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only newspaper published
Newport News that receives tl
?nil news service of the Ass
elated Press.
VOL. XIV. NO. 2?7.
Norfolk Makes Visit of Presi-1
dent Occasion for Notahle
Celebration. J
Executive Reiterates Desire to See
Chesapeake Bay Proof Against lav
?..-.ding fleet, and Says He Hopes
to See Project Carried Out Dur
ing His Term?Busy Day.
illy Associated PreaaJ
NORFOLK, \'A.. Nov. lit?As one
oi the eosseladlBf learnt ea of the coa
veajtlca of the Atlantic Deeper Water
arsya Aasoclaiion, and to accepl agsUa
the heeikitaltty 01 the people of the
old Dominion, President Tail eaaae
i.p .\i .!.;;?: today, reviewed a ntitttary
and "aval ;arade. made two spi erhes
;n erhleh he ht aputu his interest in
I practical aye teat <>?: waterway itn
proseaaeata to be carried forward on
a bttsinrss-like ba.-is and not inertly
as a means of dlati I hast lag patreatage;
partOOh Ol a I-ynnhaven oyster toast
under the shadow* of the lowcnu?
Cape Heary light bowse and attewted
a smoki r in lionor of a large corps cr
vfcaiUng aeathpager men.
The PresMeal retired tonight on
board the naval yacht Mayflower on
which he made the journey from
W ashington to Norfolk. The May- ]
tiower wil! r main at anchor in Nor?
folk harbor until tomorrow morning
when she will get under way for
Hampton, where the President will '
attests] in the forenoon a meeting of
the board or trusties of the Hampton
Normal Institute, of which lie la a
member, in the afternoon he will
deliver an address to the colored
students of the institute and tin n call
I' r Washington.
Mrs. Taft Sight-seeing.
Mrs. Taft accompanied the Presi?
dent to Norfolk today and while he
was ^reviewing the big parade in his
honor and hnV I was making an op' n
air address from the reviewing etand.
Mrs. Tait and hl r sister. Mrs. Thorn
gg K. LauKlilin. Jr.. of Pittsbiirs.
came ashore from the Mayflower and
went on a long sight-seeing excur?
sion. They visited among other
pfaeccs famous Old St. Paul's Episco?
pal church, which still shows the
wounds of the revolutionary war.
The gejatsgeg of the White House
and her sister were quite unrecog?
nized in all the excitement of the
crush to Bee and hear the President.
Mr. Taft sa,i the dinner guest of Fer.
gits Keid, cf this city, and a ooinpanj
of Norfolk pcorle with Mrj. Tatt
dlnid aboard Ihe Mayflower.
Th;> President's visit was made the
ocoasii ii of probably the most nota?
ble ci lebratii.n Ihe e'ty has ever tia I
At sja Mgee dining Ike Jamestown
Exposition did Norf Ik seem to he
ato . ;! tu the same pitch of enthus?
iasm as today and never before nave
the do'orations approached the dis?
play whiih en i tul Mr. Taft when ne
stepp? ,| arbor shortly after 0 o'clock
this r.:i rninp.
Speaks a Word for the Navy.
A reception t:i the Norfolk eonim t
tcemen and tin deb gates to the
W2ter?y>s convmtion began today's
irr cram and thin followed tue parade
ami et ch by the Pri.'idrnt ftom a
sgaf^attasj >tand ereclt,) at the base
of the Crnf?derate monument. In his
s;. ? rb 11rr ro. the President, after dc
ia : , i- i :? r.s to w.ati rwsys im
prcitment spoke a word for the I ntt
ed J^tate.s nt.vy. declaring that the
press] ge of the nation d'-mand.- that
the na\y Ik- kept up to a hi^h stand
ard of f r?e and ?JBeieney.
Th>- |>, . sident also dec iared that he
wa* i" favor of fortifying >ian.i?ton
Hoa'V. ihe gtea'eat stategic naval
bsse In the world, by erecting an im?
pregnable fort on an ialan.l placid
half wa\ nSrayeaa the Virginia capes.
