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(Continued from First Tage.)
was the mayor's duty to furnish the
council with a report of the condi?
tion of the finances each month.
W. K Jones made a short address
on the work of the retrenchment com?
mittee, saying that he had acted tot
what he conceived to be the best in?
terest of the city and that he did not
mind the criticisms of Mr. Cox or
anyone else. After several other
members had made short talks the
council proceeded to the consideration
of the report by sections.
Mayor's Salary Cut.
Ity agreement il was decided to con?
sider and adopt any portion Of the
report to which there was no objec?
tion. The StJO" cut iu the salary ot
the mayor raised no objection and
was pa>sed.
Mr. Fellows objected to the reduc?
tion of the salary of the city auditor
from $1,000 to $780. He declared that
if this reduction was made the audi?
tor, an expert accountant, would re?
ceive only $?;o more a year than the
janitor of the city hall. He thought
that the salary should not lie reduced.
When Mr. Follow* concluded, Mr.
Cox offered a motion to combine the
offices of the city clerk and city au?
ditor at a salary of $l..",ini a jri ir.
Offices Can be Consolidated.
Picsideiit Jones asked the clerk 10
read the opinion of city attorney Mas
sic as to the consolidation of the of?
fices. In his opinion. Mr. Mansie said
that the offices could be consolidated
If the council repealed the ordinances
allowing the clerk to collect fees for
building permits and for moving build"
Jn?s along the street.
Messrs. Ford and Jones opposed
the consolidation on the ground that
these would be no one to keep a
check on the man holding the two
Office PS.
Mr. Harris offered as a substitute
that the salary of the city auditor be
fixed at ItIM, with the understand?
ing that the offices Of auditor and
city clerk be consolidated. The mo?
tion was lost, eleven to four, twelve
votes being necessary to pass It.
The vote stood. Ayes?Holling, Chris?
tie. Cheadle, Cox, Fellows. Harris
Hiitchens. W. A. Bpruill, Wallace,
Whitley. I). S. Jones; nays?Ford, W.
E. Jones, W. K. Spruill, and Via.
Wh"n Chairman Jonts announced
that the motion was lost, Mr. Harris
said that it was useless to try to pass
any section of the rejiort as the mem?
bers of the retrenchment committee
bid pledged themselves to support
the report of the committee and lour
voles would kill any section.
After some further discussion 'he
recommendation that the salary of the
city attorney be reduced from $1,200
to $1.ooo was taken up.
Mr. Fellows moved that the salary
of the city attorney tie made $1.200,
the motion being voted down by seven
to eight: Ayes?Rolling. Cheadle, Cox.
Fellows. Harris. H?tchens. W. A.
fcpruill. I?. S. Jones; Nays?Christie.
Ford. W. tX -tones, W. K. Spruill. Via,
Wallace. Whitley.
After this; vote was announced. Mr.j
Cox said that he did not propose to
he dictated to by tho retrenchment 1
committee. Mr. Ford jumiied lo bisI
feet and yeifed that the committee
was not trying lo dictate to the coun-j
ril; that the members could vote as
they pleased. During this time thcj
president was rapping loudly for or?
der. Mr. Ford took his seat and
Mr. Cox continued. He thought that
it was useless to continue the con?
sideration of ths.? report. The presi?
dent ruled that rJiere was nothing be?
fore the house.
First Effectual Vote.
I'pon motion of Mr. Ford, the re?
commendation tnat ihe salary of the
city clerk be reduced from $1.2tst to
$l.ttf)0 was adopted by a vote of thir
teen to two. Messrs. Cox and Har?
ris voting against the- motion.
Mr. Harris moved that the recom
menaatinti of the committee that the
salary of the polico justice be re?
in ced from $1.2?st to $1.000 be adopted
? nd Mr. Rolling moved as an amend?
ment that the salary be made $1.200.
The amendment was voted down, six
to nine: Ayes--Holling. Cheadle. Cox,
Fellovs, H?tchens and W. A. Spruill;
Nays - Christie. Kord. Harris. W. A.
Jones. W. E. Spruill. Via. Wallace.
IVi.iMey and 1>. 0. Jone?.
; The original motion to make the
Ota* With Gas.
salary $1,000 also was lost, nine M
six. Ayes?Christie, Ford. Harris. \V.
K. Joins. W. K. Spruill. Via, Wallace,
Whitley and I). 8. Jones; Nays?
