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Chesapeake & Ohio Ry.j
Fast Trains to Richmond and the
Leave Newport News 10:0i a. m.
and 5:05 p. m. dally.
Local trains to Richmond
6:00 a. m ; ;:?n a, ? fatly.
Trains arrive Newport Nfws 10:00
a. m., IS: SI a. m , 5:30 m. m. and
7:20 p. m W
Steamer Service for Norfolk.
Leave Newport News 10:35 a. I
and 5:35 p. in daily.
old dominion linei
fjk. Dally Service
IngL From "ompany'a What.
I^O)b^P* No-folk, fcot of Cburefc
I street everv week da'
I ^ at 7:<>0 P. M.
PARE?First-class, one way. $8 00 |
Round trip, limit thirty days, $14.00
mcals and berth it stateroom In
Steerage, without subsistence, $$.<* I
TICKETS en sal? at C. * O Ran
way Ticket Office. J
Sterna r? Braudbn and Berkle:
leave Pier "A" 8jS0 every evening j
passengers only, j
PANY, James Kiier Day Line foi ]
Richmond and all James River land
ings. Steamer ?oeahontas leaves
Newport News, Ttesdays. Thursday*
and Saturdays a? 8:15 a. m. l,eav?
Newport News .londay, Wednesia.
and Friday at 5 p m., for Norfolk ant
Old Point.
Bteamer Hararxon will leave Plei
"A" daily except Sunday at 9:00 a. m
foltig to Norfdk, and at 4:30 p
m. going to SmltrfJeld. Steamer "Ac
comae" will teaVh Pier "A" daily e?
cept Sunday al 9 a. m., going U
Smitbfield and 3 p. m., going to Nor
All business between New Tor? |
and Newport N.ws transacted at pie
No. ?
All business between Newpor>
News, Norfolk, SmithSeld and loca j
points transact* at Pier "A" toot o
Twenty fifth et, W. H. LANOOh |
Norfolk & Atlantic
Terminal Co.
Z.h. 1909.
Subject to ctnge without notice
Lea? Norfolk
7:15 a. BU.AS, 9:45, 12:15 p. m 1:3b
2:45. 1:1 5:1a, 6:30 p. m. Sunday*]
only ?j/ p. m.
Lsive Newport News
m.. S:05. 9:20, 11:50, l:0? p
::: :l?. 4:50. 6:05 p. m. Sun
only 9:2u p. m.
[a Norfolk & Washing
ton Steamboat Co.
(Schedule Effective Not. 1, 1908.)
?TPs New and Powerful Iron Palac
TNG TON and NORFOLK will lear
ally as followa.
Lv. Portsmouth . "5:$i p. n
Lt. Norfolk . *i:W *. n.
Lr. Old Point . -7:00 p. n
Ar. Waahingtoa . ?7:0a a. u
Lt. Wash. B. 4k O. Ry..??9:00 a. n.
Ar. Phil.. B. A O. Ry...??ll:5o *? ?
Ar. N. T., RAO. By.??2:10 p. tr
Lt. Wash., Penn. By.??8:0? a. dj
Ar. N. T.. Penn. Ry....**l:M p. n
Lt. Waab.. Petm fey_?*7:?0 a a
Ar. Phila.. Penn. Ry-"IO:** a. a
La. N. T.. B. A O. Ry..?ll:W a. n
Lv. Phila., B. A O. My... ?8:17 p. n
Ar. WL3h. B. A O. Ry... ?5:JI p. n
Lt. N Y. Penn. Ry.?12:56 p. n
Ar. Wsah., Penn. Ry.???:!? p nr.
Ar. Wash. Penn. Ry.!6:2$ p ?
L? Phila. P-mt Ry.?3:20 p. ?
Ar. Wash . Penn. Ry.t.tl p. a
Lv. Washington."*:4* a B
Ar. Old PL Comfort.?7: SB a. n
Ar. Norfolk.mi:90 a. ?
?Dal'y. ??D*Ht eicept Bun3a*
ISund j only.
For informs! ion apply to
J. N. SMITH. Agent. Union Tleke
Office. ChamberUIn Hotel. Old Pole
P M rR?TCH *Rl?. Oea. Age*'
JNO L w:i.l,iAMS City Paai
Agen' corner Graoby and Plum
afreets. Norfolk.
Pas ?enger SRI Freight.
Newport News to Baltimore.