I at h*d rec atmende,! eneh ?
fc rt fir.T ; . s. cretarj of war and
, hip'd io ?i- th. plan adopt.-,] during
hia term as president
Oyater Roaet at Cape Henry.
Th- r*re?td< nt was taken l?y special
train to Cape Heary for the old
fai.hr in d oyster meet. The oyster*
wrrp s< rv,-d at tempttaalv an I Isvish
lv th-f ?!?? r. the President aroae to
speak he declared he felt like an
Th waterways d. legate* having
prac* rally eWtnplel.d Ihe hu.ine*? of
fCutlaa '1 on Seventh Page.)
Nothing Ha? Been Heard From the
Nourmahal for a Fort?
(Ity Associated 1'res si
NEW YOHK. Nov. 19. -Every add?
ed hour i f uncertainty deepens the
anviotv felt foi Ol. John Jai'olj A*
tor. Iiis son Vinci nt, and Richard
Petent, ? cousin of Mra. Asfor, all
cf whom have now been out of touch
v-;:li the world lor ? fortnight, when
tli missing ym lit Nujitmahul was
last spoken.
Hope for her safety r.ets In the
assiUiintii.il thai she is now in Jioit,
hut that owing to the interruptiuii or
the cable service, it is said, she is un?
able tri g. t word of her arrival to
'America The yaebt has aa wlrelee?.
William A Ik.bbyn, Cat Aster'a
secretary in fh.s city, was still with?
out word from the Nourmahal tonight.
Though inelin' d at first t > look at the
situation with little oOBeera, Mr.
DotMyn is now alarmed a* are Other
frieade of Ast..r.
Funeral of Mr. Gilder.
Illy Associated-Press).
NEW YORK.. Nov I!??Fullers! BOT
v ices i vor the body of Hichard Wat '
BOB Cildi r. the pOOi and editor, who
died on Thursday will he held m the
cbarch of the Aeccash n honorrow.
Makes Speech From Scaffold.
???* am>oclated Press!
CANTON. OA. Nov. 19,?J ?. Kel
logg, a negrc, was hanged here today
for the murder of J. C. Uinders, a
white man, last September, in a
speech on th<- scaffold Kciiogg ranted
memoirs of his race againsi gambling
and drinking.
Cherry Realizing That Miners;
Cannot be Alive.
Work of Replacing Burned Timbers
and Clearing Away Debris Start?
ed?Searchers For Bodies Driven
Out by Falling of Earth.
I By" Associated Press).
CHEBftT, ILLS., Nov. If.?Wan
Use lire in the St. Paul mine grealiy
< hacked and five of the HI bodies1
of men who were killed by last Sat-:
aaBBJ 9 lire recovered, it is hoped that i
mu h ; h sress towards clearing the
?baa afB i>e made tomorrow. Charity
ha.-, poured aid into the homes of suf?
fering survivors, but this could not
subdue the grief of Cherry's inbabi- j
tants when the sight of the dead,
lifted from ihe tcnib, exploded their
tio|?.-s that men might be rescued
It na- lu-en six days since the fire
started, but fire and gases have al?
lowed the rec. very of tnlylivebod.es,
tour roday and one last night. To- 1
?anra dkotperec, it is aspaated many
mi ie of the dead will be recovered
Many ixaiies: were seen today by ex
plorers working deep In the second
gadBPT) , but 'h- scan hers were forced
to llee because of falling earth, ami
Replacing Timbers.
Ton-eht miners were pul to work r? -
placing burned t:mb?'rs. and clearing
?ihstrucl?< ns whiih inilWHie ;.( cos.-, int.i
the coal veins beyond a po-nt 2".'? fe. t '
fr.ur the main shaft. Beyond this
iwum lat.-nt fire? mil! bum for some
The Iliinois mine inspectors, who
have i.ad (bare, of the allem)., to
siiIkIiv the fire, were so sell satis?
fied l< night with the progress of the
work that all but three of them left
lor h".i<e
Sorrowful Scene Presented.
