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only newspaper published In
Newport News that receive ths
full news service of the Asso
elated Press.
VOL. XIV. NO. 212.
Proposed Boundary Takes in Ail
Territory South of City and
West of Setter's Creek.
Ordinance is Called Up by Mr. Kel- |
lum and After Few Changes Have
Been Made Receives Unanimous <
Vote, Without Speeches For cr
Against?Chamber's Committee.
An ordinance adopted bf the f.oard
of aldermen last night directs the city ?
attorney to take such steps Bf BHt|
be necessary to bring into court the
matter of extending the city limit:,
SB aw ha take in all territory lying be- j
lew the present limits, lwunded by
James river, Hampton Roads and Sui?
ter's creek, to take in the Chesapeake
.A Ohio Old Point Junction "Y"' and j
the tracks north of that |K>int and '
south Of Fifty-eighth street, and to '
extend the northerly limits to Fifty
eighth street.
No Talking Done.
This measure, which has been be- i
?fore the council in practically the |
?ame form half a dozen times, more ;
or less, was called up by Alderman
Kellum and was adopted practically
without discussion after a few changes
had been made in the proposed boun?
dary lines. The annexation question
has been thoroughly threshed out by
council committees from time to time
and no action has lollowed. Thi^
time there was no threshing: the or?
dinance was handed to the clerk, one
or two changes were made and It ^
was unanimously adopted.
A delegation from the Chamber of
Commerce was on hand to urge the
?board to take some action, but the or- r
dlnance had been adopted without the
delegation havlnc a change to urge.
Communication from Committee. '
Following: is a communication that
was sent to the president of the re?
spective branctfes of the council by
the Chamber cf Commerce committee
Sept 13th 1909.
To the Honorable K. W. Robinson,
. President of the Board of Alder?
men, and
Hcnorable n. S. Jones, President of
the Common Council, Newport
News. Va.
Gentlemen:?By unanimous vote of
the chamber of commerce, of Newport
News. Va., at its session held on the
10th instant, the undersigned com?
mittee were directed to request that
>nu gentlemen call special sessions
of your respective bodies, as speedily
as possible, to consider and deter?
mine tbe matter of extending the
corporation limits of the city of New?
port News during the present year.
There are certain reasons which make
immediate action desirable, in the
event the action shall be favorable to
such extension: among them:
1. Otherwise we will not get the
benefit of our increased population In
the 1!M0 census,?a matter of no lit?
tle concern from an advertising view
point, since the years of depression
which have existed here during the
last decade have prevented the nor?
mal growth of the city inside its pres- i
ent limits.
2. The year of 1910 Is the year for ?
reassessing real estate, and it is prob?
able that the assessed values as com?
pared with the last assesment will
show a rcnsiderable decrease, unless
new territory I* included.
3. Unless the extension is made
before January 1st, 191?. the taxes
for next year would not come to the
fmly thirty days' notice is required
to have a hearing, and if prompt ac?
tion is taken, n decision may be got?
ten before January.
Respectfully, submitted,
denounces~pledgT violators
Bryan Dtacvsses th? TlnfT in Lecture
at Da at
(Ry Aaeocjated Pwea)
MtaUM* TF.XAS. Sept. 14?De
nr.ufw-lng him who would violated a
party pk-dee ratified by tb?- voters
of his party as an ?mbectier of row
er William J Bryan outlined Ms
vVsrs as to the tariff in a | cture de- j
Itvered here
Mr Rrran's subject was rVmorTa
ct and the tariff -
?i HBpbs^lred th" necessity of 1-e
4a* 11 t??r*? ftf>4 *~*Mw\T*' ??UM'11 w**1a%ft t>*"*Hixl .
by pUtfonwa. ?avleg he would later
mageret a f.mn for such plank.
Republican Nominee's Charges Against
State Administration Will be
Answered i" Campaign Speech.
(ft^MtsJ pt The Daily I'ress).
