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The Baltimore Sun Discusses
In ' i? denunciation of 'ne Dro'
posed constitutional amendment soine
of tht- Republican orators are becom
nig vklid in their statements and alle?
gations. Mr. George Whltelock. in
his speech on Wednesday lo the daily
gathciiug of opponents of the amend?
ment at their headquarters. 4-" East
Maltitnore street, said of the Southern
States: I
"Such states are without influence in
their Council? of the nation.
"The adoption of the amendment
would produce a condition of agHtteal
moral degeneracy."
This is according to Mr. Whltelock s
own statement in yesterday's Suu. A
Klcbmoiid man, who says he was pres?
ent at the meeting and beard Mr.
Whitelock's speech, aasens that Mr.
Whitelock said thai he did not want
Maryland to be placed in the same
column with the states of the South
which had disfranchised the negro
because these states were "despised by
the rest of the 1'nion," and that "all
persons who would vote fur such an
amendment were moral degenerates."
This Virginian asks:
"Do the business men of this city
want to be put on record as saying
they despised the South because she
unburdened herself of the curse of Re
construction days? I think not.
"Does any sensible man in this
city think that the majority of the
people of Virginia are 'moral degen?
erates,' because they disqualified a
horde of crap-shoot lug. whiskey-drink?
ing negroes."
Accepting as absolutely true Mr.
Whitelock's statement of what he said,
the logical inference from his lan?
guage is that he considers the South?
ern States as in a condition of "po?
litical degeneracy.'- because practi?
cally all these states have adoptee!
amendments to eliminate the ignor?
ant negro vote.
The people who know them, the
people who do business with them,
the jieople who compare them with
the inhabitants of other sections, know
that far from being "degenerates," the
people of the South are the sturdiest
and most patriotic, the most truly
American stock to be found in all the
land. They are a progsj and high
minded race, with a high sense ofhon
disuonesty in the entire South 'U*sn
there is in some single cities in the
Nortn. That fact is very well known
Wild Statements by Republicar
l Orators..
aud easily demonstrated. The state
and 1.? a! governments ure admin's
I tered with an honesty ana pauistnk
iug economy that cannot be found ii
the Republican mates of the Nor?
which Mr. W"ni:eK?k evidently re
Kardii as models.
I The adoption of constitutione
amendments in the South to e'tmuiat*
j the negro has resulted in vastly im
proved political, social and industrial
.conditions. The ixaiple of those states
I white Republicans a* well as Demo?
crats? would not think of returning to
: thn, conditions that prevailed when the
J ?c.lid mass of negroes cast their votes
, at the behest of the Republican jioli
I Broad-minded Republicans In the
.North.and West have accepted the
Souihern view of this question, be?
cause-they have heen how well u
works in practice. The President of
the L'uited States, who is the ac?
knowledged leader of the Republican
' party, volo-d this view when he told
the Southerners assembled at the ban?
quet of the North Carolina Society in
I New York on December 7. IsMbt. that
I he and the Republicans of the North
wished to "have the South understand
? that tiie attitude of the Republican
party toward it la not one of hostil?
ity or criticism or opposition, politi
| c ally of otherwise: that they believed
In the maintenance of the Fifteenth
Amendment. |?it that they do not
deem that amendment to be incon?
sistent with the South's obtaining
what it regards as its |K>iitical safety
from domination of an ignorant elec?
torate." Mr. Taft declared that noth
ing sould give bim greater pride than
to .so direct the policy of his admin?
istration "in resi>e.-t to the Southern
States as to convince its intelligent
citizens of the desire of the Adminis?
tration to aid them in working out
satisfactorily the serious problem be?
fore them of bringing them and their
Northern fellow citizc.is closer and
closer in sympathy and point of view."
Mr. Taft says that In the past de?
cade?the very i?eriod since the ig
ikcraut negro rote was eliminated in
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ctj S3.
Beti SSOy
t the South?he has "watched with de
light and thank'giv'ng the bond of
union tetweeu the sections grow firm?
Would Mr Taft express his admi?
ration and commendation of a peo?
ple who were "political degenerates?
Would the ITeeideni condone a atui"
<1 affairs that could pos?'biy be de?
scribed as a condition of ixditlcal de
degeneracy? Mr Taft likes the South
enters so well that he never loses an
opportunity to visit them. He and his
administration are now engaged in the
effort to establish a Strong Republi
cau party in Virginia and other South
em states becauae they consider ?*>
litical conditions favorable to free
Jem of thought and political action
fcr the first time in 30 years
Does Mr. Whiteloek contend that
witnout the support of the negro vote
llie white men of Maryland would
sink into political degeneracy? Doea
he hold that the former partlcipa
tion of the negro in campaigns tendet
to purify politics in the South? For
the greater pan of a century the white
people ot this country managed to get
along without the uegro vote, and
some persons oensider that the period
.that produced Washington. Jefferson.
Hamilton, Clay, Webster. Jackson and
Lincoln will comjiare well with the pe?
riod since the negro has been a voter
?the iH'iiod which has produced
.Mat' Quay. Aldricb, Cannon, Tweed,
OUell. Cox. of Clncinatl; the! Phila?
delphia ' i inn. ' Addieks, of Delaware,
and other deferable worthies of the
model North. Ikies Mr. Whiteloek
contend that the people of the South
and .Maryland need the refining and
uplifting influence of the negro vote tu
save the whites from falling Into "po?
litical moral degeneracy?''?-Baltimore
Body of Strange Animal Has Been
Found in the Woods.