Holling, Cheadle, Cox, Fellows, Hul
Chens and W. A. Spruill.
The next matter taken up was the
reeoiniiieiidaiion that the salary of
ihe city tlctrlcian be reduced from
*I,".mi to $t.noo. Mr. Harris moved
to adopt the recommendation and
Mr. Cox offered as an amendment that
the salary he made $1,'>MI. The amend
mem was voted down, eleven to lour:
Ayes- Cheadle, Cox, H?tchens and
W. A. Spruill. Nays-Holling. Chris?
tie. Fellows. Ford, Harris, W. K.
Jones, W. K. Spruill. Via, Wallace,
Whitley and U. S. Jones.
The original motion to make the
salary UjMI was lost, five to ten:
Ayes Holling, Chrisiie, Harris, W. E.
Spruill, W. K. Jones, Via, Wallace,
Whitley and I). S. Jones; Nays -
Cheadle. Cox, Fellows. Hutcheus and
W. A. Spruill.
Moves That No Change be Made.
After the result of this vote was an?
nounced, Mr. Ford offered a motion
that no change be made in any of
li?e salaries of the city officers and
that the report of the retrenchment
committee be tabled. Mr. Ford said
that he did not propose to stay In the
council chamber all night and not ac
comptteh anything.
This motion caused a storm of dis?
approval and a lengthy argument fol?
lowed. W. F.. Jones said that he never
would vote for it. Mr. Fellows stated
that he didn't propose to vote for the
motion because he had seen in the
papers that Vice-Chairman West, of
the retrenchment committee, had ask
cd .Mr. Ford to oflor such a motion if
it was seen that the cut in the
salaries could not be put through.
1'resiilctn Jones entreated the conn
cll?P to give and take in the matter
and to put aside liersonalities and act
in the best interest of the city.
.Mr. Cheadle annoiinceu that lie was
opposed to any cuts In salaries. Presi?
dent Jones announced that he favor
ed cutting salaries.
f-resh Start Made.
Following some uirthcr discussion
it was decided lo start all over again
and a motion to recuisider tue salary
Of ihe ciiy attorney was unanimous
ly adopted. Mr. Harris Moved that
the recommendation of the committee
as to the salary of the city attorney
be adopted. Mr. Holling offered as
an amendment that the salary be
made $1.2oo but the amendment was
voted down, ten to five: Ayes?Holling,
<'beadle. Cox, Follows and H?tchens;
Nays?Christie, l ord, Harris. W. K.
Jones. W. A. Spruill. W. K. Spruill.
Via. Wallace, Whitley and D. S.
Jones. The original motion to make
the salaty $l.ooo was lost, ten to five:
Ayes?Christie. Ford. Harris, W. K.
Jones. W. A. Spruill, W. t. Spruill.
Via. Wallace. Whitlev and 1?. S. Jones;
Nays?Holling. Cheadle, Cox, Fellows
and H?tchens.
The recommendation of the commit?
tee that the salary of the ]>olice jus?
tice be reduced from $l,2on io $1,0110
was next taken up. Mr. Christie mov?
ed to adopt and Mr. Boiling ottered
an amendment tnat the salary be fix
ed at $1.200, nut the amendment was
voted down, nine to six: Ayes?Hol?
ling, Cheadle. Cox, Fellows, H?tchens
and W. A. Spruill; Nays?Christie.
Ford. Harris. W. K. Jones, W. K.
Spruill. Via. Wallace. Whitley and I?.
S. Jones. The original motion to
adopt was lost, ten to five; Ayes ?
? 'lirisiie. Ford, Harns. W. K. Jones, W.
A. Spruill. W. K. Spruill, Via, Wallace.
Whitley and 1). S. Jones; Nays?Boi?
ling. Cheadle. Cox, Fellows and Hut
? hens.
Compromise Effected.
At this juncture. Mr. Ford offered
a resolution reducing the salaries ot
the city attorney, city electrician and
lioliee justice ten |ier cent., making
the city attorney's salary IsjMt, ;hc
salary of the police justice fl.OKo. and
ihe salary of the city electrician $!?72.
i Several members objected to the cut
[ot the city electrician and it rinalK
[if was agreed to make the salary $1 ono.
The motion as amended to make the
salary of the city electrician $l.oon.
was adopted by a vote of twelve to
three: Ayres?Boiling. Christie. Fel
'ows. Ford. Harris. W. K. Jones. W.
