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only newspaper published In
Newport Newt that receive the
full newe service of the Aeso
clated Pres?.
Details of What Happened During
Party's Stay of Thirty-six Hours |
on the Apex.
Shifting of Ice Probably Responsible^
for Channe in Position Over Night?|
Commander Telegraphs His Wife
That He Cannot Reach Sydney Un?
til Latter Part of Week.
(By Associated Press).
by wireless from Ohne Ray. Sept. 1"?.
"We hoist" d the Stars and Strii*-;
twice at the north le," said Matthew
Henton, Commander Peary's colored'
lieutenant and the only 'jtuer civil?
ized man, according to Peary, who,
ever reached the pole. Ilen&uu to?
night gave to the Associated Press
an account of the one night and two
days he and Commander Peggy und
four Es.kiincau earned at ninety de-i
grees north latitude. Hcnson person- j
ally assisted in raisin? thv American }
Hag and lie ltd the Eskimcau in the
chf?rs and an extra cheer for old
Glory in the K.skimcau tongue.
"Having s|>ent eighteen years with
Ccmpiaiiih r IVary, and a considerable
|>ortioti of that time in the Arctics,"
said H- anna, "I have acquired n
knowledge of dialect of tag Green
land Kskiiut.au who probably are su?
perior to any other. As is commonly
known to travelers in the far north,
the Eskinuau entertains a strange
prejudice toward any tongue but one.
and it is therefore necessary for suc?
cessful dealing with them to stjdy
their unwrittt n language.
Reached Pcle Just Before Noon.
"We arrived at the i>ole just before
noon, April S, the party consisting of
the ccmmaiiiler. iiiys-If, four Ejki
mcau and ."<; dogs, divided into two
detachments equal in number nnd
headed resi>ectively by Commander
Peary and myself. We had left the
last supporting I>arty at 87 degrees
?r>3 minutes, where we separat'.d trora
Captain Barth tt. who was j hoto-.
graphed by the coumander.
"Captain Bartlett regrttted that be
did not have a British flag .0 erect
on the ice at this spot so that the
phot graphs might show this as the
farthest north to which the banner
oi British had im en advanced.. ,
Kept Personal Diary.
"I kept a pi rsona! diary during this
historic dash across the field Our
flrs-t task on reachic? the pole wai
to bi:ild two itilcos, as the weather
was hazy and proven *-d taking ac?
curate obbervati ns to confirm the
distance traveled from Cape Colum?
bia. Having con.pbtou the i;now
house ?<? had uinncr. which included
tea made on our alcohol Hum and
then retired to r* st. thus sleeping one
night at the n.Tth pole.
?"The Arctic sun was shining when
I awoke and found the commander
already ui. There wao only wind
enough t" blow out the small fiag:<.
The eiisjgns were hoist- d toward noon
from tent pcles and t:?d with fish
"We had figured out the distance,
pp tty closely and did not g > beyond
the pol?-. The flags were np ab ut
middsy. April 7 and w< Id rot moved
?Until late tb-t evening. The haxe
had chared away but we want 1
some hours to take < bscrvatiooa. We;
made three r:gae toe ther.
Position of Flags Moved.
?Wh< n w. lirs- rai: . d th-- Ar.u rlcan
flag our position was behind the lgloca
which, according to - ur initial Obser?
vation-, w.i. the jx.miio of th- I?
bot on takins :?:!>-? i;:it rl o'>- r\at "n:.
the Star and Strip* s was mm d and
placed M yards wrst of the first
pn-'ti?rt. the difference In 'h. ? r
vaf^ms being due perhaps to the mov.
leg Ire.
"When the flag was | laced Coen
msnder Peary explained in KnsiLdl:
?We snlt plant tnc Stars and Stripe?
at tin- nor-h j- b-' In -b?- n.vv tv.