The mine today presented a cor
romf.il scene. As seeping ??roen ami
< hlidren ?iewe.l the d-ad their g-.ef
? as imigaant
Realization that none would tx
found alive drcve many of the womer
w. their borne, wh-re agents of char
ity wert- able for the first Urne tn
talk ?i?h tb-m .?ati?factor.l>
Cbeiry a'l day was Ailed w*
snds cf visitors attracted by the open
Ing of the mine
The dead reeovered today wen
(Continued on Eighth Page)
Interstate Commerce Commis
sion Orders Constantly Re?
versed hy Courts.
Fundamental Objection is That Pres?
ent System Combines Executive,
Administrative and Quasi-judicial
Cut es?Sherman Antitrust Law
Misunderstood by Everybody.
(By km acta ted Pre?).
KANSAS CITY. MO, Nov. lt.??
Mi diiicaiin'i of ike taterstate com -
nvctce an, in erder to pfocare rwaeaa
able acta of rate a for all and fairness
of praetleae in the opt rat tea of later
.irate rairrcad lines, was glint aft ii by
Mto iH v G-Intal I'i'i W W irU'i -
siiain :n an adrtmae here toaight, at
tin annual htnejllfil "I the Commercial
Club, given in commemoration of the
signing el Ha Jcha Spy Ciajpsai trial
treaty. Dtktvr epcakera were Qkariea
S. Deewea, goveracr of rniaota, pad
Kal hi St. vens Wise, Of New York.
Mr. Winkl lehaai said that one 01
the fandisaiialal okjettlopg arawd W
tin- preaepl organization and functions
of the Interstate Commerce Com mis
sion is that it LCaahlaaa cxtcuiivo. a.l
ntaJasraiire and quasi-judicial faae
Involves Consent Reversals.
The present gydtesa, he said. In?
volve,! constant reversal by the courts
of orders by the commission, conflict
of decisions between the different
courts, and much uncertainty in the
law. Other objections which have
been made were mentioned.
Mr. Wickershani then .-poke of the
changes which might be made in
tlie workings of the comm'ssion ko as
to avoid the faults mentioned.
Sherman Law Misunderstood.
In speaking of the Sherman anti?
trust law he said that no other law
on the statute looks is 8o generally
misunderstood. Its provisions, he
i-a id. are so comprehensive and nn
qualil'n d that as trained interpreta?
tion lias become commonly accepted,
not only ami np; laymen, hut even
among lawyers.
The speaker said: "The trreaf pur?
pose to be home in nrnd in connec?
tion with this and similar legislation
is always the preservation cf the
freedom or liberty to be had.
' The greet vice of monopolies and
crmbirat'or." in n strain! ef trade 1?
that thev interf. re with the rights of
others than the parties to them
New Law Needed.
He said that what is needed is a
law providing for the formation of
c.rporatinns. to rngace in trade and
commerce among the ?tat":;, protect?
ing them from undue Interference hy
the states, and regulating their ar
tivitits so a.' to prevent the reeur
cuiTence itnd.r national auspices of
those abuses which have arisen under
state control.
Latham and Paulhan Makes Remark?
able Ascensions.
(Ry Associated Press >
peting frr i he Wellbr height prixe for
hi avier-than air machine* H> rliort
IyHham today in a monoplane, as?
cended s distance o; i .14.1 feet, and
Panlhan in a biplane. 1.1*1 f el lioth
these heights are world's record.*.
Orvi'lc Wricht mad-- .in unofficial
flight at a h> iahl of l.*>*? feet at
Petsdam In Octo'wr ard Connt Da
Lambert is ,rr?-illti d weh having
rea. hed s h< icht o? 1 t'?i fe. t when
he psvserj over th-'E Pel tower The
latf r's f- .-if ;;'-n was unofficial
?iny Wmpacd Was With "Electric**
Theater Man.
"?T aeww<*ted PVe?? a
HAWKINSVIII K, r.\. Nov 1J ?