Iraiiy Except Monday and TueatMrf |
a p. at
Pare $3 00 One W*y. S5S0 Round]
Ynp?including Stateroom Seeth.
Tichete te all paints.
Newport News to Boston every Moa
Weil and Set ? a as.
Norfolk to Boston.
BJJverT s< ? . Tue* and Fr> ? p ?
Norfo?? to Previdence.
ever' Men 'Thnr. ami Set C p a
?i -eight nejly.
T?r throC* at id further taformatlea
tpply tr F B RRAte-. Atata*.
Nowyort Now*. Mm
Stearnerg leave Monday ? a. i
Thur?da>> and Saturdays.
Lmvp Philadelphia Tuesdays.
Thursdays and Saturate.
Freight received and delivered dallv
at C. A O. Pier 6. Offlce. "River R<?.d
James W. McCarrtck.
rte?<?*eJ Monthe**. Aren*
and WOOD
i cord Pine Wood $1.75
i cord Mixed Wood $1.80
I cord Oak Wood $1.85
No extra charge for splitting.
All coal well screened and Kept un
der sheds, both wood and ccal beim
delivered perfectly dry.
Distilled lea Co.
35th St. and C. & O. Ry.
Belt 'Phone 98. Cits. 'Phone SI
Cook wHk Gas
and Heat with
Gas and Light
with Gas
Is Truly
Newport News
Gas Co,
3025 r PHOKtS u?.
14 Cord Pine Wood.S1.7I
Cord Mixed Wood.SI .SC
?? Cord Oak Wood.S1JK
Also job lot of wood. OalftBv Pine, ai
$1.50 for quarter of cord.
No extra charye for splitting. TFe
best grades of coal a: tbe loweot of**
let price.
427 Twentaecond St
Both Phones SO
to An EN61NE
514-520 27th St
Wood, Lime.Cement
for Haed Wood
Channel and Otto Coke, ""owe pa?
Benson, Phillips A Co
24th eV Virginia Ava. Both Pwlsoa.
.wJGI w*4*^l a
IKank Thee wno fiast Jo mv soul convened j
A consewusne? of spiritual oirlh. j
To sccTIi^ face, nine eve is tWneJ alove
Thal-1 may calch a clear,diviner sense j
To use in aid of morlals on {he earlh. 3
are away,
?Bnaaaaa B?IQHT rap at the outer
? ? I door drew the attention ol
I I the (tray hinted woman.
I ** ? J Come In.' >-h" called
The door suddenly
opened A trim young wo
man stood at the thresh?
old. She looked around
and smiled and nodded.
"Hood morning," she
said, and her voice was
clear and pleasant. "May
I come in'*"
The elderly woman stepped for?
Why. yes." she answered Take
i his chair. Have you walked far"*'
Only from the village The hill
W a little steep. I am not used to
lulls lately."
She smiled and podded again.
You are very good." said the stran
*r**r. "I am not really so tired. It
I a as tbe dear old house that drew nie
la i thought i would like to eaase."
"Our home is an old one." she said,
with a little sigh. 1 It needs many im?
provements. Hut we haven't tbe
means to make them."
"So.'" said the girl with a touch of
-sympathy in her voice "Perhaps
these improvements would take away
the dear old home's niceuess. You do
not live alone?"
"No, there are two of us?my hus?
band ;tnd I."
And the children?they
f hen?"
The gray haired woman turned back
to the table.
"We have a child?a eon. He la
away "
The girl arose quickly.
"Let me help you. madam." She
drew off her jacket and hung It on a
hook behind the door. "Ah. you will
see w hat a fine hi inging up I have. Is
there not an apron I may wear?"
The pray haired woman smiling hes?
There isn't much to do." she said.'
\nd we have no monev to pav for
help" I
}."t us not talk of If," cried th?
girl. "I ain not so very poor. You wlil
let me stay a few days Perhaps you
will not like me at all " I
The gray haired woman smiled.
' I think T like you already." she
said I
The girl pinned up her sleeves on,
her fair round arms
"Now fee will tell me what to do.'
ami whiie we work we will talk. Youl
have said something ahout your son?
has he gone far away?"