"guaj< I proposed three cbe-er*. which
were gives in tae Www? own.
tonsn>c. The E?-hin>raaa danced about
and sh- w?M great pit a*nr< that the
pole at last was reached.*"
Hi ?Mir who resemd the farer
rorth w tb P?-ary ?aid ?hat cowdlttogs
were at* el the saare at the pole ns
eleewhe-re In the Arctic circle. \lt
ems a rudtd "?-a oi Ice with s two
foot 1. .id ef or-a water two mite?
from the r-.le
f*^n*Ty TatnTf Afn>*tV
<>?in?MKr Prmry cnmr^rm4 fart*
ff today with the representative I f
the Associated Press regarding hin
joi:rn?y to the north pole. Ho sp In
particularly of tin- flags kjf raised lit
the |ole and tin- records he left there,
and he touched again on some cf the
assertions credited to Dr. Frederick
A. Cook.
Commander I'eary said 'hat when
he reached the |K)ie the first tilg to
bsj thrown to the blBtini was a allkeR
American emblem presented to him
by his wife. He had carried this IIa?
en every one of Iiis oxped-tions to
the north leaving a piece of it at
the highest point he attained. The
last r< mnatits were saved and left at
the |>ole. The explorer then raised
the navy cuslgn. the flag of the Navy
League, then tue flag of Helta Kappa
Epsilon traterui'y, and finally. a rlag
of ft ace.
Evidently a Newspaper Report.
Coiniiiamier I'eary today reoatve I
a lalih |l>sa asking him to make a
: tatemt nt regarding a report ft m a
Danish source that he had lasted a
m tice on the (ireenland coast to the
effect that Dr. Cook waa dead, mak?
ing this notice a pretext for the ap?
propriate -n cf Pr. Cock's MppUea.
Tin- coiiiin.UKi'r said that he knew
nothing of this; that it evidently was
a newspaper publication.
In referring to the reception being
planned for him when he should reach
home Command? r I'eury aski d the As?
sociated Press to publish the f row?
ing statement:
"Krom such fragui? ntary n |iorts as 1
I have received I am BMrt touched,
gratified and honored than I can *ay
at the way the public has treated
my work."
Telegram to Mrs. Peary.
SYDNEY. N. S.. Sept. II ? Mr3.
Robert E. I'eary today received the
foil j king telegram from her husband
at Battle Harbor, Labrador:
"Cannot arrive before end of week.-' |
President Announces His Findings
Upon Glavis' Charges.
Accusations of Dismissed Official
Against Secretary of Interior Not
Founded Upon Facts, According to
Review of the Evidence.
(By Associated Press.)
ALBANY. N. Y.. Sept. 13.?A
.? t.-.tenu i:t in which President Taft an
lioune. r his findings upon the charges
against the conduc; of the interior
department of the government by L.
It. Gravis, chief of the field division
of the gen' ral land office, in connect
h n w ith the Cunningham Coal laud
claims in Alaska, exonerating Secre?
tary lltiilinger of the interior depart?
ment and observing that Mr Glavis
case embraced only "shreds of suspic ?
ion without substantial evidence,"
was made public here tonight.
The Presiding grants Secretary
Ballinger's auth- rity to di.nii.-.i Mr.
Glavis from the services of the Rov
SrasasUU "for urjustly imp* aching thI
official integrity of h;:; sap'rior oftt
ccr," and takes occasion to review
evidence in the so-oailed "waterpowcr
tmrl" and < thor cafes, to r< fute the
charges that the secretary of the |n
ti -tor is cut of sympathy with the
rollcy of the administration in favor
?I lie- conservation of natural rc
Miss Anita Stewart Weds Prince
Miguel in Sctoland.
(By A,s cia'ed Prcjj).
T IN?;WALL. SC (TLAND. S. pi 1">
In the 1 lie Roman Catholic chatH-l
cf St. Lawrence no?#i today Mts:;
Anita Stewart. daughter of Mr;
James H'nrv tSmita of New York,
became the bride of ITinc Migoci id
In add ti m to the evergreen, an1
trailin? lengths oi ?milav tha' ft -toon
???I th< int'-nor. th- rhanorl was bank
ed with tall white lilies, lilies of the
valley and palms, while the rustic
a sie? thai Pd to th?- altar wer.- dec
crated with flower*
Census Work Begins April 1.
(By Associated Press!
RICHMOND. VA. Sept. 1?-?C
RMaewST Moore received official ? ?
lice from ihe cesrr? hnr< an v der
day afternoon Iba* he had turn ai?
pninicd census sBfa ntaor f t HM
Third concrr.??l?mal dl-drM of \ r
<- i a Thf work tJ ta>e cHBcc will
twain April 1
Head-on Collision on Nashville &
St. Louis Road Result of
Forgotten Orders.
Many Pa: engen, are Injured, But All
of the Dead Were Members of Tram
Crews?Passenger Conductor Blam
er For Accident?Cara Saved by
Pushing Them Away From Flames
(By Assori;u<v| press.)
the retail of a head-on collision be?
tween passenger train No. 4 and fast
freight No. n ' ii the Nashville & St.
