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rs Give Reynolds fine
p at Critical Moments,
n Star AIloa?* Onfly Four
g, But Is Wild At Finish?
fc' unassisted Douljle Play
Iff Budding Tall ? F?r Visitors.
HpBswIta Vestrrday.
Bod. -: Hampton, '?
LMp-n A^hk ih
Itandmg of the Clubs.
Wou Lost P.-C
bd. 4 3 .-Ml
Sie as.-isiiii..-.' ? '? :i
IbMIiui >'v '?"!!,t ?"??',v ''"
&f Ksooivuts. Tom Reynolds
Eg. North Eiiders l<> victory
i Hampton r.liu- ."i '1 1 '!'
brday afternoon, the count be
M. Barring a flight wildncss
'losing chapters, "Kit1" Lowls,
rra-ned Crabtown ?tar, twirled
?kfae. I'"' lot als ftnd'ng him
foil! singles.
L fend s first tally came
fourth round and was the re
two singi. an error ano som?.
sonehi.il flaying on the part
ilngham and "I in ?? ! >?'??
te down, Harry Sii i ?' ? n i-r. ii k
Bfje to center >'? .o I-- r<ti. ??
a safe wallop to left and vVvy
let the ball get j.a.-t him Shaw
igir.g up al third and Searles
ltd. Frank Ki.liai d.-en I Inn
I Hner to center anil I. lurlM
d It after a lia ii ' mi
Thought It Was Safe,
irdson thought the In! hit sate
attnucd/on to second Curtis
Mime lyrBrittlnghan:. who whip
jbavks and while '.'Mine' was
<0 pul Kn-hards, n out a see
?e. Shaken dashed for the
'Davis undo b ipin k throw
but Brittlngham dropped the
d tally No. | i\a. n.ng im f-u
kip, the new man from
S off in the -ei'Wll; hi k -
A ones over and Ikirbage sac
hltn to second With Hughes
etson raced to third and cm- I
Some when Johnson let Bril?
l's threw Ket awa> from him.
Jton came dangerously near j
: fat the fourth but Huston i
t unassisted double play put
|? In the chance for a r
stte out, Brittingham. who had!
to first on Richardson's error
I Stolen second, started to steal
fhjrbank hit a line drive to
rhicii Hughes sBjaaBBwi
ashtSTtl Brittingham nut John
I Lewis followed with singles,
BjBes took care of L Curtis*
sr. Another double play It. <
? Searles to Klrhardson?rotlr
BJton In the ninth
Star Performcs.
Sfaloney. Scares and Hugiie
be star paiBllBJi rs in the ?ein >
? while Jackson showed up well
f by Innings
Und . .ftao 1 iljP 1 ii x?2 4 S
]b> ....?OOnen nun ?n s 4
Sary Runs Sha?. n. l. ?
urlPngame j
paprt-eta* Typewrtte' Stock*
realise great prewts.
I mm ooe of that foctunawe
ii i- - r I
CeUiTBiNCCR. uoal Aawwt, ,
awaaassfle Aresaa. H era's By Vs. .
, Hits Sfvitwoii. Searles. Richardson,
JaVefcWkBl ?. CurtU flWrlUBW Wey
liuouth. bBWbj, Urittbigham, lluiiiank.
Johnson, 2. F.rrors Searles. Rich?
ardson, BttCBaaBB, Johnson, Lewis,
WVjSTSI'I'Bl S?. rillce hits-Maloney,
PPllaHs . Ri'vnc Ids. Iturhanaii. Stolen
bases Iii? Km n. 2; Malomy. P?chau
nn, 2; HMttlnsjham. Woyinoulh Dou?
ble i?luyv? H. Hughes (unassisted 1;
Hevtiol'Js in Searles to Richardson.