RICHMOND. VA.. S*-pt. U?Gov?
ernor Swanson, who is pr< paring to I
<-liter the State campaign during the|
in xt two weeks and who will make a
series of speeches in the interest Of
the state ticket, in his opening ad?
dress which will probably be Han
Otor court hoiibo. will make reply
to the speech of Caphtin William 1'.
Kent, the Republican gubernatorial
eimdiilate. delivered yesterday at I
Woodstock Captain Ki kt's agMoct !
ecatained a bitter arraignment of the;
uffairs of the state government, charg
ing reckl- ss and- wasteful oxpoiidi- j
tares of money.
The governor is carefully collecting
his data from the records and will j
take up the allegations of Captain |
Kent in their order, and it is boMooi d
ho will make seme interesting coin- I
SOIlOIOll and statements.
Page to be Vice-chanceilor.
RICHMOND. VA., Sept. 14 ?Thorn- :
as Nelson Page, the great OOnfhern
writer, is to lie vice-chancellor of the
Vniversity of the South at Si want 0.
Says He is Only White Nan Who
Ever Reacted Poie.
, I
To Associated Press Correspondent,
the Explorer Declares His Intention
of Refusing to Discuss Details?Has
"Concrete Proofs."
(By Associated Press).
Sept. 14.?Via wireless telegraph io
Cape Ray, N. F.?"I am the only
white man who has ever reacned the !
north jiole and 1 am picpared to
prove it.'' This statement was made j
to the Associated Press by Comman- ;
der Robert E. Peary, in reply to a j
question in the Peary-Cook contro?
The Associated Press tag Dougla.-? j
Themas, after a stormy passage up '
the west coast of New Foundlaad and
through thf strait of Relic Isle from !
Sydney, arrived at this lonely whaling i
a?:d mission?at noon yesterday. A j
squall of rain was sweeping over the j
harbor as the Thomas steamed In. but |
with glasses, jt was possible t? make
Oad the mast and hull of the Arctic ,
steamer Roosevelt moored in the tn- j
nor bay.
s -North Pole" Flag.
The Thomas hoisted the "north '
pole" flag, the same emblem that was i
flyine from the mizzen mast of the
Roosevelt and signalled "The Asso?
ciated Press congratulates you."
The Roosevelt then, signalled ?
"thanks" from Commander Peary for;
this message, whereupon th?? Thoma- j
gave three loud bla ts of her wh:stle |
In response there came from ihe j
Roosevelt a chorus of barking and
yelping from the Eskimo degs on
board that echoed back from the hills. I
Sh.p Little the Worse for Trip.
The Roosevelt looked little the j
worse for her second trip to the polar ,
regions. The redoubtable Captain '
Captain Robert Rartlett Invited the i
1 homas tn lay alongside and the cor- .
r. spondent to come cn board without j
delay. ?
The correspondent wjj taten at ;
once to Commander Peary's canln j
and began questioning the ejplor? r
regarding the menu of Dr Frederick
A C'ck'S claim to hare reached the
The commsndT declared paatotaat)
that he would not further discuss this
subject until the mala point whether
rk. Cook hsd acmallv reached ? ?*?
north pole or not bad been eVctdsd
by others.
?Cook*Has Not Been to Polo."
He then db-tsted the following
??atrment for publication:
"T am the only white mar, who has
ever reached the north pole and I
am prepared tn prore it at ?he pro?
per time 1 hare already otated) PO*
HelT that (Vet has not been to th*
pole This I reaffirm, and 1 win stand
"bv It but 1 decline tndlscum the de?
tail* of th* matter. These win roane
not Ufer 1 bare said hat Dr Cook s
statement that ho bad reached the
pots should not he ? alten sertr*r?tr
and thai 1 kit. him nai^d' by tuj
crcte prorf? to ?tprort it*- ?tat?trrnt
Ic sit month* t-oq probably will get
the whole story."