1 <uis Railroad one mile west of
Pegratti sta'ion, Tenn.. today, eight
tnfhawTtl were killed, one seriously
, injured and fifteen passengers injured,
.two fatally perhaps. The car caught
Ire and several of the victims were
ci emitted.
I The dead:
Wiltinn Mogan, Nashville; travel?
ing engineer, Ixxly burned: Joseph
flower, Nashville, engineer on pas?
senger train, body burned: ,lesse
T.u kingtcn. engineer on freight body
burned. Walter Roach, messenger, body
burned: Samuel White 1. fireman,
j bi iiy Imriioil; S. B. Walt, head brake
jtnan: W. S. Stalecap, mail dork. Mar
.tin. Teen: I,. F. Bailey, mail cierk.
j .M;iitin. Tenn., body burned,
j Ellis .Mart in. conductor ori the freight
M Madly injured. Both engines
i were completely wrecked.
Orders Overlooked.
I The wreck was caused by the over?
looking of orders. William Mogan,
I the traveling engineer, who was killed,
was for years the private engineer
Of the late President J. w. Thomas,
of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St.
louis Railway, and had Just return
ed from a meeting of the Brotherhood
Kngineers at Denver.
Wreckage Catches Fire.
The collision occurred about S
o'clock this morning. The wreckage
nt rnce caught fire. The baggage.
I mail, express and smoking cars of the
, p.issenger train and several of the
! Height cars were burned. But one
' bag of mall was saved. Through the
l.-.lmost sur?erhuman strength exerted
i by the passengers the three day
j coaches and the Pn'lman were push
i mi back from the fire and the equip
| merit saved.
It is the general impression among
I passengers and trainmen that the
j fault Ml with the passenger crew,
as orders to meet at Pegram had boon
issued and the wreek occurred west
of that station.
The Slightly Injured.
Am'ng the slightly injured were:
Captain T. Jobe. Burton, V C : Wil
; Iiam Kunsferd. Pcnohtree, X. C; W.
i !.. Thomasrn, Poaohtree. R c.; *T"t.
I w. Bovd. Almede \ c . Mrs Temple
T.ur.sford. Murphy. V C: Mrs. A. C.
(Thomson. Murphy. N. C ; May Thoma
son. Mutphy. N. C.
Acting Secretary Winthrop Issues Or?
der Having Rest on Sabbath
Day as Its Object.
(By Associated Press )
j wac-iiin:;ton. p c. s*pt. r,.?
I tpr Sunday" for w many y.-ar<* the
I hoje of the jjck tars tn the navy la
I about t" Income a reality Acting
, S Hi tary W nthrop ha* i>suc<] an or?
der having this object in view. Its
! purpose is to reduce the work aboard
j ship ?n the Sabbath m a minimum
J consistent with r< quiremonts of the
jiervice fj the MeJ that 'ha* day miy
! Ix- ^. nerally '.bscrred as a day of
' r-st.
Hereafter the comni'mllng officer *
] 'n.-pec"Ion of ship and crew is not
. to h<- held on Sunde? Sh-p ins;* ettt>n
is f !- I.- I<l ? ii an- ei.e r 'lav m< ;t
! ? \pedb-nt. whil?- the nspccfioa cf the
I ?eew will take place on .-.?terdav be
', fore noon or as i??it after Th - dinner
ic:r a.- prac .!? |.
Staunton Election Postponed
STAt'NTOV V* . Sept i:??Anru
m. nt tn th- local opt oe, cr"rtiB cow
lent, whtrn was tn h?ve he can thn
j mcnlng. b.t? been p"** peine-t until
T ?? dn ? r. ?t ? e ?.. a t:<imlw r of
the attnrwcyi, twins tsit ensag-d in
the ?PMbW 'nwri
Dive'a Killed by Dynamite.
R A VENA. ITALY. Sept || -Dyav
mit. pi...,] to .?. ;.irm /.Id ma "nr>
in the harbor (ailing to rstdnd. o i
dtvers dewrewded to la release The
! charge then ? xiI'mI. d. i?lllin;- thrr- ?'
I 'beiri
\ Augusta Officer* D<~v.lare Report is
False anil That Visitors Want to
Win Without Playing.