Su uck-out--by Ue.Miolds, 2: by baarts,
|i is.- i n halls by LeTWle, 4; Ijrfl
on bases?Nor!Ii Kml. II; Hamilton,
7. First on errors - North Flui. I; I
Hami>toii, l' I inpi i es Ka vi'i id and]
?Jackson. Time?1:37. All "l In n e - - |
.'?('it. I
How the teams iitif-up:
? North Ltid Powell, efj Maloney,
If |: Shauou. BKh Searles. gb . Richard
soli lit., Jnt ksoii, if. HurliHge t\,
Mil) lies. ::b , Rev Holds, p.
II mipton II Curtis rf, lim haiian
MX, I'avis, |b. Hrltt itigliain, C . Hui
bank . fem* Johnson, :!b., Lewis, p.. |,
Curtis, ?-f., Weymouth, If.
Results Yesterday. *
St. IamiIs, 5; llttsburg, t! (eleven
lanlnits). , j
Chii igo, 4; Cineliiaiul, b, I
New York. ?*: Itrookl.n. 1. \
Ito.- . n. ?; I'liilaib Ii hia, Hirst
Hostm, 7; Philad* Iphia, ;l (si conti
faille l.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Kost Fit.
fit t siOii.TK. 11 in ,TSS
Chicago' . tl If .titll
N'. ii Ym k.:tl 22 ..'??>
DblWaabl 1.I'll -*? JB1
Fhiladeluiiia.S? M .I'1".
h.. Ixulat.? .411
Hrooklyn .20 i 30 J?
Hoslon . .?.. L"i 4?' -73
Where They Play Today.
PIMsbung at SI. I/mis.
\ Cincinnati a* Chlrugu
Week of Vict-yries.
NKVY YORK. June 2t< - lie (p-rciit ju?
Itrooklwi toda> 2 to 1, New York|
rounded out a w< ek <tf vlctorii^. Tin
Mime, the sevnth in. 1Mb s..ioii Iba
locals huvo won, wais a contest he
l?r. ii Mar.plan] and itucker.
Score- R. H. E
Brooklyn _ BBB1BBBBB' 1 i i\
Net? Varfe ... u ii ii ii ii u ii x ?J *> ?
Hattcries: Rucker and Bt ruen
Maniuard und Schlni. Tim.-, 1:37
1 inpins Klem and Kane.
Pirates Win in Eleventh.
ST. LOFIS, MO. June 21.. ?Pitts
b?H| defeated St l.ouls ill She el. ventli|
inning today t> to
Score: R. H. E
pittsburg .010 1 Oil 4 0 0? 0 1?4 II
St. Ixmls . 3 0 0 0 1 0 1 o ?o?I I?
llatier.es: Frock. Adams. l?ciMd|
and Gibson; Salb e, M<?oro ami Krcsna
han. Time, 1:0. I'mpire, Johnston.
Ruelbach Allows Lone Hit.
ctliCAt'o. ILLS. .Inn. it. Bjeal \
bach pitched a one hit game today
the hit 1x1 ng a lim drive by Mow rev |
that nearly amputated the Im pitch?
ers hand. 'Steinrddt's fielding ?:???'
easily tin- feature.
Score: K. 11. E.I
Chicago .. .. 1 ?00 1 00 2 x?1 7 I]
Cincinnati ... oooouoooo?'? 1 ."
liatt* ries: Riieliiai h and Archer:
Campbell, Rowan Mid Mel, nn Time
1:28. t'mpircs. O'Kay and Kmslle.
Bo?ton Takes Double-header.
HOSTON. MASS J4ine ;?.- Ikiston.
the home learn, today won two satin-*
from Philadelphia by go.*! bailing, th.
first ft to 3 and 'he sceond 7 to 3. In
tue tlfst contest a hone run by Keek?
er went Into the right IV Id hlenoher?,
fh" first time the feat bar ever been
First gatst?
Scor. R. U K
Philadelphia . Ii.iijnno :; ? 2
Hos'on .t SB IBB IBB?4 II 3
Itatteries: Moor? and Hoom. While
and flraham. Time. \ 33 I'mptres,
K ::ler ?m! TVute.
s. ? ond ?ante?