The woman looked at her with trou
hied eyes
It is an unhappy story." said the
mother "My son quarreled with his
father. It was about a girl Our hoy
had g?ne away to the city There wa?
so little for him on the farm. His
father thought he was wrong to go
Hut John was ambitious and there'
was no chance for him here. And I
one day he came hone- and said k
M goiag to marrv
"Let me tell It all In uiv own \vht.
madaine mother. It Is like this lohn
married me one? two three years
ago Mho was 1? A |HHir girl trying
to earn a livtug. madauie moificr tin
the stage, yes I will lell von how
that was When we came to this coun?
try my father was a carver of wood
and stone, had a fine business Then
be whs killed In an anident and we
were very poor, my mother and I And
M becau.se we were so poor I sang
lor a manager and he gave me a place
on the stage
' And so because I loved John we
were mauled and went away, far
away into the desert and Into the wil?
derness .lohn had the fever and there
was only me--I was doctor and nurse
and all and, please tind. h? did not
die" The hand of tbe older woman
stole Into the girl's and held it close.
'Then the luck changed lohn Is made
manager. And pretty soon my big.
hopeful, always patient, always loving
.lohn- I kiss his mother's hand is
rich, quite rich."
The mother arose
"My boy Is coming home." she
cried. Then her face clouded "But
his father--he Is so hard and unyield?
ing I'm at raid he has not forgiven
him "
Leave him to me. madam," rried
the Kir I Hush, I think he Is coming.
Not a word, uiadam. Lean- him tc
The bent lorm of the tall old man
appekred in the doorway
Hiram." said the gray haired wo
?nan. "I have a visitor hose Sh?
will stay with us for B day or two."
The old man looked at the girl cu?
"You are quite welcome." he said.
Tbe girl had left a bag at the sta?
tion and the oid man drove with hei
to get It. And v.hen shdPcarue hark
she waved her hand to John's moih
er on the parch and there was some
thing more than a graceful greeting Ir
?he gesture
'Walt, good sir. if you please. ' sh?
said to the old man before he , o i!e
drive away Tomorrow Is Thanks
giving day. May I ask a friend M
dine with in" here" The good moth?
er Is wlllinc "
The old man nodded
' Your friend wlIT be welcome foi
your sake. Httle lady," he said, anrl
drove to the barn.
It goes well, madam mother.' sale
the girl.
If certainly was a Rae Thanksgiving
aaraaM The turkey wae the t#nd?r
est. and all Its rraia of accessor?
dishes the ram' palatahle th-t
ary art c-ould offer And r
And It came out! *hen the girl had cast a fin-' ?lisc
?hat the icirl was foreign and on thel
stage And when John's father heard
this h?? was very angry To him the '
theater is a wirked place. It was In I
the way he was brought up Perhaps '
' too hard Anyway fee ? <*).). .lohn'
tha' the must give np the girl or he
would disown him And Joha is proud j
too and they bad words and John |
w?nt away, and since that day bis fa
'h'r has never spoken hta name ' She
suddenly put her aoron to her ?yea.'
"My dear, dear eon.'' she aohh^d
The girl s face flushed She weat
a* the weeping nnvh'-r and touched
rtow't cry." sh? geatly eald Per
ha pa there Is good news Look at S?e
What da yon aae?" She drew berk a
little and her Isugbing *yee grew se?
rious and she held up her pretty head
"A ? r.c woeaaa. a strong and
healthy and ire*fol roue* wowisa?a
ged ?oung woeaaa. hellere me "
The mother a wet eyes stared at
the girl
"Why do if M ae this*" she
The mother took a step nearer
~Tni'~ elK wbl?per?d
'T ?*>e raw *?*?*." ctVd ti? gtrl
? Tee I am your eon's alfo'
The girl gee'ly ?e.?bed if gray
haired wr-aae into a chair
at the clock an I another fr:
window, the old man was :
the ajajsj
He looked a* 'b? trim yo - trt .in
Inqulrlagly ?? h? *?a ed him.;. .
You spoke of a friend " h?? saht
' T*s. sir." ?h? quickly answered
j "He will b- her? Seal \n-.r elf. ma
I dam Hark, he Is her?- "
The outer door ?iiddenV. "e?ned. a
fall young man s'?pped Info the room
and looked quickly about him WPb
? swiff movement he sf?pp?d to hp
mother's side and kissed h?r rheek
and tb?-n dr. a bs> k
"John." ?he mother wbisp?--d hu'
her eyee ??r? on rbe stern face of the
old ma a
Katber." she bravely sa d thl? I?
my frPnd. mr 4-arest friend - wnl
you hid him er'.-oae""
The old BMi I face was dark he
beatta'-d. hi- mM?d look rr?t-d oa
I be gtrl s sunav face.
Tb?n he spoke, bat
Soars* aad *< an-ely
Your friend is wi Item for
sake ' be slowly saM.
