and (Jreen
settlement of March is lust, which
was of ?7 per cent of the provalde
The amount Involved will npprSxi
Mate H.SM.MM, Orirmallv there were
Ml of the yellow pine i nsfS. Involving
claims i f ?hippers against vsrlists
Southern railroads for reparatlM in
the sum or two cents i B every hun
I dred iHiiindH r.f yellow pine lumber
I shipped during the period when the
i roads charged IT. cents a hundred
j pounds All of the.\cept I III now
haYtra been adjusted through compro?
? The remaining rases. g|| of which
are for what are known as central
yellow pine territory Louisiana, i.. 8
slsippi, and Western Alabama -mi-'
doubledl.v w ill be set I led ill a few
j weeks. By consent of the railroads
i ami of the claimants, the cases have
? liit-n postponed by the Interstate Coin
' merce Commission until September
, 18. It is expected thai a compro?
mise in ta* matter will be reached
laag before that dnte.
j The oases settled today are those
; remaining from previous settlement
' In the southeastern territory ? North
. Carolina Georgia, Kantern Alatiain..,
; South Carolina and Florida.
' Giants' Manager Says Pitcher "Bug."
Needed a Little Chastise?
trtv Associated Pressl.
I PITTSUI'RG. PA., rate 16?John
? .MoGraw, ma linger of the New Y"rk
'Giants, and "Bugs'" Raymond, the ec?
centric pitcher of the same ball dub,
! had a rough and tummc argument
while etiroirte from Cincinnati to th a
city early today. It is said Met*, a*
reprimanded Raymond for the latLrs
I Itorsonal conduct while In Cincinnati.
I MoGraw said today: "Raymond gM
a Lttte 'strong' on the train and ne d
ed correction. I did not w?ret to fine
' him so I just administered u little]
1 ILaymond. who carrle a split lip asj
a I ? suit of the encounter, says the tiHxj
came after MoGraw had jumped on
him without provocation and choked
off his wind
j The (two men appeared <m the hall
grounds this afternoon apparently re?
; President Barringer Deliver. Diplomas j
to Sixty Graduates.
(By Associated Press i
ROAMJKB. VA.. June 16 ?At I
I Blacksburg today ITesident llarringer|
of Virginia Polytechnic Institute de
livered diplomas to 60 graduates I
at the past session. Congress?
man Carter Glass, of l.ynrhburg, dr
livred Um addie,, to the graduating j
('class, his aanjei t being "Possibilities I
of the South."
The ci mmencement exercises con?
cluded with today s program
Progressive Republ.cans and Demo?
crat* Not Willing to Stop.
1 WASHINGTON. I>. C. Jone 16 ?Ar?
ter a conference tonight in which fivi
"progressiv'- Kc|Miniw-an s'-na'orsl
nartiripati d. it was announced that|
the fight for the ed<?|rtinn of an In
' etime tax amendment w<mld Is- con?
tinued in spite of President Taft's|
ree. mtnendatinn 'has the matter be
r- f* rn-d to the varkrne atatcs.
Another Conference Today.
tltv Asv.K-lsttd Press I
WASHINGTON. I? C. Jon- 16 ?Inj
an effort lo Beiert a third arbitrator!
in the Oo< rcia Railway con-rov.-r
Hillary A II" rl?ert and Roprereats
five Hirdwirk. 'f tleorgla. w.ll hold
another cotifer? nee togj-.rmw. The
?nrt?aaj today did not r- - 'ilt in a
choice If they are unable to aarree
by Satnrdav I?r?rd 'f nt. diation
.i ;?;? ii d un'h r the KrdlP.tli will
on vac MM third party.
Peebles in Bad Shane
? '?. \ - - :.it- d Pres. i
NORPtMJv. VA . June 16 Rospnel
peohP-w. ehnrr-d with Hie murder of|
bis wife here In May hast, was tutai
? sken Into court for the fixing of dvr
ef trial. fAsnAt a wan in s-.irh a aer
vous riiiiii.il.ni ?hat Judge Martin con
t.n-rd 'he ca*. until July
Cashier Acquitted
RICHM'?Mi. VA . Jene I? u -o
I. tirown. for a 1-ng time assistant
rarhier at the street car terminal!-.