Philadelphia . nAlfi2?aeb?3 11 3
Boston. 2 2 2??0*as?7 |e 3
HetterVs: Co?-al?-?ki. Fox-n. Hr?.wn
and Jarblttaebj; Mai tern and Hrakam.
Thjae. 1:3B. I'mptres. Riglcr and Tru
Results VestertJsy.
Washln^'oi. |: .. 7
ft-^ro-t. ?.; St Lowiis. 2
PhtraeVlphta. 2. Near York, a if
W*?ee? THey Play Tcday.
IWnSI at Oneaim .
rw-bsod as *? I.Tsjts
Uabte as Caw weit W-ta Wale*
njcvnjksv. oh to. jaa* s? -rb?
? la ? today.
the Iis als lo iiiK iina'xli to connect With
I Walsh with mm m) baam.
j ietrn Ii. ii i
Cleveland .. ? o HO ?UU)u u?0 & 1
'Chicago .. .. I Ml 11 0 9 ?2 8 2
j Hnttcries: Jon? and Kastorly;
I Wash and Owen. Time. 1:2.".. I'm
I ?>;.<??, Connolly and Hurst.
, Criger Lases a Chance.
I DETROIT, MIt'll., June 2?.?Crlger
1 lost a chance lor a certain double
play and PMKwMf a triple play In the
fourth inning and on this sllpt the re
I suit turned, Detroit batting In four
i mi-, aft' i the inls| lay.
i lew*: K ii. I
I 1 Ml oll . I n n 4 OdO 1 X?Ii K 2
Si Leans) _ii n ii ii ii ii 0 ii 2-2 l
I naileries: ffsj ks and Stallage;
Wadd, II. Ila'il-x .mil CMRVT and Smith
Time. 1:12. I'mpiros, Evans and
Knock Cray Out.
I \\ ASIIINCTON, 1? C. June ML?
Huston (P leated Washington t' day 7
la Ii hy knock tug Cray out <>f Hie box
in the so nd Inning ami hilling
Hollies ;u lime lashioti.
Washington . . uu I 1 11 0 11 .'> I |
Boatoa . II Silvia 1- 7 I l
Haiti lies: Cray, Hugh's and
Street: Sohlit/.<T und Carrigan. I'm
pnvs. i'erriio and 0 l>'ughlin. Tltue,
Philadelphia Wins Two.
j PI 111.ADEI.PI IIA, PA . lime ML?
New York was defeated In loth gium s
of a douhle header here with Phila
di Iplilu today through (lie effective
pHjBklasI ot Heilder and COOOtfbe, |
First game?
Seer : K H. E
Philadelphia . Illllll o g?3 7 1
New York . . .' I 4
Hattelhs: lander and Thomas;
Qitlnn nnd Blair. Time, 1:38. I'm
plies, Kn iu and Sheridan.
Si ,ond game?
Score:. R? H. E.
Philadelphia . I? n ii 1 2 o | n x?I 7 1
New York ? I1 :i
llatt- rl s: Coombs and l,ivliii.slone; |
Like, Hughis. llrockett and lilatr. j
Tine-. 1 :.">.">. Implies, Kerin and Sher?
Results Yesterday.
Itiehnioinl. 2; Norfolk, :t (ten inn.nc,
Lanville, I; Lynchhurg. ",.
KnaB'ke. 4; Portsinoiith. L,
Standing of the Clubs.
Won I?st Pet.
Danville. 21? 2'! .'-.'S
Richmond.2* SI
Koalioke . 2* 24 SU
Norfolk . K 215 1
L> iichhurg. 22 27 till
Portsmouth . 1!? :il ."<'?
Where They Play Monday.
Richmond at Roanokc.
Danville at Portsmouth.