\i tbaf the ?. o,ng wont aa cried out ]
and ran around lief table and pat
aim about bis n'.fe aad Bib**! I
? rtnkled cheek
"Ah, su< b s i heakegirtac. ahel
murm ? <i W R- Kw>C, Ui Cl? * *ia?4 |
I '..t. i+tm.
Telex's Idea
as to
IIANKSUIVIN' Is goln' to
l>? the banguppiat affair a'
nur house that'll be known
. In SquaahvM* town. Judgin'
', | from th? way Mary haa
been makin' nie trot arouml
for supplies.
" Mary Aim la one of them restless
< rittet* that can't wait a minute MM
she haa net her mind on a thing
" i'eleg.' ahe aaya to me. a week
come neit Wednesday, i'eleg. yott
better get started on Thauksgivin' or
It'll be here and we will be in a tlx
like Mia' Jenkins was the time she
had us all over for dinner six years
ago. I shall never forget that dinner
to my dyin' day.' ahe says, and It'll
be a warning for me. I hope Mis'
Jenkins was ashamed to show her
face to the ladies' aid. and she one
of the leaders. You got me to agree
to hiixe half the town oxer heie and
It'll worry me. I'eleg. until the tur?
key's briii" rarxed I'm afraid yet the
pie rruslil be tough as all git out.'
"When Mary Ann talks that way.
knowin' her the way I do. nein" mar
ried a good N year. I give in \nd
I don't dawdle around doin' It. either.
"Jay Home says to me one day.
Feleg.' he says, 'you're plain hen
pecked, that's what you be'
Thursday niornm'. when I got
through with the chores, and seen
that the woodbox was niled and Hie
water pall brimmln' o\er, them bein'
I 'lungs that gets on a woman's nerves.
I I gits loaded up with jurs and things
Isnd was down to Jay Home's store
before he had the floor sprinkled.
" '.lay.' I says, 'if you have got any
j thing in this shanty that's needed for
I a bang up Thanksgiv in' dinner, trot
I 'er oul. and don't stop to flgger It up
till the whole caboodle is wrapped up
Kxpense is nothin' to me.' I says, if
it costs a load of my best meadow
Jay set down his sprinkler and
went out to the back shed for the
Don't you git riled up, I'sleg." he
says, 'or excited t'omin' In on me
at this time of the inornln,' he says,
'when my mind's set on gettln' the
prune p:ts and other dahree of the
eveniu' debauch of some of these
S'ptashville sports, as the feller says.'
he says, (leaned up. I ain't tit to
tigger up a Thanksgivin' dinner. Rut
if you'll set down and hold your
horacs.* he says, 'we'll git to It, we'll
git to It.'
i-ong and short of It was. Jay
didn't have half the things Mary Ann
'uid set down We fjggered out pret?
ty well, from what he had Hut
dueged if he had any cider or even
cider vinegar
" 'Jay,' I says. 'I'm a believer in
truth, and I trusted you Hut w h?n I
read.' I says, in the Rquashville
Hugle. as I did yes'day. tbem Items
whic h says "Jay Home has the full
est. most complete and general stock
of groceries in the northwest, prices
right and good treatment." 'and I
come here, as I hex-, and And no ci?
der, or even cider vinegar, 1 find that
I have been misled After this I will
It ad the Squashvtlle paper with some
caution, let alone orrierln' you as
postmaster to quit deliverln' it to box
"i'eleg.' says Jay, 'you're about the
dangdeM fool that ever set foot in
t-idc mv store I had that cider, as
advertised, and I had thnt good treat?
ment, and no one ever said my prices
wasn't fair Rut because a lot of oth?
ers has been trottin' in here for sup?
plies, let alone them that buys it by
the glass, you git on your high horse.
I like your trade. Pelcg.' he says, but
dang if I ain't a notion to tell you to
find another place '
" Jay.' I says, seein' I was harat..
"we Ma' members of th? Modern
W o xirtf ? ?ini goin' to hev no words
Rut I am thinkin' of Mary *nn She s
set her heart on resl ?'.der for them
inlin e pies and you know Mary Ann.'
A'id I was right. Mary Ann put
bag foot down when f <ome Into the
kitihen and she ace I didn't hev the
' 1 .an t help It. Pe>e " she says.