A. Spruill. W. K. Spruill. Via, Wal?
lace. Whitley and I). S. Jones; Nays
-Cheadle. Cox and H?tchens.
The salary of the clerk of the court?
?$6?o?was adopted without < lianei
and the salary of the clerk to tht
clerk of courts which was lopped off
by the retrenchment committee was
next taken up. There was a very
lengthy discussion of this mater. Mr
? 'ox and others raising the point that
this salary could not be reduced.
Clerk of Courts I), *. Smith was heard
on the matter, and explainod that the
salary had been given him in lieu o(
ihc fee* collected under the state
tines, which now go to the city.
City Attorney Massie substantiated
this statement.
Finally Mr. Cheadle moved that the
salary be made $7v. and then Mr
Ford announced tnat he would boll
the report of ihc retrenchment com
roitrcc and niter an amendment to
make the salary $?no. The amend
?tont was voted down, eleven to four
Ayes?Ford. Harris. W. K. Spruill
snd 1?. S. Jones: Navs -Boiling.
Cheadle. Christie. Cox. Fellow*. BaJ
? h? ii- W. K. Jones. W. A. Spruill. Via.
Wallace and Whitley. The amend
ment lo make the salary $7?o wa>
adopted by a vote of thirteen to two
Ayes?Rollins. Cheadle. Cox. Fellows
Ford. Harris. Ilufrhens. W. E. Jone?
W. A Spruill. Via. Wallace. WMHet
aad D. 8. Jones; Nars - ("bristle and
W. F. Vpmlll.
The Hilary of the commissioner el
the revenue and the clerk to the
> owi mm sterner- a total of $90*?was
neat considered. The total of the
original ?alartrs wan $1.070. but th?
rcircn? htm r.t committee lopped ol!
$170. The recommendation of th^
commt'tee was adopted, twelve lo
three Ayes-Rolling. Christie. Fe'
Inws. Ford. Harris. W. B. Jemen. W. A
Sprat". W. K Spmill. Via. Wallace
Whitlev and II. 8. Jones: Nays
( beadle. Cob. and H?tchens.
Doctors' Salaries Cut.
Next on the report of the retrench
rnent commit Ire came ibe cat in the
salary of the health o*V er from BM?
to ?..<?". Several members wanted
the cdnees of health owicer and r.'\
t hrstc an consolidated, oml Mr. Bol
Bass mm eil that the RafBft of the re?
trenchment comm it tee fixing the
salar> ut the health officer at |ftti
be acce|>teil ami the motion was
adopted alter Messrs. Fellows
and W. A. Spruill had afeaVal
mi their votes from nay to
aye. The vote: Ayes Holling,
Cheaule. Christie. Fellows. Ford.
Harris. W. K Jones, V, A S|irulll, W.
K. ?sTelM, Via. Wallace, Whitley anil
1?. S. Jones.
The salary of the city physician
was next considered and alter some
?StMission. Mr. I-old moved to make a
let. per cent, cut in (he original salary
of 1MB, making the salary $Xlu, but
the motion was voted down, ten lo
?he: A>es Holling, Cheadle, Ford. W.
K. Spruill and Via; Nays- Christie.
Cox, Fellows. Harris. Hutchens, W. F..
loin s W. A. Sprutll, Wallace. Whitley
and D. S. Jones.
A motion to adopt the recommenda?
tion of the retrcnchnieii! committee
thai ihc salary be fixed at $7im was
adopted, tourteen to one: Ayes?Hol?
ling, Christie. Cox, Fellow*. Ford. Har?
ris, Hutclieiis, W. K. Jnoes. W. A.
Spruill. W. B. Spruill, Via. Wallace.
Whitley and 1>. S. Jones; Nay?
Offices Abolished.
Ily a voto of twelve to three the
council adopted the recouimeiidation
of the committee that the office of
sii|ieriniendont ot streets lie abolished.
President Jones s|xike against the
let ointiielidation. saying that he
thought the council was making a mis?
take lo put all the work of the two
offices on tin- c ity engineer. The vole
in the moiion to abolish was: Ayes?
Cheadle. Christie, Cox, Fellows.
Ford! Harris. H?tchens. W. K. Jones,
W. A. Spruill. W. K. Spruill, Wallace,
and Whitley; Nays?Holling, Via and
l>. S. Jones.
The council by a unanimous vote
abolished the office of superintendent
oi sewers in accordance with the re?
nt mmeiidation of the retrenchment
i ommittcc.