Norfolk nt Lviieiilm
Hampton has a classy pitcher in
Kid" Lewis, the Wi liam and Mar
star. Lewis has pitehod ball on col log, ]
and semi-professional teams for a
number of yi ars and besiiles a nice
crlle? ti< It i f benders, he has also
good "head " Also he has som
The Fortress Monroe nine is the
heaviest "hitting team in the l'enln
sula League. The soldiers also field
well and indii aliens are that they
are going to make a strong bid for
the jionnan'.
Alb n Run ner and Willie Stuart, the
firmer High sehool players are put?
ting up a ntei- game f'W the New|iort
X'?> \tholetirs They field and hit
well and |p?-k iike fixture* f-a tne
Hilly Maloney nnd Powell core:
several scr> s of gr-nind in the North
Fnd entg-r-ld. The mam) of the?e t*n
men in the folding gsire- will be hard
So find in the m mi pruf, -sionsl ranks
Aad both are good base runners
Tonei M' nn ? i- proving a v.VuahlcJ
old ?', th. Kort Monn? imm this t
year Aiwa** a fast fle.m r. Monroe j
seems to he o.itdoinc h:r.?so|f this ,
? <-< ?> ai-ii he hi. ,(??? ilo|?i| sn awf':l
li.il.it ?>f robbing the opfewing hals
Discriminate When
You Buy
'?????.iT pain* Iba? ?- \l| |..urit and
tvainl tb,i |? ..,.!, r\RT pa'nt. and
Davis' 100 per cent.
Pure Paint
b? AI J. aastet - every atom of ft - ami
"?wee h wfU iiw mm IACSS ta.- II don
AtfHXK VtORKi shst pnasMe reawM)
to give <mw adult. t?i<m palaL a%ati
vow sntgti? have Davis?
For tasle bv
S. P. Marston
M+amax Newa, Vax
i men i f husky wallops to tile left
' Held garden.
The Virginia League net '? ?TM>
ing warmer and warmer every day
and there's M figuring who will lie
mm tup next Sunday <!ive Richmond
[ another pitcher like Itevelle and UM
I Champions will ?in the |ienuaiit. N''?
I it looks like Norfolk. Clark has a
'great aggregation of ball o||fori
lti anoke and I Hui vi lie also have good
teams, but they art* weak tu spots,
Danville in hitting, and Koanoke in
I fielding.
j In the last game of the season he
> t ween Koanoke and Norfolk last week.
Shaughtiessy, ?'The Terrible,' lead?
er of the Koanoke players, and
"Happy ' Chandler ihe Tar's first
I baseman, had a fist tight, the katitO
stalling on the BoM and ending at the
hotel. "Happy ' is about live feet
eleven und Shiiiigbnessy Is about six
feet two Chandler laid the K< inoke
manager out by two wallops to the
m sc.
1 If Hutch ' Kcvelle should break a
I leg, or receive any other Injuries
' that put him out of the game. Rich?
mond would be In the cellar in
about throe wtvks. '"Hutch" who,
by the wav, pitched here several
j vears ago and is well known to local
fans, has won fifteen games this
seas.ui and lest only one and up I".
Thursday, when the Cuampious licked
Norfolk, lie had wen all of the s'x
victories OtstWrafl by Richmond in
June That's some record.
Martin Walsh, bn Iher of the one
? and i nly Kddie. of the Chicago While
I .So\ has been released by Ham ide
t Walsh pitched for Hanville two seas
< uns and whs one of the best the Hug
town ever had. The Rod Sox bought
him a month ago from Pueblo, Cot.,
and he has been wild ever since.
Although the staff includes one
"tll.min beauty'1 anil a costly "Rugs,' |
Christy Matbewson la working Over-"'
time again this .season as the ro'ief |
pitcher on the New York (ttoJIU
And tlmt "ll.i. Iieanty'" has a habit j
of hoisting the ' ('. Ii. Q. ' signal every
other game he pitches.