J. J. Hill Sounds Note of Warning
Before Bankers' Association
at Chicago.
Question of Food Supply at Home
Soon Will Supesede Question of a
Market Abroad Unless There is a
Change in Conditions, Says Railroad
(Hy Assoolattd Press).
chicago, ILIjS.. Sept. 11 -Warn
in? that the Bates] Stales may :?ion
o. ase to be an cxi>orter of foodstuff.?,
was given to the American Hankers'
Association by J. J. IHII, chairman af
the board of the (treat Northern rail?
way. At the close of the flr.-t ilay'.s
? ssiun of the annual convention of
the organization here Mr. Hill made
an address in which he said:
"The idea that we feed the world is
betas; corrected; and unless we can
Increase the agricultural population
and their product, the question of a
S' tree of food supply at home will
soon supersede th< question of a mar?
ket for our own products abroad."
"We have," said the speaker/ "al?
most reached a point where, owing to
increased |>o;uIatio!i without increas?
ed production par acre, osi home feed
?apply will be insufficient for our own
needs; within ten years, jiossibly less,
we are likely to bx-come a wheat-Im?
porting nation; the percentage of the
population engaged in agriculture ann
the wheat product per acre are both
falling: at the same time the cost ot
living is raised everywhere by ihi:?
relative scarcity of bread, by artifi?
cial increase in the pric? of all manu?
factured articles, and by a habit of
extravanganee which has enlarged the
view of both rich and povr of what
are to be <onsid*-red the necessaries
c< life. These plain facts should dis?
turb and arouse not only the economic
student but the men who are mcst
intimately relahd to the wealth of
the nation and most concerned that
it shall not suffer less or decreases."
Disaster the Natural End.
Mr. Hill declared that never yet [
has enhanced cost of living, when
due to agricultural decline and In?
ability to slit ply national needs, fail?
ed to end in national disaster.
Mr. Hill said the farm is out main
reliance and that every other activi?
ty depends on that He asserted, how?
ever, that the majority cf people fail
to realize practkally the declining
status of agriculture in the country.
"They are misled by the statistics of
farm values und products, anionn.rns
annaually by great leajie. Into think?
ing that this, absolute increase Im?
plies a relative advance of this In?
dustry as compared with others,*"
said he. "Exactly the opn??i*e is the
case. I refer not merely to the qual?
ity and result* of cur tillage, hut to
the setting nf th?* human tide away
from the cultivated field and toward
the factory gate or the city slum.
Tnis is something whose conse?
quences for evil ire as certain aa If
the aggregate deposits in all the
. anks of this country were decreas?
ing by a fried percentage every ten
y?ers. while th< ir loans were increas?
ing by another p rcentaee just as
stable. Ton would know what ca?
tastrophe that asa'TedNiy and by.
Crisis Stimulated by Legislation.
"It means the same thing, in kind
arid etnseqiirnc-s. when 'he agrteul
tnral populafion. the pror'ueers and
depi sitors In the great national trees,
nry of wealth, is declining year by
year, while -he city population. wtil"b
thrives only by drawme drafts upon
thelsndsnd rennet live a year aft. r
these cense to be honored, rises at
its expwear. V? t not only la such a
( crisis approachinc. but it la rtptnjr.
hastened by legislative stlmnlafon tn
[ fuvwr of other industries while over?
looking this
I "In 17SC only about 3 1 per ceat
<1 the American people lived tn towns.
1 At the time of the Civil war the per
I rewtae* had risen to II. In IX*
I snore than .11 per cent of our popwla
i tea wan erben The change la par
tewtows; end there is no dembt that
the cm nc census win show K to
I here proceeded in tke last ten years
with accelerated speed ln spwe af
i ' h.. wamines of economists the
) amelioration of farm life, the oneet-?