Next in order uiiio the recommen?
dation of the committee that the of?
fices of superintendent of garbage
and sanitary inspector be consolidated
and the salary tlxed at Jl.'ioo. On mo
lion of Mr. Ford, the recommendation
was so amended as lo make the salary
fl,fM and the amended recommends
tion was adopted; thirteen lo two:
Ayes?Holling. Cheadle. Christie. Cox.
Ford. Harris. H?tchens. W. iC. Jones,
W. A. Spruill. Via. Wallace, Whitley
and Ii. S. Jones; Navs Fellows and
W. K. Spruill.
The recommendation of the re?
trenchment committee that two labor?
ers be dropped from the sewer de?
partment was unanimously adopted.
I'll is means a saving of $S7.~> ]ier an?
num in this department.
No City Blacksmith.
The last thing considered before the
council adjourned was the recommen?
dation that the position of the keejie;
of the city stables be done away with,
ihat a blacksmith shop be establish?
ed at the stables and a COfnpetinl
blacksmith employed to shoe the
city's horses and act as keeiier of
the stables. There was considerable
op position to this recommendation,
President Jones declaring that this
was "retrenching backwards." He
contended that a eomfietent horse
shoer could not be had for the salary
it was pro|k?sed to be paid. The mo?
tion lo adopt the recommendation was
lost, ten to five: Ayes?Holling.
Christie. Fellows, Ford. Harris. W. E.
Jones. W. K. Spruill. Via, Wallace
and Whitley; Nays -Cheadle, Cox,
H?tchens, W. A. Spruill and D. S.
Rules Are Suspended.
Before the council took up the reg?
ular calendar, it was moved to sus
lieud the rules to act u|>on the re?
quest of C. F. Wright that be be
granted a permit to build a two-story
frame, coirugated iron-covered, build?
ing on Twenty-eighth street near the
bridge The motion prevailed, but
Mr. Ford raised the po-'nt tint the
liermit couldn't be granted until the
council suspended the ordinance now
in force, which point was sustained
by the chair. On motion of Mr. Har?
ris, the matter was referred to the
city attorney, with instructions to
draft the necessary resolution to
grant the permit, which motion pre?
vailed without division. letter the
necessary resolution was adopted.
Reconsider Fire House Matter.
I'ndcr a suspension of the rules,
the council unanimously voted to re?
consider the matter ot conc irrtng in a
resolution from the board of aldermen
appropriating $j'*> to betid a frame
idditinn to the Kast End Arc house
to house the old hook and ladder
truck After a lively discussion the
counc I concurred in the resolution,
the vote being thirteen to one. Mr.
Cox voted against c-oncurrance.
C. A O. Ry- Bill Paid.
The hill of th.- Ch- ;?? ak? an.-t
Ohio Railway Company for repairs
to the bridges across the railway yard
was ordered pa'd This bill passed
'he upper branch last rrK>nth. It totals
more than *4.nof?
A resolution authorizing the <-on
-trtietion of a sanitary sewer system
?o connect the sewer on Twenty
fmirth street with the Iwton sewer
system and approbating $25n to con
?itmet the sewer was referred hark
to the hichways and sewers commit
lev- with nstructirm.? to have the city
engineer and city attorney to draw
up a contract protecting the city in
'be matter.
The Powell Tru-t Company agrees
to sllow the etty to enter the Ivytort
newer, bet will not guarantee to keep
the Ivytnn sewer npes
On mo-Ion of Mr Ford s resolution
r?r<.hinting K1'' ur.d-r the ,,( ?u
tern >car-i tn ?r|J newspapers "n thr
city streets waa temporarilv laid on
the 'able. '
Large Confreg??ons Maar Rev. J. Ed
Interest tn Ihc cvangefrsttr aervKea
a| the Thirtieth Street Cariitt.an
church are incrresisc saw krw
crowds ar? taming mil for (Be err
vkes. Last a>?h'. Rev J Edward. ?e
(iaffcrelly. the iMUtor. pica, lud 011
The Kadett Klan." Tonight hl Mb
Ject ?III he. "Christ Cniietfled."
A thirtv minutes aoea service H
held before the services ast Ii acht
Tueaday. April 5. 1910.
Sieanier Klbe (Oer. i I-1 .leid. N> ?
drle; Iis to l'heaapcake A Ohio
Coal A Coke Company for hunker
Ste-nifr Madrllctti (Spa.) I.ir
nnaga. Sagtio?la Weite Oak Coal
Coarpany lor bunkc ? ?al.