\ While the Washington Senators can
lay some strong claims to the title.
; the Cleveland Naps are. after all. the
original hard luck aggregation. Some
of the Cleveland stars are always on
the injured list and now l-sj.ne is
out of the game with a sprained wrist.
And the Naps were Just beginning to
hit their proper strides.
Nick Maddox, star flinger of the [
Plttsburg Pirates last* year, is having.
? hard time getting Into condition!
this season. He is as wild as a march1
hare Htid that was his one failing last
year At that he pitched great ball ?
in pins and helped to keep the Pirates
near the top
Colt H larious Adds $?f.C00 to Long
Stake List.
(Hy Associated Press)
SHF.KPSHKAn HAY. N V., June 2*
?James R Keene todav adde I anoth?
er rich stake to his alrendv long IMt
when his colt Hilarious ensilv m ?) t.ie
ISJJ^bft Tidal stakes, mi'e Bad. B, ?iiiurt-J
er at Sheepshead
The Kenne . '? re i'ar ot:i :assen j
his field that he v. is hell at the pro- !
hibitive price of 2 to 5 with i nly the
big betters bayrMag him. Hilarious
w >n b** ?_? ' .' '-ngihs frcm Fayette.
with it Ifg I :. l third.
The Peatl n -tiH-pleehase n "suited In
i vcri i v .ling contest between Wat
w-';.i and Sanctus. the former win?
ing by a head.
Irish-American Athlete Throw-; Ham?
mer Distance of 180 Feet.
(Fty Associated Press )
NKW fOnt June Sfi - John J
Flanagan, the Irish-meriran Athletic;
Club's hercul'S. easily won the chief
event at Ui'" annual gim?*s of the New,
York Press Club, which wer-- held s:|
American League park t<day. Hu(
throwing of the is pound hamni' r wail
a r maskable |>rrformanoe, cstabli^h
ina a new world's record, which h H
bj, ? ? ? romis"d by htm for the last
i*o months In his first trial he sent
the Iron ball 17t? f. et. ll inches lb
followed this with a throw of It
Seven to One Shot Wins.
i tt\ \*>OC |'e,| t'n ss )
K.ep Mov.na at 7 to 1 in 'be !.? ttlaT
won the Cincinnati handicap at a m Jc
and an efchth st Ijitonta totfay. Kovr
Moving won a bard driv to.- a m-rfc
from The p.-r. the fsv<w-H? wiih AH-~c
third Tb.* vain, of the stake to tb
? inn-r ?ss II.."..".". Two favorites
Sam McVey Gets Decision.
PxRIS?. Jwwe 2* ??am ?'\>T
of Calif. n?*a was awarded (he diets I
low over Jsmii tlarrv, the heavy '
a eight of (Imago The n-ferre dfcv ,
oualin.-d Harr? for foiling 1 he match
was erb' wieted to sa> So uiaawa.
Hvland Knocks Cresa Out.
Joae 2S ?"HaTwtlng Dirk" Hvland
knocked naf iBBhal Crotas. ? ' N B9
Y?w% in the forty Brst round of a
taHt*-i*?ba forty Bvc maaai battle St
the Col ma .Vena this afternoon.
Us Better of i*ioM.
KcaarWh Iba < hsmvbn-. baei-aw. aetgnt!
of Kar*snd. at the Nan. tial AthP*>r J
Dab Tonight ,
; By Baron Heinrich Albert
Bason Heimrick Albert, the Ans
trimm Rtcip* adventurer, has hunted
mmgrnt M 'ten/ {tirt of Ihr ir irltl. lie
tin* an rstitr whiet pntidtt him
trilh nn Inemme of $6j??Q per ;/enr.
ami for the past 24 ptmrs, thmt is
since his majority, he hSM traveled
over the alobe /-/? ing dmpgsfonS mi
mjmU and i>i>riii/ tkem !?>>!?. It ft not
often that it mam i$ fodmd who has
hunt'it puma, grixztif, moose, lion,
haft, elephant, wolf, rhinoceros,
htppnpotmm us, leopard, oeeotsi, et''.