? as in the pr !i. ? eoert irdav <n tt?#
.haree of having appropriate* ticket.
oePngin* to the roeapetty The com
pony had not . Mansed a warn
t'be mas s arrest, hot he had ?irret?
de red
that there
TUNE 17, 1909.
Attorney Moore Declares That State j
Mi Fatal Error in Falling
to Prove ?'Offer."
Contention of Defense, That Proof of
Making of Offer Prior to Actual Pay?
ment of Bribe is Wanting, Accom?
panied by Counsel's Promiss to
Close Today.
(Bv Associated Press.)
rVMtrlsJk Culhoun's e.\plana!Ion of tin
bill cry .ndlctnn ii! against him was
practically submitted to the Jury to?
night when M. A. Moire, SoBlOf of the
six ill ternev s Tor the president of the
1'niu-d Hallways piouns.s.1 to close
his gam during tin |rs| hour of to?
morrow's session*
Mr. .Mo re decayed there was a fa?
tal error in the pi si eul on s case In
the letttitioin (|c>igticd to tdiow tl|e
offer of a bribe, i ll. stale b id failed,
tie declared, to show Ilia' Cull.iphi r
had tirade an offer lo Nicholas prior
to actual pa\in.nt of the money
II" argued n-gardlng extracts from
the transcripts of prior trials that
Gallagher and Nicholas hid both fall
?d on sevctal occasions pr.i r to 'be
present ttail to testify Hint any offer
had been made and lie InlInnted more
than once* that bo lunseoutlon had
submitted a machine made case tba'
t-howed tht marks of the tools.
J. A. Chisholm, of Charlotteaville, the
New President?Large Dele
gation From Peninaula.
(Bv Associated Press.)
third annual session of Virginia Slate
Assih lallon of llenevolent Protective
Order of llenevolent Protective order
of Klks nn-t In this city today.
The welcoming address was made by
Mayor Jnms and responded to by ih\
Iidward Norflect, of Suffolk.
J. A. Chisholm. of Chariot 11 svllle.
was chosen president, and Charb'tes
ville. Va, solccti-d as the m-xt place
o. meeting.
The association will attend "a barbe
cue and Brunswick stew tomorrow at
Coggin s point, on IBB James river,
bal countrv home of Mr. David Dun
lop. ,
Newport N'ws and Hampton are
t. |>r st n'ol at the convention hy n
delegation cf more than a hundred, in
rinding some of the moat prominent
cltistus <f both places.
Midshipman and Cupid Win.
'By Assoclat-c ITeas.)
Midshipman M. C Keorlng of Texas,
who resigned from the naval arado
my with a view to securing a com
mission in the army and at the same
lime to avoid" a provision against the
marriage of midshipmen, passc?l the
miltary examination and will Im- ap?
pointed a second lieutenant in the
coast artillery.
Firm Suspends Business.
I By Associated Press.)
NKW YORK. June Id.?W. B. SraPh
Sl Company. 'no of the best known
tti' DilM-rs of the Cons- lidated St>?-k
K\ehanr< nded business today,
after the .ns'ru'lo,, of hankmptey
proceedings by Henry frost and Hen
ry Anderson, hrofc.-r* <f New York,
and ArehllnW ?;ni.am. a Pa?< r
K. J. hcofc? r. The petitioners rkaln.
ii: i.- i e mm' i--t ??? 'I., jnr.ni:'
Amendment Rejected.
n vote of C< tn t; rite S> note todn
? ? '? d ?" amendment >n Vir FV ?? h
er nf fTorvda. neos Ming that Hr,n"rtS
<r n the Phillip-wa into I be Patted
flaustes snail pay the an en' detles an
impnrls from other ecssntrt?
as nnw rmtd'd by law.
C" it
CRy Aaanrtated Presa.)
NKW f>RI>;ANS. I-A Jnne 1??
Mrttlsh st??fn?T- Tinea from livevpnrd
reprrta r-n May 3a as iafttade ja je V
kanglttide 3a&2 W passed the dOTtjrt
?cbocuex KJivira Kttl with tmwanrit
and fore lower maw ?undoig. fn?eraa
fh> and snop shore wader srHl waist
Prominent Southern Woman, Accused
of Larceny* Indignant Over
(My Associated Preaa.)