Tiny Wirgard. the fo trteet, year old
girl, whose reporter! kidnapping oc
rerre.| in Atlanta October j? VM
found here today by her father, with
R l. Kussel, who has been running
aa "electric" theater a week
Ht father had Ru??ei locked In
>ail charged with kidnapping and re
tamed to AManta with his daughter
Chile Would Have Long Standing Ac
count Settled at The
- I
i By Asr.ui uni d Pi et s i
Chilean govet nmen; today BgBMd
migrations with Wu?h;ng;oi. with a
i view t.i submitting tin' Alsop claim
lei th<* Unitmi Beates against chile.
j in a s|rtw ially const it uted < unit at ai '
I Uurat kjii at The Hague
_ I
in i\Ti tin- Alsop CnaiMaj ? ?r NeWi
York ami COBBacllrul adraafed largo
Minis of money to the llolivl.m guv-'
j i r111ni lit in cv hange fOr the right to
Ioperate \aiuabie fatan ilfgaaBt m
' that country ami other < oneessions. j
The KoMUiimenl eontr.n 'eil further
to re'urn n portion of the loan from;
I tae receipt af eaataaaa at the i?>rt of
Arna. lleforc her contract could be
fulfilled, Bottaaa loal a rice ami Um I
BdJnBihBI districts to Chile m war' la
ivv". Chile agreed to assume the obll-!
gatkaaa at Bnttela ha the Alaaa Com-'
aaajr. she has never, however, made
mm d In i pel m:se and tin- mutter has
! been the subject of liiplotnutic ncgo
I tlaltOWa ever Blade The claim now
I aaMMtata in BBOro than |1 ..".no .nun
|St. Louis Financiers Discus?
sing Report of Great Rail
roid Holding Company.
Illy Associated Press.)
ST. Ull is. MO . Nov. IS.?Bf. J
I. aia lltiiiuciiis are discussing a
' widely circulated rcp.'rt that Edwin
? Hadriej is uiilatiim a ISSSjMgMV
I holding corporatlM, to Inc'itde the St.
Ixiuls & San Francisco, Chicago * AI
! baa, Mif.-ouri Kansas ? Texas: Clies- '
ja. eak,. & Ohio. Toledo. St. 1-ouis * ;
'w.Mirn. Iowa Cenfral. Colorado!
Southern. Minneapolis & St. Louis
and Chicago. Kock l lainl <fc Pacu
I Kailtoad companies.
I These reads have a total of more
i than 2.1.0IMI miles reaching from
Minneapolis to Kansaei City. Chicago,
Newport News, and Oalvestoii.
That a 11 aus-continental aystem
? may be foinied by a traffic arrange
i ment with the .lames J. Hill railroad
I Intei ests Is also a matter talked or
: here.
Rumcr Discredited.
j NEW YORK. Nov. 19.?Bea E
Y.?akuro. president of the Rock Island
system, refaeed to confirm or deny
! today a rumor that he will resign
from the Reck Isl ind-Toaekp merger
of Edwin I la w P > s "bargain road.''
Others of tie company discredited
the junior.
Remarkable Meeting. Attended by
Notable Prrsonages, Held in
(l?y Ai-Mwiaiea trees).
LONDON. ?0T. 19?A remarkable
?aactag or a rtaai against cruelty in
the Ccngo was held si A|l?<Tt Hall lo
j The ael-.bii ?. ? I Cant'-.bury and
I ev.-r- branch . ' r- ligioi s opinion was
n ? i s led Vm uu those in the au
rl i n* e were numerous JVhops. forty
nie-nher^ of t'> Mouse of Commons.
I and aertTal peers. Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle. Kdmur.il M M'rle, honorable
er:.:-irv i" Hi. Congo R< snr. md a
he t el all d. n ruinations.
The archh:>b< p i f Oaaterhory made
< .'ih dnrins which be
dwelt nmn Ci at llrliainY share in
Ibc rorpof.siP Ii>> ot effecting ref;.ims.
Only Three Witnesses Put on Stand
For Angle.
|PJ) A r oei?!f d Press?.