In these especially Tritten papers he
hat normt rit for this series some of
hit most mUrrims tnc?umters in ihr
territory through which Er-I'roi
dent msoseteli trill hunt.
IT W(>IT,D be absurd after nego?
tiating the dangers of a passage
of the I'ppcr Nile out of season
and aftvr frav#Ysing several hundreds
of miles of country in the hands
of rebellious tribesmen, to eomo
to a mortal end under the paws
Of a Nubian lion It would be
the Irony of fate, but that Is what
nearly happened to tue some years
ago. With perils innumerable behind
us the two white men ef tbo party,
one a gold-seeker the other a pure
About the second hour of darkness
the cattle In the village became very
restless. The wind was from the
south ami as the half full moon was so
bright that auy skulking- animal near
the village would have been noticed,
lira > ton and I agreed that the lion was
In a 'ittle coppe of rocks about a half
tnllu up the wind. We had uot had
time before dark to examine any of
the old spoor and knowing merely
thai there was at least a lioness with
cubs among the lot, we set out in
siea.i of waiting until they approached
U -' ream. Draytoo cart led a special
tSXSS W inchester and I a Parker ten
guuge, which I had loaded with special
shells of dense powder and buckshot
set In wax. This is a trick I learned
shooting grizzlies. The effectiveness
at short range, and the certainty In
tiie darkness are very desirable. With
an absolutely reliable arm and a care?
fully prepared shell one Is cotnparl
tlvely safe.
When within M yards of the koppe
a splendid animal form rose out of
the rocks anil stood facing us his fore
paws on a huge bouluVr. Wo were
hidden by the clumps of brush through
which we had been working and he
did not see us. Slowly and majestic?
ally he surveyed the little plain then,
thrusting out his ponderous jaw ut?
tered a roar that went thundering
down the reaches of moonlit silence.
It was with difficulty that i could re?
strain Drayton from risking a shot
from where we stood. The lion hold
his 0000 and ducking under cover of
the brush and treading softly on the
sand we hurried forward to the first
ridge of rocks. To pass these, wo
must attract Iiis notio to a certainty,
so Drayton dropped on one kne-; while
with every nerve tingling and my eyes
and ears astrain to catch any sign of
his mate, who might be just beyond
the ridge for all we knew, I wp.ited for
Drayton's shot. He chose the chest
am! the crash of the Winchester went
echoing among the rocks. The mag?
nificent beast leaped ten faet in the
air, then came rolling, tumbling, claw?
ing down our side of the koppe di?
rectly toward us. His wounded roar
was answered from other directions.
There were twsjj other lions on the
other side of the koppe and one in
adrenturer of tv.e type of Tamer,
nearly came to an end.
We frequently left the river and
navigable tributaries which we were
working t>ut slnwlv to explore the ra?
vines for high bars, never taking w*ith
us more 'ban four l^a^crs. though at
times we were absent from the main
party outfit for a fortnight, knowing
It was entirely safe In th- rare of a
thla mass-eyed Arabian ?x-ehasswvtr
who was a born voyageur with a tlng?
of Napoleon and the Devil and I "fiele
Tom In him. He was tree as salt
Arabian and the blood brother Senegal
negro sre two tvpea of dark skinned
m?*n with whom I would as soon face
danger and difficulty as with say
white men that live
Oar Bight we were about to -rawke.
camp when we <-m<-onntered a partv <at
women and e:r's bearing water Jars
?ad they told u? of a viilece a mile
forther on Before we reached the
We were ui?* bv the chief sad
who b. gg?-?i os to make
a stay with them as ther were sorl
owaly troabW. with lions Two of the
rbkefs horses and two of his wives
bad been killed among the
wbleh the village ha.