(Hy Associated Pr. ss).
.\ telephone menace received by the
Times tonight from .lelinex Imbbs.
mauagei of the Chattanooga baseball
team, kuvs that the members of his
train w? re polsi.ned to,la> while play?
ing in Augusta.
All the men who drank from a
bucket of water are ill Two men
i ?IM did not drink the water e-.\?|icl
Mock* the star rite her is confined to
I his bed with a doctc r in attendance.
Emphatic Denials at Augusta.
AUGUSTA. OA., Sept. 15.?The
statement mmb- ton gli !?> members
of the ChaAtteooga team thai they bad
been drugged or poisoned ut the ball
iwrk Hits afternoon, is branded by
both manager Castro and Secrotar>
Farr of the local club al false. Thev
both cli.lm that kl is another siat
ment of Manager Dobba, <?f Chatta
m.'oga, to try to win the pennant with?
out playing for It.
The ball game was completed at
?ht ut I o'clock nnd there was no talk
of anyone of the team being ill until
S o'clock which w.a- two hours after?
wards. The onlv man who is said to
be 111, Is Catcher Meeka, who is man?
ager Pcbb'fi right handmaii
I. Curtis, a hanhall writer who Is
here, stated tonight ;h it he drank tie
water ?<id had felt ii' ill effects, lie
said that other member., of the Chat?
tanooga team bad felt no bad ef?
Just Outplayed Them.
Manager Castro sail: 'It Is all
false. We have Ju-t ciitplavcd these
fel'owH from Chattanooga and thev
ore trying-every possible w*ay 10 get
public Nvor."
Secretary F:*rr said: 'Chattanooga
knows that we'wiP win It the game;
are played and they are u<ing every
effort iKtsidbte to preveal the playing
at the games. We don't have to drug
Finding of Telephone Operator's Body
in River Gives Dover, Ohio., Police
Myctery to Solve.
(By Associated Press.)
DOVKU. OHM, Sept. 15?Police
are searching U night for an unidenti?
fied girl who met Miss Florence
Weber, 2" years old. whose body wa.
hOSUsd in the Tuscarawas river today,
shortly after fhe left the home of her
tMta Samuel Weber Monday night in
rnaaoasc to a telephone message.
Relatives'say the message came from
a woman. Miss Weber is supposed to
have met her death Monday night.
Until tonight the relatives of the
girl iie?ewd she left the vicinity of
her uncle's home alone
Mrs. Catherine Keurleber. however,
informed the pcliec she saw the girls
meet haaa after Miss Weber left the
house. Mrs. Keurleber. who is well
acquainted here, aays the girl Miss
Weber me- was I stranger. She gave
the police a good description of her
Mrs. Keurleber told the police she be
lieves tne Weber girl has been morose
for sev< i il <lav--. On September ."?th she
says she went to the Maple Grove
cemetery und there found Miss Web?
er. The girl was seated in the cen?
ter of the graveyard, crying. None of
the relatives or friends of the girl
have died r<< ently or arc buried in the
The the. ry that Miss Weber com?
mitted sui< ide was strengthened to?
night v.ie ti Corner Roming re;x?rte,!
that there were no bruises on the
girl's body.
Miss V. ehet's parents Insist that the
girl nut w th foul play.
Mi-> Weber was emplcyed here as
a tetcpln ne operator. She worked
in Cleveland from June 1 to August 1
this y< ar in a similar capacity.
J. E. Bap?a Held at Parkerspurg ?mM
W.thcut Bail?Seems Bereft
cf Reason.
t'i \.- ciat-d IT. *-)
PARKKRSBI RG W. VA . S r>? 1 ?
J K mwft who was arrested yeutee
day in H^rriKvilte. W Va. cbarg? d
with the ;curd.? of hi< 17^ year-old
tfide f f two werfe* hy the adm.nt Jra
tKm ut pei- n. was hrooght h*Te to
?<a;, - .t ."i.gm i Im f r.- a >-is'ic.
-?r th< ,- ..
H I h ..-i SJ was ae* for Friday and
Be was B mand?-d tn jail w.ihom li-nd
Sa>r h d-N-ndef hv Sts?. Sen
aWr R F Kidd. a noted West Virg ?
la rrim-i ?? * r Tbr'?orh?>?ny day
Bar re ?ct-d as If brreft of renaoa.
In hi. eafl he mutinually called
nam* . ? f?- sad ??* forrildv r
rtratned fmea ttoti m? hv t* I a aar da.