'I must hev it You'll hev to go to
! *i -lk for i'. snd today's as good a
time ss I know. I won't sleep now
til! I git that rider I remember poc
Mis' Jenkins snd it's a warnin ' "
vnrt danged If I dldn t hev to walk
over to Podunk me tbet ala't h?en
there since I got beat for constable
\r.d Mary Ann net down som* other
(nth thine she thought of. N?tr. as I
?as goin' to make the trip When I
z <: home I se' down the Jug a lt"'c
hard on the kiti hen table
'Marv ton I aays. 'this Idea of
icxir.' ?h? wbol* duxa fnwa afrutepin
in here on Thanksgivin* laey be all
riebt I ain't eeyia' aotbin' eex.rts"
It Tonil hev your way. But the? "a
got lo be reforai In this town Jay
Home'll keep rider and every other
srtule I aays for Thenksgivn ot
Podunk II git my trade '
" Hhet up. pe|?? ' ab? My, Bad g.f
some water in Ibis Mil Ton never
?lied P. and I hev rwn ?kimpir. ever
*in<r von started for Podunk
"1 hey ?Int never been no troubi?
In our family for 2? years, as I was
sayin. hut if they is. it'll roase from
on-- ?** the** Thankaginn dienern
l*.ng-?l If it won' R g ptjlay. n
Mi;*4.kM Free Trew.
Von are cordially iinit^d to visit our store
re coruiany invitsq to viail
^^?kw aud compare the price aud
^J$Jjp*> quality of the stock we
^^^^ carry: they speak for them
selves. You can nee our prices yourself? everythiog
marked in plain figure?. The ?jitality and full weight
Fine Baltimore Hams, Pound 16c
Norway Mackerel, each
M.xed Nuts. 2 Ibe
Cranberries, qt.
Orange*, dox. .
Sultana Raisins, lb.
Figs, box
F igs. basket
Mince Meat, 3 peks. for
Meinz'a Mince Meat, lb.
Almonds, lb. ...
eaper Shell Almonds, lb
Pecans, lb ... .
Hazel Nuts, lb.
? 5c
Raisin*. 3 pkga.
Currant*. 3 pkgs.
Layer Raisins, lb.
Lemons, dozen
Figs in Jars.2$C
Ostes, pkg.Sc
Layer Figs, lb .12'>c
MS Crock Mince Meat -50c
Non Such Mine Meat . 9c
Brazils, lb ... . 12c
Walnuts, lb .19c
Best Walnuts (extra) .ISc
BUTTER, 35c per lb.
Extra Checks Wiih T<?a, Coffee, Groceries
2 with 7 cake* Soap . . 25c
1 with 1 Yello Corn Flakes. 10c
2 with 3 pkgs. Mince Meat 25c
2 with 1 bottle Stuffed
Olives .25c
1 with 1 ph. Gold Dust 19c
1 with 2 ca?s Evaporated Milk.
each. 5c
1 with 1 can Evaporated
Milk .10c
with 1 pk. Rice.10c
with 1 can Spinach.10c
with 1 can Wax Beans ..10c
with t can String Beans . .10c
with 1 pkg. Prepared
Flour. .15c
with 1 lb. Tea .80c
with 1 lb. Coffee . 25c
witi- i extract .25c
with 1 can Spice .15c
Phoebus A
Citz. 63.
Bell 3A0y.
Wast). Avs.
Quick Long Distance Service
Hampton, Norfolk and Portsmouth
When the local opr-rator answers ask her for the
number you want in Hampton. Norfolk or Ports?
mouth by faying ' Hampton onelwothree." "Nor
folk four five-six." or whatever number you want,
and hold the telephone to your ear until yon gel
a reply. Charge will begin as soon ?s the tele?
phone called for is answered.
If you wish to talk to a particular pereoD. to ha\e
the charge reversed, or to make an appointment
to talk at some later time, call LON(i DISTANCE.
Kate to Hampton 10 cents, to Norfolk and Ports
mouth 25 cents for three uiinntrp. timing to begin
as soon as the telephone called for is answered.
Overtime 8 cents per minnle
The rate to I'amptou applies only when a pay
station is med. Calls from subscribers' Mr*
phoucs are the tam-i p? heretofore.
Try this new t?ervic*.
Southern Bell Telephone &
Tel? graph Company
of Virginia,
Newport News Furniture Co.,
Goods told en time at CASH PRICES.
860 00 worth of Furniture. One Oe'lsr per week.
Make wee of our d-f 'fled credit plan.
Newport News Furniture Co.,
J0OY 9 WiMiinftofi Awe.

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