Che three muskets la his army were of
Bo avail esTperlatty as Bone of tfo of
?eers la rotnmand eoold be Induced
to get n-mr earmgh to the bold beas'a
to risk a shot.
The aWsawb Mow I? s different hawet
from his Sooth African and Asian
brother He la faller. gaunter, srttb
hlsrk hAjhts mane and a t-ertam pblhs
abn?t his desr??TSle
the rocks and brush not Jh yards front
ns to the right. But we had not time
to think of thapi The wounded lion
got to hks feet with incredible energy
apd qu}ckn?**S. As he leaped, with
another mar f poured both barrete of
my Parker iato his body. That waa
enough. He landed in convulsions
and It was fortnnate that he had
enough There was a crash tn the
brush to the right and hounding into
the moonlight giving terrible voice,
came his mate. She stopped as she
canght starbt of us Never here I
bnken and foaded a gun more quickly,
Drayton had pumped in another shell
and wlthont pausing to more than
swing on hi* knee and rover he let
drive and missed. bar?Hy raking her
sh -.il.ler She bit hastily at the wound
and then came for us lf':e a thnnHer
bolt. I meant to pn!I both barrels.
b:;t gave her the right Sb?- vivrM
a trifle, bot was oa as before I cca.d
fire again Sh* knorted ttravton flat
and hl? h*ad ?trlhlna a rtark he tar
While her OWUtrrtched
carrf-1 her
over him sad br body morelv
(trashed rw 1 leaped one pare to the
right and swinging my pJObb whhowt
evea brttss^a* It to shoulder drove the
barbs laso her throat She was la
tb? art of wblrlhM to nab ap>
*f f*Of^|se*--*l fH ISe'T f\j? el '
abase} Mb mar and R to it-are i aatahlwaf.
Mir the clothe* fTpes bis body be
. , ,ne M" t.it-'i-t I ' ..?I k--*
th?n but that ?h? had crashed br
sbwn as she leaped but -aggn-g bin
asHe i saw tba? b* waa Msriitj
s ? ? utsb siVM
aw av-aj ? M<
and WOOD
i cord Pine Wood $1.75
. cord Mixed Wood $1.80
i cord Oak Wood $1.85
No extra charge for splitting.
All eoal well screened and, kept an?
der sheds lmili wood and coal being
delivered perfectly dry.
Distilled Ice Co.
' 35th St. and C. A O. Ry.
Bell 'Phone 98. Citz. 'Phone SOB.
< So Easy to put on, So Easy to stay on.
Tne demand for "SO EASY" Eye?
glasses has resulted in unprecedented
sales. They are delicate, invisible,
and the embodiment of style and
Icauly. If particular about your per?
sonal appearance, you will want the
Larcpst Optical House on the Pe?
121 Twenty-Sixth Street.
Opposite Postoffice.
If so, stop worrying;
we can help you!
We are making private loans
on your personal note of $5.00
and upward on short notice.
Our business is conducted on
banking principles, and the
same courtesy and respect is
extended for your convenience
as a banker does.
We also loan on plain note
to salaried employees, holding
permanent positions.
and we want your trade.
We have only one rate, and It
never fails to please.
If you are in need of Money
29th Street A Washington Ave.,
, Entrance 207 29th St,
Bell 'Phone 188.
From a Parcel
to an Engine
Freight, Baggage
Furniture and Safes,
Carefully and
Promptly Moved.
Storage Warehouse
514-520 27th Street
Reasonable Rates
U Cnrt Plwe Wood. .$17?
% Cord Mtt d Wood.01SB
?4 Cord Oak Wood .fIJS
Anw, tot, '?i of weed. Owk or Ptae, at
? ? lay <|-ii*'' r ',r ~o'd
* . - irs ch?-a< ' - pl"i nt Tfcw
taaakmdii^L.cowt a. Uja srwwet mmr
i t i r* eat
417 Twewt aseoad $4.
Both Plimie SO

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