W'utd be SsHctdc Ident.ned
MEXIVCTOX. KT.. Brat. Ii?It ba?
been ?ata Ii h? d that the man who
sm. mi,'. ii? ?1. her. Ft...a- B. I
O Schon. ?d of n rnunchasn H Y.
set w y lueHs. of Bliaaawad. ha.
KPTKMBtfK 16. 1909.
- i
First Important Stop in 13,000
Iftlie lour Will tie Made at j
Windy City Today.
Thousands of School Children Will
Line the Streets?Governor Hughes
Greets Distinguished Tourist at Al?
bany?Vice-president's Call Cut
Short?Speechrraking Begins,
iny Associated press.)
SVHACI SK. N V.. tfeft, 15?After
traversing today the two great states
oi Masse' (rosette and New ft t% ftm*
Idont Talt tonlfnt |s skirting tbc
south- ru shores of LoJjM Erie on bin
way to Chicago sraerc he will arrive
at 1:30 a. ui , tomorrow tu make hin
llr?t inipoitaiit si i oi a l.l.uuu-mlle
U u r ol Um ?i st and sout.i.
Wluu vii the train Itasipcd lOjay
on it. run Iruui ituntou there were i
lat^e on wds at the railway station*
ana the ITlillllMl was greeted w.tn
enthusiastic cheeritig. The day wan
typical of many that are to como and
the President was prevailed uikui to
?nuke a niimboT of Ovo minute speech- j
es from the rear platform of his car
at points nut included in the it.nerary. j
i In Massachusetts Mr. Tart spuke at .
I Worcester, Springfield and HllhllH I
Greeted by Governor Hughes.
Entering .New York stale be was
[greeted at Albany by Governor i
j Charit ? K Hughes, and Ixitb inudc- |
- little talk* to the depot tbiong. wui li
I cheered the . tat(> and ledi ral -:xe- i
cutives w?th eiiiial ciithu:la:,m.
PrntdSOM Taft waa (M larre good I
? humor today. He st?< moj thoroughly]
j hB| py that the journey toward which
I he has bang lo king for several
months had .it lost begun. He thaim
ed tho.*e who came to greet him ? :
the" different cities and sjid he be-j
I Ueved that tho long and ardm us trip j
j would br.nj him into clostT touch I
j with the people than any other plan
which c* uiu b?- devised.
Mr. Taft said that the more no j
could see of the country and the peo?
ple during his term of office; tho ?
bettet Pr.si'bnt he would mak*-.
Preshfeel Taft and Governor Hughes
are |?rono,inced admirtrs of each I th
i el and their meetings always are
t narat tenzt d by many exchaug? s of
grateful and earnest complements.
Compliments Exchanged.
Mal I'n siuont Taft t .ld of the
sp i ndid work uovt-rnr.r HugiKa nad
done for him and the governor re?
plied that the President could never
-ea:i u;.on him in vain.
?tarttag from Horton a little nft' r
H ? 'clock th:s m< rning the Prctcdt-nt
?headed straight for the west. It wa3
his fifty-second birthday and lie re-1
entree] many congratulations and me*- i
rage? of ;ood will At llttsfield some
ai mir r.s J.iiriy till'd the PresMent-a
car with flowers. Tue throng, wb.ch
?lined the way inni the hotel ;o ihc
stat.in in Boston was but t tort-run
lier of those cncounlired along la-3
Ev< n at place? whore the Pn -;t
, d< u' s traiu tlid no! stop there w re
many to wave him a greet.ng.
Runn.ng on Slow Schedule.
Tht- I'resid-nt net a pr< ce It nt to?
day for the trip by electing to run
on a si- w schedata The New York
?-rtr.il I i:-s .-':rr:iiiti'l. <l -ii< trnin
' w.th every* precaution fer its *af>*ty.
Then- always were three in- n on
th<- engine and ptomlnnt re; rcaenta
t:\-s of the traffic dfrertro?-nt were
alf ard.
\ < ? ;.r. si It nt Sh< rwap made a vain
-flor' to .*? < :h< President at I'tlca.
? r. Sherman's home city tt was not
am,an that the vkm--pee*e>at was m
!. rr.c or would if a' the rta'ton I he
'train stopped sb"ut 3m a>Conds for
r,|. r
Mr Shtrnun Leave* Hurriedly.