* and attractive iinplujMiai aw
tke Mad throngh the spread of ,rnga
(Onn'taned on Puwnh /age>
Robert Fulton'* Old Craft Makes
Nearly Six Mile* an Hour?
Ready for Celebration.
(Hy Associated Press).
NKW YORK, Sept. 14. -With plain
cord sanod as fuel the scow shaped
stove jipcfuimcl craft |n which \ >b
? rt Hilton first navlsat>?l ?M ami is
of the Hudson river unJ> r itoaja pro?
pulsion MdJ years ago came to life
again today when the r< const rueti J
Clerinont built for the Hud-.un Fulton
n ie brat ion bad her Oaaeial speed
ttial from Mariner's Harbor. Staten
Island, to Rulibns Reef light in the
It wit bay.
The distance traveled was six miles
and tkd elapsed Mbsw, an how and
four uiinutts. whieii means that if
histi rieal aecurncy la to be pr. W rv
ed the skipper of today's Claim nt
will have to reduce the speed ?f UM
vessel by nearly a mile an hour, lor
the Cli rmoiit of 1807 made |?a miles
an hour.
The navigator was C .'tain l lst. r
Davis, who will Impersomi'c Captain
James Winans, the Skipper of the!
original Clermont, during the forth
coaming ct-lehraton.
Lamed and Clothier Take Matches in
Straight Sets from Parke and
Dixon, Respectively.
(Bf Associated Press).
America i< day made a clean sweep
of the Itavis Cup lawn tennis scries
at the Cermantown cricket club, W.
A. I-iriK d defeating J. C. Parke by
6-3. fi-2, 6-i, and W. J. Clothier beat
infi C. I . Dixon by C-3. fi l. d-d.
These events, wltn those , f the
double matches yesterday and the
two ottur singles last Saturday, in ike
America five wins to none for Eng?
land. The double was the only b ;tly
contested match, the Englishmen fail?
ing to win a set in the singles.
A curious feature cf Ale play today
was the fart that the point, game and
summary of both matches was Ident?
The CIothier-Dixnn watch was a
one man affair, dottier contenting
himself with remaining in the lack
court winning his |ioints, seldom coni?
ng up to the net. though wlu n he did
his smashing was deadly.
Mrs. James Disher, Aged Twenty,
Charged With Throwing Her Baby
to Neighbor'a Hogs.
dry Assoc.aied Press).
I1RISTOL, TEW. Sept. 14.?The
sending of Mrs James Lishor. 2<l
years old and a bride of only a few
weeks, to jail in Abinsdon, Va., re?
veals a sensational scandal and case
of Infanticide.
According to Mrs. Dither's own
story told at a preliminary investi?
gation she threw her Infant Into a
neighbor's hog pen. presumably to bo
d-'voured by hogs. She denies havin*
killed the child, but a string about
its neck caused the examination phy?
sicians to conclude that the child had
been strangled before being con?
signed to the hog pen.
James McKay Fails to Turn Out ior
Trolley Car. and Tragedy
(Ry Assoc ated Preast.
STRACrSE. X V.. Sept. 14 ? In a
collision between an automobile and
a trolley car this afternoon Mrs.
James McKay of Canton. Pa . was
killed: Mr. MrKav sustained a fnr
tnred skull and Mr and Mrs Timothy
Conklin. of Trov. Pa . wer?? sertouslv
ir lured Thev ?*re *n the antomo
I.lle on th< ir viv tn this city from
Pennsylvania and accident occur?
red foor mile* south of the city.
Mr. McKav. who waa dristng. was
going st s hirh ?r*ocd. ft is said.
The acrid or.' w?? caused apparently
by the neglect of Mr. McKav to torn
our sntBeicn'l- to pass the troll-v
President W<l! Travel on Lighthouse
rrtv ???/>?t??"d r*T?1
WtfmtVC.TOV. D C {tent f ?J ?