If anybody ever doubted chat a
Jersey devil" left its strange and
puzzling hoofprints in the snow of this
and adjoining states i nthe snowuP-t
and adjoining states last winter, proof
was pi educed here today that the
scare was never due to highballs
There is On exhibit in this city the
. .m ass of the pueerest animal ever
seen sbout here, a beast not on the
schedule of any uatural history ever
read by any one of this section.
The tufftial's body, still in good con?
dition, as though it had been dead
only a short while, was found by Mor?
ris t'abinsky, of this city, and Charles
Malsbury, of Kinkora, in the woods
near Kinkora Tuesday, and was
brcugh to this city, where hundreds
have seen and marveled- Phoiograps
Rive been made of the beast, and
Prof. JJeiiry Morse, curator of the
State Museum, will be asked to give
the tiifmal a uamc, and p'ace it where
it belongs? H he is able to do so.
The boys thought at first they had
come upon the carcass of a big wild?
cat, but it looked sa pueer to them
that they decided to carry itinto town.
The body of the animal is about 2d
inches ling, and thin. The spinal
column extends 6 inches behind the
junction with the hind leg9, like the
tall kangaroo, but this^gain again is
tipped with 9 inches of taii like
a squirrel's, but of reddish-brown fur.
The strangest feature of all and that
which would seem to convict It of
last winter's famous hoofprints. is
found in the fore legs and feet. The
legs are 15 inches long, consisting of
four joints, and socketed to these are
the feet which take the form of ?
broad, flat bone with a distinct beer
The foot bones are 2 1 -2 Inches ioog.
and over an inch broad ia a solid
If the snimal traveled by leaps,
bending the two forefeet down to?
gether be would land after each lang
spring wiib the feet forming the
puzzling effect of hoofprints ss seen
In the snow last winter. The rear
feet would explain the finidng of 'cat''
prints near the hoof marks What
iooks like the framework of a pair ot
short wings rises from the animalB
back, just above its short bind legs.
The big mouth is set with sharp
teeth three-quarters of an inch long,
while the head is adorned with long,
lance-like ears and whiskers. 4 inches
long.?Rurliagton (N J ) Dispatch to
New York World.
Oaa Based Ca Waas.
"Wbeaever yoh Stahls ia to gib yoh
conscience sn srgumenL" ssid lincle
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eervoasness. and general debility" he
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?very day la spite of all medical treat?
ment Then nsed Electric Bitters.
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Newport News, Virginia.
Min Id* Wynne, daughter of Robert J. Wynne, consul-general to Lenden '
and former Postmaster General, ia visiting in Wssblngten where she Is wsll
known In society circles,. Miss Wynne k* vary besutiful and talented snd has
j created a grast sensation in England.
Dollar is doing Twice the Work Now
It Od Grreratton Age.
IB 1>"? tBe rstio of taa capital of
naiionsl bsnk t ? total liabilities mas
Ts per cent, in IMS R was XI; la
:tSC. 3B. It i? saw it.
Prof Wei . v i Mitchell of the Pal
terstty of California. hriaaaag east
these facts in the Journal of Beeaana
los. shows th?- *h- decline la the ratio
has occurred i "'~l?err?n? times tSs
rlng hard time there Is pract^aUy
no change It i load of I ia Wit tie. im
uo?ed <".n bank ra,.tul *
A raovesneiit -o constant may be ev
parted re confine* ia the fxssd times
we hope asay he now well renusssd
Prof. Mltcheii thows that the ratic
jwas esact'y the same on August 22.
1VT. snd May 14. 1908?before and
after lb- panic but the decline since
then has been reuined The capital
ratio in vatc banks has declined from
4t per rest in 1*7? to 1? per cent In
That there need be aay element of
peril in this tendency Prof Mitchell
disprove* h\ 'King the Csnndisa.
iCagiisb snd Welsh banks, which
have not suffered fmsn panics like
ours Twe Canadian ratio aas de
cbned from 4? ? 1*7* to II now. The
Engli'h and Welsh joust fork bsnk
fatfca has within the aaase years gone
from ts to II.
kj doirg ts.ee the work la assay arf
is doing twice the work it Bad a ana
Quick Long Distance Service
Hampton, Norfolk and Portsmouth
When the local operator auswar* aak her for the
number yon want in Hampton, Norfolk or Ports
mouth by saying "Hampton one-two-three," "Nor?
folk four-five-six," or whatever number you want,
and hold the telephone to your ear until you get
a reply. Charge will begin as soon as the tele?
phone called for is answered.
If you wish to talk to a particular persoo. to have
the charge reversed, or to make an appointment
to talk at some later time, call LONG DISTANCE.
Kate to Hampton 10 cents, to Norfolk and Porte
mouth M cents for three minutes, timing to begin
as soon as the telephone called for is answered.
Overtime I <enta per minute
The rate to Hampton applies <mly when a pay
station ia iwed. Calls from subscribers' tele?
phones are the r\ame as heretofore.
Try tli is new service.
Southern Bell Telephone &
Telegraph Company
of Virginia.
oration ago The same ts true In
many otner form? of bwslnee* What
erer ?afe*uarwa are thrown about a>
rxwlt? by ban am* customs or by pub
Bn ?uperrtslon will continue thai strik?
ing Illustration of the Increasing tone
mot, of r red It In buslne?? life? Mew
Tork Wor d
rmm 1 ? i? ? ? fjsr
To the dealer*: What are yoatr ara
flta In tnharoa aad efrarettao as>an>
the Trusr ha? gained control? WJat
eaa aerer Unna? ShfOKK ?RUaCt
JO Sc Aatt trant clear.

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