M- .'?ti'titun < Umbered aboard the
rear end sad wa* waking to. waf
toward the Pli sMint'? room when 'be
coeductcr. not knowing the vlcegcs
M< nt war ab ard gave the signal to
" id Mr Sh'rrnar ?h<m?< I "
? ne i ih' s'taehe? ?hat h?- wa* net
able to n oft to Sv races'- ami h'pp?-d
He VP behlrd. howev r. ?? fire
p-tiTitl box of candy as ? birthday
... , ri
A Street ueva Inaugural
niicA?rfi. tu s. Sfpt i"- \
.t'oniei;- inaugural eg Prodde**
T*f. ? l??ne speeeh making trip has
hewn arranged here few tnenormw
Phngg the ajoMi ?? when he steps fmsa
the train at 11:11 ft, tn. into the arms
[>f a numerous reception eotntulttee
until midnight when lie ret Ire J to his
prlvutit tar every utiuute will be
tinned to Heeount. For an hour and
a hilf uu automobile will carry him
slowly through a gaunt let of |5ii,mitl
people and parochial school pupils
lining miles of boulevards und carry?
ing ? null American Hug*.
The review of the pupil* will termi?
nate st the ec ngrc.-s hotel whi te the
President will make an Informal ad
ilie . to In hois, the Commercial
i iuli I luring the ufteruoou the
President will witness a baseball game
bet w.rn !he N'ew York iaiid Chicago
clubs <>f the National league. He will
I" the gu< ' i r the Hailll ton Club
at an Infi i mal dinner after which
he will address a mass meeting at
Orchestra Hall
At U p. m. he will attend the hull
of ihe American Hankers Association
and at midnight will be '-ortod to
his tiuln ami w ill leave f< r Mil?
Maryland Man Who Swore Falsely to
Aye of Sweetheart Gets Four
(lly Associated Press J
HAI.IiM'lKi:, Mil, Sept. 1".?For
swearing falsely to the age of Ills
I we. lie art In i rder to secure a mur
i .age lie-iist. William Moore was to?
day sentenced to Bmr years in the
P' ii.i. ntlury by Judge Willlum H.
Fcrsythe. Jr., at Kllicott City. Md.
MiHire obtained a license to marry
Klizab. th Sayler. of this city, repre?
senting that fthjg was IS yeurs of uge
when In fact she was scarcely 15.
The pair were married August 'J
and later went lo the home of the
girl's mother, i he latter, instead of
receiving the youthful couple with u
parental blessing had the bridegroom
an. sli d His trial und conviction fas*
lowed It wa.- tin.tight the matter might
be . Diiipionii. cd but Mrs. Sayb r, the
girl's mother, wus obdurate und is
said to have m.-i ? .i that the law
lie , xct-iilcd. She also is endeavoring
to have the marriage annulled.
Employes of Pressed Steel Car Co.
Allege Breach ol Fait
Between Three and Four Thousand
Men Quietly Disperse and Walk
Home?Company Will Discharge
Imported Workmen.
(By Associated Press.)
PITi SBL'RG, PA.. Sept 15 ?The
car wt .kers strike at the plant of the
prcsed Steel Car Ccnipany, In
Schoenville, which waa thought set
lb .1 on vY< In. lav of last w< ek after
costing nine lives and heavy financial
less began anew today when lietwecn
i'.nm and 4,'Mhi employees of ihe car
i works walked from their work and
' quietly dls'iersed to their homes.
I Th" workmen new allege the car
' ci n|i.i. Olli? iais have broken faith
! with tliem regarding the discharging
jc.f imixirted bosses brought here dur
? ing the recent eight weeks' labor
Will Discharge Imported Men.
I a'c t..iin\ ii was announced by the
car piant officials that they will dis?
charge what imjiorted workmen are
bow In the plant and keep their plant
running. Tr night there are flfiv
uepu'y sheriffs on guard at the
cT j.l-.nt l.ittle or no trouble is an -
j Kcinatcj however, and it Is believed
I that tomorrow noon the car work1
I w!H again lie In full < pcratlon.
Surprise at Washington.
WASHijarrrox. i? c. Sept. is.?
The news i f ihe rem wal of the strike
of th. ]?? ? i s-.?? I ?'.?r Company
; workmen and the shutting down of
(that i.iant caused great surprise here.