NEWARK. N. J.. June 16?The
I trial of Mis Prances .1 Ridley, of At
luutu. (!a., on a charge of larceny or
ll'.nno worth of Jewelry h. longing to
I Mm. Andrew Albright of New York,
wan Indefinitely postponed today, fol?
lowing n prolonged ismterence Itetwcen
the prosecuting authorities and Con?
gressman Richardson, of Allnnln, and
I nit.d State? l>iatrlct Attorney Ani?
lins lit, also of Atlanta
Conatrnasman Richardson and Mr.
Ambrecht had come North to testify
I to the good character and standing or
Mrs. Ridley, and lu'd bnaight deposi?
tion* of u similar nature from numer?
ous prominent Atlanta |xsnde and nftr
clals of s-vi ral southern stales.
Mix Ridley and ner Irb-nds Insisted
jon imniedlMle trial and expressed hV
I dlgur.tioii when they could get no ant
Isfuction as to when the oaae would
[lie taken ni>. Hie local authorities de?
claring that no Judge mis avairibb
I to try It.
Mrs. Ridley was aci-useu nf t-Jrlng.a
snu-hel containing the Jewelry while
she and Mrs. Albright were fellow
passengers on a train from the South
i'n route to New York on Mnroh 19
Charities and Corrections.
iRv Associated Press.)
ftl KPAI,?), N. Y., June If!.? Baattt
and sanltnlion ?1? the f\rttt sublet
dboursid at today's session of the
National Conference of Charities and
Cornvlions In the absence of Dr.
Harvey w Wiley, of the Cnlted
Slates dcputim-nt of agriculture, John
S Kupon, of Philadelphia, read a pa?
per prepared by Bjr. \\ lley on "The
Pood Supplies <if Charitable und Semi
charitable I nst It tit ions.''
Big Schooner Grounds.
(By Asaociated I?ros8 )
16 ?The sU masted schooner Kilward
(J. Ijawrsncc, of Norfolk, Va.. for Port
I land, grounded on Cross ICo, Nan
Itucket shouts, toilay. but later at high
I water floated iin-??sist>sl and proceed
ed. It is thought the big craft es?
caped damage.
Harriman Carries Out His Plan lor
Acquiring System.
Er.tire Capital Stock of Company, of
Five Million Dollars. Taken Over at
Sixty Per Share?Nineteen Trvoot
and Milea of Road.
(By Associated Press )
NEW YORK. June 16 ?The sale of
th- Cent ml of (esirgia Railroad to the
Illinois Central Kallr ad carrying out
plans forecast* d more than a ymr Mm?,
w is announced : ?1.. The transar
tiou orlginatid In negotiations eailmi
?fing in November, 190". th-ti 'ho
en!ire capital stork of the Central of
Georgia |>assed Into the hands of Wit
iiam N< Isxm Cromwell and J"hn W
Castb-s. The piircbase. H was an
inced a few months later, was for
E H Harriman, wh-*? intention I
was then started, was to transfer H to
the III no;* Central. The price paid
by the Illinois Central was not given
Price Three Million
Anmnisrv-tneirt of the transfer was
in this eil? |.y John P Hans..11
of Atlanta, pr-sldent of the Central of
Gee rata The rrtee paid by Ml*. Har
r.taan for the stork. 1? the par calm
of .one It was stvt.-H. was ?H
ons. ?r at the rate of ?tv? per share
Th? errtir- csjpttal stock id the Ceo
trxl of Ooraria sans neigtaally held hv
the cs'trgaaizatinn committee of the
Rtetimrmd A West prdnt Terminal
Ratliwsd A War.?nv?ns<- cvenpany In
Joss. 1907. the atnek wss sold to Oak
<etgh Tarwne. of Now York, and Mnr*
d*sa J. rVcry. of Prm,?v-??r?-. R I
who agreed to retain voting ooertr?!
for nf kwl twn var? it sans from
hWwe avnatlemen fast Messrs Cmeo
*? II swd Castle? ae.sred the stork
sad tier seid o tn Mr Hsrrlsjsji
Tw*^ ?ItC km ?w*r?l?a?.