Slcauier Roumarlur (Dr.) Clarid ;? .
Port Arthur-- to Chesapeake A <ihii>
Coal AKciuy Company for hunker
Steamer Hay State. Bneltiofm. Hos
ton to White (>ak Coal Company In
Marge Indiana from ProshlatUit t"
Chestt|>eake A- Ohio Coal Agency Com
puny in ballast.
Itarge Kelix from l'ro\ idence-to
Chesapeake ?V Ohio Coal A Coke
Steamer llilhster (Br.) Mlnio.
Cavite- Maryland Coal ?v Coke Coin
Steamer Kllie (Oer.i l.i.iield. Ham
burg?Chesa|>cake A Ohio Coal ?V
Coke Cotii|>any.
Steamer Madrileno (Spa.) Lar
rinaga. Hrowhcad - Funie..>, Withy ?V
( ompain. Ltd.
Steamer Roumanian (Br.) Clarulge.
I.ond'<n t'hesapcake A Ohio Coal
Agency Company.
Steamers Maartetisil\k (luchi
Norfolk and Kotterdam; Oriana (Br.)
Norfolk and Liverpool; R< iimanian
(Br.) Itrtsdrra; Hay View (or Protrr
Calendar for Today.
Sun rises.5:48 a. m.
Sun sets.I:S3 p. m.
High uater . . .7 .iH a m. 7:19 p. m.
High water.12:53 a. in. 1 :31 p. in.
Coal for Manila.
Carrying a < argo of (.708 tons of
coal, valued at J1M2.">. Hie Britta!
steamer Itilbster Hteatned faotorkta]
for Cavite. I'. I. The eoal hi Tor the
use of the American warships in the
Kar Hast.
Three Steamers for Fuel.
Three foreign steamers arrived In
IMiri yesterday to load fuel coal. They
were the Elbe. Madrileno and Itouman
Richmond District Attorney in New
York Looking After Alleged Rob?
bers of Postorfice.
NEW YORK. April 5?United
States District Attorney L. Is l> ?is,
of Richmond, Va , arrived here today
to attend the arraignment tomorrow
before the Cnited States Commission?
ers of Eddie Kay and Hick Harris,
charged with robbing the Richmond
postofllce of more than $S0,iks) in
stam|is and money recently. They
were captured after a fight with offi?
cers and all but l^'isxt <? f the loot
was recovered in their trunks.
Certified copies of the indictments
against Kay and Harris were brought
by Mr. Lewis and he conferred with
Cnited States District Attorney Wise
in the case today. It is expected 'he
prisoner^ will ftght extradition.
Interesting Paper Read by Dr. Clar?
ence Porter Jones.
The New|Hirt KesM Medical Society
held Its regular ncnthly meeting laM
night. The paper of the evening was
read by Hr. Clsremr Porter Jon?*,
the subject being ' Tulierculosis of the
Nose and Throat."
The paper was discussed by Dor
tors William. Jeffery, Kagey and J
W. C. Jones.
One of Richmond"* Foremort Schoiais
ai a Literary Men Phases Away.
i. UIHOMi. \A. April :.. In
funeral of Charles M. Wallace. Sr .
who died last night at his residence.
9JBJ East Franklin street. After an
fitness of several weeks, will take
piece from St. Joi n - church tomoro?
afternoon at 4 o'clock. The burial
will be in Hollywood.
Although Mr. Wallace was in his
eighty sixth year and although he had
been ailing for -'?metime. it wa.?
thought recently thai he was steadily
5 and 10c Cent Stce Opening Friday.
April a. IVO. 2 p. m.
The F. W. WnM north A Co. a ? A
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finMi. Brothers. They "an' free of
oont to yew. Thai Is the way I it.
Jones rented his and l*r store that]
was going to he ??. ant. A
Jest Try ft. R 8, Bp t Hal.
Csrrfacen Ca" ft, K Remse.
Cook B Rt <Jest
Amseteneee- i ai W. K. Be as a.
W. K. Bowse - Pwnersl Dwwetsr.
Cook r iu> Bas.
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no rival. Here is a combina?
tion or Virginia and Carolina
tobaccos that gives these ciga?
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B&srhaki picture* And a nlmlln
? oupon in ?r?ch pat
OU MM Cgarettee *<?? packe i in \
TIN Foil.
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Perhaps the
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* Td ptae Wnem ....
% Card Mixed Wood- ..
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