The t?rhtbe?t*e '??der? Hfhtecns and
faeaiKVr wi" .air President Taft'?
ner??- down tbr Mississippi river next
The H:b;-' i- ???? been ordered tn
?/-?~f-?ntv?TiT ,hr r?tesnd*T nrnrldrd the
Mlrslrsipi ' ?? nel mill sceossm ?
date ? res?el of her drsnaht TV
Oleander I? aaaj at Key Went.
S KPT KM BKtC 15. 1909.
1 Words of Praise tor Senator
Wricii. Head of monetary
First Public Utterance of Executive
Since Congress Adjourned Made Be?
fore Representatives of Boston's
Business interests?Expects to Gain
Valuable Knowledge on Trip.
(Ity Associated PrMS.)
IIOSTON. MASS. S I'v II - Presi?
dent Taft's Urs; public utterance
since CoiiKir?: iii'jnurii' .1 was made in
the city tonIgbt before l'.OoO men re
BjTSjMMBJsI I lie coluhiuod business in
leie Is of l!r*t< II.
The occasion was a banquet given
in ate banjo's Ball, the largest audi?
torium in Qnarnn. by the iioston
Chamber of QMMMMe, recently form?
ed by a meiner of the Huston
Merehanis' Association and the As?
sociated Hoard of Trade with the
i hamber. and It marked the beginning
nf the President's n.niMi mile trip
through the country.
Endorses Central Bank Plan.
The feature of the address were
bis endorsement of the proposition
to establish a central bank in con?
nection with currency reform, his
words of high praise or Senator XVI
<*>i< \V Aldrich. of Rhode Island, bead
of the national monetary, commission
and his repudiation of any attempt to
, start Fert'onal strife In the country
?sei as that which he attributes to
Oovernor JewfeDB In "ciliing upon the
West to organize against the East."
I Among the guests tonight were cabi
: aal m ?tubers, diplomats, congressmen,
clergymen and distinguished business
? The President was most heartily
greeted, and at a neapttaa preceding
: the banquet many shook hands with
the executive.
One Eve of Long Journey.
The President said:
' I am on the eve of beginning a
Journey of thirteen thousand miles In
[ length which will enabie me to see
tens of thousands of my fellow citi?
zens and enable them. I hope, to see
me. Occssionailv J hear a query, why
I should start off on such a trip, and
'what particular good does It do to
i anybody?' Well it Is certainly is not
I going to be a pleasure trip although
! I shall enjoy it. It will involve much
j hard work and a great deal of mental
I effort to think of things to say and
to say them simply and clearly, so
that they can be understood.
' On the other band, it will certaln
iy give me a very much more ac?
curate impression as to the views of
the jagsmtl in the sections which I
visit. It wi'l bring tjpsely 10 me the
needs of particular sections so far as
national legislation and executive ac,
tkn are concerned; and I believe It
will make me a wiser man and a bet
ter pub'ic officer.
Explain to the People.
' I ought to be abb- to explain to
people some of the difficulties and
some of the difficulties and some of
the problems of solution from the
stand [Hiint of a executive and legis?
lator as distinguished from that of
the honest, but irresponsible critic
Personal touch between the people
and the men to whom they temporar?
ily delegate their power, of course,
conduces to a better understanding
1.1 ween them."
Vice Chancellor Walker Decides
Against This Amusement.
TRKVTON. x J, Sept 14.?Vice
thancellor Walker. In court of chan?
cery looay. nh>d an opinion In the case
?f John McMil'an and others against
Lewis Kuehten and others cf Atlantic
Oily, known as the Sunday Itaseball
ras Tt.c ?.. e rhar.r-llor direct, that
Injunction be Issued restraining
the Atlantic Citv baseball team fmm
playing 8un1av ball fa deciding the
ra?e the viee chancellor follows the
milng of VW rhaecelW Pitney wb~u
c granted an injunction scaled Hue
day hull piuying in Jersey Cl?y sever?
al vears ago.