The media Ik n board, which com?! i -
i lit Charles P Nelll. the rontmis
r i.f laU-r. and Judge Martin A
Kaaup. the chairman cf Ihe Interstate
jO-snsnerce Commissi? n probably will
b. '-..il.-d on tn u<e their effort* In the
|direcii?fe of sdjns'ing the sicnstlon at
The mediation hnart and the It part
men! cf ju?lce would he the only two
d?-perta>?-nu of ihe gerrmment likely
' '?mmtsrW>ner Neil) returned here
I cti'? laut week from the zone of the
-Tik. .:nd th.-n r. r ?? l.-l th- -tr-k<
? In the
*M th?
dated bv
r .Me of
'.irtiy cloudy and warmer
dneaday; Thuraday unaettled
ither probably showers In
th portion.
Federal Authorities Determine io
Remove United Siates Prisoners
Investigation of Report by Department
of Justice Reveals Unheard of
Methods in Conducting Western
Ponitentlary and That One Fourth
of All Inmates Have Tuberculosis:
(By Associate Prosa.)
WASHINGTON. D C . S. pt. 13.?
ICi millions at tho western penitentiary
i f Pennsylvania have been found so
distressing and intolerant as to re?
quire the immediate removal of all
federal prisoners whose transfer is
practicable und to require the most,
serious consideration of the proper
;.iith. rPlos. This is disclosed In the
report of C. Ii. McQlasson, of the de?
partment isr prisons and prisoners, to
I be aitormy general
At the direction of the attorney gen?
eral Wnde Kills, acting head or the
departm? nt or justice nutdc known to?
day the results of the investigation
which Mr. McGlasaou conducted fol?
lowing tho reports published by the
newspapers several weeks ago criti?
cizing the conditions at the prison.
"The population on the first of thf
month was 1,301," says Mr Kills
his statement. "Of ibis number
than half are at all times idle. _ .
more than half are confined two In a
Tuberculosis Rampant.
The cells are utuisually small and
the cot& take almost the entire length
I of each, the room for moving about
being a space eight feet long and
I eighteen inches wide. There are
more than three hundred prisoners?
suffering from tuberculosis and sev?
enty nine cells are now occupied by
there showing advanced stages of this
disease. The prison is filled with ver?
min of all kinds, although the of?
ficials are making an effort to eradi?
cate them.
An unusually large number of pria
'on- rs an of Hie lowest possible rhax
I acter, mentally and morally, and them
is but one general mess provided for
nil. Almost universal! compaint is
? made about the qualitv of food served,
[especially the meats.
Governor Not Blamed.
"The attorney general does not, of
course, assume that these unfortunate
conditions are known either to the
governor r.f Pennsylvania or other au?
thorities having immediafe control of
penal institutions in that state," con?
tinued Mr. Ellis.
There are 21 federal prisoners con
lined at the western pern:entiary of
Pennsylvania. All of these who eng
? <:.? ? :?. transfern il. except
? .< hos. terms w ill shortly expire,
wt'l be removed at once to Atlanta OI
No Comment at Pitteburg.
PITTSBURG. PA . Sept. 15.
men! or official statements concern?
ing the r? |iort of Prison In-pcotol
McGIasaon. of Washington, on cong*
Hons of the Western pen!tent:ary el
Pennsylvania were unobtainable to
nUht. From authoritative scoree* W
Was learned, however, ?bat CT a aspen1
conditions prevail at the n.-r;ide in?
An effort was made dun;. ? -he past
sesason for the legislature to se<*nri
an appropriation for a tnhercul jii
hep tal for the prison. b-?t the mews
ure failed of raasage.
Explanation of idleness.
It Is said that manv of the prison
I crs now incsrreratcd la the big pri?
son are idle, la cxpianafi'm of thB
stntetPrnt it -s pointed oat '.bot ?
state law prohibits the ensptoyinc d
mor. than a certain percentage eg fanj
prisoners at sny of the <-tatc peeng
fest Kations Warden Franc:* referred]
- ?? . ? e?ner.
Norfolk Pel ice Have Men WHc MSI
(Ry Aseortated Preen)
fvaaM C Thompson, who has been
posing as an arssy <>hV?r and whs
is now In the hands of ft
pol ce is afeto wanted hv the
in many large elites tar-nrhowt
The war
charges scant
In Detroit aad
nerd with others received
depart BS?nt ha * received
? last Tbcewpsnr, from gram
ind New T-rk Thews wage]

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