The transfer of th* Central of te**>c
m eairles with ft the emit ml of twn
?searwahip lines, one fma Rssannah
to New York and 'he other from Ra
\ an nab tr, tw n operst'd by t*?
Oeesa Sf-sssatiip x isnpaay
The < ? n-r?: nf Georgia operates ?
Btk> over I was ta)k*a ef rnad B?
srstssa tmwne? thai nf the Batata*
Caatral at
Partly cloudy Thuraday, show
i Thursday night or Friday,*
jht to moderate south wind*.
Friends of Former Banker and Pro?
moter Furnisil $125,000 Bond
For His Appearance.
Among the Signers Are Munsey, Van
Wyck, Crimmin? and Thome?Ap?
peal for New Trial Still Pending?
Accused of Misappropriating Funds,
Morse Got Fifteen Yeara.
(Ity Associated press.)
NKAV YORK. June Hi ?Charles W.
Morse, the former Imnker and promo
!? r of huge enterprises, today wvti hla
totag tight for release from prison on
He ?tu immediately released by or?
der Of the Hulled Stole* Circuit dint
alter ImmiiU signed by L'.? of his friends
g.vlng IISS.AM In s?cur!t\ were ten?
dered to the court. Morse's appeal
for a new tiiul is still ireuding, tbe
OtMti todny reserving decision on that
Frlncds to the Rescue.
Morse's n lease come, largely
through the activity or friends who
pel It ioned the i-ourt in May, saying
thai they believed in his innocence
and uere ready to become responsible
ivwn a bail liond tor ?n Indefinite
The signers included Frank A Mun?
sey. Augustus Vay Wyck, John D.
Cr.muilns, Oaklelgh Thome and OBaV
er protuin. ntt New York bankers and
business men.
Got Fifteen Years.
Morse ?ras convicted of having mis?
applied the funds of his former ehtef
bank, the National Hank of North
America, In financial operations which
led to his being thrown Into bank?
ruptcy early In l9oK. He was. nen
teticed to 1.1 years In the Federal pri?
son in Atlanta. Ga.
Since this conviction he has been
ir. the Tombs. Attempts to have ttlm
admitted to hall have extended over
a period of -even months.
Diplomas Given to Large Class?Hon?
orary Degrees for Various
fRy Associated Press a
IJ3CINOTON. VA.. June 16??rad
uatinn day ?I Washington dt I>eo Uni?
versity today concluded the com?
mencement exercbte- - 'tfplomas wrre
given a large Haas. George F. Park-''
er. of New York addressed the liter?
ary societies on the dev? Ireanent Of
the short story by the novel At.
President Henny announced the fol?
lowing honorary dogre?a conferred by
the board of tnsytecs: Doctor of
Ijiw.h. Wade Hampton Kills. Washing?
ton. D. C: Geor-e . rede rick Parker.
New York city; doctor of letters. Pro?
fessor John CaWwell Calnoun. Floft
da State College, doctor of divinity.
Rev A n Salem Sydenstricker, ml)
elonary to China; Rev. A. D. P. O?
m<mr. Cnic.n Theolosrh-al 8-ailnary.
Richmond. Va : Rev. ICverard Meadow.
Fairfax county Va.
The trustees authorized the erection
on the walls of the I>ee Memorial Cba
I? I a tabb t to 'he Utterly Hall Vol
unteers who left "he college to enter
? he Confederate array. A portraU of
Hr trronre Junkln. preekfeat of the
cxayegr from 1*?S to was BSw- I
Robert E. Lee. Grand See of Greet
Leader Among toe
fRy Associated Prrss.)
ROANOKE VA . June i? -A ntoaa
ssent to the dead Con red* rate soldiers
and eahvrs of Bedford coaatty this
state was unveiled tetday at Bed
ford City la the presence ot a lar-ge
^ the speakeas of tbe day waa
Cant ale Robert K t-ee. grandeoa Of
t;eeepal Hobert ft Lee.
set is ?3 feet la height
the center of the te**-a
- at
of the Oaa>
A reawere of tbe ?er sraA
ttvea to tat? sat tstddWs.

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