Att?: GeTT 0*c.s*ea7
ttv A-so-leted Preset
MOST. MAN?, rVvt 14 ?Ahe
A?te<. ,,f <-altrorn*a. th. fr?t ncrwcujht
champion we* given the decision over
Tommy OT00?., of Philadelphia, la
i. t v R< ferec White of X>W
r%. in the Arm.-rr AthlcNe Asao
riatlon tf night The d?-ei?!ca was ?
surprise rr? I non ?r
raw the tight and th?y
tlelr disapproval its
Report That Richmond Lawyer At?
tempted Suicide at Lexington
Picvea to be Erroneous.
RICHMOND, VA. Sept. 14?Mr and
M: lladdon S. Watklna. hrnther-lit
Inw and sinter of Willlum M. Justls.
raoatrad direct word from the missing
Richmond law vor hv mail this morn
He is ~n a hospital at \i? on
Smyth county. Va , where he has been
for home time tceovering from the
ill-effects of the K|iree ayah which he
uns launched when he left this, city
a mouth ago
Reports yesterday and the day be?
fore from l<eilnirtoit. Ky? connected
him with an iiuiiientiiieil man who had
attempted to commit suii ; ' ? there Fri?
day of last week, and his , "illy and
friends feared that the tuii.i might
be their kinsman until this flafinlts
word came from him today, drawn by
the broadcast publication of the l^ex
Ingti n story.
Amundsen Delays Expedition.
(Ry Associated Ptcss.)
CHRISTIANA, Sept. 14?Captain
Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer,
i has decided to |*)stponc his projeoti d
. e\|M'dltien to 11"' Arctic region until
June 1, 1910, on account of delay in
his prepnrniinns causeil l>y the gener
ul strike in Sweden.
Constitutionality of Safety Appliance
Statutes Contested.
Contention of Defenae in Cases, One
I of Which is Against C. ?V O.. is
That Common Carriers Cannot be
! Made to Produce Records.
fRy Associated Press t
I LYNCHBl'RC, Sept. 24? Before
Judge McDowell, of the United States
"li.-.trlet court for the Westeru district
; ol Virginia today. Ore cases agaim.t
j railways for alleged failure to comply
with the safety appliance atatutes,
I wen- considered upon demurrers
'? which attack the constitutionality M
. the iaw insofar as It requires the
; common carriers In interstate busl
. ness to produce thHr records to show
i what has been done by the carriers
to c. uiply w<ith the provisions of the
. law.
j This question has arisen in two
i cases against the Raltimore 4V. Ohio
! and one each ogainst the Southern,
Chesapeake * Ohio, and Norfolk A
' Western railways.
j After heating arguments Judge Mc
| Dnwell took the demurrer under ad
' vlsement.
. Vessela Building at Local Shipyard
to be Cailed City of Montgomery
and City of St. Louis.
City of Montgomery and City of *9t.
T/ruis an- the names which have been
! selected by the officials of the tJcean
I Steamship Company, of New York.
for the two new freight and pxasen
i ger vessels building at the local shtp
| yard for the company. The announc -
j ment of the nam<>s was made at tne
j New York office of the company yes
IThe ke. 1 for i ne of the new steam?
ers is sow being laid at skip stock* i
? No. 2. at the shipyard, and the keel >
j for the other one will be laid within
. the next few weeks The vessel* ar*
'to be of f .nan tons and will hare I
I accommodations for 2So first el a
! passengers. They are to ply between
New York and Sava
United State- Representative in ntex;
co Secure- Control by PvrcHaeieg
(Ry Associated PnasV
MKXICO CITY. Sept lt.? David aV|
Tbf.ir.p?oa. An.-onn rc.nanl to Mex?
ico, todsv ?T?-ed cow I rot of the Paa
Aavericaa Railroad, i si in ahn? fmsn
Kan Oeronlmc from the Ta
?aid thst ae wroid hare the coot roll
lag Interest a the property basis*
j s? e^'red bv porchased ?^^noa.ana wor*h
'of the
?artly cloudy and warmer
?dnstday; Thursday unsettled
athsr probably showers In
ih portion. )
Major Hanson Wile's Relatives and
Their Universal Brotherhood
Started niscord.