IiWYit.l.i: V\. See. ft? With
the evaminsi SB of only three wtf
ness? the defence reeled ' Ms ose?
today in the federal man? here In the
evil j >.. it,, t<1.. rinnen'
again.! T M Ang>. foraarr president
of the l?rv Fork Distilling C.-mnenv
for th? or llectma of rereene isxe.
s"'r?aed to ivr de? on whiskov made
there In ::?"<; and for the recovery
of hoind* from the FleVlitv and Gear
ante Cowpar.v of R<ltiaK.r<- f |
management ?f the plant
?VBMBRR 20. 1900.
HFJcm)fmBy i
Collector Loeb Says All (Jude-'
Birables Will ?<e Weeded Out
in New York.
Man Who Has Had Charge of Weigh
ing Depart-nent During Sugar
Frauds Dropped Along with Eigh?
teen Others?Secretary MacVeagh
Issues Official Statement.
(By .Vs.-<i. I tied Ptoaa),
VVA4H1NOTON. I> f . N? > 1'? ?
The i pt inet lee Boej the .'.<timn ser
rtee cl Deputj Coli etoe James y. vail,
tin' ahofltloa 11 the i tiii i' of
u.t.ng dcpnty aajraea/ot m the
\.iaj .ink i ii torn house, the
dhtml?ai .if lot nee an i deeautten M
iti other shea] el Kea York fnmi
um h i uji i'- hi.-.: iiiKht. together
with ah...it a .-ore m* other changes
i. : riled m Cedlcctat ijirii's state
i rent kaday from Neat York uunoifnc
?-d by Bee friary affav v.-agh tonight.
There uiii in- aa farther gram* of
iiiiiiiiiiniy in th.- customs iuvestiga
Uoa at Now York Secretary Mac?
Veagh aiada th:- clear, explaining that
lt.- rec ived this assurance in a re-1
real c< nfeteiu ?> bj Kea l*erh with 0al
leetOt Loeb and others. Collector
l.oeb, the secretary snld. assured'
him there would be no further oc-'
caefcsa hn it. that test) hui accom?
plished ?hu was needpd hy the havl
ntsattj pcevkstiety pwigifapd. The
three weighers who confessed to the
iiuthi rities and whose c\idenee Ii:i4
llgured so hanget] in UM investigation,
have ui i been disturbed .11 the service
and they will remain so far as the
government is concerned
May Not Care to Remain.
Hut Mr. MacVeagh |k.luted out tbat
It was questionable whether they
would care to continue in the lime?
light very long.
Mr. Vail who drew a salary of $'!.
mm :i year M art ing deputy survey?
or at Xew York, was until quite re?
cently foreman of weighers at that
l*rt. He passes out of the gdvern-'
un it service *itb the discontinuance'
of the Olli? .?. Secretary Mai-Wagf!
said there were 110 charges against
Vail and indicated that the fact that
he had been the head of the weighers
I while the sugar frauds were in pro
Igross was at least largely res|Kuisili!e
lor his do. apitation.
Qraehaal Rehabilitation.
The ohjei t of tonight s announce?
ment according to MacVeagh. was to
show the gradual rehabilitation of the
Ben es Hbf is the end yet in ?.j-t?
und the changi s w ill keep right 011 until
the rehabilitation is complete
Many rf those affected by the
changes covered in today's statement
ap|M>aleil to the President, after get?
ting notice of their dismissal or de?
motions but the secretary bad al?
ready conferred with the President
and the appeals were without effect.^
Changes by Mcnths.
Seer.-tary Mti Veagh's statement
gives 'changes in the personnel of
me ci.-toras service at the port of
New York from March 4. ist?. 10 and,
inilud.rg Noirtnlier 18. !??>."
The 1 banges by months have been
grouped as follows. During Man b.
dox.oti. ns. siv dismissals. April,
ewe dem. 11.>ii. thirty dismissals: May
thirty-three dismissal- no demo-ions.
: ... . . . 1 ? .... rpoi ?..,*. five
'?ismis-^ls; Julv tvetiti nice demo
ti-ti-. s-s d. "? -snN Augiist. three de
mot 10 is. nine dksnrssaas: Beptcaabei.
five demotion. ?fl dssmtsMle. Oc?
tober, one itemi tlon. is, dismissals.