Association With Mrs. "Jack" Horner
Was Merely an Incident In Plot of
Thesophists to Get Revenge Because
He Balked?Answer Filed in Di?
vorce Suit.
(ny Associated Press).
ATLANTA, (iA.. Sept. M?Thesophy
if hlann d by Major J. F. Hanson,
; i * kfcsarl of the Central of Georgia
Rithread for the marital troubles
which led his wife, Mrs Cora L. Han?
son to bring suit, recently for di?
vorce. Mrs. Hanson charged cruelty,
neglect, and too much attention on
the part of the major to Mrs. -Jack"
Homer, a beautiful young society
woman of New York.
Major Hanson filed his answer to?
day in the Superior Court of Fulton
county. It contains 21 |>ages of print?
ed muter and calogorlally denies
each of his wife's charges, in con?
clusion he says:
"Further answering plantiff's bill,
defendant avers that until theosnphy
ramt' in as uti element of discord, ho
had a united and happy family. The
theoKnphists of defendant's family
>n added to the zeal of new con?
verts the arrogance, intolerance, ag?
gression and bigotry of fanatics and
sought to lead or drive every one
around them Irjto thet>sophy. The de?
fendant's house at Macon soon became
the headquarters for this character of
work in the city.
Regarded it as Paganism.
"Defendant's refusal to entertain the
Idea ever of becoming a theosophist
because he regarded it as a modern
form of paganism, cause the first
(hange in plaintiffs feelings toward
"When every effort to force de?
fendant to hear the burdens of theoso
1 hy by putting up money for the Uni?
versal Brotherhood scheme had fail?
ed the plaintiff, with one other mem?
ber of his family, resolved to attack
him in such a way that public de?
fense would be ltnposlble and destroy
Mrs. ' Jack" Merely an Incident.
"The defendant further a Leges that
ihe association with Mrs. Homer Is a
mere incident In the campaign that
was being made against him hy
theosopbists of his family, because
they could not force him to bow hla
neck to the yoke of theoaophy. Whoa
they failed to drive him Into theoao?
phy or to persuade or force him di?
rectly or indirectly to contribute finan?
cial asistanc", it was determined to at
I m t him tn the manner that plaintiff
attacked bim because plaintiff knew
that it was impostble to propertly de?
fend himself."
Iloth Major Hanson and his wife
are weil advanced in years, while
Mrs. Horner (now Mrs. Me Vicar, of
N>w York t :s quite young.
Fifteen Coal Companies of Tennessee
Allege Discrimination in Matter
of Freight Rates.
Ftft.-en companies mining cf>al la the
Coaj Creek fields of Tennessee, today
filed a omHafnt with the interstate
Commerce Commission, charging that
the southern Railway Company
criminates against them in the
on coal, as compar*d with tl
corded cperatovs in the
Toms Creek and Black
tricta of Virginta.
Is la urged that the
R/> cents to Knosvflle. given on
Coal Creek real
in shipments to
Georgia. Florida ai
point*, whe
To points m North Ca retinas,
< aimed that the
Hy b^yrnd hat jnact Ion wttfe a
?nttai to that point of en rente i
of s cents. In favor of the Coal Creek
The rate* to Xaakvflse
?aste Ute ewBjiti of coraptalat.
Darkey Md>l ^^'<># l^scc.
SYRACT?. X T, Ben* II pajfj.
? y Hal. driven hy f* I. Swcw. of
brseker ?t the seetwjd days' state
grand circuit awwOssf IB
naee. psu-wrv Hal stepp** '1
bwat la ?:?* 1-4. and

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