Nove-.iber i.o to |\th < ~. demotion
mid en dismissals.
All ft -he varaartew said Secretary
vfacVeagi. teas Wen filled
No fmii. . except that of Vail, were
given in today's etateseeat.
Gres??et Shake uo
NEW VORK. Nov. 1? ? We are IB
the midst of the greatest shake-up
in the blatcry Of the felted Slates
tCoetiaaed ea Serenth Page )
Succetior to Dana at Publisher of
New Vork Sun a Victim of
(By Associated Prrss )
\K\V YORK. Hot, l!i William II
l.affun. su.ccs-or of the late Chuilos
A. Ihuia. in tin- management of the
Bei \ ini< fjmu, mwi pVMMkat of Hint
newspaper for the past J.'. Mats, dud
ratlj toda> at his home in Ijiwreneo,
I.. I , following an operation foi up
Do ad left !s performed OM Monday.
Mr. I-iff a m was horn in ini'lin. jot*
Und. M yeurs aco and after oomph t
iii? his studies in Dublin DeJeereHy
ennie to this eounlry.
In INTO he was made mamixiir; <<li
ti.i of the San Francisco llulletln. hut
two. fOOXt later renio\etl to Hnltlnun-e
in bei ?in - ? ditor mot half owtur of
the Daily llulletln. snhseijni tly acquir?
ing full owiii i.-hip of that paper. While
in lialtltiKire he man led the ilauguter
of .lud;e Daniel Ratellffe of Wash
ingtnn, D. C.
Mr l.affaii was ncogiricd as an
authority on wood engravings and
oriental pi rrelaln. In IHthJ he direct
ed the woik of cataloguing the Chi?
nese i iti elnin in the collection of
.1. PI?r|ioiit Morgan and Inter the CM.
?ete p. rc-lain in (lie Metro|h)lltan
M :seaiu of Art. of which ho was a
tius'ee Hta first i onnectlon w ith the
Sun dates back to 1N77 when he bw*
OajM Its ott critic. In 1SS4 he w:ls
elected publisher of the Sun and in
MM purchased the interest of the
i .'nte of Charles A. Dana In the Sun
P. inting * Publishing Association
Mr. I.uffan's funeral will be held
at hit Long Island home Monday
A. F. L. Votes to Continue
Salaries of Leaders
Special Provision Will be Made for
Vice president Mitchell. Who is Not a
Salaried Officer?Hold Annual Elec?
tion Today.
fBy Associated Press)
TORONTO, CNT. Nov. 19?The
American Feleratlon of Labor, at its
convention here today, in addition lo
endorsing the attitude taken by Presi
dent <;< mpers. In the Rucks Stove ft
Range Com|>any injunction proceed
lngF, voted to continue the salaries of
Oi mpers and Secretary Frank Morn
ion and to eoin|ienKai? Vice-president
.lohn Mitchell, who Is not a salaried
officer, during their terms of im?
prisonment If it is eventually decided
thai they must g:, lo jail fur contempt
of court. They will be paid at Ihe
rete of $.">.ooo per year.
A resolution of thanks for the hos
pita Ky extended by Toronto was
In it was a paragraph declaring
"that the freiilom of speech which we
have exercised, w thout judicial re?
straint, ba-ej hi. superior instruction
and aetf-arn gated aulho.it .. has been
more in conformity with the funda?
mental principles of a free and self
governing people, fr.-e speech and free
|.ie?? lh?:i is |k-?sible . i present in thr7
I n.led States " j
Will Publish utterances.
It wa- deoFded that the reports
and utterance* dunns; ihe convention
concerning the injunction proc<-eding
*hi nld be romp: ed f< i distribution."
as a bandy t.xtuook for the trade-,
unions i f Ihe ?nuntry."
The , oi.n.-i.i <-r endorsed the pnn
rinle of old age iiensions and approv?
ed a b.ll of Representative Wilson,
pr .idire for the organization In the
war rtejjirtm^nt of an army corps to
be known as the old age home guaM
if the I'nited states army.
Elect Officers Today.
Practically all th? work of the con
ventic* has been completed except
Ib- election of ogVers snd ?eiertion of
ihe nest place of meeting. This win
be tiken up trnsorrow
Kor-hester. Rt l?u?. Atlanta and
Washington waat lo entertain the
nest eorreet'on. Indications are that
St l . ? ? .11 nv < ho.en it i- ex?
acted th* present i Brers will be re
_, 1
Fair, warmer Saturday: Sun
lay, partly cloudy; light to
norlerate to south winds.
Secretary of Interior Says
Accusations Against Him
Are False.
Statement That He ia Intereated in
Petroleum and Coal Company De*
nounced as "Plain. Ordinary Fabri?
cation"?Not Known aa Legal Ad?
viser of Standard Oil.
(By Ahaaclalod Press).
W \SHI.NOTON, I>. C. Nov. 19 ? Re?
plying tu charges made in a magazine
publication Secretary Hetlinger, of the
Interior department today took oc?
casion lo deny many or the reports
which leceutly huve been circulated
concerning the conduct of his de?
partment, nud to explain others.
'To aay that I ever had advised,
aided or lent support to any effort to
perpetrate u fraud on the govern?
ment." he said, "is not only false, bat
la Intentionally so if made by any
i.lie who has taken lite (rouble to In
WMUM il.to the facts."
in explanation of the charges In
ci nin , lion with the Alaska coal lands,
he went into the history of President
llooeevell ? withdrawal from eutry of
nil the coal lands of Alaska in 190$.
showing thai the order was so modi
tied b) Secretary Uarfletd as to vail
date all applications made prior to
Ma\ Ii',, l?ii,.
No Claims Presented.
He ihen states that no Alaska coal
claims whatever have been patented
. oil --ays that the Investigation of all
such claims with a view of determin?
ing their validity or invalidity hag
been vigorously prosecuted.
Mi Balltnger denoaaced as "a plain
ordinary fabrication." a report that he
is interested in 165,060 shares of the
A'aska Petroleum & Coal Company.
An "Asinine Statement."
Ashed about a atatement that he
had said that (he proi>er course to
take with the public donmu was to
divide it up among the hlg cor
P< rations and let the people who
! know how made money out of it,"
Mr Itallinger replied. "So asinine
I a stateneenl hardly merits a denied.
I or course, I made no auch statement.
I Such a thought cot-id not be enter
I taiaed by any man of normal
' intelligence. i have not only
I been consistently in the van
goard of tbe conservation more*
?eat, but i have sought to give
it prominence along lines reasonably
within the spirit of tbe present lair
and i > secure adequate additional
; laws.'
lie made equally emphatic denial of
I a statement that his firm ia hSOSRh
.-.s (he stan lard O.I legal adviser fa)
; Seattle.
W. S. Buchanan^ of Trev.liana. De?
prived of Further use of Unit
ed States Mails.
<T"tv Associated Press >
WASi.iNOTOV D. C. Nor. 1?.?
fie -t. c.n tbe
.t.'ngth of reports made by Ma fca
speetora that he bad been obtaining;
r, . To- abou.
r. Mars, has -sued a ao-calied fraaag
o l r againv W S Hochanan Of
TrerlMaaa, Vs. which deprive* hraa
of forth- r ttse tf the matte
The inspectors reported that far
several vears Hnchanaa had bees ee>
gsgr-d ha ohtalaieg mcaey and eaaa
pl. ;< of goods frcsa vartoaa ooneeraws
I -hat ha
r-iib-d to make any reterna therefor,
while acting as a traveling aaleuaaa
for these anas. He er rated beghj
?arsaey and astrphs ca the ?trengte
of eadosneaaeata that he held fraah
troTnlnent members of coasTreaa. Ha>
I? said to have served three BBOasthSI
In ja l ia Prelate during the year
l>e< for defraodtng a PhllaliIpida?
arm by similar methods

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